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harry potter and the chamber of secrets by jk rowling

“your aunt and uncle will be proud, though, won’t they?“ said hermione as they got off the train and joined the crowd thronging toward the enchanted barrier. “when they hear what you did this year?” ⏤ “proud?” said harry. “are you crazy? all those times i could’ve died, and i didn’t manage it? they’ll be furious…” 

I mean, in general, I keep getting stuck on… okay so the galra first arrive at Earth’s solar system a year before the main timeline of the show, and grab Shiro and the Holts off Kerberos.

A year later, the empire has just gotten close enough to Earth to find out the Blue Lion is there. A cruiser heads in that direction and Ulaz organizes Shiro’s escape to get there first.

Except somehow, for Keith to exist, if he is half-human as we’ve been led to believe, at least one galra had to have made contact with at least one human. Since Keith is in the 17-19 age range according to the writers, that would mean, simply, something like twenty years before the empire even touched the edge of Earth’s solar system for the first time someone was there.

Possibly, even longer, if we assume that coming to trust and love each other didn’t happen overnight to Keith’s parents. 

Overwhelmingly, from what we’ve seen, the Blade’s attention is on the empire. (They are a rebel group fighting Zarkon). While it’s possible they might be scouting ahead of the empire, it doesn’t make sense to me that they’d be scouting that far ahead. Unlike the empire, they don’t have anywhere remotely approaching the size to just carelessly throw people into the depths of space like that.

If they were aiming for Earth specifically for some reason- it doesn’t explain why Kolivan would be so initially incredulous that someone from Earth could have one of his organization’s weapons. If it’s worth running off to a tiny, pre-contact planet that nobody has ever heard of before then Kolivan would be waiting on those results and it doesn’t make sense Keith’s mom wouldn’t report back. It makes less sense she’d hide that she had a child, especially because leaving her weapon with Keith would seem to suggest she meant for him to make his way back to the Blade.

For Kolivan to not immediately consider this might be Mom Kogane’s child that’d suggest he doesn’t know she has one. Perhaps he did suspect, but without Shiro or Keith able to give him solid answers he resorted to the trial to try and shake things loose- but I feel like his response to Keith awakening the weapon would be more assured if he suspected from the beginning.

And then like… why all the secrecy and carefully hiding Dad Kogane, if the only thing remotely interesting about him is he knows about Keith’s mom? Considering Keith looks perfectly human, if he had nothing to hide besides dating an alien there’s no reason for this unassuming-looking guy to personally go live in the desert, invest in a bunch of mysterious equipment, and then disappear without a trace. Even if he’s aware of and concerned about the empire- as far as he knows they’re a very, very long way from Earth. After all it took them, once again, something like twenty years before they even made it to the moons of Pluto.

Also, while this is the most menial, irrelevant detail, I’m kind of incredulous that they’d put a prominent facial scar on him unless there’s some kind of story behind it. People like Iverson, Kolivan and Sendak I can see because they’re all soldiers (or in Iverson’s, likely an ex-soldier graduated to more bureaucratic inclinations) but Dad Kogane is ostensibly a civilian on a peaceful planet. Sure maybe he just hit himself in the face with a ladder one time but this is fiction and I am skeptical.

The hell is your deal, Keith’s dad.


i never thought i could be so happy, i’m looking on it from the inside out
given the right circumstances, it could be safe to say, that darling, it’s no crime

@plutoandpersephone and me’s Harry Hart and Eggsy Unwin cosplay, at London MCM Expo, May 2017.