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I've seen this cj happen in other fandoms: Person acts like a goddamn maniac and attracts well-deserved hate from the community so to everyone just entering, it looks like they are being attacked for no reason and BAM instant victim status. It usually ends with the person "attempting suicide" and "quitting the community" only to come back like a week later.

It’s a sad reality, but yeah. Unforntuately, another “CJ” will probably come around. Someone’s gotta fill that role, eh?

But yea, seeing people DEFENDING CJ for some of the shit they’ve done? Like some stuff is whatever to me, politics and all, but yknow, being gross and obsessive is another story. :P

welp people be leaving left and right, I hope this is what you wanted??? abusing people doesn’t make them want to be part of your community. I mean even I’ve considered deleting in the last few weeks because tumblr in general is toxic, but every school of feminist thought’s microcosm ends up imploding because people are always so so mean. you KNOW better, but calling people out and feeling righteous feels too good. LISTEN to your better nature telling you to stop. everyone has it in them. and you NEED to do it now. we’re already so hated by wider society and we will never accomplish a goddamn thing if our own community is fractured. people are getting tired of liberal feminism and there is no established alternative community ready to welcome them. it’s pathetic. 

Haikyuu Fics

> dork realises his feelings towards smol ball of sunshine
> two childern holding hands
> “dumbass!” freeform

> 94% angst
> 5% cuddles + angst
> 1% did i mention angst in the tags bc there’s angst
(bonus: major character death)
> AU galore
+ “rude, iwa-chan!”

> I AM STRAIGHt well hello there
> 40% sinnamon suga

> oh shit i like him but he’s like a friend to me and friends don’t do that what do i do and oh god here he comes i am totally not freaking out - asahi

> bro
> dude
> man
> we should fuck

> shut up yamaguchi i love you
> the fluff is strong in this one

> AKAAAASHI I LOVE YOU or *bokuto hiding behind kuroo everytime he sees akaashi bc he can’t handle his feelings* - there is no in between
> the shitty (but effective) matchmaker kuroo tetsurou
> flustered owls + pda

> “one minute, i need to clear this round”

> sin
+ a surprising amount of teeth rotting fluff
> ushiwaka

> flustered daichi/kuroo
> nerds @ college AU
> “holy shit those thighs” - kuroo

> sNARKy fluff
> saltyshima supreme
> ya’ll need bibles

> creampuff duo
> meme team ft. friendship & mutual banging

Just Beg Me To Stay

A/N: It’s been a rough week and I just really need to write something so this is what came out…it’ll probs be 2 parts… I also haven’t written something legit in what feels like forever so please bear with me :) 

Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, swearing

Word Count 900+

“Y/N! Pick up your goddamn phone or I swear –“ you could hear the deep shaky breath he took before continuing, “please just pick up, we need to talk.” The voicemail ended with a harsh curse before abruptly going silent. It had been one of many voicemails that Dean had left you, progressively growing more and more desperate the farther you drove away from Lebanon.

One minute you were wrapped in Dean’s arms with a silly grin on your face and the next thing you knew, your duffel, stuffed with your possessions, was thrown into the backseat of your red ’67 Chevelle and you gunned it the hell out of there.

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Hi guys! I feel like it’s been ages since I posted something but I finally had some time again. This is very smutty like always so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with filthy stuff. It’s not been proofread so please forgive any mistakes!xxxx

Harry felt like he couldn’t hold himself back anymore, like he had no control over his body.
He craved her.
He hadn’t had her in so goddamn long. Maybe it was a week, maybe two or maybe a month, he didn’t know. The only thing he knew was that it was way too long since he had her underneath him.
It was his fault though. He was so incredibly busy with working on his music and jumping from one thing to the other that at the end of the day there was no time for Y/N.
She understood that though, better than anyone else. She knew from the beginning that sometimes his work would get in their way, and she wasn’t mad about that. She supported him as good as possible.
The only thing she was a bit sad about was the fact that she couldn’t support him in that way right now. She knew he was exhausted when he came home and she understood that he wasn’t up for sex then but she also saw the frustration in his eyes and how painfully hard he was in the morning.
She noticed his whole body being tense, his shoulders never relaxing and his neck always looking like he couldn’t properly move it. She just wanted to help him.
But she also know he wouldn’t let her. He always denied that he needed something.
“No, love. M'just tired.”
It was true he was tired, but he also needed a release.
And because she knew he wouldn’t do anything about it anytime soon she took matters into her own hand.
She knew the effect she had on him, especially when she wore his clothes or a pair of lace panties or…
His shirt with lace panties.
He had a day off and she had a feeling he would want to spend it sleeping and working some more but she wouldn’t let him.
So when she knew he woke up from his nap she made her way upstairs in his white Rolling Stones shirt and a pair of white lace panties that left nothing to the imagination.
She walked into the bedroom and felt his eyes on her half naked body immediately. She made her way to the drawer right across the bed and bent down, acting like she looked for something at the bottom. She knew his eyes were looking at the place she wanted them to look, almost feeling the heat on her skin.
She turned around after a few moments, catching Harry’s eyes roaming her whole body with hit bottom lip between his teeth. “Have you seen my-”
“Come here.” he interrupted her.
“What?” she asked with fake surprise.
“Come here. Please.” he almost begged.
She made her way to the bed, crawling on top of it until she reached him.
“What’s going on?” she asked him.
He took hold of one of her legs and made her straddle his hips, sighing when her skin came in contact with his.
His hands moved from her thighs over those goddamn panties, up to her waist underneath his shirt.
“Should ask you that.” he replied with a cocked eyebrow.
“You come up her looking like… God, baby.”
She smirked at his flustered state, his cheeks slowly turning pinker and his eyes getting wider.
“You like it?” she questioned teasingly.
“You know what you do to me when you wear my clothes. And lace panties. But both together… fuck.”
She giggled softly and leaned closer to him.
“Did that on purpose, you know. You haven’t touched me in so long. Thought that this would finally make you do it.” she whispered into his ear.
He groaned and closed his eyes briefly before opening them again and letting his hands wander from her sides to her back, pressing her tightly against him.
“You think so? I don’t know about that, pet. You teased me quite a lot with this little outfit. Think I need to punish you a bit for that.”
She whimpered and released a quiet ‘god, yes.’ Maybe it wasn’t him who was that needy after all. Maybe it was all her.
He removed his shirt from her body in a split second, pressing her naked chest to his immediately after.
His lips began to press wet kisses against her neck, making her sigh out at how good it felt. He reached her chest on his path, his lips wrapping around one nipple and sucking on it until it was hard and repeating it on the other one. She was moaning and squirming already even though he hasn’t done anything yet.
“Turn around.” he told her, helping her until she was lying between his legs with her back to his chest.
He let his hands grab her tits for a moment, squeezing them slightly and pinching her pink nipples gently before he let his hands stroke over her whole upper body, his lips constantly pressing kisses to her neck.
His fingertips reached the line of her panties after a bit, teasingly stroking her skin right above the lace and making her body shudder with the tickling touch.
“Love those panties. So pretty.” he whispered into her ear.
Her eyes were closed so that she could enjoy his touch as much as possible. She wanted him to rip that unnecessary piece of clothing from her body already and touch her. But Harry had other plans.
His hand cupped her over her panties, a low moan rumbling through his chest when he felt her wetness through the almost none existent fabric. Y/N sighed out when she finally felt his touch against her aching center, her hips lifting off the mattress immediately but Harry held her down and wrapped one arm tightly around her waist so she had no ability to move.
His fingers stroked over her whole sex before they landed on that one spot that would make her eyes roll back and her lips part with breathless moans.
He began to rub her clit gently over the lace, her thighs tensing immediately. Sounds of pleasure left her lips when he sped up his movements and applied more pressure, her over sensitive nerves even more responsive to his touch than usually.
“You like it?” he asked her even though he knew the answer.
“God, yes.” she moaned out.
“I’m not even touching you fully, and you already loose your mind?” he teased her.
It was true. He wasn’t actually touching her completely, but still she was absolutely fucked out.
“Yes.” the word was dragged out, her voice getting high pitched at the end.
Harry made sure to touch just the right place, made sure he pressed and rubbed it with just the right pace.
He knew she was about to loose her mind, explode right in his lap. He knew the pent up frustration would make her come even faster than usually.
“Harry.” she whined when her body began to squirm and her legs began to trash around.
“What, darling?”
“Touch me. P-Please, I- Oh.”
“But I am touching you, baby.”
“N-No, want you to touch me without these panties, please.”
“Nuh-uh.” Harry made.
“Told you I had to punish you.”
She almost cried out but held herself back from protesting and getting into even more trouble.
“I’ll let you come though.” he whispered.
He sped up his movements and pressed against her clit harder, making her slip over the edge and loose any control. She was moaning louder than ever, Harry was almost worried she was in pain. She was squirming and trashing around in his lap, her whole body shaking against him. The moans kept on leaving her body, echoing through the room.
Harry was moaning himself too, he always enjoyed it when she came. He cupped her between her legs again when she finished completely, loving the way she rubbed herself against his hand to ride out the last bit of her pleasure.
“Harry.” she whimpered after a bit.
“Shh, love.”
He moved away from her body, letting her lay down with her back against the pillows. He shuffled on the bed until he was between her legs, his hands separating them so he was able to situate himself in the middle. She looked at him with glossy eyes, looking so goddamn fucked out that Harry almost lost it right there.
He lied down between her legs, his hands on her thighs, hooking them over his shoulders. Y/N whimpered at the image in front of her, his face between her thighs always made her feel some type of way.
She hoped, hoped so fucking much that he would rip that stupid piece of lace from her body but he didn’t. He spread her legs as wide as he could, his fingertips stroking softly over the fabric that made him loose his mind.
He leaned down and kissed along the path above lace, wandering down and letting his nose run over her, breathing her in. He rubbed the tip of it over her clit, feeling how soaked she was. Her scent swarmed his senses, getting so intense that he couldn’t help his tongue licking her over her panties. It felt strange against his tongue to not have her skin against it but he didn’t stop, to eager and desperate to lick her to her next orgasm.
Her hands shot down to his head, her fingers getting lost in the mess that was his hair. The way she pulled at his hair created a sting that almost turned into pain but he didn’t mind, he liked it rough.
She was pulling him closer, making his face bury into her even more but he loved it by the sound he made.
His tongue licked over her with broad strokes, the tip of it circling her clit over and over again. It felt different, the fabric created a different sensation but it was a good different.
It didn’t take her long to break apart again, shaky moans and choked gasps left her while her whole body tensed and arched off the bed. He licked her through it, moaning against her to create that bit of vibration against her that always made her loose it.
When she came down he came up for air, his lips swollen from how they rubbed against the rough fabric of her lace panties. He connected his lips to hers in a hungry kiss, pressing her into the pillows. A whine left Y/N’s mouth when his teeth sunk into her bottom lip, the sting a bit too much for her to handle right now.
He pulled back after a few moments and took his boxer shorts off, throwing them behind him. Next was finally her panties, a relieved sigh left her when they were finally off her body.
Harry’s eyes roamed her naked body like a starving man, the hunger clear in his look.
“Turn around, love. Please.” he almost begged her.
She did what he said, turning on her stomach so her backside was on full display for him. He spread her legs apart immediately, groaning quietly when he saw her dripping wet pussy.
She turned her head to look back at him, begging him with his eyes to do just anything. Somehow he understood what she wanted and positioned himself between her thighs, lined the tip of his rock hard cock up with her entrance and thrusted in immediately.
A relieved moan left both of them when they felt each other again. God, how they missed this.
Harry made sure he was as deep inside of her as possible, his hips pressed against her ass, before he began to move. He let his dick stroke her walls almost carefully before he began to sped up his movements.
“Harder. Please, I need it harder.” Y/N whined from beneath him and his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head.
He fucked her harder than, his hips snapping against her ass and creating a filthy sound that added to the wetness of her pussy and her moans.
“God, yes. Fuck me, Harry.”
He groaned and let himself fall down on her back, his arms no longer able to support his body. Y/N let out a surprised squeal when his cock reached even deeper than and she had no way to move anymore. Harry rolled his hips against her ass, the movement making his dick massage her walls roughly.
He was moving so fast and hard, his cock never leaving her walls, only hitting that one spot over and over again. She was screaming and sobbing underneath him, the sensitivity of her pussy and his harsh thrusts almost to much for her to handle and she felt the control slip through her fingers.
He was fucking her so good, as good as he always did. And she felt so goddamn amazing, as amazing as she always did.
They both didn’t last long and soon they both were coming with loud shouts and moans and shaking bodies that felt like they would never come down from their mind-blowing orgasm. Harry let the ride out their highs, his hips not stopping their movements until it was over..
He pulled out of her and fell beside her to the mattress, both breathing harshly and occasional whimpers leaving their lips. Harry turned his head to look at her and smirked when he saw how fucked out she looked and knew that he did that to her.
He mustered up the strength to move his body so he could stroke her cheek and see her fully.
“You good, my love?”
“Yes. God, yes.” she sighed with her eyes still closed.
Harry chuckled at her and pressed a soft kiss against her cheek.
“Missed you like that, you know?”
That’s when she opened her eyes and looked at him.
“Missed you too.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t have any time for you lately. Should have taken days off and spent them with you and not neglecting you like this.” he whispered sadly.
“Hey, s'okay. Think you made up for it quite well.” she grinned.
A slow smile spread over his face and he nodded.
“Thank you for being patient with me.”


Now that Inktober is over, I can finally upload all the ‘older’ stuff I had been storing for goddamn weeks! Like this stupid thing here :V

Holy crap, this looked way better in my head back then *dies*

Alright, folks, so after a good chunk of you voted in our Google Form (for when you’d like to have McHanzo Week), the majority voted for June to be the month we hold it! Someone in our Discord server pointed out that June 9th is Donald Duck Day, and I find that random fact so goddamn amusing that I have no choice but to make it the first day of our ship week.

That is why, as of right now, McHanzo Week 2017 will be taking place from June 9th to June 15th. If we change the date around, it will only be to push it further into June. We guarantee it won’t be brought forward since so many folks are finishing school during the end of May and early June; June (or even July) works better for everyone. 

A much nicer post with pretty graphics and the prompt list for each day will most likely go out later this month or sometime during March, depending on how long it takes us admins to decide on the theme for each day. Until then, feel free to send in suggestions for the themes! We’ll also be going through the responses to our Google Form and trying to incorporate some of the themes suggested there (such as a Beach Day).

Anyways, hopefully y’all are pumped for McHanzo Week 2017! I know I am; I can’t wait to see all the great fics and fanart you guys create!

Erri’s the type to look you right in the eye when you’re speaking to him. Unless he’s not okay.

Friend: I’m so stressed for finals.


Friend: This is why we don’t invite you to things.

when Summer of Steven was announced

after sitting through four weeks nonstop of the worst goddamned discourse you’ve ever seen in your life ending with one of the creators literally being run off of twitter over a shipping war

Keith was tired. He was hurt. He was freaking annoyed.

He just wanted this goddamn fight to end.

It had been only a week since Voltron’s Paladins had found back together again. It had been an emotional reunion, filled with tears and even hugs.

It had been a little more time since Keith knew about his heritage. Or at least that he turned into a fucking purple monster sometimes, without knowing why, and without being able to control it.

Unnecessary to say that Keith was terrified about this. Terrified about his team finding out. He definitely wouldn’t tell it out of his own will, after all there was no need for them to know. He had lived his whole life without even noticing himself, after all.

“Shit,” he muttered as he saw the Galra soldiers rounding the corner at the other end of the hallway he was sitting in. It was pure instinct that made him pull up his shield to block the laser.

There were six soldiers and normally he might have beaten them – without being arrogant, he was pretty sure he would beat them normally – but right now there was a large, wet bloodstain on his right side, just above his hip and it burned.

So he did the only logical thing to not die in the next few minutes – he jumped up from his spot on the floor and started running, one hand pressed to the wound. He just wanted to get off this fucking ship.

The worst thing was that his lion wasn’t on this ship, so he still had to find a way out, in the best case with all of his teammates – which was the next problem. His communicator has been damaged and he didn’t have any idea where his teammates were and how they were doing. If they were even-

No. He wouldn’t allow his thoughts to go there.

In this moment Keith was grateful that he was clearly faster than the Galras, so after a few minutes, when he didn’t hear his pursuers anymore, he decided that it was safe to take a small break. Sliding down the wall he had to suppress a groan. He had to orientated himself and, at best, find a small ship he could get out with.

But before he could start looking around to hopefully get at least an idea about where he was, a small uproar caught his attention. Slowly he got back on his feet, peaking around the corner.

His blood froze.

Around the corner was a huge hanger – with multiple ships, which was absolutely fantastic – filled with dozens of soldiers – which was an absolute disaster – standing around a single, on the floor lying person.

An obviously unconscious person in a way too familiar armor.

A person in a way too familiar, white-blue armor.

“Lance?” Keith breathed into the air, his hand tightening around the corner, his claws digging into the metal wall.

The Galra soldiers were never this terrified in their lives, as they were faced with another Galra. The unknown soldier in Paladin uniform tore through their ranks, immobilizing one after the other, until none of them were standing anymore. Then he picked up the captured Paladin and carried him to one of the ships, flying both of them out into space.

Keith’s breathing was heavy, and his side was still hurting, as he stumbled out of the ‘borrowed’ ship, Lance cradled in his arms. His mind was racing in panic, since his comrade hadn’t yet shown a sign of waking up. He was breathing, thankfully, but he was obviously hurt.

Somehow Keith had managed to locate the rest of their team, who were already gathered on top of this unknown planet, so he had immediately flown towards them. They needed to get back to the castle to treat Lance as fast as possible.

In the back of his mind he knew that he still looked like a Galra, although he couldn’t turn back at will. Theoretically he knew how it looked – a Galra walking towards Voltron’s Paladins with an unconscious Lance in his arms – but the look of pure shock and terror on his teammates’ faces still caught him by surprise.

It didn’t even take a tic until he was faced with the glowing weapons of his friends. Stumbling he came to a stop.

“Who are you?” Shiro asked, trying to keep calm, always the reasonable head of the crew.

On the same time Hunk shouted, “Give Lance back!” followed by an angry “Yeah!” coming from Pidge.

He couldn’t even blame them, he would’ve reacted in the same way. Probably even worse, considering he was carrying an unconscious Lance. But it still hurt like hell, the pain taking hold of his heart like a strong iron grip and twisting it around.

Before he could answer though Lance stirred in his arms, immediately taking all of Keith’s attention. “Lance?” he asked quietly, hardly daring to hope, as his friend – the most important person in his life – slowly blinked his eyes open.

A slow, pained smile spread on Lance’s lips. “Hey, Keith. Are we having a bonding moment right now?”

Keith fell to his knees, pressing the boy in his arms hard against his body – to feel his warmth, feel the life – and started to sob and cry uncontrollably.


You are a bright, capable, reasonably mature woman. You can handle the toughest situations with grace or force as required.

But for the love of God, you have got to learn how to curse.

You did study at the feet of a master, remember? Or mistress, if we’re going to get all gendered about it. More in a week than your entire life, that’s a well you should have been drawing from. Snapper deserves your derision (and a sharp dose of mine) now and then, but you’ll never get catharsis from being so goddamned polite all the time. When I told you to find the anger behind the anger, that’s not the end of the process.

You have to express it, too.

For example, your feelings about how close I am to Susan these days. I would see how you ran interference as my assistant, keeping everyone out of my orbit unless I specifically requested them. I always assumed that was to keep me happy and undisturbed by morons, but now I’m not so sure of the purity of your motivations. Does Kara Danvers not know how to share?

Let it out, Kara. Why hold back? I never do, and it’s one of the cornerstones of my success.

Just to test your evolution in this regard, I should keep you informed that in the past few days I’ve had some very productive training sessions with Susan - at my home here in DC - and she’s been having breakfast with me each morning she’s on duty, at my request. I took one look at her sad smoothie-to-go, and told her that no amount of rippling abs were worth something so tragic-looking. She informs me that my chef makes a mean egg-white omelet.

I don’t think you have much room to talk about an action movie life, incidentally. When it comes to Carter, you don’t have to worry. As his mother I won’t let you or anyone else put him in danger, but a gentle reminder here and there can’t hurt. You’ll get better at juggling this. You have at everything else.

Yours (despite your most paranoid assumptions),

Every time I watch This is us I’m a blubbering mess. Even though I itch to watch it every week, I also dread the water works. DAMN Jack OWNED THIS EPISODE!
This episode was everything!
From the whole hallucinating Jack and his interaction with Randall.
The push-up scene ended me. I was reaching down the bottom of my tissue box.
Those push-ups had my ovaries on fire!
Apart from the hubby with the body bit my womb ached for the daddy bit. Wow this is embarrassing but what the hell!
Jack just one upped his game.
I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop…there HAS to be some flaw.
Goddamn it.
definitely gonna watch this show all over again after the season finale!
I gotta hand it to Milo Ventimiglia he has Jack spot on. Every emotion. Everything.
I’m in awe. Every time I watch this show I’m awestruck. The writers are brilliant!!!

I just suddenly thought:

The shit that Jung was doing to drive So away, especially the fake act of intimimacy, Soo knew none of that. Like, would she actually be pleased to know that Jung was creating these illusions of love in front of Wang So? Will Soo be pleased to know that the love of her life is getting absolutely emotionally destroyed because of a goddamn lie of a jealous younger brother?


Homeland snap fanfic No.28 – I thought my nursing days were behind me...

CARRIE - I got pretty good at this, I’ll have you know. You don’t remember.
QUINN - I do.

OK so basically, without meaning to, it looks like at this stage in S06, EVERYTHING I WRITE is just going to turn into Carrie & Quinn making out, until it ACTUALLY HAPPENS, goddamn it. I don’t mean it to. Possibly everything I write for the next three weeks will end with the words “They kiss.”. I should write a scene that starts with them cleaning the toilet together and see if they end up kissing (they will).

This is also a rebuttal to the WTH claim that there is nothing sexy about Carrie tending Q’s wounds. Dedicated to @sensemisapplied because I know how much she lurves this shit! ;) (sorry. I won’t be offended if you can’t read it!)

New York? The Flag House? Wherever. Quinn has just told Carrie (almost) everything. The midnight abduction. Astrid’s murder. The guy with the hat - Dar’s guy. But not the rest. Not Dar’s darkest words.

CARRIE - Jesus. Astrid?

She looks at the floor, trying to take it all in.

And how are you?

He breathes out heavily, looks into the corner, evading her gaze.

Are you OK? Do you have your meds? I can get/

QUINN - I have meds.

Reluctantly, pulls his sweater aside, shows her the gunshot wound.

CARRIE - Fuck. Is that a bullet wound? Motherfucker. Can I see?

He pulls away.

Quinn. Just let me see.

He lets her approach and gently peel back the dressing.

Shit. We need to clean this. Were you in the lake with this?

QUINN - It’s fine. I cleaned it.

CARRIE - You don’t get any say in this. I am NOT seeing you go down with septicaemia. Again. Sit down.

QUINN - Carrie.


Eyebrows raised from the blast, he does.

She goes off to the bathroom, comes back with some basic medical kit she’s cobbled together from what was in the cupboards.

Can you get your sweater off? 

Slowly, laboriously, he gets his coat off. She resists - just - the temptation to help him.

He pulls his sweater and shirt up over his head with his right hand, but then he’s stuck. It hurts too much, it’s too awkward, to tiring, his paralysed arm just too hard to manoeuvre with the addition of a bullet wound to the “safe place”.

CARRIE - Please let me.

For a split second he goes to resist - but realises it’s pointless. Lets her gradually, carefully, peel the sweater down over the top of his shoulder. As she does…

CARRIE - We haven’t done this for a while. I thought my nursing days were behind me.

QUINN - Thank fuck.

CARRIE - I’m sorry?! I got pretty good at this I’ll have you know. You don’t remember.

QUINN - I do.

He looks right at her, deadly serious, and she stops. They’re inches from each other. Her hands are on his skin. They breathe. How have they suddenly gone from her nursing him to something very different? But Quinn won’t overstep the line. He did that once before, after the dream, and he knows how that goes. He breathes heavily and bites the inside of his mouth.

Carrie feels her whole world tilt a little at the discovery that he remembers those early days in the hospital. When he was so vulnerable, so frightened, so harmed and helpless, when neither of them knew if he’d ever talk, walk, get back even a part of the man he had been. Or whether this would be life for him now.

She suddenly feels closer to him than she has at any time since those days of intimacy and caring, when he would watch her with his huge blue eyes, lack of  speech placing him a world away, but by touch so close, as she moved his limbs through the well-worn routines of dressing, of physio, of moving and stretching and cushioning him to alleviate the pain. Then he broke away, like an angry adolescent, refused her attempts to help, leaving her watching, impotent, as he struggled to manage his unruly body for himself. And now here he is, back in her hands. Like a newly-cast version of the man she knows so well. Part-mended. Cracked open. Vulnerable. Heart showing.

She gulps and breaks his gaze, looks at her hands as she runs them tenderly over his shoulder, down his arm, peels his sleeve off, ends with his left hand held in both of hers. Stops. They both look at his hand, cradled in hers.

A pause that seems to last forever.

He realises she’s crying.

QUINN - (Softly) You OK?

CARRIE - I’m sorry.

She wipes a tear away, embarrassed. Still looking down at his left hand, cradled in her right.

(Whispers) I just hate that this happened to you. I fucking hate seeing you suffer. You’ve really suffered.

He smiles.

QUINN - I’m pretty brave. 

She laughs.

CARRIE - You really are.

He raises his right hand to her face, cradles it, his thumb wipes away a tear.

But as he does it, his stomach flips. He used to feel so sure in these moments. Knew that movements like this would make women crumble at his charm. Now his certainties are all gone. Is this about to end in anger again, in humiliation?

She feels his hand falter. Sees the worry cross his face.

CARRIE - It’s OK. It’s OK. 

She places her hand over his. Smiles.

He smiles a little back at her. That lopsided smile she occasionally got from him in the hospital on the rare occasions things went right.

I should dress your wound.

She makes no movement to do so, doesn’t even glance away from his gaze.

They breathe.

She realises. He won’t move on her. After the dream. She has to do this. 

She releases his left hand, raises both her hands to the back of his neck. Grasps him and pulls him to her. Stops for a moment right in front of him so that their breaths combine. They kiss.

Hi American Tumblr person over 18, I come from Europe asking for a favor. Do your job and vote for Hillary Clinton. I don’t really feel like dying in a couple of months because you all voted for Trump and he then sent out a childish tweet to a world leader and it turned into a full blown war because you didn’t do your goddamn job and basically everyone had to start living in caves because the world burned up or ya know, people like me died because I didn’t go to that lecture last week at my local library about “how to survive the apocalypse”. It’s a big fucking deal. The world deserves to see how Game of Thrones will end, don’t fucking take that away from us. And personally, I also need to see who the fuck “A” is on Pretty Little Liars. I spent 7 years on that shit. You should let that show disappoint me one last time. So, do your job. Vote.

Sneaking Out, Getting Laid, Normal Teenage Things: A Solangelo Request

Okay maybe sneaking into his boyfriend’s cabin wasn’t the best idea since his siblings were all nosy as fuck, plus the harpies man.

Will was smart.

But he was also stupid.

Like most teenage boys are.

But really, he couldn’t help it. He hadn’t seen Nico in a month since he went to go visit Hazel at Camp Jupiter, he was only supposed to visit for a week but ended up getting delayed by a visit to his father. And when he finally came back, Will and him could barely get any alone time. They barely even got a hug out of each other before Nico was pulled away by Jason and Piper who were visiting this summer, they had wanted to catch up. And then all the younger demigods convinced Nico to give them an impromptu sword lesson, while Will himself was pulled away to deal with some stupid camper who had somehow ended up with a fork in their ass.

So needless to say, Will was frustrated.

He was frustrated with the lack of alone time he got with Nico. So of course it was only logical for him to sneak into the Hades cabin from the open window which happened to be beside Nico’s bed.

The younger demigod woke at the thud that Will had caused when he fell on the ground and nearly turned the son of Apollo into a shish kabob.

“Woah! It’s just me!”

“Will? What in the Hades are you doing here?”

“Visiting my significant annoyance.”

“…..I’m alseep aren’t i?”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because there’s no way you’re stupid enough to risk getting caught by the harpies just to be stupidly romantic and come see me.”

“But I am that stupid!” Will protested only to smack himself in the head. Did he really just say that.

Apparently he did because Nico was laughing and helped him to his feet.

The two said nothing as they lazily smiled at one another. It was a cozy silence.

But that silence was interrupted by the dark haired italian that whispered a heart felt, “I missed you.”

Will wrapped his arms around Nico, holding the smaller demigod to him, “I missed you too. I missed you so much.”
He murmered into his hair.

They stood there like that for what felt like hours until Will pulled back and leaned down for what was supposed to be a short, sweet kiss.

It quickly turned into something more.

What did you expect? Will hadn’t been able to touch or kiss Nico in a month and three days. Yes he had counted.

Nico buried his fingers in Will’s golden locks and tugged gently on them as their tongues danced together, while Will’s hand settled with one on his hip, and the other on the back of his neck. Will was pleasantly surprised to feel that Nico only slept in his briefs tonight.

As the kiss carried on, Nico walked backward till he felt his knees hit the bedframe. He broke the kiss as he fell back, knowing that Will would catch himself. And he did. He hovered over the son of Hades and let one hand trace his scars and the other played with his hair. He captured his lips once more in a fiery passion.

He had no idea he was this desperate? Sure he knew he missed Nico, because of course he did, but he didn’t know he had missed him in this way, this much. He was already hard for Zeus’s sake. He would have felt embarrassed if Nico wasn’t just as hard.

“Guess we really missed each other huh?” Will whispered against the other’s soft lips. Nico let out a breathless laugh.

“I guess so.” He whispered out before he flipped them around and straddled Will. He slowly began to grind their hips together as he bit his lip to suppress a whimper.

Will tilted his head back and let out a soft groan. “Nico….I-I don’t think I have the patience.” He admitted with a blush as he looked up at his beautiful boyfriend, cloaked in moon light. Any other day he would love to take his time, make Nico his the way they both loved, but right now he just needed to be buried inside his lover.

Nico nodded as he quickly, yet somehow gracefully stripped out of his briefs as Will stripped out of his clothes. Will rummaged through the beside drawer to find the half used tube of lube and promptly poured about a third of its contents onto his fingers at Nico laid himself on his bed with his legs spread wide. He squirmed when he saw Will’s hand approaching his entrance. Will nudged a finger in and then another and then another. He stratched and prodded and prepared for as long as he could before he pulled his fingers out prompting Nico to let out a high pitched whine that went straight to Will’s aching erection. He poured some more lube onto said erection and lined himself with Nico.

“Ready, Angel?”

“M'ready…” Nico panted out.

The Italian’s held tiled back as his eyes fluttered close and his mouth hung open in a silent moan as Will pushed himself in. They stayed still for only a moment till Nico rolled his hips and moaned. “Move.”

They had set a pretty fast pace right off the bat that had Nico whining, whimpering, gasping, and moaning continuesly. Will abruptly paused his thrusts which made Nico growl.

“Why did you stop?” He asked between whines asked pants.

“ You need to be quite Angel. We wouldn’t want to wake anyone up.”

“But I don’t think I caaaaaaaaaan!” He said as Will gave an unexpected thrust.

“Then bite on this.” Will purred as he placed his shirt in front of Nico’s kiss bruised mouth expectantly.

Nico blushed as he bit onto the cloth, once he did he did not have to wait long for Will to resume his rapid thrusting. He even threw on of Nico’s pale legs over his shoulder to get a better angle. Of course this had Nico moaning louder, at least it was muffled.

They continued this motion until Nico spit out the cloth, a string of saliva connecting them, “Will! I’m….I’m!”

Will let out a shaky moan as he nodded. “Me too!”

His thrusts became faster and much moan more sloppy as they both came closer to their climaxes.

Nico came first with a cry of Will’s name as he covered his chest. Once Will felt the younger demigod tighten around him he couldn’t last much longer and also came with a cry of Nico’s name as he filled him.

They were both trembling and panting, trying to come back down to earth, come down from their Elysium.

Will slowly pulled out and placed a soft kiss to Nico’s forehead. “Love you.” He muttered sleepily as he laid beside Nico and pulled him to his chest for cuddles.

Nico softly chuckled ad he felt just how tired he really was. “ Love you too….dork.”