at speed


I got more votes for posting my recording as 2 separate videos, so here they are! 


Here’s a fresh speed drawing of Victor and Yuuri!! <3 


Chant + Sigil

1. Should be (obviously) done on Monday

2. Activate the sigil as you usually activate it, but I recommend sprinkling with some full moon water for prosperity  


In the wake of Monday day

I wake up and wait for pay

On the day of Monday noon

I will get my payment soon

By 5 O’Clock on Monday day

I get my payment today


although I can console myself by remembering that he’s technically already seen it, I’m outrageously late in posting this Speed portrait which was meant to be a birthday gift to my best and favorite boy @speedmagick. Would that I were a better illustrator and could make cool drawings of all the great headcanons and AUs you graciously engage me with but I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for weird, moody fashion watercolors. I hope the rest of your birth month is a delight and I can’t wait to see you this summer <3


Hey look a process video/ speed paint of that last pic.