at the moment i love them

sat down with the birds today for a bit and cracked out some bird seed between meetings in uni, the swan still did a bit of nibbling my hands but it only ever seemed to raise its wings/do threatening posture when other birds were coming over? i think theyre all starting to recognise me now (ive known those canada geese since they were babies in summer! theyre very sweet)

i cant wait to get more proper swan/duck feed for them all, they go crazy for that stuff and i havent had the chance to sit down with them yet w that food

i think i get some funny looks from people going by as i sit with a relatively calm swan taking food from me

my mother, who has always been terrified of snakes, said today that sithis is a sweetheart and i am so proud. she’s been much more accepting of snakes in the last couple years, and she does say sometimes that they are pretty, but she’s never actually implied that they are Good. 

but i had sithis out in the living room yesterday while she was wrapping some presents and he was just noodling around her while she did. apparently at some point between then and today, she was bitten on her finger by a bug and it left “two little marks like fangs” and she joked that sithis must have secretly bit her. aside from the fangs thing and the part where if he bit anyone they’d definitely feel it lol she admitted that “he’s a big sweetheart” so it couldn’t have been him anyway

vaermina gets compliments from people who are afraid of snakes because of her colors, but sithis gets them because he’s got such a puppy dog personality he’s the least scary animal i have


Day and Night (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

“just kiss him already” was left unsaid because yurio still has manners

this is the first part out of the two part comic i was talking about in this ask. i don’t know how long i’ll take for part two but it will come!! 

commission of two very special boys

@lauravian submitted: ok ok ok ok but how about Yuuri, Victor AND Makkachin in crop tops??

/C R I E S



130715 ☆ Soonyoung’s Diary: As we finished our vocal lesson, Wonwoo slowly took out something from his pocket. It was a vegetable cracker. “Hey Soonyoung, do you want some?“ Of course it’s vegetable cracker, because it’s Wonwoo’s favorite. Because the kind hearted Wonwoo gave me some, it tastes better. (That is a lie. Wonwoo, let’s eat a different cracker now please…)
170210 ☆ Hoshi’s Rolling Paper to Wonwoo: Our Wonwoo-hyung, you’ve really become cool~ The more you grow, the more you resemble me~ Eat properly; you ate lots of vegetable sweets when you were younger, but lately you hardly eat them? ©