at such young age

This post is a bit personal.

When I was a kid I didn’t have my parents. Growing up I lived with multiple aunts and uncles and other family. I wasn’t well taken care of and did most things on my own which meant I had to learn everything by myself. I moved out at the age of 16 to get away.
One part of that is that I (sadly) was never great at caring for myself at a young age and ended up with lots of cavities and mouth problems because I had no one watching me.
After a long time in my adult life I was finally able to get everything under control and even had money to get braces.
Today I had someone (jokingly) make a comment about my teeth being yellow. He was trying to play around but it made me super self conscious and once I got home I brushed and flossed and really beat the hell out of my teeth and then used whitening gel from my ortho as well.
Moral of my story is be careful when you make offhandedly rude comments about someone. This brought back a lot of issues I’ve had and something I thought I was over.
Be kind people.

Shattered Windows || Ch 1

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Chapter 1

Genre: Soulmate AU, fluff, angst

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader (ft. Jungkook)

Summary: Having your soul tied to the person you love for the rest of eternity isn’t a beautiful and magical as most make it out to be.  (Based around the Prologue, I Need U, Run MV’s)

Warnings: Mentions of child abuse, and physical abuse.

Being born in a world where soulmates are real, sounds like a magical fairy tale.  However, this is the world I live in and it has been terrifying.  I never really believe it, soulmates that is, or at least I didn’t when I was little.  Who could blame me?  This was my first cycle and I didn’t feel this otherworldly pull to someone I was meant to be with, on top of that my parent weren’t soulmates either.  When I asked them about it, they said that it was normal for people who lost their soulmate at a young age to find another person who also lost their soulmate.  I didn’t understand then, and I still don’t completely understand their logic but they’ve been around for more cycles than I have.  It has been recorded that people normally feel the connection to their soulmate around the age of 10.  I was unfortunate enough to have my connection on my 7th birthday.  

It was on a sunny day in the summer, I invited all my friends over for a sleepover.  Everything was fine, to begin with.  We ate cake, played games, and watched some movie.  Then it happened, night rolled around and we were settling down for the night.  I was walking to back to my room when I collapsed, hitting the wooden floor with a painful thud.  My entire body was on fire, slowly the searing pain localized to my cheek as if I had been slapped.  I cried out in pain, a metallic taste flooded my mouth but I knew I wasn’t bleeding.  I couldn’t understand what was happening; I something kept striking me across my face and body but nothing was touching me.  My parents rushed up the stairs to where I was in the hallway.  My mom noticed the girls poking their heads out of the room watching me concerned so she went to occupy the girls, while my dad scooped me up in his arms and took me to my parent’s room to figure out what was wrong with me.  Once I stopped crying I explained what happened to my dad, he looked at me pity and stroked my hair.  “I’m so sorry sweetie.  I’m sorry your first connection had to be like this.”

“Connection?”  I sniffed, staring up at my dad confused.  He knelt down and took my small hand in his grown ones.

“Yes, the pain you felt was the pain your soulmate felt.”  His thumbs rubbed circles on the tops of my hands.  “The feeling isn’t normally this strong it might have just been the first connection that strengthened the feeling.  So don’t worry, it won’t always be like this.”  My dad stood up and placed a light kiss on my forehead.  “Now that you’re calm you can go back to your friends and enjoy the rest of your sleepover.”  With that, I headed back my room but what I didn’t know was that this was the only the start of the constant pain I would soon have to endure.

As I grew up I became more accustomed to the pain; I learned how to control my reaction to it.  I wouldn’t react as violently when the pain came, but that’s not to say it didn’t hurt anymore.  It still hurt as much as it did the first day.  Bruises would constantly show up after one of my “connections”.  I wouldn’t have minded so much if it didn’t make my teachers worried about my home life.  When the bruises would get noticeably worse, I would be called to the guidance counselor’s office to go through a routine of questions to make sure I wasn’t being abused at home.  Of course, I wasn’t but it didn’t stop people from gossiping that I was.  There was one day that I came to school with bruises around my neck and when I was sent to the guidance counselor’s office there was a police officer in the room as well.  After that, the rumors got worse and not long after, we moved.  

By the time I started middle school we had already settled into the new house.  My parents also personally went to the school to talk to the principal about my “condition” so things would not get out of hand like it did at my old school.  I also started logging when and where I would get my bruises.  After a few months, I noticed a pattern, during at school nothing would happen, for the next few hours after school nothing would normally happen but there were rare occurrences but again those were very rare.  Late at night is normally when the pain and bruising would show up.  On good days, there wouldn’t be any pain but those don’t happen that often.  Usually, there would only be a single hit and it wouldn’t normally bruise, which I now consider good.  On the other hand, the bad days were terrible.  My entire body would ache from what I could only suspect were punches or kicks to the stomach.  On those nights, I would have to take a hot bath to relieve some of the pain.  While soaking in the tub I would quietly sing.  My mom once told me that when you would randomly get a song stuck in your head it was your soulmate sing the song.  Normally I’m skeptical of that but on nights like these; I pray that it is true.  I don’t know what type of situation my soulmate is in but I want to at least give them some type of comfort, even if it was something as small as a soothing song.

In the middle of high school my father got a promotion and was transferred to Seoul, so naturally, we moved again.  My parents offered to talk to the new school I was going to attend but by now, I’ve gotten pretty skilled at hiding any visible bruises so I assured them they didn’t need to.  For the first time in awhile, I felt normal at school.  No one looked at me with suspicious eyes, no one was trying to be in my personal business; I was just the new kid.  Some people were curious, but that only lasted for a week or so.  After a while, everything settled down and I attended school like a normal kid.  The rest of the school year passed, and before I knew it I was starting my last year of high school.  There were a few familiar faces in my new class but I only knew one person well enough to consider them my friend, Jeon Jungkook.  When I first transferred to this school, I often approached him and ask questions about the school.  Simple questions like where I could find the gym, the library, and the teachers’ offices.  I don’t know why I chose to go to him.  He wasn’t really keen on helping me but he wasn’t rude to me and always helped me get to where I needed to be.  One day I stayed later to look around for a club I could join and I found him in the art room sketching away.  After that, I would occasionally ask him about his art.  He was reluctant at first, but with some time he opened up and we would have little talks in between our classes.  This year, I want to truly be friends with him.  The type of friend that hangs out after school, not just someone he only talks to at school.

“Good morning Jungkook,” I smiled at him while taking the seat in front of him.

“Morning” Jungkook glanced up from his doodle and held up his hand with a slight smile.

“It’s cool we’re in the same class again huh?”  He nodded with a small ‘yeah’ before when went back to his doodle.  I bit my lip trying to think of things to talk about since he wasn’t trying to keep the conversation going.

“So what did you do over the break?  Did you have any new drawings?”

“I hung out with my hyungs for the most part” he shrugged, “I do have some new sketches…” he trailed off looking down at his bag then up to me. “  Do you… do you want to see them?”

“Yes!” my eyes lit up with excitement.  Jungkook normally never let people look at his artwork without them having to pester him; so, Jungkook willingly wanting to show me was a pleasant surprise.  He reached down to his bag, which was beside him and grabbed a small black sketchbook.  He flipped through the book stopping at a drawing.

“This was one of the last ones I was working on before we left.”  He handed me the book.  The drawing was a side profile of a girl sitting at a desk working.  The longer I stared at it the more it started looking like me; from the way, the hair was styled to the two freckles on the neck.  

“Is this me?”

“Yeah, the next two are you too.”  Jungkook gave a small chuckle.

“Really?”  I excitedly flipped to the next drawing to see yet another sketch of me sitting at a desk; however, this time I was resting my chin in my hand as I stared off into the distance.  “These are amazing Jungkook!”  I turned to the next one.  In this one, I had my head resting on the desk as I dozed off.

“They’re not that big a deal.  I could make better ones.  They’re just sketches of boredom.”

“Well, I love them.”  I smiled brightly as I stared at the sketch.  “If you ever need a model for anything I’d be glad to help.”  Jungkook laughed taking the sketchbook back.

“I might take you up on that.”  I nodded before turning around as the teacher walked into the classroom.  

*Scars* Newt x reader

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Newt x reader. The reader has scars all over. She has a scar on he face from when she was attacked as a child. Is stands out. It doesn’t bother Newt he thinks your beautiful no matter what. What happens when Tian tries to convince newt to leave the reader for her.  Tina thinks he should be with someone like her. Who doesn’t have a huge scar on her face. 

♦ A/N: Although I do not hate Tina, for this story she is written as the mean one. So, if you are a super Tina fan, this story may not be for you!

You had grown up self conscious due to the fact that you had been attacked at a very young age by your parent’s Hippogriff. They were breeders of the magical creature and that’s how you had met your best friend and now boyfriend, Newt Scamander. His mother was also a Hippogriff breeder and were close friend’s to your parent’s. 

Unfortunately, at the tender age of four, you tried to approach the mighty creature without the proper knowledge of how. In it’s frightened state, the creature attacked and ever since you had a fear of the creature. 

Newt, being a magizoologist, was gentle with you and made it known that he would help you gain the trust of the creature when you were ready.

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i got all wrapped up in the moving drama and lost this new fic about dan and phil working at nasa and i cant find it again ?? please help

Orbit My Heart (ao3) - Phil Lester has always had an obsession with space. From a young age he loved looking at stars and imagining what life would be like outside of his plant. Now at age 27, accompanied by a PhD in Astrophysics, Phil’s dream is to find life on Jupiter’s moon Europa. With some special help from Dan Howell, the best Computer Science Engineer NASA has ever seen, will Phil find what he’s looking for in both space and in his heart?

- Sam

Queen in the North {Pt. 5}

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Requested: As always, by the loveliest people in the whole world

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

Previously: {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

Summary: Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed.

Warnings: none that I can think of tbh

Word Count: 1,523

The past few days had tested your patience. When you were injured, Robb was content to sit by your bedside, reading for copious amounts of time. While he never complained for your benefit, you were beginning to suspect that he was growing stir crazy after being cooped up in his room for so long. The wound in his side was healing at a faster pace than anyone could have predicted, but Robb was still upset that he was not to overextend himself. You had done your best to keep him entertained, making sure that everyone dropped by to visit and finding him a book or two that you knew he would enjoy.  Unfortunately, it seemed that no matter what you tried, Robb would have much rather been out in the courtyard teaching Bran how not to shoot him in the side.

Somehow, you had managed to fool yourself into thinking he was content to laze around in his chambers until you found him attempting to sneak out of the castle and take a short ride on his horse. Thankfully, Grey Wind had all but taken your door off of the hinges before leading you to the stables so quickly that you were nearly sprinting to keep up.

When you found him struggling to saddle his horse and failing miserably to hide the blood seeping from the wound on his side, he only spared a quick glance at Grey Wind before reluctantly making his way back up to his room. You spared him the lecture after linking your arm in his, deciding that the look in his eyes after realizing how worried you were was proof enough that he had learned his lesson. But that didn’t make you feel any less rotten that he was going mad after being restricted to resting in his chambers for so long.

Which was exactly why Robb was sitting beside you at your morning needlepoint lesson with Sansa. It had been your life’s work to avoid attending, and the awful artwork in your hands was proof that you only attended after you received a scolding from Catelyn that was not nearly as scathing as it should have been. Unfortunately, Robb was usually your excuse to miss them, and he had begged you that morning to accompany you, if only to get out of his rooms for a bit.

“You know that I hate those blasted lessons.” You said softly, trying to ignore Robb’s pinky linking with yours, breaking down your will power to say no by the second.  

“I know that you do.” He said, in a tone that told you he wasn’t really sorry for attempting to persuade you to break him out of his room. “But I have been in here for forever-”

“You’ve been in here for a week, and no longer” you laughed.

“Well, that’s beside the point. I would very much like to no longer be in my rooms. I guess that I could take Grey Wind for a walk instead if you would prefer.” You felt his eyes shift from where your hands were lying on the bed to study your face. You allowed yourself a deep sigh before meeting his questioning gaze and nodding once. The smile on his face was enough to make you forget that spending your day practicing your needlepoint was the last thing in Westeros that you wanted to do.

You had been clumsily attempting to embroider the Stark Family Sigil on a handkerchief. You had done it many, many times before, but after not practicing from so long, your stitches were clumsy and it looked nothing like the direwolves that you loved. Grey Wind was sitting calmly at Robb’s feet, a lazy smile in his eyes. It was almost as if your favorite direwolf could sense your growing discomfort, and Grey Wind showed no sign of sympathy for you, choosing to nap lazily near Robb’s chair instead of coming to entertain you. Robb was content, sitting beside Sansa and working away at a design. You were growing antsy, wishing that you were tucked away in the library or laughing with Arya in the courtyard while she practiced with her sling shot. After an incident a few years ago, you were allowed nowhere near her favorite weapon, but nevertheless, Arya did love an audience.  

You glanced around the room to see that you weren’t the only one whose project was not coming along as planned. Most of the girls in the room seemed to have more interest in Robb’s presence than their assigned work. You were hopeful that they were simply intrigued by a new presence in the room, as opposed to being interested in your dearest friend.

You had tried your best to be attentive, but after a few hours, all that you had to show for yourself was half of a sloppily completed Stark Sigil. You sat your pitiful attempt at needlework beside you, resolving to work on it later. You met Robb’s eyes from across the circle, and you would have known that twinkle in his eyes anywhere. He was proud of himself. And when he showed you the needlework that you had thought was going to be a clumsy mess to reveal a beautifully sewn rose. Sansa announced that it was time for tea, but you were rooted to your seat. Robb came to sit by your side, sliding the needlepoint into your hands.

“I thought that you might like to keep that.” He said with a bit of a chuckle. “I will never live it down if Theon and Jon were to find out that I somehow managed to needlepoint a rose.”

You ran your fingers over the soft thread for a moment before asking “How did you manage such a beautiful rose? Lord knows that you’ve never picked up a needle in your life.”

“You know that I am a naturally talented person.” Robb said, only managing to keep a straight face for a few moments before throwing his head back, allowing a full-bodied laugh to echo around the room.

After a few moments, silence swallowed the room again, leaving you alone with Robb and your racing thoughts. After the past few days, you weren’t so sure that those two things were the best combination that you could have ended up encountering.

The two of you sat in silence for a long moment, before you glanced down at your hands, which had somehow already found each other while resting on the bench. You took a few moments to relax, basking in the warm sun of the early afternoon. It was an unusually warm day in Winterfell, and you could tell that Robb would have much rather been spending it out in the woods.

“I truly am sorry that you are all cooped up in the castle, you know.” you said, resting your head on Robb’s shoulder as he traced circles on the back of your hand.

“I know that it isn’t your fault, but I would give anything to take Grey Wind hunting today. You know that he loves to run in this kind of weather.”

“I know. But everyone is telling you that you need to rest.” You glanced up at him, grateful that he was focused on watching the light dancing on the windowpane. “Maybe you should think about listening to them.”

“Maybe they should think about listening to me.” Robb was holding in a laugh, knowing that him grabbing his side in pain was not going to help the case that he was trying to make. “I think that I have been on bed rest for long enough to justify a day trip.” Robb didn’t pause long enough for you to protest. “We wouldn’t even have to hunt. Grey Wind could come with us, just you, me, a small picnic. I’m going crazy stuck inside all day.”

“I don’t think that you getting onto a horse is the best thing that you could do for your side, Robb.” He was breaking you down, bit by bit, and if you didn’t find an excuse to say no, he was going to get his way.

“We wouldn’t even have to take the horses. The pond isn’t that far away, we could manage the walk, and I could do with the fresh air.” His eyes were lit up

“Robb, I don’t think that this is a very good idea.”

“I just want to make it up to you.” Robb was getting frustrated.

“I know that you want to make it up to me, but there is really nothing that you need to make up for. The best thing that you can do for me is to stay in bed, and to get better. That is all that I really want.”

The two of you were so lost in thought that you didn’t even hear Sansa coming in to inform the two of you that the tea was getting cold. However, she stopped short when she saw that the two of you still had not moved. Needless to say, the two of you did not make it to tea that day.

Does anyone else...

…look back on their story posts from like 5 months ago (or older if you’re an elder simblr) and just be all “Oh my god, my babies were so little”. Why do my sims look like they’ve aged when they actually haven’t? They’re still young adults in game, hello? Maybe I’m just projecting it on them like, “Yeah they’ve seen some shit. They look so mature now.” or in my case “Aww, they used to be so innocent, but now they look a fuckin mess.” 


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hey! i really love your questions and i was wondering about your thoughts on almalexia’s youth/childhood?


an overview is that my Fake Deep Psych Major Self believes that the persistent power obsession and paranoia issues we see in her are the result of growing up in a very precarious position within nord-occupied morrowind. she was born to the ‘queen’ of mournhold and grew up in close proximity to the nordic jarl. so from a very young age she learned from her mother to be distrustful, to act as if preparing oneself for attack; much of her young life was spent with the expectation that she’d be hurt or killed if she wasn’t careful enough. so later in life she’s very politically minded, has a difficult time with trust, overvalues what others think of her, has a persistent fear of being under someone else’s power, and is delightfully paranoid. ah,nords

as i said before she was born on ashurnibibi in vvardenfell and was brought back to mournhold around the age of one or two. i think the nords were actually quite kind to her– she wasn’t a huge threat to them politically, the chimer were still powerless, so the jarl and his court became rather endeared to this fatherless little princess. after the jarl’s son left to train with paarthurnax (she was ~8) he became especially fond of her, treating her like a daughter. he personally taught her nordic law and how to speak dovahzul, while the guards taught her to wield a sword, and her mother taught her all else. she was an exceptionally intelligent kid, and outgoing, she read lots, the nords liked her, because they believed she’d turn out to be just another diplomat like her mother. so her childhood was nord-dominated; she grew up with more nordic fairy tales than velothi ones

the other thing which left a big impact on her was that she traveled extensively with her mother; and, when she was seven, an arrangement was made that she spend a few months every summer at ald sotha, studying magic and velothi custom. this was important because it’s where she met sotha sil. they were childhood friends, and since almalexia had few friends in mournhold she latched onto him like glue. she visited ald sotha until she was eighteen so it was kind of a second home to her, and sotha sil became her counselor once she seized power. 

all this said, her childhood was a bit rough, because though the nords were kind to her it was constantly drilled into her that she was NOT like them, she was a novelty at best, and that they could hurt her– hell, the jarl’s son did hurt her, and it was impossible not to hear anti-chimeri vitriol from all sides, tales of nords she knew being really awful and brutal to mer. and her teen years were worse because the jarls son returned but this is long enough

ok this rlly is long… i post about this on my writing blog sometimes. fics abt her relationship with the jarl or her mother. congrats on tapping into my extensive yet niche set of headcanons :}

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What's your HCs Otabeks past?

Many years and many places he had been to and had lived. He was lucky enough to travel, to see the world at such a young age. His parents happily together and still to this day. But he was never really home to appreciate exactly what that meant. He wanted to skate and he loved to skate. It was freeing and one of the things that made him the most happy in his life. But as the years dragged on and coach after coach, city after city. Different countries and different language learned just to get by.

If you could even imagine it, Otabek was a happy kid. Smiles everywhere over everything. But with each move his smile faltered a bit more. He was already tired of this of everything. The smiles were replaced by scowls. When he moved to Russia, he was a bit more at ease. It was a language he already knew some of from school, so he wasn’t so lost. And there was Yuri. THe blonde beauty with the soul crushing eyes. Someone who was so damn strong with every inch of his being. It just poured from him. Yet he was constantly called “Pretty” which just never seemed right to Otabek.

Sure the younger boy was pretty but he was more of a soldier to him. He couldn’t keep to anyone in the class. Ballet just wasn’t for him, and he knew even without it he could skate just fine. So he moved along again. He remembered the last day of class, the day before he moved he just sat and watched Yuri dance. He was being used as an example for the others to see. You could tell that Yuri was annoyed and just wanted to move on and learn more. Their eyes only connected once more before he grabbed things, thinking he would never see the beautiful boy with the ‘eyes of a soldier’ ever again.

Once he was around fourteen or fifteen was when he was in America to continue his training. He had made a couple friends there, but they only ever talked during practice. He even gave the kids his number, but no one wanted to hang out with the teenager with a grumpy face. So he was just lonely, didn’t talk much, but he just stopping caring. It hurt less. Years without parents was one thing, it gave Otabek some sort of freedom, but years without any sort of real communication, left him…lost.

After America came Canada, there he meet JJ. At this time he was sixteen. The one person who just talked to everyone no matter who they were. So he didn’t feel special, but it was nice to talk to someone after all this time. The more they talked the more the feelings grew between them. They weren’t in love per say but they used each other to fill whatever the other was needing. It never got passed heated kisses in locker rooms, and sneaking into each others hotel room at night to talk. But Otabek knew that he needed to move back to Almaty after this year, and he didn’t want the connection between the two to be anymore then just filler. So he broke it off, became distant again.

When it was time to leave he told JJ the wrong time. So that way he didn’t have to deal with any messy goodbyes. JJ didn’t talk to him for months after that. But it was okay, Otabek probably wouldn’t have replied anyways.

Once he came back home everything was almost exactly the same. Except the new addition to the family. He only got to meet her a couple times when he took trips home during holidays but she grew fast. She was already talking perfectly by the time he got home. He was a family man so some of his emptiness washed away then. His room was empty however except for a mattress. For the longest time his room was still decorated from when he was eight or nine or so. So it made sense to change it. It was just sad to see. It made him realize, just how long he was gone.

But everything fell into place when he saw Yuri again. His eyes. It was like he was young again. And that’s when he realized that he was in love with the boy. And that he was what he had been missing all these years. He was glad he found an outlet to talk to him while they were in Barcelona. He was even happier when Yuri agreed to be friends with him.

Well….you guys know the rest.

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Hannah's poor judgment with Liz can be due to young age and being naive. Not so with you but then, perhaps you need approval from older unattainable women for the same reason youre promiscuous, you aren't capable of commitment and love. Hannah fancys you and you fancy Liz so maybe you have more in common with the poor young dumb girl than you think

Hi, anon. Thank you so much for expressing your concern, but we can assure you it’s entirely unnecessary. Hannah @rosewater7 is young, yes, but she’s a grown-up & she is entirely capable of choosing her friends wisely. I mean, clearly. Just look below at the fabulous company she keeps.

I’m unsure where you got the impression that I am incapable of commitment & love. Calling me promiscuous isn’t an insult, as far as I’m concerned, so I’ll let that slide. But no love? No commitment? Come on, anon. I’m fully committed to all the wonderful women in my life!

I do fancy Liz @2moms-0fucks .  I also fancy Hannah. We all fancy one another, because we’re just supportive of our friends like that. I’m honored to have anything at all in common with either or both of these ladies.

Hello from all of us!

Fanfiction Survey Results

Details: Six questions were asked—five for public consumption and one for private use. (Because I doubt anyone cares whether most of my readers are Dragon Age or Young Avengers fans.) 100 answers were tallied. Graphs and analysis have been offered as relevant; please consider yourself welcome to provide additional analysis. Research Methods was a very long time ago.

Note: Also please be aware that this survey includes a selection bias. As it was posted on my Tumblr—and its respondents were my readers—it cannot be considered a purely random sample. Also, several people commented that they wanted to answer with multiple choices or an “it depends”. That’s understandable, but since it would have made analysis difficult, I didn’t offer it as an option.

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Denmark daughter?

He feels his most important job as a parent is to give her the skills and knowledge to be able to take care of herself and be independent.

As a result, he’s what you might call a more relaxed, permissive parent. He obviously keeps her safe but he knows when he needs to back off and let her experience something herself.

He teaches her how to sail and they go out on their sailboat quite often

They like to go on educational outings to museums and libraries. He makes it fun for her by making up a checklist or scavenger hunt

You know he taught her to ride a bicycle and they go for rides together a lot

They like to go swimming at the beach. He calls her his little mermaid :)

They have at least one dog (a border collie). Dan thinks it’s important to teach her responsibility and putting other before herself from a young age

She’s got a big appetite, due in large part to her father teaching her to eat giant smorrebrod sandwich things

She probably ends up being more tomboyish but Denmark loves making her dress up costumes and has absolutely no problem playing dolls and tea party with her

Mod Amanda

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1.) I've always noticed how the only response from people who are very pro-porn/porn industry to those that oppose it are, "well they're just religious puritans that have been brainwashed!!!" -- all the while porn addiction does exist, is a serious psychological condition and for men can lead to ED due to being desensitized over a period of time of avid heavy porn consumption.

(Cont) It can also lead to less fulfilling sex with your sexual partner and if viewed at a very young impressionable age it can give you unrealistic expectations of sex to borderline thinking abusing your partner to get off is how sex works or thinking their obvious expressions of pain are normal because of how many women do the same in hardcore porn. You don’t have to be religious to see that this mess is fucked up and it is a cheap way to shut your opposition up by pulling the religion card.

A ton of people that I follow who aren’t religious are very much against porn, I agree that it’s a dumb excuse. And yeah having access to it at a young age is absolutely terrible for one’s psychosexual development.

Let Bart be a kid, and stop putting him in intimate relationships with older teens and adults. The development that happens over the teen years is RIDICULOUS and Bart, no matter how sharp he can be for a kid his age, is still a kid and WAY too young to be in a relationship with a 16-year-old.

Additionally, age-ups ultimately do not make the ship any less inappropriate, as they don’t change the fact that the ship was developed and popularized based on their canon ages: if you need to age them up in order to make the relationship ethical, it’s a relationship that you shouldn’t be glorifying anyway.