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My Personal Top 10 Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs

Lana has an extensive collection of unreleased songs, and these are my personal, in my own opinion, top 10 favourites. I love all the songs wholeheartedly and it’s so difficult to put into a list but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. This is more brief and less descriptive compared to my usual writing but hey ho, I have to keep it short.

10. You Can Be The Boss

This was one of the first few songs I had heard from Lana and it was one of the ones that had me hooked (aside from Young and Beautiful and Put Me In A Movie). Though I feel like I’ve heard it a thousand times, therefore don’t feel like listening to it as often, it still has the pure Lana feel to me and the vibe of BTD; the imagery of cigarettes and the flirtatious, spoken verses aimed at her possible daddy-to-be have some of the Lizzy, Lolita charm, so it feels like a classic to me.

9. Go Go Dancer

I adore this song because it’s such a fun one; it’s full of energy and makes you just want to dance much like her, the go-go dancer. It is like the more upbeat, flirty sister of Disco and I think it’s definitely one of her more sexy ones (especially since she’s “pushing up her ahh in your face, in your face”). It’s another with a Lolita vibe, aimed at a rich man with money that she’s dancing for, and I can’t not smile and dance to it in a poor imitation of the fabulous imagery she gives.

8. Last Girl On Earth

I am obsessed with this beautiful song and the lyrics. Lana paints such a sad but gorgeous picture of being loved but lonely, and it’s quite mellow with a strong piano which I think pulls at the heartstrings more. The imagery is my favourite part (”I belly dance and do the tango”, owning Mexico and rollercoasters and the lines about Cleopatra and Caesar which I adore). The strange echoing voice playing under her singing through either ear like buzzing thoughts you can’t get rid of add a complicated layer to it as she ponders living forever. It’s a thoughtful song and her voice and vision makes it straight away one of my favourites.

7. On Our Way

I had originally heard the much more acoustic, stripped back version of this song and when I heard the fuller version with more instruments I still loved it the same, though the former version is locked in my heart. The song is one of her most meaningful and romantic, and it feels like it is one of her most personal. The drawl and accent in her voice makes it feel more raw and cuter, and the chorus makes me want to smile, cry and twirl on a dance floor with someone I love every time. The stripped back, lone guitar version has more of a one-on-one serenade feel, whilst the other version sounds better for a performance due to the strength to it. Either way, it’s a feel good, sweet song with a country twist and I love it.

6. Riverside (feat. Barrie-James O’neill)

This song was originally intended for Barrie’s album and I stumbled on it by accident. The entire song from start to finish is gorgeous and I wish it had been released somehow. It’s a very eerie track, with light vocals echoing over an uncomfortable, long sound much like static (the only way I can describe it) and their dreamy vocals paired with the strong piano and yearning lyrics has me breathless each time. Their voices are beautiful together, even more so than in the cover of Summer Wine, and though it has an other-worldly feel to it, it is still meaningful and has far more emotion behind it, especially in the way they sing “finally I’m getting closer - to the dream”. It’s one I can’t resist replaying.

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you know that musical where ben platt plays the weird awkward guy with no friends (or arguably one friend who is forced to hang out with him) whose dad isnt proud of him and when this one other guy stops being around he starts lying and making things up to make other people feel better and in the end people find out he was lying but they dont call him out on it and also theres a guy called connor played by a really good dancer

i love both of those musicals

Dating Jaemin would include

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Request: Hello! If it’s not too much trouble, may I request a Boyfriend! Jaemin please? Also, can I be a new anon? ^-^ -Nana anon

A/N: I hope u guys enjoy this!!

  • ok so
  • i feel like he’s a v cheesy bf
  • so much grease
  • but he wouldn’t rlly show it in front of his older band members??
  • bcs he’s shy shy shy
  • im sorry
  • he would do it in front of the dream team
  • //que donghyuck faking puking noises
  • “diSGUSTING”-hae
  • “like ur not like this w mark”-nana
  • nana equals grease tho
  • “babe~~~~ur lips look lonely~~~don’t they wanna meet mine~~”-nana
  • “b y e”
  • gotta blocc him
  • he’s also rlly sweet tho
  • like if ur studying
  • he’d suddenly lay his head on ur shoulder
  • and ur like ??what??im busy
  • jae would suddenly put a bag on ur desk
  • “na jaemin im studyin what the”
  • when u look in the bag tho!!!
  • u see all of ur fave snacks and drinks
  • honestly if i were u i’d cry 
  • “it’s all for u!!”-nana
  • he doesn’t want u to pass out while studying ok
  • he lowkey always has your fave drink w him
  • like even when he knows he’s not gonna see u on that day
  • he’ll have ur fave drink w him
  • he’s got two of them
  • he drinks one bcs it reminds him of u
  • and one is for when u suddenly appear
  • OK BUT
  • !!matching sweaters!!!
  • especially when it’s autumn
  • he loves them sm
  • especially when ur sweaters match
  • u kno what else he loves
  • u watching him at dance practice
  • bcs he loves the fact that u always clap after he finishes dancing
  • i mean why wouldn’t u
  • he’s a great dancer
  • i feel like he loves coffee shop dates???
  • like he just orders his hot chocolate
  • “babe can u fedd me cake? :^))”-nana
  • “what are u,a baby”
  • “yeah ur baby~~”-nana
  • it would make u wanna leave the coffee shop
  • but he’ll smile that beautiful smile of his
  • and u wouldn’t want to leave the coffee shop anymore
  • he highkey loves going on walks when it’s chilly outside
  • bcs that way he can hold u closer to him
  • nana holding hands???
  • no
  • nana clinging onto ur arm
  • sometimes you’d feel like ur arm is about to get ripped off bcs he holds on so tightly
  • ur taller than him??holds u by ur arm
  • smaller than him??holds u by ur arm
  • ok but ur name on his phone is probs so cheesy i h8
  • ‘sweetheart the loml 💕💕best thing in the world 💕💕💕💕💕💕’
  • he loves kisses
  • i think
  • lol
  • soft kisses
  • surprise kisses
  • anything tbh
  • he loves it when u give him nose kisses tho
  • and he loves giving u kisses all over ur face tbh
  • he just loves showing u his love ok
  • honestly 
  • dating jaemin would be gr8
  • #alliwantforchristmasisjaemin

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i want to hug them and tell them that it will be ok

i want to tell felix that he is amazing and talented and that im so proud of him for everything he has done

i want to tell minho that he is talented and kind and a phenomenal dancer

i want to tell jeongin to not be afraid and to gain more confidence because he is talented and so strong

i want to tell chan that its not his fault and that hes an amazing and strong leader

and then i wannna punch jyp in the face

@wolfangkala and @love-made-public asked me for the ask meme: Kalagang :) 

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses

That would be something that Wolfie would do. I can see him doing that especially during moments of intimacy where they have five seconds to themselves, and before bed. Kala is about to fall asleep, and she’s tangled in Wolfie’s arms, and he gently kisses her head and brushes her hair off to one side, and tells her to go to sleep. 

As for nose kisses? Again, Wolfgang, but I can see both of them doing that when they’re both feeling especially ecstatic over something. 

  • Gets jealous the most.

I think this is actually something that both of them would have an issue with in the right circumstances. In the show, it’s sorta canon that Wolfgang has strong feelings about Rajan, and wants Kala to admit to herself that she does not love him. Whether that translates into jealousy? I think it does. Wolfgang already struggles enough with feeling worthy and accepted, that he would be a jealous type.

Kala would worry if Wolfgang ever went out on the town with Felix. She would know that he would never do anything to cheat on her or look at another girl, but she still can’t escape those feelings that creep in. So, of course, Wolfie would sweep her into his arms, and tell her that she had nothing to worry about.

  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive.

This would be a situation of Kala picking Wolfgang up. No doubt. He would get a little too tipsy after a night out on the town with Felix. I mean, he doesn’t really see his brother anymore since he moved to Paris. Kala has this disapproving look on her face, but she can’t resist Wolfgang’s smile.

  • Take care of each other on sick days

They both would. Kala, having the medical expertise, would be more adept at taking care of a sick Wolfgang. Even if he would try to tell her upteen times that he does not need her to do that. 

  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Both of them would. 

  • Gives unprompted massages

Wolfgang. He could see how worn out and sore Kala would be after standing on her feet so long during the day, and he would gently massage her back or her feet. Whatever she needed work on. “I don’t need you to,” she would say, not fooling her boyfriend. “But you do, and I don’t mind,” he would reply.

  • Drives/rides shotgun

I would like to see Kala driving:) 

  • Brings the other lunch at work

Wolfgang. No question.

  • Has the better parental relationship


  • Tries to start role-playing in bed

Wolfgang, but Kala can be adventerous sometimes, too.

  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer

I think Kala would surprise some people :) Definitely would be her. Possibly.

  • Still cries watching Titanic

Wolfgang. Shh. Don’t tell anyone.

  • Firmly believes in couples costumes

Kala. She drags Wolfgang to parties at work dressed as the theme of the night. 

  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

They both break that rule.

  • Makes the other eat breakfast

Kala. She always believes that breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day, and always tries to keep that alive. 

  • Remembers anniversaries

They both remember.

  • Brings up having kids

Kala. Wolfgang is a little more hesitant (or terrified) since going through what he did with his father. Kala is patient with him, and tells him what a great father he would be.

dark stars cast

because i feel like talking about my OCs damnit from my space love story. because. i. can.

Major General Tsze Tseang; means second general

  • war hero because she’s the only one who didn’t lose her shit when a terraforming unit became engaged with basically demons on some random planet
  • goes on a random adventure to escape renewed trauma after a failed mission
  • built a robot cat because she forgets to feed herself; how could she remember to feed a real cat
  • is super dope at computer programming and cybernetics
  • downloaded her brother into a memory chip and made him into an android after his death
  • loves to garden because everyone she falls in love with loves plants 
  • lost her arm and her leg in a training accident maybe.
  • is totally inspired by edward elric
  • is also chinese and one of the only two humans in the cast 
  • records her memories for her first love that basically tell them her entire life story and tells them how she loves them because they are never meant to see her diary evidence
  • creates a computer version of herself because she gets lonely and doesn’t want her brother to be alone after her mortal body dies

Pi3 Ori; means fixed star

  • is Tsze’s love interest who is also super clueless of her feelings because on their planet they are considered not datable because they’re special gift is them only understanding plants; not growing plants, but…just understanding them
  • also comes from a planet of nonbinary aliens because everyone has cycles shifting them between being more feminine and childbearing or to masculine; evolved from plants; pi3 is also purple lmao 
  • is a dorky computer programmer in military intelligence
  • is a cross between milo thatch and hinata hyuga
  • wears big round glasses without lenses because they found some in Tsze’s apartment once and she thought they looked super cute
  • tries to be athletic…but it doesn’t work out too well 
  • best friend is a genetically engineered talking cat who is also a surgeon
  • falls in love with Tsze after finding all her memories and realizing they loved her all along 
  • however, there is much panic involved after realizing you’ve been in love with someone for years; master panicker 

Dr. Sualocin Feline; means Nicolaus (Copernicus) backwards

  • is the genetically engineered talking cat who is also a surgeon 
  • is a calico
  • mutually best friends with both Tsze and Pi3
  • is very sassy, to the point, and quick witted
  • also the most loyal creature ever 
  • is currently dating Tsze’s Dogfather—General Sirius Cannes–a genetically engineered talking dog 

Nusakhan; means the two series,

  • Tsze’s first friend she finds on her random adventure
  • is a human botanist
  • really admires Tsze
  • tries to be a real cool, slick guy 
  • is a total dweeb
  • falls in love with Arrakis because he has awesome dry humor

 Arrakis; means dancer

  • is a siren alien
  • falls in love with Nusa, but doesn’t think that Nusa can be in love with him
  • is very cold and standoffish 
  • total tsundere

Ancha; means hip bone

  • a little firey alien
  • is very smol
  • wants to be a master chef
  • stumbles upon Tsze and company because they suck at cooking


  • a shape shifting alien who has family on every planet actually?
  • no one knows how old he is
  • it is possible that Cousin is the ultimate creator 
  • an up and coming fashion designer

Shang Tseang

  • Tsze’s older brother
  • is an android body because they got flashy with pyrotechnics with an experiment; could only be saved if downloaded into a chip
  • happily living life as an android 
  • loves his little sister very much 
Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Glee AU HCs

So in case yall didn’t know, Glee is a show where these kids join, well, Glee club which is basically show choir but since it’s in a work of fiction it’s 10x better

(Let’s just pretend everyone is close in age and they’re not fighting for once and they’re all gonna live happily ever after in high school 66666 years in the future and they also know American songs WOOOO)

Longggg ass hcs below

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so I was going to send this to @plantparrish on chat but like…….. its 1230am and it got so out of hand omg. So now everyone gets Aaron HC’s.

  • His favorite snack food is pb&j’s
  • He has the nerve to love grape jelly
  • He’s an avid reader
  • Mostly YA but he isn’t too picky
  • He favors sci-fi/mythical
  • Growing up his favorite book was The Giver
  • he owns 5 leather jackets don’t ask me why he just does okay
  • this tiny person gets all his clothes tailored
  • he goes to the same person in Columbia
  • she cuts him a special deal for being such a great customer
  • Mrs. Guzman still gets a holiday card and fruit basket every year after Aaron and Katelyn move
  • Can you believe this guy
  • Speaking of fruit Aaron is a fan of berries
  • Katelyn learns to make cobblers and things like that for him
  • Her mother makes her famous lemon bars one time and Aaron nearly cries
  • He gets them on his birthday every year
  • Also did I mention Katelyn’s family loves this kid like so much???
  • It took a long time for him to get use to that
  • Because he always felt guilty being with them
  • They made him miss Andrew
  • Which was a whole new thing to deal with
  • I’m making this sad no dammit lets turn this around
  • Also he’s got moves
  • Hold me closer tiny dancer
  • I s2g this fucking loser went through a break dancing phase
  • He did not care that he was a decade too late to be in one
  • He bust a few moves on his wedding day to literally everyone’s surprise
  • Except Nicky
  • Who decides to get in on this
  • (he does hurt himself you are all correct)
  • ((I need a fic on Aaron and Katelyn’s Wedding like yesterday))
  • What else can I tell you about this nerd
  • He watches all those gross doctor shows on TLC
  • He and Kevin fight over the tv constantly because they always have history/science specials overlap
  • That’s when they invest in a dvr
  • They end up watching shows together sometimes anyway
  • Geeks
  • Even though he can make friends now he doesn’t really make the effort
  • He sticks with Katelyn
  • But that means spending a hell of a lot of time with the Vixen
  • They find him utterly charming
  • Who fucking knew
  • Katelyn apparently
  • He’s in half their group photos
  • They talk to him about all their boy drama
  • He’s actually really good at advice
  • Totally part of the ‘dump him’ sentiment
  • They totally help out with his proposal
  • Good job girls
  • Omg do you know what is the cutest fucking thing
  • Katelyn start painting his number on her face for games
  • Usually just for away games
  • They totally have a picture of them kissing wither he cheek on display
  • Lets pretend this is modern because hello Instagram
  • They are so freakin adorable together
  • Always holding hands
  • Arms around each other
  • She wears his team jacket all the time
  • This some 1950s going steady stuff right here
  • Diner dates and movie cuddles
  • Carnival? Sure. Girl can barely walk she has so many stuffed animals
  • God they have so many of those photo booth picture strips
  • Things for Aaron are still a hard road but its okay because they have each other
  • They are so happy

lovelife2000000-deactivated2017  asked:

Hello! Im new to the big bang fandom! Could you do facts and personality on each of them if its not to much?i love your blog btw!

 Of course I can, welcome to the fandom! And thank you so much lovie!

Teacher Bom has arrived and class has started, shall we begin?

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So I’m actually making this a series - ‘Theories’ - which is me throwing theories about SVT/BTS/A line/unit (hyung line, vocal unit)/Members of either out there. For example cuddling, making out or kinks. You get the gist.Hopefully. I’m really bad at explaining things. Feel free to send some in ^^



Would someone make sexy jin gifs pls thx XD

  • Romance and slow,sensual love making is his thing
  • For special occasions and stuff he goes all out
  • You know like
  • Rose petals, candles, the whole deal
  • Not all too kinky at all
  • But he has a few hidden ones
  • Like
  • He has a food sex kink
  • Basic strawberries and cream are a must a lot of the time
  • But he does go all out with chocolate and shit sometimes
  • You see how much this boy eats?
  • He’s so good at oral
  • Good at finding your sweet spots too
  • First time or two he may be shy but he can be surprising at times ;)


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Too many sexy gifs for him I’m dead

  • Look at his hands and try to tell me he isn’t good at fingering
  • You can’t
  • Magic
  • Like Woozi, I see him wanting you to take care of him when he’s stressed or tired or whatever
  • However when you’re in a bad mood
  • Or he’s rlly horny or in a good mood or whatever
  • He’d be the dominant one
  • He can be rough 
  • But the first few times, unless you specified otherwise, would be gentler bc he wouldn’t just fuck anyone
  • He waits a while in a relationship you know
  • Anyway
  • He loves you riding him and sucking him off 
  • V impressive
  • Not necessarily long but t h i c k
  • Maybe has a daddy kink
  • I’m getting carried away aren’t I I’m sorry he’s my bias aaaah XD
  • He can be sweet or kinky it depends how you both feel


Originally posted by btsumari

  • Sweet, gentle and loving or rough
  • No in between
  • Dry humping and thigh riding
  • Right up his alley
  • And omg have you seen his thighs 
  • Y’all too busy thirsting over Jimin’s but holy shit look at his thighs XD
  • One of the best overall like
  • He’s a dancer
  • Y e s
  • If you wanted to get more adventurous and stuff 
  • He wouldn’t mind
  • Thinks more about you and your pleasure

Rap Monster

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

  • Kinkiest one wow
  • May have a daddy kink (if Twitter users didn’t ruin everything lmao)
  • Even so he calls you babydoll or baby girl a lot
  • Inc in public
  • (One of the) Biggest
  • Like
  • Wow
  • He ain’t just a rap monster know what I mean
  • Did I just say that
  • Whips, ties, cuffs, everything
  • One of the best at dirty talk with his deep voice
  • “Just dim the lights” “Just take it off” “I’m a master baby with your bra” “Imma beat the pussy-”
  • You get it XD 
  • But no seriously his dirty talk mmmm
  • Another one who’s best at fingering
  • Look at his fingers yes pls


Originally posted by bangtanbighit

I had to use that

  • He’s a mystery to me
  • Is really sweet and whatever at first
  • But he can be kinky af
  • Like
  • Tying you up and stuff?
  • Y e s
  • Uses different toys and stuff to keep variety
  • Different every time
  • So good at oral
  • And he loves performing it
  • Look at his tongue omfg
  • Willing to try different positions and whatever like I said - variety; he wants to keep it interesting
  • Also good at dirty talk 
  • He has a really deep voice you know
  • Omg help


Originally posted by imaginesbts

  • Another freaky one
  • Into BDSM and rough sex like
  • It’s never boring with him
  • He also does making love and stuff though like Jimin can do rough and he can do slow and sensual he has many different modes
  • If that makes sense
  • Wow
  • This cheeky little shit
  • Orgasm denial
  • Is a huge thing for him like he likes the control
  • Possibly a daddy kink idk
  • Have you seen his thighs
  • Thigh riding is a huge treat
  • But it gets him so worked up and like
  • More so than normal foreplay if that makes any sense at all
  • It’s a special treat for you as foreplay or whatever
  • He’s very impressive in size and length…
  • Really likes receiving oral like you’ll be innocently watching an movie or whatever and he’d just be all “Suck me off” and like how did that come to his mind whilst you watch a fucking Disney film
  • Damn


Originally posted by eatupbangtan

  • Into role play
  • He puts his amazing thighs to good use
  • Like
  • He likes you up against the wall with your legs around him
  • Calls you kitten
  • Has collars and stuff like he likes that stuff
  • Basic bondage you know?
  • Blindfolds and cuffs and like
  • He ain’t no kid no more
  • Quite big but not as big as Namjoon or Jimin
  • Really really good at oral like he got that shit down
  • Total dom
  • He just likes feeling in control
  • Can be very kinky but at times he can be surprisingly sweet and gentle and it’s like
  • Wow what an experience 
  • Help

D e a d

-Admin Belle