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Anonymous said: Hello my gal! Your writing is so wonderfully fabulous, I’m in love with all of your zach imagines! I was just wondering (when you have the time) if you could do a reader x zach imagine where it’s the reader’s birthday and he organises the day doing what she loves best (pj movie day with loads of snacks) it’s my birthday on Sunday and it would be wonderful if you could :’) (only if you have the time gal!) anyways have a lovely day and I’m off to read all your other writings x

So I had some time to hurry and write this. Happy birthday, anon! Hope this is some of what you were looking for.

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“Hey, Y/N, what’s the theme this year for the big 1-8?” Sheri asks.


“Your birthday, silly!” The head cheerleader exclaims. “What are we doing?”

“Oh. Uh, I’m not actually doing anything.” Several surprised what’s sound from around the lunch table and you chuckle. “It’s not that big of a deal, guys. I just- I don’t want to do anything this year. I’ll probably just sleep in and eat junk food all day.”

“And your parents are cool with that?” Jessica wonders. “If I didn’t want to do anything, I know my Dad would still make me have dinner with the family at least.”

“Parents left on a cruise this morning,” you shrug. “They’ll be gone for two weeks.”

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My mianite season 1 highlights

  • doing shit to people’s houses and blaming the homeowners association
  • when sonja breaks into tom’s vault by guessing that his password is a dick
  • tom throwing jordan’s youtube channel a birthday party at the dine-at-nite
  • getting a salt shaker built over the top of tom’s house, just because
  • sick umbrella bro
  • when they made a ship to fly to. not ianarea, the other one starting with A from the finale. anyway and they name in “dnuorg” as in the opposite of ground, because it’s going to fly
  • the chickens in tom’s house
  • the sheepish house mafia, again in tom’s house
  • noodleshoots
My Decision (2)

Pairing: Lawyer!Bucky x Artist!Reader, Lawyer!Bucky x Model!Dot

Warnings: None

Words count: 1281

Sumary: Bucky barnes is the  hottest lawyer who dates the infamous supermodel Dolores Grey, thir relationship is what people called #relationshipgoals. Bucky loves Dot with all of his heart and they’re going to marry soon, Rebecca (Bucky’s sister) never likes the idea of Bucky and Dot. one day she asks Bucky to pick up a painting from the art student at University of California, that’s the first time Bucky meet you. Will the meeting with you change anything between Bucky and Dot, or not?



          The drive to the (Y/N) art store isn’t far actually, and when Bucky arrived he saw a girl talking on her phone while placing the paintings back to it place. She must be so caught up in the conversation, which she didn’t hear someone is coming. “Alright Mrs. Carter I’ll pick up the paintings tomorrow and after I finish the class—Yes I’m free today actually, just placing everything back to the store after the exhibit yesterday” Mrs. Carter? That means she knew Steve’s wife and that is possible she knew Steve too, why Steve never tell him about this amazing artist that Rebecca adores, “It’s okay Mrs. Carter you don’t have to come here to help me, you’ve done so much by giving me a chance to show my works on your exhibit—“ Peggy exhibit? Steve never told him that too, he usually gets invited to every event Steve and Peggy had, “Ehm…” Bucky clears his throat and caught the girl attention, she glances back a second “Sorry Mrs. Carter, I’ll talk to you later?—yes tomorrow after class, bye” and she turns around looking at Bucky, her eyes widen at the sight in front of her, the infamous lawyer James Buchanan Barnes.

          “Excuse me, Miss… I’m looking for (Y/N) (Y/L/N)” Bucky asks, “Umm… ya it’s me, hi” she grins, “I came here to pick up the paintings that ordered by Rebecca Barnes” , “Oh! Right I’ll be right back!” (y/n) went to the back to pick up the paintings and some paper to wrap it, Bucky saw her coming in with the paintings which is bigger than herself and she is quite struggling on that, “Let me help you with that” Bucky chuckles while taking the painting from your hand, and when he places it on the table, now he knew why Rebecca likes this painting because it’s clearly breathtaking, “Wow… you’re really knows what you’re doing” Bucky looking at the painting and her, “Thankyou… anyway you can sit while I’m working on this box and wrapped the painting, Rebecca said is for your mom birthday if I’m not mistaken?” , “Yes it is” , “Okay, do you want a drink? Coffee or tea?” , “Coffee is okay” Bucky smiles at her which makes her cheeks redden, she turns around quickly before he notices, Bucky smiles and shook his head at her actions because he saw that tainted red cheeks, “this is your coffee” she smiles at him which Bucky notices she is quite cute, “Thankyou Miss (Y/L/N)” , “Please, just call me (y/n)” she smiles again, Bucky taught to himself that this girl isn’t quite cute, but very cute.

          After waiting awhile and sipping the coffee, (y/n) approach Bucky and handed him the painting that also beautifully wrapped by her, “Thankyou so much for buying the painting here” she smiles at him, “thankyou for wrapping this painting, how much for the wrapping paper?” Bucky asks, “Oh, no need to pay, anyway please tell your mom happy birthday and wish her have an awesome life ahead” , “Thankyou (y/n), goodluck for the paintings!” , “Thankyou” she smiles, “Thanks again (y/n), I guess… see you around?” he smiles and excuse himself, “See you around James” she shouts which loud enough for Bucky to hear from the outside of the store.

          “Hey!” Rebecca waved at Bucky and told her friends goodbye, “Hey pumpkin, how’s school?” he asks, “Nothing much, so you picked it up yet?” , “Yup, it’s in the backseat” , “what do you think?” , “about what?” Bucky asks, “Ofcourse about the painting Buck, what do you think I would ask for?” , “Oh, I thought you’re asking about (y/n)” Rebecca smirks, “Well if you have something in my mind about her, you can tell me” , “Whatever, c’mon we’re going to Nanny ice-cream now, get in the car” Rebecca chuckles, the drive to Nanny’s ice cream is quite long and Rebecca starts the conversation again, “So… what do you think?” , “About the painting?” , “Yup” , “Really breathtaking, I like it” Bucky smiles, “and?” Rebecca raised her eyebrows, “and… what?” Bucky asks, “What do you think about this (y/n) girl?” , “she is talented and knows what she is doing that’s for sure…” , “and?” , “What’s wrong with you Becca?” Bucky stared at his sister, “Nothing is wrong” she smiles widely, “She is cute” Bucky says, “I know she is” Rebecca smiles at her brother and caught a glimpse of his redden cheeks, “we’re here!” she clapped her hands once they’re arrive at Nanny’s ice-cream, “can I have two ice creams pleaassseeee?” Rebecca begged, “Okay, take as much as you want” Bucky chuckles, “I love you so much big bro”

          At the house they prepare everything to surprise Winifred and Dot is already rambling about how long it will take till Winifred arrive, “Stop whining, if you don’t wanna be here just go home” Rebecca says, “Of course I wanna be here, I won’t miss my soon to be mother-in-law’s birthday” Dot says while looking at Bucky and giving Rebecca the “I win, bitch” stare, “Okay she is here!” Bucky turns off the lights. George opens the door and guide Winifred inside, “Where’s everyone?” she asks, the lights turn on and showed Bucky, Dot, and Rebecca cheering at her, Rebecca walked to her mom while singing happy birthday and tell her to blow the candle, Winifred close her eyes and pray, “I wish Rebecca will get a good grade when she is graduate, I wish James has truly settled his heart, and I wish me and George always have a happy life” and she blew the candle.

          “We have something for you, but you have to close your eyes” Bucky says, Winifred looking at George but he just gave her a wink, so she close her eyes and let her son guide her, “Okay now, open” she gapped her mouth at the painting in front of her, “Wow, this is amazing! Who drew this?” she asks, “Her name is (y/n)” Bucky said, “Ohh she is a she?” Dot asks annoyingly, “Yes, babe” , “How do you know this (y/n) girl?” Dot asks again, “Rebecca found her actually and apparently she is Steve’s wife student at University of California” Bucky said, “I didn’t know that” Rebecca says, “I kinda eavesdropping her convo with Peggy on the phone” , “Thankyou so much, I really love this painting” Winifred hugs her children and kiss George, “Pleasure, my love” George smiles, “And if you guys meeting her again, tell her she has a great talent” they nodded at their mom, “Bucky can we talk?” Dot asks, “Sure” and she motion Bucky to the kitchen, “Why didn’t you tell me you’re meeting a girl today?” , “Really Dot? We’re doing this again? I just picked up the damn painting!” , “But it seems more than just a painting to me” , “I barely knew her Dot! Maybe I won’t meet her again” , “I don’t like the idea you’re meeting a girl besides me, your family, and your client” , “Dot, please it’s just me picking up the painting from the artist herself!” , “But you smiles when you say her name” , “Oh God so I have to be mad?!” , “Why are you raising your voice?” , “Cus you’re being ridiculous!” , “Listen James, I’m going to be your wife soon and you have to hear everything I say! I don’t want you to meet another girl besides me, your family, or clients!” , “Okay! Happy now?!” , “That’s my fiancé” on the other hand, Rebecca eavesdropping them and she just wants to punch Dot in her face.

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Natsume with #84?

writing prompts
84. “i can’t believe you talked me into this.”

companion to this prompt


As far as Kaname knows, Natsume and Nishimura aren’t actually allowed to have this many people in their apartment at any one time. Natsume explained much earlier in the night that their landlord is pretty strict about her no parties rule for someone who runs a student housing unit. 

But Nishimura is a whirlwind when there’s something that he wants.

“What better way to celebrate your twentieth birthday than with drinking games,he said, with the same winning smile that always gets him out of trouble, and Kaname watched Natsume sigh and roll his eyes but ultimately relent. 

“You’re impossible,” Natsume told him, but it was fond. 

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Fanboy (Simon Request)

“As I said we’re gonna be doing a version of say it or scoff it” Simon mentions to the camera, “I’m here with JJ and we have some rank stuff in front of us so yeah”
“I’ll go first” JJ laughs, choosing one of the played filled with dog food to put in front of Simon.
You were watching the video intently. Wondering why you had been linked this in the first place. You had never seen these guys but the one you now figured was JJ had linked it to you earlier.
Being a singer, you were used to getting a lot of tweets from your fans. However, with the amount of replies this one got, you couldn’t help but check it out.
“Alright Simon, have you ever got with another YouTuber?” His friend questions, a grin spreading onto his face.
“Well obviously I can answer that” Simon laughs, “Yes”
“And who was that?” JJ raises his brows.
Simon stutters before becoming more sure of himself, “That’s not part of the question. Nah”
“Ughhh fine” JJ grumbles and watches as Simon pushes the chilli in front of his friend.
“Alright if you had to, which one of the sidemen would you fuck?” Simon grins and you couldn’t help but think he was kind of cute. Kind of.
“Oh for fucks sake” JJ groans, “Fuck it I’m gonna say Harry”
Simon laughs hysterically at this, clapping his hands together. You had no idea who Harry was but both of them seemed to find this hilarious.
“Okay then” JJ turns around, pushing the chilli towards Simon instead, “Who’s your celebrity crush?”
Simon frowns for a second, “I don’t think I even know”
“Oh piss off there’s gotta be someone” JJ scoffs.
“Alright I’ll be genuine about this” Simon shrugs, “(y/n) (y/l/n)”
“Oooh shit he’s called it” JJ nods, “But are you serious?”
“Dude have you seen her?!” The blonde turns to JJ, “I’m getting you a photo”
He types on his phone and soon turns it to show his friend.
“Yeah she is literally your perfect girl” JJ laughs.
“And her voice is fucking mental” Simon mumbles.
“Watch it fanboy” The louder of the two comments.
“Next question” Simon clears his throat.
You pause the video and smile to yourself. You wouldn’t have thought much of it except the fact that everyone seemed to be going mental about it at the moment. And the fact that as soon as you liked JJ’s tweet, he sent you a direct message.
‘So you watched the video ay?’
‘Yes I did😂Thanks for sending it’
'Would it be possible for you to do me a little favour?’
'Depends on what that is’
'As you know, Simon is a bit of a fan. Would you be alright to come to our place some time soon? Its his birthday tomorrow and we wanted to give him a little surprise😉’
'Well I’m free tomorrow if you want?’
'You fucking legend! See you then!!!!’
After a few more details exchanged, you two have planned everything necessary for you to meet Simon tomorrow. And apparently he was going to be very excited
~~~The Next Day~~~
“Hey (y/n)” JJ grins, giving you a hug as soon as you walk up to the door.
“Hi” You smile politely, glancing around at the house.
“Oh my days” Another guy, with a beard, comments as he walks towards the door.
“Bro I’ve definitely won for best friend this year!” JJ laughs, “He’s gonna love this birthday present”
“For fucks sake Jide” The guy laughs, “Its nice to meet you by the way, I’m Josh”
“Yeah you too” You chuckle.
JJ leads you to the kitchen and runs through the plan. Simon was out at the moment so you would be meeting at Nandos instead.
Soon enough, JJ takes you to the restaurant and you are taken to a table. He sits with you and rings Simon who tells him he is just parking.
His friend hurries to the door to greet him and you suddenly feel a bit nervous.
You watch as JJ greets his friend who already looks unsure.
“What have you done Jide?” He questions, glancing around the restaurant but not spotting you.
“Come on man” JJ leads him over.
“Ohhh fuck off” He laughs when he sees you, “You fucking didn’t”
“Simon, this is (y/n)” JJ grins, “Thank me later”
“You watched the video I’m guessing?” He asks, dragging a hand through his hair.
“Yeah, and I have to say I’m honoured” You chuckle, “Its lovely to meet you”
“I feel like I’m underdressed” He comments.
“Don’t be ridiculous, if you’re not comfy what’s the point right?” You smile.
“This is mad” He mutters.
“I’ll leave you with your new babygirl Simon. Bye guys” JJ grins, heading out of the restaurant.
“So, can I get you a drink?” Simon asks you, sitting across from you in the booth.
For once, he was the fanboy. And the pair of you didn’t stop laughing all night.
(Sorry if this seems a bit shitty, I tried)

The Mistletoe on Christmas Morning - Short Story

One day, the twelve signs woke up to find a mistletoe hanging from the entrance to the kitchen… Hmm… Who put it there?

Taurus: This just ruins everything. Great. Now what? We can’t even eat on Christmas day! And I’m not gonna kiss any of you guys. You all smell.

Pisces: I’m too full off of Christmas Eve dinner to even eat, though.

Virgo: Wait did we always live in the same house or

Sagittarius: Calm down, calm down. It’s not that hard. One person goes into the kitchen at a time.

Aries: Me first!

Capricorn: No, we’re going to do it in the order of most mature, responsible, and physically attractive. So go to the back, Aries.


Scorpio: I bet Capricorn craves that mineral for their birthday season hahahahha ha ha ha ha Oh boy I am funny

Virgo: *trying very hard not to strangle Scorpio*

Libra: No one cares about you, Capricorn

Gemini: Ya dumb earth signs lmao

Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius: LOL air sign bros before earth sign hoes

Aquarius: OH wait. Well I tie with Sagittarius for maturity and hotness :D So, um, Sag, wanna just, we can go in together- oh, but we’ll be under the mistletoe- HAha, what a coincidence, haha, Sagittarius, I suppose we just have to make out, haha, I love you, love you so much, please

Sagittarius: gOTTA go fast

Libra: Why don’t we just all squeeze in and give everyone a great, big, happy holiday kiss?

Pisces: Spread the love! <3

Scorpio: no

Virgo: Hey guys, you know we don’t HAVE to kiss, right?

Capricorn: *GASP*

Aries: What the hell, Virgo?! I never knew you were one to break the rules… Especially on this Christmas day! Have some respect for traditions!!

Leo: Shame on you, Virgo.

Taurus: Guys, I’m just gonna go in, I’m really hungry…

Gemini: WTF NO! We have to do it in order!!!

Aries: Taurus can join me in the back :’(

Pisces: Oh ok guess I’m in front!

Libra: This isn’t the time for cracking jokes, dear Pisces :)

Cancer: *pops out of oven*

Leo: HOLY MOLY DEAR GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME You scared me more than when I found about Libra’s 5th pregnancy in this year

Libra: HEY!

Cancer: Surprise, bitches.

Cancer: *stands underneath mistletoe*

Cancer: *blocks entrance to kitchen*

Everyone except Cancer:

Cancer: (: Merry Christmas, come inside and make some eggnog pancakes with me. Oh, but there’s a password to get through.

Cancer: You have to gimme a kiss.

Cancer: *stares at Capricorn*

Capricorn: o_O

Cancer: ;O

Taurus: *tears up*

Pisces: *sniffs* That was the most terrifying face I’ve seen my entire life

Scorpio: There there, Pisces… *gulps*

Everyone agreed that going out to dim sum for a Christmas brunch would be better than having to kiss Cancer. But they had fun, and they later went home to open presents!

Did Aquarius get to make out with their celeb crush, Sagittarius? Did Cancer get a kiss from the Birthday Goat? Is Libra pregnant AGAIN? Now that’s up to you to imagine…


Trouble - Luke (epilogue)

Here is the epilogue for Trouble! The other parts are on my masterlist!


“That’s my toast you’re eating”

“I don’t have time to make any,” you speak through a mouthful of bread “you did.” He’d woken up earlier than you, as he always did, while you had grumbled about having ‘just 5 more minutes’.

“I know, that’s why I had time to make the toast you’re now eating” Luke laughs.

“Well, it’s good toast if that helps”

“It’s a good job I love you” your husband moves over to you, kissing your now butter covered lips.

“We have to go” you argue, despite wrapping your arms around his neck.

“No, we don’t” he chuckles, his mouth moving back to yours.

“We really do,” you groan, “if we’re late, Y/F/N will kill me. She’s still annoyed she missed our wedding.”

“We were in France and she was over 8 months pregnant” Luke scoffs, “Ash practically had her on house arrest, he was so over protective.”

When you and Luke left you’d travelled to all the places you’d dreamed of going. Then, after a year of travelling, while you were in a tiny town in France, Luke had proposed. As soon as you’d said 'yes’, you realised you didn’t want to wait. You wanted to be his wife, so you got married there and then. Now, over a year later, you’d finally found a place that felt like a home to you both. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that far from the town you’d grown up in. A town you were now going back to to visit your best friend for her son, Max’s, first birthday. It was the first time you’d been back since you left.

“Its going to be fine, Y/N.” Luke moved his now empty plate to the sink.

“I know, I know,” you chew on your lip, “I’m just…I…oh god, I’m going to see them, aren’t I?”

“Baby,” he moves back to you, pulling you into his chest, “they can’t do anything. It’s going to be okay. And I’ll be there the whole time.”

“You won’t let go of my hand, right?”

“Not even when you go to the toilet” he promises.

“You’re an idiot”

“An idiot you married” you feel him grin.


“Ahhh the Hemmings are here!” Ashton opens the door, huge grin on his face.

“Shut up” you chuckle, hugging him.

“You’re in a good mood” Luke laughs at the grin plastered on his friend’s face.

“It’s my boy’s first birthday!” He pulls both of you into the house.

“You’re here” Y/F/N rushes over and throws her arms around you, then moves to squeeze the living daylights out of Luke. As soon as Luke escapes her arms, his eyes search for their son who is sat in his high chair at the kitchen counter. A grin breaks out into his face as he strides over and picks up the birthday boy.

“Happy Birthday, bro” he murmurs, as Max stares at him with intense curiosity, “God, he looks more like Ashton every day.” He laughs.

“Yeah, he does!” Ash beams.

“Please, don’t encourage him” Y/F/N rolls her eyes at Luke, reaching up to place a kiss on her boyfriend’s cheek, “you’re a natural” she nods at where Max is now giggling at the faces your husband is pulling.

“I need the practice” he looks at you, sparkle in his eyes.

“What do you… Oh my god, you’re…Y/N?!” Both her and Ashton’s faces turn to yours.

“I’m three months gone” you smile, your eyes still focused on Luke.

“Oh my god, congratulations!” Y/F/N looks like she’s about to cry.

“Does this mean our kids could end up together?!” Ash

“Absolutely not” Luke shakes his head, “no son of yours is going near a child of mine.” As Ashton open his mouth to defend his 1 year old son’s honour, the doorbell rings and the guests start to arrive.

Most people are surprised to see you and Luke there, their focus more on that than on Max. A woman actually questions whether Y/F/N wanted Luke holding her son. Max had cried when Luke tried to pass him into another’s arms, so he kept hold of him. Both of them content with this.

“Luke, he’s asleep” you whisper, moving over to where he’s now rocking Max from side to side, “your arms must be killing you.”

“I’m fine” he looks down to the sleeping baby in his arms, “I want one.”

“We’re having one” you smile at him.

“I’m so excited” he grins, “I don’t want to wait 6 more months.”

“So impatient” you press a kiss to his cheek, “you’re not helping your bad boy status, you know?”

“I’ll always be your bad boy” he murmurs, moving his lips to meet yours.

“Ooh, what a line” you giggle against his mouth.

“Tell me what you’re worried about” he whispers so only you can hear.

“I…I’m not…what do you mean?” You stammer.

“I’m your husband, I know you. I know something’s on your mind”

“I…I just…what if I see them? Or what if I see James? I don’t want to see them. I’m different now, I’ve grown up, I’m going to be a mother! I don’t want to be reminded of my past.”

“Your past is what made you who you are today, it’s what’ll make you an incredible mother. If we see them, we’ll deal with it.” He presses a kiss to your temple, pulling you into his side, being careful not to disturb the sleeping Max.

“I love you” you breathe out.

“I love you too”


“Y/N?!” You hear the nervous sounding voice behind you. It was the end of the party and you and Luke were heading home, laden with leftover cake that Y/F/N had forced on you.

“Mum” your own voice is shaky as you turn to face the people you had walked away from so long ago.

“Come on, we’re going home” your father’s eyes are cold as they pull at your mother’s arm.

“Wh-why are you here?” She asks, her eyes never leaving you.

“It’s Max’s birthday, we wouldn’t miss that” you nod towards Ashton and Y/F/N’s house.

“Of course, you’re still friends with them” you mum shakes her head, “how are they?”

“They’re really great,” you smile, thinking how happy your best friend is, “Max is beautiful.” You smile up at Luke.

“You’re pregnant” your mum’s eyes glisten as they look down to your stomach.

“What?!” Your father roars.

“H-how did you know?” You stammer, unaware that you were showing that much.

“You’re glowing, Y/N” she chokes out, “and Luke keeps checking your stomach, like he’s worried something will happen if he doesn’t.”

“I’m a bit protective, its driving Y/N crazy” Luke gives your mother a small smile.

“I’m barely allowed to get myself a glass of water” you roll your eyes, giving Luke a fond look.

“I’m going to be a grandmother” your mum has barely taken her eyes off your tiny bump.

“No! She stopped being our daughter the second she left with him!” Your father glares from Luke to you.

“You two are married?” She ignores her husband and her eyes are now focused on the rings on your fingers.

“We got married over a year ago now” Luke’s voice is quiet, his brow furrowed.

“Mum, I wrote to you” you look from her to your dad, “I sent you a letter..”

“I didn’t get…I didn’t…” She shakes her head, then realisation dawns. Her eyes shoot to your father’s face.

“She isn’t our daughter anymore,” his mouth is set in a firm line, “she has no reason to write to you.”

“My daughter got married and you didn’t tell me?! You hid it from me?!” Your mother’s eyes blaze with anger in a way you’d never seen before.

“Don’t you speak to me like that!” His voice is too loud in the quiet street, “she walked out of our lives! She left with…with that!” He throws Luke a disgusted look.

“Don’t you dare talk about my husband” you say through gritted teeth.

“She will always be my daughter. I’m going to a grandmother, you will never take that away from me” your mum seethes.

“Mum, come with us” you blurt out.

“She’s not going anywhere”

“She can do what she wants,” your eyes flash, “mum, here. It’s a photo of the scan.” You dig out a photo and hand it to her. She takes it and her eyes fill with tears again. You father quickly glances at the photo then turns his head, his fists clenched at his sides.

“Mum, please” you plead with her, “come with us. We don’t live far from here.”

“I can’t” Her eyes are glistening as she looks up at you.

“Yes, you can” Luke’s eyes meet hers. You dad’s eyes shoot to Luke’s face.

“I’m sorry” she gives him a small smile, “I’m sorry for the way we treated you, Luke.”

“It’s fine” he shakes his head.

“He deserved the way he was treated” you hear your dad’s voice, but it’s ignored by the three of you.

“You love my daughter” she smiles at him, “you make her happy.”

“She makes me happy” he replies simply.

“I’m going to be a grandmother” she looks down to the photo in her hands.

“Mum, will you..”

“I need to stay here” she cuts you off, “I’m not as brave as you are.”

“But you can be!”

“No, sweetheart, my life is here. Whether he admits it or not, your father needs me” she shakes her head, ignoring her husband’s mouth open in shock “but I’d like to see you, see you both” she looks between you and Luke, “I want to see my grandchild.”

“You can, you always can” Luke reassures her, “anytime you want, we’ll be there.”

“Thank you” her eyes fill with tears again, “I should go, but I’ll see you both soon.” She steps forward, then pauses, as of unsure if she can.

“Mum” you smile at her, moving forward to hug her. She breathes out and holds onto you tightly.

“I love you, Y/N” she whispers.

“I love you too, mum” you reply, “I’ll always be your daughter.” After a while, you pull away and wipe the tears from her face.

“I’ll see you soon” she nods at you.

“Here” Luke scribbles down your address and phone number, handing it to your mother.

“Thank you” she holds onto his hand for a second, before turning and walking away. Your father looks at you, opens his mouth to say something, but stops himself and walks away.

“You okay?” Luke asks, after you’ve watched them walk away.

“Yeah” you turn to him and smile, “it’s actually going to be alright, isn’t it?”

“Everything is going to be alright” he wraps an arm around your waist, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

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I took my bro to a fancy restaurant for his birthday before going to his fam house even if we already all our bro time together because he is my best bro

my bro and i only eat the best sushi and wine and dine each other with the best bro desserts. only the best for my bro. i’ll retweet the picture he tweeted for he is my bro

Vash Cosplayer can't own up to his responsibilities so brings up rape instead

I’m a big fan of this blog because I think it prepares you for a ton of bullshit, specifically not feeding into someone’s ego. I live in a big city and I’ve done a fairly good job of avoiding weebs. Typically, I am a part of the gamer community, notably import games so I sometimes encounter weeaboos, but I come across as fairly intimidating so nobody starts anything with me. I’ve submitted screenshots and replaced the names with colors. I didn’t remove the tumbnails because you can barely see his face and his cosplay looks nothing like him (which is why I had no clue who he was), and my photo is too small to discern what I look like plus I know at least 4 people who have their default photo set to this location and angle. Anyway…

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Imagine for Shannon | Oh, Shit. It's You |

Imagine for Shannon

( normally I don’t do personals, but I made an exception for this one because my brain was being stupid and I felt bad that I didn’t notice that she followed me, it’s complicated, don’t worry about it, I just hope you enjoy the imagine 😊 )

Johnson / Sammy imagine

plot : you are johnson’s sister and he finds you sleeping with sammy

Growing up, I lived in Omaha with my brother Jack Johnson. I was really close with almost all his friends, but as we grew older, my friendship with his friends and him grew apart. By the time he was 17, we hated each other, and he had moved out to LA with all of his friends.

Recently, my mom wanted me to fly out to see him. It was his birthday, and mine and a couple of days and she thought it was a good idea to meet up with him again.

I agreed, because I knew I didn’t have a choice. I packed my bags and my mom handed me my plane ticket. I was off to the airport. My mom drove me, and when she dropped me off I have her a hug.

“ Be safe Shannon ” my mom whispered in my ear.

“ I will ” I said back, and then I exited the car and walked into the airport.

On the Plane

I looked out the window. Looking down, and marveling the beauty of the world below. I looked around. An elderly lady on the end of the three seats and a little boy sitting next to me, passed out, leaning on the lady at the end. I presumed it was his grandmother and I then turned my attention back to the window.

I then closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Once landed and out of the airport

I gathered my things and hailed a cab. A whole bunch were driving past the airport, and one drove up to me and I got in. My mom had written the address to his house on a piece of papa we which I had put in my pocket.

I handed it to the driver and she gave me a smile and started driving. I again looked out of the window, looking at the beauty of California. I looked at the money meter, and got my wallet ready. My mom also gave me cab money, so I was prepared.

Pulling up to the house

I handed the lady the money and told her to keep the change. She smiled and gave me a thank you and also gave me the piece of paper back. I stepped out of the cab, with my bag, which was just a backpack with some clothes in it, and I walked up to the house.

It was pretty late, so I got my phone out and walked up to my brothers front door. I texted him, hoping that he didn’t change his number.

“ Hey brother ” I texted him.

“ Busy ” is what he texted back.

“ Open your front door ” I texted him.

“ Why ” he asked.

“ Just do it ” I texted back.

I heard footsteps coming closer to the front door, and when he opened it his jaw dropped and he engulfed me in a hug.

“ Shannon, what are you doing here ” he asked, letting me go.

I explained and also said happy birthday. He said the same back, and let me inside. The smell of alcohol and sweating body’s invaded my nose from the house party. Rap music blared in my ears and my eyes were being flashed with blinding lights.

“ Wow, so you really know how to party don’t you bro ” I said, looking back at my brother.

“ I live in California now Shannon, of course I do ” he said. He showed me a room, the guest room and told me to put my stuff down and that I can join into the party. Since I looked like a pile of shit in my current clothing, I got changed.

I was so pleased with myself when I remembered to pack some cute clothes. I decided to wear a black tank top, the back lacy. I then put on some high wasted shorts. I then walked out, seeing random faces. I walked through the crowd, when a boy came up to me.

He looked really familiar. He reminded me of someone Jack would’ve hung around back in Nebraska.

“ Hey cutie, how are you ” he said. I looked at him, not knowing who or what his intentions were.

“ I’m fine, but can you please leave me alone he said.

” I can’t let you go babe, you are just too sexy “ he said, grabbing onto my hips. I swatted his hands away, but his grasp just got stronger and stronger.

Then a guy came up to him and pushed him out of the way.

” Nate, step away from her, that’s no way to treat a lady “ he said. He took me under his arm and I felt as I was in a boy tug of war.

” Please just leave me alone, both of you “ I said, and walked back to try and find my brother.

I felt someone following me, so I waited until the last minute to turn around and totally loose it.

” WHAT “ I screamed, turning around to see the guy who helped me.

” I’m sorry, but I really need to apologize for my friends actions “ he said.

I immediately felt bad, and looked into his eyes. ” It’s okay, I was just scared that’s all “ I said.

” I’m Sam, what’s your’s “ he asked.

He also looked really familiar, and his name made me also question if I knew him.

” Of course you didn’t know him Shannon, he’s a LA boy, your just a Nebraskan girl “ your voices in your head said.

” I’m Shannon “ I said. He took my hand and walked with me into the kitchen.

In the Morning

I opened my eyes and was invited with a pounding headache. I rubbed my head and looked around.

Last night was a blur and all I wanted was a aspirin or a Tylenol. I the. Felt a body move next to me. My eyes immediately shit open and I looked to the side of my bed. My clothes on the floor and I looked at my body. Only in my underwear I freaked out.

The boy next to me, I couldn’t see his face, only his blonde hair. I then realized it was Sam. I started to internally panic, when I felt voices coming closer to the room I was currently in.

I put my head back on the pillow and closing my eyes pretending I was sleeping. I heard the knob turning and footsteps walking in. My heart was beating out of my chest.

” WHAT THE FUCK “ a voice screamed, sounding like my brother.

Sam shot up and I heard him gasp. I got up slowly, and I saw my angered brother with the boy that tried getting with me last night and another familiar face.

” SAM WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING “ My brother said, infuriated.

” Listen man, I can explain “ Sam said, getting out of bed in nothing but his boxers. My eyes were wide as eyes were on me and Sam.

” Oh I would love to hear this “ my brother said.

” Okay, well me and Shannon here got a little to drunk and - “ Sam started but was cut of by my brother.

” SAM THATS MY SISTER “ he screamed. Whispers were murmured between the other two boys.

” Shannon, you didn’t tell me that Jack was your brother “ Sam said, looking at me.

” Don’t turn this on her you ass, it’s not her fault that you slept with her “ he said, stepping closer to him.

My head finally clicked. I just slept with Sam. The Sam that would come over after school and hang out with Jack, Jack, Nate and me. I looked at the other boys. I put the names with the faces and became dizzy.

” Holy shit “ I said to myself.

” What Shannon “ my brother said.

” I just slept with the Sam, the Sam I used to hang out with “ I said.

” Wait, Shannon. That’s you “ Sam said, his mind finally clicking.

We just all stood there in silence.

PART 2?!? If you guys want one, just request it. I hope you liked it Shannon :)!!!

Haha, talk to you guys later :)

-kt ✌🏼️💕