at the beach with 6 parents


#1 - Your First Date Outfit

#2 - You Dye Your Hair

#3 - Your Bikini

#4 - You Guys Go To The Beach

#5 - He Gets You A Pet

#6 - His Lockscreen

#7 - How He Proposes

#8 - Your Engagement Ring

#9 - Your Wedding Dress

#10 - His Favorite Nails On You

#11 - He Buys You Shoes

#12 - How You Guys Sleep

#13 - Airport Goodbyes

#14 - Your Coachella Outfit

#15 - He Buys You A Stuffed Animal

#16 - Your Lazy Day Outfit

#17 - What He Gets You For Your Birthday

#18 - Meeting His Parents Outfit

#19 - The Hat He Gets You

#20 - You Guys Build A Blanket Fort

#21 - Your Little Black Dress

#22 - You Go To A Premiere With Him Outfit

#23 - Your Workout Outfit

#24 - He Posts A Picture Of You On A Plane

#25 - Where He Takes You On Vacation

#26 - You Guys On Your Vacation

#27 - You Guys At The Pool

#28 - Your Sunglasses

#29 - Your Adidas Outfit

#30 - The Purse He Gets You

#31 - Your Summer Outfit

#32 - Sweatshirt He Gets You

#33 - Your House

#34 - Picture He Posts Of You Guys On Insta

#35 - His Favorite Selfie Of You (Madison Beer Edition)

#36 - Your Favorite Crop Top

#37 - His Favorite Long Dress On You

#38 - Your Winter Outfit

#39 - Your Fall Outfit

#40 - He Takes You To A Concert (Outfit)

#41 - You And Your Baby

#42 - Your Favorite Makeup Look

#43 - Family Pic (Hembrow Family Edition)

#44 - You And Your Daughter

#45 - You And His Sibling(s)

#46 - Your Couple Costume

#47 - He Takes A Pic Of You And Your Friend(s)

#48 - Your Outfit For His Bday

#49 - Outfit You Wear While On Tour With Him

#50 - Where He Likes To Kiss You

#51 - Your Friend Tweets a Pic of You Two

#52 - How You Guys Hug

#53 - Him And Your Son

#54 - Your Christmas Together

#55 - Your New Years Eve Outfit

#56 - His Favorite Outfit on You

#57 - His Insta Post For Your Bday

#58 - Baby Bump

#59 - Your Babies First Outfit

#60 - Thigh High Boots Outfit

#61 - Twitter Birth Announcement 

#62 - You Go To His Concert

#63 - He’s Protective Of You

#64 - Your Outfit For Your Bday Party

#65 - His Outfit For Your Bday Party

#66 - Vacation Outfit

#67 - His Favorite Body Parts of Yours

Distance (or lack thereof) Part 8

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Summary: You have just moved to Santa Cruz to help take care of your parents after their recent car accident. While applying for jobs using your literature degree around the city, you decide to make some extra money at Beach City Grill. You end up with a massive crush on Priestly, but unluckily for you, your parents are strict and hate tattoos and piercings. So how on earth are you supposed to deal with all his flirting? (Plus-sized, comic nerd!Reader)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7 

You and Priestly lay on the couch at his apartment, watching Sherlock. You’re nestled up against him with your back to his chest and his arms gently wrapped around you. You’re both snuggled under the super soft Marvel comforter that now lives at his place (specifically for this reason).

Having already seen every episode, you check some emails while your vibrant haired boyfriend watches in fascination as the case unfolds.

You scroll through random mailing list things, deleting here and there. It’s when you reach the one from the local Santa Cruz library that your heart jumps to your throat.

Fingers shaking just a bit, you open the message.

Dear Miss L/N,

We are happy inform you that you have been accepted for the position of librarian at Santa Cruz Memorial Library.

…start Monday…

…….look forward to working together…


Patty Malone

Head Librarian, Santa Cruz Memorial Library

You don’t take in a lot of what the email says aside from the major details. With an excited cry, you leap up off the couch. As you’re doing your happy dance, a startled Priestly pauses the show, looking confused.

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Eight seaside memories

1. You always wondered about the end of the pier show. Grown-ups said not to go down the end of the pier, that the show was a mirage, that you would end up walking miles out to sea and the show would still be just a little bit further and then night would fall and who knows what. You were always sensible. You knew a kid who said they’d gone and it was great.
2. If it was raining you could pay a penny to go into the hall of mirrors. In the mirrors, out of the windows, you could see the sun shining, and your reflection got to run off and play while you sat there in the warm rain-pattering dark, waiting. It always seemed like kind of a raw deal. But when your reflection came back it would tell you all about the fantastic day it had had. Sometimes it would bring you sweets and try to push them through the glass, but they would never go.
3. You would hunt all day for the perfect seashell, that round, smooth one that you could put to your ear and hear a dull voice reciting numbers. Sometimes you took down the numbers on the little pad your grandmother gave you. You instinctively knew to hide them from the kindly policeman in the village on the way back up the hill, so most of them made it back, but then your grandmother filed them away somewhere you could never find.
4. Sometimes you made it down to the beach for noon; when it was sunny, the locals brought their towels out then and sat on them, looking up at the sun, waiting. Once you tried it too but the light hurt your eyes too much. If you wanted a good spot on the beach you pretty much had to wait until one or two when they were gone.
5. You buried your parents in the sand, it was funny, you were never quite sure if the ones you dug up were the same parents though. Some holidays you went through five or six sets of parents if the weather was good. You always tried to time it so that you got to go home with the good ones and not the ones who leaked seawater or tried to make you eat broccoli.
6. There was a machine you could put a penny in and sometimes the penny would tip off an avalanche of other pennies down on the heads of the little people in the box below. Then if you put your ear down to the bottom of the machine you could hear them swearing. You learnt a lot of curse words that way.
7. And oh the fish and chips! You just knew from tasting them that the potatoes had been pulled from the sea that morning, and the fish freshly dug up from the far field.
8. That shop at the top of the cliff path sold icecream sucked from the bowels of the earth by a great humming hose. You can still remember the noise of it, the clank that meant the icecream was ready and the bubbling that meant someone had to go out back and hit the pump with a hammer. There was no icecream like that on Earth. The flavours didn’t even have names, but some of them you encountered again in odd places in later life, and it always set off such a flood of memories that you became frozen for a moment between the present and the future. You always chose the chocolate cone unless they’d run out, in which case you had the other one.

Discovery: The Six Missing Weeks/ Chapter (1/6): The Size of the Wave

Description: After the Snow Queen is defeated and Gold banishment, Emma and Killian spend six glorious, uninterrupted weeks together, exploring each other and deepening their connection (in and out of the bedroom). (Set between the end of 4A and the beginning of 4B)

Rating: E (duh) 

Word Count: ~3.1K 

Author’s Note: It’s like 11 days late, but it’s finally here. Happy (Super Freaking Belated) Birthday, Heather, aka @fergus80! You are such an incredible writer, and an even more amazing friend. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. You already know what’s coming, but apparently my beta wanted more, so this will end up being a 6-part series, ya’ll. You can fully blame @shipsxahoy for that one. Also, thank you to @spartanguard for also taking a gander at this. 

Also on AO3

How was it that their first date happened just a week ago? It seemed like a lifetime had passed. Well, between battling an evil Snow Queen AND rescuing Killian’s heart from Gold, the days just seem to blend together. Emma didn’t recall taking a single calming breath until the moment Belle told her that she banished Gold over the town line using his dagger. She didn’t say it in so many words, but she was proud of Belle for standing up for her self-worth.

Emma walked towards her office in the sheriff’s office the morning after with a smile on her face and her head held high because for the moment, nothing was terrorizing her town. But, before she could get to the door, her father called out to her.

“There’s a note on your desk. Mail guy was by earlier.”

“Thanks.” She just assumed it was a bill that was due, so she slowly made her way behind her desk. When she noticed the flowy script on the front of the envelope that simply read, “Swan,” she knew who it was from immediately. She opened the wax-sealed envelope and sat down gradually in her chair to read.

It has been but a week since our first official date, and while there might have been many distractions between then and now, I can honestly say it was one of the most wonderful nights of my life (and I have had many).

And now, that we seemingly have a quiet moment, I would like to ask you one more time: Will you go out with me again?

Leave your response with Granny. I will be by before sundown.

I await your answer, Emma.



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Because it’s about damn time I made one. This will be updated regularly, however people might have to remind me… I’ve also added a mastertag on my page, so if you don’t want to pick ’n’ choose which ones you want to read, just scroll through that! (I know it works on mobile but I’m not sure about computer)

I’ve starred all of them that might be triggering. Please read them at your own risk. Ich liebe dich~! Take care of yourself!

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Multiple Character Scenarios and HDCs


DEH kids x Reader at Disney World

A/N: A bunch of random things if the kids of Dear Evan Hansen went to Disney World together at the end of their senior year. There’ll be more parts because I miss living only 1.5 hours away from Disney. Anyway….enjoy! This first chapter is the planning and traveling to Disney World! ***It was longer than I expected so enjoy :))

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Southern Belle

Southern Belle

a/n: I know Shawn is going to be on tour at this time, but we are going to act like he is just going to NYC instead of Nashville as his next tour date, ok? also, this picture is definitely not mine! i found it on twitter on @ tropicashawn!

July 30, 2017

I sighed. My flight just got delayed for another two hours. This was the second time it happened, and I was getting pretty tired of sitting next to the outlet. There are only so many places you could charge your phone in the Atlanta airport.

Today was the day my new life was supposed to start. I was going to be attending New York University in August, and I was supposed to move into my dorm today so I could have time to explore the city before school officially started. I would be studying journalism for the next four years of my life, and I was unbelievably excited to finally live in the city of my dreams and start fresh.

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Dex the Cryptid
  • Will’s family didn’t seem off to him until he began going to grade school
  • That’s when he realized most people don’t eat by catching fish with their bare hands, and can only hold their breath for a few minutes tops, not hours like him
  • Normal humans also don’t eat the entire fish? Including the bones? He always thought that was the best part though. Likes the crunch.
  • When he turned 6 his parents finally clued him in on what was up, at a very basic level though. They were what the government and conspiracist theorists named “North Eastern Beach Biters.” (NEBBs for short)
    • Humanoid Cryptids
    • Usually inhabit ocean towns or forests in North Eastern America
    • Have been known to leave large sea animals half shredded and eaten on beaches (sharks, large fish, whales)
    • Short tempered, very dangerous
    • “Biters” comes from their teeth; very sharp, and a lot of them. Use them to shred their prey, or a human that got too close or pissed them off
    • Long tongues that loll out of their mouths when they’re getting ready to attack
    • Eyes that either glow or reflect light
      • This is debated mostly because some pictures only show their eyes “glowling” from the front, while other show them glowing from the side
    • Pale skin
    • Loners
    • Enhanced Sight, night vision
    • Incredibly fast and agile, especially in the water
    • Taller than your average human, usually ranges from 6-8 feet
    • Reports of gills on their neck exist as well
    • Some say they have webbed feet and hands and fingers that extend into claws (theorized that is what they use to shred their bigger prey)
      • (spoiler it’s still their teeth)
    • First encounter surviving incidents often come away with severe bite wounds that will become infected quickly, but survivors usually only have one bite. 
      • Sometimes this happens in the water, and it’s a conspiracy whether it’s a shark bite or a Beach Biter bite. Happens enough where they were named after it.
    • There haven’t been many fatalities attributed to them, but ones that have been often have teeth marks on their bones that forensics aren’t able to identify
  • Will’s parents explain that while some of it is true (the teeth, the eyes, the skin to an extent, that they and their kind reside in the north east, that they sometimes eat large sea animals) and some of it is false (their eyes both glow and reflect light, it depends on how much time they’ve spent int he ocean recently, their kin actually reach 9 feet but they tend to live solely in the ocean once they’re that tall (only the larger have gills), they are pack/group beings)
  • But the important lesson from it, other than knowing his own anatomy, is that they aren’t human, they never will be, but they are trying their best to live among/aside them
  • They don’t explain that all when he’s 6, not all of it. He learns more and more about it over the next few years, how to hide his abnormalities and blend in well enough with the other kids. 
  • They give him the option to either reject human civilization and live as a cryptid his entire life OR continue to live with his family, who are attempting to blend into society

Read more because this is gonna be LONG (which option will Dex choose ooooooo?????) ((Edit: so this is….. like…. over 4k just warning but theres angst and comfort so like, def worth it ;)))

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Eid Mubarak!

A year ago today, I followed my dreams and manifested them into a reality. I broke stereotypes and ignored the statistics about kids who grow up around normalized violence and sexual abuse & trauma, kids with mental illness, kids who grow up in single parent homes and kids who have found themselves in trouble with the law. I grew up in Eastside Long Beach and then moved to Bellflower with my mom to get away from my abusive father who ended up going on ‘vacation’ for 6 years. I come from a place many don’t get to leave. 
During my first 3 years of high school, I had a 0.6 GPA, was arrested over 15 times, went to juvenile hall and was 5150′d. All of my friends were dead, locked up, on drugs or ended their lives. My best friend was killed by police
9 years ago today. I lost an uncle in 2011, grandma in 2015, and my grandfather & uncle were murdered 3 weeks apart in 2016. 

I do it for my community, I do it for my women. I do it for the children and the folks locked up in prison. To my immigrants. To my refugees. To my mentally ill. To my parents and my siblings. To my LGBT community. To the parents who lost their kids to violence. This is for you.

I am currently an MSW candidate, pre-law and will soon be your criminal defense lawyer.

First generation Moroccan and college graduate.

Sky’s the limit. CSULB 2016 and soon to be CSULB 2018.


just-an-outlaw  asked:

Snowing for the ship thingy. :)

Thank you!

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1. Made the first move:
I think in any universe it’s always David who would be the one who is first to admit his feelings to himself, Snow is always trying to ignore that she’s falling for him and has shit to do.

2. The big spoon:

3. The little spoon:
Snow, even if they’re just led side by side Snow pulls his arms around her so they’re spooning, not that David ever minds.

4. The cuddler:

They’re both cuddlers and very physically affectionate (not even a head canon this is canon)

5. Cries during movies:

Snow. David pretends he’s not but Marley and Me gets him every time. Plus anything which reminds them of Emma’s past with bad foster parents, they both get teary eyed over Finding Dory.

6. More affectionate:
They’re both equally as affectionate to the extent Emma starts getting them to put a dollar in a jar every time she had to witness them making out, she’s saving up for a holiday.

7. Their favorite non-sexual activity: 
They like going on romantic walks to the beach with some hot chocolate even in cold weather, or just having relaxing days with takeout, movies, and their family around them every so often whispering “Look at how amazing our babies are.” and “We make pretty babies.” 

8. More nervous to meet the parents:
Both of them.
Snow was nervous that Ruth wouldn’t like her, because she knew how much Ruth meant to David. 
And David meeting Snow’s step mother wasn’t exactly a walk in the park….

9. More protective/jealous:
I think they’re both pretty protective and jealous, David’s had more opportunities to show it, but I think Snow would be the same if the opportunities arose. 

10. Sneaks into the shower with the other in the mornings:
Snow sneaks into David’s showers, he’s normally up earlier than her, David never minds, even if she always turns the temperature up.
Though on the occasions that she wakes up before him David sneaks into Snow’s - she agrees so long as he washes her hair. 

11. Initiates sexy times the most:

12. Fuck or make love:

Make love.

13. Behind the wheel more often during road trips:

David, Snow chooses the music and David is hopeless with directions so she takes a map, and has all the drinks and snacks.

14. Gives the silent treatment when they’re mad at each other:
Snow ala Neverland

15. Reaches for the other’s hand first:

David’s always reaching to hold her hand.

16. Whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear at inappropriate times:

Snow always is, she thinks it’s funny when he gets flustered while trying to focus on something important or a speech in public. David’s tried to return the favour but Snow remains completely and utterly unflustered. No matter who starts it it always ends in the same way….

17. Comes up with cheesy pick-up lines:

David, constantly, literally the cheesiest ones which would only work on Snow they’re even worse than his dad jokes.

Jackson Wang // Best Friend’s Brother - Part 2

It’s finally the summer, and that means you and your best friend are determined to go crazy and have the best summer ever - but her older brother’s come back from his gap year along with a couple of his friends, and they want to join in on the fun…
Scenario: fluff, angst, romance, smut in later parts
Word Count: 1,686

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

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thank you @trash-studying and @ampersand-study for tagging me!

rules: answer the questions and then tag 20 people!


1. Drink: water (stay hydrated!!!!)

2. Phone call: my parents

3. Text message: my friend Lusineh—we’re going to the beach tomorrow

4. Song you listened to: Strings by Young the Giant

5. Time you cried: i’m not sure? probably a few weeks ago


6. Dated someone twice: no (lol never dated someone once, nevermind twice)

7. Kissed someone and regretted it: no

8. Been cheated on: no

9. Lost someone special: i suppose

10. Been depressed: no, luckily

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: no


12. prussian blue

13. dark green

14. bronze


15. Made new friends: yes!

16. Fallen out of love: that requires falling in love, so no

17. Laughed until you cried: omg every freaking orthodontist appointment

18. Found out someone was talking about you: yes

19. Met someone who changed you: yep

20. Found out who your friends are: yes.

21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: no


22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them!

23. Do you have any pets: no, i wish! (my stupid apartment complex :///)

24. Do you want to change your name: not really. i like it

25. What did you do for your last Birthday: an impromptu meeting with some friends! we went to the local “mall”, walked around, and ate at the cheesecake factory.

26. What time did you wake up: 9:00 AM but i went back to sleep and really woke up at 10

27. What were you doing at midnight last night: going to bed

28. Name something you can’t wait for: school to start, hamilton (i got tickets to the pantages somehow and i still can’t believe it omg i’m so excited!!!)

29. When was the last time you saw your mom: just now? she’s in the same room as me

30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: i wish i could be a little more outgoing, i guess? i kinda suck at socializing.

31. What are you listening to right now: coldplay! (mylo xyloto album)

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: does tom marvolo riddle count

33. Something that is getting on your nerves: this one violin étude that’s so freaking annoying to play, trump, boredom

34. Most visited websites: tumblr, youtube, netflix, crunchyroll


35. Mole/s: yes

36. Mark/s: yes

37. Childhood dream: to be a dentist

38. Hair color: dark brown

39. Long or short hair: long

40. Do you have a crush on someone: nope

41. What do you like about yourself: my love of learning, i guess?

42. Piercings: none

43. Blood type: i keep asking my parents, who say “we’ll call your doctor and ask someday”….someday never came. 

44. Nickname: some annoying people call me Mar-Bear, an old friend calls me Helen (my middle name)

45. Relationship status: single (yay freedom!)

46. Zodiac: aries, but i don’t really believe in zodiac stuff

47. Pronouns: she/her

48. Favorite TV show: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Merlin, House M.D., a lot of anime

49. Tattoos: no, but i’m thinking of getting a small one when i’m older?

50. Right or left hand: left

51. Surgery: yes—both arms, and i got stitches on my forehead (as i said, i was a clumsy child lmao)

52. Hair dyed in different colour: no


54. no question??

55. Vacation: right now? i really want to go to the east coast for some reason.

56. Pair of trainers: Nike


57. Eating: rn? cereal (yes i’m eating cereal for dinner, don’t judge me)

58. Drinking: milk

59. I’m about to: watch anime

61. Waiting for: my amazon order (school supplies!), and to check out my textbooks at school

62. Want: to go somewhere with my friends before school starts

63. Get married: eh? i’m not really into romance. maybe some day in the future?

64. Career: astronomy/astrophysics! preferably working for NASA…i’m also kinda considering being a professor, but not really

65. Hugs or kisses: fist bumps.

66. Lips or eyes: eyes

67. Shorter or taller: taller

68. Older or younger: older

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: idrc?

71. Sensitive or loud: sensitive

72. Hook up or relationship: how about we just be friends, yeah?

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant


74. Kissed a Stranger: no

75. Drank hard liquor: i don’t feel like breaking the law

76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: i don’t need them so

77. Turned someone down: that requires being asked out

78. Sex on the first date: a s e x u a l (hell no. no sex on any date)

79. Broken someone’s heart: no

80. Had your heart broken: does having my favorite character die count?

81. Been arrested: no

82. Cried when someone died: no. (i’m that sick person who laughs at a funeral…this is why i don’t go to funerals…it’s not funny it’s just that it’s such a weird situation and i’m not close to these people and yeah it’s just an emotional crisis)

83. Fallen for a friend: no.


84. Yourself: yes!

85. Miracles: meh

86. Love at first sight: that’s not really how life works, in my opinion

87. Santa Claus: no :(

88. Kiss on the first date: rather not


90. Current best friend name: my stuffed bunny, mr. bunny rabbit hannah, heather, and lusineh.

91. Eye color: brown

92. Favorite movie: the emoji movie jk lol…i don’t really have a favorite movie? i liked the short animation “in a heartbeat” (it was so cute omg! just take 4 minutes out of your day and watch it). and i guess i liked “life is beautiful” disney’s “hercules”…

NOW, TAG 20 PEOPLE: @byeolstudy , @nebuladisquisitions , @studyphanetzz , @j-etudiee , @textbookellie , @studdybuggy , @sirius-studying , @bscn-studies , @solstudying , @starchesandstudy , @dentalstudies , @studieicarus , @cloudedstudies , @studyprocrastination , @rivkahstudies , @raaven-nerd , @hqnnahstudies , @study-achieve , @jsstudies , @honeybeastudies , and anyone else who wants to do this!


Francisco Miralles - Painting on the Beach by Gandalf
Via Flickr:
Francisco Miralles (Valencia, April 6, 1848 - Barcelona, October, 30, 1901) was a Catalonian painter, best known for his realistic scenes of bourgeois life and high society. When he turned eighteen, he received parental permission (and financial support) to study in Paris, where he would remain until 1893, with occasional visits home.

[Sotheby’s, London - Oil on panel, 33 x 53.5 cm]

✳ bullet journal ideas/prompts

⋆ what will you bring (3) if you’re stranded @ a forest ??

⋆ 3 goals for this month

⋆ what are you expecting for a boyfriend/girlfriend?

⋆ your ultimate woman crush?

⋆ will you sacrifice something (very meaningful and cute and you just cant help but hug it every night) for example a bear, photo, etc for fame/money? explain why. 

⋆ what kind of person are you like? describe yourself using an object (e.g a rose, flashlight, etc) 

⋆ draw 6 donuts/bagels/cupcakes/muffins/anything on a box and describe their flavors and why. 

⋆ if you are stuck in a room forever, would you bring either your parents or your boyfriend/bestfriend/brother/someone you really love other than your parents and why?

⋆ list 5 promises you’ve made last year. have you accomplished them? 

⋆ when did you start bulletjournalling and why? what have motivated you to do it?

⋆ 5 things that calm you down.

⋆ you are stranded on a beach. you can go out after 1 year. and you can grab 1 person but you have to choose between 3:

1. Your dad: he brings water and clothes

2. Your mom: she brings food (ur fav) and blankets

3. Your sibling/your bestfriend/your boyfriend: he/she brings a tent with blankets pillow and all and food you dont rly like but u feel ‘ok’ w/ it. 

⋆ make a burn list (some kind of a burn book)

⋆ make a playlist or write down your favorite playlists @ 8tracks or smth

⋆ if you can meet someone that is already dead, who will you choose? it can’t be someone you know.

⋆ if you can have three kind of food and three kind of drinks in your storage forever (unlimited) what will you choose? why?

⋆ when was the last time you broke down? why? explain what happen and just pour your heart on it. 

⋆ grab an old toothbrush and prepare a paint of your 3 fav colours. spray each colour on one side of page and name your masterpiece. explain and describe each colour and why did u choose that name. the name has to be related to your toothbrush painting kinda thing

⋆ list names for your future baby/ies

⋆ stick flower petals and explain what you think of it.

Twice[Dahyun]- Dating Profile
  • Ideal Type:

Someone dependable and nice to their parents. Someone that loves her a lot.

  • How they act around their crush:

Slightly shy but will want to get your attention. Does aegyo in your direction. Helps you with anything you ask for.

  • Confession:

*hands you a note*

“Will you go on a date with me?”

Y/N- I’d love to go out with you Dahyun”

Originally posted by ahnsoboss

  • First Date:

Picnic in the park. Sitting at a picnic table and maybe feeding animals there. Then she’d drag you over to the near by playground to have fun.

  • Regular Dates:

Movie nights, cuddle sessions, beach, ice cream parlors, and star gazing.

  • Next Steps:

Sex- 7 Months Minimum

Parents- 6 Months Minimum

Moving In-  2 Years Minimum

Marriage- 4 ½ Years Minimum

Originally posted by withsana

  • PDA:

Super shy with it. But if needed she’ll get all cuddly to make someone back away from you. She’d rather show her affection in private when yous are alone.

  • Pet Names:

Sweets, baby, jagi, lovely, and babe

  • Who says ‘I love you’ first:

You told her over text by accident. You were thinking of ways to tell her when she got home. She then started texting you while she was at practice when you let it slip.

D- Ok, Momo is calling me back. Bye!!

Y/N- Bye, love you


You got tackled into a cuddle and kiss attack when she got back home.

Originally posted by 9477

  • Anniversary/Birthday Gifts:
  • Often Gifts:

Couples items, cute things she finds that she thinks you’ll like, favorite drinks, and candies

  • Behavior:

Around Others-

Shy and doesn’t want your relationship to come out too fast. Will seem distant but that stops once your relationship is known to the public. Then she’d have no problem staying close to you.


Goof that will do anything to get you to laugh. She’ll even break out the eagle dance. Likes to tackle you into cuddles when you least expect it. This usually ends with you falling asleep on the couch. There would also be moments when she’d like quiet and just sit with you in a comfortable silence.

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  • Pros:

She may be really goofy and silly but yous can have a really deep and serious conversation from time to time. Gives amazing cuddles. Their will never be a dull moment with her. Will do everything she can to make sure you are always smiling or laughing.

  • Cons:

Not seeing each other often due to her busy idol schedule and JYP not approving of our relationship. Since Twice isn’t even a year old yet(this was written in 2016 for future readers) and JYP having a 3 year dating ban the relationship would be very secretive.


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Sinners Never Sleep

Summary: Its simple. You train, you plan, you attack, you disarm, and you get out alive… So, if you knew what you were doing, then why was it so hard to get your assassin boyfriend Jungkook to meet your mafia parents- the head of the mafia?
Oh right, Rule 1: Never fall in love…especially with another gang member…

Preface/Preview Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Recommended Listening: The Beach - Geronimo (let me know if you want the whole soundtrack now!)

Part 8

When you arrive at the compound to find Jungkook, the place is quiet.

Not in the sense that it was deserted, but more in the sense that you felt on edge the minute you stepped onto the soil your father owned- like you were being watched from every side.

Its as you’re walking at the edge of the wooded area that lined the driveway, that you remember that you weren’t actually allowed to be at the house, and despite the fact that you had been there the night before, taking out the men that your father had, no doubt, gone on to find in his office, he didn’t know that you had been there- at least as far as you knew.

You creep your way to the training room door, keeping a keen eye on the cctv cameras- having memorized the blueprint map of the house that showed where each was- before once again making to slip in the back entrance, getting stopped short once you hear raised voices coming from inside.


‘He-he got taken.’

You can feel your heart racing in your chest with the sound of your father shouting, although it’s the context of what he’s shouting about that has fear filling your veins in seconds, the trembling in the other man’s voice forcing you into the shadows behind the entryway.

The thought of Jungkook being kidnapped, held for ransom, whilst you were sleeping in your shared bed, with not a care in the world, had your stomach turning as you try to restrain yourself from looking round the door frame, instead finding a gap in the hinges and peering inside the gym to see what was happening.

Your father was stood without a shirt, his abdomen being bandaged up by one of the gang’s doctors, as he stands behind a chair that had been tipped over- one of the legs snapped in half, whilst rope friction marks decorated the wooden back. The blood that littered the floor looked way more than should have been lost by the average person, and you cant help but feel panic rise within you at the sight, seeing a number of men dotted around the room with tables laden with paper, others of which were counting and arranging weapons, or arranging groups of people.

But all you could think of was Jungkook.

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6 June 1944 - 1000 hours

At Omaha Beach, troops begin to regroup in small units, searching for exits off the beach. The beach is littered with dead and wounded troops, and the tide brings in dead men.

Private Harry Schiraldi, a medic in Headquarters, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division, is killed that morning by enemy machine gun fire. His remains are initially buried in Normandy before his family requests his remains to be returned to the United States, where he is now buried at Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York.

His last letter home and the telegram his parents received are now part of the collection at The National WII Museum.

the space between us (chapter 1)

chapter title: upward and outward
words: 1.7k
story summary: What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

next chapters: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

a/n: post-reveal, pre-relationship love square shenanigans! a summer fic with all the cliches you can think of: awkward growth spurts, roadtrips, beach trips, bed sharing, midnight kisses, karaoke, and all that fun stuff 😊 

AO3 | FF

Adrien has always had freakishly large hands. It’s one of the first things that Alya points out to Marinette after she confesses that she has a huge crush on him, along with his oversized feet.  

Marinette points out at the time that it’s probably because he’s going to end up being tall as his parents; both of who are over six feet tall. She doesn’t point out that she also finds his large, bony hands weirdly attractive, because even though Alya knows pretty much everything about her crush, there are a few things that are best kept private, even from the best of friends.

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lifeshiddenpassive  asked:

1, 6, 12, and 28!

Awe thank you so much!

1. My idea of a perfect date. Any time spent with the person I love is perfect in my book, but i really love the ideas of a night walk on the beach or something cheesy like going to the zoo.
6. My first experience having sex? It was terrifying and anxiety inducing. And a bit painful. And short lol.
12. A turn off I look for before dating someone? A nasty irredeemable personality.
28. Am I out and how? Yes mainly. Willingly with friends and comfortable social situations. I was exposed and berated by my parents. Still mentally fucked up by that.