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K6 Stage 12.06.01 after show talk moment with the Twin Towers welcoming new member Jurina to the Team K family.

The parents of Team K and their kid. X3 How fun it must be for Jurina to be in the same team with these two. 

I’ll always love the fact that Jurina was in Team K. Cause she definitely carries the qualities to be a Team K member.

(And it’s from this moment that we hear Sayaka’s request to do Glory Days and Jurina proposing the three of them should perform it. So happy that these three eventually did perform it like Sayaka and Jurina wanted. An awesome unit combi.)

If you want my personal opinion, I don’t think Sae Niijima needs to be romance option. I would like to learn more about her prior to how she was like before her and Makoto’s dad died, her struggles as a legal guardian in the house of Niijima, and how things were as a prosecutor and defense attorney. That I’ll take without the option to date her.


K6th Stage 12.02.22 after show talk moment with the Twin Towers and Yuihan.

Aww it’s like watching Twin Towers and their kid. Yep Yui was raised by such fun senpais. They’re so funny. ^w^

(How funny the Twin Towers want to play an instrument Yui played in team k’s Give Me Five performances. In this day’s show, Sae complains that she wanted to do the drums. Later in another day’s show Sayaka complains she wanted to do the trumpet.)