at the borders of science and art

“The Phantomhive Family Crest” (Heraldry/Coat of Arms)

Heraldry is a fusion of science and art that deals with the use of hereditary symbols as a display of distinguishing a certain individual, family or a community. The coat of arms is an heraldic achievement which consists of shield, supporters, crest and motto, and has respective meanings.

We would like to introduce the anatomy of the Phantomhive Family Crest. (See the image)

-Potentia Regere (in latin word it means power to rule)
-Eagle (In action, the high and impotant matters is considered. Intellectual, ingenuity, reaprtee and quick comprehension)
-Eagle Two Headed (Conjoining of two forces.
-Eagle Wings Spread (Protection)
- Shield (Defender of the border)
- Key (Guradianship/dominion)
-Crown (Victory and sovereignity.) A symbol of success

© Kuroshitsuji; Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX Co.

college!AU Taehyung
  • major: mechanical engineering 
  • minor: geophysics 
  • sports: he’s not in any on-campus sports teams, but he professionally skateboards 
  • clubs: engineers without borders, arts & crafts club 
  • taehyung got into engineering through building robots as a kid in high school and also once trying to strap extra engines onto his bike to see if it would go faster, basically he’s been into building things and science since forever so that’s why he’s perfect for mechanical engineering
  • he sorta despises all the math that goes into it, but he has a skill for drawing up plans and numbers is just a part of it that he has to battle through even though he basically died while taking multivariable calculus and kept crying into his textbook while jin and jimin patted him on the back and yoongi was just like “you shouldn’t have taken engineering if you don’t like math” and taehyung was like thE math sucKS but the cool stuff i GEt to build in lab is so FUN HYUNG 
  • but classes like designing informative devices, heat transfer, and his uttermost favorite: mechanical design lab are just where taehyung let’s his imaginative mind go to work
  • and whenever he like purposes an idea everyone is like “what? that will never work, scientifically it’s impossible!” but taehyung never takes ‘impossible’ for an answer and he just stays up for like four days straight doing the calculations and drawing up the plans and reading through books upon books and manuals upon manual until he finds a way to make his idea work
  • and then in lab everyone is just like hOLY shit he did it and taehyung, with like slightly messy hair and bags under his eyes and jittery hands from too much coffee is still so damn excited because i TOLD YOU i COULD DO IT 
  • and then he like crashes to sleep for three days straight and not even in his room in like namjoon’s room and namjoon is like this isn’t your dorm tae…..and taehyung sleep talking is like: if y=mx+b then that’ll be this much in kelvin temp and;…..basically a bunch of science and math nonsense 
  • his minor in geophysics is solely based on his obsession with volcanoes and magma and basically the physical phenomena of electricity and radioactivity and when he went abroad for engineers without borders he basically begged to get sent to Guatemala mostly because he wanted to do good work there but it’s also the home of Santa Maria one of the most active volcanoes in the world and he hAD to see it himself 
  • he’s basically a big, curious kid whose fascination with machines and science and the earth producing cool as hell phenomenon never went away and he hopes to like make a career out of it??
  • but also on the side he’s a pro-skater and competes in like local and even sometimes nationwide competitions and he’s cute he has like stickers that say ‘engineer 4 lyfe’ on his skateboard and like a sticker of an erupting volcano
  • and most people are like “oh you skate for fun?” and taehyung with like three hundred medals and awards behind his bed he’s like “yeah!!! i do it cuz it’s fun!!!”
  • and you actually meet because of taehyung’s skateboarding see you’re making your way to class with a huge stack of books and taehyung has his headphones in and he’s listening to a lecture on like thermodynamics and for a split second he doesn’t pay attention and you can’t really see where you’re going and basically a huge crash happens and ,,,, all your books are thrown into the air and taehyung like wobbles backwards and his board goes like out beneath his feet and you also fall backwards
  • and it’s just a MESS 
  • and honestly taehyung tries to rush to your aid because he’s a nice boy you know also he feels bad because your books are scattered just about everywhere and he’s like ?!??!?! are you ok??!?!?!?
  • and you’re fine thankfully you fell onto like the grassy part of the quad but taehyung slammed down onto the pavement park and you can see a slight cut on the side of his calf and you’re like !!! “you’re leg!!!” and he’s like my what?
  • and you like scramble to get your backpack off your shoulders and you pull out this little emergency first aid and you like fumble a bit with a bandage and taehyung is like “hey, hey it’s totally ok, hey listen to me-”
  • but you’re just like SHH and you disinfect the cut and put the bandage on and taehyung is like 
  • looking down on it and he’s like 
  • “did you just put a hello kitty bandage on me?”
  • and you’re like “listen.”
  • but taehyung like twists his leg this way and that and he’s like “you know, i like it!”
  • and for the first time you like focus on his face and ok what the heck he’s adorable with his hair all in his face and like a cute smile and you’re just like ,,,,,, he’s got such pretty and kind eyes,,
  • and he’s like dressed really haphazardly but it like works?? he’s got like cut off denim shorts with holes in them, old beat up vans, and this like boat necked white t-shirt with a flannel tied around his hips and a dingy old dad looking baseball cap turned backwards on his head
  • but like ok he just has the nicest vibe coming from him??/
  • and he even helps to like gather your books and then he like runs after his board and you see the volcano stickers and you’re like ??? what no way he’s a science major???
  • and you wish you could have asked but he looks at his phone and he’s like fRICK class started ten minutes ago see ya later hello kitty sticker person and he like skates away like nothing happened
  • and you’re standing there with your books like FIRSt of all hello kitty sticker person shouldn’t be as endearing as it seems coming from him,,,,but it is. It Is.
  • and that isn’t the last time you hear ‘hello kitty sticker person’
  • taehyung calls that from across the campus lunchroom where he sees you with your pile of books later on in the day and he like bounces over with his board under his arm and a tray of food in the other
  • and he just sits himself down across you, one leg up on the chair beside him as he shoves rice into his mouth messily and is like “sup?”
  • and you’re kinda like ,,,,,,,,,,ok i guess this is normal we don’t even know each other’s names but by the way taehyung presents himself you don’t really think he’s the type to care about the casualties of making friends, he’s just a people person
  • and you’re like “not much, i have to return these but the library doesn’t open back up till 3 so….”
  • taehyung like nods at you and he’s like “if you wanna kill some time, wanna come skate with me?” and you’re like hA i can’t skate also what am i gonna do with this leaning tower of books and he’s like “i can help you carry some, and i can teach you. my labs at like 4:30 so i got nothing to do either”
  • and you’re kind of flattered that he’s offering but you’re also like ,,,,, don’t overthink it he’s probably just looking for someone to like he says “kill time” with
  • so you’re like “you know i don’t know-” but taehyung’s like leaning over, stealing some meat from your own tray to pop into his mouth like you two have been bestfriends for 5000 years and he’s like “it’s like 1:30 now, we can drop your books off at my dorm and then i can teach you some basics. unless you gotta study or something?”
  • and for some reason you remember that isn’t he a science major and you’re like “shouldn’t you be studying? you’re a SCIENCE major” and he’s like “mechanical engineering” with a super proud smile as he like keeps chewing and shrugs and is like “that comes naturally to me” and you’re just looking at him like is this kid for real
  • and he’s just like “soooOOOo you gonna skate with me or not? it’ll be fun, i promise~”
  • and somehow you don’t know why maybe it’s his super duper cute face that you fall weak to you agree and taehyungs like COOL! grabs both your trays and kicks up his board into his free hand and he’s like grab your books c’mon
  • and you drop off your books in his dorm that he shares with this nice nursing major jimin who when he sees you is like “is taehyung taking you skating?” and you’re like “yeah! why?” and jimin just gives you a smile and winks @ taehyung and you’re like ???? and taehyung is like jimin shuttup or else ill throw this week old ham and cheese sandwich at you and jimin is like gtg 
  • and you’re kind of shy,,,to be in his dorm like you’ve known him for a collective 45 minutes but he’s so free and open and he’s like throw your books on my bed and you see that his walls are covered with like medals for skating competitions and like customized boards are up on his wall and his desk is a mess of textbooks, manuals, and like drawn up plans for these cool looking machines and like you have so much to ask him but taehyung’s like let’s go! as soon as your books are on the bed 
  • and you like follow him to this abandoned parking lot not far away from campus and you’re like “isn’t there a skate park somewhere around??” and taehyung’s like “yeah, but you’re a beginner what would you be doing in a skate park?” and you’re like “hey, i told you im not interested in-” but taehyung is like here’s a helmet put it on and you’re like when do you pick this up 
  • and he’s like everyone’s always so scared of skateboarding, but it’s fun you’re gonna love it i promise and it’ll be a good way to waste an hour and a half
  • and you don’t know how much you trust him but when he puts the board down in front of you and offers his hand out to hold you steady your heartbeat increases and you’re just like ,,,fine ill try
  • and you know he’s right, it is fun!! it’s scary but taehyung never lets your hand go and ten minutes in you’re both laughing like fools and taehyung is steadily helping you move across the parking lot and under the sun when you see him smile how it reflects in the light and how he’s so handsome 
  • like you can’t help but fall a little deeper and want to know so much more about him
  • that when time is up and he’s like let’s go get your books and im gonna start heading off to lab you don’t want him to leave and instinctively you grab a hold of his flannel before he turns and he’s like hm??/
  • and you’re just kinda like “can i see you again? taehyung, right?” and he gets this smile thats a little goofy but also a little hard to read and he’s like “i donT knoW can YOU~~~”  and you’re like akhfgf TaehyUNG and he’s like ofc you can here’s my number and he like gets a pen out of the back pocket of his shorts and scribbles the numbers down on the bookmark in one of your books and he’s like “see you later” and does like the thing skaters do the like two finger wave thing you know what im talking about 
  • and like the next time you two see each other its because you call him to maybe give you another skating lesson and he’s like sure where are you and you’re like “oh im doing laundry in the campus laundromat ill be done-” but he’s like “it’s fine ill come over now!”
  • and you’re like ‘oh ok- wait what?” but it’s too late. he’s already on his way
  • and when he gets to you you’re like !!! im not even done drying yet and he just climbs up to sit on one of the machines and takes like a candy bar out of his pocket and is like “it’s cool i can wait with you here and we can skate when you’re done, so what’s up?”
  • and you learn fast that taehyung isn’t one for dull conversations like it’s never a “the weathers nice” “i had a hard exam the other day” kind of topics he asks  the most intriguing, sometimes even personal questions and like if anyone else even tried to approach you with that kind of questions you’d freak out but with him….it feels safe
  • like he’ll hold onto your secrets forever so somehow over a period of time you and taehyung open up to each other like neither of you has to anyone before
  • and you learn that as much as he loves engineering he hates the way people associate him with laziness and some kind of unhealthy lifestyle because of the way he dresses and because he likes to skate and you tell him about all the shortcomings you’ve experienced with college too
  • and you become a frequent guest over at taehyung and jimins dorm because taehyung is always like “come over, come look at my new plans!!” and you don’t know half of the terms he’s using but you love seeing him get so excited about science
  • and one day you guys are out late at night because taehyung also enjoys making you go get snacks with him at like 4 am from the corner groceries off campus 
  • and taehyung is telling you about how radioactive decay works when he suddenly stops and is like “hey there’s something i don’t really know the answer to” and you’re like snorting over your ice-cream like “yeah, what is that?” and he just looks at you and he’s like
  • “i don’t know why the hell i always want to kiss you.”
  • and you’re like “oh that’s- what?” and you meet his eyes and taehyung lowers his own ice cream and is like “can i try it? once? i want to know, but if you say no…..”
  • and you’re like ok to hell with this ice-cream as you toss it to the side and wrap your arms around taehyungs neck and he’s like oh oh ok we are doing this and like
  • it’s the most ???? interesting???? first kiss you’ve had with anyone but it’s somehow still romantic with like the night breeze and taehyung’s soft touch against your cheek and like before he walks you home he shrugs off this big hoodie he has on and lets you have it for the night and oh my god you two cuties think about kissing each other even once you’re separated
  • like it’s so cute jimin wakes up to taehyung over pouring coffee into his cup because he got caught up thinking of your lips and ok it’s the beginning to something aDORABLE
  • so you and taehyung meet up at the parking lot for another skate lesson but this time taehyung is slightly more cautious about touching you or holding your waist and you’re like is something wrong??? and he’s like 
  • well he’s like “there’s this small local competition for skaters happening later tonight, do you want to come with me?” and you’re like oh sure!! and he’s like “it’s gonna be a lot of skaters so it might be awkward, but - it’d be nice if you cheered me on….” and you kinda blush because alksgjdfemfw but you’re like ofc ill come
  • taehyung picks you up at around like 7pm and the competition starts at like 9 so you guys take the train into the city and it’s cute taehyung like holds you close against him when the train gets crowded and you guys share like a quick snack and like once you get to the park where it’s being held everyone is like taehyung!!! and he’s so popular and everyones like fawning over him and trying to get his attention
  • and you’re not surprised taehyung is an amazing person it’s cool that he has so much recognition and like right before it’s his turn he like leans in and kisses you really fast and winks like “it’s for good luck!!” and ofc he ends up winning and everyones like taehyung let’s go get drinks and party but he’s like ahh maybe another time!! and like wraps his arm around you and is like “well, did i do well?” and you’re like “ you won!!!” and he’s like “YEAH but DId i LOOK cOOL?” and you’re like giggling like yes yes you did!!
  • and you look up to see taehyung like watching you and instead of the usual boyish charm and sunny smile, he’s got a more serious even kind of mysterious far off look in his eye and he leans in closer to you and is like placing his lips on your neck and you’re like taehyung…? but he just bites a little into your shoulder and you’re like oh! o ..h…
  • and taehyung is like we should get back to the dorm shouldn’t we? but you’re like there’s a little alley next to this park and the wall will suffice and he’s like are you su- but you’re back to kissing him
  • and taehyung like lifts your legs around his waist and just continues to let his mouth wander downwards
  • and if it wasn’t for the fact that you were on cloud nine with the feeling of his soft lips on you you would have been like taehyung we’re still technically in public but like no one is gonna see
  • and taehyung’s shirt can easily be unbuttoned it’s no big deal and you’re wearing something lite because it’s hot out so like 
  • you get my drift you know where im going 
  • and when taehyung notices you’re a little tired after he’s like ill piggyback you to the train and you’re like thanking him but he’s also like do you think i can piggyback you AND skate at the same time and you’re like taehyung pls don’t try to kill us both
  • but yeah you get to the dorms and you don’t want to let go of taehyung so you two just collapse in his bed together and it’s so soft
  • jimin wakes up in the morning to see you walking around the place in taehyung’s big ripped up shirt and taehyung is like asleep with very prominent marks on his neck and messy hair and jimin’s like
  • thank god i have an early morning shift at the hospital and he zooms out of there
  • but you and taehyung are like the most endearing couple he like skates from lab to your classes to meet up with you 
  • and you always make sure taehyung isn’t late to any of his math lectures even though you know he hates them and he makes you give him a shit ton of kisses before going inside so he can brave this horrible course
  • you get taehyung a custom board made that has like an engraving of Santa Maria on it and he gets so hype about it he won’t stop showing it off to EveryONe even jimin whose like ‘ive seen it a hundred times we dorm together’ and taehyung is like ‘look AT it ITS Great’
  • and anytime you hear someone say something about taehyung being in the engineering program you just talk really loud about how SMART and HANDSOME your BOYFRIEND TAEHYUNG A MECHANICAL ENGINEER MAJOR is and you’re not shy to be like his number one supporter 
  • taehyung picking you up into his arms and like skating you to one of your classes and you’re like kinda half screaming like taEHYuNG nO this i S DANgerous and you like hide your face in his shoulder and he’s like “don’t worry!!! my balance is gr8!!!”
  • took you to one of his arts & crafts club meetings so you two could make couple bracelets for each other and it was so cute everyone in the club was just like you two cuties look at you and you and taehyung just grew so red hehehe
  • also just imagine getting to wear all his big loose comfy clothes like what an a+ addition honestly WOO
  • kissing a sleepy taehyungs forehead when you come over and see him knocked out over one of his new plans for lab and you’re just so proud of him he’s so cute and hardworking !!!!

find namjoon’s ver (here), jimin’s ver (here)
find vixx college!au (here)
and please look forward to the rest of college!bts soon~ 

Mexican boxer Ray Beltran fights for title shot and green card

LOS ANGELES – Ray Beltran has been through the same struggle endured by countless others seeking to gain a United States green card, the same grueling battle through red tape and paperwork and the same nervous waiting game.

Yet Beltran’s experience is different to the millions who have entered the U.S. illegally in that his long journey may end with an actual fight.

“This fight is the key,” Beltran, a wiry lightweight, says, as sweat beads trickle down a tattoo honoring his family name stretched along his back. “It is the key to everything.”

The fight he is referring to is Saturday against Jonathan Maicelo in an IBF world title eliminator at Madison Square Garden in New York. Win, and the 35-year-old will not only be entitled to a crack at the belt, but also, according to his immigration attorneys, be essentially guaranteed permanent resident status.

​“(In boxing), the green card process is unique,” says Beltran’s manager, Steve Feder. “You have to prove yourself unique to anyone else, not just in the world but within the sport itself, you have to be a great fighter among great fighters. It is twice as hard. It is not about how long you have been here, if you pay your taxes, it is nothing to do with that.”

Getting an EB-1 green card requires proof of “exceptional ability” in a particular field, be it sports, music, or arts and sciences. Beltran’s long career, 41 bouts over nearly 18 years, supports his case a little, as do letters from major boxing network and sanctioning officials. However, nothing will boost his chances like a victory and a chance at the title.

Happy birthday Georges-Pierre Seurat!

Some say they see poetry in my paintings,” Seurat wrote. “I see only science.” Born on this day in 1859, Seurat developed his own painting method called Divisionism, by applying unmixed paints to the canvas and leaving it to the viewer’s eye to mix the colors optically. His painting, Grandcamp, Evening, is on view on the 5th floor.

[Georges-Pierre Seurat. Grandcamp, Evening. 1885, painted border c. 1888-89. Oil on canvas. Estate of John Hay Whitney]

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #815 : Selkirk, Borders © Ian Sarjeant :

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #815 : Selkirk, Borders © Ian Sarjeant :

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Natal Moon in Scorpio - Lunar Hollows

Natal Moon in Scorpio people have a hyper receptive Moon antennae that perceives the signals of whatever lunar current is circulating. Their natural hypnotic expression and profound intuition swiftly garners the emotional sentiments, motivations and deception of surrounding personalities. The Lunar Scorpio is disinterested in superficiality and penetrates to the mysterious and hidden depth of situations, people and subjects of fascination with fierce concentration and focus. Their natural instincts for survival thrust them into solitude for days on end with intense periods of introspection and personal reflection. Lunar Scorpio dreams are inflamed with arduous passion and exhaustive heart powder. Anything that fails to surge their emotional pulse is immediately discarded. Their soul energy and lifeblood conjures through transforming trauma into sacred power.

Lunar Scorpio people are at hostage to a volatile mood base. Grandiose euphoria is coupled with devastating and self contemptuous lows, and too much time around people can turn their brainwaves to static. The individual may express as reserved and guarded in social situations but struggle to attenuate his hostile emotional undercurrents around his closest friends and family. During times of severe emotional upheaval, the individual dearly relishes his privacy and entertains ideas and conspiracies that may border on delusional or destructive. The themes around life, death, eternal consciousness, occultism, sciences, symoblism, art and the macabre typically remain lifelong fascinations spiraled to the core through tremendous focus, invisible intimacy, and acute interpersonal insight. The individual is a natural psychologist who reads his company like an open spell book.   

The Moon during the Scorpio phase illuminates the shadow aspect of the psyche and transports us to unconscious jewels and redemption. The individual with the Moon in Scorpio typically possesses tremendous photographic memory and an easy mental replay of childhood events. Leftover imprints from childhood where they feel their needs were unmet may repeat themselves through the type of people the individual attracts. They never forget a face, never forget a favor, and in the same regard, never forget a personal injustice or experience. The bonding of astral states through relationships tends to be a forceful motivator, and the individual may unconsciously seduce individuals that force them through potent personality overhauls. They measure time not by months and days but through the shedding skin of previous selves that become torn down and rebuilt through constant transformation. Everything here is intense - from love, to nostalgia, relationships and indwelling desires that ferociously erupt to the surface. Lunar Scorpios sleep behind the eyes of the rabbit in the Moon, silently soaking up the emotional tidal waves and desperate longings of the sea below.

Music by Nouvelle Vague - The Killing Moon

Sherlock Holmes as a potential “deviant” in canon

The first words he is described with: “queer”, “bizarre”, “eccentric” (A Study in Scarlet). “Queer” is what the Marquess of Queensberry called Lord Alfred Douglas, his son and Oscar Wilde’s lover (i.e. not a “new” word). 

Here, Watson has known Holmes for a few weeks: “My companion flushed up with pleasure at my words, and the earnest way in which I uttered them. I had already observed that he was as sensitive to flattery on the score of his art as any girl could be of her beauty.” (A Study in Scarlet) 

In the beginning, Watson says that Holmes’ walks “appeared to take him to the lowest portions of the city” – this is the 19th century, and this is Dr Watson writing… (A Study in Scarlet).

Watson also has the impression that Holmes has “some strong reasons for not alluding to” why he does this – which, considering the terms of the Labouchere Amendment, is perfectly reasonable (A Study in Scarlet).

He considers the science of deduction as an art and is himself a musician (A Study in Scarlet) – Let it only be said that another literary virtuoso was Dorian Gray.

Holmes once says “To the man who loves art for its own sake, it is frequently in its least important and lowliest manifestations that the keenest pleasure can be derived” (Cooper Breeches) – an aphorism worthy of Oscar Wilde.

He is a drug addict or at least bordering on addiction (The Sign of Four) until Watson saves him from his addiction (Missing Three-Quarter) – drug use was associated with homosexuality (being at home or in some other closed place with only one’s imagination (passivity) as opposed to being the one who works for his family (activity)). (Don’t ask. I actually researched this topic for weeks. Most of what people was both sad and hilarious.) 

He has the for a Victorian man rather untypical traits of being theatrical (The Hound of the Baskervilles) and a very fine actor (A Scandal in Bohemia).

Holmes says that “women” are not “an attraction” to him (Lion’s Mane).

Watson speaks of Holmes’s "aversion to women" (Greek Interpreter) and says that he “disliked and distrusted the sex” (Dying Detective)

And not only Watson knows this perfectly well. Somebody says to Holmes “If you loved a woman…” (Devil’s Foot) - Implication: it’s common knowledge he doesn’t.

And if anything on this list seems discriminatory: I’m very sorry but that’s what 19th-century cliches were like. As is my wording. I had to fit in the word “deviant” somewhere. (Personal joke…) (NO need to know.) ;) 

anonymous asked:

What type of student would the 2p Axis and Allies be also what would be their favorite subject?

((Omfg that’s so weird! I wrote something about that not too long ago for the 1P! Hetalia Axis and Allies XD Weird! Although, i’m sure the 2P!Hetalia crew would me much different, so allow me to fulfill your desires~! :D))

Scenario: *How the 2P’s would be in school*

2P!America: “The Jerky-Jock”; he gets all of the chicks, despite the fact that everyone knows he’s trouble, and is just about proficient in any/all sports available. The school’s MVP that gets out of most trouble (including the ranks he pulls with his brother) because of how valuable he is to the school’s athletic proficiency.

His favorite subject is Physical Education, and his least favorite is History; because who would need to know about any other nation besides good ol’ MURICA’!

2P!England: “The Generous”; you know that one kid that always has snacks in class, but no one calls out because they all know he’d share if you asked? That’s him. He loves sharing what he can, whether it’s his food or his notes for class. Nobody expects him to be anything but nice, but believe me this guy has a nasty side if you cross a line.

His favorite subject is Home Economics, and his least favorite is World Language; whether it’s French, Spanish, or German, they all bring back some pretty sour memories for him >:P

2P!France: “The Asshole”; that one kid in class who just can’t be described in any sort of way…he’s judgmental, hard to work with, makes mean comments, and has all other sorts of tendencies that characterize him as a mean ol’ guy. No matter how good/bad he’s doing in the class, he treats it all like he couldn’t care less.

His favorite subject is World Language (French); and his least favorite subject is Math….because fuck that shit-

2P!Russia: “The Brainiac”; he’s proficient in just about all subjects and isn’t afraid to show it. He’s all Honors classes, has a 4.0 GPA, and is the kind of smart kid that isn’t interested in sharing their talents with others. After all, they only want them for their notes, so why should they? If they were in school for any sort of reason, they should have the motivation to do their best and do what’s necessary! Besides, he’s more proficient on his own.

His favorite subject is Science, and his least favorite subject is Art. He’s just not a creative person! He doesn’t have much of any sort of imagination…

2P!China: “Ladies’ Man~”; seemingly his only aim throughout the entire schoolyear was to have the most amount of exes out of everybody! He had a new date every other day, and his schoolwork was only barely bordering on a D+ average. It’s not like he can’t do better, everyone knows he can if he really wanted to…but he just doesn't want to XD

His favorite subject is World Language(Mandarin); his least favorite subject is Physical Education….his talent lies in his ability to pick up chicks, not his ability to do 30+ push-ups in under a minute. He prefers to sit out on the bleachers and watch or text bae or something-

2P!Canada: “School Jokester”; exactly as the name implies, hes the prankster of the school! It’s come to the point where if even the slightest thing seems out of place or suspicious, everyone kind of just oddly looks at him, as if expecting a confession or reaction (regardless of whether or not he actually did it) Teaming up with the school jock, his brother Allen, they dominate the school’s pranking. 

His favorite subject is World Literature, and his least favorite is biology, because mAN DISSECTING ANIMALS ISN’T OKAY-!

2P!Prussia: “The Shy Guy”; again, exactly as the name implies, Gilen is the one shy kid that, while he dos have friends, new people aren’t very eager to socialize with him because of the awkwardness of dealing with a,well, socially-awkward person. H’e nice, respectful, and a well-behaved student, but lacks the social skills necessary to get better grades on group/partner projects.

His favorite subject is Creative Writing, but his least favorite is Public Speaking, for obvious reasons.

2P!Romano: “That Girly Guy”; he’s that one guy with more girl friends than guy friends; so much so that people often make assumptions about his sexuality (regardless of what it actually is). He’s a guy who enjoys looking nice and talking with girls, than he is someone who would talk about sports and whatever else dudes talk about, is that so wrong?

His favorite subject is Drama, and his least favorite subject is Algebra because fUCKING LETTERS AND NUMBERS SHOULD NOT BE TOGETHER IN MATH!

2P!Spain: “Loner”; maybe having one or two okay friends at maximum, his guy is silent and prefers to work alone. he also isn’t very afraid to show it. Unlike “The Shy Guy”, he purposefully forces people away from him so that he can have his personal space and enjoy solitude in….solitude XD

His favorite subject is World Language (Spanish), and his least favorite subject is economics, because that stuff is just really confusing and extensive and- gAH! Can’t they just each us how to balance a checkbook and get it over with?

2P!Germany: “Pervert”; unlike the other archetypes affiliated with girls around the school, the pervert isn’t proficient in his ability to pick up girls. In fact, the pervert is notorious for his capability to,in fact, wound up chasing away girls as a result fo his efforts. Regardless of how enjoyable or likable his personality may/may not be, he never seems to express himself in a light that’s appealing to the single female.

His favorite subject is Criminology, and his least favorite is World Literature, because bOOOOOORIIIIIIIING!

2P!Japan: “Otaku”; as opposed to being known for something school-related, Kuro is an otaku that is instead known for his affiliation with products of the Japanese entertainment industry; whether it’s authentic video games, anime, manga, etc. If anyeone is interested in any of the above, they come to the guru of the school for advice, teachings, and recommendation as to which games or anime or manga is good for which interests/people/etc.

His favorite subject is Art, and his least favorite subject is Geography, because goddammit, the world’s so large, how is anybody expected to memorize such large quantities of small/medium/large countries all around!?

2P!Italy: “King of the School”; this guy runs the school,and he’s loving it. Like the brainiac, he is proficient in a plethora of subjects. Like the Girly Guy, he has quite a few female friends, as well as male friends. Like the Jock, he has a knack for athletics and plays a role in a lot fo the school’s….everything. He runs the school, knowing just about anything/everything about anyone/everyone. He has so much charisma, respect, and maturity that even teachers find themselves victim of his persuasive words. It’s not like he asked to be as perfect as he was, but, despite that, he isn’t going to let all fo his talents go to waste.

His favorite subject is Physical Education, and he doesn’t really have a least favorite subject. They’re all pretty okay, in his opinion.

((Luciano running my school would be a terrifying thing XD But then again, associating myself with the rest of the 2P’s would be pretty damn awesome~! Thanks for the request, anon! I enjoyed it, and i hope everyone else enjoyed it too?))

theillustriouskid  asked:

so i'm in a poetry class filled with very pretentious sounding people and all i can think of is science type major Stiles in a poetry class and he just wants it to be over so he can get his credits and get away from a very serious, soft spoken, argumentative, handsome creative writing major Derek Hale who is super into all these romantic poems. and no stiles will not be converted into a poetry lover and write sonnets about derek nope. or something like that, carrie, idk!?

[24 fics in 24 hours, #11]

Stiles takes a deep breath as he crosses the invisible border between North campus and South campus…that division between the arts and the sciences and the subsequent students who hang out there. He wonders if he’s immediately distinguishable from the rest of the humanities students, if they can sense the air of science on him and dart away, shaking their heads. 

Stiles walks past what looks like a drum circle and keeps going. He finds the classroom well enough, and unfortunately it seems to be a small class, so he won’t be able to hide into the background. 

Stiles counts two berets and a white guy with dreads. He steels himself, clutching his backpack closer. There aren’t even any desks, just pillows and cushions scattered across the room. What even. Stiles can’t believe he put off filling his humanities requirement but now he wishes he just took some writing course his freshman year instead of getting stuck in this upper div class with all the poetry nerds.

“Welcome to Poetry Across the Ages, I am Professor Reinbalt,” a willowy woman who is wearing a startling amount of jewelry.  "Please, sit.“ Copies of the syllabus are passed out, and then Reinbalt continues, "Welcome, welcome. Since we are a small class, let us go around the circle and introduce ourselves. I trust you all received last week’s email about bringing your favorite poem to share." 

What email. What poem. Stiles had been in Mexico with Scott all Spring Break, partying it up. He has no idea what is happening. 

Stiles listens, confused as one by one the students introduce themselves; like he expected, he’s the only South campus major. He doesn’t understand any of the poems they read; the one that confuses him the most is the girl who just says “so much depends upon a red wheelbarrow glazed with rainwater besides the white chickens” and the entire classroom breaks into applause. 

And then the one guy who Stiles deemed interesting— okay, maybe it’s because he’s hot— stands up, and then the world seems to melt away. His voice is steady and calm and when he begins to speak, Stiles’ only thought is that its the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard.

I don’t love you as if you were a rose of salt, topaz,    or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:    I love you as one loves certain obscure things,    secretly, between the shadow and the soul. I love you as the plant that doesn’t bloom but carries    the light of those flowers, hidden, within itself,    and thanks to your love the tight aroma that arose    from the earth lives dimly in my body. I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,   I love you directly without problems or pride: I love you like this because I don’t know any other way to love, except in this form in which I am not nor are you,    so close that your hand upon my chest is mine,    so close that your eyes close with my dreams.

He reads slowly and confidently from what looks like a leather-bound small notebook, eyes glancing across the room every so often, and he catches Stiles eye once and Stiles swears he feels something nervous and warm and exhilarating bloom inside of him.  He finishes reading the poem, sits down, and then stands back up as an afterthought, “Oh, and I’m Derek Hale. Creative writing major.”  Stiles is so very screwed. 

Dancetronauts: 21st Century Kiss of the Media

Jennifer Brigitte

Transmedia storytelling is the new frontier in an entertainment complex that is constantly in the state of influx. Not a day goes by in which the minds of the populous alternate in various states of fickle decisions. The trends that dominate the airwaves are predetermined  by the consensus of the masses. In a world in which artistic minds are cajoled to render their souls to the manufacturers in corporate apparel, it is a testament to those few in the lucky bunch that survive the grinder in order to retain creative licensing and control of their brand and most of all, their legacy.

Dancetronauts combines artistic achievements in the audio/visual worlds of technology, performance art,  and music. Their unparalleled flair for the grandiose and exuberant magnetism that pulls in even the most cynical in a generation dominated by the superficial brands that caters to style over substance attribute. They are the pioneers that escape the prism of two-dimensional storytelling with a state-of-the-art hydraulic mobile stage that performs as both a gypsy art caravan transporting audiences to an electric on the road party reminiscent to the sixties revolutionary events orchestrated by the Beat Generations’ heroes Ginsberg, Kerouac, Cassady, and Kesey as they traveled alongside The Grateful Dead for a charming Electric Kool-Aid Acid trip. In fact, in the underbelly of the reinvented counterculture movement proceeding to take over our consciousness, Dancetronauts stand out in the pack as the new musical claimants to the obscene politically incorrect crowd enthralled by the fusion of the telematic arts and culture with the technological engineering prowess symbiotic with the feats coming out of the old school gentlemen over at Silicon Valley.

What defines Dancetronauts is that they are not confined by the spaces between them. They are not just an EDM producing enigmatic power team. They are technicians, engineers, musicians,  promoters, and everything in between. Their ace-in-a-hole is the group’s involvement with The Confluence, the powerful public relations juggernaut that combines its love for the aesthetics and combines it with a distribution channel that connects to an endless stream of movers and shakers. Truth be told, many of the Dancetronauts are members of The Confluence Group and together with their mission to make a dent in the world, the influential Dancetronauts are ready to make a grander contribution to the world’s conscious thinking. Their cultivation of their brand is treated with white gloves. Where many mainstream artists fail to retain their independence, Dancetronauts solidify their brand by becoming the developers of their product. Their unprecedented dominance in the media, backed by their development and envisioned branding of other metropolitan brands give this group a chance to seep through every medium seamlessly with one golden thread. Their futures are as bright as the LED neon lights on the Strip Ship Caravan.

But in order to propel any type of brand to the to the apex of their career, one must be graced with a manager that can kick it with the best of them and march to sounds drums and fireworks. This particular person is the selfless crusader that with zealous enthusiasm studies the idiosyncrasies that compose the polar trends that generate the capital. The group’s answer was in the form of Harry Hsu, a Chinese American genius promoter born in Burbank, California who despite entering the scene in March 2014, has become the mouthpiece for the Strip Ship cruisers.

At the Influential Network’s private Electronic Daisy Carnival party, Hsu proudly wears the Dancetronauts uniform (a white astronaut jumpsuit). The highly intelligent observer gallantly escorted the team around the palatial party house. Aside from his work with Dancetronauts, Hsu is an ardent advocate of feminism and highlights his philosophy for an improved society between men and women, especially in the token industries such as the entertainment and technology where a matriarchal influence is quickly suppressed by the advent of patriarchal dominance. He would like to see more opportunities open for women in the male dominant world. Hsu then recalls the night he became a Dancetronaut.

In March, Hsu coordinated his own event in Summer Fest in LA, a rave show, so he would be able to raise his own funds. The event’s large gathering caught the eye of a very important supporter. In late July, Hsu will be co-managing Summerfest in Venice Beach.

“An important supporter, connected to Dancetronauts, was present in the event. He asked if I wanted to be in a team called Dancetronauts, and later after thinking about it I said yes. This all happened one week after March of 2014.”

It is not hard to see why the band of astro-dancers sought after the masterful Hsu. The mediating prodigy with an 154 genius IQ taught himself  advance music theory in ten months.

“I learned music in general…. how to to do scales, how to compose, arrange, music theory, the dubstep, move it girl, electro, techno composition…”

What Dancetronauts ultimately needs is a simulacra of their brand and individuality in order to massively reproduce a technically limitless imitation of a fantastical reality that combines the engineering team of humans designed to recreate the perfect performance art feat to ever be achieved.  Much like the Disney World resorts and theme parks around the world, Dancetronauts have the ability to reproduce their likeness under many genres in order to render any falsehood to a draw.

At The Influential Network Party in Las Vegas, Dancetronauts returned to their patron Devil’s playground with their most ambitious project yet. They unveiled their 70 ft performing rendered mobile art car stage. Their first incarnation debuted at Burning Man two years ago. This time around, the Strip Ship has 80,000 watts of sound and the world-debut of the ProVision state of the art LED displays.

The story of how they became the Dancetronauts was one of legends. The beautiful disaster became their ace to step of the vertigo of what is normal and extend their talents across all borders of science, music, architectural designer, and multiple extensions of the technology and engineering.

“Phil and Jeff organized a small event for the small bar, hoping for 100 max. Well on the day of the event that small bar was FULL, crowded with people, people were even standing outside, they ran out of alcohol TWICE. Dancetronauts had done a small set and they knew people had come to see them perform. That bar owner made so much money that night. After the event, the guys wanted some percentage (not a lot) for making this possible for him, the bar owner gave them the cold shoulder, so the guys brush it off and left. 2 weeks later that small bar got shut down.”

To most bands, this experience would leave them with a bitter taste in their mouths and become burned out but not Dancetronauts.

“That’s when the guys whom were engineers started to build their first mobile gigantic station. What we know now as their art vehicle  The Strip Ship. They build this amazing piece of moving art in Phil Plastina and his brother James Plastina drive-way.”

The genius behind the mobile art extravaganza is Santa Cruz based Phil Plastina, a sound engineering and speaker design specialist who spent much of his career creating custom speakers for musicians like LL Cool J, Public Enemy, and Gangstar. After moving to California in 1996 and moving through a multitude of design work, Phil set his sights on creating the cleanest sounding sound-systems on earth. His lifetime of work has culminated at the one of a kind “Bass Station” system, which continues to shatter previous conceptions within the world of live sound.

With the feverish push to the apex of their targeted industries, their reverential brand becomes a wickedly powerful simulacrum to the second power because the reality of their brand suspends the belief that the copy does not exist because the fantasy has usurped itself as the iconographic replacement of the reality. The art of a packaged artist is similar to the mass production of an unprecedented pop culture iconic image imprinted in the landscape of Americana. In the late 1950’s, advertisement companies embraced the new wave of modern art with the birth of America Pop Art. Andy Warhol’s motto was simple: “In the future everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes.”

“Dancetronauts are not just performers. They compose their own production with a unique selection of music, they’re engineers everything was made possible by Phil and his team of engineers. Dancetronauts interact with their audience a lot. They get out of their way to appear on the crowd. Our Dancetrohotties will also go to the audience, our gogo dancers whom are beautiful inside as they are out, teaching them choreography to go along with the music.

Dancetronauts help the audience to have FUN, if we see someone that’s really good we invite them on stage with us and they’re able to show off for a good while. We see everyone as a star once we are on stage. Dancetronauts have been humble right from the start.”

Dancetronauts surrounds us with images ready to be consumed, therefore, a brand worthy of an elite status needs to bring its A-Game when it deals with maximum exposure. In an era in which technology is constantly changing and an entertainment medium that constantly craves for the next best thing, a new product has to have that Rudolph Valentino or Clara Bow “IT” factor to allow the brand pop amongst the rest of the heap.

When June Mathis, one of the first female Hollywood mega producers, discovered a young Rudolph Valentino, she coined the phrase “It,” describing it as the special inexplicable quality that makes that one person special and being a part of something special makes you special, right?

Dancetronauts have an EP out on iTunes with four fully produced songs ready for mass consumption. As soon as the thunderbolt of lightning that is the Strip Ship touring experience wanes down, the influential network of astro-stars have set their sights to expand their universal catalog.

“We are planning on keeping everything as it is but we do want to expand the experience of our performance to our audience. I wouldn’t say mainstream but I do see it along side with our larger profile. We do have 4 singles out in iTunes, just small releases of EP. All the songs have really great production Russell and the team want to start working on the first album.”

Everything from the past is retroactively returning to the present and if anything was learned from the modernity of Pop Art and its master of ceremonies, Andy Warhol, it is that the product labels and logos can make head waves into the fashion of art and memorabilia. Think Andy Warhol’s image of the Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can. With Dancetronauts, is not about the capital in the bank but the impact on the mass populace that extends from their fantastical Strip Ship extravaganza to the simulacrum they build beyond the human lifespan.

Here is another plate from the Research Design in Nature series. In the late 20’s early 30’s there was a class at the Art Institute of Chicago that had its students come to the Field Museum to study and draw inspiration from our collections.

© The Field Museum, GN90798d_RDN076.

Black and white drawings of a Tern, Baby Gull, Kittiwake, and a series of Penguins along the bottom border. Research Design in Nature plate.


“Fashion is another interesting subject. I love fashion, and I was totally deprived of fashion when I was living in communist Yugoslavia - first, because we didn’t have money, and second, I was not supposed to have anything beautiful because it would be weirdly connected to vanity and you are not a serious artist if you show an interest in something as superficial as fashion. You know, that kind of stuff.

I remember after walking the Chinese Wall, I was so incredibly depressed because I lost the man I loved and I lost my work. When you leave a relationship normally you have your work to go back to but we were working together…it was so symbiotic. So I felt… This is exactly what I wrote in my diary: I felt fat, ugly and unwanted, and I was 40. And I remember that moment in my life very clearly, it was like everything was falling down. I’m not the person to go to a psychoanalyst, and I’m not the person who is going to take antidepressant medicine or drink or take drugs. I was just like, ‘Oh god, what do I do? I might just go shopping…’ Because I had for the first time sold a piece to the Center Pompidou, and it was the first serious money I ever had.
So, I went shopping and I bought myself a suit and high heels; I went to the hairdresser. And I went out after…I felt so good, and I didn’t feel guilty at all, because I had proved so much already. And I understood, ‘Why do you have to follow these rules? Who creates limits?’ Nobody; it’s you that creates limits.

And then I started getting interested in fashion, understanding what fashion means. First, I went to see Yohji Yamamoto, whose clothes I love - because they are very simple, kind of monastic, the way they are cut, how you feel in them. Then I started looking at people like Issey Miyake, who went to the villages and used different fibers from pineapples, palm trees, whatever, to create structures that were more sculptural. Later, he made these very large clothes and he was saying, ‘I need to have space between the body and the clothes for the spirit to live.’ Wow. So I started thinking, ‘Oh my god, these people are thinking like artists.’ I started distinguishing that actually, in the creative world, there are two types of people: there are originals and there are others.

Originals are the ones who invent things, who actually make society think in different ways. In every field - originals can be in science, in art, in architecture, in writing…and fashion is the same category; there’s no difference to any other branch of art. Since then, I don’t have this problem anymore, these closed borders.”

An Artists Conduct in his Life, interview with Marina Abramovíc by David Levine in Mono. Kultur #35