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Блядская реклама

Самый пиздец заключается в неотвратимости блядской рекламы. Она неизбежна. И если ты не выкинул ноутбук и смартфон в мусорное ведро, и не валяешься под пальмой — ты будешь по уши зашлакован рекламой.

Её больше с каждой минутой. Двигатель торговли? Быть может. Но ещё — реклама двигатель пиздеца.

Сегодня было великолепное утро. Я отлично выспался в просторном номере отеля Novotel Accor и съел остатки вкусной пиццы Pizza Hut. Хотелось бы запить вкуснейшим грушевым Santal, но он закончился.

Проверив почту в приложении Gmail, я убрал незаменимый гаджет Apple iPhone SE в карман, так охуенно облегающих джинс Calvin Klein, и вышел в лобби.

От незнакомки в лифте слышен елеуловимый Miss Dior. На циферблате Swatch уже сорок одна минута первого — надо спешить.


Мне повезло — Volfswagen Touareg, а значит чемодан American Tourister спокойно влезет без каких-либо проблем. Водитель ставит Скрябина — я удивлён, но вот уже спустя мгновение я наслаждаюсь музыкой: спасибо звуку Bang & Olufsen. 

Bang & Olufsen — синоним искусства акустического совершенства.

Это прекрасный день. И вечером, придя домой, я сяду на кровать IKEA, открою лёгкий и невероятно быстрый ноутбук HP, и напишу этот шикарный пост в свой Tumblr.

Приятный аромат геля Nivea, глоток Campari и снова сон. Чтобы проснуться с новым днём и новой порцией рекламы. 

Yuri on Ice fic preview because oh God I’m so tired why not someone please put me out of my misery, please

So if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that I am writing a Yuri on Ice fan fiction and that it is k i l l i n g me because it is 118 pages. So I thought, why not share the pain. Keep an eye out. I’m posting this before the end of February if it kills me. 

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Hannibal Set Experience 2 AKA The Night Leather Pants Hanni Destroyed My Life

Thought I’d make a full post about my evening with all the photos in one place. I thought the fact that Hannibal is wearing leather pants and riding a motorcycle might be considered a spoiler, but considering it’s spread through fandom like wildfire I’m not gonna bother cutting to hide spoilers.



I arrived onset around 4:15 yesterday and saw all the trucks, and a huge number of crew there already setting up. I was super excited to see the row of scooters and the flags hanging from the front of the Novotel - confirmation that we were in Europe and Mads (and possibly Gillian!) would be there.


I met up with Laura and we sat for a while and watched the crew set up for the first shot. Cue excited squealing about how it will probably be Hannibal on that bike! Eeeeee! I spoke to a crew member at this point and told him we’d be here all night, and he just laughed and said “okay”. Since there wasn’t much going on and they wouldn’t be shooting till after dark, we decided to go into the nearby pub (called Scotland Yard - bonus!) to warm up. After food and drink we came back outside around 6 and sure enough - filming was about to begin! There was a group of about 10-15 other fans already gathered, as well as a lot of random people out and about. They were shooting on a popular little street for the after-work drinks crowd, so it was quite busy for a while, but they didn’t close off the sidewalk or anything for the shoot.

We all stood there and watched with excitement and a little bit of silent squealing as they shot the first take, Hannibal driving up on the motorbike and taking off his helmet dramatically.

Holy hellfire that man is even more attractive in person!

For the next half hour or so we watched them do the same shot a few more times. There was one very nice crew member who kept coming up and joking around with us, and reminding us not to use flash on our cameras (no one in our group did).

Here’s my video of the first take and the reveal. Mads in leather pants is so much better in person btw.

They reset the camera so we were told to move down to a different part of the sidewalk so we weren’t in the shot. After a few takes, that shot was done, and one of the crew members near by offered to show us the actual shot from the monitor! So cool! He told us that this location was substituting for Paris and they would be using digital effects to put more of the Paris skyline in. Super cool! Then they joked about needing a hand wheeling their equipment over to the next spot and seemed surprised when we said we’d do it in a heartbeat. 

As they were removing the track that the camera rig was previously on, Mads had a few spare moments, and suddenly he was being lead over to us by the nice crew member from before! It all happened so fast, it felt like we had only been there for half an hour. He shook everyones hands, and I offered to be the photographer and took photos for the dozen or so fans who were there. It was awesome being able to interact with him for the 4 or 5 minutes that took! I told him to fix his hair in the first one, he had a bit of helmet head. 

I got a selfie with him as well! I mentioned that I had met him last March on set, when they were filming the very last shot of Hannibal walking out of his house in the rain. I don’t think he remembered me (should have brought the flower crown!), but he said “Oh, that was such a long night!” He was great with the fans but he had to get back shooting. I was shocked that we didn’t have to wait till the very end to meet him. So nice of the crew to take care of us like that!

We were floating on a cloud after this, but we stayed and watched a few more shots for the next hour or so. There was a man dressed all dapper - I’m thinking it could be our Inspector Pazzi - in one of the scenes. He crosses the street in front of Hannibal, they share a glance, then Hannibal puts his helmet on and speeds away. They filmed it in two shots, one with Mads on the bike putting the helmet on, revving the engine and moving forward a few feet, and then with Mads’ stunt double as he turns the bike around sharply and speeds off down the street.

Here’s my video for that.

At this point, we were freezing again, so we went into the pub again for some beverages. When we came out at 8, a couple other fans we recognized from earlier told us that Mads had gone home. Shortly after the crew were all packing up and moving on. 

Managed to get a closer shot of the bike at this point. It’s a Triumph.

All-in-all it was a short but very exciting night! At no point did we feel like we were being a nuisance to the crew (in fact, it was moreso the after-work pub-crawlers who were the worst - one of them even tried to get into one of the prop Parisian cabs!). I’ll definitely be doing this again next time I hear where they’ll be shooting in Toronto!

MCM London Meet Up

Hey! It’s me, one of the two people who runs this blog! Accio-Shitpost has been up for nearly a year now, and every year in May I go to MCM expo in London. I’ve attended various meetups, and I really enjoyed them - they’ve been a great way to meet like-minded friends or hang out with people who are well-known in the fandom. This year, due to our sudden surge of popularity, I’m hosting an Accio-Shitpost/General Harry Potter themed meet-up at MCM!

Our Meet-Up will begin at 3:00pm on Saturday the 28th of May. I - and a few of my friends who contribute to the blog - will be hosting the meeting at the grass near the Novotel, which is outside the main building. It’s very important that you can only come if you have a ticket to MCM.

Now that’s out of the way, what can you do at this meet-up?

  • Meet up with other Harry Potter fans! Discuss your houses, favourite characters, OTPs, moments that your heart was broken, and arguing over who the coolest witch or wizard is (it’s Luna)
  • Dress up as your favourite Harry Potter character! Or just some robes! Or just wear your house colours! Hell, dress as Naruto, I don’t care, it’s a convention for heck’s sake.
  • Play games! I’ll be bringing a copy of the hit card game Superfight, which is essentially Top Trumps meets Cards Against Humanity - each player draws a card with a character on it, and then you argue over who’d win in a fight. If you’ve ever asked a question like “Who’d win - Darth Vader with kittens for hands, or Dean Winchester with laser vision?” - then you’ll LOVE this game!
  • Meet the co-creator of this blog, Mod R! Wow, you’ll finally get to see my face and hear my voice? No way! Also, if you manage to tell me a piece of Harry Potter trivia I didn’t already know, I’ll buy you a Coke!
  • Find out exclusive information and details on what Accio-Shitpost will be doing next! We have two secret projects in the works that we’re DYING to finally tell you about!

If you wanna come, send us a message, or reply to this post, or whatever: we’d LOVE to meet you because we absolutely adore every single one of you. Even if you’ve never heard of us, feel free to pop over - you might just make a new friend.

So again - 3pm (for at least an hour, we’ll see how it goes after that) on Saturday the 28th of May, outside the Novotel. I’ll see you there :D

- Mod R.