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Hi everyone! I‘m super excited to have finally reached 1.3 k followers!!!  I’ve had this blog for  a year now,  and I’m so happy that I’ve met so many new and amazing people!  So I’ve decided to do my first follow forever! :’V thank you all so much for making my dash so wonderful!!! & thanks to all my followers for keeping up with my shit y’all are the MVP!

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Italic: Friends

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Everwinter, Ch. XIV, Epilogue (League of Legends fanfic)

Fandom: League of Legends

Pairing: Sejuani/Ashe

Chapter Summary: (8,218 words) The new golden age of the Freljord has dawned. For the first time, peace covers the country. But for Ashe, one last piece to the puzzle remains out of place. Epilogue.

Rating: T for Teen

Read the epilogue and he full story at AO3. Thank you for all of the support throughout this story!

The Greeks distinguish themselves from other peoples and call them βάρβαροι, ones who have a strange sort of speech which is not μῦθος and λόγος. There has been “culture” only since the beginning of the modern period; it began the moment veritas became certitudo, when man posited himself for himself and made himself, by his own “cultivation,” cultura, and by his own “creative work” a creator, i.e., a genius. The Greeks are not familiar with the likes of either “culture” or “genius.” So it is curious that even today the best classical philologists ramble on about the “cultural genius” of the Greeks. From the standpoint of the Greeks, what is called “culture” in the modern period is an organization of the “spiritual world” produced by the willfull power of man. “Culture” is the same in essence as modern technology; both are in a strict Greek sense unmythical. Thought in the Greek way, “culture” and “technology” are forms of barbarism, no less than is “nature” in Rousseau.
—  Martin Heidegger, Parmenides

I’ve been dead on almost all platforms of social media for over a year. 2016 was NOT my year. That short hiatus almost turned intto a perma-cation.

I’ll be uploading some of the art i’ve made and start making new content/comics to resurrect myself from the dead and i’ll start it off with some Overwatch stuf!


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