at the corner of the fire


names get carved in the red oak tree
of the ones who stay and the ones who leave

How I imagine the first klance kiss went down

“This was supposed to be a simple extraction mission!” Lance shouted and crouched down next to Keith “l doubt we’ll make it out of this unharmed, let alone the prisoners, you’re already useless” he huffed motioning to Keith’s injured leg.

“If you weren’t the only one to get us out of this mess, I would give you an injury to match mine” Keith growled

Lance glanced around the corner and imedeatly pulled his head back when heavy fire started bouncing off the walls near them. Lance turned towards Keith

“Do you trust me?” He asked Keith, who looked a little skeptical.


Lance was a little surprised by such a straightforward response. Since becoming his right hand he knew Keith valued his opinion, but had never heard him vocalize it.

“Alright here’s the plan, I’ll go ahead and clear the area, you cover my back. When I find an exit I’ll head back for you, should be easy for this sharpshooter” he winked to mask his nervousness. He made to get up but was stopped by keiths hand on his shoulder.

“You promise?” Keiths voice wavered a bit and Lance could see a shimmer of fear in his eyes, or maybe Keith’s eyes were reflecting his own fear.

“I promise”

“Good” Keith pulled on Lance’s shoulder bringing Lance closer and gently pressed their lips together. Lance tensed in suprise but quickly relaxed and melted into the kiss. As quickly as it had happened though, the kiss was over. Lance could feel his cheeks heat up as he looked into the purple eyes that were now really close to his own. His thoughts were jumbled and he could barely focus on one thing, except that he wanted more.

“Jesus Keith, what was that for?” Lance breathed. Keith smirked in a way that made lances heart skip a beat.

“Incentive” Then Keith pushed lance forward into the open. Lance smiled then gave Keith a quirky salute before running off. He would definitely be back.

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‘Ellenya tried to dissuade me. But she knows how much I like suede. No way, Elle! And I AM gonna wear my blue suede shoes tonight!’

Last time Bru paraded in the suede, we needed the fire brigade. It was at the arcade in Adelaide, the accolades rained in at first but when we joined the promenade, the suede betrayed us and dismayed us by slipping on the floor surface. Bru was conveyed like an ill-fated skater, limbs splayed in uncontrolled glissade escapade. The crowd were mislaid like skittles, cascading to the floor in the wake of the man-made suede crusade. Bru tried to evade the handmade candles displayed, but wick met brocade and the flames did invade. Are you sure I can’t persuade against the suede?

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The ant man? Yknow, the guy who sits in the corner of the tavern selling brief cases of illegal fire ants to gnomes for 500 gold pieces?

Everyone knows the ant man, they just try to pretend they don’t. They can tell he’s not exactly well off from the attire but that’s not what worries people; what worries them is that he seems to talk to the ants that are remaining at the end of the day in a scared and apologetic tone.

The village nut seems to think that the ants are minions of a dark god and that the ant man is being forced to spread a plague of evil. Pretty much everyone laughs it off as nonsense.

But maybe he’s right.

@guerrilla0perat0r tagged me a while back to write songs that made me fall in love with 10 bands.

Lungfish - Shed The World
Propagandhi - Dear Coaches Corner
Juno - Leave A Clean Camp and a Dead Fire
An Horse - Camp Out
Hot Cross - Better a Corpse Than a Nun
Fugazi - Ex Spectator
Braid - Forever Got Shorter
Cursed - The Void
Punch - Positively God Free
Poison The Well - Zombies Are Good For Your Health.

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We need to talk about Jaime

Okay, Game of Thrones. I gave you all season to convince me, and here we are.

All of Jaime Lannister’s story in Season 7 was complete and utter bullshit.

You cannot convince me or anyone else who read A Song of Ice and Fire that Jaime wouldn’t leave Cersei immediately for using WILDFIRE to blow up a big chunk of King’s Landing, the very thing he sacrificed his honor and reputation to prevent 17 years ago. In the books he has ALREADY left Cersei for far less! And what makes me truly angry is you didn’t even try to convince me. You just left him there, continuing to support Cersei without exploring the reasons why. Because you wanted to get one more season of Jaime with Cersei even though it makes no goddamn sense. Yes, he left Cersei in the finale, but only after seven episodes of inexplicably doing her bidding. 

Show, you know very well you have an extremely talented actor playing Jaime and you counted on him to carry this for you. You gave Jaime no motivation and no chance to explain himself, and left Nikolaj Coster Waldau to sell this for you. And to be fair, he sold the hell out of it! Give the man an Emmy for the sheer amount of WORK he had to put in to find some kind of consistent character in all this mess! 

But GOT, for whatever reason you didn’t want to do the work required to write this storyline. The scripts gave us no insight into Jaime whatsoever and you gave one of your best actors little to nothing to work with. You had Jaime in scenes with Cersei, Bronn, Olenna, Tyrion, and even Brienne and you never once had a coherent explanation for whatever he’s been going through, which viewers had to pretty much imagine for themselves because you didn’t bother to write one. Nik invested his scenes with a lot of emotion and pain and depth that he had to act entirely alone because they wouldn’t let Jaime TALK to anybody. He kind of makes it work, but the writing pretty much hung him out to dry. 

GOT, you really stopped writing a personality for Jaime years ago and what you made him do in Season 7 could have destroyed the character. If you had just offered some kind of explanation, explicitly, for why he would both stand by Cersei and hate everything she was doing at the same time, you might have been able to salvage this. But even in his last scene, it was hard to understand his motives - why now? why not before? why is this the last straw when Tommen wasn’t? I can come up with reasons why it played this way that the show never bothered to mention, but why the hell didn’t you mention it? I don’t know if you couldn’t find a way to fit it all in or just handwaved that you needed to keep Jaime in King’s Landing because you needed another Finale surprise or you didn’t know what else to do with him so he had to stay in holding pattern yet another season. Maybe you just didn’t bother thinking about it too hard because Jaime’s not a priority to you on this show. But I’m really pissed off about it. Jaime is one of my favorite characters in the books and he is nowhere to be found on Game of Thrones. What a waste.

And let’s talk about Brienne for a minute, while we’re talking about doing the work. How did you get Brienne from “oaths and honor” to “fuck loyalty”? I can think of ways to do it, the fans can headcanon how she got there, but you never actually put the character through that process. You just kind of dumped her there and let Gwendoline Christie do her thing to make it convincing. It’s so fucking infuriating because Brienne has an ACTUAL STORY ARC in the books that could convincingly sell that characterization, but you skipped the actual story to make her say the line you needed! Meanwhile Brienne got about 5 lines of dialogue this entire season and mostly propped up the scenery in other characters storylines. What a waste. What an absolute waste.

The fact is you have two incredibly talented actors with great chemistry together who are completely wasted on this show, because the writers are fucking lazy. They don’t do character work anymore, they are just steering us from one spectacle to another. And I think in the case of Jaime and Brienne they KNOW the actors are good and that the viewers love them together and they count on that to carry things that the writers didn’t devote any effort to. The only exchange we got between Jaime and Brienne in Episode 7 was a travesty, writing-wise. Nik and Gwen made it work because they’re that fucking good, but show, I’m gonna need you to give them some ACTUAL MATERIAL that wasn’t written in crayon on a cocktail napkin ten minutes before shooting, okay? 

We have six episodes left, and I want you to prioritize getting this right. Maybe you don’t care about the book readers and our hopes for the show, but if you actually love the books, you owe it to them to fix this. What makes ASOIAF great is the characters, dammit. If you don’t know what to do with Jaime Lannister, for the love of god go ask George R. R. Martin. For real. Because you’ve got a lot of work to do.

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Okay but lemme hit u with this one.

I’ve seen a lot of really sad posts about the IPRE crew dying early in the year, who dies and what a difference it makes, all tearjerkers of course. What if one year on the last day, Magnus was like “yknow I’ve always wanted to try something.”

While they’re running from the hunger and the ship is blasting away from the planet say, somewhere near the 20 year range, Magnus is nowhere to be found on the ship. They cleared the hunger and they know they’ll be at the next year turn soon, so everything will reset in about 60 seconds.

20 seconds left, Magnus runs into the control room holding a cactus with a pot and needle-like spines, picked up on the crazy plant-currency based world or something, and gets everyone’s attention. He says, “I’ve always wanted to try this,” and just fuckin,, grabs the whole damn thing, bare ass hands right into it.

Magnus jumps in pain- but it’s cut short as the whole crew resets. No needles in his hand and a black eye, he starts to giggle in triumph. The whole crew is just, staring at him in awe and weird fascination, Taako just snickers in the corner already knowing what the fuck is up.

“Magnus what the FUCK was that?” Lup asks with this crazy, breathy sort of laugh having just watched her friend do something so fuckin whack that she was impressed. He managed to find a way around his impulse control, learning how to dodge pain but still get his questions answered.

After that, it’s just new quest after new impulse at the end of every year. After Magnus in his second year of this decided to swallow a really big rock, Lup went next. She fired off a powerful fireball at her left hand, searing the flesh and leaving a bad smell only seconds later for it to reset in the new plane. She claims now she knows how it is on the receiving end, & that fools don’t play with that shit.

Eventually, the rest of the crew are doing some dumb shit while Davenport steers the ship away. Merle always wanted to be choked out by a vine (‘kinky’ Taako whispers to Lup), Lucretia wanted to stab her hand with a pen before she accidentally did it on a mission, Taako decided to cut his long hair off (how would a pixie look LuLu?) and Barry wanted to drink a flask full of acid. They get really disappointed if they die before the years end impulse-party, where they have to hold off on that thing that may/ may not kill them for another whole year.

Eventually, after having been through so many situations of either joy, annoyance, agony, terror, or happiness, they know exactly which form of death would be the least pleasant, as tailored by their own experiences and worst fears. Some of them are easy, Barry is afraid of drowning, Magnus is terrified of being pulled apart slowly, Lucretia is scared of dying alone in the dark. Merle doesn’t gain a ‘preference’, as he ends up dying at the hands of John most of the time. Taako is claustrophobic and Lup hates heights and falling deaths, though she gets over that when she gains her lich form. Davenport fears failure, but the whole team already knew that despite him never having done a single end of year impulse test.

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Prompts: @hedwig4evr (lucky number one! <3)
Author: @queenofthyme

Draco walked into the eighth year common room with his head downcast as always. He spoke to no-one. No-one spoke to him. 

He was making a beeline for his favourite armchair right by the fire - it was always empty, everyone knew it was his - when he heard it. Laughter. 

He knew exactly whose laughter and exactly where from. There was no need to look up. But as always, he did.

Harry Potter and his friends, Weasley and Granger, were in their usual spots on the widest, comfiest couch in the room, tucked into a corner by the dormitory stairs. They were all laughing, Potter the loudest of all, while taking turns to grab at the golden snitch zooming above their heads. 

Potter had beaten Draco in the Gryffindor vs Slytherin Quidditch match in the morning. Again. Draco had been training constantly - it’s not like he had much else to do, or anyone else to hang out with - and yet he had still been defeated. It was disheartening. He wondered whether he should just give up on Quidditch. Maybe on Hogwarts too. It’s not like anyone wanted him here.

He was still staring when Potter looked up, his eyes falling on Draco’s. Draco quickly turned his head - making it more obvious he’d been staring - and continued on towards his chair. It was no couch, but it would do.

“Malfoy!” Potter’s voice called out behind him. 

Draco hesitated before turning back. He didn’t want to look too eager. Potter probably just wanted to gloat about the match. 

But when he finally did turn to Potter, the git was already laughing again with his friends again, paying no mind to Draco. 

Draco stomped over, feeling very much like a dog called by his owner. He didn’t like it. He crossed his arms and stared down at the three Gryffindors. 

Potter stood up, the snitch following his movements. He held out a hand. Draco stared at it. 

“Good game, ” Potter said.

Weasley and Granger had stopped laughing. Everything was silent. Draco kept staring at Potter’s hand. It was shaking a little. 

Just when Potter looked like he was about to drop his hand, Draco shot out his own and caught it in a firm shake. Potter’s hand was clammy. 

Potter smiled, as broad as his face. “You flew brilliantly today. It made me nervous.”

“You always fly well,” Malfoy said in return. It came out sounding forced but he meant it. 

“Thanks.” Potter, unlike Draco, had no problem sounding genuine. 

They stood there silently for no longer than a beat but it seemed a very slow, awkward one. Draco nodded politely and moved to walk away. 

“Wait,” Potter called out, louder than required. 

Draco paused. “Yes?”

Another silence. Draco supposed the laughter would start up again as soon he left. His presence seemed to bring everything down. 

As there didn’t seem to any further words coming out of Potter’s mouth, Draco was left to stand there awkwardly. His eyes were drawn to the golden snitch fluttering by Potter’s ear. It was hardly moving now. He could easily reach out and take it. 

So he did. Or at least he tried. The snitch seemed to know he was coming and zoomed to the side at the last millisecond. Draco tried again, the snitch few away. Frustrated, he reached out with both hands, but only continue to grasp air. 

He heard Weasley snigger. His face reddened. He looked like an idiot now. His only saving grace was to actually catch the damn snitch. So he tried again. Nothing. 

Granger was soon laughing too and Draco grew angry. He didn’t like being made the fool. Especially not by the perfect golden trio. 

One last time, he told himself. But once again, his hands closed over nothing, the wings of the snitch just grazing his fingers, always out of reach. 

That’s when the sound hit him: Potter’s laughter. Except this time he was right here with him and not only that, Draco was causing it. And it didn’t sound cruel, or mocking. It didn’t sound like Potter was laughing at him at all. No, it was bubbly and bright and basically what Draco imagined sunshine to sound like. 

Draco dropped his gaze to take in Potter’s face. It really was a sight when he laughed - full and joyful and pure. Draco never wanted to look away. 

His anger had faded, almost as soon as Potter had started laughing, but now Draco’s face was red for another reason entirely. He needed to stop looking at Potter immediately. But he couldn’t. 

When Potter stopped laughing, he seemed to finally find his words from earlier. “You should sit with us.”

Draco blinked. Sit at Potter’s couch? With Granger and Weasley? Surely that’s not what he meant. 

Weasley seemed to have the same though because he blurted out, “What?”

Granger shushed him. 

Draco just stared at Potter. He had no idea how to respond to such a suggestion. He wanted to ask why but the words never came out. Potter seemed to understand regardless.

He leaned in to Draco, close enough that Draco could smell his shampoo, and whispered: “I think you need a laugh.”

Draco agreed.

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