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pawelcyril asked:

How difficult was playing DQM 3DS in Japanese for you? I know I won't be able to enjoy the story, but the main appeal is collecting my favorite monsters. I assume I can figure out the basic menu commands, but I'm wondering if my enjoyment would be lessened by not understanding the special abilities and such.

Have yu played DQMJ2? The menus are the same.

It was pretty easy to get into them. I got lost at some points, like at the beginning of the postgame (of both), but nothing that youtube cant solve.  (btw, DQM2 has 803 monsters, i have 796 of them :p).

The first one is kinda slow, but its basically like DQMJ2 but with a lot of those whirl portals and random worlds.

The second one is smooooooooth af and really easy to get in. They even made getting SS+ versions of any monster easier, so you can actually use any monster you like in your team in online matches without having to worry because your favorites are officially weak: with patience you can turn every monster you like into a killing machine (not the monster xD).