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My entry for the Fire Emblem Telephone: Word Chain (LINE 1) hosted by @fe-telephone​. The word I got was “sweet”. 

So here is my sweet girl Rinea with her smol Berkut. I didn’t go all the way with her dress tho since I wanted it to sorta has that cake icing fluff looking texture. 

Sweet kudos to my waifu for helping me out with this piece too. Muah! 

anonymous asked:

What are all those colorful lights in the abyss around the Sanctuary Fortress?

I love to think it’s a vast, mountainous network of Luminoth industry- in a large part it could be energy generator systems which may link in to the light of Aether. Parts of it are vast cities where Luminoth citizens were housed and worked, before the Ing sharply culled their population. Maybe there are massive R&D laboratories, run by the Luminoth and their robot creations in tandem.

Where Agon and Torvus were the farmlands and nature spots of Aether, this is the big city, the Tokyo or New York of Aether, and Sanctuary Fortress is the sacred heart of it. I love to picture it as a hive of activity like any city on Earth- long before the Ing came, the brightly-lit streets would’ve been crowded with Luminoth citizens, working, travelling, studying, or just over to visit the urban setting.

(The picture comes from here and is the actual in-game background of Sanctuary Fortress.)

Made this while talking to @duckiiboop and then @chipadee. I really like Celica’s design and I have her in Heroes~

Started on this piece to practice digital painting again, but I have a bit of an artblock. My arm also get tired too easily doing these kinds of art ;n;. OTL I shouldn’t try to force myself to draw but I wanted to post something.

Wide Open

I went to Church the other day
i went to Church for the first time in over a year 
and for the first time in over a year 
I felt a sense of belonging. 
I wandered past it’s ornate features 
sat amongst it’s warmth and splendour 
breathed in every ounce of wonder
then it was time to leave. 

I came back day after day 
indulging in my gluttony of faith 
counting the hours, the minutes, the seconds 
till she could grace my presence again. 
I could not live without her 
could not function without her 
the Church had become a vice 
like so many before. 

It is hard to stand by an open door
scratching at the itch that won’t leave 
screaming why won’t you let me in 
when there is no one there actually stopping you. 
When you build a wall so tall,
to fight a need that is both destroying and fulfilling 
because you know you still have room to grow 
but your unsteady feet are on firm ground. 

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11 for fives and echo maybe?

11: Best Friend
They are definitely a brotp. Fives looks like the kinda guy to make a friendship bracelet and very proudly give it to his best buddy Echo. It’s a string with little things stuck to it, like a little paper cut “5″. It’s not very well made, it looks like it could fall apart any moment and is that a piece of hair?? Ah well, Echo appreciates the gesture and keeps it forever. He’s very afraid of losing it especially after learning of Fives death.