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What are your favorite moments throughout the filming of Shameless?
One of my favorite moments - was the early season, we had to go bail Lip out of jail, it was really cold and snowing in Chicago, and we were outside a police station, huddled up, it was our last scene of the day, and our last scene of that SEASON, and it was when we bailed Lip out of jail. We all got in a huddle and told each other how much we loved each other. That was really special.Steve Howey

“ianmharding: This isn’t a good photo, but it’s an important one. I snapped it quickly from across a subway platform several years ago. Keegan and I were both working in the city, but managed to catch up one afternoon. We walked and talked for hours, waxing poetic and picking apart the little moments of our lives. It’s a habit he and I continue to this day. Of the many blessings this show has bestowed upon me, meeting and befriending this fellow counts as one of the most important. Much love and happy wrap my friend. @keeoone”

This is pretty cool so I must share… I wrote a play about a boy named Ian and a girl named Lua. I’m not going to get into it but Lua is a beautiful girl inside and out who unfortunately was born with a heart defect. I saw this girl in campus who reminded me of Lua so I asked if she can be part of my play. After she read my script her eyes widened and told me she too was born with an extremely rare heart disease. Coincidentally her personality exactly matched Lua’s. She had to stop reading the play because it got too surreal. Then she asked me if I had anyone in mind for my character Ian. I told her not yet and I will never forget those rosy cheeks and that huge smile when she shyly asked me if I can cast this boy that she knew. He was in one of my classes and I thought at that moment he was perfect to be Ian. She had a crush on him and he had a crush on her. The play was successful. Professor actually said I should publish the play. I got an A+. Now they are married Irl, healthy and sosososo happy!


Bamon Week

Day 3. “I’m not out of nicknames for you yet.”

There are so many things to like about Bamon. The banter/bickering, the undeniable great chemistry, the fights and heartfelt moments, the agonizingly slow development, how badass they look together when taking down the enemy, how they now have their very own mascot Ms. Cuddles(!), etc.

If I had to choose just one it’d (probably) be the hints to romance. We knew the connection between Damon and Bonnie was there from the beginning, from the moment we were told Damon made a deal with Emily to protect her lineage, romantic or not it was a connection and therefore could be explored and developed. But at the beginning of this year Ian Somerhalder confirmed that “with Bonnie and Damon, you always get little hints of them.” For me, personally that was exactly what I wanted and needed to know. As someone who’s been a impatient shipper ever since their encounter at the Halloween party in episode 1x07 I always looked at them with the potential to be more than just friends. So, how satisfying it was for me to know that the often neglected potential that I saw (even during the “bamon ban”) was there all this time and for a reason. That it wasn’t all just a product of “shipper goggles” but there were in fact some small moments that could very well back it up and justify romantic!Bamon. Like in Season One, when Damon asked Bonnie to give him another chance. In Season Two when for someone who claimed to not care at all about Bonnie, was very gently caressing her cheek after she fake-died and looking rather upset about seeing her like that. Four, when Damon said he loves witches and Elena revealed to Matt that Damon with his “Damon Logic” actually kind of loves Bonnie. In their domestic routine in Season Six, looking like a married couple. When Kai read bamon’s relationship exactly for what it was and how they show their love. Or Damon’s annoyance to Kai and Bonnie flirting, and that pregnant pause after Elena confronts Damon with “to you she’s something else, isn’t she?”, and we know she wrongly complements the phrase after that but the way Damon simply looks like he just got caught is priceless. The flirty phone call from episode 6x16, and of course the reference in episode 6x22 to The Bodyguard, a romantic movie about a guy who’s hired to protect a woman who he doesn’t get along with at first but eventually they fall in love.

There are more hints of course, in Season Three when Bonnie asked Elena what kissing Damon felt like, and some very intense bamon starings here and there. Non-shippers may disagree but those hints are all there and I love it!


“The book I just started is Atonement by Ian McEwan. One moment early on in the book struck a chord with me and has been sticking with me through the last couple days as I warm up and perform each night.  I thought I would pass this moment of the book on to you other actors and artists and lovers of stories and theatre needing some inspiration to keep creating and watching and listening and singing.  Enjoy!” 

‘She need not judge.  There did not have to be a moral.  She need only show separate minds, as alive as her own, struggling with the idea that other minds were equally alive.  It wasn’t only wickedness and scheming that made people unhappy, it was confusion and misunderstanding; above all, it was the failure to grasp the simple truth that other people are as real as you.  And only in a story could  you enter these  different minds and show how they had an equal value.  That was the only moral a story need have.’

Unscripted by Emily Kinney - January 13, 2010.