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i love it when people say it doesn’t make sense for caryl to become canon after “all this time” passed and nothing happened. nothing as in understanding each other from start? nothing as in sharing very intimate moments with just each other? nothing as in team family members wondering how one of them will react to bad news concerning the other?

while at the same time calling fight scenes and wanting to leave someone behind cute and otp material or a person seeing through your bullshit, calling you out on it and offering help to get back on your feet immediate soulmates. i don’t tell you you can’t ship other things. it’s awesome when you genuinely support a ship. just don’t say these two aren’t incredibly important in each others life and personal development or that they don’t make sense together. because you look pretty damn silly if you do.

Hyung line Reaction to you gaining weight (Quando você ganha peso)

Sorry for take so long, hope you like xD

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Taeil: Ohhh where did those curves came from? *slightly aroused* // Ohhh de onde vieram essas curvas? *levemente excitado*

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Hansol: There is something different on you, but i can’t figure out what it is… // Tem alguma coisa diferente em você, mas eu não sei dizer oque…

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Johnny: Oh mama! You are so sexy and cute at the same time, i just want to hug you! // Oh mama! Você está tão sexy e fofa ao mesmo tempo, eu só quero te abraçar!

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Taeyong: *He would take so long to notice and really wouldn’t say nothing about it* I missed you, jagi! // *Ele levaria tanto empo para notar e realmente não diria nada sobre isso* Eu senti sua falta, jagi!

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Yuta:*He would pinch your cheeks* What happened? Did you eat too much because you missed me? // *Ele apertaria suas bochechas* O que aconteceu? Você comeu demais porque sentiu minha falta?

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Hi just wondering if you're going to do a Q and A live stream for Watercast anytime soon?? Have you considered it?

Mmmm live stream of what tho?? I can’t rly type fic and talk at the same time (cf. artists). I could stream cute pics and talk lmao!

Idek if there would be interest I mean it might get boring? But voice squee sounds cool! Idek !!!!! Thoughts???

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WOW, it blows my mind that sooo many people love to hate Selena, and that most of those people are females. She is a kind, talented, generous, loving person who happens to steal hearts. It's not her fault that aside from staying true to herself and being a truly authentic person, she also happens to be gorgeous, sexy, cute, and sensual all at the same time, without even trying most of the time. Don't hate, appreciate.

If this is highkey aimed towards that bitch Wendy Williams then I FUCKIN LOVE YOU! And even if it isn’t I FUCKIN LOVE YOU!

more of this totally accidental AU, which i did not mean to create, in which lance is a sk8r boi and keith does ballet and no avril lavigne songs were involved at all whatsoever until y’all barged in with y’all’s “see ya l8r boi”s except sk8r boi lance is definitely good enough for keith *bows out*

“You can be happy too, Jaehee.”

AAAH The scene Jaehee cries when Zen gives her the present totally BROKE me ;-; Still, the way he supports her and tells her everyone cares about her and that she is not alone is SO heartwarming aaaaaa Their friendship is so pure and supportive *I CRY* Jaehee deserves to be happy!