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jossdabossdrawz  asked:

Is anyone else in your gwenvid AU like Nikki, Neil, Harrison, ext. or no? And if so when do you think they will come into the story?


Gwen: they’re the kids we take care of at a day care. They’re all pretty chaotic but it’s typically calmer during nap time.

David: Nikki is the exception tho…

Gwen: she’s around the same age as Max but is already walking. She doesn’t sleep. At least, not while she’s here. But as long as we have a kiddie leash on her, we don’t worry about her getting too far. She pretty much only hides toys when she only has herself to entertain. (like Max’s favorite bear, Neil’s toddler tablet, Preston’s story books, Harrison’s hat, or Dolph’s crayons). She did try to escape through the back’s doggy door once when she sees a squirrel through the window but she didn’t get far.

David: Gwen and I started working part time at a Campbell’s Daycare during the summer for extra spending money. Sometimes during the school year. Mr. Campbell offered us the position after we became Max’s parents! It’s really great cuz we can bring Max with us and he can play with other kids his age! He seems to like Nikki and Neil the most