at the starting line


okay tomorrow i will try again, and you will?

give the painful earnest hemingway another chance.

ok so this is less of a “fuck you” and more of a “please read the signs”.

so i do volunteer work for a lil cafe thing my gramma and my mum run (i do the cashier + take orders and sometimes but rarely give people the food)

now something that happens every week is people start lining up to order their food well before we open. now this is fine for like some (*cough* only one *cough*) people and if you want to buy a coffee or a tea or whatever, but like. the sign says closed. dont line up. we will eventually take your order but thats bc we feel guilty. dont guilt trip me. please.

also people?? dont read the menu like read the menu cause i dont wanna recite it every. time. please.

ill probably have to go through more shit when i get an actual job but for now id just like people to actually read the signs goddamnit.

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I love u art so so muchh it's look amazingg! make my day! :3 btw could i ask for u brush setting? U line look hella awesome uvu

thank you! and my brush settings are pretty basic; the 1st one i recently started using for doodles to give the lines a ‘sketchy’ feel and the 2nd is for my usual stuff for quick colouring/shading. I vary the “Min Size” of the brush on the 2nd one depending on my style preference :^)

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what scene do u think roday does his best acting in psych

ok so a few that stand out:

  • an evening with mr yang (3.16) - “i’m nobody’s puppet! okay? i’m done.”
  • murder? anyone? anyone? …bueller? (3.02) - “the truth is, abigail, i think i liked you too much… and somewhere in the back of my head, i knew what that night might mean and even how my life coukd be different now if i hadn’t let you walk away.”
  • ghosts (3.01) - “he left us. he left you. he ended up with the house and he left you, by yourself, to pick up the pieces.”
  • deez nups (7.07) - “this whole thing started because my ass was on the line - self-preservation, jules, you gotta understand that; i didn’t have a choice.”
  • you can’t handle this episode (4.10) - “well, i would have said that’s not very fair because psych is here and gus is here. and what am i supposed to do in uganda for six months, or longer?”
  • gus walks into a bank (3.08) - “isn’t the ‘timbre of my voice’ telling you why?”
  • gus walks into a bank (3.08) - “i know you don’t like my methods! i know you don’t like me!”
  • black and tan: a crime of fashion (2.15) - “i can’t deal with this right now.” “well, shawn you have to.” “look, i don’t care what you do! okay, i don’t care!” 
  • santabarbaratown 2 (7.01) - not really any line specifically but just him breaking into the guy’s house and smashing all his stuff… damn…
  • last night gus (6.02) - “that you could make a child think that you have given them and ice cream cone without giving them the cone! and then watch them skip off into a beautiful meadow, licking nothing but air! imagine that!”
  • pilot (1.01) - “don’t you trivialize police work.” “i think you’re doing a bang up job of that all by yourself.”
  • right turn or left for dead (7.08) - the whole thing is just… so well-executed… the way he lets you see how shawn idealizes things compared to the reality he faces and the fact he has trouble differentiating between the two… ugh…

anyways ig its kinda obvious that i like season 3
sorry i love shawn and roday is so good at making him so… good.

thank you for this question!! i love it!

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I work as a cashier in a country where cashiers don't help you back your grocery bags for you unless you have an obvious disability or otherwise logically can't do it, yet still I get perfectly healthy people constantly asking me to pack their things for them when I literally CAN'T, because as soon as you've paid, I've got to start on the next person in line. Like it's physically impossible for me to do it but people still get pissy when I tell them I can't. Sorry I'm not your fucking butler.

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“So tonight was Green Day. In other words tonight was one of the most powerful experiences of my entire life. This band that was there when nobody else was. These guys that embrace their weirdness and differences and yet still realize how alone you become after that. Those songs that were enough to keep me going and inspire who I became as an adult. This was my sanctuary and my church. This was everything I needed right now. This was a moment of clarity and a spark of desire to embrace this beautiful and messy and sometimes fucked up world. To stand up for you and for those around you. To cherish those people. Once we started talking all the people I met in line were certain of one thing. This was the band that made you pull your shit together. Never will I forget this night. This is one of the few pictures I got because they weren’t aloud but that made me feel all the things even deeper. Rock on guys you put on one hell of a show tonight. I’m on cloud nine and I couldn’t be happier. #greenday#billiejoearmstrong #mikedirnt #trecool”

Sad Song

A/N: For @just-a-touch-of-crowley‘s Writing Challenge! My song was Sad Song by We The Kings.

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Angst, traumatic experiences, drinking, mentions of death, fluff

Word Count: 2157

Tagging: @ashiewesker @gabriels-trix @laffytaffyhumor @pepperwoodatnight @fangirl-faye @wayward-mirage

Originally posted by spngayngels

Your life was comprised of heart-wrenching moments, ones that brought tears to your eyes or made you feel sick with sorrow. In the beginning, it was fine. In the middle, there was chaos and blood and death, and you were caught in the center of it all. Maybe that was your punishment for choosing to be a hunter like your parents. Maybe them dying, their bodies bashed and broken by indescribable monsters, was your punishment for taking that vow to protect those blinded to what lurked in the shadows.

Things took a downward turn when you were the only one left out of your family line. You started losing people, people you tried to save from monsters. Cases took a turn for the worst, and hunting was just becoming too hard to do on your own. No one really hunted alone; it was too dangerous, too lonely. You joined up with the Winchester Brothers on a case, and ever since then the three of you battled those sadistic forces together.

Even with their company, you were spiraling, inhaling as much alcohol as oxygen. You couldn’t help but revel in the numbness that followed when you chased bad memories with liquor. The Winchesters tried to set you on track, but they also had issues of their own. The Apocalypse. Michael and Lucifer breathing down their necks constantly. You had come across a lot of new beings ever since you tagged along with them, including the Trickster.

Charming and devious, he quickly made his way towards the top of your list consisting of intriguing beings. He seemed to like paying attention to you, as well, with a “Hiya, sugar!” thrown in with every greeting. You merely blushed in response.

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This has been in the works for such a long time and still managed to be a huge surprise, just like everything else with Harry this year. Just shows what he's capable of and this is really only the start, imagine what else he has lined up that's going to completely wreck us

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Hey, not Phantom but I can't send any asks to your other blog. Okay, here goes: If you have the time and if you don't mind, could you please give me a rundown of late 16th century underwear (m/f) (from around 1560 onward?) and also what a maid to a wealthy lady in that time would wear? Oh, country is Italy (Northern, if that makes a difference). (I need it for very elaborate, historically accurate head cinemas that I imagine when I can't sleep :D) Thank you.

I’d like to see your movies, hahaha!

Now, lemme see… I love Italian 16th century, as they for the most kept natural and flattering lines when mid/northern Europe started distorting the body lines with various underwear. Italian women were some of the last to don corsets, instead relying on stiffening the actual bodices, and only some very few noble women did the hoop skirts called farthingale. The differences in the portrait of princess Elizabeth ca. 1546 VS the portrait of Florentine Lucrezia Panciatichi ca. 1541 shows the constructed VS the more natural lines:

A typical Italian outfit for a girl/woman at the mid and late 16th century would consist of several pieces, some would be mandatory and some optional. Instead of clogging people’s feed, I refer you to this article on my webpage:

There is also this post, showing working class attires of the mid/late 16th century:

It’s like my webpage was made with your movies in mind, haha! Working class attires would follow the same tendencies as noble women’s attires, but simpler: wool and linen instead of silk, not as bright jewel colours, more practical details like tied-off or folded up sleeves, aprons, shorter or tucked up skirts etc. There would also be less stiffening of bodices and underskirts going on, to ease movement, and less or no jewellery.

I hope you’ll have a lovely movie night! ;)


New journal alert!
This week I started my second bullet journal. It is so refreshing to start new. My old journal felt like a chore, I could hardly bother to fill out the last page. With this new one I made sure to toss out all the things I found annoying or pointless in my first journal. I got rid of daily spreads. I’m sticking with one giant weekly/daily spread. I can see everything in one place and really envision how my week will go.
My biggest goal with this journal though, is to use it. I don’t just want a notebook filled with to-do lists, I want to write in it, and paste things in it, and color it! I want to carry it around with me and mess it up. Something I totally neglected to do with my other journal. I focused a bit much on making it look like everyone else’s journals. Making it perfect. And that got awfully boring.
I will still enjoy the occasional sit down and draw straight lines for an hour, because it’s cathartic. But I also want to wreck it and fill it with memories.
What about you? Do you like your journal at your desk or at your side?


from September 26- November 1

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  • Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

If you are interested, please contact me at

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Do you have any benpoe headcanons post movies?

I think everything I headcanon with them being happy and together are post movies, but let me think of some more <3

  • Ben can’t leave the planet he lives in with his mother, he is living under some kind of house-arrest that will be over in five years. For a year and a half, Poe doesn’t truly see him or talk to him. He can’t bring himself to do it, there is so much unspoken between them, he doesnt’ know how to approach it and he knows he will end up screaming at his face if he starts the conversation.
  • Until finally, they run into each other and they had have enough of the silence. It all starts like a very polite conversation, but anger grows and fear starts showing between lines and then, everything just explodes into a horrible fight in which maybe they say way too much.
  • Months later, on Leia’s birthday, they talked again and decided to stop ignoring each other. Especially since Ben will be working at base too with Leia, so it’s better for everyone if they can tolerate each other. Basically, is a start over.
  • Thanks to BB-8 being so curious about Ben always knitting on his breaks, the droid wins some kind of hat Ben did and it makes Poe go talk to him again to say ‘thank you’, and they start bonding from there again.
  • First date was a complete disaster, since is not easy to go out when you can’t be gone too far away from base and whenever you go, you will probably find some of your co-workers. So everyone interrupts them or something, everyone wants to talk to Poe and he is sure as hell Ben will never want to go out with him ever again, but at the end of the night, Ben kisses him and asks if he can chose where to go next time.
  • After that, things are easier. Especially having Finn and Rey near them, and having double dates with them. Slowly, their lives together become a bunch of fluff. Until they start sleeping together.
  • See, the sex is not problem. Is good, is them, and they feel safe with each other. The problem is the actual sleeping. None of them does it well. One is always waking up in the middle of the night without fourter explanations, the sleep is gone. Ben suffers from lots of nightmares, while Poe’s own demons come as long sleepless night in front of the space tv, watching space telenovelas. And they don’t know what to do with the other at first.
  • One day, Poe sits in front of Ben tells him they need to talk about their shit because there is no way he is losing him for something so stupid as “not talking”. Ben is not good with words, but thankfully Poe has always been good at reading him. Yet, Poe has always bottleup his feelings and problems, not talking is his own way to deal with shit but he also knows he has to open up a little. The discover that Poe is even more closed than Ben amazes the force user, and it also inspire him to open up first so Poe can feel comfortable enough to do something about himself.
  • None of them does well vulnerable, and both of them are competitive assholes, not to mention they have their own kind of pride. So their fights are bad, real bad. Thankfully, these don’t happen a lot, but sometimes one will mantain something from the other for a long time, and when it explotes, they can say things out of the emotion of the moment that then they will regret for days and weeks and months, until they finally talk about it.
  • After the first year together, things get better and they can understand the other almost perfectly. Is easier to talk and to stay away from the other when they need some air, is easier to be together and it all feels right, finally.
  • Poe starts saving for a house after the year mark, he knows Ben is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with and the only one who knows his plans is BB-8. Ben will be able to stop living with his mother in two years by that time, so he has good time to find a good place and to get the money for it. By accident, Ben finds out and Poe is sure he is going to freak out, but it actually just moves him all. He starts helping with the search and saving after a talk.
Important Announcement that I need opinions on

As most of you know, sawb hasn’t updated in a few weeks due to me being sick. But also I’ve been thinking of something.

Not digitalizing the rest of the comic pages.


Coloring it, line arting, coloring backgrounds is so… boring. And hassling. It leaves me exhausted after just the line art and it’s frustrating. I may possibly leave it as a sketched out comic, and when new characters show up, I will put a ref sheet of them up. Not only that, but leaving the comic traditional will allow me to draw things much easier such as blood, water, and anything in general. When I do digital, I can’t see everything right than and there unlike with traditional art. It’s very likely that the change will happen, but I’ll start to line art it so it’s easier to see once I get new line art pens as my old ones died. Also I may put up background refs and things like that, since I have the colors in mind when I draw.

It’s very likely this change will happen, since well, I want to be able to have fun while I draw this comic. I don’t want to have it feel like a chore.

(( @zealzealous ))