at the same time it's like he's saying: yo kidding my boy

Polaroids (G.D)

Summary: You and Grayson go on a random little adventure in the middle of nowhere in his hometown.

Word Count: 1,877

Warnings: None.

A/N: I should be sleeping, because I have to work tomorrow, but instead I’m looking at these pictures from their photo shoot with Bryant. I’m literally so IN LOVE with this photo shoot! But anyway, I felt inspired to write a cute little imagine. So enjoy guys ❤

for my baby @4odolans // @cassmoreiraxo because she loves sunflowers 💛🌻

Reader’s POV

“Gray, do you even know where you’re going?” I asked my boyfriend.  

Grayson and I are currently driving around New Jersey, and I have absolutely no idea where we were going. We were just hanging out at his parent’s new house, when he had this sudden urge to go on an adventure. I swear it’s literally almost impossible for him to just stay still.

“Just enjoy the ride baby girl.” Grayson says, resting his right hand on my thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze.

We ended up driving on a long open road, with nothing but wide-open land on both side of us. We were passing train tracks, old buildings, farms, and every once in a while, we would see a few buffalos in one of the fields. Being the wannabe photographer that I am, I took advantage of the beautiful scenery. I let down the passenger window and started taking pictures with my new Polaroid camera that Grayson surprised me with a few days ago.  

Jersey was beautiful, I see why the boys love it here. Yes, LA’s nice, but there’s something about Jersey that just captivates you. We continue driving on the long open road, with Kid Cudi blasting through the speakers. I would take a few pictures of Grayson as he was singing and dancing along to the music.  

“I take it you like your new camera?” Grayson asked, turning the radio down a bit.

“I love it! Thanks babe!” I said, leaning over the console and giving him a peck on the cheek.  

I notice Grayson slowing down the car. He came to a complete stop, and parked the car on the side of an empty dirt road.

“Why are we stopping here?” I asked confused.

“You’ll see.” He said, as he unbuckled his seat belt. He grabbed his keys from the ignition before getting out of the truck.

I got out the truck, and followed behind Grayson as he started walking along the dirt path in front of us. We continued on the path for a bit, with me stopping every other second just to take a picture. As I was bending down taking pictures of some pretty flowers, I heard Grayson talking to himself, but I soon realized he was recording a Snapchat video.

“She literally stops and takes pictures of everything.” Grayson said laughing, as he was recording me.  

I playfully stuck out my tongue at him.

We made up this small hill, and the view was incredible. It was as if I was looking at a Vincent Van Gogh painting. I tried to take a picture, but Grayson grabbed my hand, and started running down the little hill, pulling him with him.  

“Grayson, slow down!” I said laughing at my boyfriend. It was cute how excited he gets whenever he’s outdoors.

We finally slowed down, and stopped in front of this huge sunflower patch.  

“Aren’t sunflowers your favorite type of flowers?” Grayson asked with a cute smirk plastered on his face.

He was right, they were my favorite flowers. I loved them!  

“Wait here.” Grayson said, then quickly disappeared into the patch of tall yellow sunflowers.

I did as I was told, and waited for Grayson outside the fence. After a few minutes, he appeared with a sunflower that was cut down to a little over half its original length in his hand. He walked back over towards me, and handed me the pretty bright flower.

“Aww babe, it’s so pretty!” I said, sniffing the flower.

“You’re pretty. ” He said,as he bent down, giving me a kiss on my forehead.

Grayson grabbed my hand once more, and we walked into the field. I was in awe at how tall the flowers were. I mean I’ve seen sunflowers before, but they were just normal size flowers at the store. These sunflowers on the other hand were huge. They were almost as tall as Grayson, but definitely taller than me.  

We got to the middle of the patch and of course, Grayson takes out his phone to snap a picture, but I didn’t mind. He puts his phone away, and entwined both his index fingers with both of mine, rested his forehead on mine. He started to lean in for a kiss, but I removed my fingers from his, and took a step back, causing him to pout.

“If you want a kiss, you have to find me.” I said, as I started running off into the sunflower field.

“Do you realize how short you are?” I heard Grayson say from the same spot I left him in.

“No kiss until you find me.” I sang, hiding a few feet away from him.

I looked between the stems on the sunflowers, and I could see Grayson trying to look for me. But he was going in the wrong direction, so I figured I’d help him a little.

“You’re cold.” I said. He turned around and started heading in my directions.


“Colder!” I laughed at my boyfriend struggling to find me.

“All I wanted was a kiss. But I guess you rather play hide and seek.” He said, walking back in my direction.

“Can you find me now?” I said, as I threw my arms high over my head.  

I figured I had tortured him enough, so I decided to help him out. Hopefully my short arms would reach over the top of the flower.  

I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I put my arms back down, and went to get my phone out of my back pocket. Opening up my phone, I saw that I had a notification from Instagram, so I went to the app to open it up.

( not my picture )

@GraysonDolan: “Lost my girlfriend in this here sunflower field. Can you guys find @YourInstagramName?”

I double tap on the photo, and looked in between the stems to see if I could see him, but he was no longer there. I was about to call out for him, when I felt two familiar strong arms wrap around my waist.  

“Found you.” Grayson whispered against my ear, making the little hairs on my back rise up.

“I believe I’m supposed to get my kiss now, right?” Grayson said, turning me around to face him.

Once I turned around, my eyes met with his hazel ones. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled his head down so our foreheads touched. He kissed tip of my nose, causing me to giggle a bit, and after a few seconds, his soft pink lips connected with mine, and I felt the butterflies in the pit of stomach. No matter how long we’ve been together, I still get butterflies every time we kissed.  

We pulled away, and Grayson took my hand in his walking us out of the sunflower patch. We continued on the same dirt path that led us in here, having random conversations, me taking pictures with my polaroid camera, and Grayson recording me on snapchat every time I do.

“Yo Bryant, you better watch out. You got some competition here.” He said, as he was recording me taking pictures of the sky.

Ever since I started dating Grayson, I don’t think there has been a day, were I haven’t been in the middle of the woods, somewhere. He was so in touch with nature, and the outdoors. Both him and Ethan. They both love to be out in the middle of nowhere. And I can see why. It’s so peaceful and relaxing whenever you’re away from everything and everyone.

We ended up walking through a small corn field, and there was a random ladder standing up against a tree. Being the wannabe photographer that I am, my amateur photography skills kicked in, and I decided to climb on the ladder and take an overview picture of the field. Grayson notice me removing the lens from my camera, and started to laugh.

“What?” I asked.

“I’m surprise that thing hasn’t ran out of film yet!” Grayson said, shaking his head. I rolled my eyes at him playfully, and asked him to hold the ladder as I climbed on.

I got onto the 7th step of the ladder, and asked Grayson to hand me my Polaroid camera. As I reached for it, I couldn’t help but admire how good my boyfriend looked from this view. The sunlight hit his tanned skin perfectly. His muscles showed through his white t-shirt as he was holding the ladder up. He looked so good. Everything from his define jawline, to his cute little button nose, even the mole on his chin. My boyfriend was literally a masterpiece.  

“Are you going to take your picture babe?” He asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.

“The corn field suddenly isn’t that interesting.” I said, as I held the camera up and started taking pictures of Grayson.  

“What are you doing?” He asked smiling.

“Do you have any idea how good you look right now?”

“Way better than a crusty corn field!” I said causing him to laugh.

I took a few shots of him while he was laughing, and he told to stop.  

Yeah, how about no.  

“Take one hand off the ladder, and put it down.” I said, trying to tell Grayson how to pose.

“Baby, I think you got enough pictures today. Plus, the sun is in my eye.” He tried to get himself out of taking more pictures, but it didn’t work.

“Do you talk back to Bryant when he shoots you?” I asked, causing him to roll his eyes playfully.

He did as I said, and removed one hand from the ladder, and kept it back at his side. He kept shutting on eye because of the sun, but it didn’t matter because the picture still came out perfect.

“Thanks for being my model.” I said getting on my tippy toes and giving Grayson a kiss on the cheek.  

“Might have to let you do our photo shoots from now on.” Grayson said laughing, as he was looking at the polaroids.

The sun started to set in the horizon, as we were in the car heading back to the house. I’ve seen sunsets before, but they’re nothing compared to this one. I turned around to reach in the back for my polaroid camera, then turned back towards the windshield. I went to take a picture, but my camera made a hissing sound.

“You ran out of film didn’t you?” Grayson asked as he was laughing in the driver seat.

I nodded my head, and put my camera back in the backseat. I felt Grayson’s hand tracing small circles on the inside of my palm, before grabbing it, and locking his fingers with mine.

“We can get you some more tomorrow, before we go.” He said.

“Where are we going tomorrow?” I asked curious.

“You’ll see.”  

The All Might Protection Squad

@athanatosora‘s All Might Protection Squad content is pure and good and is also the reason I get up in the morning, so I wrote this. Enjoy!

“…And that’s, well, the bulk of what I remember. The rest is a bit hazy. I could maybe give you pieces, but nothing useful. After the fight I just…ended up here.” All Might tugged loosely at the linen of his bed sheets, as if their presence proved something. He opened his mouth to speak again, but found nothing to say. So he shrugged and looked away.

Tsukauchi gave a nod, ran his pen twice over his notebook pad to clear off the ink from its tip, and dropped it back into his pocket. He leaned forward, commanding in his presence. “Yeah, I don’t expect too much else from you. The fight was televised, so in terms of what physically happened we’ve got our fill.” Tsukauchi tapped his badge. “I’m mostly here because the station keeps sending me over.”

“Tell them to knock it off then. You’ve got more important things to do than babysit me I’m sure.” All Might answered with an air of flippancy. He leaned his head against the pillow, eyes closed.

“Well that’s…part of it.” Tsukauchi straightened, teeth set together, eyes locked on All Might. “Toshinori, you’re in a lot of danger—“

“Yeah I know—“

“No,” Tuskauchi put up a hand, “you’re really in danger. We’ve got moles all around, and almost all of them have reported back with some hints of a plot to kill you. Individuals think they can bag you and grab some cheap, easy fame. Organizations are filled with personal grudges against you. If it were up to me, we’d have 10 professional heroes posted at the door to this room all hours of the day. We just don’t have that kind of manpower to spare.”

“So you keep pestering me instead.”

“That’s the idea.”

All Might opened his eyes, duller now. “If it took All Might to defeat these villains the first time, what makes you think you can stop them? That’s suicide.” Harsher now, with full, accusatory eye-contact. “That’s on my head if you die. Don’t you dare do that to me.”

Tsukauchi stood, patted the side of All Might’s bed. “Also, you’ve got some visitors waiting to see you. They’ve been milling around outside while I wrapped up the interview. I’ll let them in. I’m right outside the door, Toshinori.”

“Naomasa don’t ignore this.”

“Hey kids,” Tsukauchi swung the door open, smiling at whatever lay beyond it. “Think he’s ready to see you now.”

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A Laugh Like Sunshine (Jack Avery Imagine)


*As Requested*

Feel free to request imagines, fics, gifsets etc. via my AskBox or DM’s.

Have a lovely day!

Word Count: 1749

Description: In which a curly haired boy adorned in all black, falls for the laugh of a passerby

All Rights Reserved

    My jet black Doc Martin’s echoed against the hot pavement with a deafening thud as the boys and I trapesed the boulevard of Santa Monica Pier. We’d been location scouting with management and a few publicists for several hours now, something most musicians won’t share with the public, though it’s a very real and painfully monotonous part of the job. I sighed, running my fingers absentmindedly through my shock of hazel curls that perched atop my head, damp and not nearly as pompous as they’d been at the start of the day, after several hours of constant sun beating down on them.

“Yo dude, how much longer do you think we’re gonna be out here?” I muttered in frustration to the blonde boy beside me. He shrugged, chuckling dryly as he rolled his eyes.

“Beats me, I voted for the first location- ya know, the one we visited 4 hours ago?!” I laughed, nodding as I patted him on the back sympathetically. The locations scouts and publicists walked ahead of us in rigid business suits and pursed lips, clutching a hefty red binder and a clipboard, where locations would either check off their requests, or not. So far- not. Finally, we stopped walking. The publicist who seemed to be leading the pack, Wendy, turned to us, her greying-blonde hair pulled tightly into a bun behind her head and her dark pencil skirt as unyielding as cement when she walked. I sighed.

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a Study in Red

Find this chapter here on Ao3.
Unbeknownst to Tim, Jason falls unexpectedly hard for a college kid that lives off brie.
The slow-build Stolen Kisses prompt wherein Jason needs a tutor and Tim miraculously finds the time to pencil him in. 
Author’s note: You know, my entry for the Feb JayTimWeek that turned into 25K+ words (and still going??). 
The biggest hug to @tanekore​ who is the most patient and supportive being on this planet, who did an art for this and has been holding onto it for an eternity. I still have a few chapters left to write, but in terms of posting…it was time.

Chapter 1:

“What’s the what?” Tim asked, propping his phone between his shoulder and chin. The class was packed and he struggled squeezing behind other students to get to an empty seat.

“If I’m on a building that’s thirty feet tall and the width of the street below is twenty feet wide–”

“What?” Tim interrupted again, just before bumping into a girl by accident. The hall was pure chaos, and Tim barely had a chance to offer her an apologetic smile before scrambling to claim an empty chair a few feet away. “Where are you?” he asked against the cool screen of his smartphone. “I mean – thirty feet tall? In Gotham?”

“Tim, ix-nay on the erd-nay – it’s a simple question. If the building is thirty feet tall–”

“Uh,” Tim interrupted, rifling through his pack in an effort to find his pencil bag. “I hate to break it to you, but no building in Gotham is thirty feet tall,” he countered, his voice nearly lost to the dull roar of the lecture hall – the place was a boisterous haze of mid-semester dread. “It’s an architectural thing. Each floor does have, like, a ten foot standard but you’ve got to calculate the interstitial space, and—”

“Tim,” Jason said, half-serious. “Timbo-yo-himbo. Timbo-Slice . You’re making this way too complicated.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do headcanons for platonic friendships with Starish? :3

Sure thing! Please let me know if it’s alright because I feel I have gotten a little rusty here ;;


Originally posted by alittledreamcatcher-v

  • He’s that boy who’d be willing to try ANYTHING as long as its with you! So if you’re planning on hitting that all-you-can-eat ramen contest, you know who to take along!
  • Otoya would stand up for you even if he’s the only one who will support you. He’s fiercely loyal and would not tolerate someone saying shit about his bestie
  • If you love sports, Otoya would happily take you to watch soccer, baseball or even swimming!
  • Otoya would often come to you with his problems (even crush problems ehehe ;3) and would urge you to do the same because of the bestie pact :3
  • He’d take a while opening up but eventually, his best friend would be able to tell when his smile is genuine and when its not
  • This sweet pea even wrote you a song. “This is dedicated to 〇〇〇-chan, the bestest bestest friend in the universe!!!”
  • He’d definitely get you a friendship bracelet, saying he got one for all his besties and dang, you’re pretty special to him if he does gift you one.


Originally posted by akagi--mako

  • Well he has his normal stoic face but you’re one of the few to catch glimpses of his true and joyous smiles
  • “Careful.”
    “Don’t go there unsupervised.”
    “Take care of yourself.”
    “Did you eat? Do you want me to make you something?”
    “How was your day?”
  • He’s so gentle and caring, you can’t help but be like “Man, what did I do to deserve him?”
  • He KNOWS when something’s wrong for you so the best course of action is to spit it out because Masato is worried af and wants to listen and help
  • His advice to you is usually in the form of proverbs. If you tell him to not put it that way, he’d tell you in plain words
  • Ahh those handmade bentos that only his friends and lover get to taste~ oh and those judges at a cooking show
  • Masato wouldn’t exactly come to you first when he has a problem but hey, the psychic bond where you just KNOW something’s wrong applies here. Eventually, when confronted, he pours out his heart
  • You’re on his list of favourite people when you become his friend. He is extremely loyal to you and although he never says it, he expects the same from you. He takes your bond with him as a friend very seriously because he treasures you and it’s special to him


Originally posted by yahoohanjizoe

  • You know that you’re friends with Natsuki when he offers to cook for you. ALERT: DO NOT ACCEPT THE FOOD!
  • The sweetheart here would do anything to see his best friend smile, even if that means dressing Syo in a pink tutu
  • When he doesn’t hang out with his lover, he’s usually pleading (read, dragging) you to visit any sort of zoo, animal shelter or café so you have some fun XD)
  • Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! More hugs!
  • Natsuki would tell you little stories. Like for example, how he used to be with Syo as kids, his lover, his childhood, thoughts and dreams. In return, he expects the same from you too!
  • He would insist that you get matching piyo chan accessories just for the heck of it XD
  • He likes carrying you around for some reason. You, Syo, his lover and Nagi are his main carry victims


Originally posted by shizukku

  • He’s that guy who would roll his eyes at you and warn you when you threaten to chug a bottle of tequila but he would hold back your hair when you throw up because “What will you do without me, huh? sighs
  • He can be a little playful and teasing when he wants to be.
  • He never lies to you. So if you’re thinking that flamboyant neon pink dress looks stunning on you, he’d be the one who’d say it looks stunningly awful.
  • He would happily take you to the library and book store if you adore books like him. Psst, that restricted section is where you have your deep friendship talks.
  • He always cares for you, although it may sound rude at times. He just wants the best for you
  • Tokiya’s shoulder is always available when you need to cry and vent. He will listen and comfort, being so gentle despite how icy he looks outside
  • He’d often chastise you if your eating habits aren’t too healthy. He even offers to cook for you because he’s kinda your momfriend XD


Originally posted by fairylaw92

  • If your this guy’s best friend, you’re pretty important to him alright? You happen to be able to handle his quicksilver mood and see his feels beyond that confident smirk
  • Somehow everyone thinks you and Ren are going out but you’re just best friends XD
  • He speaks his mind to you, although he’s hesitant at first. Besides you, it’s usually his lover or Masato who hear his thoughts
  • You’d often meet for lunch and drinks. Ren’s a good conversationalist so it’s never boring when you two talk
  • You and Ren have insider jokes and nicknames for people you two are acquainted with. Example- “Sourpuss (aka boss) says I have to work overtime rennnn”
    “Run from work then~”
  • You have found yourself a bestie who’s a therapist, beautician, fashion expert and adventurer all in one
  • He’d jokingly flirt with you but he would never cross that line unless the two of you start feeling the hots for each other haha


Originally posted by poisonedfortunecookie

  • Gym buddies yo.
  • He prefers to talk about issues when you two are working out together. Syocchi may not look like it but he gives great A++ advice when you need it
  • He’s that boy who will beat up your bullies for you because his best friend is special and important to him
  • He’s gonna drag you into Prince of Fighting hell with him. He needs someone to gush over the series with haha
  • Syo would ask you how he looks when he has this appointment coming up. In a way, you two are each other’s fashion police. He even visits the boutique often with you
  • If he doesn’t have a lover, he always saves you a ticket when he goes for any sort of special event because hey, friends are almost family.
  • Damn all those emoji filled conversations which only you and Syo seem to understand and laugh over


Originally posted by r0ymustang

  • He’s kinda a bit possessive over his best friend too. “Hsssttt…my bestie..shoo shoo.” He only means good though! XD
  • He has really deep emo talks with you from time to time. God knows why but he usually ends up sobbing by the end of it and you need to comfort him
  • Cecil appreciates someone who listens and tries his best to listen when they approach him with their problems
  • He’s rather easygoing and would like it if his bestie tagged along when he wanted to explore places and try out food. Example- waffles
  • Calls with him usually range from 4 seconds because he accidentally hung up to 2 hours because he has a lot to say
  • He once took you to Agnapalace and thou were bestowed the honour of “Prince Cecil’s treasured friend”
  • You’re one of the few people whose words he takes seriously. Also you happen to be one of those people who kick him into the bath along with Camus
Tattoo Girl (G.D) Part 1

Summary: Grayson, his twin brother and their 3 best friends work for the police force. They’re working on busting the biggest drug case of the century, ran by the most dangerous gang in America. While busting down doors, and trying to track down the bad guys, Grayson’s attention turns to a mysterious girl with a mysterious tattoo. Who is she? Where is she from, and what’s her story? What happens when you fall in love with one of America’s top 10 wanted criminals?

Warnings: Mentions of drugs, violence, guns, and blood. Cursing. 

A/N: It’s here! The new series is here! I’m really excited about this one! It’s a little different from all the fluffy lovely dovey stuff I write, but I really like it, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to let me know what you guys think about it! Love you guys <3

( All the characters are in their mid 20s in this series. )

* * Y/N/N : your nick name * *

Originally posted by secretlylia

Grayson’s POV

My name is Grayson Dolan, and I work for LAPD. I’m a head narcotics cop, and alongside me were my best friends Ethan Dolan, and Nate Garner. Ethan also happens to be my twin brother, and Nate has been our best friend since high school.

Our other best friends Aaron, and Jack works for the police force also. They were double agents, who would soon be ranked with us, once we bust this big drug case.

It was Ethan’s, Nate’s and I’s weekend off, but we were called into LAPD headquarters for a meeting. Chief never holds meetings on a Saturday, so whatever this was about, its clearly important.

I should be listening to the chief, but I was doodling away in my notepad. For the past 2 weeks, every page in my notes is filled with drawings of a compass, with leaves floating around it. It was actually a girl’s tattoo that I was drawing. I have no idea why, but I just couldn’t get it or the girl out of my head.  

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Drive Me Crazy

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Fem!Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Cursing, Just a very very small mention of sex, Crappy writing

Request: can u please do where archie & the reader are best friends & the reader is a vixen & archie asks her out during his game? thank you !

A/N: This is so bad oh mah gawd. I’m so sorry anon

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Creepypasta #1054: I Watched Video Footage Of A Camping Trip That My Friends Never Actually Went On

Length: Super long

It was getting to be a tradition.

For the past two years we’ve gone on a camping trip together, me and my group of friends: Sean, Lin and her sister Lily, Key, Sal, Monica, and Gabe. Monica’s family is really wealthy and they own a lot of land out in Bumbfuck Michigan so we’ve wrapped up our past two summer vacations out there in their woods. We pitch a few tents in what’s basically the backyard of Monica’s grandmother’s huge Victorian-style house and pretend we’re “roughin’ it” when in actuality, we just sleep out there for the five hours of the night that we don’t spend drinking or playing video games inside. Cooking out over the bonfire and climbing trees is fun, but it’s always only been a very small part of the trip.

None of us talked about it or admitted it out loud, not even Monica, but we were all a little afraid to be out there for too long. We had no concrete reason to be, but we were. No matter how many times the Pines’ family assured us that the property was safe. I’d never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary out there–maybe it was just because I’d seen enough horror movies to develop a fear of the woods in general, but I don’t know. Something about the air in the intimidatingly vast property just made me feel really vulnerable.

I got told just days before we were supposed to leave that I wouldn’t be able to take the time off for the trip. One of my fellow supervisors at work had to go in for emergency surgery on his knee and my store just didn’t have the coverage. I was really bummed, but my friends didn’t hold it against me - we all know being an adult sucks sometimes. I told them they could still use my cooler and my tents and my camcorder and that they should video-blog the trip for me. I hugged them all goodbye the morning they left and then I went off to my shift. I told Sal to call me once they got there because I knew he would be the only one who’d remember to check in.

Sal never called. None of them did. I left work at 10PM and tried to text and call all of them, but not one of them got back to me. I checked Twitter, Facebook - nothing from anybody. No updates since Gabe’s “hitting the road” status from earlier that morning. I felt like throwing up. Something felt really wrong. 

Key’s mother called me as soon as I started to panic and she sounded really rattled too. He hadn’t talked to her all day, and he’s really good about touching base with her when he takes trips. I’d later learn that that whole night, my friends’ parents were all trying to get in touch with each other. None of them heard from their kids since they first got on the road. Monica’s mom called the landline to the house several times. Grandma Pines was out of town this year, but Monica should have answered if they were there - she didn’t.

Sean’s father drove up to Pines’ property the next morning with Monica’s parents. He told me something felt off as soon as he stepped out of his car. When you pull up to the house, there’s no fence or anything, so you can see if anything is set up in the area surrounding it. He would have been able to see if everyone had set up tents and gear as soon as he got up the path, but there was nothing. But he said all the house’s windows were open and all the lights were on. Within a half hour, they called the police.

I was asked to come in, watch the videos, and answer any questions I could. I transcribed what I watched as best I could.

Clip 1, 10:45 9/16/2016

Gabe has the camera pointed at the rearview mirror.

Gabe: “How the fuck do you know when it’s recording?”

Monica: “The green button is on, dipshit.”

Clip 2, 1:15 9/16/2016

Gabe is filming the back of Lin’s car just ahead of them. He’s talking to Sean and Monica but I can’t tell what they’re saying, even with the audio adjusted. It’s raining really hard and I see flashes of lightning.

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seventeen hogwarts houses

this has been done so many times but I can never seem to find one I really agree with so I’m making my own with justifications ok.

this ended up at 1.8k which is more than i wrote for my last essay and if that doesn’t say something about my priorites and motivation then idk what does.

also last thing i promise but i do mtls for seventeen, bts, exo and knk so ask me stuff pls i rly enjoy doing it :)

alternatively; a surprisingly effective method of first learning about a kpop group, 10/10 would recommend.

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Drive-In Saturday

Hi guys! Thank you so much for 700 followers, so I’ve been working on a little fanfic for you all. I hope you enjoy, there will be more to come! Sorry it’s so long.
Ship: Stenbrough (mention of Reddie)
Word Count: 3004

Stan loved his new job. He had figured a 16 year old boy ought to have a job and stop relying on his parents for everything, so in the late summer, right before starting his junior year, he applied to the old record shop downtown, Archie’s All Time Hits. To Stan’s surprise he was accepted after only a few days since applying and was eager to start.
He’d been working a little over a month now and was still just as happy to be there as he was the first day he started. He loved being surrounded by the poster covered walls, with rows of stands filled with any music one’s heart desired. He loved the perfect stream of sunlight that shone through the glass windows across the bins of vinyls each day just before 5 o'clock. He loved the kind people that visited each day and how amazing it felt when someone asked him for advice on what to listen to. He could talk for hours on his favorite albums and recommend the most perfect music for anyone he met. Archie loved having Stan around because he had finally found a young soul that liked and appreciated the music just as much as him. He quickly took Stan under his wing and Stan grew to enjoy music more than he had already thought.
One warm October Saturday afternoon, Stan rode his bike to work as he often did. The leaves crunched beneath the wheels as the wind rustled through his soft brown curls. Six Different Ways by The Cure played from his mixtape through the headphones of his Walkman that was clipped onto his jeans. The song reminded him of the Losers. He missed them a lot. With the amount of time he had been working lately, he couldn’t spend as much time as he wanted to with his best friends. He still spent the free time he had with them but often it was difficult to juggle all of his responsibilities and seeing his friends. Bill was the only one that Stan saw much more often than the others. Stan often rode to his house after work to do homework or even just see him. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy played as Stanley arrived at the record shop, thinking of Bill as he parked his bike.
Stan slid the headphones down off his ears as he walked through the door. “Hey Archie,” he said as he headed towards the back room to put his backpack down. Archie nodded his way while looking up from a bin he was reorganizing. He walked back to the front just as a customer arrived which he gladly went to assist.
Stan went about his usual responsibilities for the next few hours; helping customers, organizing bins, and bringing out the new vinyls to the front. The shop closed at 5 on Saturdays and Archie had already left, leaving Stan to finish out the day. The shop had been quiet most of the day with only a few customers coming in to browse.  At around 4:30, the store finally received some customers. Stan was crouching on the ground organizing a bin of Beatles vinyls while humming Alphaville’s Forever Young that was playing from the record player in the back, when he heard the little bell above the door ring.
“Good afternoon, i’ll be right with you,” Stan said finishing up the bin.
“Stan the fucking man, what a place this is.” Stan whipped around to see Richie walk through the door with the remaining five losers following close behind.
“Guys what are you doing here? I thought you were all going to the movies?” Stan said walking over to greet them.
“We’ve been missing our favorite curly haired friend while he’s been working hard,” Bev said to which she received a taunting “Hey!” from Richie as he pointed to his mess of black curls atop his head.
“You guys are the best,” Stan beams.
All the losers disperse through the rows looking for vinyls for themselves. Bev heads towards a Stevie Nicks bin but is distracted when she notices a stray New Kids On The Block record that she teasingly calls Ben over to show and Mike follows to join in the jokes. Richie pulls Eddie’s hand towards the back bins full of bands such as The Cure, Joy Division, and Queen.
“Richie! I wanna look at the people I like,” Eddie whines.
“Eds, I love you and all but I can’t deal with anymore discussion on The Yo-Yos or Wo-Hos, or No-Nos or whatever their damn names are, I need some actual good music” Richie pleads, receiving a serious eye roll from Eddie.
“Its the Go-Gos,” Eddie says annoyed. “And don’t call me that! I only wanted to look at The Smiths anyways,” he pouts.
“Well shit, Eds, you know they’re my favorite,” Richie beams down at Eddie as he throws his arm around his shoulder, squeezing him tight, then dragging him along.
Stan stands back, watching his friends enjoy themselves talking about the music he too is so passionate about. As he looks around he notices one loser off on their own, Bill. He stops a moment and just admires Bill. The way his hands glide over the cover of the records package, as his gleaming eyes follow over the old Elton John record he’d found. The ray of sun that Stan loved so much falling perfectly on Bills cheek, giving him an ethereal glow. As Bill went to brush the single strand of dark hair that had fallen over his eye, he looked up to meet the dark eyes of Stan watching him. A slight rush of heat filled Stans cheeks as he was caught, but he simply smiled at the boy and made his way over to him.
“Elton John?” Stan asks as he approaches.
“I-I was just l-looking,” Bill stammers with a small laugh and a gleam in his eyes that was familiar to Stanley. As Bill goes to set the vinyl back where it goes, he accidentally knocks a few onto the ground. “S-shit, im sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Stan says as they both reach down to pick up the fallen records. Reaching for one of the albums, his hand falls upon Bills as he reaches for the same one. They both look up to see the others eyes right in front of theirs. They stay there a moment before Stan breaks the stare and coughs a bit, letting go of the album. Both boys cheeks fill with a slight red as Bill stands up first.
As Stan picks up the last of the vinyls and sets them back where they belong, he spots an Aladdin Sane album. His eyes light up as he quickly grabs it, it’s his favorite. He eyes the album in his hand a moment before turning to Bill.
“Hey, uh, have you ever heard of David Bowie?” Stan mumbles.
“H-have I heard of h-him? He’s m-my favorite,” Bill says as his eyes light up in a way similar to how Stans did when first eyeing the album. Stan smiles down at the album, the album he listened to when Bill popped into his head. The album he listened to when he was riding home from Bill’s house after an afternoon of movie watching. The album he listened to when he couldn’t sleep at night and needed happy thoughts. “Stan?” Bill asks, breaking him from his daydreams.
“Oh, uh, sorry about that, I was just, thinking about, uh..” he stumbles. Stan has never blushed so many times in such a short amount of time.
“T-these love songs make y-you t-think of someone, S-Stanley boy?” Bill teased while patting Stan’s shoulder. Stans blush deepened even more. If only Bill knew. Bill stood there smiling at Stan with that sparkling white smile that made Stan melt.
“They make me think of Eddie’s mom, Billy Boy,” Richie interjects as him and Eddie walk by on their way to the next aisle.
“Richie what the hell?” Stan yells after him as he watches the two boys run down another aisle, hand in hand. Eddie playfully hits Richies shoulder and rolls his eyes right before Richie leans down to kiss Eddie on the forehead and he instantly perks up again. God, did Stan want something like that. Richie and Eddie were so open with how much they loved each other, why couldn’t him and Bill be like that? But Stan knew why, Bill didn’t love him like that. At least he didn’t think he did.
“I-I can’t stand him,” Bill laughs. “I don’t e-even r-remember what we were s-saying.” Thank God. Stan thought to himself. Richie may be an annoying asshole, but at least he just saved him from that awkward conversation. How could he tell Bill that he’s the one he thinks about when he listens to those dumb love songs. He quickly thought of how to reply without reminding Bill of his teasing question.
“You were just about to tell me your favorite song from this album,” he said, gesturing towards the vinyl in hand. The approach was slightly flirty but subtle enough he hoped Bill wouldn’t think twice about it. Thankfully, he didn’t.
“Oh y-yeah. I really l-like Drive-In Saturday, a-and The P-Prettiest Star,” he answered. “It’s s-so hard to pick a-a favorite t-though, I l-love everything B-Bowie sings.”
“How did I never know this? We both love Bowie and somehow we never knew about it,” Stan joked. “I think I have an idea.” Stan grabbed Bill’s hand before he had a chance to even give a reply. He led Bill through the aisles of bins, stopping at one to grab a pile with his left hand, and continuing dragging him towards the back.
Stan leads Bill into the small employees room in the back of the shop. There’s a small couch in the corner where Archie takes his midday naps, a coffee table by the window with a single chair, and a record player laying on the floor with Stan’s backpack dumped out and his records surrounding it. Stan’s Alphaville vinyl still sat under the needle- he hadn’t had time to flip it since he was distracted by his visitors.
“I guess I could give you a Archies Insider experience,” Stan jokes as he sets the records down on the coffee table and then gestures towards the room with his now open hand. He hadn’t realized they were still holding hands but he wasn’t going to be the one to pull away. Bill continued to hold his hand as he looked around the small room then led Stan towards the record player on the ground. He let go of his hand as he bent down.
“Are t-these all y-yours?” Bill asks, picking up the scattered albums and looking over each carefully.
“Uh, yeah,” he replied. Bill continues to take all the vinyls in. He picks the needle up off of the now still Alphaville record and puts it back to the beginning and listens to the first few notes of Forever Young as it restarts. He closes his eyes, taking in the tune, and when he reopens his eyes, he looks up at Stan and starts jokingly singing along.
“Let’s dance in style, let’s dance for a while,” he starts. Stan bursts out laughing but can’t help and stare at the boy sitting on the ground making the cutest fool of himself. “Heaven can wait we’re only watching the skies” he continues as he stands up. Bill grabs Stans hands and begins swaying around him while continuing to belt the song.
“Wow I can’t believe I get an exclusive private show from Alphaville themselves!” Stan teases. Bill stops his singing and plops on the couch.
“A-are you s-surprised? Your b-best friend is s-secretly f-famous!” he jokes back. Bill was out of breath from his performance, singing and hopping around the room was hard work. While he caught his breath, Stan took the vinyl off the record player and dug through the pile he had brought in with him. He pulls out the Aladdin Sane album they talked about before, placed it on the deck, and lowered the needle onto the record. Drive-In Saturday began playing quietly through the players speakers.
“M-My favorite,” Bill practically whispered. He was still slouched on the couch, closing his eyes once more, but this time he kept them closed. He hummed along to the tune as he swayed his head back and forth to the beat. Stan stared for a while, not on purpose, but because he couldn’t take his eyes off the peaceful boy. He’d never seen Bill so relaxed, and he seemed so into the music filling the room.
Stan was still staring in awe when Bill opened his eyes. For a moment Stan thought Bill would be weirded out or confused, but he just smiled at Stan and motioned to the spot on the couch next to him. Stan rose from his spot on the ground where he was sitting and hesitantly made his way towards the couch.
Bill sat up enough for him to sit next to him and curled his feet up towards himself.
“So you r-really like w-working here don’t y-you?” Bill asked.
“Of course. I love being able to work somewhere where it doesn’t feel like I’m actually working. I love being surrounded by all the music and I’ve learned so much from Archie, I’m so thankful,” Stan starts and he didn’t finish there. He kept rambling on about the new artists he had found, and the people he meets. He mentions the story about the old woman who came in a few days ago and talked for a whole hour with him. He talked about the young girl he helped find a present for her mothers birthday. And he talked about the young boy who came in and said he wanted to be just like him and gushed over the Walkman clipped to Stans jeans.
Bill just sat and listened. He loved listening to Stan talk and watching his dark eyes twinkle with excitement while his soft brown curls bopped up and down with each slight movement. He was put into a place of peace as he watched Stan talk about something he was so passionate about. The soft melodies of David Bowie still played in the back, adding to Bills sense of happiness.
“I just talked about myself for way too long,” Stan finally laughed. “I didn’t even notice how long it was until that vinyl went quiet. I’m so sorry.”
“N-No, t-that’s okay, I l-like just l-listening,” Bill replied. Stan got up to flip the record but as he walked over, he noticed the clock on the wall.
“Oh my God. It’s almost 6 o’clock. The shop closes at 5, where’s everyone else,” Stan rushes through the curtain separating the back room from the main store with Bill following closely behind. They enter the shop and notice everyone was gone. “Well that’s weird, they’re gone and didn’t even mind to tell us”
“Do you n-need help c-closing up?” Bill asked as he walked to the front of the counter where Stan went behind the counter to lock the register. “Wait S-Stan, look w-what I f-found.”
“What is it?” he asked, looking up from the register.
“To Stan the Man and B-Billy Boy,” he began, reading from the piece of paper that had been laying on the counter. “Bills singing w-was so bad we had to l-leave immediately because E-Eddies ears began to b-bleed. Signed Trashmouth and the L-Losers”
“What the hell, he’s a little ass,” Stan laughed as he grabbed the paper from Bills hands. He flipped over the sheet of paper and noticed more scribbled on the back. “Richies a dick, you two have fun, we went to see that movie. Don’t have too much fun though, who knows whats happening back behind the curtain. Signed Bev with a half-assed winky face next to it?”
“They’re s-so w-weird,” Bill laughed. “I don’t k-know what they’re e-expecting us t-to do.”
“Yeah, what the hell, maybe we can catch that movie though?” Stan said.
“Only i-if we h-have a bike r-race on the w-way there,” he jokes back. Stan runs to the back to grab his bag and locks the door of the shop on the way out. Both boys rush to their bikes and start pedaling towards the Aladdin in the center of the town.
“I don’t know how you expect to win this race on that grandma bike,” Stan yelled to Bill as he sped past him on one of the turns. Bill started speeding up and caught up to Stan just in time. The boys jokingly trash talked each other as they sped through the streets of Derry.
“See I told you she couldn’t win,” Stan yelled back as the Aladdin came into view. Bill sped up right as he said and finished before him. “Or maybe she can win…How do you always do that?”
“Gotta put some f-faith in good ol S-Silver,” Bill chuckled. The boys both hopped off their bikes and walked towards the front of the Aladdin. “H-Hey S-Stan?” Bill said softly, looking down at the ground as he spoke.
“Yeah Bill?” he answered? Bill kept his eyes down as if he was nervous of what he had to say. Stan stood there patiently, worried of what Bill might have to say to him. Was he mad? Did he know Stan liked him? Was their friendship ruined? Just as Stan was caught in worry, Bill looked up into Stan’s eyes and quickly leaned in and kissed Stan on the lips.
“Uh-I-ya-um,” Stan stuttered, not knowing what to say.
“Hey, I-I’m the one w-with the s-stutter h-here, I’m sorry I-” Stan cut him off as he leaned in for one more kiss.
“Don’t be,” Stan said as he pulled away, grabbing his hand to lead him into the Aladdin where their friends awaited


-yooooo a vernon soulmate AU would be the bommmmmbbbbbbbbb this blog is great man i love it so much ~<3
- yo legit a soulmate! hansol would bring light to my life <3

  • everyone you knew was very interested in your soulmate tattoo
  • they almost pitied you 
  • because sadly the only thing on your wrist was ‘Oh’
  • and how in the world were you going to find your soulmate when all they say is ‘Oh’?
  • it’s always bothered you but the older you got the more you thought that you would probably say the first words to your soulmate
  • because maybe they were just so surprised knowing you were their soulmate?
  • so okay to the great day
  • one day your mom HAD to drag you along to the wedding of a friend of her
  • you dressed up nicely
  • as ‘dressed up’ as you got anyway
  • you were imagining it would be a long day seeing that most of your mom’s friends were, well, adults
  • and you were def not an adult and of course they’d shove you at the kids table to play baby sit of the little ones
  • you arrived and saw that this was def not a small wedding, and as you guessed the food was a little too chic to your taste
  • all fancy and 5 stars food you definitely didn’t like
  • the food wasn’t the only thing you foresaw 
  • you were indeed put at the kids table
  • BUT an advantage was you got kiddo food which was at least tasty, like fries and stuff
  • sadly all kids you saw were all younger than you, some probably not even potty-trained
  • you talked to this smart girl named Sophia who could speak English thank god 
  • the food was about to arrive when you saw a guy, who looked more your age, rush over to your table
  • he seemed to be coming exactly to you?
  • “Sophia please tell me there’s still some space here because I can’t hear another story about politics and especially not while eating that food…”
  • You were amused to say the least because even when you had to babysit these kids at least you were spared from the ‘grown ups table’
  • “Hansolllll you joined me after all! I told you here’s where the magic happens”
  • you wanted to get yourself in the convo, because honestly he looked like such a funny guy
  • “No joke that kid over there has ‘the magic eye’ in him and read my palms. Apparently something amazing will happen to me in the near future.”
  • “Oh.”
  • you were getting scared that you said something wrong seeing he was kind of staring at you now
  • you had no idea what to do because not only was he staring but also kind of? observing you? making faces?
  • “Are you gonna keep staring or…?”
  • it looked like he finally got out of his trance
  • at the same time you realised it
  • this strange boy is your soulmate, your eyes widened as well
  • Sophia spoke up because you two were just too shocked
  • “Just do something please! You’re soulmates come on!”
  • so what does Hansol do?
  • you guessed it he goes for a high five
  • also he asked your name and stuff the important stuff
  • you had mad fun at the wedding though while your parents were probably so bored
  • you got to know each other while eating the kiddo food (which was pretty great)
  • he got less and less awkward as the night evolved and tbh by the time you had to leave you felt like you’d known him whole your life
  • afterwards you heard from your parents that apparently you could’ve met him years earlier but you never wanted to go to parties of your mom’s work
  • meeting Hansol was def the best thing ever to happen to you


BTS as Kingsman (Jimin)

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-Okay um so we all know jimin is a whole ass graceful gazelle when he’s dancing.

-So imagine him KICKING SOME ASS

-Jimin is definietly a field work kind of guy

-Out in the field his codename is Kay (yes, that is one of the actual codenames of a kingsman)

-The other guys like to really mess with him for his codename

-‘I can’t believe you fuckers sent a job application to kay jewlers using my codename and my REAL EMAIL ARE YOU STUPID’

-They literally call him anything except his codename like ‘Okay’ ‘k’ ‘okey’ ‘kk’  ‘

-Jimin does not fuck with all of that

-Insert 5 kingsman groaning on the floor bc jimin just fucked them up in record time

-Okay no really jimin is so flexible and quick on his feet.

-Hes literally in and out when it comes to missions

-You’ll never see him coming bc he’s so quiet. You’ll be dead before you even realize someone is in the room with you

-His favorite weapon is the really fancy dress shoes that have a poisonous knife in the tip that comes out when you tap your feet together

-He doesn’t really carry any other weapons on his person unless instructed to by arthur


-So lee junhyuk is dead and lee somin has caught on that someone is after her so there have been a series of small but serious crimes around town and the kingsman are worried that all these small things are leading up to something big so they have gawain gather some intel and galahad gets into somin’s files meanwhile lancelot, percival, and kay train

-Tristan is off on a v important secret mission

-Gotta keep them abs and muscles in working condition you know

-Speaking of…


-Relatable af

-Anyway arthur approaches the guys and he’s like ‘ which one of you wants to go kidnap Lee Somin’s best friend and interrogate her to see what she knows.

-And jimins like ‘me me me pick me me me me’

-And arthur wants literally ANYONE ELSE bc jimin is a really soft interrogator and he uses unconventional methods. He flirts and does skiniship and it even get to the point where its like ‘ill make you feel good if you tell me what i want’ but it works???? And that Bothers!arthur!a!little!bit!

-But nobody else really wants to do it so arthur reluctantly chooses jimin to do it


-Bc oh my gosh its been forever since he last got to interrogate someone FINALLY


-SO arthur gives jimin a file and its full of like stuff about you.

-Btw thanks to gawain for getting all this info

-So it has your full name

-Your birthday

-Your address

-A picture

-Your usual daily routine

-The names of your pets

-Your grandmothers neighbors bestfriends kids favorite snack (you babysit sometimes, HES A WHOLE BABY)

-You get it right?


-Gawain is thorough

-So its a saturday night and you’re supposed to be at home doing absolutely nothing but chilling in a large t shirt and fuzzy socks with a giant bowl of chips while you watch a movie

-That is what gawain has gathered at least after watching you for a month straight to figure out your patterns and whatnot

-So of course jimin is like ‘easy peasy ill use my dashing good looks and be out of here with the girl in no time’

-Cue jimin pushing a button in the v fancy kingsman vehicle so it seems like its broken down conveniently in front of your home.

-He just kind of unbuttons the top two buttons of his shirt and does THE THING™ with his hair

-KNOCK KNOCK GIRL (knock knock knock knock knock on my door)

-Jimin shoves his hands in his pockets and stares at the ground (cause he don’t know he’s beautiful IF ONLY YOU SAW WHAT I COUlD SEE YOU’D UNDERSTAND WHY I WANT YO-…okay thats done) as you open the door and hes REVVING TO GO AT IT

-Lets get my interrogation on girl

-He looks up completely prepared to speak actual human words but he cannot

-Bc here you are F/N L/N

-Beautiful as HECK

-With your shirt covered with what he assumes is

-Baby food

-AND A WHOLE BABY IN YOUR ARMS. HE!! CRYING!!!! Baby cry!!!!! (you got roped into emergency baysitting btw he not your baby but i love baby )


-He was supposed to kidnap you but what he gonna do with this baby

-Why do you even have this baby in the first place it is saturday night. YOUR NIGHT. Not baby night

-You’re a lil confused bc why is this cute boy standing outside your door at 9 pm

-And oh my gosh you’re covered in baby food

-And the baby is still very much crying

-‘Can i help you with something?’

-Jimin snaps out of it and GETS IT TOGETHER BOY

-‘Yeah, actually my car kind of broke down in front of your house and my phone is dead. I was wondering if i could maybe make a call’

-What he really wanted to say was put the baby away and let me kidnap you

-‘Your car broke down??? That’s a 2017 Range Rover. How does it just break down?’ you’re bouncing the baby on your hip and jimin is like umm standing there

-‘Oh my god, is that a V6 supercharged or a V8 supercharged? Theses things cost like $80,000 minimum dude.’ you step out of your house and begin heading towards the car meanwhile jimin is SO confused but he follows you anyway bc this is kind of what he had planned (not really?) but minus the baby you know.

-‘I would pay you to let me under the hood of this car or under this car in general but not in a creepy like oops you ran me over and now im under your car kind of way’ jimin is kinda like i’d like to see you UNDER ME, get it?


-BINGO. Jimin has an idea.

-‘No need to pay me. If you think you can help me in any way i’ll take it. I’ll pop the hood for you.’

-‘I haven’t been in my dads shop in quite a while but i’ll take a look to see if anything is obviously wrong’

-Jimin runs to the drivers side and pulls the little thing to open the hood you know the thing and he props the hood open using the other thing you know the other thing

-‘Here, i’ll take the little guy off your hands so you can get a better look’

-Jimin is surprised by how FREAKING FAST YOU HAND THIS BABY OVER babysitter of the year everyone

-You’re like leaning in to get a better view of this engine and stuff



-This is it this is what he was going for

-Jimin sets his watch onto the stun feature and BLAM you’re out.

-But now he’s got this baby????? Oh well







-Insert nonchalant shrug

-‘I made it here didnt i?’

-At this point you’re coming to and you can tell you’re not at home anymore

-And the chair youre sitting on is COLD AS HECK

-And your arms are???? Tied???? Behind you???




-Here comes the guy from earlier, babyless, and also FUCK THIS GUY


-‘Woah woah. Keep your fantasies to yourself babe’

-This guy sits across from you in a much more comfortable looking chair


-Hes got this smug look on his face and you want to smacK HIM

-‘Okay dollface, listen here. I have something you want’

-Jimin holds up a tablet with the live feed of sleeping baby Donghan

-‘Are you implying you want to father my children? I don’t want kids right now.’

-Jimin wants to facepalm bc are you dumb but also he has to stay serious

-‘I’m talking about him. The kid.’

-‘Oh…oh yeah. Okay’

-‘All you have to do is tell me everything you know about Lee Somin.’

-‘ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. You kidnapped me so that i could tell you about my boring best friend? Are you like in love with her is that what this is about?’

-Jimin is major confused..?????

-‘Lee Somin. Works at the seoul library on weekdays. Volunteers at the animal foundation weekends. Never wants to hang out with me because she’s too busy. Blah blah she’s so boring. She’s my bestfriend but i have to admit you can do a little better’

-!!!!!!!!!!!!What the fuck!!!!!!!!!

-Jimin looks at you with the most confused face ever

-‘What? Is it something i said?’

-‘Are you stupid?’


-‘Lee Somin is a drug cartel leader’

-‘Are you out of your mind?’


-‘Umm her dad just died and shes having a bit of a hard time and maybe she’s tried some drugs but for you to think shes a drug cartel leader is like saying I’m an expert in quantum physics. ITS OUTRAGEOUS’

-‘I have proof.’

-‘…bet you don’t’

-‘I DO’

-He tosses a large manila folder onto the table and you stare at him with the most unsatisfied look on your face

-‘Well…look at it’


-‘oh….OH right. Sorry’

-He begins turning pages and reading things out loud along with picture proof and even a few videos that he plays on his ipad and your mind is EVERYWHERE




-She’s responsible for countless deaths and kidnapping and drug smuggling oh my gosh last time you met up you, a broke young adult, paid for her meal because she didnt have any cash on heR LYING BITCH

-Its at this point jimin realizes you really had no idea and that this whole thing was a bust

-‘Galahad. Get the serum in here. We’re wiping her memory. She doesn’t need to remember this. What a shame. I was just starting to like you.’


-Some other dude walks in with a LARGE SYRINGE

-He approaches you and you try to wiggle free of you restraints to no avail bc they’re tight and suddenly youre out again

-Jimin does what he has to do and he gets you and baby donghan back to your place and that’s that. He doesn’t plan on having anymore contact with you. At least not until Somin is out of the picture maybe. But they still have gawain watch you just in case

-LIKE 3 weeks later everyone is chilling and whatnot and suddenly an URGENT EMERGENCY IMMEDIATE NOW TRANSMISSION IS COMING THROUGH FROM GAWAIN

-‘GUYS, 3 vehicles have just pulled up to Y/N’s place. Looks like it could be Somin and she doesn’t look happy’

-Arthur of course sends kay out immediatELY. Lancelot and percival are close behind

-One minute youre getting home from work and eating your dinner and not worrying about anything and the next THERE IS YOUR BFF WITH v intimidating men around her

-‘Umm Somin who are these guys? What are you wearing?’

-‘Don’t act innocent. I know they got to you too. It’s sad really. You were the only person i considered my friend.’

-‘I am your friend! Somin are you okay?’

-‘DROP THE ACT Y/N. I know that you know what I do. Now I have to get rid of you…’SUDDENLY THERE’S A GUN POINTED TO YOUR HEAD WHAT THE FUCK

-‘W-wait. Somin what’s going on with you? Why are you doing this?’ THERE ARE TEARS IN YOUR EYES

-Many tear

-Somin is ready to pull the trigger and you shut your eyes and cover your ears bc you’re like going to die now



-This man has just kicked the gun out of Somin’s hand.


-Master of stealth and graceful as a gazelle.

-Nobody noticed him get into the house and prepare himself for that.

-He also manages to knick Somin’s finger with the blade on the tip of his shoe but not enough to kill her with the poison. DARN IT


-Youre still crying bc any normal person would bc guns are scARY

-Jimin was gonna hold back for a little longer but he saw the gun and he saw how scared you were and he coudnt take it anymore.

-He had to get you out of that v dangerous situation

-You were a good person

-You did not deserve that

-As a highly trained kingsman he still had a hard time dealing with guns so he couldnt imagine how terrifying it must have been for you

-Instead of going after somin he stays with you and just hugs you bc you need that

-Lancelot and percival can take care of the bad guys fleeing

-But right now you just latch onto this guy bc he saved your life

-You thought that was your best friend btu she TRIED TO KILL YOU

-This guy just rubs your back soothingly and you just relax and breathe and listen to his heart beat??? Its calming and steady.

-‘Its okay. You’re safe now. They won’t come back. Not while I’m around’

-‘How long will you be around?’


-‘As long as you want me around’

A/N: This one ends a lil fluffy and abruptly but thats just how it came out of my head and i also clearly do not edit these so enjoy.

dating jaehyun!!


sorry guys, but i will only write for the ones i have inso. for. 

its not that i don’t want to write the others, but i don’t have any ideas to keep the au going

- dating jaehyun is like dating a pizza pocket

- soft and squishy on the outside, but steaming hot n slightly gross on the inside

- thats exactly how u and jaehyun met actually

- y'all were at the school cafeteria y’know the usual 

- and u go to the nasty microwave to warm up ur pizza pocket

- buT noPE jeffrey from california buts u in line

- “uhm excusE mE u butted me?? i was in line before you??”

- “hhehha so? i need to warm up my lunch”

- “bIHH mOve beFOre i bUst YO aSS and turn it into a lumpy piece of poo”

- honestly jaehyun thought you were the weirdest kid ever

- tbh u were

- anYWay

- from that moment on, jaehyun found you EVERYWHERE

- in the library? he see’s u

- in the gym? he see’s u

- in the grocery store? he see’s u


- “boi calm yo tits its not my fault even,,,you always appear after me, so technically ur stalking me”

- he hates u

- but likes u at the same time

- honestly jeffrey didn’t evEn know

- aight so in science class one day

- y'all were assigned as seat partners 


- low-key he was happy cause he could bug u

- and tease u

- “wow arent you happy we sit beside each other???for the rest of the year???”


- time skip 2 months

- jaehyun and u have a pre decent friendship

- always teasing each other ya know

- “ewW jAEhyUN geT yO sweATy ass away from me”

- “its not my fault I’m hot ;)”

- “wha-that wasn’t the right context- honestly i give up”

- yo but jaehyun has a huge crush on u

- like hUgE

- one of those crushes where u tease ur crush and make fun of them idek why

- anyway so jaehyun likes u rite

- and one day the science teacher decided y'all were not a good match and wanted to move u


- “pls,,, you can’t,,, i like her :(”

- u choked on ur spit

- ur teacher choked on their spit

- your class choked on their spit

- bitch when??? i was such a mofo to u (your thoughts)

- honestly though, u weren’t complaining cause u liked him back

- so like the teacher decided not to move u cause

- “young love”

- and jaehyun asked u out right.there

- front. of. the. whole. class

- “will u do me the greatest honour and date me?”

- ‘jaehyun get off ur knees this isnt a proposal for marriage”

- “not yet ;)”

- ya but u do accept his love

- jaehyun likes kisses

- not pecks on ur forehead,cheek or nose

- he likes long, sensual kisses (yALL IT TOOK ME LIK 8 MINS TO WRITE THAT WITHOUT CRINGING)

- jaehyun treasures u, it may not sam like it cause he is always annoying you  but he truly believes that u r the one. 

- he once faceted u at 2am cause he “missed your face” 

- “jaehyu n we saw each other today and we have school tmrw jfc”

- total babe

- first date story time

- he wanted to make it special so he invited you over to the dorm and cooked his favourite meal for u

- then accidentally burnt himself

- and then set the heat alarm off

- and then burnt the meat

- hONestLy jAeHyuN

- its gucci though, cause you saved the day

- and y'all ended up ordering in pizza and watching netflix

- sometimes he texts u the weirdest things

- like he sent u a text a 1am saying

- “hey baby girl look out yo window, rapunzel is here for u”

- “jaehyun are you dumb? rapunzel is the princess”

- ou didn’t look out the window just for that tbh

- so jaehyun had to climc up ur wall and through your window

- its ok though cause y'all cuddled

- omg jaehyun loves to cuddle

- he likes spooning you and leaving little butterfly kisses on ur neck

- speaking of which…..



- he likes being all rough n roamy ;)))))))

- speaking of which x2…..


- honestly, he kinky as heLL

- anD doesnt even care

- he likes to try out new things

- “that look s cool can we try it”

- “no jaehyun thats nasty”

- but y'all end up trying it anyway




- moving on

- jaehyun sometimes appears behind u and whispers the weirdest pick up lines

- “if u were a booger, i’d pick u first”

- “do you like dragons? cause i’ll be dragon my ball across your face tonight ;)”

- sometimes u wonder why u agreed to date him

- your parents adore jaehyun

- they loVE HIM

- “aww sweetie when will you bring your bf again? he’s so sweet,caring,handsome,tall,perfe-”

- “y'all i gawdee”

- you’re low-key jealous of him though cause so!many!people!like!him

- he always gets 92893289 gifts on his bday/valentines day 

- and u just get one 

- but its gucci cause atleast its from him!!!!!

- when jaehyuns sad, he tends to cut people off and wanna be alone 

- you get that because everyone needs space

- but then he gets all clingy and whiny

- and it throws u off cause i??thought??you??wanted??to??be??alone??

- honestly dis boi is a mystery

- but he’s your mystery <3

- jaehyun loves you so much he wouldn’t trade u for anything cause he just loves u so much and suhushuhs he loves u ok

tis the end y'all

im gonna post neighbour!renjun next if i can


- emma


How NCT 127+Dream Would Spend Your Birthday With You

Happy Belated Birthday Complicated Anon!! I finally got to the reaction! I really hope you enjoyed! I did both of them in one post so I hope its ok!

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Safe Place (Anthony Ramos/Bullied!Short!Reader)

a request from @dianaftop !!!

They requested three fics: this is one of them!

dianaftop: on the Anthony Ramos x reader, the reader (me lol) meets Anthony in school while she was being bullied, because of the readers height. 

so here it is !!!!

hope you enjoy !!!

pssst I had to look up what a school day in America is like because I live in little old Wales ^^

also I used the name Annalise for a bully because I know a really horrible girl with that name so if that’s your name just replace it okay? :)

Safe Place (Anthony Ramos/Short!Bullied!Reader)

The school bell rings at 8:30, announcing yet another 7 hours of torture from your peers. You ttake a deep breath, steeling yourself up, and open the door. You groan as you see the crowd filling the hallway, all much taller than you. People are barging into you left, right and center, when all you wanted was to get to your locker!

Finally, you arrive at your locker - locker number 46 - and you freeze up as you notice something.

Scrawled across the metal door was a variety of insults.



Nobody likes you!

Just go die already, midget!



You look down at the floor, not wanting to let any of your abusers see how they had affected you. The corridor slowly empties as everyone leaves to homeroom, leaving you alone to cry silently. 

Quiet footsteps begin tapping down the hall and you involuntarily flinch, even though you know that your bullies would normally have shouted out to you by now.

The footsteps come to a halt beside you, and you turn away from the person, snivelling.

“Hey,” A hand rests on your shoulder. “Are you…okay? Is this your locker?”

The voice, a guy, was nice. Soothing. You unconsciously lean towards him, towards his hand.

“Yeah. This is my locker.” You whisper hoarsely.

“Look at me.” The guy says gently. You reluctantly tear your eyes away from the floor and-

Oh. He’s attractive, You think, and silently curse yourself in your head for noticing that when you’re upset. 

It was true though. A puff of curly brown hair, tied back in a low ponytail, sat atop a smiling, freckled face in a way that could only be described as cute. Cute in both a hot and an adorable way. He wore a deep blue polo-neck and tan trousers, and you stifled a smile when you saw a woven leather bracelet with a -was that a turtle?- charm around his wrist.

“My name is Anthony. Anthony Ramos. I’m new here.” He introduces himself, keeping one hand on your shoulder but offering his other hand to you.

“…(Name) (Last Name).” You mumble, shaking his hand. He surprises you by raising your hand to his lips to kiss. You flush bright red. Who even does that any more? You think, but you can’t say you didn’t like it.

“Now, why would anyone bully such a cute girl?” Anthony asks, cocking his head in puzzlement. You blush even brighter. Surely he was messing with you?

“…I don’t know. I guess I’m an easy target because I’m short and un-intimidating.” Your voice trembles on this. You let out a noise of shock when Anthony pulls you into a tight hug, resting his chin on your head.

“…You can cry if you want. I don’t judge.” He murmurs. The waterworks start and you bury your face into his chest as the tears start flowing freely. Anthony holds you and rocks you as you continue crying quietly. When you’re finished, he fishes a small pack of tissues out of his pocket and hands you one. You sniffle lightly.

“Why did you comfort me? I’m just a stranger.” You ask shakily. To your surprise, Anthony blushes and struggles to find the words.

“I…I don’t like seeing other people upset…but I thought you were really pretty so I really wanted to wipe away your sadness.” He stutters. He takes a deep breath and smiles at you. “Hey - I think we’ve pretty much missed Homeroom, so we may as well get to first lesson. What d'you have?”

“Um.” You pull your planner from your bag and squint at it. “Intermediate Theatre Arts with Mrs Miller.”

“Eyo! Same here!” He grins, a dimple in his cheek popping. “You’ll have to show me the ropes.”

You find it in yourself to smile at him. “I’d love to.”

Over time, Anthony became close friends with a group of people in your theatre class, Lin, Leslie, Renee, Jasmine, Phillipa, Daveed and Oak. However, you stayed his best friend all throughout the year. You were inseparable. He was always helping you, with your bullies, with your friendships, and even when you got into a fight with your mother halfway through the year, he let you stay with him and his family until you made up. He even took you to prom when nobody else would, despite Jasmine’s blatant crush on him and her hinting that she wanted to go with him. There was only one thing you didn’t confide in him with.


You know how cliche it is, but over the year, you managed to fall in love with Anthony. He was so sensitive, smart and kind that how could you not love him?

Now, on the final stretch of your final year, graduation is looming, and you still haven’t told hI’m.

Wednesday, last period. Music.

“Yo!” Your lanky, over-the-top best-friend-turned-crush sidles up behind you with his guitar on his back and wraps his arms around your neck in an affectionate, backwards hug. You smile and pat his hand.

“Hey, Ant. My freckled babe.” You tease. This was a joke between you two, in which you would call each other babe because you were so close and people thought you were dating.

“Hiya, babes.” He boops your nose. “What’s my favourite girl working on now?” He asks, reaching out to grab your music. You quickly snatch it out of his grasp.

“Uh-uh. I don’t think so.” You wiggle a finger at him. “It’s a surprise.“ 

“Aw.” Anthony pouts. “Can’t I see it? I’m your best friend.” He whines. You giggle.

“Like I said, it's a surprise, silly!" 

"Awww…okay.” He scrunches his nose up and shakes his head to get his curls out of his vision. “I’ll see you later.” He kisses your cheek, causing you to splutter unintelligibly.

He takes his guitar over to the far corner where nobody else is and begins strumming, focusing completely on the guitar. You watch him for a while. Every now and then he’ll look up, make a disgruntled expression and shake his head, muttering under his breath.

“Hey, Shortbus.” You hear, before a hand tugs on your hair and pulls your head back.

“Ah-ow!” You wince and look up. One of the school bullies, Annalise, is smirking down at you with a smug expression. 

“Aw, has the little midget got a cruuuush? Sorry, sweetie, but he’s way out of your league.” She cooes in a horrible tone. 

“Leave me alone, Annalise.” You mutter, but she scowls and yanks your hair again.

“I don’t think so. Now.” She glances at your music sheets. “What are these? Are you writing a song for lover boy?” Her eyes glitter as she swipes up your sheets and reads them. You gasp and reach out to grab them back, protesting. She glares at you, a cruel smile curling her lip. “Are you kidding? These songs are so cringy, Shortbus. Helpless?  The hell kind of song name is that?” She giggles.

“Annalise…” You beg. “Please, leave me alone.”

Annalise laughs. “Hell no. I’m going to go and show these to Anthony.”

“No-no no, please!” You plead, staring up at her. “Please!”

She smirks and sashays over to Anthony, saying something to him in a low voice and showing him your sheet music, the piece of your heart that you had poured into this song.

Anthony grabs the sheet off of her, eyes scanning every line. Annalise smiles triumphantly in your direction.

You expect an upset expression to cross Anthony’s face, for him to look disturbed, disgusted.

You do not expect his face to form into the widest smile you have ever seen. You do not expect for him to look this happy.

He looks up at you, halfway across the room, eyes alight and hopeful.

The bell rings, and you stand up quickly, trying to exit the room before anyone else. However - just your luck, some of the class gets out before you and you feel a hand grasp your wrist, keeping you behind.

Everyone leaves the room, including the teacher, and you’re stuck standing with Anthony holding onto your wrist. You sigh and turn to him.

“Anthony…” You begin.

“I love you!” He blurts out, and you freeze.

“I…what?” You look up at him in astonishment, and hope.

“I love you, so much. Please…was that song that Annalise showed me written for me?” He asks, eyes pleading. A slow, steady smile crosses your face.

“Yes.” You whisper, and Anthony lets out a loud whoop of laughter and pulls you close. “Anthony-”

“I love you, I love you, I love you!” He giggles into your hair, and you let out a short burst of laughter.

“I love you too!” You thread your fingers through his hair and laugh, burying your face into his shoulder. "I can’t believe that Annalise…was trying to bring a rift between us…but she failed and just brought us closer together!“ You say breathlessly.

Anthony pulls back from the hug and looks down at you, studying your expression. He seems to be deliberating something before he mumbles "To hell with it,” and crashes his lips onto yours. You gasp into the kiss and pull yourself closer to him, thumb caressing his cheek.

The kiss is short and sweet, and he pulls back with a laugh. “I’m your safe place.” He says.

Spy Universe - Woozi

Anon requested Hacker! Woozi reacting to meeting the reader while working on his job. I was so inspired! Possibly willing to write more of this style of thing, so send request if you want!

EDIT: now we have a whole spy universe 

Jihoon glares at the pixels on his screen, crackling voices coming to him through the ear piece that he has popped halfway out of his ear so that he can hear the soft music playing in the background.

He thought there was no way this mission could go wrong. But now…

Well, even with his expert hacking work on the near impenetrable computer system of the house the team has just infiltrated, and even with the flawless plan the constructed in advance, they might not be able to get this right and extract what they want in time.

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anonymous asked:

If youve tgought abiut it, will slave obi ever meet shmi? Will anakin take the chance to remind obi that he has options now (where to live, what to do, etc) but just hoping obi chooses to stay with him? Thank you so much for this story, and all your others!

“Anakin!” The man in question almost squirmed in guilt when his mother gave a relieved sigh, looking like a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders. “Oh thank the twin sisters you’re alright.” She whispered before focusing on him again. “You are alright yes? The news report only said you have been shot at, not hit.”

“No, no, I’m not hurt mom, I wasn’t hit. Obi-Wan pulled me out of the way and the second blast didn’t even get close to me.” Anakin assured his mother.

Shmi sat down heavily on the chair that Anakin couldn’t see, nodding as she passed a shaking hand over her face. “Thank the twin sisters…” She whispered again.

“I’m honestly fine, I wasn’t hit at all.” Anakin offered and then smiled at her. “You look good though mom, Naboo seems to be agreeing with you.”

The woman gave him a long look before smiling, letting Anakin change the subject. “Yes, very much so. I’ve started volunteering at the pre-school a few days a week, taking care of the little ones.”

“Oh? What about your garden?” Anakin settled in to hear about his mothers life on Naboo, smiling slightly.

“Oh I have plenty of time for the greens to Anakin. You know I like volunteering now that I can and kids…” She smiled softly at her son. “Well, I miss having little ones around me.”

“Mom…” Anakin sheepishly brushed his curls back, the chain of his earring brushing his hand as he did.

“Let an old woman to her memories sweetheart. I still remember when you were a cherubed little thing.” She laughed softly.

Anakin would have answered hadn’t his door opened. “Anakin, there’s a security guard at the door who insists on speaking to yo-oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in a holo call.” Obi-Wan shifted around, looking down at his feet with a dark flush on his face.

Shmi peered at him from the holo but didn’t catch sight of Obi-Wan since he was outside the beam.

“Obi-Wan, please, come in. I’ve been wanting to introduce you two for a while.” Anakin perked up, smiling warmly while holding out his hand to the other.

A few seconds hesitation and then Obi-Wan moved closer, letting Anakin bring him into the holo so Shmi could see the former slave.

“Greetings my lady.” Obi-Wan gave a small bow, peeking at her before quickly looking down.

“Mom, this is Obi-Wan, the one I’ve been telling you about. Obi-Wan, my mother, Shmi Skywalker.” Anakin looked between the two hopefully.

Peering over the man beside her son, Shmi started to smile slowly. “Its a pleasure to finally meet you Obi-Wan. Anakin has been telling me much about you.”

“Same my lady, he speaks very fondly of you.” Obi-Wan murmured, almost painfully shy.

“Oh please, call me Shmi. How do you like Coruscant?”

Glancing at Anakin, Obi-Wan slowly looked back at the holo and then back at his feet. “I…its safe?”

“Safe is good. Anakin takes good care of you I hope.”

“Very.” Obi-Wan looked at her fully this time, reminded that Shmi had lived a lot longer as a slave then Anakin, most likely longer then Obi-Wan too. “He…he makes sure I know I’m free to do what I want. Makes sure I…eat. Sleep. Take care of myself.”

“He’s good at reminding people about their freedom.” Shmi smiled fondly at her son.

“Obi-Wan you mentioned something about a security guard?”

Obi-Wan jerked a bit and focused on him. “Oh, yes, there was a security guard at the door, something about the attempt on you. She had some information for you and wanted to ask some questions. Mina said she was cleared to come through.” Anakin stood and nodded, resting his hand briefly on Obi-Wan’s shoulder before heading to the doors to see the guard.

The copper haired man watched him go.

“…He’s a very good boy. A good man.” Shmi said softly and Obi-Wan turned to her quickly, biting his lips as he nodded. “He is, he’s been very kind to me.”

“He’s always been a kind boy.”

“I was very lucky I was…that I meet him.” He had been about to say given. But Anakin didn’t own Obi-Wan. No one owned Obi-Wan thanks to Anakin because Anakin had freed him.

“What are your plans now though?” Shmi asked gently, smiling at him.

“I don’t really know. I don’t really have a set of skills outside of what I was taught to…please.” Obi-Wan rubbed his hands together slowly, frowning at his hands. “I…like staying with Anakin though. He makes me feel safe? But I don’t want to impose on him.” He sighed, shoulders going up around his ears.

“I don’t think you are. I think he enjoys your company if I’m honest.” Shmi smiled softly at him, taking in how Obi-Wan seemed to relax at the confirmation. “But if you could do anything, go anywhere, what would you like to do?”

The other blinked at that then stared at his knees, thinking. Go and do anything?

He didn’t want to be a Jedi anymore, he had long since stopped wanting to be a Jedi, fighting others. But outside of that?

“I guess…I’d like to help others?” Obi-Wan settled on, looking at Shmi.

“Have you thought about asking Anakin if you could work for him?”

Obi-Wan twisted his hands in his lap. “I-I’m not sure I’m smart enough to work for the sena-”

“No dear, work for Anakin. Though I’m sure you’re plenty smart enough. Think about it and talk to Anakin, I’m sure he’d be perfectly happy to help you find a place.” Obi-Wan stared at her, blinking before smiling softly at the holo of the woman in front of him. “I…might just do that ma’m…Shmi.” He corrected and smiled shyly when Shmi gave him a wide smile.

“You do that dear.”


“Pray You Catch Me”….Pt. 5

Tonight is the opening party for Leah’s second shop, “Haute Couture Studios.” She worked her ass off to get to this point in her career and I couldn’t be any more proud. Originally, this place was supposed to be a small branch off from her main boutique where she could style her top clients in private. Well shit, as she started building, that boss nature of hers took over and she turned this place into the main focus of her brand. She poured her heart, soul, and pockets, ha, into this venture, hooking it the fuck up. When she told me she wanted to make it better than her first spot, I asked her how much she needed and was prepared to double it. Shit, she’s my world and I will give anything to make sure she’s happy. I started to make a call to my bank, but she stopped me, saying that it wasn’t necessary and that this was something she needed to do alone. I gottta admit, I was feelin a little swole when she shut me down, but after thinking about it, I respected her even more for her decision. She wanted to make sure that this place represented everything she worked hard for, including using only money that she earned. Shit, it definitely paid off. Her studio is dope and is already booked for the next few months. Tonight’s event is probably the largest one she’s ever thrown. From the sponsors, red carpet, and amount of celebrities in this place, my baby really outdid herself. She looks amazing too, stunning from head to toe. I guess you could say I’m in awe of her right now and I made damn sure she knew it. I couldn’t keep my hands off her or stop smiling whenever someone asked me about my feelings towards her endeavors. I was in a great mood, flirting with her and being around friends, until my aunt arrived with my uncle. Even though Leah invited them, I in no way expected him to show his face, waltzing in here like he ain’t a dog. This mothafucka is still stalling, refusing to tell my aunt about the baby. Cay is due in a few weeks and I get the feeling that he’s going to hide everything as long as he can. As the night went on, he continued to act as if he’d done nothing wrong..flirting and gripping her waist the entire time. That shit made me sick. Unable to take anymore of his bullshit, I told him I needed to holla at him. I knew this probably wasn’t the right time, but I’ve had enough. We went downstairs, away from everybody including any bloggers or reporters that could overhear what I had to say. My uncle knew what was up, and met me with the same hostility I had towards him.

“So what the fuck you wanna talk about Moses? Last time I checked, you said you ain’t got shit to say to me.” 

“If it wasn’t for your ass comin up in here, parading Moms around like everything’s all good, it would’ve stayed that way. When the fuck are you gonna quit playin games and tell her??”

“Here we go with this shit again. Number one, she’s my wife…I’m not parading her around, she asked me to come with her and I did. Number two, you gettin way out of line questioning me like this. I think you’re forgetting that I, am your father and you, are my sonWhat I choose to tell your mother is my, business. I’m going to take care of it when I feel it’s the right time. You need to mind yours.”   

“Mind mines?? Really?? Humph, ok…” I said, heated as hell, nodding my head. “Your the one who brought me into this, convincing me to keep up your lie, knowing I would do it to only protect her. You think Imma stop because you’re telling me too?? I’m only giving you the chance to tell her as a courtesy, because you are my father. But shit, it’s lookin like you ain’t never gonna tell her, so I’m gonna have to. You’re takin this L you’re so scared of having.” 

“Fuck you say to me boy?? L?? You talkin real crazy right now…Please don’t make me have to check yo ass at your girlfriend’s event.” He threatened, as he moved closer to me.  

A few scenarios flashed across my mind, as I tried to figure out how I was gonna handle this. He’s pissed at himself and wants to take it out on me. To be honest, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to hook off on this mothafucka. I inched closer, ready to fight, but eventually came to my senses. Even though he deserves it, this ain’t the time or the place. Besides, even though I’m pissed at him, he’s still my Pops and I really don’t want this to come to blows.

“Man, just back up. Nobody is tryin to fight you.” 

Just as I said that, Blake came downstairs. He saw that my uncle wasn’t letting shit go, so he decided to intervene. 

"Come on Mason, whatever’s goin on, it ain’t that deep for this. Like Mo said, he ain’t tryin to fight you.” He said, attempting to push my uncle back. “Damn man, I leave the picture for one quick second, trying to adjust to this married life, and y’all at each other’s throats.” 

“You mean married demands?….” My uncle said, laughing, trying to play shit off to Blake. 

“Ha, somethin like that, you know your daughter. But yeah, y’all need to get it together, the three of us used to be tight and I need all the support from family I can get with the baby comin and shit.” 

“Damn, I forgot about that…A father and a grandfather?” I said, staring at my uncle as he narrowed his eyes.  

“Yup…Imma be a dad and this old man is gonna be a grandad” Blake said, laughing, unaware that I was taking a stab at my uncle. “Once you and Leah join the club, shit will be complete. The two of us clueless as shit, taking tips from this dude with his five kids, ha.”

“Yeah, Yeah…Whateva” *laughing* “But umm, let me grab Vivian so we can get out of here.” He said, dabbing Blake up. “I feel like it’s about that time….”   

When he came back downstairs with my aunt, I made sure to give her a hug and saw them out along with Blake. Trying to “show” me that my words meant nothing, my uncle decided to hug and kiss her while they waited for their driver. I grew angry but kept my cool. Since this coward ass mothafucka wants to keep her in the dark about his baby, I’m going to make damn sure she knows very soon.

Later on that night……   

“Sooo….Are you…gonna…tell me what happened…between you…and your uncle…tonight?” Leah asked, as I ignore her question, continuing to kiss her and move my hand up her thigh. 

“Damn woman, you came prepared this time….No thong and snaps on this dress for easy access? If I didn’t have your gift waiting downstairs, I’d fuck you right here.” 

“Mmmmm…” She moaned, biting her lip. “Nice try, though…”

“Whachu mean?…” I asked, gettin at her neck.

“Shit….Even though this feels good…as…fuck….You need to answer my question.”

“Can’t that wait, until…”

“Nope…” She said, cutting me off, pullin on my beard. “I thought we had an agreement.”

“Aight fine. He was kinda pissin me off, being all over my aunt and what not, when he’s still keepin the baby a secret. I couldn’t take that fake ass shit anymore, so I let him know. He got mad, even wanted to fight me, but I wasn’t gonna let that happen here. Blake got him to chill out too and after that he grabbed my aunt and left. I thought I kept it under wraps though…Shit. Do you think anybody else noticed?” I asked, praying that no one actually did. 

“Nah….I only noticed you left to confront him because I know the situation. Honestly, I’m glad you did. He lost his damn mind thinking its okay to do this shit to her.”

“Yup. It’s okay though, this game he’s playin is gonna end real soon. But that’s enough about his drama…This is your night.” I said, kissing her arm. “Let’s go downstairs to what’s supposed to be your office, ha. I still have to give you your gift.”   

After she damn near busted my eardrums being overly excited for her gifts, I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed on her shoulder while she looked over them.

“Bae, do you know how long I’ve been trying to get these bags?? Like, seriously…I’ve been on a waiting list for months.”

“I know, that’s why I had to come through for you.”

“Ughh, you make me sick…” She said cheesin hard as hell. “Now I can’t comment on the fact that you lugged a freakin mattress in here.” 

“Whatchu talkin about?” *laughing* “That’s part part of your gift…Shit, the best one too. I like to think that I had something to do with the success of your boutique, fuckin your brains out after that opening night. I’m just tryin to give you all the blessings you need for this one…So take your pick. We can start on this desk or that mattress.” 

“You are somethin else…” She said, jokingly punching my arm. “You were good with the bags, but you lost your mind with this mattress.” 

“And what about the car??”

“Wait, I thought those were your keys?”

“My keys? Since when did I have a Maserati?” I asked, picking them up from her desk.

“Ahhh!!…You got me the car I wanted too!!??”

“Yup…Same four-seater. I also picked a Range for me, since I don’t have a family car either. Gotta get prepared right?”

"So extra…” She said, smiling and shaking her head. “I honestly wasn’t sure if you wanted to push the IVF cycle back or not with everything going on with your family.”   

"Listen, that drama is not going to stop anything we’re doing for us. Regardless of what happens, we gotta continue with our plans. So that means in two months, we start the next chapter.” I said, as I pulled her in for a kiss. “Now back to what I said earlier…Pick one…The desk or the mattress…”

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  • wowza
  • so youngjae died around the nineties and he seriously a c t s like it
  • still has the middle part with the weightless hair, likes denim on denim, probably has fond memories of tupac (he didn’t take certain news about him very well either rip)
  • hes been a ghost for quite a while so he’s seen a lot and he’s very knowledgeable about this new world he “lives” in but honestly since he only hears whatever from the people that live in the apartment he haunts his perception on some concepts are,,, skewed

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anonymous asked:

you made me start shipping bakugou, kaminari and Kirishima (i forgot their ship name). They're sucha good ship and your drawings for them are amazing!!!!!!!

Oh man thank you!!! I’m super happy I could make you like them!!!!!! They got amazing dynamics, don’t they? :D

Anon said: Your ocs are always so cool and cute i love them??!? Do u have more information about them?

THANK YOU!! And yesssss I do, actually! And I’ve also talked about them a while ago already!!! If you’re looking for more info specifically about Josh and Chris I blabbered about them here!!! <3<3

Anon said: I love your art ! And I love your Bakugo, but, have you ever thought of a undercut Bakugo ??

I sure have!!!! Tho I guess I do draw him more often with a side shave haha

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