at the starting line


You get to a point where you have to start planning, when you cross that line where you have enough value to get someone’s movie made if you attach yourself to it, you have to be very thoughtful and have to plan. When you’re starting out, you’re willing to do anything.

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thoughts on season 5 Stalia? it looks like they're still together and it also looks like Malia was checking out Theo (while also looking suspicious of him). the line about Stiles not trusting anyone while true for seasons 1-3a he's welcomed Malia, Kira and even Liam with somewhat open arms. do you think he's starting to not trust them? or is that line all about his distrust of Theo?

What we need to remember with regards to everything we’ve seen in the trailer is that it’s just snippets from many different episodes, jumbled together and not necessarily in the right order. Meaning we can’t possibly conclude anything for certain.

But yes, it does look like Stiles and Malia are still together going into senior year. That kissing scene is from the same episode as when they go to the library and they’re kissing at school as well. 

We know Jeff has teased that rocky road is in store for them, so I’m pretty sure we will get a breakup in the span of season 5a. Whether they get back together again or not is a whole other story. Personally I want to see Stiles’ bisexual arc play out one way or the other.

As for the scene with Malia and Theo it’s so short it’s hard to judge what her look means. My first reaction was her checking him out - and hello, can we blame her? There is no harm in looking after all and her line of sight seem to be aiming for his arms and torso. But I can also see it as her scowling at him. So yeah, like most of Teen Wolf - ambiguous :) 

As for Scott accusing Stiles of trusting no one and Stiles replying with you trust everyone - well, I don’t think we can take that too literal. I think they’re in disagreement over something, quite possibly Theo who we know Stiles will distrust intensely, and Scott might be exasperated and not see Stiles’ point. I know I tend to exaggerate when i’m arguing with people - like if I see my kids haven’t cleaned up after them, I can sometimes say “Honestly, you’re like pigs, you never clean up after yourselves” - when obviously that is not true. Every leap year they do manage to get it right.

Stiles is generally skeptical of new people. He wasn’t exactly welcoming with Liam, it took most of season 4 for him to warm up to him. He’s always accepted Scott’s love interests, and even if he didn’t have anything against Allison personally, he certainly didn’t trust her and her family at the start of season 1, when Scott was a werewolf with control issues and the Argents trigger happy hunters. He was also distrustful of Derek, and not exactly warm and fuzzy with any of Derek’s betas in the beginning. 

And Scott does trust more easily - with the exception of Derek, that took him a looooong time. But he trusts Deaton even when he obviously knows more than he’s letting on, he’s willing to trust the Argents against all advice in season 1, he’s run off with “villains” and trusted them to keep their word more than once. 

I think it was Athena who wrote something about how they balance each other - the more trusting scott is, the more skeptical stiles gets, the more aggressive Scott is, the more passive Stiles is and so on. And Stiles is generally the one adapting to Scott, but his patience is running thin. And I think this is what’s boiling to the surface. 

It will be interesting to see how it plays out. 

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I've come to the point where I can't tell if your icon in brendon or you anymore

I’m starting to blur the lines between my reality and the reality brendon is living on periscope

FiftyThree Newsletter 5.15 Edition

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Diagram. Drawing objects, straight lines, connectors, and arrowheads has never been easier. Diagram recognizes what we call Smart Shapes, shown below. Start drawing a line or shape using one continuous stroke, and the Diagram tool will instantly polish it.

Fill. Make your Smart Shapes stand out with color using the Fill tool. Simply tap the Fill tool, and then tap inside the Smart Shape you’d like to color. You can also use the Fill tool on its own to make completely new shapes. It’s perfect for creating graphs like the one below, or have some fun with it and write your name.

Cut. Use the Cut tool to cut, duplicate, and rearrange your shapes on the page. It’s not just for Smart Shapes, either. Use Cut on any object – even words! – to instantly create fun patterns and visuals.

Tip of the Week: Background Check 

If you’re looking to save a page with a transparent background, you may have noticed this feature has moved. Go to Paper’s main menu and select Settings. Tap on Paper and turn off the setting for “Include Page Color When Exporting Images.”

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Commission break, wanted to do a doodle of something not Chibis for a change. Fiddled around with bookofsul‘s sketchy pencil brush and drew some Greysky portraits. Left to Right: Absinthe, Sly, Harry on top. Lou, Daze, and Missing String on the bottom.

I apparently start out heavy handed with lines and get neater as I go.

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What’s an Obama phone…??

well, in the 80s, Reagan started this program to give land lines to people living off govt assistance of some form.

When Obama came into office he turned it into cellphones.

So they get called that, and people always forget about the reagan part and think obama started the whole thing.

Anyway, before anyone says anything about me having a tablet, my dad bought it for me.

My boyfriend has a cellphone, but I don’t because I am afraid of talking on the phone, and I am always with him. But this will help when I am not to keep me safe and not anxious etc, and I can (awkwardly) text with it, which is something I feel less anxious doing.

If you live on govt assistance, even just foodstamps I think, you can get one. They got through different companies, you could probably just google like “obama phone” or “government assistance free phone”

Like I’ve been on disability for well over a decade and they just offered it to me but I could have gotten one way sooner I think.


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nekoma and firsts? first anything. first kiss, first date your choice

[Lol, you suggest topics but ultimately you let me choose? I’ll go with First Time Falling In Love/Falling In Love In General don’tletmechoosethingsyousillyduckling (´ゝз・`)ノ ]

Kuroo: Kuroo would notice his behavior changing slowly, the more time he spent with his crush. It would soon doom on him, that he probably felt more towards them than to other people in his environment. Becoming calmer with every day he managed to be with them, Kuroo would feel the growing urge to gently touch his crush or simply do something nice for them. He would want to see their smile, which would be the sole reason he would go out of his way to do them various favours, starting to read between the lines of a lot of things they said. Kuroo wouldn’t confess his feelings towards them for a long time, wanting to see whether his crush felt the same way about him.

Kai: Once Kai would develop romantic feelings towards somebody else, he would actually feel even more at ease than usually. He would try to dwell on the positive feeling as long as he could, smiling gently at his crush whenever they shared conversations with each other. He would offer them a helping hand without having to be asked, trying to show them with his gestures that he liked them dearly. Not wanting to appear too pushy, Kai would decide to wait for them to approach him at least a little, fearing that his actions would have been interpreted as a mere act of friendly behavior.

Yamamoto: Truly falling in love with someone would probably be very hard for someone like Yamamoto. If it was a female, he would certainly have an even more difficult time trying to even look at them without turning into a blushing mess. If it was a male, Yamamoto would certainly show signs of nervousness too, finding it incredibly hard to approach them without seeming too rude or boisterous. However, despite all that, Yamamoto would certainly be able to differentiate between finding someone physically attractive and actually having a crush on someone. As a matter of fact, other people he would normally gush over, would slowly fade out of his field of attention and Yamamoto would instead focus on mustering up the courage to talk to his crush.

Kenma: The first time Kenma would have fallen in love with someone, it would have taken him quite a while to figure out what on earth was wrong with him. Feeling rather fidgety and restless around his crush wouldn’t necessarily have been new to Nekoma’s setter, considering the fact that he reacted that way around other people as well. What would have surprised him, though, would have been the constant urge to look up in order to glance at his crush’s face. It would be possible that Kuroo would have given him the final clue, allowing Kenma to draw the conclusion that it had been romantic feelings distorting his behavior in such a way.

Haiba: Lev would certainly be excited about discovering his crush towards someone else. Barely wasting a thought about the possibility that they could not like him the way he did or him acting rather obvious and embarrassing in front of them, Nekoma’s newest member would do his utmost to draw their attention towards him. He would try to impress them by showing them his best spikes (and probably failing most of the time), urging them to come and watch him during practice. Whenever his team- or classmates mentioned his obvious crush on that person, Lev probably wouldn’t mind them knowing about it, hoping that his crush would start feeling the same way towards him soon too.

Yaku: The second Yaku would know that he had inevitably developed a crush on someone, he would initially be slightly reluctant to talk to them. Knowing that there would be no way around blushing at least a little bit, Yaku would make a futile attempt at sparing himself from the discomfort. Feeling drawn to them whenever he caught sight of them, he wouldn’t be able to help himself, greeting them with a wide smile. As a matter of fact, the hint of this very smile would linger on his lips and face throughout the entire conversation he would have with his crush and Yaku would catch himself starting to stare at them in a dreamy way. Much to his teammates’ amusement, Nekoma’s libero would get mad at himself for exposing his own feelings in front of his crush in such an obvious way.

Shibayama: Even though Shibayama would feel rather shy around his crush, he wouldn’t dare to turn away to hide his blushing face, fearing that they might take it the wrong way. He would act rather timid around his crush, gently offering his help whenever they exclaimed having trouble with something. Shibayama would try to support them without appearing to be too pushy or intrusive, constantly wondering whether they would ever see him the same way he pictured them. But despite his worries, he would continue staying in close contact with his crush, refusing to give up on someone who made him feel that good about himself by merely being there.

Inuoka: Inuoka would probably be oblivious to his own feelings towards his crush for a long time. Even if his team- and classmates suggestively asked him about his thought on that person, he would happily tell them about how great they were, failing to realize that he was obviously putting them on a pedestal. Inuoka would prefer to focus on the warmth he felt whenever he spent time with his crush, enjoying to make them laugh and simply exchange thoughts with them. He would become aware of his crush towards them once he would be separated from them for a longer period of time, noticing that his thoughts constantly wandered towards them. However, Inuoka would probably rather clueless as to how to approach them with this new insight in his emotions.

Fukunaga: Once Fukunaga would have discovered his growing feelings towards his crush, he would find himself glancing over to them ever so often. He would wonder whether they would have noticed his presence at all and if, what they thought about him and his silent nature. Fukunaga would be rather reluctant to initiate contact with them, worrying that they might not like him the way he liked them. At some point he would even try to speak to them, hoping that the sound of his voice would finally grant him their absolute attention.

They say that either you’re out or you’re in 

But you’re on! 

They say that either you’re out or you swim 

When you move. 

 I urge some of you to listen to this amazing song, closely, from the LiS soundtrack. It talks about ‘what has started and what has become’, with the last line being, “You saved our lives again.” 

 Is this a reference -possibly- to the ending? What Max has ‘started’ with Chloe, and what has 'become’ of them? Does Chloe have to die? Or will Max 'Save their lives again.’? 

 Chloe’s spirit animal is a Blue butterfly or a Blue Jay, and the album art got me thinking that this song may or may not reference the ending? Just thought I’d share, give it a listen.


Magdalena Frackowiak Jewelry Collection and Interview

Expressing her creative talents, Polish stunner Magdalena Frackowiak decided to transcend her modeling career and start a new venture with her eponymous jewelry line. Cultivating a modern, refined aesthetic Frackowiak designed a 26-piece, 18-carat gold collection with Polish artisans who worked the metal into textured, unique shapes. Her love of architecture, fine art and more than a decade of working in fashion has allowed for her to finally illustrate a vision that is as edgy as it is classic. Her debut collection ranges in price from 1,000 to 10,000 euros, and is available exclusively at

Read interview…


Focus muscles: Rhomboids and lower trapezius muscles (between the shoulder blades), lats and biceps.

How to: Stand tall, abs engaged,arms reaching forward in line with your shoulders, palms facing down. Bend elbows to draw arms back, wrists and elbows remain in line with each other. Then straighten arms to start position. Imagine you are under water, gently squeezing a little sponge between the blades of your shoulders, and never let the shoulders creep up towards your ears. 16 reps and then tiny pulses in the open position. Repeat. (Source

Fact of the Day

A great dead turtle lies on its back far across the Unterzee. People live in it, for some reason, claiming that their ancestors slew it, but that the details have been lost to Time. Fair enough; the Chelonites are fierce and brave, and their harpoons are very very sharp. But are they honest? 

Well, no. The turtle was once a fierce beast called Glory, which was a terror on the zee. It may or may not have hatched in Parabola, but one way or another it met its end. No hunter took its life, though; Glory’s glories were numerous, and it grew city-vast, feasting on monsters and whales, but it eventually grew old and sick. The Gant Pole, that graveyard of giants, drew Glory in, and it died on its back of age and weariness. A band of hunters fleeing Polythreme took it as their dwelling place. Somewhere along the line, the legend of the turtle-hunt started, and it’s stuck ever since. Nobody really wants to question a massive buff harpoon-wielding Storm-worshipper when they say they’ve killed something, alright?

I love my job...

I love my job… I love my job…

I really do. But some nights absolutely fry my very last nerve. Something’s going wrong with the baby. Fix the thing going wrong with the baby. Baby is fine for 5 minutes and then something else goes wrong. Start a new IV. Give blood products. Redress the arterial line. Give antibiotics. Draw labs. Start ANOTHER IV because the first one infiltrated. Redress the art line AGAIN. Give MORE antibiotics.

That was just the first 3 hours. 😱

I love my friends. Because when I finally have 5 minutes to sit down and catch my breath, there they are. After an insanely busy day of her own, I get a text from ourqs to let me know that she’s headed to bed but that all I have to do is call and she’ll be there. geminiloveca gets a feeling and shoots me a text with some much needed love (not to mention the torturously delicious grenade she planted in my inbox - JFC the Slores are in trouble). icybluepenguin takes time from her toddler-crazed night to send to send me some truly adorable (and one smokin’ HOT) pictures. A wonderful little note from xdelayedgratification, a criminally sexy tag from d-m-jonas.

Ladies, you’re the reason this RN is making it through this very long, very tense night. And I love you all for it. So very much.

Five minutes up. The babies are calling.

AskHistorians Podcast Episode 37 - War & Politics in the Long 18th Century

/u/DonaldFDraper drops in to give a broad overview of how European politics and military tactics changed in the extended century running from the end of the 30 Years War up into the ascent Napoleon. Starting with Gustavus Adolphus, the development of line infantry, and the resuscitation of cavalry tactics, the episode progresses there into the War of Spanish Succession and the dynastic gamesmanship that dictated the pace of war and peace. The episode proceeds from there into the War of Austrian Succession, the rise of Prussia, the Diplomatic Revolution, the Seven Years War, new artillery tactics, and the relative merits of muskets vs. rifles.  

If you want more specific recommendations for sources or have any follow-up questions, feel free to ask them in the discussion thread! Also feel free to leave any feedback on the format and so on.

The AskHistorians Podcast is a project that highlights the users and answers that have helped make /r/AskHistorians one of the largest history discussion forum on the internet. You can subscribe to us via iTunes, Stitcher, or RSS, YouTube, and now SoundCloud!

Previous Episodes and Discussion

300 feet + and 50-60 miles per hour… Never doing that shyt again.. I hated it lol 7 lines and each felt like death 😭😭😭 started raining and I freaked out ugh.. In the pictures I posted the other day didn’t look so scary.. Who like the zip lines

Announcing the Superhero Run 5k to raise funds to benefit the construction of the new Specialty Hospital of Utah (formerly South Davis Community Hospital). The run will take place on September 26, 2015 in Salt Lake City with a start and finish line at the Salt Palace Convention Center. (The route will appeal to all ability levels. Route Maps will be posted June 1, 2015) This is not only a run, but a celebration complete with Live Music, Superheroes, Photo Booths, and treats from our great sponsors and vendors. - Learn more and REGISTER:

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