at my boyfriend's friend's house and that's one of the things I see

Playboy, bad boy Kim Taehyung

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Series genre: Smut, angst, fluff

Description: Kim Taehyung, one of the nastiest human beings you have ever been associated with. You despite even breathing the same air as him yet he still somehow finds a place in your life.

note: Park Jimin will also play a major role in this series. Also, this chapter will have some Harry Potter references that are not absolutely necessary to the story itself. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

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Ok but please consider sincerely three having date nights once a week and alternating who picks the date like first week is Evan, next is Connor, then Jared, and then all three of them agree on something special at the end of every month (because lowkey they probably got together near the end of a month and thats kind of how they celebrate their love)

it gets long and gay oops

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So, that Chapter 26, huh?
  • Let’s start with Misumi. He is really heartbroken over that subordinate he had who was like his other half. I mean, he’s at the grave wondering if he used Yashiro to replace that guy and then goes on to say that no one could replace him ajshags I want a 4 volume arc of THE TRAGIC MISUMI LOVE STORY so badly. I’m willing to bet that the whole Amou-lost-his-finger-and-gave-up-his-normal-life thing is also part of that. And then Misumi goes on to mention Sanwakai. In chapter 19, Hirata is helping the Gouda group get in good with the Sanwakai head family so they’re obviously not best friends with Doushinkai but I now wonder how much of a history they have…
  • Now, we all know how Misumi feels about Doumeki, and how he feels about Yashiro falling for Doumeki, but now I see it in a different light. Misumi doesn’t want Yashiro to make the same mistakes. To become so damn close to someone that when they die in this world you never find your other half again. He, in his own way, is trying to protect Yashiro too. 
  • And that’s also why Yashiro just flippantly says “I’ve got no use for [Doumeki] so I left him behind.” Misumi’s underlings have been monitoring Yashiro and one of them admitted that they’ve been watching a lot. So Yashiro acts like he’s done with Doumeki because they’re sure as hell going to report that back to Misumi.
  • Did anyone notice that the MINUTE Grasshopper Face mentions Doumeki, Yashiro starts scratching at the boyfriend shirt? Awwww, he loves Doumeki. Also, since when does Yashiro complain about rough treatment? I know he loves trolling Misumi’s men but he is actually complaining a bit. I guess after Doumeki’s Spectacular Lovemaking, Yashiro has standards. Nice.
  • Remember when Kaichou tells Misumi that most people don’t like Yashiro? The way Grasshopper Face treats Yashiro is proof of that. He calls Yashiro out when Yashiro says they’re strange, and you can tell he really dislikes my flawless son.
  • Ryuuzaki is smarter than people give him credit for. I mean, he is running Matsubara so he has to be somewhat smart but he has Hirata all figured out.
  • I love how Hirata spends 10 minutes putting Ryuuzaki down and telling him he’s gonna die anyway and thinks Ryuuzaki will be like OH LOL OKAY I’LL KILL YASHIRO CAUSE I DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO THINK I SUCK, sure that’ll work. Hirata is so full of himself it’s gross.
  • Please let the detectives that are following Ryuuzaki help out, because he just stabbed Hirata in a safe house full of his own men so he’s gonna need to fight a ton to get out in one piece. 

and finally:

let me love you (jefferson x reader x alex)

request : modern au??? angsty stuff !?? ooH basically ur eliza and Alex cheats on u and then u get pissed & break up w him and then go hook up w Jefferson to piss him off but then that becomes a thing and now Alex regrets everything (-anon)

warning : slight smut , angst, cussin, alex cheated so 

a/n : wooo writers block send me more requests. also its not v anon i know who sent this bc she kept on texting me to do it. 

“alex? what the fuck is this?” you choked, throwing your phone at him. Maria had texted you. is this y/n? im so sorry that i had to let you know this way. i just found out you are with alexander… we have been hooking up for about two months. im so so sorry he told me he was single. 

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I love your lists! If you happen to get the time for it, would you mind sharing some good babysitter!Killian fics? It's fine if that's not his actual job, but like if he's a friend or neighbor or something even who takes care of Henry for Emma sometimes. Thank you! You are so amazing to this fandom! <3

thank you anon! you’re a girl after my own heart. i’d love to talk off anon if you’d like. this trope is irresistible. writers, this trope is under-done and exciting!


Quite the Au Pair by @nowforruin [ Emma has never been one to ask for help – and she has a damn hard time accepting it when it’s offered. But the truth of the matter is, being a single mother is hard. When she places an ad for a nanny, he’s the last thing she expects - and exactly what she needs. ]

full-time and jealous by @thejollypirate [based on the prompt:  If you have time can you write a fic where Killian is the nanny and Emma is the single mom and he falls in love and maybe jealousy from his part but happy ending please?]

Killian babysits Henry

We Can’t Be Friends by FluentSarcasm [Emma Swan & Killian Jones have been best friends for over 15 years when she gets pregnant by her boyfriend Neal. When Neal dumps her and dies soon after, Killian steps in to help her raise Henry. Emma’s realization that she’s been in love with Killian all along forces her to admit that maybe she doesn’t want to be just friends anymore.]

For Once, Let Go by @whisperofgrace [ Modern AU. Emma picks Henry up from her long-time friend Killian’s house after her job has turned his short babysitting role into an overnighter.]

Please, Please Say You Feel It Too by @cutieodonoghue [ captain swan modern au; Emma pawns her son off to her neighbor Killian. Romance ensues. (Daddy!Killian feels abound!) ]

On Outstanding Roommates by @effulgentcolors [Based on this tumblr prompt: “you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married.“ ]

Not A Babysitter by @effulgentcolors [Based on this tumblr prompt: "i asked you to babysit one time and now my child keeps asking when you will spend time with them again”. ]

I’d love to see more nanny!killian fics, anyone got time for prompts?

break up | archie andrews (riverdale)

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request: can i request an archie imagine where the reader and him had a fight and break up. it being really angsty and avoiding each other. but one day she went to investigate something with betty and jug she got hurt and he sees it? just fluff please!!! thank youuu❤️

it had been days since you left the house after what had happened with archie. you were heart broken with the latest events including the break up.

betty & veronica had constantly been visiting bringing you over food and movies trying to cheer you up and get your mind off of things but it you just couldn’t, there was no use.

how could you possibly forget that your boyfriend of almost a year had let himself be seduced by the blossoms and allowed cheryl to kiss him. the thought made you feel sick inside

and it was worse because he didn’t even have the guts to tell me, you heard it from the mouth of the devil herself. and boy did she love to see you crack and squirm, placing doubt in both of our minds enough to make the red headed boy i love leave you

there’s soft knocks on your door causing you to sigh sniffling, “come in” you croak shifting in your bed to face the door as it opens to reveal two of your closet friends jughead and betty

“hey stranger” you smile sadly to the beanie wearing brunette standing next to your blonde best friend.

he sits himself on the edge of your bed extending his hand to your shoulder giving it a comforting and reassuring squeeze “im sorry i didn’t come sooner”

you quickly place your hand over his i knew exactly why he didn’t come, he was currently living in the andrews residence so it almost seems reasonable that he didn’t want to offend or anger his new roommates and his re kindled relationship with the red headed jock and his father

“it’s seriously fine jug- i understand” you smile sadly at your best friends, concern visible on their faces

“we’ve got a job for you” you wipe the tears from your cheeks and sit up slightly “you up for it?” “yeah okay”

they smile triumphantly at each other and before reaching over and pulling you out of your cozy bed “change and meet us outside” you nod flopping back down on your bed watching them as they scurry out of your room

you finally get the courage to leave your bed changing and pulling a brush through your knotted hair for the first time in days applying makeup to cover the evident dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep

after you finish changing you grab a random sweater off your freshly made bed and throw it on only noticing half way down the stairs that it was intact archies; he leant it to you one night at pops when it was cold and he didn’t want you to freeze.

well that’s what he liked to tell you why he did it, you still believe to this day that he only did it to shut your whining as you rubbed your arms rapidly comparing on how it was so cold

you tug at the sleeves, it smelled of him. the warmth swallowing you up. trudging outside you spot the couple standing beside your car “so what’s the plan?”

the blonde glances to her boyfriend before speaking “jug and i are going to explore a new lead, you need to go to pops and find veronica she’ll catch you up to speed” you nod fiddling with your keys

“pops, v? got it” betty gives me a tight squeeze “be safe, ill see you later” you nod turning slightly as jughead gives wraps you up in a small hug “bye”

you watch as they join hands and walk toward the direction of the cooper household, heart eyes evident. you feel the tears stream down your face as the sight trigger your memories of they way archie used to give you that same look exactly like that.

you get in the car and drive over to pop’s, sliding out and walking briskly into the empty diner, spotting the raven haired girl sitting with him. you find your breathe hitches, lodging in your throat

swallowing the lump in your throat, you force your feet to propel yourself forward to the occupied booth “V” the raven hair girl looks up slightly surprised at your presence.

she jumps out of the booth and throws her arms around you pulling your body into her warm embrace “god it’s good to see you out of bed- and in normal clothes- and your hairs brushed oh im so proud”

she hugs you again it was tighter then before, glancing over her shoulder making eye contact with the boy who broke my heart, he looks worried sick

she pulls you back at arms length and glancing at you concern washing over her face “(y/n) i thought you were getting more sleep?” you shake my head moving away slightly from your friend.

“look can you just fill me in?” she glances back at our friend then to me “yous should talk” she begins backing away from the booth

panic setting in for the both of you

you shake your head furiously “no no i-i-i ccan’t-t” you stutter edging yourself further and further away from the booth before breaking into a sprint racing toward the diner door and out to your parked car.

tears begin to cloud your vision as you drive off toward betty’s house, hoping that the two hadn’t left for their sleuth session yet

you were an absolute mess tears pouring from your eyes blurring your vision so much that you didn’t seem to even notice the car speeding through a red light and just like that your vision turned black.

archie’s pov

i cuss under my breathe as i watch my girlfriend, ex-girlfriend rush out of pops like she was on fire. i hate that i did that to her.

“archie you can’t keep avoiding each other you need to talk to her” i shake my head “cause your idea worked so well didnt it” i yell 

“god i should’ve never listened to you three- she doesnt want anything to do with me thats why she just ran out!”

i pull on my hair as we sit in the booth in silence, tears begin to well in my eyes and it takes all of me to swallow my pride standing from the booth and slipping on my jacket

“where are you going?” veronica stands grabbing onto my arm “i need to make this right”

i grab my phone and dial her number holding it against my ear waiting for her response only for her to not pick up, i try again the sound of sirens faintly ringing in my ears

the two of us share a glance before looking out the window as the sirens grow louder and louder until finally they pass the diner, two ambulances and a police cruiser

my stomach dropped her name falling from my mouth before i rush out of the diner veronica hot on my hells “arch get in my car ill drive!” she yells but i ignore her pushing myself to run as fast as my legs will carry me

i chase after the emergency services as they pull up a head to what looked like a car accident, a soon as i see the familiar car i scream out her name veronica zooming past me and fleeing the car.

i rush over to the paramedics as they pull (y/n) from the car her cheeks still dripping wet with tears “no- no no NO” i yell not bothering about the tears that are streaming down my cheeks.

she was covered in blood, her arm looked broken and her lip split my heart shattering as i stare at the fragile girl that was my entire world

“son you need to step back” the paramedic told me trying to wheel the gurney up into the rig “no im going with her” i insist trying to push past “please” the shake their head loads her in

“archie?!” i turn to see sheriff keller jogging to me “what’s wrong?”

i point to the ambulance “it’s (y/n) she was in a accident i have to go with her” i beg to the sheriff and he nods walking over to the guys and whispering something with them before the allow me to climb up

i lace my hand with hers as i giving her a squeeze my other hair tangling through her hair trying to soothe her.

“c’mon (y/n) you can do this baby keep fighting" i mutter tears still running down my cheeks.

i clutch her hand tightly as the monitors start to beep the crew shouting a bunch of words to each other before they push me back in my seat forcing our hands to pull apart

“what’s happening?!” i shout panic dripping from my words.

“we need you to give us space kid” i nod sitting back in my seat clutching my hands together hoping that she wouldn’t die not today

and thats when she flatlined.

i shift in the uncomfortable hospital chairs still clutching my girlfriends hand when i feel a slight squeeze.

i jolt up blinking the sleep out of my eyes “(y/n)” i choke my voice raw from all the crying and begs for help.

she stirs moving slightly in the bed her head titling toward me “a-arch” she whispers her lips are cracked her eyes wet from tears.

tears overwhelm me as i stand pecking her head “god i thought i was going to loose you” she smiles bringing both hands up to my cheeks “im sorry” she mutters to me

i shake my head frantically my cheeks growing wet “no im so, im sorry for everything i did to hurt you i didn’t want to hurt you (y/n) i just want you back”

i move her oxygen mask from her mouth and lean down connecting our lips together in a sweet embrace before pulling back and placing her mask back

“will you take me back?” i ask eyes begging for her to say yes

“of course archie, i love you”

“god i love you too (y/n)”

she giggles and it cures my heartache i smile up at my beautiful girlfriend as she scoots over in her bed patting the spot next to her “c'mere” she mumbles.

i move from my seat kicking off my shoes and cuddling into the fragile girl as she rests her head on my chest tracing circles into the fabric

and in that moment you knew, you never know what you have until it’s almost taken from you

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The reason ive been less active...trying to get me away from my abuser.

I guess Ill just get right into it. I need help. And as always in this crazy fucked up world the answer: money. Yes im in desperate need of money. I am 22, I am still living with my dad who for a majority of my life has controlled and mentally and physically abused me. If some of you may know, I have been in a relationship for more than a year and we decided we wanted to go off and you know, make a life together. Sounds easy, I mean hey, 22 im an adult i should be able to go off and do what I want…no. My dad HATES me interacting with the outside world. If I try to hang out with friends he tells me im betraying the family and im a “honkey” lover. If I try to pick up more days at work he comes into my job and watches me, making sure im actually at work. He yells at me, even locks me out of the house and says he “didnt know I left”, When I hang with my boyfriend he calls me a slut, he tells me He’s using me for money and sex (just gonna put it out there couples help couples and we have EQUALLY helped each other). Whenever I try and tell my dad my opinion on anything he tells me im just a dumbass woman. Im fat and undesirable and people only hang with me to use me. He gets in my face, threatens to beat me etc etc…Its gotten me to a point where EVERYDAY I am fighting suicidal tendencies…I have attempted suicide over 50 times in 2016. Everytime I thought about doing it I told myself…it can get better, I have to hold on. I confided in many people who have tried helping me, some buying my art and some giving me money. On my birthday my boyfriend and I decided we would live together on April 17th, we have not been able to find anywhere to live but we can do that later, the rent at his house is pretty high, he lives with his mom who curently doesnt have a job so most of the rent would fall on him and I. We decided to move out on this date cause the weather would be clear and he would have some money saved, right after taxes and all and he said April just feels like a time of new beginnings. He felt my dad would come around to the idea…I know he wouldnt and it would be violent, possibly. I havent told him yet. And he doesnt work so sneaking out of the house would be impossible…I guess ill mention the other problem I have. Medicine. I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia. The medicine has been stripping me dry of money seeing as they only give me two weeks worth of it and I do not have health insurance right now, the one i was on told me I was making’too much’ and they could not help me anymore. So I am fucking struggling for money, I had a goal to earn between $4000-8000 before April 17th…and trust me i know thats pushing it! But I am determined. I have an art shop that I will be uploading in a few days and if people want to donate at Id appreciate it. My co-worker gave me an idea to put my story out there and just see what happened, doesnt hurt to try im sure I fucked up this whole thing im writing this in the bathroom on my lunch break so im rushing….im desperate. I need to FINALLY live my life…If you took the time to read this I appreciate it…and If you would repost this, id appreicate it too. Even if you cant donate or buy my art, just wishing me luck means so much to me!! Thank you for reading loves…

Method Acting

Dan Stevens x Reader
Words: 2,136

ask and you shall recieve my friends. ask and you shall recieve…

little backstory on this fic, i love dan stevens. i love him a lot. all i do is watch dan stevens videos and movies.

i hope you’re all well. have great days and you know, requests are open so thats a thing. 

i also hope you enjoy this. it’s a stretch from what i usually write so yee

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When you started dating Dan, you found that sometimes he took on different personalities. Of course, it wasn’t something unusual. Whenever he began to work on a new project, he always seemed to get deep into the character’s mind and likeness. He was one of the best actors you knew, so you encouraged him to try things out on you as he began new projects.

When he was filming “The Guest”, he would walk around the house practicing his American accent. He would stare at you with an almost murderous look in his eyes. It often made you flinch when you looked up and found his striking blue eyes not leaving you. However, eventually his murderous stares were just a normal part of life.

Legion had him twitching and talking to himself as the two of you watched television. You were concerned at first, but eventually you understood as he let you help him with read throughs of the script. There were times when you’d even catch him switching from his accent to the fake American one, which sounded awfully strange from an outsider point of view.

When Dan told you he had a new secret project coming up, you were excited as hell for him. You couldn’t wait to see the character he would bring to life this tiem. But when Dan came back from the first reading of the script, something was different.

Instead of coming in and kissing your cheek, he walked in with the slam of a door and headed straight to your shared room. Your smile turned to a frown as you watched him go. Maybe he had had a bad day? It was possible, after all… but even on his worst days, he never acted like this. You followed him, knocking lightly on the doorframe. “Hey babe… rough day today?” You asked, taking a seat on the bed next to Dan.

He chuckled. “Quite the opposite actually, but I can think of a million ways this new movie can be improved. The staff and the other cast members… definitely need to upgrade their looks. Why would they hire such foul looking people?” He said, an arrogant smirk plastered on his face.

You glanced down at his feet, raising your eyebrow slightly at the shoes he was currently tying up. He only wore those for special occasions, like red carpets or photoshoots. It was strange for him to be putting them on now.

“Maybe now’s a good time for you to tell me about this new, secret project?” you suggested, taking his hand and resting your head on his shoulder. Dan rolled his eyes slightly, dropping your hand and standing up.

“Or maybe not. I’m heading out now and I expect dinner to be ready by the time I return. I hope that’s clear. Ciao!” Dan said, picking up his wallet and heading out of the house.

You stared after him in shock of his words and his actions. Dan had never been anything but kind to you, had you done something wrong? Was this all apart of some cruel prank he had going? Maybe there wasn’t a new project after all, maybe it was just all a lie so that he could-

Taking a deep breath in, you stood and headed to the kitchen. If he wanted his dinner, he could have it. After all, you loved your boyfriend with all of your heart. Even if he was acting out, you knew that he was a softie deep down. You were going to treat Dan with the same respect and love you would any other day.

As the weeks passed, you began to realise that the Dan you knew and loved was long gone. This arrogant asshole had walked into your life and he didn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. You were blown off, yelled at and treated as nothing less than a speck of dirt.

You weren’t sure who the hell he thought he was, but you had had enough. You had it all planned out in your head. Dan was going to walk through that door and you would confront him. You would refuse him entry to your bedroom and you would talk because you knew you deserved at least that.

Your head snapped up as the door opened. Dan walked in, wearing one of the biggest and furriest coats you had ever seen. You raised your eyebrow at his fashion choices, taking a deep breath as you remembered your plan.

Dan glanced at you for a moment, a look that seemed almost sad in his eyes. You stood, gesturing to the seat next to you. “We need to talk,” You said quietly, a frown appearing on your face as you noticed that the way he held himself had changed.

He let out a grumpy huff, sitting down in the chair and resting his chin on the table. You raised your eyebrow, watching him in confusion. “That looks rather uncomfortable,” You stated, looking him up and down.

“Well, life is uncomfortable and if we don’t accept that now, we’d be fooling ourselves,” He muttered, his voice a lot deeper than usual. You sighed, sitting down in the chair next to him.

“Do I make things uncomfortable? Is this my doing, or have you had a bad day at work?” You asked quietly, looking down at your feet.

“Stop asking about bad days and look at reality. I’m trapped inside this castle, I’m nowhere near human… I’m a monster,’ He muttered, running his fingers over the groves in the wooden table.

“Well, at least we agree on something… look, I’ve been thinking that maybe we need some time apart. I don’t think this thing is working out anymore. I mean, it was once the most wonderful thing in the world but ever since you came back from your new project…”

Dan’s eyes softened for a few moments as he looked into yours, but just like that his eyes were replaced by those of someone you didn’t know. He sighed, picking up the script and standing up. “We’ll sort this out another time. For now, we’re staying together,” He muttered, walking towards your room.

You frowned even more than you had been, quickly standing up and attempting to grab the script. An anger you had never seen before suddenly appeared as Dan screamed at you, rinpping the script out of your grip. “What are you doing? It’s mine! Get away!” He yelled, pushing you away. You quickly regained your balance, grabbing your wallet.

“I’m coming back tomorrow to grab my things. You’d better not be here when I do,” You snapped quickly, leaving the house and slamming the door. You sat down on the front doorstep, putting your head in your hand as you began to sob.

The man inside your house was not the man you had fallen in love with many years ago. And as much as you wished your boyfriend would return, he seemed to be lost in the mess of anger in his head.

It was about a year before you saw Dan again, but you did your best job at avoiding him. You would hear about him on the news sometimes or see your mutual friends talking about him on social media, but you had mostly blocked him from your mind. It broke your heart that something so beautiful had become nothing but a forgotten wreck.

Part of you wished he would come back. Part of you wished that the old Dan would waltz right in and sweep you off your feet, but you knew that would never happen. You had both done things that you could never take back.

It was a quiet afternoon when the doorbell rang. You had been reading one of the old scripts you had managed to take with you when you moved out. You could still imagine his smile and the way his eyes lit up when he would tell you about the character’s glorious feats.

The doorbell rang, followed by a loud knock. You placed the script down, sighing as you stood and headed for the door. You eyes filled with shock as you opened it and felt Dan’s arms embrace you tightly.

“Love! I’ve missed you!” He exclaimed, resting his chin on your shoulder. You stood with your arms by your sides, pushing him off quickly.

“What are you doing here? How did you even find me?” You asked, going to close the door. You groaned when he walked in and sat down on the couch. “You know, usually when a breakup happens, the people don’t see each other afterwards.”

“That is a good point, a great one in fact, but I believe breakups are supposed to be mutual and while my character was an asshole, I like to think I am not. Well, I guess I am for not telling you what was happening, but I promise I’m a good guy deep down. Anyway, I have a proposition,” He said, standing and taking your hands.

“Well actually, I was kind of busy reading…” You picked up the script, blushing slightly. “Legion, episode five. So if you could just make your way out the door, I could continue my comfort reading.”

“That’s a good one. I promise I won’t take too much of your time. I just want to explain things to you, because legally I couldn’t before. But there are test screenings of my new movie so… I was hoping you’d come along and watch it with me,” He said quietly, looking at his feet shyly.

You sighed quietly. “Just the movie? Nothing else?”

He shook his head. “Nothing else.”

“I suppose I can spare at least two hours of my time… as long as you promise to drive,” You replied, smiling weakly as he held up his car keys.

“Let’s get a move on,” he said, pulling you out to the car and getting in.

“This isn’t some sick kidnapping trick, right? We are actually seeing a movie?” you asked.

Dan chuckled. “You’re so sceptical. I guess I do deserve it… but yes, I promise we are only seeing a movie. Unless you want to go out for dinner afterwards…”

“You’re pushing your luck,” You mumbled, glancing out the window as the car drove further and further away from your comfortable home. “Where the hell is this screening?”

“Well, the one I was planning on going to was in Texas, but I suppose that if you were to get on a plane with your ex right now, you’d probably freak. I know there’s one in London, which is still a little while away, but it’ll be worth it. I swear,” He said, continuing to drive.

“Can you at least tell me what the movie is about? Fill the silence?” You asked, biting your lip slightly.

Dan nodded slowly. “Well, it’s the story of an arrogant asshole who doesn’t know what he’s got until it’s gone. He used to have love in his heart, but then it all changes for him. Everyone he ever loved is pushed away and they forget about him. He ends up in isolation where he feels sorry for his actions… I think I’m telling more of my story than his. It’s one of your favourite movies though. You always told me you’d love for them to remake it.”

He parked the car, getting out and opening your door. You smiled weakly, getting out and taking his hand. You looked up at the building in front of you, a small smile on your face when you saw a poster for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film.

You froze for a second, your eyes widening when everything began to click. “It all makes sense now!” You exclaimed, smiling wide. “You were being an asshole to get into your role! And that day you came home and called yourself a monster…”

“My method acting got the better of me and I still feel horrible about it every day. But this, this is a big thing. If I didn’t get it right… it’s a make or break. The film looks pretty good from my eyes, but why does that matter? My girlfriend always helped decide if the movie was good or not,” Dan said, holding out his hand. “Shall we?”

You smiled, taking his hand and entering the cinema. “So, what does this mean for us? Are we friends? Enemies? Accquaintances?” You asked, biting your lip slightly.

“I’m not sure. I suppose we’ll find out over time… that is, if you’re willing to have me back in your life…”

You looked at your feet for a moment. “We were an incredible team… okay. I accept, on the condition that you buy me ice cream after.”

Dan chuckled, shaking your hand. “It’s a deal.”

note to people complaining about subplots and supporting characters :but mostly just a rant about the neglect of Eva's character

ok so I really need to say this -

everyone hating on Julie for allowing screen time for noora’s relationship problems and vilde and magnus’s relationship dynamic like guys out of all the material we’ve got till now it’s probably a sum total of 5 minutes. idk why you expect Sana’s season to not make room for other people’s subplots when we are the one’s who pride ourselves on the fact that we’re all patrons of a show that is realistic and in real time. well real time doesn’t work only for the pov character it’s obviously going to move the same for everyone everyone’s life is going to have things happening in it and not just Sana’s and it is going to interfere with her own life sometimes

also sana does care about all her friends she just hides it under all that sarcasm and sternness cuz she’s such a MOMMA bear

I don’t think it fair considering the fact that Eva’s season had to make room for so many introductions and subplots, a jealous havoc wrecking so called best friend who pretty much created all the trouble that Eva got into indirectly (just because he was in emotional turmoil doesn’t make what isak did to Eva in season one ok at all) like And SHE FORGAVE HIM FOR IT (and I’m glad for it I wouldn’t give up s3 for all the fries in the world)

and despite all the focus that Eva lost in the first season no one is complaining about the fact that we don’t get enough about her story. like ok suddenly after breaking up with her boyfriend that’s all that Eva has been reduced to? an alcohol happy party animal who has literally nothing going on in her life anymore? that is so wrong and misogynistic - just because the guy is out of her life doesn’t mean her life has none of it’s speculative 3 dimensional quality anymore? is she not her own person ? and as if for consolation we get that little bit of Eva making out with penetrator Chris in season three and cute with him at the Christmas party(and she was IMPORTANT AGAIN ONLY for the five minutes in which she was seen with a guy and had that fucked up mini romance…really¿ guys?) like hello he is the literal asshole who took advantage of Eva when she was emotionally incapacitated, he’s the reason she was slut shamed in front of the ENTIRE SCHOOL and now you’re all ok with all that and all buddy buddy with him despite being the truest fuckboy of the show

noora’s relationship and it’s problems have literally stretched for 3 seasons which can be justified since noora deserves better but so does Eva - but Eva is literally just this person in the background despite her explosive scandal in the first season, despite her being the first person to Introduce us to the world of skam, despite being the person whose house is literally the squad nest

Eva’s season was overshadowed by so many other characters’ lives and problems yet in Sana’s season we don’t want to allow that?

Evak’s season was allowed to have such great focus and justified by the fact that isak’s world is separate from the girls so ‘thats ok’ and even there we had noora’s subplot of abandonment and sana being beautifully understanding of religion and homosexuality as things which can co exist and her insight into the mentality of people who say otherwise and vilde being in love magnus and her kose group, but again Eva being left on the line when isak hides his drugs in her house (which is again NOT WHAT FRIENDS DO) and that’s it

Eva is just being made out to be this floating head who has the sole purpose of telling the group all the gossip that’s going in the outside world, falling into trouble on other people’s account and having no story or problems or subplot of her own despite being a 3 dimensional character (who had the wisdom and bravery to leave a relationship she was becoming toxically co dependent on so that she could be her own woman and discover herself) and just being portrayed as this desperate gossiping girl who is not — which I AM NOT OKAY WITH AT ALL. I want more Eva kicking ass on the emotional battlefield and in reality against slut shaming and also discovering the wonderful person that she is and helping vilde discover herself and teaching herself and vilde to be unashamedly themselves. basically to summarise I think it’s only fair that since Eva’s plot had to make so much room for other characters’ subs all I’m asking for is for her to have an equal share in their plots and be more than just a friend on the sidelines what she went through was just as emotionally harrowing as what the others went through and is just as important cuz there is no yard stick comparison in these matters….


meet the parents | jason blossom (riverdale)

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a/n: work by the lovely @netflixanddonuts

what is love?

for some it is a magical feeling one experiences when seeing someone they love to the point that they say they feel butterflies in their stomach.

love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. for me that person was jason blossom. it was love at first sight.

i opened my eyes and met his, it was magical. jason and I have been in a relationship for two months. every single second that I spent with him was heaven. 

today was the day i was about to meet my boyfriends parents. I was a just an ordinary, middle class teenager and therefore, beyond terrified of his parents’ reaction.

a million questions were zooming through my head. i put on a lacy red dress, the one jason gave me as a present. suddenly i heard a noise coming from my backyard.

It was Jason's car. I hastily grabbed my purse and left my bedroom. He gasped as soon as he saw my outfit.

“Y/N? You look amazing!” i blush a little, unexpectedly my smile had disappeared.

“babe? What's wrong?” his hands were not placed on my waist. 

“what… what if your parents don’t like me?” I stuttered.

“i don't care what my parents think about you. I will always love you, Y/N and nothing, I mean nothing, will ever change that.”

“What about your sister?” I said quickly he let out a deep sigh.


“She hates me, Jason!”

It was true, Cheryl honestly hated me. It was a classic. She was a popular girl, I was no one. And popular girls are mean, thats what makes them popular after all.

“You know what?! Let's just go. We don't want to be late.”

i slowly entered the massive, extravagant house of the blossom family. to be perfectly honest I didn’t expect anything less.

It was beautiful, but haunting at the same time. Suddenly, a tall, red haired woman approached me, smiling. She was wearing a long, black dress which made her look very slim. She was beautiful. She was Penelope Blossom, Jason’s mother.

“Jason? You made it?” She said and tightly hugged the boy.

“Mother, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.” He said while putting his hands on my waist. Her eyes were now all over me. I could sense the disappointment.

“Well, its nice to meet you, Y/N. Jason told me a lot about you.“  I returned the smile.

“Thank you fo…for having me, Mrs Blossom. You house is very beautiful” A small laugh escaped my mouth. I was extremely anxious.

“The dining room is this way.“ said Penelope "Follow me.”

jason took my hand and led me to the dining room. he sat me in a beautiful green chair taking the seat next to me. moments later the dining room door opened again and a tall, man stormed in.

Jason stood, following his moves you did too.

“Father!” Jason exclaimed and gave his father a hand shake.

“Hello Jason” He said as he shook back.

“And who may this young lady be?” He asked.

“Father, this is my girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N” He said gesturing to you.

“Ah yes! Y/N!“

Jason’s father said and he gave your hand a kiss. He sat down at the end of the table, the both of you sat after he sat down. Just few second later, a familiar girl came in. It was Cheryl.

suddenly, everything went black. My heart was racing. My chest was tight. Cheryl and I used to be friends back in the middle school, best friends actually, but all of a sudden, our friendship faded. 

She became popular, she was THAT kind of girl who becomes a cheerleader, that girl who gets a hot boyfriend and rules the whole school. I was nothing, nobody knew my name, nobody cared. Everything was darkness and gloom until Jason just came into my life. He was different, he actually cared.

"Hey babe, you alright?” my lover asked i nodded in agreement.

“Come sit with us, Cheryl, darling. Jason's girlfriend Y/N is here.” said Mrs. Blossom. After what seemed like a minute, she sat down next to her mother. She was frustrated.

“So… Y/N…” Mr. Blossom started.

“Tell us something about your family.” He said while cutting some meat on his plate.

“Well…” I could feel Cheryl's eyes on me the whole time.

“My family used to own this oil company…”

“What happened?” Cheryl cut me off she was furious.

“Um… they had problems with this whole thi…”

“So they are unemployed now?” there was a long awkward silence.

“Yes, but, you see…" she smacked her hands against the table and let out a deep sign.

"Jason?” She asked her twin “A moment?" 

Both of them excused themselves. I was confused, lost. I just wanted to be alone, In my safety zone. Where no one could see me. Mrs Blossom was just sitting there, staring at me. I suddenly started to feel very dizzy.

"Could… could you tell me where the bathroom is, please?" Mrs Blossom smiled and nodded.

"It’s right there, darling. Just take the first left." i returned the smile and walked away.

I could hear somebody talking. It was Cheryl. She was with Jason. 

I decided to come a little closer.

"A Y/L/N? Jason?! Whats gotten into you?” She shouted.

“Cheryl, listen…” He tried to calm her down.

“No! J.J! Its unacceptable!”

“I love her, Cheryl” He halfwhispered. 

I could feel my heart flutter.

“I love her and each passing second and each breath I take increases my love for her. And Whenever I feel lost, sad or defeated, I imagine her smiling and I instantly smile. She is the love of my life, Cheryl. And you are gonna have to accept that, sooner or later.”

A tiny tear escaped my eyes. I was touched by my boyfriend's words. At that exact moment, I felt it. He was the one. I quickly whipped my tears away and went back to the dining room.

After few minutes, Cheryl and Jason came back. Cheryl seemed somewhat different. She looked confused, lost. 

“We should go, Y/N. It's time.” My lover said.

“But what about the dessert?” His mother gasped.

“Maybe next time, mom”

I quickly grabbed my red coat and my purse. I was ready to go.

“You should come back next weekend!” Said Mrs. Blossom.

“We can't promise anything, mother.” Jason said, smiling.

I kissed Penelope on a cheek and hugged Clifford goodbye.

Suddenly, Cheryl appeared right in front of me.

“Cheryl? What are you…?” I gasped.

“I came to apologize.” She signed.

“Look, Y/N… My brother loves you very much. And as his sister, i want to see him happy and he really is happy with you. I’m sorry, Y/N/N, about everything.” A small tear rolled down her cheek.

“See you at Pop's tomorrow? We have a lot of things to talk about. My treat!”

I nodded in agreement.

On that day, I not only discovered unconditional love, but also true friendship. So what is love? i finally got the right answer. There are many different forms of love: either love for your family, your relatives, your significant other, god… But the strongest and most beautiful form of love is friendship.

BTS Reacts To You Walking Out After A Fight

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“That’s not what I’m saying, Jin.” You sighed, setting down your purse as you walked in the house.

“Well what do you mean, Y/n?”He said, shutting the door behind him.

“You understand that I’m an Idol right? I can’t just be here 24/7.” He continued.

You looked at him and chuckled. You grabbed your keys and walked towards him, “Being an Idol doesn’t have anything to do with being a decent boyfriend. Not one call or text. Nothing. I got nothing.” You defended, pushing past him, heading towards the door. 

“How long does famous last?” You asked before slamming the door.

He watched as you walked out and his heart sank. He didn’t understand as to why you were so upset with him but he knew that whatever it was, was something that you needed time to process alone. He hated leaving you by yourself but he was too scared to go after you.

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“No! I am so sick of always being the last choice! I understand that you are dedicated to Bangtan and I would never ask you to do anything to hurt your dream. I just want.. something.” You cried.

He watched as you leaned against the counter in your kitchen and tried to hug you. 

“I think I need to be alone right now, J.” You said softly as you pushed him away, walking out the door. 

He ran his hand through his hair trying to hold back the tears but they eventually rushed out. He felt like he was losing the love of his life and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. 

By the time he ran out the door to find you, you were gone.

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“Jimin, I saw you!” You screamed at him.

“What you saw wasn’t what it looked like, jagiya!” He defended, reaching for your hand as you stormed around your house looking for your keys. 

He was right behind you.

“Stop following me! Go follow the girl you were kissing!”

“Y/n, I was not kissing her! She kissed me!” He yelled, grabbing your hand before you could twist the door open.

“Please listen to me.. “ He pleaded, water filling his eyes.

“You didn’t pull away Jimin.. so I am.” You whispered, pulling his hand away from your wrist and pulling open the door.

He slumped against the door and broke down. Everything was falling around him and he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t kiss her, she kissed him. No matter what he couldn’t stop thinking about you and it showed in every interview they did after that day.

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“Y/n, stop it. I saw you, you got caught.” He said with no emotion.


“Jungkook.” He corrected.

You looked at him and shook your head in disbelief. 

“He just gave me a hug! He was an old friend!” You screamed at him.

“You two kissed! I saw you kiss him!” He screamed back.

“Why would I do that?! Why would I kiss someone that I don’t love when I have the love of my life at home?! You don’t see me getting jealous over your fans! Writing you love letters, you being all cute to them. ‘Fan service?’ Is that it? They get more attention and affection from you than I do and I’m your girlfriend!” You yelled, grabbing your phone.

“You know what, Jungkook. I should’ve kissed him, it’d be the first time I got some damn affection in a while.” You hissed before pushing past him, out the door.

He stood shocked.

Everything that you said was hitting him at different angles with different strengths.

He followed you to your best friends house, making sure that you were safe due to the fact that you were walking around by yourself at night. He took that time to reflect on himself and think about how he can fix things.

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“Do you even remember that you have a boyfriend?” He asked. 

You stopped dead in your tracks.


“I mean you’re never home. You’re either at the studio or at dance, you never have time for me.” He said.

“Tae.. you know we’re working on a comeback. You of all people should know how hard it is.” You protested, turning around to face him.

“Should I? I remember texting you and talking to you every day during our comeback.”

“Oh do you? You wanna know what I remember? I remember being by myself every damn night, alone. I remember looking at my phone every 5 seconds to see if you texted. I remember going all day waiting for you to respond.” You glared at him.

He didn’t say anything.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” You rolled your eyes before walking back outside of the house.

He looked at the door as it closed and realized that he overreacted. He didn’t think things through and he felt so guilty. He didn’t know all of those things and he didn’t stop to think about how stressed you must be. He spent all night trying to come up with ways to make it up to you.

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Rap Monster:

“Babe, can you pay attention to me please?” You asked your boyfriend as he continued to make beats on his laptop.

No answer.


Still no answer.

“Namjoon!” You screamed.

“What?! What do you want?! You know I’m working! You’re not as important as finishing this song is so just wait!” He shouted at you.

You stared at him, water filling your eyes.

He froze. He didn’t mean to say all of that, he was just so stressed and he snapped.


You held your hand up. 

“I get it. I’m not as important…” You said.

“Thats not wha-”

“But that’s what you said!” 

“ You don’t have to worry about me anymore, Namjoon.” You whispered as your grabbed your keys and headed towards the door.

He got up and ran towards you.

You slammed the door in his face and ran down to your car, getting in and driving away.

He watched as your car drove away and he broke down. He didn’t mean it. He called your best friend and made sure that you were safe and decided against going to talk to you right away, he’d wait until you cooled down.

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“Leave me alone, Y/n” He warned.

“What did I do?” You pleaded, grabbing his hand.

He snatched his hand away from you.

“That’s it! You don’t think you do anything! You’re not a saint, for fucks sake. You sit there and play innocent and then want me to forget about everything you do!” He yelled at you.

He didn’t really know why he so annoyed with you but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“You know what, fuck you, Min Yoongi.” You cried, running out the door, slamming it shut.

He stared at the door and decided not to go after you. He didn’t mean the things he said but he knew that no matter what it still hurt you. He beat himself up over it and promised that when the time was right he’d go and apologize to you. 

Tortured Nights (Part 2)

Pairing: Fuckboy!Theo Raeken x Fem!Reader ft. Someone special

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Cursing, Long af

Tags For Tortured Nights: @cherryignacio @alonna-oxoxox

Part 1

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Jikook hc: Jimin and Jungkook are best friends &have been since early childhood, they love to hang out with eachother. That all changed however when Jimin stopped texting, ringing or visiting Jungkook six months ago. Jk tries to visit him everyday but mrs park always tells him 'he's resting dear, maybe tomorrow' he becomes heartbroken and not only wants answers but wants to see his beautiful hyung's face. Will Jungkook find out what's wrong with Jimin? Or will he remain clueless & heartbroken?

i’m changing it……as usual lmao. instead of six months it’s gonna be like five years….i hope that okay lmao. for reference the main part of the story jungkook is 20 and jimin is 22. i’ll indicate flashbacks with italics or some shit. okay so warnings: angsty, kind of spicy, REALLY AWKWARD ENDING. i’m sorry i didn’t know how to write the last line so i just word vomitted there. hope you can forgive me.

+ “jungkook get up lazy ass!!” taehyung yelled, tossing his bag at jungkook’s head. this is not his ideal way to wake up. his best friend’s voice was loud enough without him raising it and honestly he really shouldn’t be throwing gucci anyways. 

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so i don't know if you're still doing the Dex poetry series, but i would be interested in seeing if Dex ever shows Nursey the poems and how that goes down, if that's okay! thank you :))

I am still doing the poetry series (I promise!), but I haven’t had any inspiration recently. I will continue it if and when the inspiration strikes. Really, I will.

If anyone doesn’t know, this is my poetry series tag and it’s a series of poems written from Dex’s POV.

Thank you for the prompt! The poems are actually not from the POV of my usual HCed Dex, so it was cool to write from another version of Dex’s POV. :)

(Also, I was in a weird mood, so this got super introspective and complicated but I feel like it fits for Dex’s relationship with writing so I’mma just go with it.)


           It’s not that Dex isn’t good at hiding things. He is. He grew up in a house with very nosy parents and five siblings who assumed anything of Dex’s was theirs as well. He learned how to keep things private, found nooks and secret spots as easily as he found studs in a wall and learned how to be just conspicuous enough to be overlooked. Of course, the newfound literary part of him can’t help but see this as a metaphor, the kid trapped in the closet is good at hiding things, and he realizes it with the same kind of bitterness he attributes to all of his newfound literary perspectives.

           It’s mostly Nursey’s fault anyway, that Dex is so literary now. Dex could just as easily blame Samwell as a whole, what with requiring he take a literary course, but it’s harder to blame an institution than a person and Dex, somewhat out of character, took the easy way out in this time. Yes, the first English course was required, but the second was not. The second was a poetry course usually taken by freshmen who hadn’t technically chosen their major yet but were dead set on English. Dex had been the only science oriented person there and, at first, he had felt out of place. That, too, Dex realized later, was a metaphor.

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*listen to all i wanted by paramore,ilusm by gnash, and Make me (cry) by Noah cyrus*

“Even if we tried, it wouldn’t work”- Jack Gilinsky

This story begins in highschool. It was the beginning of your Junior year. You were kicking off the year by going to the first home football game. You always get there early enough to watch the boys run out onto the field. Most of your friends were already there. Everyone mostly knew you because of your boyfriend, Jack. Jack and you met when you both were camp counselors this past summer. You were new in town and he was the first person to make you feel at home. You two mostly talked about music and it was history from there.

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You and your family sat in the stands by Jack’s family. Your brother Derek was also on the football team. While waiting for the announcer to announce the players, you took your eyeliner and wrote number 10 on your cheek. “Alright ladies and gentlemen please give a hand to our Panthers”,you announcer spoke. He went down the line of numbers and introduced every boy. They lined up on the field and waited for kickoff. “(y/n), come join us in the student section”,Taylor said. “Ok”,you said following them. You noticed everyone was covered in baby powder. Someone handed you a bottle and other dumped it all over you. “Why baby powder”,you asked. “It the whiteout game, one of our school colors”,Taylor said. “Hey (y/n)”,someone said making you turn around. A guy then threw powder all in your face. “Oh my goodness, Ow”,you said looking down. The asshole threw it right into your eyes. “Sammy, whats your problem”,Taylor said hitting him in the chest. “Oh my bad, I didn’t mean to get it in your eyes”,he said. “Come one lets go to the bathroom”,Taylor said taking you under her wing. “Here let me help”,Sam said. “I’m fine, really”,you said. Taylor took you to the bathroom and helped you clean up. “So thats Sammy Wilk”,you said. “Yea, he’s cool. He just plays too much”,she said. “Thanks for helping me out”,you said. “Its no problem”,she said smiling. “I feel like we’re gonna be close”,you said to her. “I guess i’ll be your best friend”,she said sarcastically. She smiled at you and you finally felt like this year is gonna be awesome, well you thought.

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Highschool was the shittest time of your life. The only thing that made your day was your friends. They made you forget about all the drama school caused. Jack was always there when you needed someone. Of course Taylor was there, but you didn’t wanna put everything on her. You didn’t want her to see you as the depressed, crying girl you were behind closed doors. You only wanted her to see the bright side of you, always. Anytime you were upset, you thought Jack could always feel it. Everytime you shed a tear, Jack was always parked outside your window ready for you. You’d scale your house and sneaked out and go driving with him. Sometime you wouldn’t talk and Jack understood. Mostly it was being neglected by your parents, or only getting negative attention from them. They only saw the bad in you. Your brother always got all their love. He was the first born who was planned and got straight A’s. You weren’t a planned baby and they reminded you all the time. You made B’s but that wasn’t good enough. They were never physically abusive except once. It was mostly verbal. Your brother knew about it, he always tried to protect you. Lets just say, not every family is perfect even if they look like they’re right out of a catalog.

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You two walked back to the field. You saw that the boys have already scored twice. Jack turned around and waved to you. You smiled and puckered your lips to him. Derek looked at you and pretend to puke. You scrunched your nose at him and shook your head. “You and Jack are too cute”,Taylor said. “We’re okay”,you said. “You and Jack”,sammy said in a questioning voice. “Yea”,you nodded. “cool, again sorry about earlier”,he said. “It’s fine”,you said smiling. “We haven’t formally met yet, Sammy Wilkinson”,he said sticking out his hand. “(Y/n), (Y/f/n) (y/l/n)”,you said shaking his hand. “Nice to meet you. We’ll probably see more of each other since me and Jack hangout alot”,he said. “You do. Well you probably do he hasn’t introduced me to many of his friends”,you said. “that’s not surprising”,Sammy said under his breath. You furrowed your eyebrows. “What do you me-”,you were about to ask Sammy but interrupted by the buzzer indicating it was halftime.

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Jack and his sweat drenching body ran toward you. It was so crowded because everyone was going to get food. You saw Sammy wiping his nose and cramming something into his pocket. “Baby, hey”,Jack said behind you. “Hey”,you said smiling at him. “Are you enjoying the game”,he said kissing your cheek. “Yea, you kinda suck at football”,you said srunching your nose. “Why is there powder all over you”,he said wiping some off you. “School Spirit?”,you said raising your shoulders. “You and school spirit”,he said laughing. “Hey, I’m trying okay”,you said throwing powder on him. “Oh no you didn’t”,he said. “Jack no”,you said running down the bleacher stairs. “Come here, come give me a hug”,he said. “No you’re sweaty”,you said running around the back of the bleachers. “But I just wanna show you how much I love you”,he yelled back. You keep running until you see two guys smoking. “(y/n), whats up”,you heard one say. “Sam?”,you said looking into the shadow. “Hey Jack! You didn’t tell me you were dating my new friend here”,Sam said flicking his cigarette. “Yea. Hey, lets go get some food from the consession stand”,jack said putting his arm around you. “C’mon Jack, lets hangout now. I know you need your fix”,he said flashing the little baggy that he crammed into his pocket earlier. You looked at the bag of cocaine and then jack. “How about you and your fine ass girl come back to my place and we have a little kick back”,the other guy said. “Fuck off Skate. You graduated two years ago and you’re still around. Plus I’m not that guy anymore”,Jack said.

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You couldn’t comprehend what you just heard. You were appalled and disappointed. You took off running to find Taylor or Derek. “(Y/n), wait let me explain”,Jack said behind you. “What? That you’re a coke head?”,you said. “I used to be, not anymore. Those guys are bad news. Please don’t ever associate with them”,he said. You didn’t say anything and turned around and walked away from Jack. “Where are you going”,he said. “You said not to associate with guys who are bad news, so I’m walking away from you”,you said. “I don’t talk to those guys anymore! I’ve been clean ever since summer, when I met you. When I met you, I wanted to be good for you.”,he said grabbing your hand. You turned to face Jack again, but with tears streaming down your cheeks. “Don’t cry”,he said wiping your cheek. “What if you died, or got so stoned you did something terrible that you could harm you or someone else”,you said. Jack looked down and the the buzzer sounded saying third quarter is starting. “I gotta go”,he said walking toward the field. “Jack, tell me what you did”,you said grabbing his hand. He yanked his hand back and put his helmet back on. “Jack, I will leave if you do not talk to me”,you said. He stopped and you were desperate. “If I tell you, i’ll loose you. I don’t wanna lose you. You’re too important”,he said. 

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“Do you love me”,you said with a course voice. “Of course I do”,he said smoothing down your hair. “Then why won’t you tell me”,you said laying your cheek in his hand. “I’m not telling you because I love you”,he said kissing your forehead. “See you later”,he said jogging off. “Jack”,you yelled after him. He kept running not looking back or acknowledging your desperate call for him. “Guess lover boy won’t tell you about his interesting past”,you heard someone say behind you. You turned to see Skate. He looked like a true smoker. Baggy clothing, pungent smell of weed and cologne, greasy long hair. “I can tell you everything”,he said taking another hit. “And what he doesn’t know, I can fill in”,Sammy said walking up next to Skate. “You been crying babygirl”,Sammy said getting closer to you. This guy was starting to give you a creepy vibe. And when the words ‘babygirl’ left his mouth, they made your whole body cringe. “The wind make my eyes tear up”,you said. “bullshit”,sammy said whispering into your ear making goosebumps cover your body. “I have to get back to my friends”,you said backing up. “We are you friends”,Skate said looking you up and down. “Look, I don’t wanna hear anything. Plus you might tell me bullshit”,you said folding your arms. “Why would I do that? Why would I try to make Jack look even worse, the truth will already do that”,sammy said. “Jack will tell me when he’s ready. And if it is anything bad, he’s changed. I only care about our future”,you said. “What fututre? You think you two will last?”,Sammy asked. “You can’t change your past, but you can let go and start your future”,you said.

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“Once you learn what he did to Addie, you’ll never see Gilinsky the way you do now, ever again”,Skate said with grief. “Who’s Addie”,you said with a soft voice. “Why don’t you ask loverboy at the after party tonight”,Sammy said stomping on the rest on his blunt. “Cmon, we have to go get booze for tonight”,Sammy said to Skate. “See you there”,Skate said to you.

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Ok so I feel like I should explain my url at some point because like wait isnt remus supposed to be the bookish one?? But think about this:
Little Sirius was never allowed to read books that weren’t educational. On the rare occasions that he was they were all centered around the blood purist ideals his parents revolved around. When he was seven he went to stay with Uncle Alphard for a week. His mother was terribly reluctant to send him but Walburga and Orion had urgent business and Alphard was somehow still on the tapestry. With three girls Walburga’s brother really only had enough for one of her boys, and she knew Regulus was less likely to cause trouble for him. Sirius was over joyed with this arrangement. The only people he deemed worth talking to were Andromeda and Alphard and he was thrilled to get alone time with his older uncle. It was Alphard who introduced him to the joys of books. The first book Sirius had the pleasure of reading for pleasure was “The Jungle Book” . When it was time for Sirius to return home he carried with him a copy of the complete works of William Shakespeare, because his mother would begrudgingly permit it. Shakespeare was a well known pureblood, and besides shouldn’t the heir be a little cultured? When Sirius went off to Hogwarts he had his first two books tucked deep into his trunk. The first boy who he met on the train was the messy haired James Potter. “Learning is important my friend, but pranks are fun.” James had told the bookish Remus Lupin when they entered his compartment. Sirius fell naturally into friendship with James, and he never ever said that he didn’t enjoy books. He never pointed it out though. He didn’t have a need to study as he was the kind of student who did well without the need for revision. The other students easily began to paint him as hating books. Remus was smarter though. Being a fellow bookwork he easily noticed when Sirius nonchalantly quoted his favorite works. Remus confronted him about it in third year and thus was the beginning of the special bond between the two of them that didn’t exist between the other marauders. Remus snuck Sirius books all the time and the two would spend their corresponding free periods and weekends discussing plots and character developments. It was the books that Remus recommended that made Sirius’ breaks from school bearable. Each book that the boy gave him basically held a piece of the young werewolf within its bindings. Sirius knew it was the same for every book he in turn recommended. Through this Remus knew Sirius Black better than anyone else and it was no surprise when the pair started dating in sixth year. Sirius began writing his own stories in sixth year. At first they were only for his boyfriend, but that summer Remus managed to convince him to publish under a pen name. Everyone loved his books and feel in love with the anonymous author. Though they didnt know his name Sirius knew a piece of him lived in every book he wrote. These pieces of Sirius kept Remus sane when that fateful night came to pass. He couldn’t bring himself to accept that Sirius was truly guilty, and the stories written by his love only proved the wonderful heart that he carried. When Sirius was freed Remus was put in charge of nursing him back to health. It was a job only he could do. Every night he held him in his arms and read to him. He was slowly replacing the horrors of Azkaban with the joy that is another fictional universe through a book. Sirius found it difficult being on house arrest and he brought this issue up with Remus. “Sirius love, why don’t you write?” Sirius thought that was the best idea ever. This time Sirius really wrote about his life. He wrote everything and he entitled it “The Legend of the Padfoot” . The book became his sole focus. Once again books were the only thing keeping him sane in Grimmauld Place.
Ok ok idk where else to go with this but basically i just see Sirius as this big ole bookworm and I think thats how he and Remus began to bond and yeaaaa

i am bAck w another cliche high school au headcanon thing bc i was asked if i had any more (this is lowkey based on real life events but an au nonetheless). i swear it wasnt supposed to be this long but fake relationship is my fav kind of au and i kinda got carried away so um yeahh~~~~

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may i request both of your crush headcanons (ex: how they act/treat their crush, would they pass notes, any specific things they do JUST for their crush, etc etc) for the hosts + haruhi? :oo i'm curious to see what you two think!



  • Tamaki is dense as hell about his crush but you guys already knew that so at first he’s just putting the charms on you because he sees beauty in you just like he does with his clients
  • and he’ll just attempt to spend as much time with you as possible and call you sweet nicknames and his usual princely shit but then he suddenly starts to realise w h o a h i really like doing this kind of stuff around you
  • he ends up trying to rope you into the host cub family and gets you involved with all their shenanigans and you just end up being swept along with the tide like gdi tamaki
  • and then he starts getting JEALOUS whenever anyone else especially tHOSE SHADY TWINS gets a bit too close to be considered friendly and at first he just thinks ‘well they’re a part of our family, im just being protective’ but then Kyoya’s just like ‘nope. not doing this shit again. you like them. in a romantic sense not a family one gdi tamaki you want to be their boyfriend now stfu.
  • que sudden realisation on tamaki’s part
  • and he doesn’t really know how to act around you now so he just decides to up the charm (and gets really flustered at the same time and usually ends up embarrassing himself horribly by staring at you for too long when you’re walking together and careening into a pole or something).
  • put it this way; to him a moment when he doesn’t have your attention is a moment wasted
  • senpai wants to be noticed so badly
  • plz notice him and put him out of his misery


  • dude. its Haruhi. she has no clue that she even likes you.
  • but its pretty clear to everyone else so there’s that
  • she just makes an effort to spend time with you and hang out and she’s just always there being nice and helpful and friendly and w o w be still my beating heart just look at that smile
  • she’s so unbelievably good to you like ‘you’re worried about an upcoming test??? we can study together at my house. i’ll cook dinner!’ 
  • ‘you need notes from that class you missed?? i’ll copy out mine for you.’ 
  • ‘you lost your phone?? i’ve got time lets spend the next three hours traipsing around the building calling it until we hear it.’
  • she pretty much sees you as one of her closest friends who she admires very much because you’re really great and talented and attractive in her eyes and she - wait what attractive??
  • ‘oh.’
  • ding dong you got it Haruhi.
  • and now she’s just a big flustered MESS around you at all possible times and trying her best not to show it because is this okay am i too close or not close enough do oh no have they twigged because im acting weird they can probably tell what if they dont feel the same way somebody please kill me god damn
  • eventually Kyoya figures it out of course and sometimes he makes very sly comments when you’re around, hinting that she likes you and Haruhi just has to kind of discreetly kick him like stfu kyoya u heinous space herpe
  • not to mention the way her head just SNAPS to a conversation whenever you’re mentioned and yeah we all knew it Haruhi you are just too cute for words.


  • yeah at first he’s gonna avoid you like the plague because what is happening to him why the hell is he reacting so strongly wtf all u did was pIC K UP A PenC IL G oD
  • okay so AFTER Haruhi, Kaoru and Honey smack sense into him and he comes to terms with it its great because he’s not competing against his brother or anyone else this time so yeah he just gOES FOR IT
  • Hikaru will legit resort to any means to get your attention/an excuse to hang out
  • any means
  • srsly he’s the kind of guy who’ll throw notes at your head in class just so that you both get detention or nick your wallet or something when youre not looking just so he can ‘find’ it for you later
  • ‘you’re failing that class?? WHAT A COINQUIDINK im failing too we should totes have a study date or something’
  • ‘oh dear i seem to have spilled my coffee all over you whoops SO sorry here take my shirt and lemme walk you to class’
  • he really does take off his shirt. this boy has no shame.
  • and whaaaaaaat??? rumours that you two are dating??? he totally didnt see this coming or hope those would spring up but hey you know thats not such a bad idea >;D
  • prepare for him to be super jealous all the time whenever you talk to other people like ‘whoah hey wtf hikaru i was in the middle of a conversation’ ‘no dont talk to them i swear on my life they were leering at your ass. im just looking out for you here, they’re probably a sexual deviant. bad news stay away.’
  • whatta dweeb


  • he’s so nice what the hell Kaoru this level of selflessness is inhuman i stg
  • he just loves spending time with you and hanging out and doing things together this puppy is pretty much at your beck and call what a sweetie
  • of course that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from the light jokes and teasing that accompanies it
  • he’s basically at your side as much as he’s at his brothers (which means that you now have both of the twin’s attention well done prepare for hell and mischief)
  • but he pretty much makes himself your own personal superman like ‘wHOOPS you nearly tripped lucky i was there to catch you’ and ‘you’re off sick?? ill copy my notes for you. also what kind of soup do you like cause im coming over’
  • Kaoru is fun! He’s the kind of guy who’ll just text you like ‘are you busy?? not anymore there’s a carnival in town so get dressed, im waiting outside!’ and then he just drags you off and its loads of fun and youre just like ????? are u just being a fun friend or do u like me????
  • yeah thats another thing he’s so good of a friend that it becomes really hard for you to tell that if he actually has the dokis for you or if he’s just really friendly because he’s not FLIRTING with you like he does when he’s hosting and its confusing, but really he’s treating you differently and genuinely because he does actually like you and he wants you to stop treating him like just a friend AND ITS ALL VERY CONFUSING and absolutely perfect for a tense confession scene aww yeah aHEM we’ll totally write that if u guys request it
  • also prepare for Hikaru to get tired of waiting for his bro to make a move and attempt to be his wingman and he’s just dropping hints everywhere BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO BE CATCHING ON
  • Hikaru is 4378436% done with both of you. ‘omfg just kiss already you’ll make a lot of people happy’
  • the host club has started a betting pool on which one of you is gonna break and confess first lets just say Haruhi ends up with a LOT of moolah by the end of this charade


  • the denial is strong in Kyoya ohhh boy
  • YOU THINK HIKARU’S BAD YOU CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO FATHOM THE SHEER AMOUNT OF DENIAL THAT IS HAPPENING HERE like he’s used to being charming and suave with his clients but this is different he actually has feelings for you???? huh??????? what is he supposed to do with those????
  • feelings are too much hassle goodbye
  • its likely that Kyoya would try to shove these feelings into a box in the corner of his mind and never ever ever think about you or how you make his heart do weird things or how nice you look when you laugh or how attractive your smile is and god fucking dammit
  • and even though he’s trying to suppress what he deems to just be a ‘distraction’ his soft spot for you still shows in ways he doesn’t realise until after he’s done it
  • ‘oh my god did i just offer them a discount what the hell is WRONG with me’
  • /i wont say im in love plays softly in the distance/
  • once he actually comes to terms with his feelings tho he starts PLANNING
  • if he’s going to do this whole ‘crush’ thing he’s gonna do it RIGHT gosh darn it.
  • he ends up using the host club to his advantage by making sure that they’re always serving your favourite food or doing a theme you like cause hey if it gets you there, he’s happy.
  • expect to run into him everywhere and every time you somehow get roped into getting lunch at really nice and expensive places with him and eventually its like ‘???? are we on a date Kyoya??’
  • ‘Well, duh.’
  • ‘oh. cool.’


  • Honey KNOWS he’s cute and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t use it to his advantage here
  • he is affectionate as hell and he’s always around you or holding your hand or giving you hugs or sometimes when he gets really confident or ahead of himself he’ll plant big kisses on your cheeks and HE GETS AWAY WITH IT because everyones just like ‘awww thats Honey-senpai for ya’
  • tbh about half of your life is spent sitting at his table eating with him because how can you say no to a face like that
  • but here’s the kicker *drumroll*… he saves food for you
  • i know right
  • like if he knows you’re coming today he will find your favourite flavour bring it to his table and protect it with his life if he has to no one is allowed to touch the desserts he saves for you
  • its terrifying tbh
  • Mori totally knows about his big fat crush tho and most of his time is spent hovering over Honey’s shoulder whispering ‘tell them’
  • he’s confident - maybe even overly so - in interacting with you as his crush, and later as your s/o,  but we think he’d actually be pretty nervous about the actual confession part 
  • like he’s super worried that you only see him as this little brother figure and he knows that you smiling at him in that way that makes his stomach flip when he does something cute doesn’t equal attraction and you guys are pretty much surrounded by these other hot people who people are falling all over and bless his soul youre perfect just the way you are Honey don’t ever change you can be cute and a boyfriend at the same time my darling


  • bruh. Mori is so unbelievably chill about this.
  • in fact, he’s SO chill that it presents a problem because it’s almost impossible for anyone but Honey to figure out that he likes you at all.
  • the one big factor? He talks more when you’re around. you bring out his more talkative (and flirty) side because he really just wants to keep your attention.
  • and you’re like ???????????????????????? did big silent Mori just FLIRT with you???
  • hell yes he did and you better respond my friend
  • doki doki
  • while he really wants to hang out with you he’s sometimes not exactly not sure how to ask, and that’s where Honey comes into the picture
  • Honey will often drag you along to spend time with him and Takashi and then have some sort of ‘emergency’ thats causes him to abscond so you’re left with Mori and Mori has no qualms whatsoever about this
  • PS Honey is a matchmaking genius
  • He also likes having study dates with you because you guys get to spend time together without relying on conversation to keep it going (also because he gets to call it a date and it makes him feel all wibbly inside)
  • spoiler alert: Mori is actually adorkable when it comes to romance
  • when he finally does confess its gonna be romantic (and surprising) as hell aww yeah

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Boyfriend! Sehun

I hope you like it!! (I got a little inspired by EXO Next Door for the first part of the headcanon lol)

Requested By: Anonymous

When He First Sees You

  • Oh Sehun could probably be found roaming the streets after dusk for some fresh air
  • And there’s you who’s coming from the convenience store from across the street
  • The both of you are pretty occupied with your phones, you scrolling through your SNS and Sehun listening to music as he continues his daily jog
  • It’s only until you hear heavy footsteps when you decide to not look up and call your best friend if anything mysterious were to happen
  • “Cmon pick up pick up pick pup”
  • “Sorry, the number that you––”
  • So now you’re left your Plan B which is pretend that your on the phone with someone.
  • The footsteps behind you become closer and abruptly stop when your chips fall out of the bag.
  • “Excuse me, miss?”
  • “Keep walking. Keep walking,” you muttered to yourself
  • “Miss?” That was it. He tapped you on your shoulder. You were over.
  • SIIIKE. You turned around and it was..I actually don’t know what the words are to describe Sehun’s visual tbh (if you haven’t noticed..he’s my ult)
  • “You dropped these. Nice choice btw”
  • “Nice bod––I mean nice job––I mean thank you. Yeah, that’s it! Thank you.”
  • “It’s whatever..hey? Do you need me to walk you to your house or something? Its not safe out here. Besides, I saw you using the ‘I’m pretending to talk to someone method’.”
  • “That’s why you were jogging? Well, if you insist..”

How He Asks You Out

  • “So how far do you live from here?”
  • “In that apartment complex.”
  • “You know what? So do I. That’s why you seemed familiar to me!”
  • “ live in number 412? Sehun?!”
  • “I was surprised it took you this long to figure out. I take that back; I’m not surprised.”
  • “Shut up omg”
  • “I was only joking. Anyway I was gonna ask if you wanted to go to that pizzeria that I always hear you raving about, but I thought about it. I wouldn’t want to ruin this ‘nice bod’.”
  • “I’ll meet you there at 6pm tomorrow. No take backs.”
  • “I’ll see you then, (Y/N).”

Your Relationship

  • After your date with him at the pizza parlor, the teasing increased but so did the romance.
  • It’d go from “Sehun, you remember that one time you called me ‘miss’? EPIC.”
  • to “Sehun, I think we should live together. I kinda hate not sleeping in the same bed as you all the time. You know what I mean?”
  • “(Y/N), I completely agree and see where you’re coming from. Trust me I do, but I’m not moving across the hall to a room that is the same exact size as mine. Not gonna happen.”
  • “I meant in a HOUSE.”
  • “Oh.”
  • Sehun doesn’t strike me as the excessive PDA type of person
  • Like he’d cuddle but only when he’s had a rough day
  • I view him as being a person who favors full out kisses more than anything
  • Pecks just won’t cut it for him. I guess he’d view it as “leading him on” idkidki
  • Yeah that’s pretty much it. Sehun would mainly focus on the larger things in life, and he is very much a critical thinker even though it comes off as sarcasm (which is why you stuck with him because the both of you are similar). Kisses, pizza, and trying new things are the keys to each other’s hearts and he wouldn’t trade any of his experiences with you for the world.

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