at the drivein


A little something I drummed up for @commonwealthcass

I absolutely love reading her comics and short bits about her character and Hancock, so I thought it fun to add in her own little Tato stand in the trading section of my Starlight Drive-In settlement! Hancock would like to think he’s being helpful drumming up business, being up there, catching people’s eyes. He just hit some Ultrajet, let him be.

Also yes, my character has a Princess Luna mailbag, It’s mine. No share :>

anonymous asked:

I'm assuming Jughead has only lived at the drive-in since around July 4th because if Archie and Jughead stopped being close around then (since they didn't go on their roadtrip), Archie would've known about Jughead living in a drivein, wouldn't he? Unless they stopped being close before that.

they probably drifted apart before the 4th. One of Archie’s main personality traits is that he’s oblivious so it would make sense if this was going on for a while and he just never noticed.