at the drivein


A little something I drummed up for @commonwealthcass

I absolutely love reading her comics and short bits about her character and Hancock, so I thought it fun to add in her own little Tato stand in the trading section of my Starlight Drive-In settlement! Hancock would like to think he’s being helpful drumming up business, being up there, catching people’s eyes. He just hit some Ultrajet, let him be.

Also yes, my character has a Princess Luna mailbag, It’s mine. No share :>

anonymous asked:

Make any new friends recently?

Ya! Some I made on my main blog @chocomilkyy but ya here they are:

@changesxnight @dallas-winston @sunsets-and-driveins @jds-n-greasers @softerhorror @pistolprice @iswearimnotaesthetic @moonlights-angel @littlewolfdiaries

and of course there’s my friends I’ve had for a while, @frnks-gerard @jinxed-trash @anbadcat @soft–and–neat @novocainehowell  @curllyshepard @tentaky  @penaltyboxed  and the LGBTrash squad

i know u didnt ask for me to list all my friends but there u go

i feel like im forgetting people aaaa