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Do you ever stop to think that there are people that have your target language as their native language? Like there are children who babble their first words in that language, people that speak to their parents in that language everyday, entire countries that grew up hearing this language like it’s no big deal, and that probably don’t think twice about it or even find it that interesting

It’s just so surreal and cool, and I just love languages so much


Your husband, Bill, having to break your daughter’s hearts by telling them they are too young to watch his newest film—the one they had been begging him to see. However, you promise the girls a fun night in the room, including movies and junk food, while Bill is out doing promotion. By the time he returns, his children’s eyes are glued to the television, all of their prior disappointment completely forgotten. When he asks how their night was, one of them turns to him and says: “Really good! I like this movie better than yours anyways.”

Tyrian: *clearly shows that his Aura broke less than a minute before Ruby cuts his tail off*

The fandom for some reason: Um, how was Ruby able to cut Tyrian’s tail off if he could stop both Mangenhield and Crescent Rose’s bullets? How did Ruby manage to break through his Aura like that? That’s a plot hole!

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hi!, i just needed to thank you for keep sharing jjong's things and making jokes and loving him in a happy way, i was feeling kinda weird bc everyone was sad with the MV but it made me really happy instead? but seeing u tagging things with jokes or just normal tags and not .. like sad and thoughtful tags actually makes me feel better... feel normal, idk is such a small thing but yes, thank you!

hello! and of course! i feel similarly, i was really happy to see him all cute and happy in such retro settings, no matter how lame it was hahaha! i can’t say the same for everyone, but i always feel better making as many jokes as i can so i can remember the happier things! long story short! thank you for taking the time to send this muffin <3


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okay UK friends (or people who’ve been there), i need some help.

so in america, in almost all our supermarket/big box store chains (like walmart and target, but also regular grocery stores and sometimes convenience stores or gas stations), there’s an aisle that’s mostly magazines and children’s books, then maybe some current bestsellers, and then a section at the end entirely for romance novels, like this:

so it’s like – okay books, books, magazines, coloring books, journals, then steamy romance covers featuring Large Shirtless Men Carrying Swooning Ladies.

so my question is if there’s a similar place that exists in any UK stores. basically, if a mother was shopping and had her kids with her, would there ever be a possibility that they would pass an aisle like this without specifically having to go into a bookstore?