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So, I was inspired to make this post, because I know many people want to watch some queer storylines that aren’t just queer baiting. Plus, I just want to spread the gay goodness around! So, here we go! 

(In no particular order)

1. Drew and Rick (The Night Shift) 

This story line is gives me so much joy. Seriously, it deals not only with a gay couple, but with them being gay in the military and adopting a daughter. 

2. Ben and Paul (Eastenders)  

Okay, so I don’t like storylines that end in death, but this one is fantastic and they deal with Ben dealing with Paul’s death in a really realistic way. Plus, they are just to cute together. Paul really brings back the sweet side of Ben that we all thought was lost. 

3. Isak and Even (Skam) 

If you are on tumblr, you know about this show. Just do yourself a favor and go watch it. One of the most realistic and heart felt gay story lines ever. Deals with mental illness in a real and compassionate way.

4. Christian and Syed (Eastenders) 

HAPPY ENDING!!!! Also deals with Islam and what it means to be gay in that faith, very powerful story. 

5. Robert and Aaron (Emmerdale) 

These boys have been through so much, and seeing their wonderful character development has been amazing! These boys have some of the sweetest soap moments ever! (HINT HINT SUPER SOAP WEEK 2016) 

6. Charlie and Matteusz (Class BBC) 

THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS AND IN LOVE <3 My sweet gay alien prince and his polish consort. Seriously, this show is great. Doctor Who spin off with a gay main character, whose boyfriend deals with being kicked out by religious parents.

7. Claudio and Sandro (Italian soap. Only on Dailymotion) 

Super sweet boys with a happy ending. Lots of dramatic moments! 

8. Magnus and Alec (Shadowhunters) 

They are super cute and super flirty. I honestly adore both characters and how their relationship has developed. The show did a great job in doing these characters justice, more than the books ever did. 

9.  Eric and Aaron (The Walking Dead) 

Okay, so they are like barely in the show, but they are to precious for this world when they are. I love their friendship with Daryl and Eric is seriously such an adorable ginger. 

10. Lito and Hernando (Sense8) 

Really well done and really explores the idea of coming out when you’re in a position of fame. Plus, they are so cute and in love <3 

11. Tinco and Francis (SpangaS)

They are really adorable and the show delves into the world of coming out in high school and the rewards of being yourself. 

12. Tristan and Miles (Degrassi) 

I absolutely love these two! This third season was everything I wanted <3 They start off shaky and I’m not in love with how they treat Miles’ bisexuality, but the way they have grown as characters and how they show their relationship changing in tandem with that is awesome. 

13.  Paulo and Miguel (O Beijo do Escorpiao) 

Very cute and full of drama. Actual kissing in this one (that has been censored on other Portuguese TV shows). Happy ending that is so perfect for the end of the show. 

14.  Lukas and Philip (Eyewitness) 

BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN <3 Seriously, the way they wrote these characters was perfect and they really made the story flow so well. It was amazing to see a show centered around gay youths in love. 

15. Brian and Justin & Ben and Micheal (Queer as Folk) 

Just watch Queer as Folk. It’s a gay classic and it deals with all kinds of issues within the LGBT community. Plus, omfg how cute are Brian and Justin…I can’t they are the original gay power couple. 

 16. Carsten and Lenny ( Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten) 

Totally cute couple that deal with a lot of trauma together. Deals with Lenny coming out after dealing with bullying in army training. 

17. Christian and Oli ( Verbotene Liebe) 

AHHHHH my feelings for this couple…I can’t. They were meant to be, it was true love! ( I can only watch so far into this story line because of how it ended). Again, did not like how they treated Christians bisexuality, but the couple are seriously to perfect. They have some of the best scenes of any gay story line. 

18. Ianto and Jack (Torchwood) 

IANTO DESERVED BETTER! Okay with that out of the way, this is a great story line with lots of good relationship development and Ianto and Jack being sweet and beautiful. I would also recommend listening to the radio plays after watching the show, as it clears things up and made my heart feel better. :P

19. Max and Iago ( El Cor de la Ciutat )

Okay, so I adore this soap, it has amazing story lines and character development for these two, and there are so many sweet and heart wrenching scenes. I adore this couple and have re-watched their story like 6 times. 

20. Fer and David (  Física o Química ) 

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Same as #19. Awesome character development and lots of drama and loving moments between our beautiful couple. I adore them, even if the ending of the show makes me cry all the time just thinking about it. 

21. Jude and Zero ( Hit the Floor )

They are soooooo goooodddd! I cannot even begin to describe all the things that are perfect about this couple and their story line. They are the gay kings of L.A, who got their happy ever after. 

So that is it for now! Go out and have your eyes filled with the beauty of these canon ships! I may update this when I find more story lines so be on the look out :) 

Today in “fuck off with the acephobia in my community”: I did some shifts at the info booth my antidiscrimination project had at our local pride. This year, we’re sharing the booth with a gay/queer/trans youth center (who do peer group meetings and psychological counselling and all that stuff) and about half their shifts were manned/womanned/personned by ace people. But yeah, they’re just taking up resources and giving nothing to the community, eh?

I do an odd couple bit with my comedy partner Allison Raskin and a lot of our content centers on me being bisexual and the bisexual community. A lot of what I do is aimed at younger kids and bi youth, I call them the queer teens. It’s just being the visible part of entertainment and media that I didn’t have when I was growing up so I wanted to make something where the character is funny, and casually she’s bisexual and it’s never a problem, it’s never part of the drama of the show and hopefully, you know I make it, I live through the entire series.
—  Gaby Dunn, The White House Bisexual Community Briefing 2016.

patmolandcornedrue  asked:

As a queer book-lover, I really love that this blog exists. I'm a part-time student librarian and I've noticed how overwhelmingly straight our collection is. I don't get much say on what books we buy in the first place, and the fact that I'm not out yet makes it even harder to get some queer books circulating. Do you have any ideas or advice for getting a better queer selection at a small library without outing myself to my co-workers?

This is tough! I was lucky enough in my previous library job to help out with the YA collection, but I don’t know how collection development* works at your library. While I’ve done some research and thinking on library services for LGBTQ people, it might not be pertinent to your situation. So here’s a few pieces of advice from me, but with the disclaimer that I’m no expert.

1. Make allies!

  • Coworkers: I wasn’t out as trans to everyone in my previous workplace, but after befriending a coworker and deciding she was a person I wanted in my life long-term, I sent her a very special email. It was a huge relief to have at least one person at work I knew I could talk to about queer and trans issues and who saw the entire me. I was very lucky in that my friend at work was already super queer and trans positive and had made that known before I ever came out to her - there might not be someone like that at your workplace. If there is, talk to them - you don’t necessarily need to come out, but if there’s someone who you think will understand your concerns about the dearth of LGBTQ materials and your hesitation to bring it up, you might find some backup in them.
  • People in the community: Encourage LGBTQ patrons to request books! Ok, this one’s not so easy - in my experience, people are very shy about ordering things like (gasp) a romance novel, nevermind LGBTQ materials. And if you’re noticing your library doesn’t have a lot of LGBTQ visibility, LGBTQ patrons probably notice, too, and may not feel very welcome. If there’s any way for patrons to request books besides speaking to a person - such as writing a title down, sending an email, or using a website - it should be easy and well-advertised. If this isn’t an option yet, it could be something for you to suggest.
  • Queer community groups: Is there a LGBTQ advocacy group, youth group, or resource center near you? Reach out to them - in a best case scenario, they might be able to advocate for more LGBTQ materials and programming at the library. At the very least, you could invite them to drop off any brochures or newsletters they might have so there’s some visibility of LGBTQ people and connection to resources in your library.
  • Online: Hey, you already did this one, woo! But there’s a lot of queer librarians online (and on tumblr specifically) - check out the #tumblarian tag, and thelifeguardlibrarian’s list of tumblarians. You may find someone who’s been in a similar situation and can offer some advice.

2. If your library does assessment of their collection, bring up diversity!

  • This could meaning bringing up LGBTQ issues specifically, but if you notice your library is also lacking materials by and about people of color, people with disabilities, etc. - you could bring up all these issues as well. This is generally a good idea, and this approach is also less likely to out you.
  • If you work in a public library in the U.S. or Canada, diversity of materials is already part of your institution’s mission**. If you’re at an academic library, special library or another kind of library, or somewhere else in the world, look into your school/institution’s diversity or non-discrimination policy. Institutional backup is not the end-all-be-all of right and wrong, but it certainly helps when you’re trying to make a case for change.
  • If you meet any hard resistance - queer materials being excluded for being queer - you should contact the Office of Intellectual Freedom or a similar organization in your country.

3. Further reading

Best of luck!

*For non-librarians: “collection development” = buying books and other media.

**“Libraries can and should play a crucial role in empowering diverse populations for full participation in a democratic society,” “Library collections must represent the diversity of people and ideas in our society.” - American Library Association
Libraries have a responsibility to contribute to a culture that recognizes diversity and fosters social inclusion,” “It is the responsibility of libraries to guarantee and facilitate access to all expressions of knowledge and intellectual activity, including those which some elements of society may consider to be unconventional, unpopular or unacceptable. To this end, libraries shall acquire and make available the widest variety of materials.” - Canadian Library Association