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out of curiosity i went onto your insta, clicked on the first photo and started scrolling and christ, the first comment i saw was this fuckin dissertation on bar magnets and the north/south pole?????????????

LMAO the trolls really reach to dismiss transness

ecosystems → arctic tundra

occurs in the far Northern Hemisphere, north of the taiga belt. The word “tundra” usually refers only to the areas where the subsoil is permafrost, or permanently frozen soil. Permafrost tundra includes vast areas of northern Russia and Canada. Arctic tundra contains areas of stark landscape and is frozen for much of the year. 

Reasons not to vote for Donald Trump:

  • Has no political experience outside of judging a reality TV show. Brags about this.
  • Has openly admitted to sexual assault.
  • When “apologizing” about the above, he waved it off as “locker room talk”.
  • Has referred to Mexicans as “bad hombres” in a live presidential debate.
  • Talks about building a wall between America and Mexico with complete seriousness.
  • Thinks abortion and C-sections are the same thing.
  • Started a rumor that Barack Obama was not American and blamed Hillary for it. Acted like a big hero when he was proven to be a liar.
  • Can be thrown into a near psychopathic rage by a tweet.
  • Called his opponent a “nasty woman” less than an hour after claiming that no one respects women more than him.
  • Has stated he will unlawfully prosecute and imprison Hillary if he wins.
  • Has pretty much all but stated he will start a second civil war if he loses.
  • Has made fun of a disabled person on live TV and denied it.
  • Was accused of calling a woman “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping”. His defense? “Where did you find this?”
  • Has had multiple parallels drawn between him and Hitler by University Professors.
  • Openly admires Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.
  • Openly supports Stop and Frisk.
  • Calls his opponent crooked. Brags about not paying taxes.
  • Is openly hated and mocked by literally every celebrity on Twitter.
  • May actually be Pete from the Disney cartoons disguised as a human.

Reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton:

  • …. I dunno… something about emails? I guess?

How is this a difficult decision, America!? This is like the easiest IQ test in the world and you are in danger of failing it!! 

The worst part? The Trump list is not even close to being exhaustive. It’s just what I, a Canadian with very little knowledge or interest in politics, can remember off the top of my head. So if someone as far-removed from this situation as me can see what a no-brainer this is, why are the polls so close?!

Light and Dark

 This video shows one of my new favorite things about the solstice. The Japanese Meteorological Agency’s Himawari-8 weather satellite is in a geostationary position over the Pacific Ocean and eastern parts of Asia, sending down pictures to monitor weather over that part of the planet. In the process, it gets a full frame view of the orb of the Earth, and it automatically shares clips from its cameras online. Here’s the view taken as the sun set yesterday just before the official solstice time – take a look at the poles. The North pole never exits a shadow and the South Pole is a tiny sliver of light that never goes away – the best shot you’ll get of this arrangement for a year. This one also gives some nice sunglint on the sea just before the sun goes down – reflection of the sunlight off the smooth surface of the ocean.


Video Credit: Himawari-8 satellite

The North Celestial Tower : If you climbed to the top of this 13th century stone tower, it looks like you could reach out and touch the North Celestial Pole, the point at the center of all the star trail arcs. The well-composed image with scattered meteor streaks was recorded over a period of five and half hours as a series of 45 second long exposures spanning the dark of the night on July 7/8. The exposures were made with a digital camera fixed to a tripod near Marathon, Greece, planet Earth. Of course, the graceful star trails reflect the Earths daily rotation around its axis. By extension, the axis of rotation leads to the center of the concentric arcs in the night sky. Convenient for northern hemisphere night sky photographers and celestial navigators alike, the bright star Polaris is very close to the North Celestial Pole and so makes the short bright trail in the towers central gap. via NASA