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#BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions is Black Twitter’s response to racist neo-Nazi trolling

  • Conservative website Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin wrote a super racist post on Dec. 9: “How to Be a N****r on Twitter”
  • In it he asked his readers to “create a state of chaos on Twitter, among the black Twitter population, by sowing distrust and suspicion." 
  • The key to this, he writes, is impersonating black people on Twitter.
  • In response, Black Twitter started #BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions. 
  • Users cracked jokes to deflect any neo-Nazi attempts to bring hateration and holleration to Black Twitter’s dancery. Read more

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Monsta x Descriptions


  • Leader Robot 
  • Daddy material 
  • Shy and Awkward af
  • Dresses like a rich white boy
  • Smooth dancer
  • Is really a teenage girl 
  • Takes care of very dumb kids 


  • Calls himself sexy monster 
  • Tells people the “benefits” of eating Ramen
  • Cries over everything 
  • Laughs really weirdly
  • Flirts with everyone.. even with babies tbh


  • 7 yr old with ADHD
  • Talks too loudly and is always screaming
  • Forgets what he is doing all the time 
  • Attention span of a goldfish… srsly..
  • Hates cucumber and is starting a protest against growing them
  • Basically a mess at life 
  • Dropkick u if u eat cucumber near him


  • Starship vocalist
  • Mom friend
  • Somehow both cute and sexy???
  • Will eat chicken at the beach smhh
  • Voice of an angel 
  • Very smol mom of 6 idiots
  • Grandpa moves 


  • Tall as a tree
  • Looks 20 but is a 60 yr old man
  • Sleeps all day and still looks exhausted
  • Hates all his band memebers  
  • Small face and is a model 
  • very weak 
  • Kermit the frogs younger bro


  • Rapping monsta
  • Giant baby teddy bear
  • Is scared of anything that has more than four legs and crawls or fly’s.. Basically scared of everything
  • Amazing thick thighs..
  • Looks tough but is very soft
  • Two people in one boi and no idea which one u will meet 


  • Maknae rapper
  • Prankster/ playful little fucker 
  • Says relly bad jokes that make no sense 
  • Can’t be cute bc he’s too good for it 
  • Either doesn’t talk or never shuts up tbh
  • Has a hard time speaking both Korean and English
  • Bitch face

                              Meet Jazmine the Collegiate Dancer

I edited this lovely sim and made her a dancer.  I referred to Alexandra’s Sine’s mini tutorial (reblogged below) to give Jazmine my favorite pouty look.

Photos 1 and 2: Hair Recolored by salem2342 reblogged below on my blog.

Eyes: Eye color reblogged below on my tumblr (really pretty colors) in coustume makeup.

Eyeliner by Plumbob’s N fries reblogged below

Lips: basegame 

Sweet Cupcake sprinkle blush in skin details (just love this) reblogged below

Top:   cutestuffgaming

Bottom:hautefashions4 reblogged on my blog below

Shoes: marigold

FAV  Band-aid on knees by the Fabulous decayclownsims  reblogged way way down

Dance poses: kobaltik reblogged below on my tumblr

Photo 3


Hautefashionsims reblogged on my blog below

shoes:  TSR:

Pose:  Sakura-Phan  Reblogged below on my tumblr

Photos 4 and 5

Ballet Tutu Reblogged Below on my tumblr along with other dance items I didn’t use but would look great in your game or Look Book

Photo 6

Romper by toksik reblogged below on my tumblr

body blush (red knees hands etc)  by imadako reblogged below

Pose by Hess reblogged below

Photos 7, 8 and 9

Lips: lipgloss pinkzombiecupcakes  TSR

Lovely Floral dress by sakura-phan

Pretty eyes by sakura-phan reblogged below (love love set 3 but she has lots of others)

Shoes Mary janes

Hair Eliza by sintiklia reblogged below

                                      Jazmine’s Story

Jazmine is passionate about dance and art, all dance forms actually but she excels at ballet.  She has a scholarship for cheerleading at an Ivy league college and plans on touring Europe with a small ballet company when she graduates IF she makes it through college injury-free.

Jazmine is majoring in art history with a minor in design,  She is also active in a local highly regarded dance company and spends her summer and college breaks within their ranks.  Life is busy and predicable and she has the next 2 and ½ years all mapped out until she and Jack notice each other …Jack makes her heart  POUND.



Kerry Washington interview by Roland Martin at the NAACP Image Awards 2.6.15 [per request]

Pander... Pander, Pander, Pander, Pander, Pander.

I won New York and Atlanta, I got America’s answers

I don’t fuck with Berner Sanders, I whip and nae nae when I feel like a dancer

I got hot sauce in my bag, I think Blacks in hoodies are bad

They’re super predators and they deserve a body bag

No other candidate has this much swag

Cruz and Donald Trump can eat my ass

My bae Bill hooked me up with the hood pass

To make up for when him and Monica smashed

E-mails. Delete those

Pants suite, I rock those

On my feet them some Jordan 4′s

I’ll rock them Foams when I move into the White House tho

Snatched them delagates like Obama did Osama, ho

I’m racked up from prisons, fracking and Goldman Sachs

I used to be republican but don’t mention that

When I walk into the White House they gon think Tupac back.

Hilary Clinton’s Panda remix.

100+ Follower Giveaway

#Hello there! This is Chiqui (theplastics/46645) on FR and our FR tumblr just reached 100+ followers, so I’m hosting a giveaway! There are four skins I’m giving out as prizes:

Skin 1: Seraphic Dancer

Skin 2: Angelic Dancer

Skin 3: Wings of Ancients Nocturne F

Skin 4: Wings of Ancients Nocturne M

To join, simply reblog this post with your username and FR ID# (likes don’t count!) and include your preferred accent from the most wanted to least wanted.

Example entry:

theplastics #46645

1. Wings of Ancients Nocturne F
2. Wings of Ancients Nocturne M
3. Seraphic Dancer
4. Angelic Dancer

I will then draw 4 random winners for first to fourth place and they will get an accent depending on their list. (Example: Winner 1, 2, and 3 are drawn in that order. Winner 1 lists Prize A, C, B. Winner 2 lists A, B, C. Winner 3 lists C, B, A. Winner 1 gets prize A. Winner 2 gets prize B, because prize A is already taken. Winner 3 gets prize C, because winner 1 and 2 both didn’t choose prize C before winner 3).

This giveaway will last until May 2, 23:59 FR time! Thanks for all the follows! :)

EDIT: MAY NOT MARCH wow i need to proofread before posting anything lol!

iamamiwhoami songs as astrological signs

Aries: hunting for pearls

It’s her we follow. She holds the secret spell.

Tip: Arians are born leader. They have personality, are authentics and usually tend to have any situation in control.

Taurus: play

You hold my heart with cotton strings.

Tip: Taureans have the intuitive capacity to unconsciously manifest the resources and experiences you need to feel comfortable. They’re connected to physical pleasures and material goods.

Gemini: ; john

Used to be told, my silence is gold.

Tip: Geminis are known by making up their minds really quickly. They feel comfortable to change. Gemini is also the sign of communication.

Cancer: the last dancer

I heard its every call, I know what it wants. I’m willing to leave for home.

Tip: Cancerians are ‘roots’ kinds of people, and take great pleasure in the comforts of home, family and friends. They’re quite sensitive.

Leo: goods

I give you my history that I expect your tender arms around. Give it love and think of me.

Tip: Leos are impossible to miss, since they love being center stage. They’re warm and enthusiast.

Virgo: in due order

Can you see the scar in the perfect sky?

Tip: Virgos are known by their perfectionism. They’re organized people and don’t depend on any criticism. Also, the song name and video are related to the sign.

Libra: chasing kites

It’s a thin thin line and I walk both sides of it.

Tip: Librians are co-operative and diplomatic. They also see both sides of a history. It is a sign releated to the air element.

Scorpio: thin

The kind of witch I came to be after been swallowed whole by offering a piece of me to any given fool.

Tip: Scorpions are known by giving so much of themselves in any relationship. They get really frustrated with the lack of reciprocity.

Sagittarius: ripple

Before you sail that raft aground, join us in the search and take a dive.

Tip: Sagittarians are known by their authenticity, honesty and great humor. It’s hard to see them down. You can see that on Ripple’s video.

Capricorn: vista

My icy heart will turn to gold.

Tip: Capricorns are known by their attachment to the material goods and life stability. They’re also good workers. You can see that on the Vista’s video.

Aquarius: y

I seen the truth and it’s nothing like you said.

Tip: Aquarians are known as thinkers. They’re independent, righteous and fight for what they believe is the correct.

Pisces: blue blue

Continue the line I draw, feeling the missing mark, without you, I am who?

Tip: Pisces are known by their sensitivity and quite imaginative minds. It is one of the water signs.