at the age of 10 i cried because o this babies

Bounded to you- 01

Now I break the wait of you guys! Here goes the first part of the series. Hope you all will enjoy and give me the feedbacks.
Y/n’s Pov

‘So yeah I still have a soft corner for him.
xx y/n’
I closed my diary as a sigh left my lips. I ran my fingers on the Worn out leather covering the hard cover of diary. My journal was my best friend. No doubt I had friends as in person too but none of them were close to me as my journal. Wherever I go, whatever I do, my journal never left me. Someone said right anyways. ‘Books are our best friends with no demands and no complaints.’

I set my glasses down on the side table. I rubbed the bridge of my nose which ached due to the plastic of the glasses. Rubbing my eye with the back of my hand i glanced at the clock which showed 10:30 pm. Late enough. Yawning I turned the lights off before drifting to sleep.

“Love!!!!! Cmon!” Harry chirped as he perched upon me shaking my shoulders. We were having a descent walk in the wintery weather of London when, Harry decided to start a play fight of snow out of nowhere. He rolled some snow and threw it at me with such a force that it ended up aiming for my eye. I laid there with my hands covering my face.

“Baby please lemme see it?” Harry asked softly lifting my hand up. He gasped when instead of crying I smushed a ball of snow directly on his face. Shrieking and giggling I stood up and started running with Harry chasing behind me. I was so in love with Harry that it physical hurt me sometimes.

After a few minutes of running i stopped, I turned around to look for Harry but he was no were in sight. I waddled further searching for him. Sighing, I walked back home but suddenly heard kissing noises coming from a tree a bit further left to me. I scrunched my eyebrows and walked slowly to the tree. My heart paced loudly as I saw Harry Sucking off a girl’s face.

I cried out and ran as far as my leg took me. This isn’t happening. How could this be true?!!

I woke up panting as sweat beads covered my forehead. I read the time. 5:45 am. Taking a deep breath I step out of the nice warm comfort of my bed. I shuddered as my bare feet hit the cold tiles of my bathroom.

I turned the knob of shower and felt the warm water hit my shoulder blades. These dreams have been haunting me since I and Harry broke up three years ago. They don’t come everyday. But time to time they happen. I never thought that my life would turn out to be like this. My life wasn’t very fair in the past. Thinking what happened just causes pain so i prefer to rather not think about it.

After finishing my shower, I got dressed in some sweatpants and a comfy baggy t-shirt. It’s never satisfying weather in the States during winters. Everything’s a mixture of greys and blues. To me it’s very depressing. Decided to hit up my day with some warm waffles and hot chocolate, I took a seat on the couch and turned the T.V on.

I didn’t realised when I fell asleep. I woke up like an hour or so, greeted by sunlight flashing on my face. I took a breath of relief when saw the sun. I missed it. At least now we’d have some colours. I sat up from my laying positing and stretched out my arms a bit. I padded to my kitchen and filled myself a glass of water. I peeked out of window. It was a lovely day.

I wrapped my coat more tightly around me as the cold wind hit my face. I decided to take chip for a walk. Oh, chip is my husky. He indeed needed a stroll down the park too.

After a few minutes of walking I decided to stop by and rest on the green bench. The coldness of the metal made me shiver. Though the sun shone at top of my head, winters were winters. Bitchy & cold. I smiled as few kids in front of me swayed on the swing. Their giggles reminded me of my childhood, how my dad used to push me on the swing. ‘High’ ‘high’ I sang. Last year only my dad left my hand. It was an accident.

My dad was my life. He was with me at every moment just like my journal. But, he had to leave I suppose.

I sniffled remembering the moments I had with him. I felt a little tap on my knee as I kept my gaze on the kids in front of me. I tilted my head down and saw a little cutie staring at me with big green eyes. I smiled as she lifted her arms and mumbled 'up’ 'up.’
I lifted her off the ground and settled on my lap.

“Hey there gorgeous.” I cooed holding her little hands in mine.

“Oh. You’re cold” I said with an 'O’ face making her giggle. I rubbed her hands in mine blowing on them. Gladly I’d chip tied up to the arm rest of the bench. I kissed her cheek taking in her baby scent. She was so chubby and cute that I couldn’t help but give her raspberry kisses. Her giggles were like the medicine to my aching life. I felt spiritually attracted to her.

“Snow!!!!! Snow!!!! Where yeh poppet?” A sound echoed making baby’s head turn in the direction from where the voice was coming.

A lady, who aged around 50 came rushing and took baby, who’s name I suppose was snow, from me.

“Oh Jesus. Where were yeh sweet?” She Asked snow in her thigh British accent who wasn’t answered back by snow because she didn’t know how speak till, I guess.

“Uh. She crawled to me.” I smiled to the lady who returned it politely.

“I-I’m y/n” I said reaching for her hand which she shook.

“I’m Beth and this is snow.” She said waving snow’s hand at me. I giggled when she flashed me her teething smile.

“Nice to meet you and snow too” I said leaning forward to peck snow’s cheek.

“Nice to meet you too” Beth replied before turning around to walk away.

“Stop!” I blurred out and walked to her.

“I-I live nearby. Please visit at your leisure. I’d like to spend some more time with snow.” I said hopefully. The lady smiled and nodded and looked at snow who was smiling at me.

“That’d be lovely! I’m sure snow would like it too” she cooed as I gave her my address before returning home.

Harry’s POV

“Beth….?” I asked as I closed the door behind me. I had to sneakily visit my daughter month to month because I didn’t wanted anyone to find out that i had a baby. It wasn’t very easy but I had to keep the baby away from the media for her sake.

“Hey Harry!” The Old lady chirped as she appeared from the kitchen wiping her hands. She was Snow’s nanny and the only person whom I had trust on.

“You came early.” She said hanging my coat on beside some other coats.

“had days off. How’s she doing?” I asked plopping down on couch.

“All good. Made a friend today.” She giggled as she went back in kitchen.

“Friend? Baby’s growing up fast huh?” I chuckled removing my watch from my wrist.

“Yeah. Her name is y/n. She happened to be our neighbour.” Beth said. The rattling of utensils filled the house as my heart stopped. Y/n. She was here. But then I thought that there could be more y/n in the world too. So I shrugged it off. Though the feelings for her never lessened. Though her name still made me shiver. Though I still loved her.

Squad Sing Along Headcanons

I love musical movies and sing alongs and karaoke with all my heart and soul, and @kurtwxgners and I were talking about squad and movie musicals so this happened. This is Modern AU so there are more movies to choose from.

  • It’s an accident, really.
  • Kurt and Peter watch Dirty Dancing together one night because it was already set up and neither of them could be bothered to go and find a different movie
    • They both get really, really into it
    • Peter quotes ‘No body puts baby in a corner’ at every opportunity
    • He gets payed out for it big time, but that doesn’t stop him
    • Kurt can be heard singing in the shower, but no one has the heart to tell him because it’s really adorable
  • The next musical movie they watch is with Scott and Warren
    • It was a movie night and no one could decide what to watch
    • They flipped a coin to see who got to choose and Scott and Warren lost
    • So Peter and Kurt get to pick the movie and they watch Grease
    • Scott and Warren are skeptical at the beginning
    • ‘Musicals are really lame, and you’re both the worst for making us watch this’
    • But by the time ‘Greased Lightning’ comes on, they are s o l d (and everyone is going all in on the pelvic thrusts)
    • Warren basically busts every nut over Sandy in ‘You’re The One That I Want
  • The girls find out the boys have been watching movie musicals on the dl when they decide to crash a boys movie night and discover them all watching Mama Mia
    • Ororo and Jean lose their shit when they walk in in the middle of ‘Honey, Honey’ and Peter is all but standing on the couch as all of the boys are singing along 
    • Jubilee basically flings herself onto the couch beside Kurt and immediately joins in
    • Scott and Warren are super embarrassed about it at first
      • ‘We’re just watching. It was their idea’
      • ‘Don’t lie to me, Summers. I saw you singing along.’
    • Jean and Ororo pay them out endlessly about it, but they still join in, because musicals are really fun
  • The movie nights turn into movie-musical-sing-along nights and everyone loves it
    • They put on the subtitles and sing along and divide up parts for the big songs
    • Some group favourites are Chicago, RENT, and Hairspray
    • When they’re watching A Chorus Line, Jean practically falls off her chair laughing at Kurt’s reaction to ‘Dance 10, Looks 3
    • Peter almost breaks his ankle trying to imitate the tap dancing in Singing in the Rain
    • Jukebox musicals like Rock of Ages are super fun because they already know a lot of the songs
    • Everyone cries when they watch RENT, but no one brings it up and they’re all trying to be super lowkey about it
      • Warren also busts every nut over Mimi, for obvious reasons
    • There are a celebratory round of high fives whevever someone nails a particularly impressive high note 
    • They all get really hyped up for ‘One Day More’ because it is THE sing along song
    • With some of the favourite movies, there’s an unspoken agreement about who gets to sing which parts
      • Warren always takes Roger in RENT
      • Peter does an astonishingly good Amber in Hairspray (no seriously, it’s kind of creepy how good his version is)
      • Jubilee is always Joanna when they watch Sweeney Todd and it’s adorable even though Kurt is lowkey scared of that particular musical
    • When they watch West Side Story, they all literally clear the furniture to the sides and split up to do ‘America
    • Scott once sang Maria’s part in ‘I Feel Pretty’ and everyone was utterly flabbergasted because it was fucking hilarious and he was actually??? Really good??? Like??? His vocal range was kind of astounding???
    • Jubilee is the undisputed queen of mimicking the choreography from the film
      • She always takes the lead in big dance numbers
      • When they were watching Cabaret, she actually managed to do a pretty good version of the dance from ‘Mein Herr’ and everyone loses their damn minds
    • Ororo is the reigning champion of fast talking/patter songs and her belting is astounding
      • Out Tonight’ is her song and she always nails it and everyone always gets suuuper hyped listening to her sing it
    • They all discover that Jean has a talent for Liza Minelli impressions when they watch Cabaret and she gets the voice exactly right
    • Kurt always tears up listening to ‘Edelweiss’ and no one calls him on it, because he’s just such a sweetheart
    • Jean once decided she was gonna take on Sweeney’s part and everyone was scared of her for the next week
    • Warren rolls his eyes through watching the entire High School Musical series but he secretly loves it
    • Disney musicals are Kurt and Jubilee’s favourites
    • Everyone loves Robin Hood: Men In Tights even though it’s less a movie musical and more a spoof, because that movie is a gift
  • Eventually they decide to do an actual karaoke night
    • Someone (probably Peter) manages to source (steal) a karaoke machine and they set it up in the mansion
    • It’s a long, long night and everyone is more than a little drunk at the end of it
    • There are overhauls of everyone’s favourite songs from everyone’s favourite musicals as well as favourite songs in general
    •  ‘La Vie Boheme’, ‘One Day More’ and ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’ all get pulled out early in the evening and there is absolutely a lot of standing on chairs and wild, uncoordinated dancing involved on all parts
    • Warren gets up and absolutely nails ‘It’s My Life’ and the entire group is lowkey turned on by it
    • All three girls and Peter do a tipsy, giggly version of ‘It’s Raining Men’ that they can’t finish because they’re all laughing too hard
    •  After some pushing, Scott does ‘One Song Glory’ and it’s so good that Warren doesn’t even resent him moving in on his turf by singing one of Roger’s songs
    • A very, very shy Kurt does a version of ‘Hallelujah’ and everyone gets emotional about it
    • Peter does ‘Ballroom Blitz’ complete with terrible excellent dancing and everyone is HYPED
    • The night closes with drunk emotional, shouted, enthusiastic versions of ‘Piano Man’ and ‘Living on a Prayer

PROMPT: Person A and Person B first meet in a toy store where A was clicking all the buttons on the toddler toys. B is supposedly trying to do their job as an employee there but joins A in the end. (Link to prompt: here)

- Remus’ hated that he had to find a new job every few months.

- He took too much time off and his employers didn’t appreciate it. 

- He could never give them a proper explanation expect that he was ‘ill’. 

- But it’s not as if he could tell these Muggle’s that he was a werewolf, could he?

- His latest job was working at Toy’s R Us.

- Most of his coworkers hated working there because of how many children were around.

- But the children weren’t too bad.

- It was the parents who always gave Remus’ judgemental looks for his scars that were the problem.

- The children were always quite sweet to Remus, asking him why he had scars in the nicest way possible.

- He’d always reply with “These are my battle scars.”

- Their response was usually “Cooool!” or “When will I get some battle scars?”

- Back to present day, it was a rather dull Tuesday afternoon with not many customers in at all.

- Two other coworkers cried off early leaving only Remus, his supervisor and one other employee to manage the large store.

- In his boredom state, Remus started to pace up and down the aisle to make sure everything was in order.

- Then he heard a noise from one of the Fisher Price toys in the next aisle over, then a small little giggle.

- “I tell you, these Muggles!”

- Muggles?!

- Remus rounded the corner to see a man (he presumed Wizard) - around the same age as him - stood on his own by the toddler toys pressing every single button he could find.

- The man seemed oddly familiar to Remus.

- Beautiful features, high cheek bones, luscious black locks.

- Why did he look familiar?

- Then it dawned on him.

- “Sirius Black?” 

- “Huh?!” The man jumped, dropping a Thomas the Tank Engine toy that bounced on the floor.

- He whipped around to see Remus stood across the aisle from him.

- “Remus?” He questioned. “I … I, I mean, Lupin right?”

- He started rubbing the back of his neck.

- Remus nodded slightly.

- “Yeah, I’m surprised you remembered who I was.”

- Remus bent down to pick up the toy and heard a hitch in Sirius’ breathing.

- “Course I remember you! … I mean, yeah, I thought you looked … familiar … or whatever.”

- Did it suddenly get hot in here?

- “What are you doing here?” Sirius questioned.

- “I work here.” He answered, holding the Toy to his chest.

- Even though he was best friends with Lily and saw her all the time, he never expected to see Sirius again after Hogwarts.

- Apart from at Lily and James’ eventual wedding.

- Sirius was in Gryffindor where as Remus was in Ravenclaw.

- Remus had always had a crush on the elusive Sirius Black, but so did everybody else at Hogwarts. 

- It was no big deal. He got over it ages ago.

- Well, he had until he saw him again.

- “What are you doing here?”

- “Oh, I’m erm … I’m looking to get some muggle toys for the baby.”

- He felt his heart sink a little.

- “O-oh right.”

- “Yeah, Lily’s pretty insistent that her child grows up with both muggle and wizard-y stuff.”

- His heart lifted back up.

- “Oh! You’re buying things for Harry?” 

- “Yeah! You know him?”

- “Yeah, I meet up with Lily every so often and she brings him along. She want’s me to help her plan the wedding with her. Turns out James’ isn’t so … helpful in that department.” He waved his hand.

- Sirius’ smile widened as he chuckled. 

- “You’re not wrong their mate. He’s utterly hopeless.”

- They just stared at each other with small smiles.

- Remus shook himself out of the trance

- “So, what is it you’re thinking about getting?”

- “Well, thats the problem you see. I don’t know what the hell to get. It’s all too new to me.”

- “Well, I can give you a hand … if you want?”

- “Yes! … I mean, yeah … yes please.” 

- To say this was probably the best day he had at work ever was an understatement.

- Remus and Sirius spent the next hour or so together.

- He was determined he would help Sirius find a toy for Harry.

- He swears.

- But Sirius was too distracting with just how cute he was.

- His face lit up every time a toy made a noise that Remus couldn’t help but join in with pressing every button going.

- Their laughter carried through the large store, as did all of the noise they made.

- “John!” Shouted Remus’ angry supervisor an hour later.

- “Damn.” He whispered under his breath so only Sirius could hear.

- Sirius furrowed his eyebrows at the intruder.

- “Must I remind you that you have a job to do? Or at least you do for now.”

- Remus stared chewing at the inside of his cheek.

- He knew it was coming, his supervisor has just been waiting for a good excuse to get him sacked.

- “And I would say that he’s doing a stand up job!” Sirius snapped. 

- “He’s just spent the past hour with me, helping me choose a suitable toy for my godson, and I have actually decided to buy multiple toys that I would never had considered if it weren’t for Rem-I mean, John here.”

- The supervisor looked pretty sheepish at that.

- “I”m sorry sir, it’s just that John here was supposed to be restocking the shelves. I would be more than happy to take over though if you need any more help.” 

- Her smile, Remus assumed, was meant to be quite flirtatious.

- But in reality, it was more menacing.

- “No, thank you. I’m more than happy with the job that John has done.” He smirked back. 

- “May you help me to the checkouts, John?” He winked. 

- “Of course, sir.”

- Sirius grabbed around ten toys, dropping five toys into Remus’ arms.

- They left his supervisor to be annoyed on her own in the aisle.

- “So, why did she call you John?”

- “Oh, it’s my middle name. It seemed more muggle than Remus.”

- “Yeah, I get that.” He laughed. 

- Remus opened up a till and ran all of Sirius’ picks through it.

- He winced at the price. It was around £140 with his discount included.

- “Are you sure you want to buy all of this, Sirius? You really don’t need to. It’s quite expensive, even with my 10% family and friends discount.” 

- “You … you put your discount on it for me?” Sirius’ eyes brightened.

- Remus’ face flushed.

- “I-er … I mean, well yeah.” 

- “Thank you, Remus.” He smiled genuinely, reaching over and placing his hand on top of Remus’. 

- He couldn’t help but stare at their hands.

- “S-sure. Erm. That’ll be £140.”

- Sirius took his hand back and pulled out a wallet and stared at the contents, his eyes wide.

- “Is something the matter?”

- “I … erm … This is super embarrassing. I can’t remember which muggle notes are which.”

- Remus let out a breathy laugh.

- “That’s okay, really. Do you want me to sort it for you?”

- “Do you not mind?”

- “Not in the slightest.” 

- Sirius passed over his wallet where Remus saw a cute little baby picture of Harry. 

- He pulled out the necessary notes, passed it back over, put all of the items into a bag and put the receipt inside.

- “Here you go. Thank you for shopping at Toy’s R Us.” He grinned.

- “Thank you for spending the afternoon helping me. I’m sorry for getting you into trouble.”

- Remus shrugged it off. 

- “Don’t worry about it, she never did like me much anyway.” 

- “I don’t understand how that can be.” 

- Remus blushed. Was Sirius flirting with him?

- “Yes, well. Thank you for a fun afternoon. I hope the presents work out for you, and I’ll hopefully see you at the Potters wedding in a few months.” 

- For probably the last time, he thought.

- Sirius started shifting from one foot to the other.

- “Or perhaps before? If you want? For a date … possibly?” 

- He couldn’t look Remus directly in the eye.

- “You’d seriously want to go on a date … with me?” 

- “I’m always Sirius”

- Remus groaned, but laughed anyway making Sirius give him a toothy grin.

- “But yes, seriously. I’ve … I’ve always wanted to ask you out. I was just too scared too in Hogwarts.”

- Remus’ eyes widened.

- “Seriously?!”

- “I’m always-”

- “Shush!” Remus laughed, rolling his eyes. “I didn’t even think you knew who I was at school.”

- “Of course I did! James used to bully me so much for pining after you the way I did. Oh god, I sound so creepy, don’t I?”

- “Nah, not at all. I … I felt the same way. About you. Lily used to go mad at me for not just talking to you, but … well. Yeah.”

- “She did? That must be why she told me to come shopping here for Harry’s present then with the hope we’d bump into each other and stop being foolish.”

- Remus rolled his eyes.

- “Lily told you to come here?”  

- Sirius nodded.

- Reminder to self: Buy Lily a large bouquet of flowers.

- “She did. And I’m so glad she did.” 

- “Me too.”

- They couldn’t stop staring at each other.

- “What time do you get off tonight?”

- “Around 6.30pm?”

- “Can I meet you afterwards? I kind of don’t want to wait another day before I finally take you out.” 

- Remus nodded. 

- Sirius pulled out a little piece of paper from his back pocket.

- “Do you have a qui-I mean pen?”

- Remus passed one over and Sirius scribbled something down.

- “Here’s my number. I’m still pretty new to the whole mob-ee thing, but I’m getting better at texting. So … text me if you get chance before tonight?”

- Remus was dumbfounded and couldn’t do more than just nod.

- Sirius winked, leant over to squeeze at Remus’ hand, picked up his shopping bag and walked out of the store, glancing back at Remus a few times.

- Remus felt his heart beat racing.

- Forget the bouquet of flowers. I’m gonna pay for that girls wedding.

- “John! The shelves won’t stock themselves!”

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The vongola being switched into the future where they meet their very pregnant s/o

This was so cute.  I love the idea.

Tsuna:  Tsuna fainted.  When he showed up in the future, it was after they had stopped Byakuran so he figured that it would be pretty routine stuff.  When the poof of pink smoke cleared however, he was in Dr. Shamal’s examining room while you were having a routine ultrasound done, holding your hand.  Your swollen abdomen was the last thing he saw before waking up back in his present time, facing his worried guardians and refusing to meet your face.

Gokudera:  Even before the smoke cleared, Gokudera could hear the yelling.  He immediately recognized your voice and wondered what he had done wrong.  Upon the smoke clearing, he could only stand frozen, staring at your stomach.  He blinked a few times before staring up at your face and than back down at your swollen abdomen.  “Is-Is that mine,” he said, all bluster gone, pointing a slightly trembling finger towards your middle.  Your glare intensified, “Of course it is, dumbass.”  With your scowl directed at him, he took a cautious step back.  “I’m sure that my future self is very sorry for whatever he did to cause you distress,” he said, trying to keep you from murdering either now or when his older self returns.  “You’d better be, you -“  The poof of pink enveloped him and the rest of your lecture was cut off, while he wasn’t sure if he made it better for himself in the future, he couldn’t find himself to be too worried because hey, better him than me.

Yamamoto:  Yamamoto comes back grinning so widely from the future that most of the other guardians are worried that he’s gone mental.  He doesn’t tell them, of course, about the sight that greeted him.  When he had poofed into the future, he had been immediately tackled by two identical twin boys who were about 4/5. You were a step behind them, trying to grab at least one of them, your stomach just starting to show.  The boys on top of him, once realizing that he wasn’t their father, not really, clamored off of him, and retreated to their mother’s side, more cautious than shy, grinning widely at the new comer.  “Takashi,” you greeted, the younger version of your husband.  “Surprise.”  “Maa, maa,” Yamamoto laughed at his family 10 years in the future.  “I always knew that I’d spend my life with you.”  The last thing he saw before he returned to his current time, was your boys grinning up at you as you blushed prettily.

Ryohei:  After the poof of pink smoke alerted you to what happened, you worried for a moment when the younger version of your partner just stared at your stomach, completely silent.  “EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!!”  For a moment, you thought that you had gone deaf as you glared at your partner.  The brief feeling of annoyance was gone though, as suddenly as it had come when the teenager picked you up and spun you around, as if you weren’t quite a bit heavier.  You were both laughing as you slumped against him as he lowered to the floor.  When he came back to the present, he immediately ran to find you, he had to plan to the EXTREME.  After all, he only had ten years to convince you to marry him now.

TYL!Lambo:  Lambo spends about half the time staring at your tummy before breaking into sobs.  While you couldn’t exactly tell if the teenager’s cries were of terror or happiness - honestly with that cow, either was entirely possible.  You decided it was the second one when he fell to his knees in front of you and wrapped his arms around you.  Your amusement disappeared a moment later when you heard him whispering to the baby inside of you, “You’ll be daddy’s subordinate, won’t you.”  Feeling a scorching heat on his head, he gulped as he looked up and was met with a ferocious glare. 

Hibari:  The other guardians didn’t realize why the older Hibari was so anxious when he appeared - not that anyone beyond the Vongola could tell that it was nerves, anyone else would have just thought that he had become twice as violent as he aged.  When their Hibari returned, there was still a faint stain of pink across his pale cheeks and he looked the most shocked any of them had ever seen, they worried about what the future held that could cause the strongest of the Guardians, the aloof Cloud Guardian, the former demon prefect, to become so unsettled.  Hibari would never tell them that he had switched with himself at the exact moment his partner was in labor.  At your hands, he had experienced a strange mix of amusement and rage.  He made up his mind as you struggled through the five minutes of labor that he had spent with you, that you and most women actually deserved the title of “carnivore” for the pain that you had to go through.  He also made up his mind that making you angry would be a very bad plan after the seeing the glare that you leveled at him, and hearing the threat you leveled at Lambo and his ten-year bazooka. 
Meanwhile, ten years in the future, Hibari actually ended up apologizing to you, as he let you grip his hand as hard as you need and whispered words of encouragement which he would deny later

Mukuro:   After spending most of his life after the experiments believing himself to be sterile, seeing your 6 month pregnant abdomen nearly caused Mukuro to break down.  Even as a teenager, the look of utter joy that crossed his face upon realizing that he was going to be a father, matched his older self’s expression when he had found out.  The fear and doubt of his own abilities that crossed only a second later also matched the older man’s expression.  ”You’re already a wonderful father now, Mukuro,” the older version of you said, squeezing the teenager’s hand.  “Don’t worry.”  Though he tried to cover up his nervousness with one of his laugh’s, he knew that you saw through it.  And while he never told the others what he had seen when he had traveled to the future, they all noticed that he was changed a little bit, he became calmer, and maybe, dare they say, less violence.  What they didn’t know was that Mukuro swore to himself that in 10 years, he would a man that any child would look up to and be proud of.  (And while you didn’t mind his change in personality too much, you didn’t let him do a complete 180 because, c’mon, you did fall in love with that creepy jerk.)

So while Mukuro managed to not end up a jerk, his price for that was that he got a larger one than the rest.  And of course, Hibari refused to let that pineapple herbivore get away with that, so he demanded he get a long one as well or else he would bite me to death.  True story.

Letter to Iwatate Saho from her mother (From 10/9/14 Iwatate Saho Seitansai)

(Read by Kitazawa Saki)


Yahho! Sahho!

[Audience: *laughter*]

[Saho: “Who??”]

Happy Birthday.

20 years have passed since Saho was born. I think it’s really Ha–ya–i!

Today I will tell a hi–mi–tsu, a secret story about Saho.

Saho was going to be born in September. But maybe because she loved her mother’s womb, she wasn’t quite born then. Mou, she was really o~so~i!

You were around 10 days late and were born on October 4th. Thinking back, I wonder if you wanted to be born on “Tenshi no hi”*?

When you were born, I was told you had come down with pneumonia from aspirating the amniotic fluid. You also weighed 3,546 grams, but you probably don’t remember your mother’s worry when you were placed in the incubator.

[Saho: Of course.]

Unable to wait for milk to the point of drinking the amniotic fluid, it certainly seemed like you were a big eater. And since that time, while holding the baby bottle too, you had your little finger raised.

[Saho: No way!]

At the time when your mother was having another baby, you arbitrarily believed that you would have a little sister. When you learned that your brother had been born, I heard from your grandmother that you cried in shock and refused to eat your favorite sushi. I felt that you were a child who can make her intentions clear. 

Nowadays, the two of you have a very close relationship, like waiting together on the return from school, going out to eat together, go to karaoke, and getting together to study.

The first two times you auditioned for AKB I knew about it, but third time I said “Since It’s already impossible, give it up; think about university”, but your brother took the picture for you, and you auditioned. This convinced me that you were not entering AKB with half-hearted feelings, but there was also the matter of your age; as a parent I worried if this was really a good thing for your future, Saho.

With the promise that you would both enter AKB and take the university entrance examinations, I gave the OK. But between daily lessons, stage performances, rehearsals, and concerts the schedule was more than I thought. Seeing you in the interim––going to school and cram school, being up until late, and studying for exams––at the sight of it all, although you had made a commitment, I wondered if, how many times, the thought of “This exam, stop it already!” crossed your mind. However, without vomiting complaints, you did your best and passed.

The day before your 18th birthday celebration, you stayed up all night finishing a report. To be going straight to the stage just like that, your mother was worried that you would collapse. But standing on stage, Saho, you were an idol full of energy, with such a happy face. And my tears wouldn’t stop, knowing that the road that you chose was not wrong.

For the 13th generation there was also the selection, when you and your fifteen companions became the ten that there are now. I think that the bonds between everyone became stronger through these various painful experiences.

When you had several worries about your age and your standing position, there was the kenkyuusei concert at Budokan, where amongst the many I heard Yuko-san say “The best was Iwatate Saho-chan”. With many people willing to notice you, Saho, you became much more confident, and your feelings changed. I remember you saying “No matter where I am, I will blossom”.

Saho, I think that the time when, someday, you too will graduate will be a celebration. Then also, wanting to continue to be seen working hard, deciding to become a personality who can speak in her own words, you have seen and heard various things, and have broadened the scope of your work through studying French, weather forecasting, and so on.

There’s still more hi–mi–tsu, but because this has gotten na–ga–i, that’s the end.

Finally, to the members, staff, and everyone who it concerns, and to everyone cheering for Saho, and the birthday committee who prepared and looked forward to the variety of surprises today, although in truth I would like to say thanks to all of you one-on-one, please let me take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone.

Saho is still an immature daughter, so from now on too, thank you for guiding her. Please continue to watch over Iwatate Saho forever. 

And so, as Sahho oshi, i–te–ne, let’s go!

I too am a Saho oshi, and I’m not about to lose to anyone.

Saho-chan, be grateful to have met so many people who support you, and keep walking towards your goals.


Saho’s mother.


*“Tenshi no hi” means “Day of Angels”, which is October 4th (Saho’s birthday), being the 10th month and 4 in Japanese is “shi”. Therefore “Ten-shi”.

**Other “Saho-isms”: “Ha–ya–i” = “early/quickly”, “O–so–i” = “late/slow”, “Hi–mi–tsu” = “secret”, “Na–ga–i” = long, and “i–te–ne” is from “iku” or “to go”.

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do you have any favorite baekyeol fics you would recommend? love your edits btw so lovely!!! uwu

hi anon !!!! ((sweats)) i have too many fave fics to recommend you .. . baekyoel .  .. .. .i’ll give you my top five?? ten?? let’s go with twenty !!! hehe this isn’t really in any particular order because all of them are amazing and you need to read it omfgmomg ((bolded are faves and i have read them more than once))

masquerades - i have reread this fic soOOoO many times it’s unreal i just /sighs/ love it so much i didn’t know i had it in me to adore a fic so much but scientist baek and agent park is cute ple a s e read it pellapsleplsease god this fic is amazing and balanced with all the right fluff and angst and o h h od let me die and be reborn in a world where this fic is tattooed all over my body ((maayacola is one of my fave writers please read her other stories make a day feel like a minute and armor thanks))

linear - this is adorable /stuffs face into a pillow/ beautiful baekyeol is beautiful

third wheel, spinning - this fic is written in second person ((so you’re like…involved in the fic eh heh)) i don’t usually read fics like these but this oNe is absolutely amazing and i was hooked right from the start omfg even if you don’t read those kind of fics please give this one a try !! ((all of sutecha’s fics are amazing omfg other masterpieces are moments like this, let the future fall into place, soliloquy all of which are so well written i love the way she writes ;; even though she’s stopped writing fics now please read all of them))


can i wish you away - well this is  … .no . .. it will ruin you .. .jsut. .. beware it will slay your soul…oh myod


exit strategies - i have no words for this tbh it’ just so. .dark?  ? mysterious ? ? amazing ((side story from chanyeol’s POV can be found here))

try this on for size - oOhoh OH HERE COMES THE SMUT GUYS HOLD YA HORSES !!!! hehe this fic is great and very /wink wink/ if you know what i mean please be of age i don’t want to ruin anyone’s innocence in this fandom so yes this is v not pg13


there are dark times (but i’m glad i have you) - cute baekyeol and no electricity is cute yes i recommend this i hope everyone reads this it will make you happy!!

and then, your heart drops - /clutches self and rolls into a ball/

a former “most love only lasts for a while” - meep yes please let me cry over the perfection of this fic i’m /heart eyes/

baby, i’m your biggest fan - i’m wheezing this is beautiful i’m in love baekyeol and their banter is the most amazing thing in the world fight me

complications - very unique plot it’s really well written too i mean who would’t want luhan as a best friend please i’m begging you rEaD THIS

let love in - very important and tbh i’m running out of words to say because all these fics are amazing and you need to read all of them ple  ase

human nature - goodbye i do not exist anymore rip nicola

chasing what you already have - sigh why do i do this to myself this is what i do everyday i drown myself in baekyeol and cry over them and their cuteness

between the lines - U uGHhh GHhh /dying whale noises / do u hear that it’s my cries of despair over this fic i have thrown myself off a cliff because i am so sad this fic is not a book so can hug it to my chest and sleep with it fml


okAy so i think i’ve cried over enough fics for now woops i’m sorry for all my word vomiting, i think that’s 20 fics?? it was so difficult choosing my top faves ((there are so many more don’t you worry lil peach i never run out of fic recs when it comes to baekyeol)) but i hope you like the ones i’ve recommended so far !! if you need more just shoot me a message, and i’m sorry if the links don’t work or come out on the wrong page in case i’ve mixed them up orz ;;

you can also check my fic recs page here which i will be updating today !! but i bet you once i finish updating there’ll just be 10 more fics to add by the next day otl and i’m so lazy so don’t depend on my fic recs page ^^

thank you for liking my edits cutie !! i love you so much /shoots hearts/

have a nice day and enjoy !!

Liam Payne Facts: 24 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The One Direction Star

Liam Payne turning up to support his bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, at Monday night’s Believe In Magic Cinderella Ball reminded us all just how much of a wonderful friend and person he is.

We mean, he effectively gave up a rare evening off - and thousands and thousands of pounds - to make sure that terminally and seriously ill children were treated to a fantastic night that made them feel like royalty.

Originally posted by iamtheblankpage

There were far too many feels for us to deal with, tbh.

Anyways, in honour of the Payno, we decided to have a little dig and bring you 24 facts that you probably don’t know about the 21-year-old mega babe… Although we aren’t kidding ourselves and are more than aware you probs actually do know all of these.

But try and humour us anyways, yeah?

Originally posted by northern-boys-love-gravy

1. Liam has always had a pretty humongous heart, and if he wasn’t in the biggest band on the planet, or Batman, then he actually planned on being a firefighter because he “likes the idea of saving people”.

The star actually ended up proving his worth as a man in uniform too, when his close friend Andy Samuels caught alight during a freak accident at Liam’s home and the singer managed to save him from the flames.

Andy ended up suffering third degree burns and needed skin grafts, but if it wasn’t for Liam’s quick thinking and bravery then things could have been a whole lot worse. 

2. Still, Liam hasn’t always been super cool, calm and collected, in fact, he used to be a bit of a nervous Nelly.

Originally posted by liammix

Speaking in an interview once he admitted: “When I was seven, a girl I really liked tickled me and I wet myself.

“Then she laughed, because she was a lot older, but I cried and it was terrible.”


3. And Liam’s uncontrollable bladder seems to be a recurring theme from his youth, with the star also revealing that he once weed all over his family’s kitchen floor after he sleepwalked downstairs in the night.


4. Payno is the middle child of One Direction - older than Harry Styles and Niall Horan but younger than Zayn Malik (we miss him) and Louis, still, everybody knows that he acts as the daddy of the group.

5. In fact, Liam is such a father figure that he even has those cringey dad jokes down to a T with him once replying to somebody who claimed that she was his biggest fan by asking “How tall are you?”

Originally posted by liammix

D’oh, daaaaaaddddd, you’re embarrassing us.

6. Liam’s sensible attitude is also renowned outside of the group, with Ed Sheeran previously admitting that without Liam, those cheeky 1D scamps would probs be in prison.

7. Liam auditioned for X Factor way back in 2008 when they lowered the entry age to 14, he got as far as Judges Houses before it was decided that he just wasn’t ready.

And thank goodness for that, eh? If he’d gone through then, he wouldn’t have ever become a member of the biggest boyband on the planet - everything really does happen for a reason.

8. When Liam’s 2010 X Factor auditioned first aired on our televisions, bookmakers made Liam the second fave to win the entire show, behind Cher Lloyd.

Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for the gambling types, he was put in One Direction before the live shows even started. 

Originally posted by live-while-we-are-young-1d

9. While we’re focusing on the early days, a fun fact is that Liam had just over seven minutes worth of solos on the band’s debut album, ‘Up All Night’.

Which was the second most behind Harry.

10. Let’s go even earlier; after falling ill as a baby, it was discovered that one of Liam’s kidneys was scarred and dysfunctional, with him having to have injections just to cope with the pain.

However, in August 2012 a miracle happened with the star tweeting: “Just been for an ultrasound on my kidney turns out its fixed from when I was a baby!!!

Originally posted by theonewhoprotested

“:o so now I have two :) #weirdnewsoftheday [SIC]”

11. And that’s not all that poor little Liam had to contend with during his youth, with the crooner and mega babe being incredibly open about how severely he used to be bullied at school.

In fact, Li used to hate going in so much that he used to pretend that he was too poorly, and on his sweet 16 he threw a party but nobody showed up.


As much as it breaks our heart to think about, we reckon Liam definitely got the last laugh.

12. Still, he always had his older sisters, Nicola and Ruth, to play with - with him previously telling The Sun: “They used to try to influence my fashion a bit.

“Which you know… may have involved a heel or two.”


13. Before he quit the band, WELP, Liam had a pretty close relationship with Zayn Malik, with Zayn even admitting that if he had the chance to marry any of his bandmates, he’d choose Liam in a heartbeat.

Originally posted by roseaque

There are too many adorable Ziam moments to mention here, and because they leave us emotional we are going to have to stop before we burst into ugly sobs…

14. …Okay, okay, one more - Liam reciprocated Zayn’s love for him by once saying that his fave thing to do was watch the Bradford Bad Boi sleep because “he looks adorable”.

Originally posted by fziam


15. Ahem, moving on… We’re sure you know this but it’s a classic Payno fact - the star has a ‘fear’ of spoons; so much so that he actually eats ice cream with a fork.

16. Last year, a hardcore One Direction fan stole his boxers from his hotel.

Not cool, guys, not cool.

Originally posted by liammix

17. Did you know that back in the early days of 1D, Liam admitted that he wanted to name his first child ‘Taylor’.

We’re not sure how Harry’s ‘thing’ with T-Swizzle has affected these plans, but we know for sure that Louis wouldn’t be too happy with that choice in name nowadays…

18. Fun fact: Liam said he used to be mistaken for Daniel Radcliffe… No, we don’t see it either.

Originally posted by bookonshelf

19. This one time, Liam was dawdling and ended up seeing the boys’ tour bus driving off without him.

Obviously he ran after them all screaming, and the boys thought that he was just a cray cray fan.


Originally posted by twoangelsonelove

20. That’s not the only time Liam has proved to be a totally smooth operator, with the singer revealing that once he forgot the words to the song he was supposed to be singing, so rather than embarrass himself he just tapped the mic as though it wasn’t working.

Y’hear that guys? SMOOTH.

21. Apart from, he isn’t so smooth in dreamland, with the babe admitting that he has nightmares about being nakey in public places, he dished: “I dream of being back at school a lot and have been naked a few times.”

For the record, we see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

22. His first concert was Gareth Gates. #TheMoreYouKnow

23. He is such a lovely person that once upon a time he went to McDonalds and got given eleven chicken nuggets in his box of ten.

Instead of jumping for joy at his little victory, like us less lovely people would do, he actually went back to the counter to give it back.


Originally posted by liammix

24. And further evidence of his heart being made of solid gold? Liam ‘daddy’ Payne is the member of the band who always makes sure that he is there to support his boys.

On top of hosting his own charity gala for Trekstock earlier this year, Liam made sure that he attended Lou’s Cinderella ball and donated an arm and a leg in the process.

He’s also always there to cheer on the band whenever they take part in solo charity events because, let’s face it, he’s just an all round amazing guy.

Okay, so you definitely knew that one - but did we teach you anything new?


Ah well, we tried.

danaryas  asked:

(1/?) I thought I'd update you on Lexark + Aden in the zombie apocalypse, specifically Lexa's relationship with Aden: so at first, she thinks he's just this little kid (he's like 15 but she still thinks he's a smol bc he hasn't hit his growth spurt yet) who's gonna be a huge distraction with the whole 'killing zombies' thing and so she ignores him as much as possible at first but like, the kid just talks so damn much you can't really ignore him

(2/?): and Aden is the one who really gets Alicia to trust Elyza because no kid can talk about someone with that much adoration and reverence for that person to /not/ be some weird, vegemite loving badass Australian saint. And in the time Alicia’s separated from her fam, Aden keeps her sane, acting like the universe’s best little brother. He tells stories to keep the mood light, but also goes into really detailed rants about things like the space time continuum

(3/?): and Aden is /obsessed/ with the idea of parallel universes and alternate dimensions and he’s such a dork and Elyza just ruffles his hair fondly as he rants about his theories and Alicia wants to disregard them at first but she’s been having dreams in a language she doesn’t recognize with people she’s never seen but seem so /familiar/ that she can’t help but believe him and soon enough the two of them are debating over the logistics of reincarnation and things like that

(4/?): while they try to find Alicia’s family and it drives Elyza kinda batty because “Aden I’ve heard this rant 8000 times” but Alicia can see that Elyza’s masking something in her eyes, but doesn’t know that it’s because Elyza remembers /everything/ and she doesn’t want Alicia and Aden to know how they were killed, doesn’t want them to have to relive the pain, because even though they’re in the apocalypse they’re alive and relatively happy and she wants to protect them

(5/?): and Alicia begins to realize that Aden is much more than meets the eye. He’s practically a genius, first of all, and Elyza convinced their parents to sign him up for all sorts of activities from an early age bc she always remember and wanted him to be as safe as possible. We’re talking fencing, mixed martial arts, Krav Maga, you name it Aden was in it at some point, so he’s a fifteen year old mini badass who looks like he couldn’t hurt a fly and it’s v deceiving

(6/?): and Alicia finds herself becoming attached to his goodness in a world gone mad, and she begins to see the good in Elyza, too, who protects her baby brother with such ferocity, who cares so deeply for him, and realizes that the blonde girl isn’t as horrible of a person as she initially thought. Elyza just hides behind her badassery and snark because she’s afraid to let people in, but Aden likes Alicia and decides to be the Best Wingman™ and spends all of his time

(7/?): telling Alicia how great of a person Elyza is, and how much of a dork she can be. Eventually, Elyza opens up to Alicia, and the two become fast friends after that, and now Alicia sees the Elyza that Aden sees. The ukulele-playing, spice girls loving nerd that cried while watching ‘dolphin tale’ because she was so moved. Of course, in the beginning, it’s strictly platonic, because Alicia is truly an Outstanding Heterosexual™ (NOT) who defs isn’t checking her out nope no way

(8/?): but then, once Elyza and Aden are assimilated into the group, and Alicia realizes she’s Bi as a Kite™, Aden is an even better wingman, and he recites poetry to Alicia on behalf of his sister, who’s being chased around by Madison, and creates diversions for the two to spend time together away from Madison’s keen eye. And he’s such a great listener, too. Alicia knows she can talk to him about anything and he won’t tell a soul w/o express permission bc he’s such a pure little bean

(9/?): and when he almost dies, and his black blood is exposed, Alicia feels her heart stutter. She isn’t as distraught as Elyza, of course, but she finds herself thinking that if he dies she won’t know what to do with herself, and she can’t help but feel like somewhere, in another life, the two of them had been inexplicably close, and she has a dream of a group of children surrounding her, talking in that strange language, and she recognizes Aden staring back at her

(10/?): and while the others are all yelling at Elyza for keeping such a big secret from them, Alicia gets it. She knows that Elyza is just protecting her brother, and she knew she’d do the same thing, because Aden is just one of those people you want to protect, even if you’ve only known him for a little while, because he’s a ray of sunshine in these dark times, a beam of hope and smiles and bad jokes and speculations about the universe. And they survive together

(11/11) and Alicia knows, somewhere inside of her, that they’d survived together before, the three of them. She doesn’t remember the details, not like Elyza does, but she knows that whenever she’s around the two Australians, she feels like she’s come home after a long day, and that’s more than enough to lift her spirits in these horrible times, and she loves them both so much (in different ways, of course, but she loves them all the same)

holy hell i would literally sell my soul for you or anyone to make this a fic 

onho; omegaverse; "Birthright" (part 4)

Title: birthright (part 4)
Pairing: onew/minho (some side jonghyun/minho, onew/jonghyun, jonghyun/taeyeon((!taemin)))
Rating: nc-17
Word Count: 19k 24k+
Warnings: a/b/o // omegaverse, angst/dark, smut, non-con, mpreg, knotting, underage abuses and sexuality mentioned
Summary: an omega, one reluctant to perform his birth duty, is put under the care of an alpha not familiar to him.

|   part 1  |   part 2  |   part 3  |   part 4  |   part 5  |   part 6  |   part 7  |   part 8  |  part 9  |   part 10  |   part 11 (end)  |  

a/n: 1/30/16 update – as this story has been a long wip, i‘ve revisited this chapter in several edits. special thanks to @livingindanger for the previous quality check. thanks to @therealf-o-x-y for some helpful input. and thank you to readers still around, especially those who will take time to read this all over again. lol thank you, it means a lot. please forgive any remaining typos, as this has not yet been proofed in full.

i hope readers enjoy. feedback and comments are appreciated. ;u; thank you.

“Do you think this will be alright?“

"What?” Minho wishes to eat up the scraps left of Jonghyun’s meal, as his own is always lacking, but he doesn’t dare try, for fear of a possible punishment embedded deeply into him.

“All this. Being here, pretending we just..  you know,” Jonghyun’s voice lowers, not giving too much of their situation away.

Keep reading