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Prompt:  Hi! Can you do an imagine where the reader & joker are in a relationship and they argue and the reader storms out and goes to a park but it starts raining and then the joker gets guilty and searches for her and then he finds her and she refuses to go with him and then joker carries her bridal style and she gets sick and the joker takes care of her? Just something that shows the joker’s sweet & protective side haha tysm!!!


The tear streaks on your eyes proved to anyone that cared to notice that you were in such a shitty mood you nearly screamed out of frustration. You hated your boyfriend. But you loved him more. It made you frustrated beyond thought  the way he’d treat you sometimes – cold, distant, rough, and with other girls he was as sweet as kitten. Granted, you knew it was a facade but you couldn’t help but wish he’d treat you like that. Even only once.

You two had had a fight again, and unable to hold in your anger you slammed the door open, ignoring his threading words as you stormed out of his apartment into somewhere more secluded. It’s dark. It’s dark when you open you eyes, and it’s dark when you close them. The parks bench is went and cold, making you shiver. You wipe away the salty tears, biting your lip with a low growl of frustration as the harsh night’s wind picked on your skin. A sigh. Then two. Cool drizzle landed on your fingers, and soon your hearing was drowned out by the rain But you didn’t want to move. Frankly, you just didn’t care.

You blinked away the water, raising your head up as the rain suddenly stopped landing on your body. What you saw was a dark umbrella placed over your head, and annoyed Joker holding it up as he was almost sneering at you. You frowned.

“Fuck off.” You huffed.

“Only with you.” He shot back, albeit his voice lost the harshness it had just minutes prior. The look on his face softened but you didn’t notice. Slowly, he reached for your arm, tugging you to stand. You didn’t budge. “Why must you make this so difficult?”

“I don’t know, why must you be such a dick?” You fired back, your eyes burning holes into your shoes. Your boyfriend sighed, throwing the umbrella away. The cold hit you quick. With one swift move his arms snaked around you and with a yelp escaping your lips he lifted you up bridal style.

“I may be a dick, but…” He looked at you for a moment. You noted his makeup beginning to smear, “You’re still coming with me.”

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still beautiful - Joji

Request: chubby reader that is usually confident in herself breaks down one day and hates herself. Slight bullying mentioning. 


“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk….” you groan loudly, finishing the rest of the beer left in the bottle. Hiccupping loudly, you smash the bottle on the table (not enough to break it, though), then start to laugh without stopping, uncontrollably. Your hazy eyes try to focus on the persons sitting in front of you, but you can’t distinguish between the faces of everyone here, at the bar. They all look the same to you, and you blame the huge amount of alcohol in your system for this. 

Not like you cared. Today was your day—today, you wanted to fucking party until you black out and nothing, no one, could stop you from going down that path.

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Your ball headcannons were so cute! Could you maybe add Kaze, Jakob, and Leo to them? pretty please?


  • Does all the research he needs to make sure it’s enjoyable and safe for you and to keep you comfortable while at the ball
  • He personally has no desire to actually be at the ball, much preferring to stick to the shadows, however he’s proud to be going with you and does his utmost to keep from embarrassing you
  • He’s incredibly popular, of course, and there isn’t much either of you can do as people, women especially, flock to him- especially after your first dance
  • If he does get separated from you he is either somewhere dark and secluded, watching over you from afar, or back at your arm in as soon as it’s safe for him to get away and it would continue as such unless you wanted to leave


  • Jakob knows exactly what to do and does everything in his power to make sure it is of no strain or stress to you- from helping you learn the proper etiquette to helping with the outfits if you want he is there for you
  • He’s absolutely flustered to be going as your partner instead of as a butler, however even if he is your equal for the night he still goes above and beyond in terms of taking care of your needs
  • He is also no nicer to the other guests than before, which means he at least is not popular and stolen from you during the ball
  • Jakob is happy to stay at the ball as long as you want, but his preference would be to disappear early honestly


  • Is unashamed to point out both how pointless balls can be and how irksome your lack of knowledge is- but he’s also very thorough in teaching you everything you need to survive
  • He looks absolutely impeccable, of course, and wants the same from you- that you succeeded in doing so is how he compliments you (when that’s not good enough he blushes and huffs but tells you how good you look)
  • As the young prince he must talk to many people and as the person on his arm you are under similar scrutiny, if not more (by those jealous) and it is not the most enjoyable party you’ve been to- that said he dances wonderfully and is sweet to you while he can be (he is pulled away a few times but returns to you)
  • It is later into the party that you two are able to escape, after he’s made a suitable appearance and spoken to the important people, but he’s running almost faster than you to get out of there

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First kiss with 17? What'd it be like, how'd they act, where & when would it happen, would it be when you're already dating or still just friends (you know about your feelings for each other, like they/both start leaning in if u know what i mean) etc

there are so many details in this ask that this post got long so i apologiz e…

Seungcheol/S.Coups: Your first kiss would happen while you two were friends. Seungcheol would probably already have been teasing you for weeks up to this point about how cute he found you to be and how he didn’t like the way others kept looking at you. He’d basically be dropping hints all around until finally he invites you out on an actual date to maybe the movies or something and while you two are just chatting about the plot afterwords, he’ll sort of walk up to you and confidentally ask if maybe now his feelings are clear. If you ask what he means, he’ll tell you that instead of saying - he’ll show and that’s how he kisses you for the first time.

Jeonghan: Your first kiss would happen while you two were dating, mostly because Jeonghan isn’t the type to go around placing kisses on people he isn’t sure like him back. He’d want it to happen naturally and would be composed about it. It would happen while you two were sitting on the couch together with his hand over your shoulder and when you look up to ask him something, the second where you to make silent eye contact will be the perfect moment to lean in and kiss you. It’d be quick, sweet, and leave you two satisfied. 

Joshua: Your first kiss would happen while you two were dating, a good time into it too because Joshua is the type to plan these things out (and chicken out on his plans due to nervousness). It would probably have to be you who kisses him finally. You two would probably be having a picnic and once you’re done and Joshua gets the courage to put his arm around you, you’d turn to look at him expecting something more, but he’d wait too long that you’d have to just pull him down by the neck.

Jun: Your first kiss would happen while you two were still friends, but like everyone knew there was something more - expect for you. Jun would take you out to go shopping in the city and while you looked at something and maybe pointed out how pretty this or that was, he’d keep pulling you closer and closer until you finally looked at him and he’d pull a; “But to be honest, you’re the prettiest person right now to me. You always have been.” and then he’d kiss you and it’d be so romantic and cheesy that the people around you would stop and chuckle.

Hoshi: Your first kiss would happen while you two were still friends, it would be super spontaneous. Hoshi would probably be chasing you around, teasing you, pulling jokes and trying to maybe tickle you or capture you in a hug and when he finally succeeds, the closeness and the spur of the moment would cause him to have a confidence surge and he’d just go for it. 

Wonwoo: Your first kiss would happen while you two were dating, it would be instigated by Mingyu and the others because otherwise Wonwoo would never make the first move. You two would maybe be talking, standing quite close and Mingyu and Hoshi would ‘accidentally’ push you into Wonwoo while Seungcheol yells something about how perfect of a moment it is to kiss ??!?!?

Woozi: Your first kiss would happen while you two were friends. It would sort of happen because Woozi would feel like he has to prove something to himself and to you. You’d probably be over to help him with his new music and when he finally finishes a new track, he’d look up at you, smile, and lean in to steal a kiss. When you ask him why he’s done that, he’ll just grin and sort of admit that he felt like after all that hardwork he wanted a kiss as a reward.

DK: Your first kiss would happen while you two were friends. He’d probably rig a a game of truth or dare or something because he’d get tired of having to think up excuses on being around you and would want to confess but would still not be too sure of your feelings so this would be a great way to at least confirm what you were feeling. He’d get Hoshi in on it and when you pick dare well you can guess what your dare is.

Mingyu: Your first kiss would happen while you two were dating only because Mingyu probably tried to kiss you once before but you turned your head away too fast and well, after that he was too embarrassed to try again until you two were an official thing. The kiss would happen somewhere secluded and dark because he wants to keep this between the two of you and also he’s a little anxious - just a little! He’d probably take you to the movies and during the end credits be like ‘oh you have some popcorn near your lip let me get it with my lips’ sorta thing.

the8/Minghao: Your first kiss would happen while you two were dating because Minghao seems like he wouldn’t be comfortable kissing you at any other stage of your relationship, he’d want to know that it was 100% alright. It would probably be really straightforward because he doesn’t want anything to go wrong so one day, while you two are maybe alone at the dorm or you’ve come to watch him practice, he’ll walk up to you and kind of tell you that he’s been wanting to kiss you for some time so he’s gonna do it now ok 1- 2 - 3 -

Seungkwan: Your first kiss would happen while you two were friends because one day Seungkwan would just be singing along with some song he likes and you’d jump in and it’d turn into this super cute duet and the ending would be like you and Seungkwan holding hands and you know you looked so cute in the kitchen lightening where you two were dancing around so he’s going to kiss you now, also he’s liked you for like three years it’s really time this happened.

Vernon/Hansol: Your first kiss would happen while you two were dating and like probably a week in because Vernon would think about kissing you all the time because he’d want it to be the perfect moment and he’d want to be all sauve about it when in reality first kisses are always just weird and you’re in luck if someone has a breathe mint. But basically you two would probably be lazing around on the carpet, picking out a game to play or something and you’d roll over and be like “Hey Vernon, why haven’t you kissed me yet?” and the game would drop out of his hand and he’d clam up and it’d be cute and you two wold finally kiss (minus the fireworks in Vernon’s head)

Dino: Your first kiss would happen while you two are friends only because it’s completely on accident like Dino has just come to accept the fact that he likes you, kissing even isn’t on his mind, until somehow you two end up in some awkward situation where he trips, catches himself on you and your lips sort of like bump against one each other in a lopsided kiss that makes no sense and makes you two blush like crazy and not be able to talk to each other for like two hours.

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Dropping in with an Overwatch request: For Hanzo, McCree and Lucio. Their crush/future s/o is undercover and H/Mc/L almost blow their cover so crush has to pretend they're in a relationship and kiss them. Keep up the amazing writing, I love reading your stuff and always look forward to seeing new posts from you :D

Thank you, anon! This is an amazing prompt and I had so much fun writing it, tbh. 

Requests are open!

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Diabolik Lovers Radio
Ayato vs Subaru
Diabolik Lovers Radio

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Subaru: -keh- Honestly, why don’t you just give up?  You had to go and say something that ticked me off.  It looks like you want me to do something seriously horrible to you.  Prepare yourself.  I’ve been in a really bad mood today because of this full moon.  -laugh-  It’s too late to make that kind of face and apologize—I won’t forgive you.  You’re gonna pay up nice for making me angry.  Plus, we’re in this great (adsolfjksdFFFF WHAT IS HE SAYING.  idk, please assume it’s somewhere dark and secluded and whatnot).  No one’s going to interrupt us, so we can enjoy it in different ways, can’t we?  For example, take a look at this.  It’s a billard cue.  It wouldn’t be bad with you playing as the ball.

Ayato: -yawn- Oh, looks like you’re having some fun.

Subaru: Who is it?!

Ayato: Heh, you’re looking at me and say you don’t know who I am?  The youngest child shouldn’t be so cheeky.

Subaru: -keh- Ayato.  Why’re you here?

Ayato: That’s my line.  I was taking a nice afternoon nap—well, it’s nighttime, though.  I had myself a nice long sleep.  What’re you trying to do on the billiard table? -laugh-

Subaru: Shut up.

Ayato: Even though you’re usually cooped up in your room.  This sure is some change, even if it is the full moon.  Oh, well.  I was planning on smashing your head in if you were gonna start something boring, but if you’re planning on using that girl as a ball, I’m in.

Subaru: Wha-don’t touch her!

Ayato: Woah there.  You’re as touchy as ever.  Just calm down.  Look, she’s scared, isn’t she? -laugh-

Quit moving.  There’s no point now that both of us brothers are here.  That body of yours knows it the best.

Subaru: Tch, I still don’t like this.

Ayato: What?  If so, you go off somewhere.  I’ll make sure to punish her real good for you.  Well, just give up.  Where should I treat you first?

Subaru: Don’t get in my way!  I’ll do it myself!

Ayato: -laugh- You planning on stripping her down right away with that knife?

Subaru: The distractions were just ticking me off.

Ayato: Don’t do something so interesting alone.  Let me do it, too.  Here—whoops.  Looks like I cut your skin a bit.  Your red and delicious-looking blood is coming out.

Subaru: Hey, I’m first!  She’s mine!

Ayato: Stu~pid.  It’s always first-come-first-serve for the good stuff.

Man, my tongue is numb.

Subaru: Damn, I’ll remember this.

Ayato: Your blood is always especially good.

Subaru: Hey, don’t look at Ayato.  Look at me.  That’s right, keep looking at me.  Got it?  Definitely.  If you do, I’ll kiss you in return, like this—

Ayato: Man, that ticks me off.  If you’re gonna do that, I’ll take this delicious-looking ear—

Subaru: I told you—only look at me.  You know what’ll happen if you don’t.

Ayato: -laugh- How long do you think you’re gonna be able to look at him?  -laugh- Next is my turn.  Feel my fingers.  Your skin’s standing up.  Does it feel that good?  Where was it that you liked?  It was your thigh, wasn’t it?

Subaru: It’s her side (a;oslkdf okay, couldn’t think of a good translation for the full term, but it’s the side of your abdomen).

Ayato: -laugh- You’re funny about everything.  But she likes here, too.  Woah, don’t move so far away.  I know it feels good.

Subaru: Dammit.  I won’t forgive you if you do as he says.

Ayato: It’s too late.  She already looks out of it.  What, does it really feel that good when my fingers go here?  Got it, got it.  I’ll tease you more.  I guess I’ll make sure to lick it well, first.

Subaru: Hey, how does it feel having both of us on you?  Come on, answer.

Ayato: Stupid.  You can tell everything from her face, can’t you?  Look, she’s making a cute wanting face.

Subaru: -laugh- You wanna feel better?

Ayato: You want us to tease you inside-out?

Subaru: I got it.  I’ll give just what you want—with my fangs.

Ayato: -laugh- You gotta.  I’m ready to go.

Subaru: All right, where?

“Wherever” isn’t an answer.  Say it clearly.  Where?  Where do you feel it the most?  Tell me.

Ayato: Huh, your side?  Damn, that kind of ticks me off.  Oh well.  In return, I’ll make you burn up with my fangs.

Subaru: -laugh- It’s your loss.

Here? Ah, your blood vessels are flowing like crazy.  They’re calling me.

Ayato: Then me, too.

Ah, you’re sweet.

Subaru: My body, my senses—they’re going numb.

Ayato: Oh, what’s wrong?  You going loose, too?

Subaru: Hey, I told you to not to look over there.

Ayato: Honestly, you’re such a brat.  Oh well.  All we have to do is ask her body nice and slow which one’s better.

Subaru: That much is obvious, isn’t it?

Ayato: -laugh- You think so?

It’s obviously me, right?

Subaru: -laugh- It’s obviously me.

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a blurb based on "good girls are bad girls" please it is all I need in my life

this is wild i cant breathe

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