at the panel he said that during my question

The Baby Is Kicking!

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Requested by anonymous:  can i have a dylan o'brien imagine where y/n is part of the show and they all go to comic con and she’s been dating dylan for a few years, & they’re sitting next to each other and dylan is acting all cute and touching her stomach because she’s pregnant and nobody knows yet because shes only showing a little bit & the baby kicks for the first time and dylan feels it and accidentally tells everyone during the panel?


WORDS: 148

WARNING: short

A/N: this sucks sorry

Y/N’s P.O.V.

We were in the middle of the Comic Con, answering questions and laughing when I felt something, I already knew what I was. My baby was kicking for the first time, Dylan was laughing about something a fan said, I held his hand and he looked at me.

“You’re ok?” He whispered.

I moved his hand to my belly and he started smiling, Holland and Tyler noticed too.

“Ooh, this is so cute.” Holland said.

The fans were asking what was happening.

“Ok, guys, you all know that I’ve been dating Y/N for a few years, and well, something happened and we were waiting for the right moment to tell you. But right now it’s such a special moment and I want to tell you. Y/N’s pregnant!”

Everyone started yelling and clapping their hands.

“And the baby is kicking!” Tyler screamed.

I laughed and Dylan kissed my cheek.


AU (ao3): Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak are two of the biggest movie stars on the planet and they’ve been secretly dating for the better part of two years. When Dean’s public girlfriend, upcoming indie actress Jo Harvelle, ‘breaks up’ with him to start dating Charlie Bradbury coincides with him landing the role of a lifetime opposite Cas, that whole “secretly dating” thing? Yeah, that’s shot to hell.

The kicker? There’s some leaked pictures of the two of them having sex on set, never-ending questions on the press tour for their movie and even with all of that, it’s an accidental slip-up during a panel with fans that kills them.

(Dean swears he didn’t mean to answer that girl’s question with “well when you’ve been with someone for as long as we have” but Cas is just glad he said it at all.)

Misha’s panel was off the walls. He brought his young son West with him to the con and had him up on stage during his panel. He said West had his first lifesaver on the flight over and said it looked/tasted like a spicy toilet seat 😂. West was all over EVERYTHING while Misha nervously answered questions. He told us how stressful it was to have him up there lol. He clearly was trying to not discipline him but oh my. I woulda lost my head. At one point West went behind the curtain backstage to which Misha confessed he thought it would be better but it was actually more stressful because he didn’t know what he was doing 😂😂😂😂 West was given a mic back there and started talking HAHAHA BEST PANEL EVER! @cumbermorgan

They Don’t Know About Us I - Toothbrush

Pairing: Rob Benedict x co-star!Reader

Summary: Rob and the reader are together, but everyone else has no idea about them until they slip up at a convention. [parts 1 and 2 based off DNCE songs, Toothbrush and Jinx respectively]

Warnings: swearing (obviously, I mean, this is me we’re talking about)

A/N: The reader’s SPN character name is Lizzy Barnes. Just so you know. And no hate to the Rob-fans on Twitter and Tumblr; all of you are beautiful, and the angry fans in this story is purely fictional.

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HTGAWM: Jack Falahee Talks Sex Scenes, Getting Into Character

Jack Falahee insists he had no idea sex scenes with Conrad Ricamora on How to Get Away With Murder would get as much attention as they have since the first episode premiered in September.

“When I read the pilot, I just read Connor as a multifaceted honest, real character,” Falahee told me at the Savannah College of Art and Design television festival aTVfest in Atlanta. “I wasn’t really thinking about the fact hat he’s gay. So when I got to the sex scene between him and Oliver, I was like, ‘Ok,’ and I kept reading. It wasn’t until the day after the pilot aired that people started writing about it and I thought, 'Oh, maybe we haven’t seen this before on network television.

"But then again,” he added, “I also don’t own a TV so I didn’t realize it was groundbreaking for a network—but apparently it was.”

Falahee recently made some more headlines when he refused to say if he was straight or gay during an interview with gay magazine Out.

“I don’t think answering who I’m sleeping with accomplishes anything other than quenching the thirst of curiosity. And moreover, it seems reductive,” he told the mag. “It’s been really interesting to be in the middle of the industry’s fascination with the individual, because I never thought about that growing up or when I was at acting school. No matter how I answer, someone will say, ‘No, that’s not true.’ We still live in this hetero-normative, patriarchal society that is intent on placing everything within these binaries. I really hope that—if not in my lifetime, my children’s lifetime—this won’t be a question, that we won’t need this.”

And then during a panel a HTGAWM panel at aTVfest, he said he doesn’t use his real life to get into character.

“I actually as an actor don’t draw on life experiences,” Falahee said.

He explained that he studied Lee Strasberg’s method of acting, which uses memories to inform a role, but “I found it didn’t work for me because I found myself going a little nuts. To be sad, I would think about a friend dying and I felt that was a fast track to therapy.”

Instead, he prefers Stella Adler’s acting technique “where you create fictitious circumstances” that have nothing to do with the actor’s personal life.

I’ll start with the most important one. I met James Marsters at Buffy Fanmeet in Frankfurt and it was freakin’ awesome (duh!).

I asked the first question at the first panel of the weekend (about Witches of East End and what he had for breakfast). I hugged the shit out of him during photoop. I gave him presents during the autograph session (a tie clip made of stone from Urals and chocolate. And a letter) and shared my woes about having to fly so far to meet him (he said he had a 10 hour flight and it beats mine). He was such a sweetheart, oh god. Also he told me I looked gorgeous in our photo, which is true (yeah, I’m very modest).

There was also a cocktail party where I asked him about his cancelled Italian gig this summer (the one I was supposed to go to), and the band’s promise to come to Italy next summer, but alas, he doesn’t think it’s gonna happen (Ghost of the Robot are more likely to tour USA this summer).

All in all, my dream came true, I met this wonderful man and he didn’t disappoint me. His answers were thoughtful and eloquent, he spends so much time with every fan and he really gives all he’s got to all of us. Just, gosh, I love him. Stay so awesome forever, please.

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I also love those pics from the panel. It has to do with a bit of projection on my part. In the 1st pic, I think David intended a quick bite without Gillian's prompting. She thought he was going for a lick, hence her directive. His response was to exaggerate the bite. But he's looking at her, making sure she's ok with it. The 2nd pic seems right after Mitch's take her shirt off comment. David is smiling at the joke. But he's checking her reaction to make sure she's ok. Then he leaves. Sweet.

Whatever you believe is going on with David and Gillian, they certainly do love and care for one another. They are extremely attentive to one another’s mood and needs. I am going to use your ask to talk a little about my impressions of the panel overall, so apologies in advance for the long response…. 

As many others have said, Gillian was not at her best during the panel. I’ve attended two of Gillian’s panels in person at previous cons and Gillian was warm, engaging and did her best to answer fan questions - even repetitive ones. In 2012, someone actually asked her about getting arrested in high school AGAIN and the audience audibly groaned. This story has been so over-told and Gillian herself has expressed a wish not to be asked about it anymore (read her press, babe!). However, Gillian not only told the story again, but she was very animated and added details she’d never offered before. She was extremely funny and managed a very entertaining response to a tired question.

During the Chicago panel, however, she was quite negative and almost combative at times. The “would you direct if there is a S11″ question had to be re-positioned by David as Defense Counsel or like Mulder typing up the Genie wish ;). When she finally answered the question, she sounded down on herself. The Hannibal question was shut down without enthusiasm. The bit about The Fall turned into a correction about how it was purchased by Netflix after-the-fact. When she talked about her favourite memory as being the time she “cried,” I wonder if she was debating about citing the time she cried on Mulder’s shoulder in S10 and just couldn’t be bothered to complete the thought. I’m not sure why she shut down (I have my own thoughts on this but I won’t bore you and it’s just speculation) but she did. 

The only good thing about all this happening is that we get to see David’s response to it. I’m not sure if I’ve ever loved him more than I did in this panel, tbh. He tries a number of methods to get Gillian out of her funk. He makes really funny jokes. He’s charming. He nudges her. He talks to her privately. He teases her about things she is self-deprecating about (”or any memory at all….”). He backs up her response regarding directing. He “checks in” with her via glances her way multiple times to see if her mood has improved. 

A few other moments between them that resonated with me:

- When Mitch gives his curmudgeonly comment about directors neglecting the actors, Gillian and David exchange this look like, ‘what’s with him?’ just before David called him the ‘grumpy uncle’ or whatever. It’s so cute because they remind me of two kids who noticed Dad’s angry. 

- Their response to WBD’s story about believing in the paranormal had me in stitches. WBD gives this long-winded response about learning about the paranormal simply so he can give talks about it and exploit the knowledge for money and both Gillian and David are so JUDGING HIM. 

- I challenge you to train your eyes on David and turn off the volume when Gillian responds to the neurofibromatosis question. Like all of us, he knows her answer is going to address the death of her brother. At first, David keeps nodding sympathetically. At one point, you can actually see his chest heave and his shoulders go up and down a little. In my opinion, the impact and devastation of family losses (Aaron’s death, the death of David’s father) is something they have discussed and I think David was feeling Gillian’s pain. 

- The way David expounds on Gillian’s answer regarding directing is really interesting. First, he was supporting her; second, he was adding credence to her comments; third, he spoke for her without hesitation. Yes, he’s done this before but he used to preface with, “I don’t want to speak for Gillian but….”. This time he says more than once, “This is what Gillian is saying.” No concern about overstepping. He knows what she means and he’s going to interpret it but he still wants to give her credit for the observation and it’s all sweet and now I’ll shut up. ;) 

As for the bit at the end, I personally think David absolutely knew she would be comfortable with him biting her, signing her and whatever else she’d need to sell that shirt at a high price. Yes, he is looking at her, but I think he is still trying to warm her up from her chilly mood. I think he realises it has nothing to do with him and he knows what he is doing is not only 100% okay, but will make her laugh. :) 

All right, dudes.  Everyone is being very critical of Bob Singer and his comments that he made during his panel at ChiCon yesterday, and as someone who was there, I can tell you that this is a classic case of context manipulation.  Everything he said was taken way out of context of the situation, and you know what?  He actually wasn’t an asshole, when you were there, sitting in the audience.  Trust me, I was fully expecting to be mad, but I really think he genuinely answered things and what he might have stumbled over was purely out of confusion.

For instance, the whole thing about him being confused about the consent question from episode 9x03.  The question, in my opinion, was worded the vaguest way possible.  I’m paraphrasing but it was something along the lines of “In season 9 episode 3, there are issues with consent and Cas.  Are we going to see that addressed in the future?”  I shit you not, it was that vague.  For any of us on Tumblr, we all know what she’s talking about since we’ve seen five billion posts about it, but Bob does not go on Tumblr.  He also doesn’t know every freaking episode by the season and episode number like we do.  He was asking “what do you mean by consent?” because he LITERALLY HAD NO CONTEXT FOR THE QUESTION.  He had to ask if it was an issue of someone saying yes to being possessed by angel or what, because he really had no clue what the question was.  When the person kind of rephrased the question, it still was in a very vague way that must have been confusing as shit for him.  And the question was still “are we going to address that in the future?”  So of course, to answer the question, he said “it wasn’t meant to be a continuing storyline.”  If I were given as little clarity for the question as he was, I probably would have answered the same way.

The whole “it’s just a show” comment was also blown out of proportion.  He was talking about how Bobby was probably in trouble after the stuff that had happened in inside Man, and when a lot of people awwwwww’d and sounded sad, he JOKINGLY said, “I’m sorry.  It’s just a show!”  It wasn’t someone telling him how much the meant to them or anything like.  It was meant to be an endearing joke.  It might not have come off like that, but that’s what it was.  

As far as the Charlie thing, WHAT WERE YOU REALLY EXPECTING HIM TO SAY?  He’s been answering the Charlie question the same way for months, so why would he change now?  The question, again, was not phrased in the best way, and just bringing up the Nazi issue just confused him.  He literally didn’t know what Nazi’s had to do with it, and when the person tried to explain, he still wasn’t getting it.  He has not read all of our meta and analysis of the series, people!  If you were talking to one of the fans, they would know exactly what the issue was.  But he doesn’t go online and look at every single fan theory and critical bit of wank we post.  And so you get a few bitter people in the audience posting dissatisfaction about his answers, and suddenly, he’s being reamed by everyone in the fandom.

I get that it’s good to be critical of our show runners.  I, personally, found his answers about some of the mythology to be inconsistent with what we’ve seen in the show (i.e. what happens to angels when they die, the way reapers have been portrayed in later seasons) but I have to understand that he is not connected to the fandom in the same way that the rest of us are.  Is that bad?  In some ways, yes, but are we really going to expect him to spend hours a day scrolling Tumblr to listen to all our complaints?  I think he did a good job with what he was given, and most of the crap that he is getting is because select people in the audience decided to look at his comments non-objectively and with a bias.




I was hanging out with my friend Skittles before the Meet Ian Sinclair panel started, and she can attest that I was freaking out with nerves because I am a weirdo. So as we start filing into the panel room, I heard someone say something about a Space Dandy Cosplay, and I look up and Ian Sinclair is right in front of me, smiling at me, and I feel in love instantly. Actually no, I just sort of freaked out and squealed like a baby and hugged him. He hugged back :’D He said that I was his first Space Dandy Crossplay so that’s special!

Skittles and I sat way up close and when the panel began, Ian started by saying that he has, like, A.D.D. during panels and there would be no structure, so he turned right to me and started complimenting me on my cosplay :“”‘3  He said he’s been looking everywhere for a Dandy jacket, and I told him I got mine at JC Penny’s and he was shocked. We talked about the Bandai offical merch and how that jacket is like $300 and he says he’ll get it any way because he’s Dandy.

The panel itself was a lot of fun. Lots of great questions were asked and he was absolutely hilarious the whole time. I asked two questions. The first: I asked if Dandy was going to sing again in the new season. He explained he can’t really say ANYTHING about the new season but he answered with a maybe, and the talked about how the nurse song was totally off the cuff.  The Second question I asked was: I explained I was a pastry chef, so I asked what his favorite dessert was. He said he wasn’t too much of a sweets eater, but he likes donuts, eclairs and pies. He was also jealous that I’ve met Alton Brown and he hasn’t. He mentioned earlier that he loves food, he loves Alton Brown and Good Eats, and he’s just perfect wow.

Also he confirmed that QT is indeed male, just incredibly innocent. Someone in the audice was like “Yeah just look at the last episode” and Ian was like “hey now that doesn’t mean anything. It could be a lady loving a lady. But yeah QT IS a guy. I know there was a lot of debate about that.”

After the panel was autograph signing time. The room was very small and we were lined up awkwardly in chairs and stuff but as people went through the line Ian was sort of bantering with the people sitting in front of him, and he once again complimented my cosplay, my headband in particular, as well as the X on my chin.  I told him “The pomp was curlier this morning. Like, you could surf on it,” and he laughed and said “i like that.”

When I finally got through the line, I handed him my pictures and he kind of laughed about how great they were. He even said the line “I DON’T FIGHT IT” and I just died. Once pictures were signed, photographs were taken. Every time a picture was taken he would make the sound effect for when we would do a dramatic thumbs up. Three photos were taken in total: One by a girl from the Florida Anime Experience team, saying that they would post the picture on the FAE Facebook page. One with my phone. AND ONE WITH IAN’S PHONE. THERE IS A PICTURE OF IAN AND I ON IAN’S IPHONE RIGHT NOW I’M GONNA FUCKING DIE.

I smiled all the way home. This has been one of the most positive and fulfilling moments of my life. I am so happy right now. He was such a sweetheart and I could not be happier.

Some highlights from the DragonCon Big Hero 6 panel, featuring Scott Adsit, also known as the voice of Baymax:

-The reason Baymax goes “badalalala” when doing a fistbump actually had an impressive amount of thought behind it. Basically, Baymax is meant to be a learning AI. So he’s able to process that “oh, Hiro is teaching me this new thing, I’d better follow along and try to replicate it.” Except that thought was shortly followed by “I do not have a stored sound file for ‘bwoosh’.” (the noise Hiro makes when doing the fistbump). So he tries to compensate by stringing random syllabes together in the best approximation he can.

-As you might expect, a lot of Baymax’s behavior is influenced by how Tadashi programmed him. The entire idea for Baymax’s personality was “what would Tadashi program a nurse robot to be like”?

-On that note, the reason Baymax refused to let Hiro fuck with his programming to quite such a severe degree a second time was because he’d learned what happened as a result, and was able to make the judgement that “I was made to serve the greater good. This would not serve the greater good.” Even if he didn’t necessarily have compassion for the villain, he’s a generally benign being who doesn’t wish to do harm.

-Adsit said that he wanted to avoid telling the story of a robot “learning” to be human or “becoming” human, and that Baymax is definitely a robot. However, he also added later that he doesn’t think this necessarily means that Baymax doesn’t have a soul or feel things. It’s just that he’s not really capable of expressing the full range of human emotions - he wasn’t programmed that way. But he does the best he can with the resources at his disposal.

Hints of this thought process can be heard in Baymax’s voice - from the start, John Lassiter wanted next to no computer effects to be done on Adsit’s voice after he heard it. The post-production team compromised in a really interesting way - Baymax starts out the movie with some mild robotic overtones to his voice, but in that last scene in the Void, when he speaks, it’s entirely Adsit’s voice.

(Seriously, he did a couple of lines as Baymax, and the resemblance is still spooky. O_o )

Coincidentally, Adsit said that that was the hardest scene for him to do, especially with his determination to keep Baymax as a robot, because he kept breaking down in tears. 

-His inspiration for Baymax’s voice type and speaking patterns was a phone robot. You can tell in the way that Baymax generally speaks quite fluidly for the most part - he’s drawing on sentences he was already programmed to be able to say, but there is the occasional gap left in for a variable here and there.

We didn’t get too much discussion done, because during the Q&A, a Hiro and a Baymax cosplayer walked up. The Baymax cosplayer had a couple of questions (filtered through the Hiro because the Baymax cosplayer was basically in a giant hamster ball.)

The first was “Are you satisfied with your care at DragonCon?”

Adsit’s reply: “I’m going to say ‘no’, because I don’t want you to shut down.”

The second was: “Would you like to try on the costume?”

He said yes.

So the last twenty minutes or so of the panel were him doing little bits as Baymax. He even walked like Baymax. And oh my god there was a little five year old girl in line and when she got to the front she just. Like. Stared. And then started jumping up and down and laughing and she hugged him and we all died.

So that might have been my favorite panel of the weekend.

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Next week I'm going to Pascon and I don't know how to prepare for a con? Do you have any tips?

hmm..well, here are a few things that i do to prep! but i’m always CRAZY busy at cons, but these’re also just good emergency things:

  • PACK SOME WATER AND SOME FOOD WITH YOU. not like, a 4-course meal or anything, just a bottle of water and an energy bar. if there’s a line you’ll be standing in, or a couple of consecutive panels, or 2 ops and an auto in a row, you’ll feel inclined to miss out on food rather than what you or someone else had spent on the things! so make sure to take care of yourself.
  • BE PREPARED TO MAKE FRIENDS! if you have a gold-copper seat, you’ll be next to those people all weekend. get to know ‘em! ‘specially those friday people! them’s good people! also, the reason i even go to spn cons is the fact that everyone is there for the same reason. because they like spn! so don’t be afraid to talk to the person in front of you.
  • DON’T PSYCH YOURSELF OUT. the cast is filled with people that were just stressing over something and came from home/work, to come to a con where people were just watching them fight monsters on a screen. one of my favorite things rob has ever said is “someone pointed out i was shakey at a con–they asked if i was nervous. […] if during an op someone said gosh, i’m so nervous, i’d respond, ohh you are too!?
  • WEAR YOUR “SASSY PANTS” UNDER EVERY OUTFIT. especially to mark sheppard’s panel. he prowls. he sniffs out fear. but do not be fooled. he is looking for an equal match.
  • try to have an idea what you’re doing for ops/autos/questions. it’s not that the cast is antsy about making them go fast, creation is. they’re on a schedule and get their (mainly volunteers’!) asses handed to them if that schedule gets thrown off. so you gotta be ready to be snappy with it!

and there you have it! try to stick to the schedule, brim with a little confidence, and have fun!

EDIT: keptinqueer said:
for the con anon: I usually like to pack deodorant/a tiny OldSpice body spray just to smell nice + GUM. remember, you’re gonna be there THE WHOLE DAY! some other things I pack but you don’t have to: a tiny packet of tissues, a pen/Sharpie, some url cards, and if I’m cosplaying, one of those teeny tiny sewing kits. the last thing is, don’t forget some EXTRA CASH! You never know how much money you’ll need for food at these things, or if you wanna go out, or get an extra op. Good luck, love! -Jude

I managed to ask a question during the J2 panel today!
I asked whether they thought Dean really would have been okay with Sam taking on the Mark of Cain.
Jared joked about having Cain’s hair (true lol) and Jensen said he would have liked that dialogue to be more complex but they didn’t have enough time when they were shooting. He said it will probably be addressed in season 12.

I was so nervous but I am so happy I actually asked :)

Stephen @ COH2

My first interaction with Stephen (ever!) was a solo photoshoot. And I was nervous as hell! I look like a deer in the headlights in the photo, confirmed by my sister when I showed it to her:

I was shaking for minutes afterwards! I honestly didn’t think I would fangirl that hard, but the man is just intimidatingly and devastatingly attractive in real life. But so nice! He had a smile and a ‘Hello, how are you’ for every single person in line. 

Next up was a lounge with about 12 people, where I managed to snag a spot right next to him. He was just as charming and engaging there. He asked us where we were all from, then let us fire questions at him. Let me tell you, the man is a pro - he knows just how to answer something without giving things away! No real spoilers to be had, beyond confirmation of what many of us have been speculating:

Though a couple of things he said were interesting (but super vague). 

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so I got to ask both Posey and Hoechlin questions during the panels today.

I asked Posey what tattoo he would get to commemorate the fact that he was in Teen Wolf and he said the lines on his arm kind of already represent that- but he also said as much as he loves “be your own anchor”, people already have that, so he wouldn’t get it. He said he would probably get “you’re my brother (Scott)” because it means a lot to him and Dylan- but that he would be keeping his options open. 

I asked Hoechlin, out of all the projects he has worked on, what was the most challenging and what he took away from it personally. He Road to Perdition was definitely the most challenging because of the incredible cast he got to work with (Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, etc) and that being surrounded by actors of that caliber was just a constant learning experience. He said he learned too much to go through all of it. He also said that he was glad he was 13 at the time, because if he were to go back and do it now, he would just be a nervous wreck because of the actors he worked with. He spent about 80-90% of the total shooting days on set, and if he could go back he would spend every single day on set, even if he wasn’t needed, just watching everything that Tom Hanks and company did. He also said that if he could go back and re-live one thing in his life, that would be it.

Kabby Mom found a Kane!!! His name is Theo and he’s awesome and he can do the Ian hair flip that Bob, Jarod, Richard and Sachin were making fun of this morning. (On set they call Ian “The Hair.” All four of them imitated the hair flip. It was honestly priceless.)

Oh, and I got the chance to ask Eliza a question during her panel and I asked if we were going to get any Clarke and Kane in season 4 and she said “yes, a lot.” And sounds like we’re also going to find out what she thinks of Kabby.


A bit of my PasCon experience ...

Holy crap, PasCon!

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin—this con was so very different from my last, but just as amazing … maybe even more so.

My last convention I spent a lot of time trying to record every moment. I maybe looked through a lens more than my actual eyes that weekend, but this time around, I was sort of determined not to do that.

I wasn’t as prepared for this convention either. When I got there, I didn’t have any photo ops yet, I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to get any; and overall, it made me unsure of what to expect—so I didn’t really expect much. Looking back now, I would recommend anyone going to a convention look at it this way. Since I wasn’t riding in on a wave of expectations, I ended up getting pleasantly surprised by everything.

One of my first surprises was running into some of my followers. @perfjensen and @boundbyfeathers were both there and said hey to me, and are both amazingly sweet. Also @perfjensen was my eyes for the front row and let me in on the good stuff—like how Vicki was there for Misha’s panel and looked at him with all the love in the world.

I also ended up meeting a bunch of new and amazing people, like @666-you-reached-crowley and @smilelikeyourdying. I am over the moon that I got to sit next to them all and experience the fun of the con with like-minded, crazy, hilarious individuals. I also got to meet my friend from Australia for the first time … @spn-familyfandom Her and I have been speaking for the past year—she found me when I began writing “The Plot”, and now I finally got to hug her in person—and take photos with her, which brings me to the meat and potatoes of this tale.

When I got to the convention, I was looking through all their proffered photo ops and I finally decided on which ones to get. I was a little sad because Kim Rhodes wasn’t going to be there as well as a few others, like Sebastian and Felecia—so there were less options all around. Also … they added a Clif photo to the schedule, but no Cockles photo … and that just irked me some. But in any event, I made a decision and went with a “Ladies of Supernatural” op and a “Castiel” op. I will post those photos later, but let me just tell ya … not a good photo-weekend for me. My face was just … ick. But, overall I really don’t care because I had so many amazing moments throughout the weekend—a couple double chins or creepy expressions won’t ruin it.

So first off, Ruth Connell, Sam Smith and Briana Buckmaster are all freaking amazing, hilarious and gorgeous. I am so glad I ended up getting a photo with them because I feel like a better woman for meeting it. They are just too wonderful for words. I laughed so hard during their panels and then they each gave out gifts! Briana gave out Twizzlers to every person asking a question, and Sam gave cookies—Ruth had her toiletries which was funny as hell, and overall, they were just sweethearts. Damnit, I love them,  and I want to keep them in my pocket so I can smile on my sad days. Pure sunshine—all three.

I missed Travis Aarron Wade’s panel because we were checking into our hotel, but from what I heard, I didn’t miss much. Then of course, Osric, Kathryn (who also gave out gifts … my little pony toys and cat socks) were adorable and hilarious too; and Mark as always, was an ass to all the people asking questions which was perfect and just so fitting for him. I had some wonderful moments with him too—he walked around the entire room as he spoke, of course and he came down our aisle a lot. I had an aisle seat so I just got to watch him. He’s so charming in all his fuckery. Anyway, some sweet ladies were across the aisle from me—one who happened to be in a wheelchair. During Mark’s panel, she came in a little late and passed him in the aisle to get to her seat, but he was kind of in her way so he said “I feel like we’re dancing, you and I” when he realized that she was there. After that, she tried to get to her spot, but there was another seat there, and since she’s in a wheelchair, she needed the seat to be moved so she could slide in. So I quickly jumped up and grabbed the chair so she could roll into her spot. Then I had to bring the chair around to the side of the room, but at that point—Mark was in my way. When he finally turned around (all this is happening while people are asking him questions, mind you … this is during his panel) he looked at me all confused and pulled the mic away from his face and was like “What are you doing?” so I whispered “Moving the chair.” And then he asked why, so I said “She had to get to her spot—she’s in a wheelchair.” He looked back over to the woman and thought a moment, before nodding assertively and then finally moved to let me pass. I just got to say—I never thought I’d have such a normal little conversation with the King of Hell … but I’m glad I did. I actually ended up running into him several times during the convention and said “Hi Mark” or “Hi my king” each time and he always gave me a jolly “hi” back … so I felt special. He really is a sweet man, and so intelligent and on point with my line of thinking. I’d suggest watching the videos of his panels when they get posted—not only are they funny, but there’s a lot of wise things he touches on.

Speaking of running into people, I also ran into Kathryn, Ruth, Osric, Briana and Misha … fucking amazing. Osric, I physically ran into. I was rushing back to the parking structure to get something from my car and I ran right into his shoulder, and when I turned around to apologize, I just saw his adorable face staring back at me, so I yelped “Hi, Osric!” and then giggled like a chipmunk on drugs until things got awkward … I’m smooth like that. Kathryn, I almost physically ran into but her handler kind of caught me before I could. She is so pretty and her skin is freaking perfect … it isn’t fair but is at the same time. Ugh! Ruth and Briana were passing by after the Saturday night concert and I thanked them and said hi and that they were both beautiful; and they grinned and waved and thanked me back. Damnit, they’re too cute!

When I ran into Misha, it was already the end of the convention. He was doing his last minute autographs and wasn’t going to be there long, but he walked up the aisle that I was in and I yelled out “Hi Misha” and he turned around a bit and waved. Then, after he was finished with signing, he stuck around a little while to talk with a fan. I was super proud of my friend @smilelikeyourdying, because she was very brave and managed to walk up there just before Misha left. I didn’t know she had some things she wanted to say to him, but she got her chance and she cried, and he pulled her close and comforted her. It was such a sweet moment, and once he finally let go and was being ushered away, he turned back as I went over to hug her (she was still crying) and I thanked him for being so sweet. He smiled at me and nodded … it was just wonderful.

I ran into him a couple more times after that, when I was waiting for my Castiel photo ops to finish, which was going to take until about eleven o’clock at night. I didn’t realize that Misha, Jared and Jensen were all waiting in the building where they were doing photo ops, so when I was standing there in the aisle, here comes Misha heading to the bathroom. I said hi again and thanked him for coming. He gave me the biggest grin and winked at me. That wink will stay in my heart forever—let me tell ya. After that, I watched as all three of them left and we all said goodbye for the last time. It was sad to see them go … but watching Jensen bow-leg himself down some stairs is such a beautiful thing, I can’t even be upset. I waved at him and did the “I love you” sign and he waved back and blew kisses. I may die now … I’m just so happy.

Those were all just the little moments though. Of course, I had the autographs and the photos and my infamous question that I was lucky enough to ask Misha, but I think I will put all that in a later post because I have to drive home now.

In any case, I just want to thank the wonderful people I met there, the wonderful friends I got to see again from SFcon and all the creation and SPN cast and crew, because I really felt like part of the family this time around, and that I just such an awesome feeling to have.

I love you all!



Holy crap you guys.

Short version: I am dead.

Long Version: Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s try starting from all the way back to the beginning… (also I will mostly be focusing on Christian’s responses but if you wanna know what some of the other people send just shoot me and ask and I might be able to remember!)

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