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Important lyrics in Bobby’s ‘LOVE AND FALL’ album
  • The prettiest curve on you is the smile on your lips (’FIREWORK’)
  • Girl, just because Wonder Woman is strong, that doesn’t mean it’s ok to hurt her (’LEAN ON ME’)
  • You don’t believe in God but, I thank God for sending me a treasure like you (’LEAN ON ME’)
  • I ran crazily, not knowing I became an adult, trying to pretend I live without worries so my mom won’t get worried (’RUNAWAY’)
  • Now I’m smiling like you and am happy. Before, I took everything for granted. But you change me, my girl. (’ALIEN’)
  • I’ll hold onto you when you’re about to collapse. I’ll be your shoulder so you can rest, I’ll walk with you when no one’s there. I won’t let go of your hand. (’IN LOVE)
  • Don’t be pressured, I won’t force you girl. (’SECRET’)
  • I lost another friend, jealousy can commit murder. (’UP’)
  • They say I’m like a rainbow, both the ladies and the men. (’UP’)
  • I know there’s no such thing as fair play between a guy and a girl. (’TENDAE’)
  • Would we be different if we understood each other a little more? (’I LOVE YOU’)

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(note: what’s writen in english is not what it’s writen in korean) 

(note2: all of the drawings make reference to a part of the lyrics)

order: bs&t - begin - lie - stigma - first love - reflection - mama - awake


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Story of Another Us // 5 Seconds of Summer

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Things that happen after the Bat-family has seen the Lego movie:

They all go see it a second time. Several of them see it a third time. Jason and Damian have each seen it five times.

Stephanie and Tim painted “Buttmobile” on the back of the Batmobile. The Batwing and the Batsub were given the same treatment. They both agreed that hand-washing every car/ all-terrain vehicle that Batman AND Bruce Wayne owned was a fair price to pay for it.

Jason and Damian will try to one-up each other with incorporating movie quotes into their daily life. Unfortunately, for everyone around them, this leads to the unironic use of phrases such as: 

“I’m blushing super hard under the mask” “No, it’s snake clowns!” and “Woohoo, I’ve been parented!”

Update: “Woohoo, I’ve been parented!” is always accompanied by a refusal to do whatever said parenting referred to.

Oracle is now referred to solely as ‘Puter. Dick falls over laughing when Bruce accidentally says it on patrol.

They memorize all the lyrics to the song at the beginning of the movie. The phrase ‘in the darkest night” will result in an eight-part harmony and impromptu dance party. Even during patrol. Especially during patrol. Double especially while fighting any number of villains. Tim can’t sing but he beat-boxes to it.

The password to the Batcomputer was set to: IronManSux. Nobody will confess to it. 

Dick has gone around to every camera in Wayne Manor and whispered “Hello secret camera” to it.

Robin’s cape was coated in yellow glitter. Stephanie claimed innocence. Cassandra didn’t even try to hide the glitter on her hands.

“Computer, overcompensate.” Is now an official command in all auto-pilot systems. The Riddler laughed so hard he didn’t even try to stop them from dismantling his techno-bomb the first time Duke used it in battle.

Bruce Wayne is asked no fewer than nine times on National Television if there is any truth behind the rumor that he and the Dark Knight are in a relationship. 

Everyone took turns sliding across the dining room table. Alfred was not pleased.

Update: Being called Grandpa by all of them restored Alfred’s good humor.

Bruce has been called Padre seventy nine times and counting in the three days since they saw the movie. They have a bet going for who he calls “hijo” first. Most of the money is on Dick. Stephanie thinks it will be her since she makes a point of calling him Padre twelve times a day. Damian steadfastly refuses to believe it will be anyone but him.

Update: It’s Jason. He’s in a state of shock for forty minutes after Bruce ends a lecture with, “So just… stop threatening government officials hijo.”

There’s a post-it on next to the elevator up to the manor that says “to Batman’s attic.”

Joker sets up an enormous, ridiculously elaborate death trap that puts all of his previous death traps to shame. Batman is fighting his way out, but they’re all trapped and it doesn’t look like there’s any way out but then everything freezes and Joker dramatically lowers down on a moving platform and makes a big show about the whole “greatest enemy” thing and obsession and being the object of Batman’s hatred and it’s basically a summary of all the movie lines and Batman just… sighs and shakes his head because of course Joker has seen it too and what else can he really say at this point his kids are in trouble and he just looks at Joker and says “I hate you” with as much feeling as he can manage which is a struggle because he’s just so tired why couldn’t they have made a lego Flash movie???