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Honestly, playing through Terra’s story a second time I found him very understandable. I felt for him.
It made me also realize how evil Xehanort is.

He took advantage of Terra’s fear. He’d been told all his life how evil darkness is, and he had no idea how to stop it from taking him over- from making him hurt others. I can imagine how scared he was. No one was there to help him. Except Xehanort. Who was only using him.

Sure, you could say Eraqus or Aqua tried to help, but they didn’t really offer a solution. Xehanort however seemed to understand where Terra was coming from. Feigned empathy.

Terra really was just in a bad position and scared and alone and I feel really bad for him.


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  • Jesse at week 1: I want to go home. I hate it here and I hate you. Deadlock was my family. they weren’t perfect but they were what i needed and deserved. I hate that you stole that from me and therapy or whatever isn’t going to help.
  • Jesse month 1: I don’t belong here. I don’t belong here. I don’t belong here. This isn’t who I am.
  • Jesse month 2: Gabe isn’t my enemy. The shrink isn’t my enemy. 
  • Jesse month 6: Maybe deadlock wasn’t good for me
  • Jesse year 1: I wouldn’t go back to Deadlock if offered the choice. Maybe this is better for me.
  • Jesse year 3: I was groomed and abused. Deadlock was bad for me. I hate them for what they did, but also I probably deserved it. I am unclean and deserved it.

I started to do this on twitter but then I realized I didn’t have everyone’s twitter, but also that 140 characters wasn’t cutting it for me. I’m making this post to love and appreciate every member of the Ezekiel Jones Group chat. Be prepared for a rather long post…

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Are you Alive?

Hmmm well I’ve got a lot of work that is taking up my time and I’m currently reading Lord of Shadows so I mean…my heart and soul are being sucked into a dark emotional abyss.

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Also to those who are reading/have read Lord of Shadows:

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