at the same...time

(・w・;) Hello Natsu. Long time, no see.

I usually don’t do progress shots, but the last release this series had was in January. Sorry, this isn’t a chapter release! It’ll be a few extras from the volume~ but worry not, ch.7 is planned for an August release.   ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ Thank you for your patience! Expect The Same Time As Always, The Same Place As Always extras this weekend~

Me: I worked really hard to make this! I got through two art blocks, four depressions and ten existential monologues just to finish this piece so STFU, I will appreciate what I made cuz I love it!

Also me: I hate it with all of my being plz burn it and never speak of it again. Cut off my hands so they may never produce something so horrid ever again.

Haha I'm not having an existential crisis idk what you're talking about

One of my favorite game series has came back after four years with an app game and they’re not confirmed for releasing it for handhelds again, meanwhile MM is updating soon and I still want to see my boys, but I don’t have the phone space

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