at the crib


1. Hallway!!! V wide!!
2. 2 doors to the right in the hallway
3. A big room w a closet, this is gonna be our ~*hobby room*~ so drawing mostly. Art room!! It’s p big but u can’t rly see it in the pic..
4 & 5. A BALCONY!! Gonna put fairy lights in here mmhm
6. The other room with entrance from the hallway, it’s gonna be our bedroom.
7. In the end of the hallway to the right is the kitchen. Its also decently sized but u can’t see v well in the pic
8. Bathroom in the end of the hallway
9 & 10. Livingroom w another balcony!

I wanna paint all walls and is like to update the kitchen and new floors in hallway and kitchen but it’s perfect for us omg I’m so happy. All those changes can be done way on the future when we have money!!!

Edit: this is considered pretty SHABBY in Swedish standards, which is RIDICILOUS imo

Valery Khristoforov :: A young woman with cheat notes on her thighs, in a photograph titled Cribs, taken at the faculty of journalism of Moscow State University, 1984. From: ‘The Image as Question: An Exhibition of Evidential Photography’ at Michael Hoppen Gallery / src: theGuardian

“The most mischievous single image here is Valerie Khristoforov’s portrait of an anonymous young girl on a street with her dress raised to reveal a condensed scrawl of notes that had been written on her thighs before she took the entrance exam to a journalism course in Moscow State University. Khristoforov happened upon the girl in a park as she was writing on her legs ‘seated under trees near the statue of Mikhail Lomonosov, the greatest Russian scientist, who gave the name to the University’. She agreed to have her legs photographed under two conditions: that he take the picture after the examination and that she remain anonymous. He agreed and waited for an hour and a half for her to return. She passed the exam and was never found out.” (quoted from source)


based on this post … because I thoroughly enjoy @badhpideas


here’s my room now you can stalk it and map it out like you did for dan and phil