at the end of the video

so u guys know in sombra’s origin video where she’s looking at all these connections and there’s that third little blank bubble by the shimada brothers??? i think the third shimada brother has to be junkrat’s tire and here’s why

  • it can climb up walls. you know who else can climb walls? genji and hanzo
  • it’s associated with fire. like a dragon. that only shimadas can control.
  • hanzo probably tried to kill him too and he had his body modified into a tire in a procedure that barely saved his like and now junkrat carries with him at all times, not knowing the identity of his new pal

your move blizzard👀

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top 5 haikyuu fan videos?

I’m OBSESSED with fan made and crack videos, I’ve basically watched all youtube has to offer, but there are some classics that everyone should watch:

1. Oikawa Tooru - Gay or European? This is simply a piece of art and the most accurate haikyuu video I’ve ever seen. A MASTERPIECE from the beginning to the end, especially with Suga, Tsukki, Kenma and Iwa. I’ll never get tired of watching it. 

2. 50 Shades of Haikyuu. A remake of the Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer featuring Hinata as Anastasia and Kageyama as Mr. Grey. I go nut every time I see it it’s just perfect and way better than the original pls take my money and MAKE THIS HAPPEN

“What was he like?” “He was polite, intense, smart…Really intimidating.”

3. Mean Girls | Haikyuu!! Trailer. What happens when you put together Oikawa, Kuroo and Tsukki? This video is so well made I’ll literally make you fell of the chair believe me

“I’m sorry people are so jealous of me, but I can’t help it that I’m popular” is the most Kuroo quote EVER

4. Haikyuu!! Trailer - 10 Things I Hate About You. @haikyuuliberos​ made this and this is all you need to know about it. WATCH IT

5. Wiggle-Kuroo Tetsurou. If you feel like dying of the best death possible, watch this video of Kuroo dancing on heels. This is the reason why I don’t sleep at night tbh it’s….a spiritual experience

Hope you had fun with these and thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

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can you give a short analysis on what all makes you think dan will come out in his next video? i'm genuinely curious and hopeful but having doubts

i don’t think it’s certain at all he will come out in the next video but dan’s been heavily hinting at maybe ‘coming out’ but not in so many words. of course he now openly expresses sga to the point where he makes random comments just to express he likes men but w/e. idk when he will do it (by the end of this year most likely) but dan doesn’t seem the one for a large announcement video. his private life has never been something he has used as clickbait and i doubt he will stop that trend. but his coming out might be referencing old crushes/exes who were guys u know? i think because he’s been a lot more open about gender/sexuality issues people are rooting for it and then dan also said his next video would be important but not really and he doesn’t know if he’s ready. it was quite vague and i am def not sure if it’s a coming out or not but dans matured so much over the years i can totally see him coming out as not straight on his channel v soon

For people not in the know of Lasagna Cat,

This was the last video they did. 9 years ago. Then, they disappeared. Vanished. 

Then suddenly, two weeks ago, the channel posts a video. It simply consisted of Jon walking around, whistling.

And then, 7 hours ago, a new batch of videos, stronger than ever, suddenly flooded onto the internet. 9 years after the fact, with just a whistling Jon as the only emissary that hinted towards some sort of revival.

Lasagna Cat was the first masterpiece of the Weird YouTube sensation, and it centered on one flawless joke: Reenacting Garfield comics with complete, utter, and accurate faithfulness, so you could see exactly how terrible they were.

Then, a music number or something happens, a montage of madness that covers, in one way or another, the sketch that was just performed.

And they all end with the same haunted image of Jim Davis’ face.

just sportacus things

- those screenshots of him literally going “:}O”

- being the epitome of extra™ (just grab a dictionary and search for the word ‘extra.’ there’ll be an entire photo gallery of him)

- was originally going to sound like sonic the hedgehog but in the end got a cute little åçčëñt (it’s recently been confirmed that the original voice was actually one of sonic’s many voice actors)

- those newly discovered videos of him just exercising and staring directly into your soul feat. questionable sound effects

- “śømêôñë'ś îń trōúbłę!” nyOOMS OFF

- please. eat the whole fruit. stop taking one damn bite and chucking it away. PLEASE.

- a very pure and supportive elf dad

Clexa AU | Inhale You

“Read Plot Below. I do not own any of the clips or music or anything!!! All rights reserved to their owners.

So Lexa and Clarke have been together since they were teenagers. They were each other’s first kisses, first loves, first everything. Clarke grows up to be a artist and Lexa grows up to be a CEO of a million dollar cutthroat company. 

They live a beautiful life until one day when one of Lexa’s competitors abduct Clarke and attack her to try and get back at Lexa for not accepting their business offer. 

Black and white scenes are Lexa looking back on her and Clarke’s life together while waiting for news on Clarke’s condition in the hospital. Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments. If you’d like me to make any other Clexa AU videos sound off in the comments as well!”


Speedpaint of this image~ (x)


Almost Original (Instrumental) by Joakim Karud

Music provided by Audio Library

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hey roby ! i wanted to know if you had any tips on staying (somewhat) consistent on finishing artwork and posting on youtube/tumblr/etc. i can never find the time to finish art or edit videos anymore (´;ω;`) tysm ! - ari

making a weekly schedule is good! here’s how mine looks like so far for this following week (starting from tomorrow until thursday):

i found that doing this has been helping me recently with time management. being able to see your entire week spread out like this is helpful and gives you a clear view of how everything is according to each day (i find it better than the daily journals which you have to flip back and forth). 

at the end of each week i sit down and create a new chart for the next one and plan out how the upcoming week will be. lastly i keep a little post it note at the bottom of each for ideas or things i need to remember and jot those down there~ i hope this helps a bit! i definitely recommend you try this out. ofc its up to you to keep to the schedule you make yourself but at least it motivates you more than just having it all in your head 

Bubs had his “spa day” today, aka, any day where don’t have enough time to be at the barn for more than an hour lol. Also, Bubs tells me what he thinks about “spa day” at the end of the video when he puts his entire mouth around my phone 🙃

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Did anyone ever actually take Fukuyama seriously? He's been a punchline for as long as I can remember but I'm young and have a short memory.

Yeah like The End of History and the Last Man came out in 1992 and you can imagine how the climate in the 1990s might be more receptive to the notion that American style liberal democracy represented the “final evolution” of things.

Like he’s most famous for that silly-ass prophecy but I wouldnt call him a full-blown idiot even if I disagree with him on most things. I remember watching a video of a talk he gave where during the Q&A portion someone came up and asked if he thought Islam needed its own Protestant Reformation to emphasize reason against fundamentalism and Fukuyama did a pretty good shutdown of that idea (at one point he was like “Uh, you do realize that it was Luther and Calvin that said faith should be fully supreme over reason?”)

About me

Hi! I guess some of you are wondering how is life for me (if you’re not wondering, don’t need to read is ok!)

My exams went well, i’m in the end of my summer vacations already.
I’ve health and i’m happy with life!
Past months have been hard for me, I had to deal with a lost, problems, more problems, money issues (that keept me working TOO much)

Now everything is better.

For all the messages I received, sorry, I can’t reply all (but i did my best i swear! <3)
All the people who asked and is asking for giving voice to my videos: YOU CAN! of course you can. You can always do it if you keep my signatures, give me credit, and link the video you did to my gallery. I’m always pleased to see people doing videos with my art and working so hard giving them voices. Really.

About Ladybug
-season 2-
I didnt read so much spoilers and I’m not interested in them. Actually I dont like the move Zag is doing spoiling everything, really, is not how I like to follow series… knowing what to wait… I’d prefer they keep their info for themselves and give me a new season full of misteries.

Thats  another reason why I’m not checking much tumblr, sorry.

-Christmas Special-
Honestly? I didn’t like it… (even if I save the scene of chat’s using cataclism on adrien’s sign you know WHY *wink*)
I think it was rushed, songs sounds funny and not very… well (at least for me, i respect your opinion!) and characters acted very poorly. (except papillon, oh papillon you’re always wonderful)

I watched the first two, i don’t like them either (sorry, i’m just being honest here). I’ll keep watching later, but I’m not very excited. I’m kinda dissapointed that is about… new notebooks and not saving paris. (Again, I respect if you like them! is okay. Hope you respect me too ^^) 

Activity in the future?
Yes!! hopefully yes *_*

A Weekend in Paris

 Five months have passed since New Year’s Eve on the roof. The group of friends had been so happy since then. Farkle was overjoyed to be with Smackle again even if it was long distance. In a couple of days that distance would be no more. He would be in Australia with his beloved and they could pick up where they left off the day she had left for Australia. Video chats and late night phone calls were ok, but nothing could compare to the moment he would see her in person for the first time in months. Everyone had come with him to the airport and he was glad they did. He knew he would miss a lot while he was gone but would see them at the end of the year. They all had plans for the summer. Plans that didn’t really include the group as a whole. Maya and Josh would be spending the summer in Philly with his family. Zay and Sara would be staying in the city, as Zay was doing some summer theater and Sara was working. Riley and Lucas would be spending the summer in Texas and Lucas had some big plans for Riley. Lucas had mentioned his plans to Farkle and he couldn’t be happier for them. Riley was about to have a summer she would never forget.

As always I want to thank those that are always there to support me @sand1128, @zombeeegurl, Kayla, Courtney and @hiheyhowdyhi

 Cross posted to here (x)

Chapter 1


Sunday, June 4, 2023 at the apartment of Lucas and Josh

Lucas and Riley were just returning to the apartment from the airport where they just said their goodbyes to Farkle. He was going to be in Australia with Smackle for the next 6 months. As a matter of fact, the whole group of friends would be gone for the entire summer. Riley and Lucas were due to fly out of La Guardia airport for Austin, Texas the next morning at 9 a.m. They would be spending the whole summer at Pappy Joe’s Ranch in Texas. Riley couldn’t wait to get away and have Lucas all to herself for the summer. She was helping Lucas finish his packing and they were going to have dinner with Maya, Josh, Zay and Sara upstairs at the Matthew’s apartment. Topanga had been cooking all day and wanted to send Riley and Lucas off with a small get together of friends and family.

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I feel sO sad for wonho after that last ep of X Ray when he was upset:(((( he needs some love so I'm gonna request a best friends -> boyfriend thing for him if that's ok? Like best friends developing to dating if that makes sense ?? Just one of those list things please! If that's ok! LOVE YOU!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I LAV U TOO but this is adorable omg 

  • so this boy would be the best best friend ever
  • the best days are him walking into your house unannounced with movies and ice cream
  • or playing video games where you have to physically tackle him so he can lose
  • of course it always ends up in inadvertent cuddling in front of the television
  • or with you both tickle fighting on the floor before you’re just laying there laughing
  • but it’s because you guys are besties, right, there’s nothing more, right
  • he’d be pretty popular amongst the girls at school but everyone is aware he shows absolutely no interest in anyone
  • except in you, of course
  • his friends don’t miss the way his eyes light up and he smiles when you walk into the room
  • or how, whenever they go out shopping, he’s always thinking of buying something for you
  • or how he’s never sure he wants to hang out because he has a lot of schoolwork…but as soon as you text him to come over, he’s dashing out the door
  • him smiling at you when you’re not looking…yes, that would happen a lot
  • you’re totally oblivious, of course, so you’re very shocked when your friend says she thinks wonho is in love with you
  • like…aha…wat
  • sure, you figure he’s probably the best person in your life right now. The most fun you have is anytime you’re fooling around with him. And when you’ve cried after terrible breakups, he was always beside you to give you hugs and more ice cream
  • and sure, your day gets so much better when you see him or text him 
  • and sure, his smile is one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen and you really wouldn’t mind if he was your boyfriend…..but y’all are just friends alright
  • and shit you’re in love with shin hoseok
  • you start acting weird around him now, and he notices right away that your smiles are too forced, your hands are too jittery, your eyes are not the same ones he loved looking at
  • he would probably ask you right away what’s wrong
  • you brush it off like it’s nothing, because it’s nothing
  • he doesn’t buy it. He’d probably feel offended when you become a lil distant like… did he do something wrong?? Are you uncomfortable with him??? Should he start panicking now????
  • He’d probably keep asking you about it because he can’t deal with his bff not acting like his bff anymore like he misses you too much
  • And it takes hell for you to confess, but you finally do, with burning cheeks and eyes dutifully avoiding his the whole time
  • And you expect him to be shocked, but he just laughs
  • He says its ridiculous you think you’ll ruin the relationship because you love him? Because he has loved you since the moment he laid his eyes on you??
  • And you’re jsudsdghdfh blushy and happy and he’s grinning and gazing at you with all the love and like yes it’s finally official. y’all did it, you’re together
  • Your relationship would barely change from how you acted as friends, except, now, you know that his lips are very soft and very nice.
  • He probably teases you a lot saying how much he loves you and you cover your face because you’re blushing way too hard and the butterflies in your stomach are relentless
  • But he just pries your hands away so you can see his smile and pecks your forehead and tells u you’re the most beautiful thing ever tbh
  • More blushing and protesting
  • And you also live happily ever after

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In the end of that dance video the way you look at Jess almost killed me! The most beautiful dance video ever seen... XD

We are still learning but I’m glad you like!


Katsucon 2017 - Implode’s Con Vlog

I had a great time at Katsu this year. The highlight was definitely the fantroll group at barstuck. There were over 20 fantrolls that came out to celebrate a kind of send off of huge Homestuck cosplay groups. End of an era for many people.

I hope you guys enjoy the video! 

Our House Of Cards. ~ Part 1.


Warning: Mild use of bad language. I don’t own the gif used.

It’s been months since you and Jungkook last saw each other. The video chats and long late-night calls became less frequent and you could feel the two of you were drifting apart. His tour had just come to an end and you were finally going to see him again. But you were unsure of how this was going to go. The love you once felt for Jungkook seemed like a distant memory and it terrified you. While you still cared for your boyfriend, it just wasn’t the same. You thought you would be able to hold up under the pressure of dating an idol. You thought the love you two shared was the most important thing in both your life and his. You once thought so many things. Tears pricked your tired eyes as you realised this. You felt as if everything was collapsing around you for what you thought must have been the millionth time. You lay on the bed that no longer felt empty without his presence beside you and it broke your heart. You had never intended for this to happen but it did. You once promised Jungkook that you would never hurt him, but you knew that you would soon be breaking that promise.

The sound of your phone buzzing broke the miserable silence that filed the apartment. Glancing at the bright screen, your breath caught in your throat as you read the text. It was from Jungkook, letting you know that him and the boys had managed to catch an earlier flight and that he was nearly home. You scrolled through the messages between the two of you and smiled sadly at how you once were. Who knew six months alone would make you unrecognisable to yourself. You placed the phone down and lay back on the bed, closing your eyes. You hoped sleep would provide some sort of relief for the ache in your chest. 


“Jagiya!” His voice rang throughout your shared apartment and the happiness his tone held further shattered your heart. You left the bedroom and walked out to greet him. You stepped into the living room and were immediately met by a beaming Jungkook, still holding his bags. Your eyes welled at the thought of what you were about to do. Seeing your tears, Jungkook’s smile disappeared instantly. He dropped his bags and rushed to your side. His dark brown eyes filled with concern, while you kept yours glued to the floor. If you looked at him, you were 1000% sure you would completely fall apart.

“Y/N…..” Jungkook’s voice trailed off as you still refused to look at him. You were holding out for as long as you could. Jungkook felt helpless and did what usually does when he sees you upset. He wrapped you in his strong arms and held you. That was your undoing. You buried your face in his chest and sobbed. This increased Jungkook’s concern.

“I’m so sorry Kookie, I’m so sorry,” you sobbed. He gently pulled away and you finally looked at him.

“Why are you sorry?” he asked. When you didn’t reply, he asked again, this time with a much firmer tone. You took a deep, shaky breath.

“Jungkook,” you whispered softly, “I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

The second the words left your lips, Jungkook’s features hardened and he stepped away from you. All he did was stare. He stared at you in complete and utter disbelief. 

“I thought you loved me.”

Those words tore an even bigger hole in your chest and more tears fell from your eyes. You met his gaze again.

“So did I,” you said, in a voice so low it was barely a whisper. But Jungkook heard it loud and clear. His chest ached and his blood boiled.

“Who is he?”

Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion. It pained Jungkook to see this look on your face, a look he had always found so adorable but was now mixed with anger and betrayal.

“How fucking dare you! When have I so much as looked at another guy since we got together?” you yelled, your force almost shrill at the shock of the accusation.

“I wouldn’t know, would I? Considering we’ve barely seen or spoken to each other these few months,” Jungkook retorted bitterly.

“That…is no ones fault but your own Jungkook and you know it. I would wait for hours for you to reply or call me back but you rarely did!” Your voice wavered but you were too furious to care. “I’ve done nothing but wait. A quick text was all I needed but you were always too bust. Always have been and always will be.”

That cut deep, for the both of you. Neither of you ever said anything about how hectic Jungkook’s life was. Occasionally, he would complain about his hectic schedule but that was usually all that was said. He knew it must have for you too, but not this hard. Not so hard that you would eventually push him away, just like you doing right now. In all the years you two had been together, not once had you mentioned this. Instead you let it all build up and that angered him even more.

“Is that what this is about? Why the fuck did you not say something? Why did you let it get to this? WHY DID YOU NOT TALK TO ME Y/N?” His voice cracked as he said your name and he swallowed hard. He took a step towards you as he ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He froze as you flinched away from him and his heart split in two. His hand fell to his side. He walked to the couch and sat on its edge, his head in his hands. You softened at the sight of this, your anger fading to grief and guilt.

You slowly walked over to Jungkook and kneelt in front of him. You pulled his hands away from his face and replaced them with yours. He watched you intently as you gently wiped his tears away with your thumbs. His eyes fluttered shut as you did this, trying to memorise your touch, how your skin felt against his. You leaned in and placed a kiss to his forehead, surprising both you and Jungkook. When you pulled away, you found him staring at you.

“Please don’t do this. Please….don’t leave me Y/N,” he said softly, staring into your eyes. You stared back but your motive for causing all this pain still burned in your mind. Much to your surprise, Jungkook wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into him. He buried his face in your neck as your arms wound around his. By force of habit, your left hand went to his hair and stroked it. Jungkook’s breathing became ragged as he gave in to his emotions, tears falling from his eyes. He’d always loved how you constantly played with his hair. Whether it was when he had his head in your lap or when you were bored, you always did it. He needed you now more than ever. With Jin’s enlistment drawing ever closer, he had been counting on you to help him through it and the ones that would follow. He couldn’t los you now. Not now.