at the start they barely understand each other


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Liam x Reader Fluff

Warnings: Mild swearing, lots of fluff <3

Word Count: 2110

Request by ditchesandbitches: Hey this is a request for Liam, based on the song Starving by Hailee Steinfeld, where the reader and Liam start to have feelings for each other and end up together, super fluff.

A/N: I gotchu. For best effect, listen to Starving by Hailee Steinfeld while reading. Enjoy!

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You and your best friend Lydia Martin had been walking around the mall for an hour and a half and you needed to sit. Lydia was adamant on keeping you on your feet seeing as this is the most exercise you’d had all week. You didn’t understand how she could even bare to walk this long in heels.

“You’re such a baby, Y/N. You’re wearing tennis shoes.” She scolded you as you sat down on the nearest bench. You set your shopping bags down next to you. Lydia sat down next to you taking a deep breath. “I can’t believe you need to sit. We’ve only been walking for an hour and a half.”

You rolled your eyes resisting the urge to give yourself a foot rub in this highly populated public area. “Not everyone has calves of steel, Lyds.” You shot back at her through your teeth. You and Lydia had been friends since the fourth grade. You were always with her through everything, good and bad. You were with her through her parents divorce, her learning about her banshee powers, and worst of all, the times she came over sobbing because of that asshole Jackson. But this, this was too much.

“You know what the deal is, Y/N.” She purred crossing her legs elegantly. “All you have to do is admit your feelings for Liam and we can stop. You know he likes you too, so what’s the hold-up?”

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poke-fairyfreak  asked:

You've probably answered this a hundred times, but what is it about marigaius(?) you like? Do you always support them or like marry them with your mu? Just curious and sorry if it's a strange question but I'm kinda curious!^^;

nah, i dont get asked often enough!

well… where to start? i didn’t put a lot of thought into this response, there’s too many reasons i love them and  my brain is kinda mush rn so apologies if you can barely understand my wall of text.

first, i’m a sucker for the noble/outlaw tropes. just imagine all of the angst and political stuff you can get out of these kind of ships. lots of drama but despite it all, they always find their way back to each other.

another reason is their supports. to me, they had the most believable supports out of their support pools. gaius had no reason to save maribelle all those years ago, but he did it out of the goodness of his heart. they had the most believable supports, where it didnt just go “i hate you” to “let’s bone” in four supports. there was conflict and there was resolution.

on top of this, maribelle seems to be the only person gaius gives a damn about in terms of what she thinks of him. in supports like cherche, sully, cordelia, etc, gaius doesnt care for their opinions on him while with maribelle, he’s guilt stricken over what he did and he genuinely wants to make it up to her. she’s one of the only people who he goes out of his way to better himself for when he’s so used to just writing off other people’s opinions on him. he feels genuine emotion when trying to right his wrongs.

this is further proven in summer scramble and the official comic where gaius talks about the tattoo on his arm he got for nearly sentencing her father to death for his own crimes. gaius feels a lot of guilt over what he did to maribelle and for someone like gaius who doesnt let things effect him so much, it speaks a lot that he holds her opinion of him in high regard.

there’s also the fact that both of them are pretty smart mouthed. they both have sharp tongues so i like to imagine the two of them banter a lot and then are embarrassing with how sickly sweet they are with each other the next few minutes.

brady also has a similar way of speaking like gaius. while his is more rough, i feel like gaius did influence brady some in his speech patterns.

im probably forgetting a lot more reasons but those are my main ones!

Survivor’s Guilt

by EZmisery.

Hello. My name is Jillian. And I am a survivor.

I completing this assignment for my survivor’s guilt support group. We meet weekly to process our feelings and be there for each other. When I started going there were only a few of us, but now we’re up to nearly twenty. The group is led by Ernest. He is such a kind and supportive man. I can barely believe he has no formal training!

This week Ernest has asked all of us to write a letter explaining why we have survivor’s guilt. He says we don’t have to share them, but it’s important to understand where the pain comes from. So this is my attempt.

I have survivor’s guilt because I am a victim of the Jailer.

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Say something (Calum)

storyline: You break up


I _______________________ “This isn’t working” He whispered quietly into the phone. You could barely hear him over the line. His heavy breathing filled the silence along with the boys shouting and laughs in the background.

You heart raced, immediately understanding what he was talking about. You and Calum had been together for a year and everything was working fine until his world tour started. You had never been away from each other for longer then a week and now it had gone 3 months. Everything felt so empty without him. You were longing for his presence, wanting his soft hands to touch you gently, but he couldn’t. He was miles away. You guys barely even had the time to talk together on the phone.

The first days he would call non stop, but as the months flew by you achieved less calls and less messages were exchanged. You were drifting slowly apart, but non of you wanted to admit it. Until now.

“What do you mean?” You asked either way, wanting the answer to turn out to be something else then what you expected.

“Us. We’re not working” He muttered. He sounded defeated like he had lost a battle he wanted to win. His voice was weak, it was like the words barely managed to get out of his mouth.

A tear were slowly beginning to roll down your cheek, but you stayed quiet, just listening to his breathing.

It wasn’t like you didn’t know this would be coming, because you did. You were prepared, at least you thought you were. But, now that the topic was out you felt like the world was crashing down under you feet. So, maybe you weren’t as prepared as you thought you were.

A part of you still had a little hope, a little hope that you guys would be able to beat the distance, that you could make it work. You loved Calum too much to give him up. You could wait for him for a year, if that was what it would take. It didn’t matter as long as he was yours everything was good enough. But, Calum didn’t seem to believe so. He would always say that it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair how you would sit at home waiting for him, while he was living his dream. It just wasn’t fair, but you would always tell him otherwise, you would always tell him that as long as he was yours it was good enough.

“Say something, please” He mumbled, pleadingly.

“What do you want me to say?” You breathed out. Your mind was throbbing of all the thoughts running around your head. It was like someone was running a marathon in your head.

“You could at least try to change my mind.” He sounded supplied and you could tell he was running his hand through his hair, because you just knew him that well.

“What for Calum? Where does that get me?” You were at the point of breaking. Your voice were wound, making it sound like you were about to cry, which you were.

“You don’t understand it, do you? Your happiness has always been my first priority and obviously this relationship is not making you very happy at the moment.  If you leaving me will make you happy, I’m not going to stop you even if that means I have to suffer through hell to get through it.” You were now crying. Tears were slowly running down your face and you breathed heavily to try to calm yourself down. You just couldn’t live without him, you didn’t know how to, but you had to, for him.

“I think you’re the one who don’t understand Y/N. If you really think that leaving you will make me happy, you’re wrong. I’m leaving you so that you can be happy”  

And that was it. The phone call went dead. All you could hear now was your own breathing. 

He left you.

And you left him

All because you loved each other way too much to not do so.


Please let me know what you think! I’m thinking about writing a part 2. 

What do you think?

Do you want a part 2?

RWBY Vol 3. Ep 10

Things “The Battle of Beacon” did right… and made me soooo happy.

1. Ruby, still grieving, but showing herself as a true hero and Huntress by not only being resourceful in using Penny’s left over weapon, but standing up for Pyrrha and understanding this was not her fault. This scene could not have been better.

2. A whole slew of the amazing teams we’ve seen in the Vytal Festival coming back and working together to take down a Nevermore. 

3. Ironwood actually fighting and doing so in such a simple and elegant way that I have to wonder what he could do if he was really surrounded by enemies. 

4. Ironwood understanding why the students would want to leave - and I agree with him. In a situation like this, I don’t think you can blame anyone for leaving. These are still students, some first years, who have barely gotten the hang of fighting low level Grimm and each other. I’ve really started to like Ironwood now.

5. Oobleck and Port fighting together and being so damn confident.

6. Glinda and Qrow fighting together and taking no crap from any Grimm.

7. Roman Torchwick, my fav, acting like a little kid but being maniacal and evil at the same time. “What does this button do?” 

8. Neo. Enough said.

9. Ruby again being resourceful, though possibly reckless, and using her locker to get onto Roman’s ship. I look so forward to what this will lead to.

10. Freaking Adam with his freaking “My darling” statement. I cannot handle my shipping feels right now, nothing else matter. Need more Blake and Adam.

11. Pyrrha regaining her confidence, to the point where it’s heavily implied she will accept Ozpin’s offer of becoming the Fall Maiden.

12. New Grimm. That dragon one is gonna suck to fight, but my absolute love for the Griffins knows no bounds. Amazing designs all around!

13. This episode was all around amazing, albeit angsty.

I love how this pre-kiss scene already shows how both are trying to care and worry for each other; and I believe it could be even more important than the kiss about to follow, since it’s the start of Yuzu and Mei reaching a bare moment of understanding and achieving a deeper emotional connection between them.


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