at pearl

  • Garnet: Don't Pearl-out about it.
  • Pearl: Did you just use my name as a verb?
  • Amethyst: Oh, yeah, we do that when you're not around. "Pearl-out": to over think. See also "Pearl-up". "Pearl-up": to over think with disastrous consequences. For example, "Billy Pearled-up when he-"
  • Pearl: All right, I get it!

EV: Well, it was actually written… I remember sitting in this pool hall with Stone and Chris and we watched — this really old, really classic pool hall — and we were sitting there and it was really rainy out and George Bush came on and started telling us about the [Gulf] war and that we were going and [sighs], and the whole thing, and there’s part of that in it, when we talk about ‘I don’t question our existence / I just question, our modern needs.’ Why were we doing this? And why were we going off? And it could be interpreted as greed because some people interpret as going off to fight for their country: ‘I will walk with my hands bound.’ But the thing is it was walking away from it — ‘I won’t be taken, yet I’ll go.’
KB: Sorry, did you think I said “grave” or “greed”?
EV: Greed. Which is correct in ways. I mean, it just about holding your own I guess, and then “garden of stone” I think is an analogy for cemeteries. [x]


How Pearl Reveals the Truth About Pink Diamond

At this point the theory that Pearl is being silenced has grown highly in popularity. However, we haven’t really talked about how it’s going to be overcome. If Pearl knows the truth, it’s going to come out one way or another. Right?