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Can I Have my Food Back Please?- A Derek Luh Imagine

In which Derek is a little damn thief and fucks with Y/N’s food lol…         Warnings: Curses

If you knew me, you would that I have a deep, strong, powerful connection to- wait for it- FOOD. After four, forty-five minute each classes, it was finally lunch time. I had packed some leftover from last night dinner and thought I could just use one of my teachers microwaves. After heating up my food, I bolted down the school stairs and outside to the outdoor dining area. I spotted my four best friends Zara, Amanda, Dani, and Samantha sitting at our usual table already chatting, ignoring the food that sat before each of them. i sat between Zara and Dani and opened the container that held the spaghetti and meatballs that was still hot from warming it up. I take out my fork and twirl a couple of spaghetti noodles around my fork. I begin munching and thinking,”Damn, I’m in heaven”. i don’t even pay attention to what my friends are talking about, as I’m being blown away by the taste of my moms cooking. As I’m about to bite into my meatball, someone runs past swiping my food into their hands, and running away with it! “HEY!”, I yell, I was beyond pissed at this fucker who was ruining my lunch by the minute, until I saw it was none other than my boyfriend of 2 months, Derek Luh. I begin to chase him, and once I catch up, I jump on his back, hoping to tackle him to the ground, but end up failing because of his insane strength. I end up in a piggy-back-ride position and start yelling at Derek to give me my food back. “Derek, give me my food back! NOW!”, I demand in a playful way. “Say it in a nice way and tell me you love me.” “Derek, baby, can I have my food back please? I love you so much”, I say in a baby voice and finishing it off with an innocent smile. “I love you too babygirl, here you go”, Derek says while putting me back down. He gives me my food back pecks my lips and says”Later babe”. “Bye, get to class, Luh”, I say as he hugs me goodbye. Derek gives me one final kiss and heads back inside. I sit back down in my spot and continue eating, still not giving a shit about what my friends are talking about.

A/N: Sorry about the long wait even though I said this will be out last week, it’s just school and crap. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this short little imagine. I might post another one tomorrow to make up for lost time. Thanks for reading!

Bucky Barnes has an internal Steve Rogers Radar. It generally tells him the following:

a. Steve is in trouble… AGAIN (and needs back up)
b. Where Steve is at that given moment ( it has never failed him yet)

In the seventy odd years that the Winter Soldier’s handlers had him, they found that the “conditioning” never lasted long and that their Asset would inevitably and inexplicably head for some place cold and snowy.

(They could not know that there was a part of the Soldier that was steering him towards the final resting place of the Valkyrie, where his beloved Captain lay in his frozen sleep.)

Once free of his tormentors and with his mind slowly becoming his own again, old instincts could not help but take over.

“Damn it, punk, can’t you stay out of trouble for more than five minutes,” Bucky mutters as he sights Crossbones about to take a shot at Steve.

Crossbones goes down.

Of course, it doesn’t take Bucky too long to show himself to his Captain.

Steve had been waiting long enough.

—  The Blanket Fort Headcanon, Steeb and Bucko