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Can Light speak/write English?

Yep, he can. Japan makes English a mandatory part of the curriculum. In episode 1 of the anime, we actually see Light during English class where they’re reading passages from the Bible. 

Plus Light has conversations with the US president – two of them actually. As it seems unlikely that the potus would be speaking in Japanese, the inference would be that they’re conversing in English. Judging from the fact that neither of them appear to be under the impression that L or Kira speak with an accent, Light probably doesn’t have an accent at all. 

please keep us in your thoughts

Mexico is going through a lot lately and to make things worse, there was a school shooting in Monterrey yesterday, which is not very common here in Mexico (I think this is our fist recorded school shooting). We have a problem with our gas, our economy, the government, and now schools are freaking out too. I know that if these problems were happing anywhere else, it would be everywhere. All I ask is to keep us in your thoughts and help spread awareness about this. thank u

School is in session for these hotties even on Saturdays!

Uniform Dress Code:
-white Short sleeved school collard shirt
*GIRLS - Top button must be buttoned at all times*
-Gray pleated skirt (Skirt must not be shorter than mid thigh. No shorts are allowed to be worn underneath)
*Girls may not role their skirts up*
-White knee, crew, or ankle socks.
-White tennis shoes or sneakers
-ALL GIRLS MUST wear WHITE panties under skirt
-Girls are required to wear a white bra. Must be unpadded and not visible through shirt.

1. Relax

Relaxing is one of the most important parts. It helps you take your mind off things, and will help you become more motivated to do your work. Read a book, take a bath, watch a movie, anything!

2. Go over the notes from the week before, and if possible, rewrite/type them for easier reading.

It doesn’t matter whether if you don’t have homework in that certain class. Going over the notes will help you in the long run, and will also prepare you for any upcoming pop quizzes or tests that the next school day.

When I have time on the weekends, I do rewrite my notes to make them neater. It helps me retain the information and mark any important information I forget to add during class.

3. Update your calendar for any upcoming events/update bullet journal or planner

Just a way to make your life more organized the next week.

4. Do your homework

For my classes, homework doesn’t count as an academic grade, but it plays an important part for citizenship.

DO NOT SKIP YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. I REPEAT, DO NOT SKIP YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. You have homework to go over what you just learned, and also provides you with harder problems that may come up on a test. Doing your homework also means you can study off from it when there’s an exam coming up.


Teachers get paid very little to teach. Teachers deal with kids who don’t want to learn. Teachers are paid based off how well they teach the kids who don’t want to learn. Teachers want kids to pass by having learned something but are forced to teach them enough so they pass the tests. Some teachers actually care about the students and how much they want to learn. Teachers deal with rude children and talkers. Teachers don’t get paid enough to deal with some students bullshit. Substitute teachers get paid even less, and are hired based on past performance, regardless of how badly the class behaves.
Students are constantly stressed out. Students deal with huge amounts of homework, on average, 4-5 days a week. Students are trying to complete assignments and study for 6-7 classes a day. Students deal with teachers who don’t care whether they pass the tests, because some teachers get paid well regardless of pass/fail numbers. Students don’t get enough sleep at night. Many students suffer from untreated learning disabilities, like ADHD. Students are expected to know what career field they want to be in for the rest of their lives by 18. Some students are in debt just for wanting to learn.


What? You mean I have to go to school on a Saturday?!?

School Uniform Dress Code:
White short-sleeve button down oxford
(Shirt should be tucked in and top button should be buttoned)

Pleated-wrap Red and Green plaid skirt
(Shorts are NOT permitted to be worn under skirt. Skirt must be no shorter than 4 in above the knee when standing, sitting, and kneeling. GIRLS MAY NOT roll their skirts up to make them shorter.)

Hunter Green knee socks

Solid Black saddle shoes

*Girls are required to wear a bra

a guide to all the AKASHI

we rate all the Seijuurou* you can imagine and many more!
*Seijuro / Seijurou / etc

1)  First of all, THE BABIE

  • the only baby who appears in canon storyline
  • tells us that these guys probably didn’t dye their hair to be like rainbow or to match their surname, it’s all natural - well at least Akashi’s is
  • has the resting expression full of wisdom, this Akachan is more put together than my life
  • precious babie 

2)  Child Akashi 

  • clean and good-mannered child 12/10 brings out maternal instinct even from fanboys
  • headcanon that Akamama called him Sei-san in public and Sei-chan in private

3)  Middle School / Teiko Akashi - original 

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  • plants shred their petals upon his presence
  • makes any genre of anime becomes shoujo 
  • he smol but probably daddy material

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