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I can't lie, your art is awesome and I stg with the sink zimbits pic you drew I accidentally reqd Jack's quebec shirt as Queerbec

(anon referring to this Inktober dood)

lsdkfjlskdfjei so in my (albeit limited) research, it seems “Queerbec” has historically been a term used by others (*cough* assholes) in Canada outside of Quebec as a derogatory reference to Quebec, but WHAT IF this is just another one of those “ridiculous low key ways in which Jack comes out” things?

Like if there was a line of souvenir shirts being sold in Montreal that said “Queerbec” and came in a variety of pride colors? So Jack’s just spotted walkin around with Bitty like:


When she’d first approached Bucky’s cell and he’d coaxed her to him by offering his food, he’d been scared she would bite, anxious about her own anxiousness, the way her skin seemed to ripple and she panted heavily. It took them a while to come to the understanding that neither of them intended to harm the other, and when they did, he found he really liked her: it was peaceful to pet her for a few moments before the guard’s rounds brought him back this way, to feel the thick coat under his fingertips.

A commission for the lovely @teatotally, a scene from War Dogs, a wonderful fic where Bucky befriends a guard dog while captive!