at my queer youth community center

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for a young queer kid like I'm eighteen but very new to the adult version of the lgbt community and finding a boyfriend is like... impossible like my success rate is non existent

My advice is to get involved in the queer community in your city. Dating and sex can be fun, but having that supportive queer family is way better. Immerse yourself in queer culture because it’s WAY different than gay culture. I’ve never felt more loved and supported in my sexual orientation and gender expression than when I was around queer identified people. Look for the queer community center in your city. You still are considered “youth,” so look for youth groups. Look at colleges, they probably have an LGBTQ Affairs. LGBTQ Affairs will have SO MANY resources and they’re usually available for everyone.  

And for the dating, don’t rush it. It’ll happen when it happens. You’re 18, you have plenty of time to be in a relationship.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me off anon. I’d probably be able to help you.