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Fairy Tales

Okay, this took me a long time to write because I was still recovering from the heavy angst I wrote three weeks ago— bUT ANYWAY!!

As the fifth theme to my 100 themes challenge, I dedicate this one to @capthawkeye for dealing with my shenanigans whenever I think of our beloved OTP and I’m just really grateful for her presence in this community. Bless!!!! She was also the person with whom I shared this theme’s idea with, after being inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, so!!!!!!

Also, another friendly reminder that I will be eternally grateful for Adi               ( @rvkiakuchiki ), considering how she’s had the role of being my beta for the past year and a half!!!! God knows the amount of mistakes in all of my fics if I didn’t have her, tbh. 

I hope you guys enjoy!

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There was always something so exhilarating when it came to sneaking away from a crowd, laughing hand-in-hand with the person who always managed to make your heart skip a beat. And although it was a strange concept to apply to two full-grown adults, it was certainly nothing that they were shy of. With smiles that reached their eyes, their chests swelling with merriment, and hearts all but hidden from one another, a witness could have said that they were very well drunk on pure bliss.

The night was young and the pure essence of joy filled the air amongst the crowd. Drinks were served, the hired band played loudly, and words of congratulations and teasing remarks were endlessly thrown at the newly-wedded couple. It was, for a better part, an event to be forever remembered and reminisced. After all, when the notion of the marriage was announced months before, nobody who knew them was surprised.

Who would have been if they were to consider the past between the couple; the endless support that the woman had provided for the man throughout his journey?

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There was someone in my inbox talking about hair-down Kuroo and the first thing I thought was “it’s been a while since I’ve last made Bokuto feel gay over Kuroo’s hair hasn’t it”

i always hoped that in the end, you’d love me back and maybe we’d be happy together.
—  but this isn’t a fairytale and i don’t think i’ll ever get that happy ending.

all i’m saying is that brooklyn nine nine better get at least 15 seasons 

at this point im just abusing the star brush