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There’s a lot drama here:

Sometimes it was all too much. And this time, you couldn’t handle anymore.

Being Harry’s significant other was never an easy task, but sometimes it was too much. Specially because despite all the hype and all the things that people said about him, at the end of the day he was a real-life human. He had feelings, and sometimes he messed up.

One of the hardest things ever was see other women’s name linked to him in headlines in different sites all over the internet: The cheating rumours, the break up rumours, the “He’s not so interested in her anymore” rumours… it was a huge variety of subjects that people came up with and for you to deal.


What people didn’t know – and you would never tell – is that Harry wasn’t that perfect boyfriend that everyone talks and dreams with. Not because he didn’t want to, of course, but just because he couldn’t. Sometimes he didn’t have time to have a proper meal in the middle of a rush day, running from one place to another, and then to another, flying oceans to be in different places in the space of 10 hours.  

Sometimes days went by without you and him talking on the phone or answering each other’s text, and the only way for you to listen to his voice was listening to his songs, or maybe watching the interviews and concert’s videos on twitter timeline.

Sometimes your boyfriend was a completely strange to you.

Sometimes you thought that you couldn’t handle it.

This time you were sure about that.

Your hands were shaking and you weren’t sure about how you would say this to him. Harry came to your home for a night only, since he was flying back on the next morning. You could hear the water run in the bathroom, while he was quietly having a shower.

You rehearsed the words repeatedly, but you couldn’t ever find an easy way do to it. Since the first time you met him, you knew that you couldn’t ever ask him to choose between you and his career – and you never would do that too – and at this point, you were feeling more like a holdback than a supporter that you should be.

He was doing so well, with sold-out tours all around the world, a movie coming out, a new top chart album and all the plans he had for the next years… and it was clear for you that you hadn’t a place in the middle of all this.

You tensed all your body when you heard the bathroom door opening and saw Harry coming to the room, his skin warm and wet from the shower. He was wearing a pink towel around his hips and by the look on his face, he had no intentions of putting a boxer on.

“Hey pet, what’s wrong?” He said frowning at you, climbing in bed behind you and kissing your neck.

“We need to talk,” your voice was almost a whisper, butterflies dead on your stomach, a heavy feeling on your chest. Harry nodded and you turned over to him, watching his tired green eyes looking into yours, patiently. It took a minute or two until you could recollect your feelings and say, “I think we shouldn’t be together anymore.”

“What?”  Harry said in a high-pitched voice, confused like you were talking a different language. “What are you talking about, pet?” He said putting his hand in your face, and once again it was all too much.

You got up from the bed and closed your eyes, feeling tears burning your eyes and your throat closing around the next words you had to say. You planned to make this quick, so you wouldn’t have time to regret it or think too much.

“I don’t want to be with you anymore, Harry. We need to break up.” You said again firmly, and Harry was frozen, staring at your eyes as if he could see inside your soul.

And he could.

“Where is this coming from, pet? Is it because of the last headline about Tess? You know I would never che-“

“It’s not because of that, Harry. I know you would never cheat on me. You don’t even have time for that.” You said looking at your bare feet, already regretting it. You should have done this over the phone. You shouldn’t have waited until you had a sad, tired eyes, wet and naked Harry in your bed.

“Then what’s it fo’ pet? I don’t understand…” Harry got up from the bed and stopped in front of you, letting his hands fall to his sides when he tried to reach for you, but you gave a step back. You would burst in flames and tears if he touched you in that moment, but you needed to be firm in your choice.

“Please don’t make this harder,” you whispered to him, avoiding his eyes.

“Tell me the reason,” he said after a minute, sitting again on the edge of the bed. “If you’re going to break up with me this suddenly, you need to have a good reason to do it. And I deserve to know. Tell me and I’ll leave.”

Sometimes it was all too much. Feeling the tears running down your face against your will, you knew that he was right, that this all was very sudden, that you really needed a good reason to do it, and that he deserved to know.

“You’re gonna laugh,” you said with a sad smile, but his eyes kept too serious, too tired.

“It’s not a funny moment actually.” He said and felt your cheeks red with shame for making a joke in a moment like that.

“Okay then…” You whispered and took another deep breath, looking into his eyes, “I feel like I’m a holdback in your life right now and there’s not much you can say that can change this. I just feel like… I don’t see a future. You’re super important and you’re doing equally important things right now and this is awesome, but I don’t see how we can be together in the middle of all this. I love you, please don’t ever think that I don’t. And just because I love you this much I feel like I need to let you go, because you deserve all the things that you have conquered till now with hard work, and I don’t want to feel like this anymore.”

You chocked with tears, looking at the floor again, wishing that someone could invent a machine that erase painful memories, so you could delete this moment from your mind forever.

Harry was watching you, measuring every word you said like he was tasting them, feeling how bitter they taste was in your tongue, in the back of your throat.

“Bullshit,” he said after a minute, getting up again, “All you said is bullshit. What the fuck is wrong with you, pet?” And then his eyes were tired and annoyed.

“Well, Harry is the way I feel.” You said defensively, putting your arms around you as if it was cold.

“I understand that, and I know that lately stuff has been especially difficult to you but it’s bullshit when you said that we don’t have a place in the future. You are my future.  I know you are too good for me and that I’m not being the best boyfriend that exist on this planet but fuck… I really need you.” Harry ran his fingers through his wet hair, frustrated with all of this. “I don’t know what I can do for you to understand how much I love you but let’s just… try again? It all will be better in a few weeks…”

Harry looked at you, waiting for your answer, and all you could do was breathe quickly, trying to make your heart beat slower so you could come with a rational answer. You loved Harry and all the things he said were true. He would have less promo in the next weeks and then he would have a small tour, where you would be able to see him in many places and dates. Next year would be a mess, but it was too soon to worry about that yet.

“I feel like… I’m so ashamed, Harry. I’m so afraid to be a bad thing in the middle of all the good ones that are happening to you.” You said hiding your face in your hands, feeling Harry’s warm body around you a second later, his lips on your forehead, reassuring your crying.

“I love you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, please keep this in mind, don’t you ever forget about that.” He whispered softly, walking with you in his arms and falling in the bed, turning off the lights so you both could rest.

“You won’t be here tomorrow, and I don’t know how to not feel like this.” You whispered with your face nuzzled on his neck, tears running down your face to his skin. He kissed your forehead again, rubbing his lips on your skin till your tears ceased and you fell asleep, just to wake up in the morning with a headache and an empty space next to you on the bed, to match with the emptiness inside your chest.


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Number 3 with mark from got7, please and thank you :-)

3. Things you said too quietly

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You and Mark had been going out for about 3 months and neither of you had really dared to say those three words even though you both wanted to. But one day Mark figured that that would change. He would finally tell you how he felt… His only problem was how shy and insecure he was feeling about it. He had tried multiple times to tell you how he really felt but you would always get distracted at those times and ended up not hearing him. Like the time where he said it but Bambam almost tackled you to the ground or when your sibling walked into your room just as the mood was changing.

You weren’t stupid though, you knew what he was doing. It was just amusing to watch him struggle a little bit. But after a whole day of him messing up, you knew that you had to let him say it or he would explode. So therefore, the two of you had a date night at your place where you had planned to let him confess.

“Hey Mark, do you want me to get some coke for you too?” you asked him from where you were standing in the kitchen. After hearing his response you brought the sodas to the couch where he was sitting and put them on the coffee table after opening and taking a sip of your own drink.

“Hey dude, are you alright?” you asked him carefully as he looked out your window, clearly distracted. His only resoponse was a quiet mumble as he looked down to his hands on his lap

“I’m sorry what?” you asked him, not exactly prepared for what he had actually said.

“I said I love you..” he said a bit louder this time which made you smile and giggle. As you leaned on his shoulder you kissed his cheek and took one of his hands in your own.

“I know. I’ve noticed that you’ve been trying to tell me for a while but don’t worry, I love you too” you say, grinning as he stares at you in shock.

“You let me go through all that already knowing what I wanted to say?!” he asked, shocked. You nodded and he broke out in laughter.

“Wow, I can’t believe I love such a mean person” he said with a smile on his face as he brought his arm around your shoulders.

“Hmm, and I can’t believe I love such a cute dork” 

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Hi, I wanted to ask your thoughts on what I think Kubo was going for with the Bleach ending. Kubo said before in interviews that he wanted to do something unique with ichiruki that had never been done before. I think he was too stuck up on emphasizing the uniqueness of their relationship and by having their kids meet to symbolize that their bond transcended that of a normal relationship and somehow carried on into the next generation (not saying I agreed with the ending I think it was dogshit).

Pt 2. Anyhow its apparent to me that even in the end Ichiruki is the most important bond in bleach which is shown in the fact that the other characters hardly even had any lines in the last chapter. Its just that Kubo really fucked up the execution of portraying ichiruki as the most important bond. (I don’t see why it was necessary for him to go with the “their kids meeting” angle). My favourite part of Bleach was always the very beginning even before the SS arc when it was just ichigo, rukia

Pt 3. and Kon running around town slaying hollows and having ichigo learn more and more about the spirit world from rukia. I really hope they remake Bleach in the future and keep the entire series with the same vibe it had in the beginning that I, and i’m sure many others, were drawn to. Plus arcs like Memories in the rain which had so much character development. Anyways wanted to get ur thoughts on this.

I understand what you’re saying, and it is an interesting interpretation of what he may have been trying to achieve. (That is to say, Ichigo and Rukia’s bond is so strong it “transcends” them as individuals and makes “normal” relationships look insignificant.) The thing is, I agree with the rest of your statement: it’s basically a dogshit and fucked up way of conveying the point, because this is supposed to be a literalist manga, not an extended allegory.

It’s still clear that Bleach didn’t end with a satisfactory conclusion to all of its plot points (i.e., the interrelated mysteries of the Soul King, Yhwach, Zero Division, the Four Great Noble Houses, and the Quincy’s “God”) nor did it have a satisfying conclusion to its arc (Ichigo and Rukia’s upward spiral to save each other and, de facto, the world, as hinted at by Kisuke’s remarks). All of that was pushed off into the garbage novels, but none of it was really resolved. It’s pretty clear, in my opinion, that Bleach ended, but it still never finished. So, it could be that Kubo was trying to do something poignant and artistic with this ending, even as he fucked everything up for good, but I would agree that if that was the case, he did it poorly.

Then again, he’s absolutely sacrificed narrative sensibility for the sake of “art,” given how the Arrancar and Hueco Mundo arcs were a weird inversion of the Soul Society arc… “History repeats… first as tragedy, then as farce.”

This is what I keep alluding to when I say he had an over inflated idea of his abilities; he appeared to keep wanting to make things “deep” (while never providing much depth) rather than just telling a good story involving his characters.

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I feel like Klay treats Rocco like his actual kid so whoever ends up with needs to prepare to baby Rocco 😭

👆 he said Rocco helps make him responsible

Dear C,

I am so lost, again a lot has changed since I last wrote you a letter. So me and M are getting kinda rocky. He said he didn’t want anything serious, also I haven’t seen him in awhile either. I don’t know what happened, if I did something wrong. But since he said he didn’t want anything serious I decided to just add you back on my social media accounts. Whats the point of having you deleted if he doesn’t want anything serious? Seems pointless to me. I actually did call you not too long ago and you know everything.You said you were worried about me seeing M, you said ironically enough some girl you were seeing had a thing with him as well and you said it ended bad. You said he was calling the girl a bunch of times and pretending to be someone else while drunk. You sounded genuinely worried, you kept asking questions and made sure M wasn’t doing anything to hurt me. It was really sweet, you usually don’t act like you care as much about me when it comes to stuff like that. I’m lost because my feelings for you are developing again, its crazy to think that even when you and I don’t see each other I still manage to fall for you each time. Lets see each other soon ok, I know it may not help my case but I sure do miss you and feel like I need to see you.

I guess I really am yours forever,


i will literally never forget the watching the season four premiere of the office like we spent a whole summer agonizing over whether or not jim and pam were FINALLY dating and then in the beginning my brother actually threw a pillow at the tv when it looked like they weren’t together and then they kISSED and i swear to god my whole family started screaming and hugging like we woke up my three year old sister lmao and my friend called me during the commercial break so we could yell about it and then we stayed on the line so we could scream every time they did anything like when they held hands we hit decibels that weren’t audible to humans and to this day i have never seen my brother literally flail about something the way he did on that fateful night in 2007


Look, I was really disappointed with PotC5 for several reasons..but this guy’s design was 👌 👌 👌

I just called Netflix Germany and asked why Sense8 got cancelled. The guy on the phone told me the official reason they at customer service have to tell people was that the story had been told/come to and end (which is bullshit of course! WTF Netflix???). He himself said that he doesn’t know really, there are lots of factors playing into these decisions (I guess we already know the reasons were not enough viewers - bc Netflix did shitty advertising for s2 - and the show being too expensive, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt asking).

He sent me an email with the link to the suggestion page which I filled out again with 3 times “Sense8 season 3″ (I had already done that, idek if it counts anymore). The guy on the phone said they do listen to this feedback (but idk, what else is he supposed to say).

I told him I cancelled my Netflix subscription yesterday because of the cancellation and that I want them to know that that was the reason.

He said they have been receiving a lot of calls about Sense8 since the cancellation and that he heard that there was some kind of online movement where people get told to call the hotlines. They are noticing! And I’m talking about Germany, where Netflix isn’t even that popular yet.

So if you haven’t called the Netflix hotline yet, please do!

United States: 1 (866) 579-7172

Canada: 866-579-7115

Colombia: 01-800-755-0114

México: 01800-265-0161

España: 900866616

Argentina: 0800-444-2169

Panamá: +1 (408) 600-1721

Brazil: 0-800-086-4041

United Kingdom: 0800-096-6379

Germany: 0800-724-0963

France: +1-800-585-7265

Italy: 800-784-308

The Netherlands: 0800-022-5173

Australia: 1800-071-578

Norway: 800 17 530