at the rave!!!

anonymous asked:

I love that you included that Lexa could appreciate Lincoln’s attractiveness in Rave Oscillations! It’s not something I’ve really seen as far as gay women and always thought myself weird for it. Like yes, I understand why others may find you attractive, but no, I don’t want to sleep with you or be in a relationship with you. It’s great!

You are definitely not weird! To be honest I feel that the people who are weird are the ones who don’t appreciate the attractiveness of the below specimen, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Like Lexa, I’m as gay as they come, but I’m also not blind. Gay women can still be attracted to men, fantasise about men, even have sex with men if they so desire! It doesn’t make them any less gay. I actually have a close friend who is a massive lifelong lesbian but who also regularly sleeps with dudes. For fun she says. It doesn’t change how she identifies. Sexuality is such a multi-faceted beast and it’s a shame when people feel confined within it. In a hypothetical sense I’m probably not going to want a relationship with a Ricky Whittle lookalike because I love everything about being with a woman. But dayum if i’m not going to appreciate a hot human when I see one. And yes, there is some blatant objectification going on here. Love ya you big hunk a chunk x