at the drivein

After working on the “honey-do” list and yard work at Fort Kickass all Friday morning, then working on my Daughter’s “Daddy-do” list at her house over in Whiteright for much of the afternoon, a quick stop at The Malt Shop in the small town of Anna, Texas on the way home was not only a good idea….

It’s probably the best idea I had all day. That big cold Chocolate Malt sure hit the spot.

Music Series: 505 by Arctic Monkeys

I wanted to do this request because I’ve not yet done an imagine for an Arctic Monkeys song, and I really like some of their music, although some of it I often wonder what the hell someone was thinking when it was written. I like that their lyrics are very much open to different interpretations. Even myself, I can think of a couple of different ways to take this song, love song vs. breakup song, but the one that strikes me most is the thought of long-distance relationships. My favorite lyric from this song is ‘But I crumble completely when you cry’, which to me shows how much they are affected by each other. 

This imagine was almost too gushy for me, but it’s what I felt so I wrote it. Sue me. Wait, don’t. I have nothing you would want anyway.

Here is “505” by Arctic Monkeys, which you can hear on Spotify at THIS LINK. Thank you for requesting! xo



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the six rules to breathing

a tearing
is occurring
the pounding of
a hammer
the hand unseen
and i cannot seem
to wrap my mind
this long list
of letters
and sighs of gratitude
fully around my mind.

my first instinct
the catch of my breath
is to bottle
the forrest of my thoughts
into a ship bottle
only letting hands
stuff and pull and push
never letting long branches
rusted benches
or grass shavings 
be taken out.

this act does 
not taste good.
it’s sour
and curls my tongue
casts me into an iron box
where my arms grow stiff
grow vines
grow poison ivy vines
grow twisted, merciless, leaves of 
1. the fear of you not being by my side
2. the fear of you losing yourself
3. the fear

but following after
steps 1, 2, 3
there lies
upon a frozen
crisp-leaf ground
steps 4, 5, 6
where a shifting mindset
is placed
and the underlying tones
of hope
start to warm my veins
my blood pumps
4. we both will continue walking forward
5. you’ll always find something greater
6. this matters the most

so may my weeks
my months
start every morning
every afternoon
every evening
with all six steps
in essence
a shadow that feels real
feels raw
tastes deeply good
and moves my bones
your bones
our bones
in a steady rhythm

full of the breezes in trail runs
full of the wildflowers on the side of the road
full of the gentle hugs
full of the undignified laughter in rooms
full of the essence of life.

this season
of tearing
is not a damning 
of you and the sidewalks
you walk upon here
but rather
this season
is a plucking of your 
and the transition 
of your web-like 
origins of
who you truly are.

it’s you moving
amongst new soil
new territory
new landscape
it’s me moving
where our hands first linked
our souls first sighed
in that long car drive
in the beach-themed living room
in the sidewalk in front of your dorm.

i’ll be breathing
in and out
you will too
1. in and out
2. in and out
3. in and out
4. in and out
5. in and out
6. in and out.


A little something I drummed up for @commonwealthcass

I absolutely love reading her comics and short bits about her character and Hancock, so I thought it fun to add in her own little Tato stand in the trading section of my Starlight Drive-In settlement! Hancock would like to think he’s being helpful drumming up business, being up there, catching people’s eyes. He just hit some Ultrajet, let him be.

Also yes, my character has a Princess Luna mailbag, It’s mine. No share :>