at one point both of my cats were sitting in my lap

Cat Got Your Tongue Pt. 1 (M)

Word Count: 5,463

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: catboy!tae, comedy, fluff, eventual smut

Summary: When your boyfriend cheats on you you’re left heartbroken and lost all hope in relationships. Santa says you’ll find love soon, but what do you do when you’re beloved cat turns into a beautiful grown man?

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Young Justice Batmom: Part 8

AN: It has been forever and a day since I last updated this. I love how it turned out and I’m happy this got voted number one! For those of you who don’t know I held a poll on twitter to decide which series update I should post to day and YJ Batmom won! Make sure to follow me on twitter for more polls, and previews! Click Here to go to my twitter!

This chapter is dedicated to @audreythetealovingcat she’s been working on some super top secret stuff for me, and It’ll be going live soon! Thank you again so much, you continue to astound me!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

    You complete the obstacle course without throwing up, which in your book… is a win. Especially since you’d thrown up the last two times you’d done it. If your father could see you now he’d be screaming.

           Years of physical training had gone down the drain in the years since you’d left your father’s organization and married Bruce. You’d never thought you’d have to fight again, and yet … here you were.

           “You’re getting better.”

           You crack open an eye to stare at your son, he’s balancing on his hands, on top of a ball. For a minute, you consider the possibility of him being part seal. You dismiss this as you heave your upper body into a sitting position. “I’m too old for this stuff.”

           Dick cracks a grin, “You’re in your twenties.”

           You nod, “My point exactly. That, and the fact that my husband is a task master.”

           Your eyes slide over to your husband. He’s standing in the corner writing notes on a clipboard. He glances at you for a second before writing something else down. Then without looking at you he says, “You’re the one who wanted to get back in fighting shape. I told you I wouldn’t go easy on you, and compared to Ra’s, I’m a freaking walk in the park. Now then, let’s go again.”

           You stare at him, “I want a divorce.”

           Dick slumps onto your back, and wraps his arms around your neck, before asking, “I can live with you, right? And Alfred will come with us, right?”

           Bruce smiles at the two of you before dropping the clipboard and rushing both of you. It’s instinct that has you hopping to your feet. Dick’s legs wrap around your waist, and then you’re running.

           You’re at the disadvantage, and you know it. You’re out of shape, and carrying a thirteen-year-old boy on your back. It’s honestly amazing that you last as long as you do. Bruce takes both of you down while taking the brunt of the fall.

           The three of you collapse in a laughing heap and just lay there. Dick is sandwiched in-between the two of you when he laughs, “We should do this more often.”

           You sigh, “Some families do a game night.”

           Bruce and Dick look at each other for a minute before shaking their heads and saying, “Nah.”

           You roll your eyes and hop to your feet, “Well I am going to go take a shower.”

           Bruce sits up, “What are you talking about, you still have laps to do. You didn’t beat your obstacle course time.”

           You glare at him, “You want to go back to being a billionaire playboy, don’t you?”

           “If he knows what’s good for him, he won’t even entertain that thought.” Alfred says as he enters the gym. “I worked long and hard to put the idea of lifelong companionship in his mind, and I refuse to go back to bimbos walking around in his dress shirts.”

           You glance at your husband, “When the hell did that happen? We got together when we were twenty. After you’d been training for two years.”

           Bruce winces, “I was sixteen, and he was supposed to be gone for the entire weekend.”

           Alfred rolls his eyes, “Like I was going to be that stupid.”

           You stare at your husband, and he stares back, before he says, “How about I forget about the laps, and we stay married.”

           You smile, “Okay, but only for Alfred’s sake.” You lean down and kiss your husband, when you pull back you whisper in his ear, “And maybe a bit for my own as well.”

           He pulls you back down for another kiss, before whispering, “Do you want some company?”

           You glance over at Dick who’s on the parallel bars, “Well we certainly wouldn’t be missed.”

           You grin at each other when the alarm goes off. He growls and you frown. Dick dismounts and simply says, “Let’s go guys.”

    You and Dick head straight for the Mountain while Bruce changes into his gear. You don’t bother with the mask or changing. At this point, the secret’s out, and you could not care less. You watch your son spar with Kaldur, and you find the Artemis at your side a moment later.

    “Hi Mrs. Wayne.”

    You smile at the girl, “Hello, Artemis.”

    The archer smiles back, “Why do you look like you’ve spent the morning getting your butt kicked.”

    You sigh, “Because I live with bullies, and I am waaay out of practice.”

    Artemis chuckles and takes a seat next to you, “So it’s possible to lose the skills, then?”

    You shrug, “I wish that were the case. Instead it seems to be more along the lines of they’re in hibernation. Then I find myself pinned and they seem to wake up a little at a time, and then my body just moves.”

    “Self preservation wins out.”

    You nod, “It would seem so.”

    There’s a moment of silence before she asks, “So does this mean you’re joining the Team or the League?”

    You snort out a laugh, “Neither. I’m a reserve member. I only go if they need me.”

    “Do you have a costume?”

    Your eye twitches, “I don’t do tights.”

    She laughs as Bruce enters, and you follow the kids to the command center. By the end of the briefing your eye is twitching, and you’re radiating anger. No one seems willing to approach you, with the exception of Bruce, and even he seems hesitant.

    “Y/N,” He says slowly.

    “Don’t you dare try to keep me from going, Bruce Wayne.” He winces at the use of his name.

    He tries again, “Y/N…”

    “I hate that damn clown, I hate him with everything I have. He needs to be put down, and I don’t want my kids near him.” Bruce stares at you, and your eyes narrow, “What?”

    “Two things. One we don’t kill, and two when did we get ‘kids’? Last time I checked we had a kid. Singular, not plural.”

    You roll your eyes, “The minute I became den mother those kids became ours. I’ve already dealt with the Joker hurting Dick once, I refuse to see it happen again.”

    “He knows the risk. We all do.”

    “He’s thirteen Bruce.”

    “And what could you do at thirteen?”

    “That’s a different situation.”


    “I was raised by an immortal psychopath who thought it was fun to pit his children against each other.”

    Bruce hesitates for a minute, “What would you suggest?”

    “Send two of the League with them, and I can help the League.”

    Bruce stares at you, “You’ve only been training for …”

    “My whole life Bruce. I’ve been training for my entire life. I’m rusty, I won’t deny that, but I can help take down some plants.”

    He stares at you in contemplation, before sighing. Then he lifts his finger to his earpiece and says, “There’s been a change of plans, Hell Cat and I are going with the Team.” There’s a moment of silence before he barks back, “Of course I’m sure. I’d be next to useless against giant plants. Batman out.”

    You smile at him before leaning in to kiss him, “I’ll go suit up.”

    Dick is less thrilled than you are by the news. “I can’t believe my parents are going on a mission with me! I’m thirteen, I don’t need a babysitter.

    You scoff from your seat in the bio ship, “Richard Grayson, get your temper tantrum under control now, or you can wait in the ship.”

    His head turns to stare at you with the use of his full name, “MOM!”

    You raise an eyebrow, and stare back before he relents and slumps into his seat, “Let’s get one thing straight. The minute I became den mother you all became my kids. This mission is an active fight against high level villains, and I’ll be damned if I let some stupid clown hurt my kids.”

    The kids turn to face you, a bit surprised by your declaration, but no one protests. There’s several moments of silence before Bruce says, “Looks like your days of being an only child are over kid.” There’s a stunned silence before the ship bursts out in laughter.

    The mission is hard, and by the end you want nothing to do with swamps, bugs, or plants ever again. In fact, you’re even considering sabotaging Alfred’s ficus. But you consider it worth it to see Bruce punch out the clown, especially after he went after your baby with a knife.

    “Wow those mosquitos really did a number on you.” Artemis smirks.

    You try to resist the urge to scratch one of the numerous bites on your skin, “Yeah, I can’t leave the house without being doused in bug spray during the summer. Mosquitoes flock to me.”

    “You need a better suit.”

    “Oh, I have ideas for that!” M’Gann calls from the other side of the room. And before you know it the rest of the kids are all pitching in their ideas, before Kaldur says loudly, “Perhaps we should let our mother have some say.”

    You blink owlishly for a moment before, M’Gann says, “Well, Mom?”

    Artemis nudges you with her elbow, “Aunt Y/N?”

    Wally and Dick grin at you, and then Conner too asks, “Mom?”

    You glance at Bruce over their heads and he smiles at you. Smiling you open your arms and say, “We’ll talk about it later. For now, group hug!”

    Then you’re surrounded by your kids. You glance at Dick who’s hanging off your back, and he simply smiles and says, “I guess we’re one big happy family now.”

    You smile and say, “You’re still my baby.”

    He just groans.

The Only Exception (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,725

Warnings: language, angst, self-reflection, discomfort, melodrama, mentions of trauma, fire, rescue (of secondary character), sad thoughts. I don’t know. I’m no Shonda Rimes, but, tread lightly.

A/N under the cut.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Oh oh oh!!! Prompt! !!! Victor and Yuuri celebrateing their cat sons birthday!!! Happy Birthday Yurio!

((I’m kinda late with this, but oh well.)) 

“What are you doing.” Yuri deadpanned as Victor steered him by the shoulders from the doorway into the apartment when he arrived at noon. He barely had time to kick off his black boots before he was forced onto the couch by a rather large, exuberant poodle.  

“Nothing, nothing,” Victor dismissed, grinning widely at both Yuri and Makkachin.

He dug his fingers into the poodles fur, giving him a bit of affection. “I don’t believe you,” Yuri said slowly as he looked between Victor and where Yuuri was standing in the kitchen. He turned his head to hide the flush that appeared when Yuuri caught his eyes and flashed him a smile. 

“Don’t worry, Yurio,” the Japanese man said as he poked at something cooking on the stove. “We just wanted you over to have katusdon with us. Our little birthday present to you.”

Yuri perked up at that. Real katsudon made by Yuuri sounded fantastic. It was months since he’d had any. “Well…” he said, pretending as if he was being put-upon (it was better for his image if he resisted a little), “I guess that’s okay.” He paused. “But you two better not be fucking lovey-dovey around me. I don’t want to see that shit on my birthday,” he made sure to add with a glare directed at Victor.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Yuuri said as he sauntered over. He rested one hand on the back of the couch, the other on Yuri’s arm. “Happy birthday, Yurio.” 

“Tch. Whatever.” He pulled Makkachin closer and buried his face in his soft curls so he didn’t have to look at the gentle expressions the other two men gave him. 

“I’m almost finished cooking,” Yuuri said as he leaned over and laid a small kiss on Victor’s lips. “Why don’t you get Yurio his real present. There’s no point in keeping him waiting.”

“Wait. What. You said it was just katusdon,” Yuuri complained. He didn’t like being surprised. Not by Yuuri at least. 

“I suppose,” Victor sighed and stood up, but there was a glint of something either excited or mischievous is his eyes. Now Yuri was worried. “Close your eyes, Yurio.”

“I’m not closing my fucking eyes,” he said defiantly and crossed his arms over his chest. 

“Just do it,” Yuuri laughed as he walked back into the kitchen. “The sooner you do it, the sooner it’s over.”

“It better not be something stupid like a fruit basket,” Yuuri mumbled, but closed his eyes anyway. 

There were some hushed whispers from behind him and he desperately wanted to open his eyes. 

“I’m not going to do this forever,” he said with a frown. 

“Patience,” Yuuri called. 

Yuri huffed as Makkachin left his lap. He felt like an idiot sitting on the couch with his eyes closed. But, as strange as it was, he trusted Katsudon enough to do it. 

“Okay,” Yuuri’s voice came from beside him, startling him a little, “open them.”

He opened his eyes slowly almost expecting to see some kind of stupid gift like a giant stuffed poodle (although giant stuffed tiger might be okay). But he was not expecting THAT. 

“….Otabek?” Yuri said, mouth falling open. It was like a mirage - his friend was standing right in front of him. “What?” He blinked as his brain tried to catch up. Otabek shouldn’t be here right now. He was supposed to be at home in Almaty. That’s where he was last night when they had their Skype call. 

“Happy birthday, Yura,” Otabek said, holding his arms out.

Yuri got up off the couch immediately and took the one step forward to throw himself in a hug. “Oh my god,” he said in shock. He was vaguely aware that Victor was recording everything. “How did you-” He tried to ask. 

“Yuuri and Victor bought me a plane ticket,” Otabek said as he hugged Yuri tightly. 

Yuri refused to let go, but he turned his head to look at Victor. “Really?” He didn’t want to say it was too big of a gift because he was actually so happy, but he knew how much the tickets cost. He had been looking at them for months now. 

Victor shrugged. “What’s money to me if I can’t make my family happy,”

“We’re not fucking family,” Yuri protested, but it was half-hearted. He finally pulled away from the hug to smile at Otabek. 

“I hope this was okay,” Otabek said with a quirk of his lips.

“Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. It’s fine.” Yuri nodded. “Wait. THAT’s why you didn’t text me today?!” he realized and slapped Otabek’s bicep playfully. 

“I was on a plane all morning. Seemed a waste to text ‘happy birthday’ when I could do it in person.”

Yuri bit the inside of his cheek as he tried to stop himself from smiling too much. It wouldn’t do to give away how pleased he was. 

“Ah,” Yuuri distracted him, “lunch is ready.” He placed a couple bowls of steaming katsudon on the coffee table by the couch. 

Before he could chicken out, Yuri stepped around Otabek and pulled Yuuri into a hug. “You’re a liar,” Yuri hissed when they hugged.

“Mmnn,” Yuuri agreed, slow to return the hug, but responding with a tight squeeze. 

“I never though you’d be able to lie convincingly. ‘Just katsudon’ my ass,” Yuri grouched. 

Yuuri smiled, but didn’t say anything as they pulled apart. Victor’s love of surprising people must have rubbed off on Katsudon at some point. But if all of his surprises were like this one, then maybe Yuri shouldn’t complain too much. 

He grabbed a bowl for both him and Otabek and found a spot on the couch between Victor and his friend. This gift was so much better than a stuffed tiger. 

((Happy belated birthday, Yurio. 🎉 (Also, they can be any ages you want, but I was thinking this was a couple years down the road.)))


Author’s note: THIS IS NOT THE PART I SENT TO MY PROFESSOR!!! This is actually SFW, the smut is allllll in the next part ;) I’m not done tweaking it yet, so for now here’s this!!

I’m hungry.

A loud clanging noise came from the kitchen, causing you to turn your head. An out-of-breath Jaehee peeked out from the around the corner, completely covered in flour.

“Sorry about that,” she smiled apologetically, “dinner should be ready in-”


Seven’s panicky voice echoed throughout Jumin’s apartment. Jaehee sighed and turned around, mumbling something about ‘who let Luciel in the kitchen,’ and how she was going to ‘make sure they never saw the light of day again.’

After watching her storm out of the room, you turned back to Zen.

“What were you saying?”

Zen leaned back into the couch and kicked his legs up on the coffee table.

“Just how annoying it is that we have to host our monthly RFA dinners at his house,” Zen glared at Jumin.

The businessman stopped poking at his sleeping cat and stood up. “It’s not like I asked for this!” He made his way across the room and plopped down on the other side of you. “I’m merely a victim of being volunteered.”

“Victim? Please, you don’t even understand the word.”

“I’ll have you know-”

“Can you two not do this?”

Zen and Jumin looked at the blonde gamer sitting on the ground in front of you. “I can’t hear my game if you guys constantly bicker!”

“Or,” you threw a pair of headphones at his head, “you could just wear these.”

Yoosung quickly dodged the flying object. He crossed his arms and pouted.“You could’ve hit me, MC!!”

“Sorry, I’m just hangry.”

As if on que, you stomach growled.

“Speaking of angry,” Zen looked around, “where the hell is your boyfriend?”

You held up your phone and waved it around. “He just texted me saying he’ll be late.”

Yoosung mashed down a couple buttons on his controller and turned back around. “He better not flake on us this time!”

No promises…

Your stomach growled again and you sunk farther back in between Jumin and Zen. You heard quiet laughter coming from you right and swung a pillow in that direction.

“Don’t laugh at my misery, Zen.”

He grabbed the pillow from your hand and chunked it across the room. “Careful, you could’ve hit my money maker,” he gestured to his face.

You and Jumin looked at each and rolled your eyes.

“If that’s your money maker you must be one poor man,” Jumin chided.

“I wasn’t talking to-“


“That,” you hopped up and moseyed your way toward the door, “should be Saeran.”

And what good timing.

The door clicked and you swung it open.


Saeran gave you his heart-warming, soul-melting, could-bring-you-back-to-life smile.


He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into a kiss.

A loud cough finally broke the two of you apart.

You pulled away and wiped your mouth, staring at the your now very flushed boyfriend. Saeran muttered an apology before walking over to the couch, taking your spot between Zen and Jumin. You followed him, sitting down on his lap. He wrapped his arms around your waist again and rested his head on your shoulder.

“So,” Yoosung paused his game and set down his controller, “why were you so late?”

Saeran looked down at Yoosung and shrugged. “I didn’t want to come.”

Yoosung formed an “O” with his mouth and looked away. Zen pulled out his phone and opened up his front camera, checking himself out. You looked over at Jumin, who was picking at his nail beds.

This is awkward.

You clapped your hands together, getting everyone’s attention.

“Let’s play charades!”

“For the last time,” you glared at Jumin, “I’m NOT A CAT!”

“Forty-five seconds left!”

“It’s not my fault you’re a terrible actress!”

“Forty seconds.”

“Well, what about you? This is the FIFTH round you’ve guessed a cat!”

“Thirty-five seconds.”

“And? For all I know you could’ve been one!”

“Thirty sec-”


Both you and Jumin yelled at the blonde in sync. Yoosung’s eyes widened and he slowly put down the timer.

“S-Sorry, just trying to help,” he held his hands up in surrender.

Saeran sighed, “You do realize they’re on the other team, right?”

“Yeah, but they’re so… bad.”

“Watch it,” you shot Yoosung a bone-chilling look.

How the hell am I supposed to act out The Titanic?

Desperately, looked around the room.

“Zen, come here.”

He looked up from his phone and groaned. “I already told you I didn’t want to waste my talents playing-”

“Get your ass up here before I shove that phone down your throat.”

In a flash Zen was standing next to you. Covering it up so Jumin couldn’t see, you showed him the paper.

“I have an idea, but I need your help.”

You tugged on his shirt, forcing him to lean down. Cupping his ear, you whispered your plan to him.

“Alright, got it.”

Jumin better get this.

As you spread your arms out, Zen wrapped his arms around your waist. He rested his chin on top of your head and you opened your mouth.

“I’m flying!”

Jumin stood up and pointed at you. “The, u-uhh, THE TITANIC!”


Jumin clapped his hands together and smiled. Without thinking, you turned around and gave Zen a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you soooo much!”

He lifted you up and spun you around before setting you back down. “See!! Aren’t I an amazing actor?”

“The best.”

A chill shot down your spine when you heard the venom laced in those words. You felt a hand snake around your waist and pull you away from Zen.

“Thanks, Saeran!”

Zen is such an airhead sometimes.

As Jumin bragged to the others about his superior guessing skills, you focused on your boyfriend.

“What’s with the sudden mood change?”

He gave you his classic ‘are you really that dumb’ look and sighed. He motioned with his eyes to something behind you.

Or someone.

You lowered your voice to a harsh whisper. “Are you jealous?”

“…You kissed him.”

“On the cheek, for like, half a second. It was completely platonic!”

“Does he know that?”


“Hmph,” he looked away from you, letting go of your waist.

“Come on,” you grabbed his chin and forced him to look at you, “don’t be like that. I love you, remember?”

The corners of Saeran’s mouth twitched. You smiled and took a step forward, “Now, kiss me like you don’t want to lose me.”

Something dark gleamed in his eyes, and he gave you a devious grin. “Don’t mind-”


You let go of his face and pushed past him. Finally, I’m starving!!

Little did you know food wasn’t the only thing you were gonna put in your mouth tonight.

Truce. Sherlock/Moriarty.

Requests: 1) Could you write a Moriarty x reader x Sherlock smut?? Where they’re both so focused on pleasing the reader..😉; and 2)  Hello Lupin! Happy Sunday! Could I possibly request a threesome between the reader, Moriarty and Sherlock please? Reader is with Moriarty & he finds out she has a thing for Sherlock & he sets it up and it’s just smutty goodness & thank you so much in advance if you write this. 

Triggers: Smut. Threesome.

Word Count: 2335

Enjoy ;D

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How would the chocobros react if you fell asleep in the regalia on long trips and like subconsciously just kinda snuggled closer to them? I just love the chocobros and I need some FLUFF in my life!

The noise I made should not have came from a human. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧  FLUFF YEAH!

(I at first read as ‘me’ specifically and was like. They’re just ‘Put her on the back like luggage’ than I read ‘What if I fell?’ and I was like I would die!)



Noctis flinched, he had just rested his eyes, when he suddenly felt a pressure against his right shoulder, and something wrap around his arm. Blue eyes opened, as he turned away from the window to see the top of your head, one of your arms snaked around his own.

The young man shifted slightly,only to have you mutter softly, nuzzling your head into his shoulder, your hold on him relaxing softly after a quick flinch. He held his breath hoping not to wake you, yet when you didn’t move any further than the nuzzle to his shoulder, the Prince realized that you were still very much asleep.

Moving off the door, Noctis, adjusted, all the while, linking his hand within your own, as he rested his cheek against the top of your head. As he drifted back to sleep, he couldn’t help but smile, your shampoo smelled amazing, or maybe it was you.  Either way it brought the man comfort.



Prompto immediately flustered, his mind bouncing around, ‘What do! What do!’ He didn’t expect this, why did he agree to trade seats with Noct? Right, Noct’s knee was acting up, so he needed the extra room to stretch out.

Yet now he was currently in the backseat, a panicked blush over his freckles, as you laid against him. Your head resting against his shoulder, your hand resting against his thigh, gripping onto the denim cheetah, leopard, ugh he couldn’t even remember what type of cat print he had on his pants.

He went to adjust, only for you to moan softly, before shifting again, pulling yourself even further into the man. It took everything in Prompto to not flail in panic, his back straighten, he couldn’t disturb you, his hands placed in his lap, as he stared at the back of Ignis’ head. He would not disturb your sleep!

“Prompto are you okay?” You called, upon your next rest stop break, the poor guy was holding his back, and limping.

“Yeah, no prob, my arm and leg’s just asleep.”  Prompto replied, only to squeak as you moved over, wrapping your arm around his waist.

“Lean on me, somehow I figure this is my fault.”



Gladiolus was so engrossed in his book that he almost didn’t even notice the weight against his left bicep, until you shifted and your hair tickled his arm. Looking over he notice, your eyes fluttering to stay awake, only to watch you lose the fight.

Nudging your shoulder slightly, Gladiolus watched you immediately sit up, he didn’t mean to push you away. Placing his book down, the man reached his arm around your shoulder, watching as your sleepy mind lead you into his side. Believing you to get a knot in your neck from the strange position, Gladiolus moved his hand lower,wrapping it underneath you, before pulling you into his lap.

You let out an embarrassing squeak, before turning your head up to the man, only to feel a hand on your back, rubbing soft circles.

“Go back to sleep.”

You were surprised the man was as comfy as he was, and the warmth from his chest and beating of his heart was surprisingly very calming. Closing your eyes you immediately dozed off.



Ignis sighed heavily, you all had been stuck in the car for the last 15 minutes due to the torrential downpour, if anything he knew that you would all end up more than likely staying here for another hour if not more.

“Yeah, I dont think we’re goin anywhere for a while Noct.” Prompto stated, pointing toward his phone, showing the large rain storm.

Ignis leaned against the back window of the Regalia, he and Noctis couldn’t even switch out, he knew that he could handle this weather, but the split second it took for them to shift would result in both of them being drenched.

“Than it may be best if we all rest.” Ignis stated, as he removed his glasses, he was already getting a headache due to not drinking his 2nd cup of Ebony, only to turn as your head dropped against his shoulder.

Turning those sage eyes over to you, Ignis had noticed that you had been dozing all morning, having not gotten a lot of sleep the night before. Only for you to pass out the moment you all were trapped in the car, now it seemed your body was trying to get comfortable between the two tall men in the back seat.

Moving his glasses to his left hand, the man wrapped his right arm around your shoulders, allowing you to rest against his side. A small smile appearing on his face, as you shuffled closer, your fingers wrapping around the bottom of his suit jacket.

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“It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself.“ Damian and Jason (about Tim?)

Here you go Anon! Sorry if it’s not exactly what you were looking for - I set out to write a short angsty piece about Damian feeling guilty about how he’d treated Tim but Bruce got there before me and then Damian ended up hiding under a table and it all went downhill from there. But I hope you get some enjoyment form it anyway :)

Mixing up / ignoring comic timeline is almost a hobby of mine, but this one actually had some contextual thought behind it. Not much but. Basically set sometime after Bruce comes back from the “dead” but no more specific than that…

Damian isn’t hiding, but he could see how it may look that way to someone else. Alfred the cat had fled under the dining room table when the yelling started earlier and when he hadn’t been able to coax him out, Damian had crawled under the table as well. Titus had followed him, sniffing at the carpet and knocking into chair legs with his tail before settling down with a huff. It had seemed much easier to just stay there than try to move both his pets.

Dick and Alfred have both walked past - looking for him, maybe, or more likely just going about their day - but nobody has actually come in yet. Father might have thought to look here, but he doubts Father will search for him. Not while he’s still mad, at least. 

“Hey Alfred!” a voice calls from the direction of the front door. The butler’s reply is muffled by distance and then the voices die off as the conversation moves into one of the Manor’s many rooms - probably the kitchen. Damian wonders who it could be; most visitors come via the cave.

He gets his answer a minute later when light footsteps precede the appearance of two socked feet and a pair of jeans in his vision. Todd is muttering to himself as he walks around the dining table then kneels down to start looking under it. The muttering stops when their eyes meet and Damian lifts his chin defiantly, daring the older boy to make fun of him. But all Todd says is, “Have you seen a pair of sunglasses under here?”

Damian glances at the floor around him and shakes his head. “No.”

“Dammit,” Todd mutters, standing up and almost banging his head on the table. 

“Must be in the kitchen…”

He leaves and Damian let’s out a sigh of relief, relaxing back against Titus’s flank. But it’s short-lived because a moment later Todd comes back in and sets something down on the table before crouching back down.

“You wanna come out?” he asks.


“Okay.” His upper body vanishes upward again and when he comes back down he’s holding two mugs. He holds one out. “You want tea?”

Damian hesitates before nodding, reaching out to take the warm mug and cradling it to his chest. Even with the body heat from his pets, it’s remarkably cool under the table. He blows on the hot liquid then takes a cautious sip as Todd sits cross-legged opposite him with his back against the nearest table leg.

“So why are you hiding under a table?” he asks eventually, conversational in a way that grates on Damian’s nerves.

“I’m not hiding,” he snaps.

“Uh-huh. It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself of that.“

“I’m not,” Damian insists. “Alfred wouldn’t come out. I had to come under here to get him.”

Todd looks pointedly at where the cat is now curled up in Damian’s lap, purring softly as he’s petted. “Right. And was it loud noises that drove Alfred under the table?”

Damian narrows his eyes. Todd takes a casual sip of his tea. And he knows. He knows exactly why Alfred ran under the table and why Damian is under the table and he just wants him to say it. Well he’s not going to. Damian grits his teeth and glares.

Todd just shrugs. “Suit yourself. I’ll just tell you what the official version is then, shall I?”

It’s blatant manipulation and Damian will not be swayed by it.

“So I was leaving my apartment this morning when I realised I couldn’t find my sunglasses anywhere. I had tea with Alfred yesterday so this is the only other place I could think they might be. And when I arrive, I find out that you and Bruce got into a screaming match this morning which ended with a broken chair and two smashed vases.” He takes a sip of tea - probably for some kind of dramatic effect. "Apparently you threw a 4,000 dollar vase at Dick’s head when he tried to intervene.“ Damian glowers at his shoes and says nothing. Todd pokes him in the leg. “Come on, short fry, spill.”

It suddenly occurs to Damian that not-hiding under the table was a strategically bad move. He’s trapped between Titus and Todd, without anything throwable within reach. And Todd is as annoyingly stubborn as everyone else in the family; he will not let this go.

“Father says I cannot patrol,” Damian eventually mutters.

“That’s it? You started breaking shit because he benched you? Wow. That’s almost me-level crazy.”

“He says I am banned from the Cave until i can find a way to deal with my anger that does not involve violence.”

The older boy snorts. “I hate to agree with B, but he may have a point. The vases I can understand - Lord knows how many of those have been broken since Bruce started collecting strays - but the chair was a bit of an overreaction.”

Damian can feel the anger from earlier simmering beneath his skin but short of throwing his cat at Todd’s head there’s not much he can do besides growl. “You’re such a hypocrite Todd - you tried to kill him first!”

Todd blinks, face scrunching up in surprise before smoothing out with understanding. “We’re not talking about B anymore, are we? This is about the Replacement.”

Damian looks away. His fingers are clenched so tightly around his mug his knuckles are white and his chest is tight with- anger. That’s what it is. Not guilt or regret or- None of the things Father thinks are affecting him. (Although, to be fair, Father does think anger is affecting him as well. And he may not be wrong but. He’s not completely right.)

“Bruce find out you tried to kill him?”

Todd shifts closer, leaning forward so he can reach behind Damian to scratch Titus around the ears. Their arms brush and Damian holds completely still, watching the older boy warily. He and Todd are not enemies, per se, but this… this friendliness is unchartered territory.

“He wants me to apologise,” he says stiffly.

“And you don’t want to." 

"It would not be sincere.”

Todd’s lips quirk upwards but it doesn’t quite become a smile. “That’s not the point.”

Damian frowns, brows furrowing. “Then what is?”

“To teach you a lesson.” Todd shrugs one shoulder, the simple gesture conveying a lot about what he thinks of Bruce’s parenting techniques. “You don’t want to apologise because it would be humiliating, admitting a fault or a weakness. He makes you do it anyway, makes you suffer the indignity of asking for forgiveness. It’s an unpleasant feeling. One you try to avoid in future by not doing whatever you did wrong again.”

“Oh.” When put like that, it makes much more sense. (Some detective he is if he can’t even figure out his Father’s motives.) “So all I have to do to get Robin back is apologise to Drake?”

“It’s a start.” Todd gives Titus one last pat on the head - and an “accidental” one for Damian as well - then scoots backwards until he’s no longer under the table. “Well, hide and seek has been fun, but unlike some members of this family I’m not freakishly short and my spine is not cut out for this kind of contortion.”

“Tt. You’re getting old, Todd.”

He gets a casual middle finger in response, “Respect your elders, Demon Brat.”
“I’m not a Demon!” Damian snarls.

Todd holds his hands up in mocking surrender. “Of course not, my sincerest apologies.” A quick flash of teeth as he grins. “You wanna repeat that back to me? Y'know, for practice.”

His laughter follows him out of the room as Damian scrambles out from under the table and takes off after him. His Father will surely make him apologies for trying to kill Todd as well, but it will surely be worth it to wipe that smirk off his older brother’s face.

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ANONYMOUS Requested: 

Hii!!😊 can i request a yoongi smut where you two have been best friends for a long time and one time when he comes over for a sleepover things get heated? And also they are trying to be quiet bc of the parents? Thank you for taking your time for my shittt request lol💕

Genre: Smut, fluff

Word Count: 1,673

A/n: You gave me freedom so dom!Yoongi it is lol. I’m still not good at writing smut but i hope you like my lame smut anyway lmao

Your name: submit What is this?

If you asked anyone where you can be found, chances are they’d say that you’re with Yoongi. To your credit, sometimes Yoongi is the one who could be found with you. You’d known each other since forever, you grew up on the same street after all. Ever since you could remember the Min’s had always been your neighbors, so it was no surprise that you’d click with their eldest son Yoongi. You went to the same school, had mutual friends, hung out together, shared food, slept in each other’s beds, and always had each other’s backs. You could say you’re best friends.

It was no surprise that Yoongi would want to spend the night at your place (again), there wasn’t really a plan for the night. Maybe you’d watch a movie or try to figure out the few secrets he hadn’t told you yet (if any really). The night was young and unwritten, anything goes.

“Look what the cat dragged in.” You said as Mr. Min “Uninvited” Yoongi made his entrance.

“Oh shut up, (y/n), you love me.” He retorted. Fair point.

“I put up with you, dude.” He acted fake hurt at your comment. You chuckled a little, and just sat up in your bed looking at him expecting the plan for the night,       he was looking right back with the same expecting gaze.

“So? Are we just gonna sit here in silence or…?” You asked, half surprised that he didn’t have anything planned.

“Well, your choice tonight, kid.” ‘Kid’ he was only older than you by a few months.

“Let’s watch a movie, and please don’t fall asleep again or else.”

“ ‘Or else’ what are you gonna do? Beat me to death with a pillow?” He said with a dumb grin on his face.

“Bitch I might.” And with that, he settled on the bean bag next to your bed as you chose what movie to watch. About an hour later you heard a soft snore. Did he actually fall asleep? You looked over at him, and sure enough. He was passed out. Unbelievable. You called out his name,



“You better wake the fuck up before I wake you up.” No response was given, so it was the greenlight to mess with him. You quietly got up from your bed and looked for markers. Before the ink could even touch his face, his hand grabbed your wrist. Yoongi opened one eye.

“Try it and see what happens, kid.” He was kind of intimidating if you were honest, nevertheless, you didn’t give in to his little threat. You tried to free your wrist, but he held on tighter.  

“If I let go, you can put that away and we can get back to the movie and no one will get hurt, got it?” He asked calmly. You nodded, and he let go. Big mistake.

As soon as he let go, you made a dot on his face with the marker.

“You’re fucking dead, (y/n).” He said, as he tried to grab you. You moved and climbed back on your bed, you could fend him off with pillows until he gave up. He followed, but before you were safe, he pinned you down. You’d been in this situation before, but it never was because you’d made him mad, and to be honest it was kind of funny to see him angry.

“Do you think this is fucking funny?” He asked, his tone aggressive. Oddly attractive if you were honest. You just nodded as a smile crept across your face.

“I don’t think this is very funny, (y/n). Say sorry and I’ll let you off the hook this once.” As if you were actually going to apologize. Over your dead body.

“Make me.”

His face got closer to yours, you could see he really was mad. However, that didn’t matter as soon as his lips met yours. Just like his aura, the kiss was aggressive and heated. He bit at your lower lip, making you gasp. He used that to slide his tongue in your mouth. He sat back, breaking the kiss. His eyes, eyeing you with lust. You laid there, deciding whether to face him or not. You, too, sat up. He looked at you expectantly, and you didn’t quite understand it.

“Are you going to just sit there?” He asked, clearly irritated at your lack of response. He motioned for you to straddle his lap, and obediently you did. You could feel his bulge pressed firmly against your clothed core. The mere thought making you wet. You moved your hips a little unintentionally, causing Yoongi to hiss. One of his hands held your hips to keep you in place, the other found its way to your hair balling it in his fist. He kissed you again, harder this time. Now that he had better control of you, he pushed up against you and pulled lightly at your hair. You put your hands on his chest, and you could feel his rapid heartbeat. Nearly as fast as yours. He continued his thrusts up at you, his kiss never losing intensity.

Suddenly, he pulled away. An obscene string of saliva connected your mouths briefly, both of you out of breath. He looked at you waiting for approval to go further. You tugged at his t- shirt which he promptly took off and tossed somewhere in the room. You shirt followed, as soon as it came off, Yoongi noticed your lack of a bra.

“Naughty girl.” He purred into your ear, sending a tingle through your body. He dipped two fingers into hem of your shorts, “Take them off.” You did as you were told, and for the first time, you were completely naked in front of Yoongi. You heard a silent fuck leave his lips. You tried to cover yourself, but he wouldn’t allow it.

“I could stare at you forever.” He said, as he sat at the edge of your bed. “Come here, kitten, I want a closer look.” He extended his hand out to you, you took it and he pulled you in close. Kissing your collarbones, down your chest. He cupped one of your breasts while his mouth explored the other. He bit softly on your nipple, eliciting a moan from you. His hand covered your mouth and he brought you down to kneel in front of him.

“You have to be quiet, kitten. Your parents are home and we wouldn’t want to get caught now, would we?” You shook your head, it completely slipped your mind that your parents were right downstairs. Needless to say, you’d be dead if you got caught now. He let go of your mouth, and brought in for a short kiss. He stood in front of you making you scoot back a little. He took of his jeans and boxers, soon they too were thrown somewhere in your room. He sat back down on your bed and stroked himself a little while looking at you.

“Such a pretty girl, aren’t you, (y/n). Are you just going to watch, or are you going to be a good kitten and help daddy out?” His voice like velvet, it sent a shiver through your body. You moved forward until you were between his legs.

“No hands.” He said, as he gathered your hair into one of his hands. He guided your mouth to the tip of his dick, you gave him kitten licks at first. Then you ran your tongue from the base to the tip. He tightened his grip on your hair, he was growing impatient. You took him in your mouth, he pushed your head down slowly, until you gagged. However, he didn’t let go. You swallowed around him, and he let out a barely audible moan. He eased his grip a little, and let you breathe. You looked up at him, you could see the ever-growing lust in his eyes.

“What a good girl.” He praised, he guided your head back down and held you in place as he shallowly thrusted into your mouth making you choke a few times. His pace got faster and messier, you could tell by his breathing that he was close. He stopped and raised your head again,

“Can I cum in your mouth, princess?” He asked, his tone calm but his eyes screamed desperation. You nodded quickly and took him into your mouth once more. He wasted no time getting back to where he was, his thrusts were faster than before, however, they got slower and lower as he was getting close.

“(Y/n), I’m so close babe.” He moaned, louder than he was supposed to. You dug your nails into his thigh. He was being loud and that was dangerous. He hissed, and thrust into your mouth, hard, making you dry heave. He balled your hair, and pulled on it making you moan around him. It was just enough to send him over the edge. He released his seed into your mouth, the taste wasn’t exactly the best. He rode out his high, until he collapsed backwards on your bed. His breathing was ragged and heavy. You watched him, oddly satisfied. As soon as he caught his breath, he sat up and looked at you. His essence was dripping from your mouth onto your chest. He reached for his phone on the side table.

“I could see you like this forever. You’re truly beautiful, (y/n). You know that?” He said, his tone sweeter than you’d ever heard it, as he took a picture of you.

“Erase that immediately, Yoongi.” You said, suddenly bold.

“Oh? Are you making the rules around here, kitten?” He really was good at the intimidation game.

“It’d be such a shame if the boys saw this don’t you think? I bet Jungkook would drool every time he saw you. Maybe they’d want a turn too. What do you think?”

You said nothing, he would do it and you knew it.

“You’ve been a good kitten, maybe next time daddy will reward you.”

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Lance had no idea how it had happened. One minute he was stepping into the adoption center for cats and the next he was on the floor of the nursery room, absolutely smothered in about a thousand wriggling, mewling, purring, fuzzy kittens of varying ages while his husband was busy parking the car.

Shiro walked in and abruptly made a high pitched squeal of endearment that you wouldn’t think such a big, buff, serious and scarred man with a prosthetic arm could make. “Oh my god, Lance! I was gone for not even ten minutes!” Shiro laughed as he pulled out his phone and rapidly took photos of his husband on the floor, flat on his back, absolutely covered in multicolored fluffballs.

Lance pouted and attempted to sit up, a tiny blue gray kitten chirping at him from her perch on his shoulder. “Yeah yeah, laugh it up, I know where you sleep.” The Cuban male grumbled, though he rubbed a few kitten’s ears affectionately, eyes soft with motherly love towards the adorable squeakers.

Shiro moved forward and settled down on the floor, a few more kittens mewing and clambering into his lap. The big man cooed and picked up several at a time, nuzzling into the silky fur adoringly. Lance smiled gently at the sight. His husband had always been a sucker for cats, and after their last cat, Voltron, died a few months ago from cancer, he’d been inconsolable. So Lance had decided to get Shiro a new cat, and if he sort of missed the sound of tiny padding feet and quiet meows around the house, nobody had to know.

The blue eyed kitten on Lance’s shoulder chirped again, and he scratched her neck affectionately. “Who’s a pretty girl?” He crooned as a tiny gray head butted into his cheek. A louder mew across from him had him looking down to see another, fluffier, solid black kitten perching on his knee, rearing up to bat at the blue kitten’s tail. “It seems that Blue really likes you, sir.” The assistant nearby spoke up, smiling from her chair in the corner.

“Blue?” Shiro looked up at her, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah. Nobody here is really creative with names, so most of us just call ‘em like we see ‘em. The one on your lap is Black, she and Blue are sisters. Never seen a closer knit pair of siblings than those two. Though Black’s more Maine Coon mix and Blue’s more Russian Blue mix. Black took after their Mum, Blue after the Dad. Genetics are strange.” The brunette woman explained, pushing up her glasses and tucking a strand of red dyed hair away from the playful tuxedo kitten trying to nab it.

“She’s beautiful.” Lance muttered, now cradling the purring gray puffball in his arms and absently stroking just under Blue’s chin while Black mewled for attention too, prompting Shiro to scoop her up from Lance’s lap and lavish her in little rubs and tickles, which the kitten thoroughly enjoyed. “Lance, we absolutely have to take these two home!” Shiro declared, eyes sparkling with determination as Black attacked his face in cute kitty kisses.

“I can get their adoption forms for you whenever, just say the word.” The assistant lady smiled, tuxedo kitten now draped around her neck. The other kittens were sprawled around, tired after playtime. “Hon’, I thought we were only supposed to get one kitten?” Lance raised an eyebrow at his husband, only to get a big eyed puppy dog pout in return, quivering lip with watery eyes and all. “But Laaaance!!! You heard the lady! Black and Blue are really close sisters! We can’t just separate them!” Shiro whined pleadingly, holding up Black for emphasis.

Lance’s eye twitched, a sign he was weakening. “We’d have to get more things, you know. It’d be kind of expensive…” he tried, but faltered when Blue mewed and nuzzled at his neck adorably. Shiro dialed up the charm. “We have plenty of money! Pleeeeeaaassee dear honey darling love of my heart?” Lance snorted, laughing. “Okay okay, we’ll adopt them both, just stop with the ridiculous pet names. You’re so cheesy! I thought I was supposed to be the awful flirter in this relationship, not you!” He joked, Shiro giving him a beaming smile in return.

The assistant chuckled. “Alright, you two wait here while I go get the adoption forms.” She said, standing up and setting the tuxedo kitten down as she breezed out of the room, leaving the two men to play with the kittens a little longer.

Soon enough they were walking out of the adoption center with a carrier holding two adorable little balls of fur. By the huge, happy grin on his spouse’s face, Lance deemed this trip an overwhelming success in his book!

“Blue! No! Bad kitty, stop moving, you’ll make it worse! Shiro stop laughing and help me with her!” Lance wailed, attempting to pin down his rambunctious now-one-year-old cat with a cup of water stuck around her head.

His husband was currently laughing his ass off on the floor, red faced and wheezing while Blue stumbled and dashed around the living room, trying to whack the plastic cup off of her face. She’d just wanted a drink! Lance finally tackled the young Russian Blue mix to the ground, wresting the cup off with a ’pop!’ and a splatter of water all over the floor, which Blue promptly began to roll around in delightedly. She was one of those weird water cats, as Lance had discovered the day after they’d brought the kittens home and gave them a bath.

Black watched from her perch up high on the bookcase, purring lightly and twitching her tail in amusement. The huge Main Coon mix was a giant puddle of calm black fluff nowadays, always choosing some sort of high surface to settle on to keep watch over her territory. Like a lioness on Pride Rock, Lance had joked once.

Lance sighed in exasperation and scooped up his troublesome kitty. “Alright Beautiful, lets go get you dried off.” He muttered, Blue chirping in response and licking at his face with a rough tongue. He laughed lightly and disappeared into the kitchen for a towel.

Black mrrowed and jumped down from her high place, padding over to Shiro to check and see if her human was still alive. She patted his red face with a cool paw, batting at the white forelock until he recovered enough to sweep her up and nuzzle at her fur, and she responded with a purr and more soft kitty kisses to his face, as was their tradition nowadays. “Thanks for checking on me, Black. I’m good now.” Shiro chuckled, smiling as Lance came back into the living room with a towel wrapped bundle of damp fur.

You were no freaking help at all you jerk!” Lance declared dramatically, pointing at his husband. “I feel betrayed, will I ever recover from this tragedy?!? I trusted you to have my back, instead you laugh at my suffering! Oh the indignity!” He continued his overly dramatic spiel, leaning back and moving his hand to press the back of it against his forehead like a damsel in distress. Blue meeped softly from her cocoon prison.

Shiro released a short laugh, sitting up fully to give his spouse a cheeky smirk. “It looked like you had everything under control already, dear.” He said cheerfully, amused at Lance’s dramatic nature. Black rumbled happily from her spot in his lap. “Under control? Did that look even remotely like I had it under control?” Lance raised an eyebrow at his lover as he set Blue free and used the towel to mop up the rest of the water, though luckily the cup had only been a fourth or so full.

Shiro tilted his head and hummed thoughtfully, tickling Black’s ears. “Well, no, but it was certainly entertaining.” He burst into more laughter at his spouse’s indignant squawk and sputtered through a mouthful of wet towel as it smacked him in the face, sliding off to land on Black with a wet slopping noise, causing Black to yowl a complaint and wriggle out from under the heavy weight soaking her fur.

“You sir, are a brat. No wonder you’re like, mentally seven.” Lance stuck his tongue out at said brat, who was trying to coax Black back into his lap. “Yes, but you love me!” Shiro sang as he managed to get his giant, fluffy monster of a cat back into his arms.

Lance sighed and gave his husband a fond smile. “Yeah… I really do.”


hope you enjoyed ;3

Please hang up and try again


Clarke is mildly annoyed to see her phone light up with the hospital’s number, buzzing incessantly against the couch. She hates getting called in when she’s actually on-call. Getting called in on her day off, when she’s already eight episodes deep into a Prison Break binge, is even worse.

She’s pretty sure Maya is on shift tonight, and since Maya is the kind of friend Clarke can threaten with bodily harm without any love lost between them, she swipes to answer and sighs, “Whatever huge emergency I’m getting called in on my day off to deal with, it better be able to wait because I’m in my pajamas and there are hardly any trains running at this time of night.”

There’s an unexpected pause on the line.


“Yeah, did you not mean to call me?” She asks hopefully. “Does this mean I don’t have to come in?”

“No, uh–” Maya stutters. “I mean– We don’t need you here but… you might still want to come in? There’s a patient in the ER who gave us your number for his emergency contact.”

Clarke frowns. “Who is it?”

“I can’t really understand him, he’s slurring pretty bad,” says Maya, sounding as exasperated as Clarke has ever heard her. “It sounds like he’s saying his name is Baloney but I’m honestly just not willing to accept that. Even with the way people name their kids these days.”

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my familiar.

i know this probably will sound completely unbelievable, i have a hard time believing it myself sometimes. but it’s the truth.

a few years ago, i lived with my best friend, now the godmother of my children. she’s the most incredible soul. but that’s another subject. 

anyway, i lived with her. at some point, i decided i wanted a pet. my roommate already owned one large dog, so we decided it would be best- and i decided i was happiest- to get a cat. specifically, a female cat. i talked about it with her extensively, while i collected things i wanted to have before i brought the cat home. i had told her i wanted to wait for a solid black cat with green eyes, but by chance, i came across an old friend who offered me a kitten who needed to be adopted out quickly. of course i would take her. i was so thrilled, i had her all set up with everything you could imagine a cat to have. she was my princess. she was the runt of her litter, a black and white, meek little thing. so precious. 

i’d had her for about a week, maybe less. one night at work- my roommate and i also worked together and carpooled at the time- toward the end of our shift, i got this really bad feeling in my stomach about my kitten. i was really anxious that something was wrong, that something terrible was happening to the kitten (i told my roommate as much). i told myself a thousand times, there’s no logical way that, and even if my kitten was somehow in harm’s way, that i could “sense” it without any evidence whatsoever. (i told my roommate this as well.) but i couldn’t shake it.

on the way home, i envisioned how silly i would feel when i got home and rushed upstairs to my bedroom and find my healthy, little kitten, comfortably waiting for me. i held this image in my mind over and over.

but when we got home, my kitten was in the corner of my closet, weak, limp, and wheezing.

forward two hours, and the veterinarian is telling me the kitten’s lungs didn’t develop properly. that her lungs were too small to support her growing size, and there was nothing to be done to save her- my options were to let her die the slow, agonizing death of suffocation, or to allow the veterinarian to humanely put her down. 

after i signed the consent forms and paid all the fees for the merciful option, 

i went outside and lost my mind. i was hysterical. this little thing relied on me for life, and when i had a physical instinct regarding her, i denied and ignored it. only for it to have been so, so right. i was devastated, to say the least. i can’t tell you why. of course losing a pet hurts everyone, it’s awful. but i reacted very drastically. it really felt like my heart had been shredded inside my chest. so much guilt.

i went home and downed two bottles of - honestly, rather strong- wine,  while crying in my bedroom and punishing myself. i ended up going to some small party with some people i knew at the time, and continued drinking. i woke up at a friend’s house- safe and unharmed, but with a wicked hangover.

about that time, my roommate calls me and asks where i am. i explain the situation. she tells me i need to be home, and offers to pick me up. i tell her where i am.

i get home, and she takes me to my room. at this point, i realized she must have done something to cheer me up.

we stand in my room for a few moments, waiting for something, and then have a conversation that went something like this:

me: i’m a little confused.
her: honestly, me too. i brought you something, but now i don’t see her…
me: her? 
her: … i got you a kitten. i know it won’t be the same, and i know it’s really soon. but what happened wasn’t your fault, i had a bad feeling about the whole thing- ever since that person first approached you about it. they had to know she was too little, and they adopted her out anyway. 
me: so… you got me a kitten? and put her in here, and now she’s gone?

we looked all throughout that room, every even remotely possible hiding place or escape route. nothing. there was no way out of the room, especially considering it was second floor with no opening windows. we scoured the room. we started to think we were losing our minds. we sat down the floor, and just as she started to apologize and try to come up with an answer to this lost kitten… i saw two, big, round, green eyes open up in the farthest back corner on the bottom shelf of my black bookcase. 

we gently lured her out. she was this little, solid black kitten. with green eyes.

my roommate had spent the entire night locating, specifically, this cat. she was in a neighboring city’s pound, she was called “#4″ out of a group of numbered kittens which were picked up on Ostara. Despite being part of the group, she was the only cat given an isolated cage. (i also should mention that the number 4 or 44 is, and has always been, my roommate’s lucky number.) she adopted her, and brought her home to me, in an attempt to give me an outlet for all of the emotions i was having.

normally, i couldn’t just replace a lost pet overnight. i am painfully sensitive to death. but i couldn’t deny all of the coincidences in this cat, as though she was meant for me. 

admittedly, it took me a long time to bond with this kitten. she was incredibly shy and skittish for the first few months i had her. where my lost kitten was always happy to sit in my lap, sleep in my arms- this cat scarcely let me pet her. among other things.

i did love her, but i felt so much more guarded about her. i didn’t let myself adore her like i had before. 

but forward a few years later, and this cat (now named ‘Q’ in honor of my roommate and i’s friendship) has seen me through some absolutely terrible times. she’s been with me through awful experiences, ones too coarse to share. she’s developed a personality that is so real, so close, so human-like, that only i have ever witnessed. 

she does things in front of only me that i can’t believe a cat could do. i’ve seen her pick up pieces of milk-soaked cereal in her paw and eat them one at a time, i’ve seen her catch a fly in one paw on multiple occasions, and then release it. she comes when i call her by name, every single time, no matter who is around, no matter what time it is, no matter what she is doing. if she’s asleep, she will wake up to me calling her- and she comes to me. she is now more affectionate with me than i can sometimes handle. she will nuzzle and cuddle endlessly if i let her, she will chirp so quietly that only i can hear. she will spend enormous amounts of time gazing into my eyes. she lets me rub and kiss her stomach. the bond i have with this cat is… just ridiculous. the stories and memories with her, are absolutely ridiculous. it’s ridiculous how many little quirks and characteristics about her i have memorized. i have not one, but two tattoos for this cat- one including her name and the number 4- and plan on eventually having her portrait tattooed.

i’ve always playfully said that she is an old soul, who has been a human many times before already. when i talk to her, i know something is happening in that little head of hers. 

and maybe i’m an absolutely crazy cat lady, or maybe she’s my ‘familiar,’ or maybe some combination of both. but this is (the short) version of the story of Q.

Smitten Kitten (Chapter Four)

Welcome back! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!



So it became this thing, then.

Every few days Tony would ask both Bucky and Steve to come downstairs, and they would cuddle up on the couch until Tony was happy and purring, turning in circles between the two of them, head butting against their palms, his tail wrapping around which ever wrist was closer.

Then he would shift back into human form in his bathroom, and spend several minutes hugging both of them before going back to work.

It was helping, and the team noticed.

Tony’s cheeks were always lit with a pretty flush, his smile a little softer. He was more openly affectionate with the team members instead of being caring but sarcastic from a distance. In fact, he had gone so far as to let Wanda in Constrictor form loop herself around him when she needed to be held and Vision was gone from the compound.

Tony had happily sat on the couch and let her slither and slide until she was comfortable, smiling the entire time. Natasha had partial shifted as she watched, her own protective instincts kicking in seeing Tony wrapped in all those coils.

Tony had simply rolled his eyes and motioned her to come sit next to him, waving away the smoke as she huffed uneasily.

And Bucky and Steve watched with fond smiles on their face, holding hands beneath the table, lost in their own thoughts about their cat shifter.

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“Shiver” - Kurt/Blaine

from a one-word prompt: “shiver”

Inspired by the recent weather (if you live in the northeast quarter of the States like Kurt and Blaine), here is some silly/smutty/sappy winter Fluff – in which Blaine wants to play, Kurt wants to stay in bed, and everyone manages to get what they want.

1770 words | AO3

Kurt startles awake at the sound of the wind whipping against the bedroom window, groggily blinking his eyes open with a disgruntled little whine. He’s alone in the bed, though he distinctly remembers falling asleep with a husband-shaped heating pad in his arms. “Blaine?”

Blaine’s leaning against the windowsill next to the bed, silhouetted against the dim gray light and staring out at the heavy snow that hasn’t stopped falling on New York City since yesterday afternoon. His hair is mussed and he’s only wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants. “Morning, baby.”

“It’s so early, why are you up? You know we don’t have to go anywhere today. Everything’s closed.”

“Natural alarm clock, I guess,” Blaine answers. Then he hums, pressing his hands against the windows, and says, “Gosh, the snow is so beautiful when it hasn’t been touched yet.”

“So am – I haven’t been – “ Kurt tries for a dirty joke, but he can’t even piece one together in his sleepiness. He yawns, shivering in the slight draft. “Just… come back to bed, it’s a snow day. Did years of school in the Midwest teach you nothing?”

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anonymous asked:

The UT/UF/US skelebros' SO has an ex that is a friend of the family and shows up to every family holiday dinner. One of the SO's parents has taken to assigning the seating so the SO is next to the ex and the skelebro is on the other side of the table. Reactions?

*In this imagine, the S/O’s family (or at least one of their parents) doesn’t like the fact that they’re dating a skeleton monster–or, depending on the skele’s personality, him in general.  And it’s not particularly a secret that they like the ex better, despite the fact that things didn’t work out for a reason.


He’s openly staring, his eyesockets wide.  Everyone in your family seems to really love your ex, so he was expecting to meet someone fantastic–some attractive, well put-together human with a winning smile.

Instead, he’s seated across from Burgerpants.

He can’t believe it. His shoulder start to shake the moment Burgerpants greets you with “Hey little buddy.”  

This is too much.  All apprehension Sans held melts away, and he doesn’t even mind the seating situation any longer.  He makes cat jokes the entire time like “you’re the ex?  guess the cat’s outta the bag now” or, when Burgerpants asks how long the two of you have been dating, “you sure curiosity won’t kill ya?”

Yes, he even pulls out the “you’ve cat to be kitten me” line, which he’s been saving for an occasion as special as this one.  Your family isn’t amused by his jokes at first, but each one has you laughing, which only fuels the fire.  Sans is on a roll, but after the dinner, he teases your mercilessly for not mentioning that relationship sooner.  


He isn’t bothered in the slightest, especially given the fact that he’s starting to win your parent over.  After all, who can dislike someone as friendly as him?  He harbors no ill will toward your ex; in fact, he spends a great deal of time talking to them.  When he mentions that “WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON, HUMAN!  BOTH OF US HAVE SEEN THE BEST IN Y/N!”, not even the ex can hate him.  Papyrus doesn’t feel threatened at all.  He believes in you whole-heartedly and knows you’re all his.  He just wants everyone to get along.

Next family gathering, everyone fights over who gets to sit next to Pap–including your ex.


He’s pissed off, but trying to play nice because you want your family to see past his gruff exterior.  He tries to make conversation with your family, but he’s distracted by the sight of your ex chatting you up from across the table, and it SUCKS that the conversation always seems to turn back around to how much your ex has their life together while Red only works a few odd jobs.  He wants to boast about the gold-exchange and claim he doesn’t HAVE to work, but he’s honestly never been the type to brag over something like that.  So, instead, he plasters on a shit-eating grin and sweats out the dinner.

But all throughout, he’s accidentally kicking your ex, and at one point, he used his magic to move your ex’s glass of water toward the edge of the table, so it ended up in their lap.  From the way he guffawed with glee, you knew it was his doing.  The rest of the dinner, he’s grouchy, and when you both leave the gathering, he’s a mixture of super-clingy and irritable.


Yeah, that’s not even going to fly with Edgy.  As soon as your ex begins to sit down next to you, Papyrus grabs their upper arm and jerks them back to their feet.  He leans down, fixing them with a sharp glare that has your entire family staring.  You cringe.  "I BELIEVE YOU’RE IN MY SEAT, HUMAN!“ he claims, his tone sharp and biting.  Your ex isn’t a match for Edge, so they glance helplessly at your family member who assigned the seating, but no one wants to further kick the Papyrus-hornet’s-nest.  So, they end up taking the seat across the table, wile Edge sharply nods and sits down beside you.  

Your family still hates him, but both of you love each other, so it’s really none of their business.  Edge glares at your ex (and the family member that he discovered orchestrated their situation) the entire time, but otherwise joins in the conversation so that he can boast about his accomplishments.  They vastly overshadow your ex’s, so he leaves the gathering feeling confident and self-assured.


He’s jealous.  He wanted to sit by you!  And this is your EX?!  That rubs him the wrong way, and the fact that your family is making him sit across from you and some human you used to be with hurts his feelings.  His cheeks are puffed out in a pout, and watching the two of you together is making him wonder what happened when you were dating this human.  Did you hold hands?  Kiss?  Was there more..?  

His eyesockets start to burn.

Blueberry is determined not to cause a scene, however; he’s frankly too Magnificent for that.  All he has to do is make sure that your family sees this!  So, he spends the dinner talking–a little too loud, a little too much, his voice at a slightly-higher pitch in an effort to cover up the twinge in his ribs.  He doesn’t question your loyalty, and he’ll even be nice toward your ex, but.. when it comes to talking about accomplishments, Blueberry does use every opportunity to one-up them.  

After the dinner, he’s a little down, but he covers it up by acting energetic.  However, he refuses to let go of your hand.



Stretch straight up sits in your ex’s lap, pushes their plate across the table to the empty spot, and then puts his own plate down.  He knows what’s going on, that he’s being discriminated against just because he’s a monster, and frankly, he doesn’t give a shit what they think.  They’re just trying to rile him up, to push him out like he’s not important, and he refuses to deal with it.

"whoops.  sorry. didn’t see you in my seat, pal.”  Stretch chuckles and lifts up enough to allow you speechless ex to scramble out from beneath him.  Everyone is staring; your face is hot.  Then Stretch leans over toward you, slips an arm around your shoulders, and calmly eats like nothing happened.  He’s the master of playing it cool, and he makes casual conversation throughout the dinner that eases the tension.  You end up not even being mad because you’re glad Stretch never stands for that kind of behavior.

He keeps a sharp eyesocket on your ex throughout the dinner–as well as the family member he deems responsible–but doesn’t make any mean-spirited comments.  Instead, he acts friendly enough while maintaining some sort of PDA (his arm around your shoulders, his fingers toying with your hair) to remind all of them of just whom you’re dating.

Loser || Joe Sugg

Originally posted by cdxh

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Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1k+

Summary: In which (Y/N), Zoe and Joe film a video called Sister-In-Law VS Boyfriend and Joe ends up losing miserably. 

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, I got so excited when I got your request and couldn’t help but write it immediately. I hope you like it!!xo

“Hello everyone, today I’m joined by these two!” Zoe begins her usual intro with a wide smile as she gestures toward Joe and (Y/N), who had Nala in her lap and was kissing her face, causing Joe and Zoe to burst out laughing.

(Y/N) sticks her tongue out at them but waves at the camera, her lips parting to talk but moving into a pout when Nala jumps down and scrambles out of the room.

“So today me and Joe were going to film something completely different, but then (Y/N) informed me that according to Wikipedia, she’s actually my sister-in-law! So seeing as she doesn’t have her own channel, I decided to bribe her with chocolate to do the boyfriend vs sister-in-law, aka me and Joe: on my channel instead!”

(Y/N) raises her hand and waits silently, staring at the pair as they spoke to the camera and between them before eventually glances over at her and snorting in amusement. “Can I express an opinion?”

Joe throws his head back and laughs, reaching over Zoe and patting his girlfriends thigh. “Babe, you’re not six, you don’t have to raise your hand.” Zoe nods in agreement, an amused grin on her face.

(Y/N) huffs and folds her arms across her chest, glaring at the siblings lightheartedly. “Shush, you guys spend the majority of your life behind the camera, this is still all new to me.”

Zoe smiles in sympathy and pats her shoulder, whereas Joe smirked and threw himself over Zoe and straight at her, causing them both to fall to the floor with a resounding ‘thud’. Zoe started laughing hysterically, especially when Joe stood up and his hair was standing in literally every direction humanly possible.

(Y/N), however, remains on the floor until Joe sighed over-dramatically and walked over to pick her up, setting her back at her feet and rolling his eyes at the smug smile on her face. “Mm, I love you.”

He grins and kisses her quickly before they both return to their spots on the bed, although this time (Y/N) sits in between the two Suggs and glances down at your phone slyly as they begin the video. “Okay so, I have six questions here and the answers written with them so I can’t cheat.”

They both nod, and Joe glares at Zoe playfully. “Oh, you’re going down.”

Zoe bites her lip and smirks. “Oh broseph, I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” She pauses in thought for a moment before snapping her fingers together in realisation. “We need buzzer noises! Mines gonna be 'bird!’”

“Bird?” Joe repeats, and Zoe nods confidently. “Okay them, well my buzzer noise is 'cat!’, because I’m gonna take you down!”

(Y/N) can’t help but smile at the competiveness of the two, before she read her first question out loud. “Okay, let’s start. When I was sixteen, I did my GCSE’s. What exam did I get my highest mark in?”

Joe’s jaw drops at the question but Soe spring forward immediately. “Bird! Bird!”

(Y/N) looks at Zoe with a wide smile. “Zo?”

“You got an A* in Higher Maths!” She exclaims, and (Y/N) cheers for her and nods.

Turning to face Joe, who was frowning at the ground and had a small pout on his lips, she smirks and pokes his side making him squirm slightly and giggle. “The next one’s pretty easy babe.”

“But I knew that one!” He responds, the childish pout returning to his face when Zoe laughs and throws her head back at his words.

Shaking her head in amusement, (Y/N) lists up her phone and begins to read out the next question. “Okay, how old was I when I got my first ever tattoo?” Joe gasps and flails his arms around, but his buzzer sound doesn’t escape his mouth until after Zoe shouts hers. She looks at the older Sugg and smirks. “If you get this right, I’ll be very impressed.”

Zoe furrows her brows and nods. “I swear you told me once that you were like, fourteen or something?”

(Y/N) nods excitedly, clapping her hands together and glancing over at her boyfriend with a sympathetic frown as she pats his arms softly. “I think your sister did her research, babe.”

Joe grumbles unhappily and turns to face the camera with an annoyed look on his face. Zoe and (Y/N) share an amused grin before she continues onto the next question. “This is a good one. How many followers, to the nearest one thousand, does my main blog have right now?”

“Cat! Fucking cat, cat, cat!” Joe shouts, jumping up and down on the spot as Zoe laughs and his girlfriend turns to face him with a proud smile. “I know this! I was reading your latest post on the way down here! It was something like, one million, three thousand?”

(Y/N) cheers and hugs him tightly, leaving Zoe to pout just as Joe had been previously.

It turned out that the question above was the only one Joe managed to get a point for, either buzzing in too late or having absolutely no idea what the hell his girlfriend was referring too. The fact that Zoe knew the answers to the questions was bullshit, and he made his feelings very clear several times throughout the length of the video.

By the end, he had an annoyed scowl on his face, his arms crossed against his chest and an adorable pout on his lips. He was defiantly annoyed, but he’d spent so much time laughing during the video at some of (Y/N)’s absolutely ridiculous questions, he couldn’t find it within himself to be mad at her.

Instead, he pulls her into a kiss just as Zoe filmed the outro and smirked against her lips as she hummed against his. “Those questions were absolute bullshit and you know it.”

She pulls away slightly and looks into his eyes with a cheeky smile. “And yet you still love me, and even if you are still sore loser, I love you too.”

He brushes his lips back against hers and presses their foreheads together softly. “And don’t I just know it.”

Sharing (Blurb)

can you imagine if u and harry adopted like a little puppy or kitten and it was a bit nervous so it always wanted to be near HArry on his lap, and your little two-year-old daughter gets jealous that daddy is cuddling the animal and not them


Harry doesn’t realize it at first, but his little girl is jealous.

The idea to adopt a kitten was one that you and Harry had been talking about for years, but the timing had never been right. When your daughter came along, the thought of having both a newborn and a kitten in the house seemed way too overwhelming, so you waited until she was two before you started to seriously consider the option again.

The kitten had kind of been placed in your lap, both metaphorically and physically speaking. One of your friends had found about five stray kittens in a box and desperately tried to find homes for them. You were a bit hesitant, but as soon as Harry had that kitten on his lap, he was hooked, and that’s all there was to it.

The kitten was, understandably, incredibly skittish. It had been left shivering in a box, so it was really no wonder that it was nervous around humans. The first time your two-year-old had tried to get near it, the kitten had run under the couch and not come out for an hour.

The only human the kitten trusted was Harry; it would spend all afternoon curled up on Harry’s lap, not wanting to move. You didn’t mind, of course, but your daughter was another story. In her mind, daddy’s lap was reserved for her and she didn’t quite understand why this kitten was getting all the cuddles that she thought she was supposed to be getting.

One night, after bath time, you made a move to take your daughter to bed, but she was incredibly resistant. She was two years old - quite prone to the occasional melt down - but tonight was different. Tonight she was being downright obstinate.

“Love, it’s time to go to bed,” you said, calmly, “let’s go.”

“No!” she pouted, “I don’t want to!”

“Come on, sweetheart. It’s late.”

“No, I want daddy!”

“Daddy will come in later.”

“No, I want him NOW!”

You tried to scoop her up, but she bolted, running past you into the sitting room where Harry was at his desk with the cat in it’s familiar spot. He looked up when he heard her running and then she was grabbing on to his arm and burying her face in his shoulder.

“What’s wrong, monkey?”

“Daddy, I want you!”

He turned a bit in his chair so he could see her better.

“I thought mummy was putting you to bed tonight? I’ll come say goodnight and tuck you in later.”

“Noooo!” she whined, near tears at this point, “I want up!”

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Draw (Tattoo Artist!Jungkook)

Plot: Tattoo artist!Jungkook teaching his children how to draw

Word Count: 949

A/N: so before I start this, I wanna say happy mother’s day!! I have such a busy day today I love it so much bc I love my family but idek how I managed to get everything done, I had to shower, make cards that were ridiculously complicated bc that’s just me in a nutshell, over complicating shit that’s really simple, I had my brother and sis-in-law and their two kids over and it was a busy morning and it’s gonna get even busier bc I get 2 hours of sleep before launching off into part two of mother’s day celebrations so I hope you guys don’t mind a scenario instead of werewolf!Tae, this was really recently requested (like a couple days ago) and I thought it sounded so so cute so I had to do it, the links for this post are tattoo artist!kook (here) and father!kook (all of the father related posts are here)

Jungkook had passed a lot of things down to your two children. They both had his jet black hair, his bright “bunny” smile, his large curious eyes. Your son was already the tallest among all of his friends, even with some of them being older. They both had his sense of adventure and mischievousness, a desire to discover everything they could as quickly as they could. They had also gotten his love for art.

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Get your own Angel - Destiel

“Are we going to get a drink or what?” Dean spoke up from his uncomfortable position on a solid cheap hotel mattress. Him, Sam and Castiel had agreed to letting loose a little tonight. What with having just finished a hunt and all.

“Yes Dean. We are just waiting on Sam to get ready.” Castiel replied as he placed a warm kiss onto his hunters head. Sam was in the other room, busy doing his long, luscious hair.

Dean and Cas had been what you could class as an item for a while now. They kept it secret though, Dean not wanting anyone to be able to use it against him. He was tired of everyone he loves dying. He certainly didn’t want anything to happen to his precious Angel.

He thought Sam was oblivious to their relationship, which he was; mostly. He’d have to be completely stupid not to see that there is a lot of adoration in their eyes when looking at one another.

“Right here. Now let’s go! Dean, no bringing girls home tonight, I’d actually like a few hours sleep.” Sam instructed his older brother.

“Oh, I can guarantee that won’t be happening” Dean replied through a smirk, looking down lustily at Castiel causing a shy smile from his Angel and an odd, suspicious look from his brother.

The three close companions sat at the last booth at the back of the bar Dean recommended they attend tonight. Sam on one side and Dean and Castiel sat, rather close on the other.

They had all had about four pints now and are partially tipsy. Okay maybe Dean had a little more than the others but he was still slightly sober.

“Dean, come help me get the drinks” Sam instructed.

“More alcohol, you don’t have to ask me twice, be right back Cas” Dean said as the brothers walked away to purchase a round of shots.

Dean had drank another few shots of something, he didn’t even know what it was, but he didn’t care. He tends to do this, whenever he has the chance, he just drinks and drinks, that way he forgets.

Sam and Dean place the shots on the table, there is ten all together however Sam and Cas only had two each, while Dean had six.

The Winchesters got a little bored of sitting so they decided on playing some pool, the pool table wasn’t that far from the booth they were in so Cas sat at the table and observed, mostly just admiring the way Dean bent over the table while playing.

“Hello there. You look lonely, can I sit here?” A girl with medium length red hair and vibrant makeup asks Castiel. Confusing Cas majorly, he wonders silently if she was trying to flirt or genuinely needed a seat.

“Okay. Sam and Dean will be back soon though.” Castiel informs her.

“Okay, they can sit there, I’ll sit on your lap.” The unnamed girl says while plonking herself down on Castiel in a slutty manner.

Castiel is extremely uncomfortable now, he doesn’t know if he should get her off him or not, he wants to, but he doesn’t want to upset the women.

“My name is Hannah. But you can call me anything you want.” The girl named Hannah allows Castiel, giving him a mischievous wink.

Soon after Dean looks over to the booth to check on Cas, only to be greeted by a girl shoving herself at Castiel. He noticeably didn’t want her to, he looked awkward and uncomfortable. Then the girl started cupping Castiels dick through his pants, Cas flinched and shoved her hand away saying “I’m in a relationship” but that didn’t mean she was giving up.

“Who cares? They don’t have to know” She said and goes to reach her hands out for his zip, Cas once again stops her and tries to get up, but she wraps herself around him and pulls him back down.

“Where do you think you’re going? Stop playing hard to get.” She says and presses her lips on Castiel’s, he doesn’t kiss back, instead tries to push her off him so she forces his hands on her boobs and goes down to undo his zip but Dean stops her in her tracks.

“Hey. Get your hands off my boyfriend” Dean says without warning grabbing Castiel’s hand and dragging him up from under her while gripping onto his waist possessively.

“He was enjoying it” She said through her teeth.

“Is that what you call that? You were forcing him.” Dean said, gripping Castiel tighter and getting angrier by the minute.

“He just isn’t a good kisser is all, you would know that If you were his boyfriend but he isn’t gay.” She said, as If she knew anything. Meanwhile Sam was watching how the events rolled out with a knowing grin, from afar, but close enough to hear it all.

“Not my boyfriend? Bad kisser? You call this a bad kisser?” Dean said as he grabbed Castiels thighs and ass, pulling him into himself and grinding slightly before Castiel jumped and wrapped his legs around Dean’s waist.

Dean then forcefully pressed his lips against Castiel’s perfect full ones, he kissed him hard while repeating “mine” in an inhumane voice,he bit down on his bottom lip earning a small moan from Castiel, Dean took this as an opportunity to let his tongue gain access and began sucking on Castiel’s lip and gliding his tongue across the top of his mouth. All the while his right hand was keeping Castiel up, and the other roped itself into Castiel’s soft hair and tugged at it every now and again.

They pulled away slightly, both gasping for air. “Yours” Castiel ensured.

“Not a good kisser? Yeah. That’s only because you can’t make him fall apart like I can. You can’t do anything, you can’t even get him to touch you. How about you get your own Angel?” Dean suggested to Hannah.

Hannah just glared in disgust and walked away, probably onto her next victim, Dean didn’t care as long as it wasn’t Cas.

Sam was about to call the two out on their relationship that he was secretly happy about, out of everyone Dean could have fallen in love with, Sam is happy it’s Cas. He knows Cas won’t ever intentionally hurt him. However he didn’t call them out on it as Dean wrapped his hands viciously on Castiel’s wrist and dragged him somewhere, Sam decided on letting them do their thing and walking back, they planned to walk anyway fully aware of how drunk they would get, however they did drive here, it was only a street away from there motel.

“Ow, Dean loosen your grip, it hurts” Castiel whined, but Dean didn’t listen, if anything it got tighter. He dragged them out of the bar and into the car park where a bunch of men around thirty whistled, cat calling that was aimed at Castiel.

Dean slammed Castiel against the Impala and bit down lustily on his neck. He began moving his tongue in circular motions and sucking until the skin started turning a dark purple, then he made his way up to Castiel’s ear lobe and whispered “you’re mine. I’m going to remind you of that”

Which sent shivers down Castiel’s spine and straight to his dick. They had been together long enough for Dean to know every single thing Castiel liked and didn’t, how anything to do with whispering or biting on his neck and ear sent him over the edge. It made him feel good, and Dean liked reminding his boyfriend that only he could make him feel like this.

This was all happening infront of the guys that cat called, they were watching, staring in fact, however Dean took the gun out of his coat and pointed it towards them, aiming directly above the “gang leader’s” head. Making them all run, they weren’t coming back.

Dean got back to work as soon as they left, he started nibbling on Castiel’s ear, while his hands gripped at his hair and his hips grind against Cas’ crotch in a painfully slow way.

Dean had decided to make this slow, agonisingly slow, to show Cas how much he needed Dean.

“Say you’re mine baby” Dean ordered.

“Dean, you know I am” Castiel said.

This wasn’t convincing enough for Dean, so he started cupping Castiel through his jeans, tracing his fingers along the tip.

“Say it. Say you’re mine. I want to hear you say it.” Dean said again, but this time opened the back door of the Impala and shoved Castiel inside lustily before cas could say anything at all. There was enough room in the back seat, they’d just have to stay close, which wasn’t a problem.

Dean lay Castiel down under him, and ripped off his T-shirt, soon after Castiel’s came off too. Dean was now grinding down onto Castiel, dicks rubbing against each other while Dean traced his tongue along Castiel’s abs.

Dean made his way back up to Castiel’s face and began sucking again, leaving behind a trail of many hickeys, he liked to mark his property.

He bit down on his ear lobe and undid the zip of Castiel’s pants. Removing his boxers and stroking Castiel’s dick, hands cupped and tight, squeezing. He let his hand rest at the tip and pushed his thumb into the slit of Castiel’s penis, they’d only just had sex yesterday, so Cas was prepared enough.

Dean undid his own pants now, removing his boxers at the same time and kissed Castiel. Holding his hand out for Castiel’s personal lubricant, Cas spat on Dean’s hand and he turned Castiel over, then stroked the lube along his own dick, before spreading Castiel’s ass revealing a perfect pink hole.

Dean sunk into him, letting himself sit for a couple of seconds for Cas to get used of the new warmth inside of him, then he began grinding into him. Roughly at first, he gripped Castiel’s hips so tightly it left red marks, and pumped himself in and out.

“Fuck Dean, feels so good” Castiel moaned out in pleasure.

“Moan for me baby” Dean loved the sounds Castiel made, it was like a personal symphony that only Dean got to hear.

Castiel panted and moaned out, he was a hot mess, uneven breaths and eyes rolling in pleasure.

“Hmm, Dean. Fuck, oh.”

Dean was barley thrusting now, he was basically pounding, gripping Castiel tightly and leaving trails of wet kisses along his back, he could feel Castiel tighten his hole around his dick and that itself nearly made him cum right then.

“Say. You. Are. Mine. Babyboy.” Dean said in between thrusts.

“I’m yours, oh god ohh. I’m all yours, nobody else.” Castiel said moaning loudly. Dean loves how Cas was so loud during sex. It sent him crazy.

“That’s right.” Dean said and pounded into him again, causing Castiel to come undone at his touch. Coming onto the leather seats of the Impala and on deans hand. The sound Castiel made when he came was enough to send Dean over too. He came a few thrusts after Cas. He fell down beside Castiel, unable to keep himself up.

As there was no way the two could go back tonight and face Sam, Dean grabbed his phone to see two messages of Sam.

“Dude. knew you two were a thing, I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow. I’m assuming you won’t be back tonight. ;)” Dean smiled, knowing his brother is okay with it, he didn’t care what people thought, but he’s always cared about Sammy.

Dean typed out a quick reply “You were right, got lucky ;) be back tomorrow” he put his phone down in the cup holder and grabbed a blanket that was there from Sam using it last night on the road and wrapped it over himself and Cas. He spooned into Cas, both naked but not caring.

Dean buried his nose in Castiel’s neck and mumbled into his ear “mine” before clinging to him tightly and falling asleep with his angel in his arms.

Crazy Monsoon Rain {S.M}

requested// imagine where you and Shawn are a new couple and you really wanted to see him but it’s raining like crazy and when you get to his house he lets you borrow his clothes 

author’s note// wow i like never write anymore but i am trYINg my hardest hope this one is better than the last one! also we are rewinding to like, the earlier magcon dayzzzz cause i dun miss those evn tho i hate all the other magcon boizzzzz


The rain was pouring down at a completely unholy rate. It beat down on your shoulders to the point where it hurt. You pulled your raincoat tighter around your body as you made your way over to your bike, which you stupidly left outside in the rain. Only moments ago, your boyfriend Shawn had texted you and asked if you wanted to come over. You were only sophomores in high school, so you both couldn’t drive. 

“Baby, the weather is absolutely dreadful.” He had groaned into his phone. You imagined him flopping down on his bed, dramatically. He sometimes had a bit of a flare for the dramatic. 

“Yeah I know. Good snuggle weather.” You stated, not really thinking anything of it. I mean, you weren’t lying. Stormy weather was always your favorite to snuggle in. 

“Yeah? Then come over.” He suggested, probably not thinking much of it either. He always wanted you to come over when he was in town. Like, literally always. And since he almost always suggested you come over, you had to say no sometimes, especially at times he knew very well you couldn’t. A perfect example being when he was on tour with the guys in Texas and he casually suggested you come to dinner with him. This was probably one of the times he knew you probably couldn’t come over. 

But sure enough, you stupidly said; “Yeah sure be there in like twenty minutes.” 

Which was a horrible choice. Because it would have been extremely simple to just ask your mom to drive you the ten blocks down to Shawn’s house. She never had a problem doing so, but she wasn’t home. So here you were, only in jeans, a t-shirt, and a rainjacket about to bike the ten blocks when it is literally raining cats and dogs. And you knew if you told Shawn that, he would say no way in hell you would be coming over to his house. But you got on that bike. You rode that bike. You pushed through the weather. You literally felt like you were going to die. You were a dancer, but that didn’t matter because as you pedaled up that hill with the rain pelting you, you felt like your thighs were being physically burned off. Only five minutes into this endeavor, you regretted it. LIke, you seriously wished you were back home, you would’ve rather facetimed Shawn than be with him if you had to be in this disgusting rain. But you were about halfway there, and you really couldn’t stop now. So you kept going, powering through, curses against the rain, yourself, and Shawn leaving your lips just about every two or three seconds, until you finally got there. You basically threw your bike on his driveway, not caring if it gets rusted over or even if someone were to run over it, and you sprinted to the front door, and jammed your finger on that doorbell over and over until you saw the doorknob turn. You heard a chuckle before you saw his face. 

“Hey baby wh-” When he saw you, his eyes widened. “What the hell… Y/n did you walk here?” He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside, slamming the door behind you. He looked you up and down, your leggings completely soaked through as well as your oversized long-sleeve t-shirt, and you were basically sloshing in your blue converse. 

“Biked, actually.” You crossed your arms and shivered as you slipped your shoes off and placed them by the door, careful not to get any water on Shawn’s hardwood foyer. 

“Come on, you can borrow some of my sweats or something.” He takes your hands and leads you up the stairs. “Mom, Y/n needs to borrow some clothes I promise we will be back down in a few minutes!” Shawn’s mom didn’t let the two of you in his room alone. You also weren’t allowed home alone, which was understandable. So you quickly walked up the stairs, your hands still touching, and went into Shawn’s room. He went over to his dresser and grabbed some grey sweatpants and a red hoodie, a MagCon one, cause what else would you expect from him and tossed them at you. He scurried out of his room, knowing his mother would get the wrong idea, and he never ever wanted her to get the wrong idea. He was a bit of a mama’s boy. You quickly took off your wet clothes, taking them into his bathroom and hanging them over the bathtub. You took your long, stringy wet hair and pulled it up into a bun. You went into his dresser and got a warm pair of socks and slipped them on her cold feet, and then made her way out of Shawn’s room, and down the stairs. You saw Shawn sitting on the love seat, with his sister on the ground playing with the dog, and his parents on the couch. They all turned their heads to you. 

“Hey y/n!” Shawn’s mom smiled, his sister smiled too, and his dad nodded with a smile. They really liked you. 

“Did you walk here?” His dad laughed, putting his arm around Shawn’s mom, Karen. 

“Biked.” You and Shawn said in unison, which caused you too look at one another and smile with a chuckle. Aaliyah rolled her eyes. You walked over to Shawn, and sat next to him, but you swung your legs over his so you were basically sitting on his lap, his hand on your thigh. The entire Mendes family plus you, just sitting in the living room on a rainy day, watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother. 

Biking through the rain was worth it. 

author’s note// guys this is actually cute i actually enjoy this one lol im the worst i never ever post 1!1!1! i met a cute boy i wanna hug him but i have literally talked to him once and then slid into his dm and he left me on read someone hel p me