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Playboy, bad boy Kim Taehyung

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Series genre: Smut, angst, fluff

Description: Kim Taehyung, one of the nastiest human beings you have ever been associated with. You despite even breathing the same air as him yet he still somehow finds a place in your life.

note: Park Jimin will also play a major role in this series. Also, this chapter will have some Harry Potter references that are not absolutely necessary to the story itself. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

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Babysitter (Part 3)

Summary: You lie to your parents so you can spend a few days at Taehyungs house.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Words: 3.5k

A/N: Wasn’t expecting this to be a series, so thank you for everyone who is reading my stories :) more on the way, especially other members ;)

Part 1 | Part 2 | MasterlistPart 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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Ok but please consider sincerely three having date nights once a week and alternating who picks the date like first week is Evan, next is Connor, then Jared, and then all three of them agree on something special at the end of every month (because lowkey they probably got together near the end of a month and thats kind of how they celebrate their love)

it gets long and gay oops

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Hey, love. I was wondering if you know any good b!h fics? But like long ones. So maybe over 50k? Even if they share, that's cool too. Thank you💖

Hello! Here you go:

feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream by togetherwecouldbealright:

Summary: “Alright, alright. No need to bite,” Harry says, holding his hands above his head in a general gesture of surrender.

Louis quirks an eyebrow and his foot nudges Harry’s as he moves to sit straight. “If that’s what you think biting is, you’ve got another thing coming, Styles.”

Harry blinks at him before he feels his face flush and inside the marrows of his bones there’s pulses of heat, pulses of fire spreading through him. “Is that a threat, your Highness?”

“That’s a promise,” Louis answers just as the car halts to a stop. “One I intend to keep.”

Harry is a journalist with a lot of secrets and Louis is the future king of the United Kingdom; they live together for 60 days.

Word count: 123,176

Truth Be Told (I Never Was Yours) by JustForTommo:

Summary: Harry watches Louis as he scrunches up his nose and bites the end of a pen in concentration. He’s been working on seating arrangements for the past hour and getting more frustrated by the minute. Louis huffs out a breath and glances down at Harry with a soft smile on his lips before he returns to the task at hand. It’s easy, right then, for Harry to let himself believe that they’re planning a seating chart for their own wedding and bickering over who is going to sit where from a list of their own family members. He can let himself daydream about a white picket fence and a dog that they could have within the next year.

It’s like a cold slap in the face when Harry looks to the top of the page to see “Aiden and Louis Grimshaw” at the head table, and Harry has to mentally remind himself for the thousandth time that Louis is not his. Never was, really. He’s just the wedding planner that’s been in love with Louis since he was sixteen.

(or the one where Louis and Harry have a complicated past, Louis is getting married to someone that’s not Harry, and the universe has decided to have a laugh and make Harry the wedding planner.)

Word count: 76,907

And I’ll judge the cover by the book by harrystylesandstuff:

Summary: At twenty years old Harry has his life figured out. He’ll graduate from the private University of Buckingham and move to Oxford to study journalism. He’ll meet someone who shares his values and accepts who he is, and apply everything his successful parents have taught him.

At twenty-two years old Louis has no clue what he wants in life. He’s not sure he’ll pass the year and doesn’t know where he’ll go after that. He spends his time smoking away his doubts about himself with his friends and all he cares about is making sure his family doesn’t fall apart.They don’t belong together.

Or a Private University AU where Harry is a queer posh prince, Louis is a closeted troublemaker, and neither expect to understand each other the way they will.

Word count: 73,810

never gonna dance again by togetherwecouldbealright:

Summary: Harry is quiet for a moment and his fingers feel like they’re burning past the fabric of Louis’ jumper, branding his skin. “Can I kiss you?“

This is where Louis should walk away and leave Harry to pirouette and cambré by himself in the faint moonlight shining through the windows. He is a spy and Harry is a dancer. There are lines that should not be crossed.Louis surges forward.

Louis is a spy and Harry is a dancer. The only real thing they know is each other.

Word count: 55,629

Time Bomb by ThisSentimentalHeart:

Summary: “Why exactly are you here?” Louis asked, feigning annoyance and failing pathetically at it.

“My publicist told me I can’t go anywhere near you.” Harry said, eyes still smudged with last night’s eye liner. “That makes you my favorite person in the world.”

Or the one where Louis has everything: a lead role in a giant Hollywood franchise, a glittering new house with an entertaining Irish neighbor, and a steady, normal boyfriend who he probably loves. Louis never expected to become a household name among young Hollywood overnight. He also never expected to find something endearing about the enigmatic rockstar who keeps showing up on his back porch.

Word count: 291,555

Hate Me To The Moon by harrystylesandstuff:

Summary: The last thing Harry wanted was to spend his entire summer stuck with his dad’s new fiancée and her kids. He wants no more when he learns she’s a very religious dictator, raising a sixteen year old nun and a clean cut potential priest ass kisser.

Everything takes a slightly different turn, however, when Harry finds out his future step-brother is actually the rude stranger he caught sucking off a guy in a pub, far from the reserved Christian his mom thinks he is…

AU where Harry is a sexy nerd, Louis is a great actor, and they both pretend to hate each other’s guts to convince themselves they’re not feeling things future step-brothers shouldn’t feel…

Word count: 83,616

baby we could be enough (i’ll make this feel like home) by orphan_account:

Summary: “Did you clean the table?” Harry asks Louis once Rose is done speaking, now occupied with trying to see if she can reach over and touch Harry’s hair from where she’s sat. At Louis’ nod, Harry frowns. “You didn’t have to do that. You’re my guests here, I could’ve dealt with it later.”

Louis just smiles easily, though, adjusting Rose on his lap so that she’s facing Harry better. She manages to tug on a loose wave of hair, and she makes a noise of triumph that both Louis and Harry smile at.

“I don’t mind,” Louis murmurs to Harry, even though he’s looking at Rose. “This one here seemed very excited to talk to you.”

And, okay. Harry can’t help but think of how domestic this feels, all of a sudden.

[harry is a photographer who’s trying to find his place. louis is a single father with a smile that feels like home.]

Word count: 52,095

Can’t Hide It, You Might As Well Embrace It by supernope:

Summary: Together since they were teenagers, Harry and Louis are professors at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They may also secretly be married.

Word count: 67,670

take me all the way down by sleepylouis:

Summary: Harry Styles is young, successful, and positively dangerous.Mark Tomlinson decides he has to go. Louis Tomlinson is just the man for the job.- or 

-The CEO AU where success is all Louis Tomlinson has known–until Harry Styles comes into his life, of course.

Word count: 69,112

Falling For Me Won’t Be A Mistake by Rearviewdreamer:

Summary: Harry is married to his job and so overworked that he doesn’t know how to stop. All it takes is a forced Hawaiian get-a-away, the warm tropical breeze of the island, and the most beautiful, elusive man he’s ever seen to make him remember what living is like outside of work. Well, that, and the little souvenir he accidentally takes home with him.

Word count: 58,591

Vanilla Rules || Chapter 1


Genre: Badboy! au, College! au, romance, drama

Word count: 2.1k (sorry I know its long)

Warnings: Just a lil bit of swearing and mentions of throwing up (just in case anyone has a weak stomach. its not graphic but idk)


The hate saga between you and baddie of the town Park Jimin rests on two very simple (vanilla) rules: 1.) Hate each other for the rest of your lives and 2.)under no circumstances fall in love with each other. But what happens when one of starts falling for the other? Will passion win or will rage take the game?

A/N: if you want chapter 2 then pretty please let me know whether you like it. Honestly it takes a lot more effort to write than read so I dont want to waste my time writing this if the response isn't worth the work I put in. I hope you guys enjoy this and also thank you for taking the time to read it!❤️ I’ll put out a ch 2 teaser depending on how things go. Enjoy reading :)

Prologue || Ch 1 || Ch 2 teaser


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Park Jimin was the worst man you ever had the displeasure of knowing. He was cold, rude, arrogant, indifferent to everyone around him. He never cared for anyone but himself. He trampled over people, used them for his own means and discarded them like waste. Everyone loved him, except for you which is why you sometimes wondered whether he seeked you out on purpose. It was a very sick and twisted game the both of you played, but neither of you ever wanted to stop.

“I think you two like each other in a twisted way” Taehyung your best friend would tell you, earning a scoff which was followed by a glare, every single time he uttered the words. No one ever made you feel as frustrated and angry as he did. “You’re wrong. He has it out for me for whatever reason. He doesnt like me” you would state as a matter of factly in turn earning a laugh of disbelief from Taehyung.

Not to mention Jimin was the biggest fuck boy you knew. Not only did he have zero respect for others, he didn’t even respect himself enough to set himself to a good standard because he would fuck anything that had two legs and a vagina.

You really hated him.

He never let any opportunity to mess up your life go amiss. Whether it was purposely making you late for class, or butting his nose in your romantic endeavours and driving your partners away.

“I am the only guy for you y/n” he had told you the time when he had driven away your dumb ex boyfriend by making it look like you had cheated on him. “ Love it or hate it because you are stuck with me princess” After a while you had given up on relationships because Jimin always ensured it didn’t last past one week.

“Thinking about me?” You were startled out of your thoughts as Jimin’s voice rang through your ears. He occupied the seat next to you and you had to stop yourself from retching because the pungent smell of smoke mixed with the cheap beer invaded your nostrils. “Aww was wittle baby missing me? Does precious little Jiminie need an ass kicking” your voice dripped with sarcasm.

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hi! I don't want to sound rude at all or anything, but what has Ian Somerhalder done that's brought on the negativity? again, not trying to seem like a dick, just looking to be informed. thanks! (:

I’m so sorry this took me 10 years to reply to I got it this morning but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to respond until now. Also, pls don’t feel bad for asking a question you’re totally fine! I’m on mobile at my aunts house so this isn’t as good as it would be if I could like sit down and type a response so I’m going to do the best that I can, here goes:

-When he started dating Nikki he was at a convention and he said he needed viagra to shoot DE scenes because apparently Nina is just so gross. Like come on dude, we all saw how obsessed he was with her, it was a little extensive at times (i.e. staring at her boobs during interviews). Yea, he sure as hell never needed viagra with her lmao bitter much, Ian?

-He also said that Elena’s contribution to the show was “banging the brothers and now they’re better people for it”. I mean the dude straight up slut shamed a female character for having sex with her boyfriends. (Meanwhile his character has literally fucked every female character that’s ever been on the show)

-also when a fan asked if we’d ever get to see a delena wedding he said “I’m already married.” Apparently he doesn’t understand the difference between real life and television.

-Yelling and berating a group of like 10 fans that were just asking for autographs, literally making a girl cry. He legit screamed at her for asking to take a photo, it’s on video and he gave this long ass speech to them like “THIS IS MY DAY” and then when everyone called him out on it after they saw the video online he made this Instagram post with a ten paragraph caption (full of grammatical errors bc he’s an idiot) about how great he is and how he did nothing wrong because he’s amazing to his fans. (Because screaming at them for wanting to take a photo with you because they look up to you is treating your fans so great)

-A few weeks later another video was released of him doing the same thing again

-he’s such a child he can’t even be in the same room as Nina. Example: the past teen choice awards he had a con going on so they rescheduled the entire convention so he’d be able to attend the tca’s, but then he blew it off. Nina was the only one that showed up and accepted the award that they had BOTH won all by herself. Dude can’t even face his ex girlfriend who is perhaps one of the most reserved and mature women I’ve ever seen and has a new boyfriend like come on you’ve both moved on and she left the show, you can’t even stand on a stage with her for 2 minutes to thank your fans for endlessly voting and giving you this award???

-One time he liked a photo Nina posted on Twitter and then claimed he was “hacked.” (Even though he insists that they’re friends and there’s no bad blood but he can’t like a photo she posts on social media that’s just too far lol) and apparently when someone hacks your Twitter they just like someone’s photo and then do nothing else lmao even the cast of the show (Matt Davis) were making fun of him for it bc it was such a lie

-his foundation is bullshit. They’ve legit never done a single thing and most of the donations go to him personally so now he has a 3 million dollar home in Venice thanks to his fake love for animals. Also, the people that donated thousands of dollars with the promise of a phone call with him never got it. He’s been investigated by the IRS like ten times already.

-he legit gets in fights with 10 year old girls on social media just take a look at his insta it’s all there. Some 12 year old made a comment about Nikki once and he straight up responded and flipped out at her and everyone was like wow okay she’s a child probably on her moms phone and you’re a grown man like come on grow the fuck up. And he’s done this multiple times to multiple girls. What kind of 36 year old man feels so threatened by a little kid that he’s gotta put her in her place? Once again, GROW UP.

-he’s super inappropriate with underage girls at conventions and makes comments about their “boobies” (his word not mine)

-made a rape joke about a month back when someone asked why Bonnie would ever sleep with Damon so he said he’d “get her drunk” bc when you’re drunk you can’t consent

-only takes pictures or interacts with fans if he’s being paid at conventions otherwise he refuses and yells at them

-he also lied about his relationship with Nikki. Someone once said it was kinda fucked up that he would date his ex’s friend and he responded by saying that Nikki and Nina weren’t friends and only met twice, which is a straight up lie. The two ladies made a video together for this campaign about health insurance, they hung out tons of times (there’s photos), Nina was literally at Nikki’s first wedding a few years back and the couples used to go on double dates. It’s his life and he can do what he wants, but the man just constantly lies about everything it’s ridiculous. Like even if they were friends who cares why do you feel the need to lie about it just to explain yourself to some random commenter on the Internet???

-his ego is so big idk how he can even walk down the street without it weighing him down the dude is obsessed with himself. He has a contest going on right now where you can win a dinner with him and Nikki and literally JUST TO ENTER you have to pay 10,000 dollars lmao

-there’s so much stuff it’s impossible to list all of it but that gives you an idea. For more stuff just check my anti-Ian tag it’s got everything that’s ever been posted.

-overall he’s a disgusting self obsessed misogynistic piece of shit who thinks he’s gods gift to women when in fact he’s nothing but a creepy narcissistic ass hole

Beginning of the End

Request:  Could you possibly write a Patrick x fem reader where she’s the older sister of one of the losers and they’ve been dating for a while even though he bullies her brother and he’s his normal psycho self. But the club finds him alive in the sewers and the losers save him so he stops his gang from bullying the losers. Thank you 💕

Author’s Note: This is my first time writing anything so I hope I didn’t let you down anon! Feel free to send in more requests, I had a lot more fun writing this than I thought I would :)))

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let me love you (jefferson x reader x alex)

request : modern au??? angsty stuff !?? ooH basically ur eliza and Alex cheats on u and then u get pissed & break up w him and then go hook up w Jefferson to piss him off but then that becomes a thing and now Alex regrets everything (-anon)

warning : slight smut , angst, cussin, alex cheated so 

a/n : wooo writers block send me more requests. also its not v anon i know who sent this bc she kept on texting me to do it. 

“alex? what the fuck is this?” you choked, throwing your phone at him. Maria had texted you. is this y/n? im so sorry that i had to let you know this way. i just found out you are with alexander… we have been hooking up for about two months. im so so sorry he told me he was single. 

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I just found out a while ago one of my ex’s cheated on me while we were in a relationship. How about Gabriel Reyes, McCree, and Roadhog find their crush( they aren’t together but really good friends) crying with phone in hand of her current boyfriend making out with some random girl at a party and she couldn’t do anything because she was at home and she didn’t want to go crying

Yes, I can do that. I hope you don’t mind but this is gonna be one of those requests where each one is a bit different but on the same topic.

Gabriel Reyes:

That night Gabriel found himself feeling rather restless. As much as he bragged about having good instincts, right now they were telling him there was something wrong, and what bothered him was that he couldn’t figure out what it was. 

Pulling up his car outside of your house, Gabriel frowned as he peered out the window. All the windows were dark, except for one upstairs. It didn’t look like you were prepared for company, despite the fact that the two of you had agreed to a movie night yesterday.

Getting out and deciding to be polite he walked up to the door and knocked, waiting patiently. When you didn’t answer, Gabe did what he always did…he let himself in.

The house was a cute two story, and for a moment Gabriel felt that usual stab of jealousy whenever he was here. Photo’s of you and a different man hung on the wall, wrapped in each others arms.  Gabriel couldn’t help his feelings- he had been madly in love with you for almost two years, and yet he never voiced his feelings because you were already in a relationship with another.

Noticing you weren’t downstairs, Gabriel made his way up to the second floor. He thought about calling out for you but something had made him decide not to, as he walked quietly to the only door open with a light on. Perhaps it was a good thing, or you would have tried to stop him from seeing this.

Your bedroom was a disaster. There were garbage bags full or falling over, and clothes laying about. Pictures were all over the unmade bed. A small cat cowered under the bed, as if afraid it too would be swept into a bag. You sat there on the floor, leaning up against the bed with yours knees to your chest. 

Gabriel’s heart broke when he saw how puffy and pink your face was, when he realized your shoulders were shaking and your face was wet with tears. Your eyes were glued to your phone, before you slowly put your head down.

“Y/n…” Gabriel said softly.

Head whipping up, for a moment you looked ready to yell at him. But when you seemed to realize who it was, the anger dissolved as quickly as it came, and immediately you turned away. “Go away, Gabe. I..I can’t do movie night tonight,” you said softly.

Walking over, Gabriel sat on the ground and ignored your protests as he pulled you into his lap. Even when you elbowed him in the chest, he only grunted and pulled you closer. “Then it doesn’t have to be movie night,” Gabe says gruffly. “Will you tell me why your crying?”

Silence fell as you stopped struggling. Immediately you held your phone to your chest, as if protecting a dark secret. The pain in your eyes is what gnawed at him the most. 

“Hey,” Gabriel lifted your chin. “Its okay, y/n. I have you. You don’t have to tell me anything, baby.” He had a habit of calling you baby every time you were sad or hurt, and this time was like no other. The only difference was that when he said it, you closed your eyes tight.

Gabriel wanted to know what had happened, who had done what to you. But if it meant he could stay and comfort you, he wouldn’t ask again. Instead, he cradled you sideways in his lap and rocked the both of you, humming quietly.

You didn’t know what it was about how Gabriel always handled you that made you feel ten times safer then you felt when he wasn’t there. At last you closed your eyes and handed him the phone.

Surprised, Gabriel took it and one glance was all it took for anger to build inside him. “That bastard!” he hissed, as he glared at a picture of your boyfriend holding another woman, making out with her sloppily and having his hands in places they shouldn’t be. From the background, he could make out it was when he had gone to a party.

“He was drunk,” you mumbled, eyes squeezed shut tightly.

“Thats no excuse, damn it,” Gabriel said angrily, but tried to channel his anger into more comforting things like rubbing your back. It took all his might not to stand and punch something. Oh, did he want to punch your boyfriend…ex boyfriend, he thought. As much as Gabriel wanted you, he loved you enough to wish you never get hurt by someone you care about, especially your boyfriend.

“He kept seeing her after,” you whispered, voice barely audible. “The party was a month and a half ago.”

Silence fell and Gabriel stopped moving. The rage was blinding and all he wanted to do was smash that guys face in. I can’t believe I shook this guys hands and left y/n in his care, Gabriel thought in disgust.

“I’m sorry,” Gabriel said softly, unsure of how to comfort you. The deed had been done and there was no way to reverse it now.

The two of you sat in silence. Focusing on you was the only way not to see red for him. Gabriel’s hand rubbed your back gently as he rocked the two of you, his other hand holding yours. God only knows he wishes he could take away your pain…

Turning your face into his chest suddenly, you sniffled and reached up, brushing tears from the corner of your eyes. “Will you stay the night with me?” you asked in a small voice.

Despite the fact that you hadn’t wanted him here before, you couldn’t imagine sleeping here in this bed alone. Heart raw with pain, you wanted to be held by the only person who was ever there for you.

Pressing a kiss to your forehead, Gabriel murmured, “Of course, baby. Let me help you clean up the last of his stuff in here, okay? And then we’ll go to bed,” Gabriel said gently.

Sniffling, you nodded and let him wipe away the last tear. “O-okay,” you whispered, and Gabriel ended up staying the week with you.

By the time your boyfriend got home the next week, Gabriel had successfully burned everything of his in the house that he owned.

Jesse McCree:

Stalking toward a bar at the end of the road, Jesse found himself tasting tobacco as he bit down too hard on the end of his unlit cigar. It was habit to have it in his mouth, but he was afraid if he lit it that he’d end up using it to burn someone while in his foul mood.

Mind whirling, all Jesse could think of was the text you’d sent him two hours ago, one he hadn’t seen for a hour. ‘Lets have sex, Jesse,’ was all it said.

The text had blown his mind: you were in a very serious relationship with another man. A man who was not only a close friend but a man Jesse was very jealous of, for the simple fact that he was in love with you and yet couldn’t have you. Had you figured out about his feelings, which he had kept hidden for the sake of your friendship?

If so, then this was a cruel prank, he had thought.

Until shortly after, your boyfriend had texted Jesse and had asked for him to talk some sense into you. Jesse was hadn’t understood until your boyfriend said that someone had texted you a picture of him half naked with a stripper at a club. 

Never has Jesse felt such cold fury as he did in that moment. Your boyfriend said you were almost drunk down at this little bar and refused to speak with him or let him back into the house. Now with all this information, Jesse understood your text and had realized the pain behind it. 

After cursing your boyfriend to hell, Jesse had slammed the phone down and headed straight for the bar. All he wanted to do was pummel your boyfriend. Whatever friendship he had with the guy hadn’t stopped him from wanting to beat him bloody, but he knew it was more important to find you.

Stalking in, Jesse found you over at the bar, sitting between two large men and giggling as you swirled around a glass of tequila. From the rosy shade of your cheeks, Jessy figured you’d been drinking for awhile now.

Eyes catching on him, you lit up and waved. “Ohhh! Jesse, over here! Guy’s, this is my friend, Jesse!” you said excitedly, the barest slur to your words as you waved at him drunkenly. The men glanced at him briefly, noticing the expression in his eyes before they turned away, not wanting to get involved.

Walking over, Jesse said nothing as he took your hand and put a fifty on the counter with the other one, before leading you toward the door. “Hey! Where are we going?” you demanded, peering at the door and squinting slightly. “I’m not ready to go!”

You tugged and Jesse came to a stop, not because he wasn’t strong enough but because he didn’t want to have to drag you out.

Eyeing him, a slow smile spread across your face. “Ohh I see. You want to go through with my offer, don’t you, you sexy cowboy?” you cooed, straightening but he noticed the barest of nervous glints in your eyes. “Why don’t we do it in my jeep?” you offered bravely, reaching up to pull free one button of his shirt.

Snatching your hand, he held it gently but firmly in his. “Stop it,” Jesse said softly, causing you to freeze and stare up at him.

“I know what he did.”

For a moment, the background seemed to fade and there was no noise. The smile faded from your face at his words, your body stiff now. The two of you stared at each other for what a few long moments, before your lips parted and you took a deep breath.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” you whispered, and turned away, but Jesse wouldn’t let go. The tremor in your voice gave away just how aware of yourself you still were.

Jesse’s other hand came up, gently pulling you closer by the waist. When you still didn’t look at him, he let go of your wrist to take your chin gently and make you look at him. There was a sheen of tears in your eyes that caused his hart to squeeze.

“Drinking isn’t going to make the pain go away,” Jesse said softly. “And neither will having sex with me. You’ll only feel lousy after.”

Gently Jesse swiped his metal finger across your bottom lip, which quivered as you stared up at him. The tears grew, and one escaped down your cheek. The way his arm supported you kept your knees from giving way under the intense pressure you suddenly felt in you.

“I…I don’t know what else to do,” you admitted finally, voice cracking. “I…I just hurt, so much. Our relationship has been going downhill for a little while but…I just…I thought we had more love and respect for each other then that.”

Lowering your head, you rested your forehead against his chest and let out a little laugh. “Do…do you know how that makes me feel? Seeing him touching another so itimately? It makes me feel like I wasn’t good enough,” your voice hushes, your throat closing. “It makes me feel like I’m not good enough at all.”

Immediately Jesse pulled you right to him, almost crushing you to his chest and his hand comes up to pet your hair. “That’s not it, darlin’. You are enough. Your perfect. He’s blind as a bat not to see that, and a worm for not treatin’ you how he should have,” Jesse said passionately. 

With his words, the dam broke and the flood of tears fell down your cheeks. Hands clutching at his sarape, you couldn’t stop yourself as you sobbed into his shoulder. The heart ache was too much for you, and it appeared true. Even the alcohol hadn’t numbed the hurt.

“I j-j-just w-want it t-to stop,” you whimpered. “I d-don’t w-want to h-hurt anymore..”

Holding you, Jesse closed his eyes and could imagine firing a bullet between that son-of-a-bitch’s eyes for the pain he’s caused you.

“I know darlin’, I know,” Jesse said softly.

You ended up staying with Jesse during the time it took to get over your ex’s deceit. 


Honestly, no one really knew how close the two of you were. You two were the most unlikely of friends, him being a silent criminal constantly on the run and you being a cautious, safe but social butterfly. The two of you ran very different lives, but despite the fact that you didn’t get to see him often, the two of you always found your way back to each other.

Of course, the two of you had known each other for many years. And honestly, as much as he loved being around you…The ever silent Roadhog was glad that he was on the run. It wasn’t just the police he was on the run from, but also his feelings for you.

For the last four years you have been in a very steady relationship with a different man. Roadhog could easily admit he didn’t like him: then again, Roadhog didn’t like many people. But you were happy, right? That was all that mattered to him, so he never questioned it or confessed his feelings for you…

The road moved fast beneath his Harley. There was nothing like riding wild and free on the highway, police lights far in the distance behind him as he sped and passed every possible vehicle. 

This was the time of year when Roadhog would come back and visit you. Of course he couldn’t stay away forever, and it wasn’t like the two of you didn’t talk constantly. You never questioned his activities or his life choices, not even when he explained in small words each time about his experience over the payphone. But despite the fact that it hurt to be near you, more often then not it hurt not to be by your side.

This is the one confession Roadhog has never told Junkrat, who was currently in custody at the moment. Roadhog was planning to break him out, but thought better of it. The junker could handle a week in prison, surely…he’d likely make all the other inmates cry.

Reaching town, it took him ten minutes to find the cute little white house tucked away on a street. Parking in the driveway, he noticed only your car and found himself glad. Roadhog hated facing your boyfriend, knowing he could crush his puny head in one hand but being unable to do it. 

Once at the door, Roadhog was going to knock but noticed a note on the ground that read ‘Go to the backyard’. Curious, Roadhog went around the house to the backyard, before turning the corner.

Sitting there was a tree swing was you, your forehead to the rope and your eyes closed. For a moment Roadhog was unsure if you were sleeping, but as he neared, he noticed the tears fresh on your face. 

Eyes opening at the heavy footfalls, you looked up through pink eyes. Upon seeing him, you managed to muster up a small, pitiful smile. “Hi Mako,” you said, trying to keep your voice calm. “Sorry, I forgot what time it was. I missed you.”

Except despite your words, there was no jumping for joy or hooting or hollering or hugs, as you usually greeted him with. After a moment Roadhog stepped closer and brushed his thumb across your cheek, wiping away the tears.

“Oh,” you murmured, lifting your hand to your face. “Am I crying again? I’m sorry, Mako. I must be a terrible sight.

You tried to laugh it off, pushing your hair back from your face and suddenly Roadhog caught your hand gently, and you looked up at him. With his other hand, he took off his mask and hesitated, before sitting in front of you.

“I think you’re a pretty sight,” Roadhog rumbled, voice deep and he looked away, almost shyly. He didn’t know how to comfort or to make a person feel beautiful… He was only good at scaring people.

Which he thought he did at first, as your eyes welled with tears and you covered your mouth to stop a sob from escaping. Immediately he squeezed your hand ever so gently and looked at you with worry.

At that moment, Roadhog noticed your phone on the ground, open. Blinking, he picked it up, planning to hand it to you till he saw a photo open on the phone. It was a picture of your boyfriend, making out with another girl at a party. And suddenly, Roadhog realized what the problem was.

Looking up at you, Roadhog shut the phone and put it down again. Never had he run on instincts like this but after a moment he pulled you onto his chest and cradled you in both arms like a princess.

You couldn’t help sobbing into his chest, hugging his neck tightly. Never have you looked as fragile and small to him as you did now, and he was afraid you might shatter in his arms.

“Y/n…” Roadhog said, trying to find the words. He didn’t talk for a reason usually, and it was because he could not verbally communicate the way he wanted to. “Those do not cherish what they have, lose all they’ve got. And by losing you, he has lost everything-and he knows that.”

Gently his large hand rubbed your back and petted your hair, unsure if his words made any sense. It was so unusual not to just grunt and be understood, but this time verbal communication was necessary.

Pulling back a little, the sobs slowly died down, until you were left with little hiccups as you struggled to stop the tears. “I t-thought we w-w-were h-happy, you know? I thought e-everything w-was okay. And I just…If I was important, w-why w-would he do this?” you asked softly, looking up at him with big, vulnerable eyes

“Some men don’t see the treasures right under their noses,” Roadhog says quietly. “And those who do can never have that treasure.”

You didn’t know what he meant by that last statement, but Roadhog suddenly stood up, still holding you. Holding on, you sniffled and looked confused as he brought you around to the front of the house.

“We’re going for a ride,” Roadhog says quietly, putting you in his side car and he buckles you up.

“A-are you sure?” you sniffled, knowing how protective he was of his Harley. He didn’t even like his odd junker friend near it.

Patting you head, Roadhog gave you the sweetest, most gentle of smiles he’s every produced before putting on his mask and climbing onto the bike and revving the engine.


I Wanted It to be Real

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 4

‘Hey, Baz,’ I say, chewing the end of my pencil. ‘Can you come over here?’

There’s a long silence. ‘Why?’

Right. I almost forgot that we don’t talk to each other in our room.

‘I’m just working on my Politickal Science essay,’ I falter. ‘I was hoping…’

He sighs loudly, but then he’s standing behind me, peering over my shoulder. My breathing quickens.

‘What do you need?’ he says.

I open the textbook and show him the part that I don’t understand.

Baz scoffs. ‘The textbook is shit. If the Mage hadn’t banned…’ he trails off, and I feel the weight of his hand on the back of my chair. ‘Never mind. Look.’

He casts see what I mean and starts writing in the air with his wand. I know I should be paying attention so I don’t have to bug Penny later, but I can’t help watching him instead of the words. I watch his profile, how his lips move and his eyes narrow in concentration as he talks, the words floating in the air in front of his face.

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BTS Reaction × Cheating × Angst 🌧


So delayed because I just write too much sometimes :)

Rap Monster

You felt something was off when you couldn’t find him at BTS’ new album celebration party. No, you thought it was weird since he texted you that he arrived at the party already and that you should find your own ride here but no negative thoughts came to your mind, you trusted Namjoon with everything you had. As you chatted away to a few people to distract yourself, your boyfriend comes to view looking more handsome than ever you had excused yourself and made way to him with the biggest smile dancing on your lips. He hadn’t realised you were here until you stood in front of him.

“Hi” you whispered with a shy smile as you hugged him and thats when you notice a feminine scent on him, a scent that couldn’t belong to you as you haven’t seen your boyfriend let alone that suit for at least 2 weeks due to comeback preparation. Feeling his body become stiffer only to pull away your eyes wander up his chest to his collar where you notice hickeys on his neck. With tears pricking your eyes you looked into his and asked “Wh-what’s this?” while pointing your fingers to his marked neck. 

It felt like hours of silence but you knew his guilty expression had said it all, you turned around and headed for the door. That night he had left you hundreds of message saying that he couldn’t live without you and that he was out of his mind to do this to you, all of which you tried your hardest not to crave into. 


You knew Jin was cheating on you when Taehyung had accidentally called you Yuna, and you definitely were not Yuna. You had no idea that your continuous pestering on who Yuna is (of which you thought Taehyung had a crush on) would end up revealing that she’s the person who your boyfriend JIN was spending time with when he gave you excuses of needing to “improve before the comeback”. Betrayed you confront your boyfriend only to find him beg for forgiveness and that he had been having “too much pressure” and was getting “drunk” frequently, all of which you knew were just lies because it was not just on one occasion and so you had decided to leave and live your life too.


You and Suga would frequently take time apart when it comes near to BTS’ comeback preparation as you know how stressed your man gets when he has to compose, write and record good music all of which were enough to drain him and you did not want to add more to that pile of responsibility. What you did not usually do was get with someone else which was the scene laid out in front of you. 

Suga was kissing a girl who you recognised as a BigHit trainee sat on top of the table, all hands over each other. You had made your presence known when you drop the food you wanted to give to him thinking he wouldn’t be eating but it seems like he was taking care of himself way too well. He turns around to you wide-eyed meeting your tearful gaze before you run out. As you open the door of your car a hand you know too well caught your wrist. “I’m so sorry, I’ve been stressed out you know I’d never do this to you, I’m so sorry Y/N I really need you” You would have got into your car if you had not heard him begging you not to go with the most sincere apologetic face ever, and you had decided to give him another chance. 


You found out that he cheated when he started treating you weird, he never cuts your conversations short and the guilty look in his face whenever he saw you had lead you to question him about whats wrong. When he told you, you felt stupid and betrayed and packed the clothes you could gather in your shared apartment to leave thinking its the end of your relationship. When he goes to his knees and tears escape his eyes you hesitated to leave. 

“I really wanted to tell you but it happened too quickly I was drunk and I feel so disgusting but please don’t leave, I’d never do it if I was thinking straight” and his continuous apologies would lead you to look past it. 


There was nothing more painful than finding out that your boyfriend was screwing your “friend” and he pretends that everything is okay. He was cuddling you after coming home from “Late practice” which your “friend” had told you would use as an excuse every time he had met her. Furious and absent-minded you asked him “is there anything you wanna tell me?” which he replies with “no babe I had a long day” while caressing your sides. “If you really care about me answer it this with honest, is there really nothing” alarmed he cuts off skin contact to dare and look into your eyes “I would tell you, honest” and thats when you push him to the side and explode. He was lying and he didn’t even care about it.

“So screwing Hani is really nothing you wanna tell me? How fucking dare you” you got up to be pulled back by strong arms and pleading arms “I didn’t want to hurt you” he was just giving excuses you thought “Please let’s jus- no just please give me one more chance you know I need you” he begged before you slammed the dorm’s door. 


Being with a man as perfect as Taehyung had made you self-conscious since you first started dating, you always thought you weren’t good enough for him and when you heard a news media outlet releasing pictures of who you thought was your man and an actress he had acted with in a drama before holding hands. You began to cry and curse at yourself for your incompetence, something you knew you shouldn’t do but if you were pretti- no if you treated him better maybe he wouldn’t have looked around for someone else.

Taehyung ran to your apartment as soon as the media covered the scandal and he knew you were probably broken and hated himself for it. When he arrived and saw your state he started crying as he knew he would never be able to forgive himself for doing this to you. 

“Please, stand up you don’t deserve to cry” he would manage to say and showered you with compliments in hopes to wash away any negativity, all of which you knew were gonna be useless when you ended the relationship there and then.


Jungkook blushing whenever he looks at his phone and when he would spend too much time outside the house, even when they had no schedule or practice had made you suspicious. You thought confronting him would be a good idea to clear things in your head  but you couldn’t bring yourself to it. You decided to just look through his phone instead and you discovered messages you wish you had never read

You walked to where he was sitting playing computer games only to throw his phone at him with the most disgusted look in your face, you had hidden your broken feelings deep not wanting to give him to have the satisfaction of seeing you break down. He looked up at your expression questioningly. “What’s up babe?” He’d ask while turning around to continue his game “Really? You’re gonna pretend Jenny doesn’t exist?” “Who-what? wow so you go through my phone now” he’d look at you astonished “I wouldn’t have had to if you weren’t being suspicious, How could I have asked you if you don’t even spend time with me anymore?”

He’d realise he messed up but his pride seemed way to important to him and he didn’t want to give in and beg you forgiveness when you looked through his messages without permission. He would regret it so much when he saw you walk out with tears in your eyes after being ignored knowing he messed up and lost someone so precious for someone temporary.


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 101
warning : smut
summary : Kai meets Reader at the Salvatore house and teases her with magic.
*gif by christophwood

Ever since Kai turned into a heretic , Damon and his friends made it their mission to keep an eye out of him and keep him busy so he doesn’t kill anyone. Weirdly none of them seemed to even consider that maybe he was changing and that now with his coven was gone there wouldn’t be any reason for him to snap. When they asked him to come over that day he had no idea the day was going to be full of surprises for him.
To Kai spending the day at the Salvatore’s with Damon and everyone else (except for Bonnie who still couldn’t stand to be anywhere near him) had seemed like the most annoying thing in the world. They kept eyeing  him, following his movements around the room while he looked around , wondering if he’d give them the slip. There were so many things there , he couldn’t help but want to check out every single one of them. It appeared that over the decades , the Salvatore’s had gathered quite an impressive collection of all sorts of trinkets.
    “Put that down creeper.” said Damon , taking a sip of his bourbon seeing Kai holding one of the old vases. “If you break it , I will break you.
    “Always so hostile , Damon. Why is that ? Has Elena stopped letting you — tsk tsk , you know.” said Kai wiggling his brows. “Cuz that would definitely do it , or maybe its just who you are. I still can’t figure out which one is it. Or what Elena sees in you. Stefan is so much better than -”
Damon held onto his glass so hard , the glass smashed in his hands sending shards everywhere. Elena ducked to try and avoid getting pieces of it in her body , rolling her eyes before pulling Damon down on the sofa with her to keep him from killing Kai.
    “Owh , did I struck a nerve ?”
    “Ignore him.” said Elena quietly , rubbing Damon’s forearm.
The young heretic kept walking around the room under the stare of the couple , slowly making his way to the hallway , checking out the paintings when the front door opened and someone he had never seen before in his life walked inside the house and bumped into him almost knocking him down.
    “Watch where you are —” started Kai , freezing on the spot. “Oh hello.”
Kai checked out the knew comer from head to toe,  twice - the girl looked around his age , wearing short shorts , a plain white top with her hair made in waves. He was surprised to figure out she was a human since there weren’t that many humans left in the Mystic Falls gang. He wondered who she is. One thing Kai knew for sure - the girl stole his breath away and he wanted her to like him and be his friend or more maybe than a friend. So far he hadn’t managed to screw anything up with her , so maybe there was a chance for at least one of those things to happen.
    “Sorry.” she smiled nervously , taking a step backwards.
    “No harm done.” he smiled , unable to look away. “Wow you are like really pretty. How don’t I know who you are?”
    “I um — W-who are you again?”
    “Oh right sorry , manners. I’m Kai.” said Kai grinning at her , nervously running his fingers through his hair before shaking her hand, holding onto it a few seconds too long.
    “Step away from the human.” said Damon , getting up from the sofa to welcome his friend. “Welcome home troublemaker. Had a good year at NYU?”
Kai couldn’t take his eyes off the new girl and she appeared to have the same problem , glancing at Damon only for a few seconds. He could hear her heart racing and  her breathing becoming uneven. Damon gave Y/N an awkward one arm hug , messing up her hair right after until she slapped his hand away.
    “NYU was — fun , I guess though nowhere near as fun as hanging out here…apparently.” she said , running her fingers through her hair trying to fix the mess her friend had made.
    “I am just trying to get to know your friend , thats all. Why ? Does she have a boyfriend or something ?” wondered Kai , not taking his eyes off her. Thinking  this girl might belong to someone else but him made him feel weird. “You still haven’t told me your name.”
    “Sorry — I’m Y/N and no , I d-don’t have a boyfriend.” said Y/N smiling nervously. Elena wrapped her hands around her pulling her into a hug. “You never said he was that hot.” she whispered to her friend.
    “You think I’m hot ?” said Kai with an smile on his face,  taking a step towards her until Damon pulled him away. He glanced at the vampire , pushing him off. “Oh stop it with the over protective stuff. I am not going to hurt her. I think she likes me , it would be a shame if I don’t get to know her at least. What do you say? Do you want to spend the rest of the day with the most dangerous heretic ?”
Damon groaned and Kai ignored him , taking another step towards Y/N. He could hear her heart beating so fast, as if trying to leap out of her chest the closer to her he got. Something told him it wasn’t fear that was causing her reaction.
    “I promise you , whatever they have told you about me - they’ve over reacted.” said Kai , snaking his hand around her waist and walking her to the sofa.
    “Yeah because what you did at the wedding was a walk in the park.” said Damon , but Kai ignored him completely. All his attention was on Y/N.
    “Who knows , maybe you will see the good in me.” he smiled lightly brushing his fingers against her cheek for a moment. “Hey do you have twitter ? You should follow me - cobrakai1972. You know , like Karate Kid? ”
Y/N felt a tingly feeling spread from her stomach through her body the second Kai touched her. He didn’t seem evil like her friends had told her , he just seemed — like he wanted someone to talk to. There was no denying he was smocking hot and somehow in their first few moments together he had stirred something inside her , something she hadn’t felt since her boyfriend Kol. No way she’d hate Kai , ever. It was already too late for that.
    “Um … I don’t believe I’m familiar with that movie.” she laughed nervously.
    “OH then maybe we can watch it together like — you know, on a date?” he asked raising his brows for a moment just as they sat together on the sofa.
    “Wait – we just met and you are asking me out already ?”
    “Yeah , why ? Is that odd ? Sorry , I’m a little rusty on my social skills. You know , magical timeout and all.” he smiled nervously.
Y/N turned towards her friends raising her brows as if to say ‘Thats the super dangerous person you told me about ?’. Kai had a danger vibe around him , yes , but he didn’t seem as dangerous as her friends had made him out to be. He seemed nice and cuddly with eyes that could melt any girl’s heart. Like they already had started melting hers.
    “You two are full of surprises , aren’t you ?” she wondered turning towards her friends. “So where are my welcome home cupcakes with those red sprinkles on top ? I thought you said there would be cupcakes.”
    “You like cupcakes too ? Awesome ! Ch-cholate ones right ?”
Y/N glanced at Kai and then at her friends and then at Kai again , slowly starting to piece things together. Were they trying to make up for killing Kol with the white oak stake to get the stupid cure ? Sure they hadn’t known about her and the original vampire back then but it still hurt like hell. A nervous smile showed on her face and she ran her fingers through her hair.
    “Yeah …. with chocolate frosting and melted chocolate on the inside.”
Kai grinned rubbing his hands excitedly. “OH those are the best. I love you already.”
    “S-sorry what?” said Y/N blinking a few times really fast.
    “What ?”
    “You said ‘love’.”
    “No , I didn’t. I said ‘like’.”
    “Ohh-kay.” she said clearly remembering him saying ‘love’.
    “You like cupcakes and you are talking to me without that judgy look in your eyes all your annoying friends get whenever I am around.” said Kai sincerely. “How can I not like you ?” Kai grinned at her , pinching her cheek.
    “Don’t – don’t do that.”
    “Why ? Is it annoying you?” he said pinching her cheek again as she tried to swat his hand away. “You missed.”
Y/N started laughing , even more seeing Elena and Damon’s expressions. They were looking at them with a look of disbelief , suspicion , surprise as if Y/N had gone crazy and like Kai had done something evil instead of being all cute.
‘What?’ she mouthed. 'He is smoking hot –’
    “Alright thats - that’s enough. If you two keep it up like that I will need  a lot more of this.” said Damon shaking his empty glass in his hands , moments before he poured himself another glass with bourbon.
Kai raised his hands in defence. “Fine , I’ll stop talking.”
    “Yeah , as if thats going to happen.” muttered Elena sitting on the other sofa , reaching for Damon’s glass and gulping it at once. “Sorry , you might need to get yourself another one.”


Kai had stopped talking , mostly because he couldn’t figure out what to say to Y/N to get her to get out with him. He was starting to get worried something had gone seriously wrong with him because not once in his life he had felt that way. Why were his palms so sweaty and why was his heart doing those weird flips? How it was that he couldn’t focus on anything else but her in that moment ?
Y/N kept glancing at Kai noticing how he hadn’t taken his eyes off her , studying her face with curiosity in his blue eyes. Was she imagining it or was he moving closer to her ? Kai pressed his lips together for a moment , lightly licking his lower lip with a low 'hmmmm’ following afterwards.
Damn thats hot. she thought unable to look away from him.
A few minutes later Stefan and Caroline arrived at the house with the cupcakes her friends had promised her when they called two days ago. Stefan said something to her but she could barely see or even hear him. All her focus was on Kai and how in this moment his fingertips were grazing across her arm slowly sending chills all over her body. Y/N swatted his hand away but he didn’t give up. No matter how hard she tried to focus on reality it wasn’t possible , not with her new blue eyed friend doing all of this.
    “Oh just get it out of your system and kiss. I can’t stand the thought of an evening with the two you and that tension.” said Damon suddenly.
Y/N and Kai turned towards him. The young heretic was grinning and she was looking at her friend with a mix of shock and surprise in her wide eyes. Only half an hour ago he had practically tried to drag Kai away from her and now he was suggesting they make out. What ?!
    “I – I don’t want to kiss him. Why w-would I want to kiss him ?” she stuttered. “T-this is ridiculous.”
Kai put his arm around her shoulder pulling her towards him , sending electricity through her veins.
    “Oh sure you do , sweetheart.” grinned Kai placing his other hand on her stomach. “Owwh listen to that heart beat - racing so fast , so strong. Hmmm…”
Kai leaned in towards her brushing his nose against her cheek slowly moving it towards her neck while snaking his other hand on her stomach , getting her to lose it completely. Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed for a second and glanced at Damon then at Kai , pushing his hands away getting up quickly.
    “I’ll be right back.”

Y/N almost ran to the kitchen to get something cold to drink and find a way to cool down. Kai’s touch and just his presence had sent so many butterflies in her stomach she was 100% sure somehow they’d burst out of her. A few minutes later she had poured herself a glass with her favourite lemon / ginger ice tea and had leaned against the kitchen counter , taking a sip. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back for a moment letting out a small moan.
    “Oh that felt good.” she muttered to herself.
    “So hot moaning like that…” said a male voice , sounding way too close.
When her eyes opened Kai was standing right in front of her , so close his body was almost pressing against hers. He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her towards him leaning in towards her. His eyes kept darting between hers and her lips , his breath lightly hitting her face.
    “Kai – what are you doing ?”  she wondered trying to find a way to pull herself away from him. No way she’d kiss him. No way she’d let him kiss her either no matter how much she wanted to. Luckily for her his grip wasn’t to strong and she pushed him away.
Kai grinned at her , reaching for one of the cupcakes on the counter swiping some of the frosting with his finger and licking it clean right after. Y/N’s eyes widened and she tried very very hard to push away all those thoughts , but instead of helping he pushed it even further - licking some of the frosting from the cupcake with his tongue without taking his eyes off her.
    “MMmmmhmmm those are delicious. You should try them , here.” he swiped some of the frosting and held out his finger for her. “Come on , you know you want to. Plus how can you say 'no’ to chocolate cupcakes.”
Y/N gripped his wrist and pushed his hand away. “I um …no , t-thanks.”
Quickly she turned around walking out of the kitchen when barely a few steps away from the door , Kai caught up with her and without saying a word backed her against the wall , pinned her hands over her head and kissed her as if his life depended on it. Then as if nothing had happened he walked on his way to the living room leaving her breathless with her heart pounding so fast , even she could hear it. Y/N walked to the sofa , clearing her throat and lightly scratching her head. Kai poured two drinks - handing one of them to her.
    “T-thanks.” she smiled nervously unable to stop thinking about that kiss. Kai had sneaked up on her pushing her buttons so hard they were stuck and now all she could think about was him. Even more than before. How did he even do that ?
    “Go out with me.” he asked suddenly.
    “I barely know you. Why would I go out with you ?”
    “Thats why I want you to go out with me. To get to know each other. Isn’t that obvious or do kids do it differently those days? Tell you what. If by the end of the night I haven’t convinced you, I’ll let it go.”
    "Just like that ?”
    "Just like that.” he said raising his hands in surrender and then something flashed in them for a split second. “But you will go out with me. I know you will.”
    "Cocky much?”
    "Alright you two , break it up - my ears are bleeding.” said Damon sitting between Y/N and Kai. “Y/N is the smartest person here. She is not going to go out with you -”
    "We’ll see about that.” said Kai with a smug smirk on his face. 


The evening dragged itself on. Eventually everyone stopped eyeing them and she relaxed a bit. Kai had cooled it down with the teasing but just as she thought he might’ve given up on that idea something happened.
All of the sudden she felt as if someone was touching her way down there. Y/N glanced at her lap but there was nothing there. For a moment she thought it had been her imagination and pushed the thought away.Then it happened again only this time there was a little more pressure and it felt as if someone was drawing circles her clit and a quiet moan left her lips before she had had the time to stop herself.
    "Are you okay ?” asked Kai innocently , placing his hand on her hip very slightly moving it. “Do you need water or something ?”
Y/N turned towards him seeing the devilish spark in his eyes for a second and thats how she knew - whatever was happening , it was him. He was somehow responsible.  Damon glanced at her then at Kai , grabbing the heretic’s hand and droppingit on Kai’s lap with a smirk on his face.
    "No , I’m g-good. Thanks.” she muttered with a small smile , shooting him a warning look. How can he do that , specially with Damon sitting between them?! Kai grinned at her and took a sip of his drink when all of the sudden her legs parted slightly and an invisible finger entered her ,making her moan a little louder. Damon turned towards her straight away while everyone else glanced at her and she started coughing to try and cover it up.
    "S-sorry , it went down the wrong p-pipe.”
    "Go out with me.” whispered Kai leaning over behind Damon’s back.
    "No.” she whispered through gritted teeth , feeling the invisible finger getting joined by another. Y/N gasped , starting to clear her throat to cover it up feeling them curl around pumping in and out of her slowly picking up the pace. Quiet whimpers kept escaping her lips no matter how much she tried to muffle them.
Y/N balled her hands into fists , her nails digging in her palm almost drawing blood while she tried not to moan every time Kai’s magic fingers curled inside her. A couple of times she shifted on her seat , even tried pushing her legs together but none of it seemed to work.The girl was sure if she says something her friends would intervene but — she didn’t want them to. Y/N had no idea how her new friend was doing this but she enjoyed every second of it.
    "Ahhh that’s some really good bourbon.” muttered Kai , taking a sip looking around the room innocently while he continued teasing her with magic. Her skin felt on fire and the more she tried not to moan the worse things got. It was as if Kai wanted her to moan and his fingers picked up the pace even more. Y/N rested her back against the sofa digging her nails in the cushions. For a second she glanced at Kai and could see devils dancing in his eyes , turning her on even more. Another curl of his fingers later her back arched off the sofa and a quiet moan left her lips. Kai turned towards her grinning , his fingers slowly picking up the pace while an invisible thumb rubbed her clit. Y/N’s cheeks had flushed , her eyes kept fluttering closed and the way Kai kept looking at her with innocent eyes as if there is nothing he had done was just too much.
    “I freaking hate you.” she whispered through gritted teeth.
    “What did I do ?” wondered Damon. Y/N grabbed his glass with bourbon and gulped it all at once.
    “Woawh…” said Kai with an amused look in his face.
Kai continued teasing her , pumping his fingers deep inside her curling them around ,watching her squirm and try not to moan failing almost every time. Luckily her friends had started laughing about something and didn’t hear her whimper or see her legs shake as she came. Her thoughts were a mess , her skin was on fire and the lingering feeling of Kai’s lips on hers was driving her completely nuts. All she could think about was how much she wanted him. There was one thing left to do. Y/N turned towards him with an innocent smile on her face.
    "Yes , Y/N ?”
    "Will you come help me with the um - “
    “Yeah … lets go with that.” she muttered , getting off the sofa with Kai on her tail.
Y/N’s legs felt like jelly and she tried to hide it while walking out of the living room and into the hallway , turning right instead of left , heading towards the cellar. Kai caught up with her at the stairs pinning her against the wall not waiting a second before smashing his lips against hers. Their lips moved hungrily together as if trying to swallow each other. He took her hands by the wrists and pinned them over her head , pressing his body against hers ,pushing his crotch against hers making her moan into the kiss.
    "Go out with me.” he asked again gazing longingly into her eyes.
Y/N shook her head , wounding one of her legs  around his waist. A smug smirk showing on his face pushing against her again , resting his forehead on hers. Kai started saying something but she shushed him.
‘They are listening.’ she mouthed.
‘I dont care. I want you and I always get what I want.’ he mouthed back , slipping his hand in her jeans and under her panties until his fingers reached her clit. His lips formed a small letter ‘oh’ realising her panties were pooling with arousal.
    "Someone had fun.” he whispered as quietly as possible. “I wonder what you taste like ? Hmmm … ”
Y/N s eyes widened knowing her friends are upstairs listening in. What if one of them comes looking for them ? A devilish spark flashed in Kai’s eyes and his lips smashed against hers drowning out her moans while his long fingers pushed inside her to the last knuckle curling around , pumping inside her a couple of time. Each curl made her back arch off the wall and her hips kept pushing down on his fingers wanting him to go deeper. Y/N tried hard not to groan in frustration when his fingers pulled out. She had thought teasing her with magic had felt good but that felt magnified to the max. Kai brought his fingers to his lips , moaning as he cleaned his fingers as if her juices are the most delicious treat there is.
    ”So delicious.“ he moaned , leaning to whispering her ear. "And so tight around my fingers. It will feel so nice stretching you out.”
Y/N’s eyes widened and she slipped down the wall for a moment just thinking about what would happen next but he held her steady. However on fire she had felt upstairs , in that moment she was burning up.
    “Mmmmhmm … So , what do you say sweet cheeks ?” he whispered in her ear. “ Will you go out with me?” he asked again loosening the grip on her hands.
    “Tomorrow ?”
Y/N hooked one of her hands around his neck , slipping her other down between their bodies pushing its way in his jeans , palming him through his briefs. “Only if we get out of the house in the next 15 seconds.”
    “Is that a challenge?”
    “12 seconds –”
Kai grabbed her , whooshing them upstairs and through the door before anyone had had the chance to see them , though the sound of the door closing shut with a loud bang got all her friend’s attention.
    “Pay up brother.” said Damon with a smug smirk. “Told you they wouldn’t be able to resist each other.”


anonymous asked:

I love your lists! If you happen to get the time for it, would you mind sharing some good babysitter!Killian fics? It's fine if that's not his actual job, but like if he's a friend or neighbor or something even who takes care of Henry for Emma sometimes. Thank you! You are so amazing to this fandom! <3

thank you anon! you’re a girl after my own heart. i’d love to talk off anon if you’d like. this trope is irresistible. writers, this trope is under-done and exciting!


Quite the Au Pair by @nowforruin [ Emma has never been one to ask for help – and she has a damn hard time accepting it when it’s offered. But the truth of the matter is, being a single mother is hard. When she places an ad for a nanny, he’s the last thing she expects - and exactly what she needs. ]

full-time and jealous by @thejollypirate [based on the prompt:  If you have time can you write a fic where Killian is the nanny and Emma is the single mom and he falls in love and maybe jealousy from his part but happy ending please?]

Killian babysits Henry

We Can’t Be Friends by FluentSarcasm [Emma Swan & Killian Jones have been best friends for over 15 years when she gets pregnant by her boyfriend Neal. When Neal dumps her and dies soon after, Killian steps in to help her raise Henry. Emma’s realization that she’s been in love with Killian all along forces her to admit that maybe she doesn’t want to be just friends anymore.]

For Once, Let Go by @whisperofgrace [ Modern AU. Emma picks Henry up from her long-time friend Killian’s house after her job has turned his short babysitting role into an overnighter.]

Please, Please Say You Feel It Too by @cutieodonoghue [ captain swan modern au; Emma pawns her son off to her neighbor Killian. Romance ensues. (Daddy!Killian feels abound!) ]

On Outstanding Roommates by @effulgentcolors [Based on this tumblr prompt: “you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married.“ ]

Not A Babysitter by @effulgentcolors [Based on this tumblr prompt: "i asked you to babysit one time and now my child keeps asking when you will spend time with them again”. ]

I’d love to see more nanny!killian fics, anyone got time for prompts?

Sweet Obsession #5

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#1  #2  #3  #4

Summary: Taehyung finds himself having a sweet obsession with you. is it dangerous? Or is it a mere children’s crush?

Pairing: Reader X Kim Taehyung

Genre: Stalker!Taehyung Psycho!Taehyung


October 12th
Two years prior

“I can’t believe you did that” You walked outside of the police station, flashes of red and blue surrounding your peripheral vision.

“Do what? You didn’t have to bail me out”  Taehyung slid into the passenger seat of your car.

“Graffiti all over that old mans car, I get he’s a dick to you when he see’s you but his wife just died” you gripped the steering wheel and swerved onto the road.

Silenced passed for a couple of minutes.

“Thanks” he mumbled staring out of the car window, this was a special occasion since it was your mums birthday.

“You’re lucky I just got paid” you smiled at him, he continued to stare at the road.

“I’ll help you clean the car” you whispered, trying to cheer him up from whatever was bothering him.

“You don’t have to-”

“Where am I taking you to?” you cut him off, you cared for Taehyung and you didn’t want him to feel shitty for the rest of the week.

“Kim Taehyung?” A man in uniform asked him.

“Thats me” He smiled at the police officers. The short man flashed his id to Taehyung.

“If you could please come with us to the station” The officer said, making Taehyungs father step in.

“Why do you want to investigate my son? He’s done nothing wrong” Taehyung stopped his dad before he could say anything else.

“It’s only for a few hours, I’ll be fine” Taehyung walked off with the offices to their car.


You stood up gripping onto whatever you could for support. The first thing you do is hobble into the bathroom, searching for the first aid kit. Bending down and opening the cabernet from under the sink you find the white box.

A while after you patched yourself up, bandaging the cut. You laid still in the shared bed, not wanting to hurt yourself even more then you already have.

Your stomach grumbled, you hadn’t eaten in 24 hours. You got up, groaning and moaning, clutching your side as you walked.

“There has to be food, every psycho planning their kidnapping always thinks ahead” you mumbled, opening the cabernet to see the packet of ramen.

“Okay, now bowls” you whisper. Opening drawers, you find the small bowl and boil the water.

Sitting down on the chair at the small table you sigh, you wondered what will come next. How your new life will be, with the beatings for every minor thing you do wrong.

You could just end it all.

The kettle signaled that the water was done, you sat there in your thoughts. You didn’t want to deal with this, you were afraid you were hoping that you knight in shining armour saves you. But that’s just not the truth.

“Where were you last night?” the officer asked.

“Lets see, I was at Y/n’s studying with her. We were both hungry so I went out to our favourite food place and got food. I was on my way back but car ran out of gas, I stopped on the side of the road and waited until someone came to help me. Around two am I got home.”

“So you aren’t aware that Y/n is missing?” The female officer asked Taehyung.

His face turned shocked, tears brimmed his eyes. “She’s missing?” his hands started shaking, the police officer handed him a box of tissues.

“H-How?” he asked, playing the game well.

“A boy named Jisung, was founds beaten to death in Y/n’s home. Y/n was no where to be found. Her friends say you were with her last night, we had to make sure that you weren’t the one doing this”

Taehyung nodded.

After the meeting Taehyung stepped outside with puffy eyes, Mina, Jungkook and Jimin were already sitting on the seats waiting to be questioned. Jimin glared at Taehyung while Mina cried into Jungkooks bomber jacket.

“He’s lying!” Jimin shouted at the officers in the questioning room. “Jimin, calm down” Jungkook pleaded him. “We’ll keep an eye on him, if he does anything suspicious let us know okay?” the female officer said with her soft voice.

The three friends stepped out of the building.

“He did it” Jimin whispered.

“You have no proof, he’s just as innocent as us” Mina spoke up. Jungkook kicked a pebble, walking over to Jimin.

“You believe me right? That freak has been obsessed with her ever since she met him” Jimin turned to Jungkook.

September 6th
Two Years Prior

“Take a picture of us Jimin!” you grabbed Taehyungs phone and gave it to Jimin. Taehyung trying to get it back you grabbed his hands and put them around you.

“Pose and look happy” you laughed into Taehyungs ear, obviously drunk.

While you were getting Taehyung to pose, Jimin flipped through the camera roll. He stumbled upon an album of you, photos of you filled the album.  Jimin too drunk to question it continues with taking the picture.

“Say drunk” Jimin laughed.

“Druuuuunk” you slurred.

You sat on the couch and flipped through the tv channels, it being night time you were trying to find a movie to watch. Instead you found the news.

“Y/n Y/l/n, 19 year old girl has been missing since this morning. After Park Jisung was found dead by his mother at Miss Y/l/n’s house, the mother could not find Miss Y/l/n and called into report the missing girl.” Your eyes went wide at the sight of you on television.

“I think she killed that poor boy, she’s known around the neighbour hood to be quite violent with that boyfriend of hers” your neighbour said on TV.

“That’s a damn lie!” you shouted at the TV.

Your breathing became heavier, tears streamed down your face. Your sobs became so loud that by passers on the street could hear it.

“That’s it” you whispered, getting up off of the couch and heading out the door.

“If you leave this building, I’ll kill all of your pretty friends one by one” Taehyungs voice rang through your head as you ran down the steps.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” you repeated over and over again. You ran to the near by bridge. Tripping over the uneven pathway, but still continuing.

You stood at the end. Your chest heaving up and down. You heard the sound of a car screech to a halt.

“Y/n!” Taehyung shouted.

“Don’t come near me you psycho!” you screamed.

You turned to him crying.

“Do you see what they’re saying about me on TV!?” Taehyung took one step closer, crying himself.

“Y/n baby, you don’t have to do this”

“They’re saying I killed the poor kid! Me! I killed him. I loved him like he was my own brother…” you whispered the last part, crying and coughing. “You did this! You’re the one that should be in Jail, You’re the one that should be blamed…not me” you screamed.

“No! Don’t say that! It wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t my fault!” he continued, pulling at his hair.

“It doesn’t matter now” you whispered.

Leaning backwards, letting the wind carry your body.

The water soon engulfed your body, dragging it into the cold darkness. You held your breath, you felt like your head was going to explode. You looked up to see small bubbles surrounding you.

Arms wrapped your body around another, you blacked out.

Opening your eyes, you saw your body laying flat on the bed. Your hands were tied up to the bed head.

“What?” you whispered.

“You’re awake” your vision became not blurred, his hair was damp and so were his clothes.

You started crying, you wiggled and squirmed. His hands attacked your shoulders controlling your bodies movements.

“Shhh” he cooed.

“Do you want me to untie you?” he asked. You nodded your head. Your hands were free in a matter of minutes.

“You dressed me?” you asked.

“Of course, I couldn’t let you stay in wet clothes for hours” He smiled at you, getting you to drink the tea he made for you.

“Why?” you whispered.

“Because I love you Y/n, that’s why” He kissed your forehead, then your cheek and then your lips.

“Now get some rest” He pulled the covers over you.

break up | archie andrews (riverdale)

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request: can i request an archie imagine where the reader and him had a fight and break up. it being really angsty and avoiding each other. but one day she went to investigate something with betty and jug she got hurt and he sees it? just fluff please!!! thank youuu❤️

it had been days since you left the house after what had happened with archie. you were heart broken with the latest events including the break up.

betty & veronica had constantly been visiting bringing you over food and movies trying to cheer you up and get your mind off of things but it you just couldn’t, there was no use.

how could you possibly forget that your boyfriend of almost a year had let himself be seduced by the blossoms and allowed cheryl to kiss him. the thought made you feel sick inside

and it was worse because he didn’t even have the guts to tell me, you heard it from the mouth of the devil herself. and boy did she love to see you crack and squirm, placing doubt in both of our minds enough to make the red headed boy i love leave you

there’s soft knocks on your door causing you to sigh sniffling, “come in” you croak shifting in your bed to face the door as it opens to reveal two of your closet friends jughead and betty

“hey stranger” you smile sadly to the beanie wearing brunette standing next to your blonde best friend.

he sits himself on the edge of your bed extending his hand to your shoulder giving it a comforting and reassuring squeeze “im sorry i didn’t come sooner”

you quickly place your hand over his i knew exactly why he didn’t come, he was currently living in the andrews residence so it almost seems reasonable that he didn’t want to offend or anger his new roommates and his re kindled relationship with the red headed jock and his father

“it’s seriously fine jug- i understand” you smile sadly at your best friends, concern visible on their faces

“we’ve got a job for you” you wipe the tears from your cheeks and sit up slightly “you up for it?” “yeah okay”

they smile triumphantly at each other and before reaching over and pulling you out of your cozy bed “change and meet us outside” you nod flopping back down on your bed watching them as they scurry out of your room

you finally get the courage to leave your bed changing and pulling a brush through your knotted hair for the first time in days applying makeup to cover the evident dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep

after you finish changing you grab a random sweater off your freshly made bed and throw it on only noticing half way down the stairs that it was intact archies; he leant it to you one night at pops when it was cold and he didn’t want you to freeze.

well that’s what he liked to tell you why he did it, you still believe to this day that he only did it to shut your whining as you rubbed your arms rapidly comparing on how it was so cold

you tug at the sleeves, it smelled of him. the warmth swallowing you up. trudging outside you spot the couple standing beside your car “so what’s the plan?”

the blonde glances to her boyfriend before speaking “jug and i are going to explore a new lead, you need to go to pops and find veronica she’ll catch you up to speed” you nod fiddling with your keys

“pops, v? got it” betty gives me a tight squeeze “be safe, ill see you later” you nod turning slightly as jughead gives wraps you up in a small hug “bye”

you watch as they join hands and walk toward the direction of the cooper household, heart eyes evident. you feel the tears stream down your face as the sight trigger your memories of they way archie used to give you that same look exactly like that.

you get in the car and drive over to pop’s, sliding out and walking briskly into the empty diner, spotting the raven haired girl sitting with him. you find your breathe hitches, lodging in your throat

swallowing the lump in your throat, you force your feet to propel yourself forward to the occupied booth “V” the raven hair girl looks up slightly surprised at your presence.

she jumps out of the booth and throws her arms around you pulling your body into her warm embrace “god it’s good to see you out of bed- and in normal clothes- and your hairs brushed oh im so proud”

she hugs you again it was tighter then before, glancing over her shoulder making eye contact with the boy who broke my heart, he looks worried sick

she pulls you back at arms length and glancing at you concern washing over her face “(y/n) i thought you were getting more sleep?” you shake my head moving away slightly from your friend.

“look can you just fill me in?” she glances back at our friend then to me “yous should talk” she begins backing away from the booth

panic setting in for the both of you

you shake your head furiously “no no i-i-i ccan’t-t” you stutter edging yourself further and further away from the booth before breaking into a sprint racing toward the diner door and out to your parked car.

tears begin to cloud your vision as you drive off toward betty’s house, hoping that the two hadn’t left for their sleuth session yet

you were an absolute mess tears pouring from your eyes blurring your vision so much that you didn’t seem to even notice the car speeding through a red light and just like that your vision turned black.

archie’s pov

i cuss under my breathe as i watch my girlfriend, ex-girlfriend rush out of pops like she was on fire. i hate that i did that to her.

“archie you can’t keep avoiding each other you need to talk to her” i shake my head “cause your idea worked so well didnt it” i yell 

“god i should’ve never listened to you three- she doesnt want anything to do with me thats why she just ran out!”

i pull on my hair as we sit in the booth in silence, tears begin to well in my eyes and it takes all of me to swallow my pride standing from the booth and slipping on my jacket

“where are you going?” veronica stands grabbing onto my arm “i need to make this right”

i grab my phone and dial her number holding it against my ear waiting for her response only for her to not pick up, i try again the sound of sirens faintly ringing in my ears

the two of us share a glance before looking out the window as the sirens grow louder and louder until finally they pass the diner, two ambulances and a police cruiser

my stomach dropped her name falling from my mouth before i rush out of the diner veronica hot on my hells “arch get in my car ill drive!” she yells but i ignore her pushing myself to run as fast as my legs will carry me

i chase after the emergency services as they pull up a head to what looked like a car accident, a soon as i see the familiar car i scream out her name veronica zooming past me and fleeing the car.

i rush over to the paramedics as they pull (y/n) from the car her cheeks still dripping wet with tears “no- no no NO” i yell not bothering about the tears that are streaming down my cheeks.

she was covered in blood, her arm looked broken and her lip split my heart shattering as i stare at the fragile girl that was my entire world

“son you need to step back” the paramedic told me trying to wheel the gurney up into the rig “no im going with her” i insist trying to push past “please” the shake their head loads her in

“archie?!” i turn to see sheriff keller jogging to me “what’s wrong?”

i point to the ambulance “it’s (y/n) she was in a accident i have to go with her” i beg to the sheriff and he nods walking over to the guys and whispering something with them before the allow me to climb up

i lace my hand with hers as i giving her a squeeze my other hair tangling through her hair trying to soothe her.

“c’mon (y/n) you can do this baby keep fighting" i mutter tears still running down my cheeks.

i clutch her hand tightly as the monitors start to beep the crew shouting a bunch of words to each other before they push me back in my seat forcing our hands to pull apart

“what’s happening?!” i shout panic dripping from my words.

“we need you to give us space kid” i nod sitting back in my seat clutching my hands together hoping that she wouldn’t die not today

and thats when she flatlined.

i shift in the uncomfortable hospital chairs still clutching my girlfriends hand when i feel a slight squeeze.

i jolt up blinking the sleep out of my eyes “(y/n)” i choke my voice raw from all the crying and begs for help.

she stirs moving slightly in the bed her head titling toward me “a-arch” she whispers her lips are cracked her eyes wet from tears.

tears overwhelm me as i stand pecking her head “god i thought i was going to loose you” she smiles bringing both hands up to my cheeks “im sorry” she mutters to me

i shake my head frantically my cheeks growing wet “no im so, im sorry for everything i did to hurt you i didn’t want to hurt you (y/n) i just want you back”

i move her oxygen mask from her mouth and lean down connecting our lips together in a sweet embrace before pulling back and placing her mask back

“will you take me back?” i ask eyes begging for her to say yes

“of course archie, i love you”

“god i love you too (y/n)”

she giggles and it cures my heartache i smile up at my beautiful girlfriend as she scoots over in her bed patting the spot next to her “c'mere” she mumbles.

i move from my seat kicking off my shoes and cuddling into the fragile girl as she rests her head on my chest tracing circles into the fabric

and in that moment you knew, you never know what you have until it’s almost taken from you

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Bitter Sweet Punches

Two Combined Requests: “ hello! i love your writting and could u write something ab archie cheating w veronica,reader gets really upset and distance herself from the whole group bc she can’t stand seeing V and archie. archie is in trouble and the only one who helps him is the reader even tho he hurted her, he realizes the girl he truly loves is the reader so he tells her but she just tells him he deserves V in a cold sarcastic tone lol “ and “ basically a imagine where archie cheats on reader with veronica so jughead(her bestfriend) conforts her and confronts archie”

Pairings: Archiexreader ((hah lol not for long)) Jugheadxreader, Archiexvernoica mentioned

Warnings:oh the infidelity, swearing, angst, fighting, long fic thats dialogue heavy

A/N: Some of you will love this, others will hate it. Archie is a terrible person in this fic so my apologies…also vernoica isnt exactly a lovely person. Im going to try and write a bunch of requests between today and tomorrow so please be patient.




“NO!” You turned on your heels and let Archie crash into you before you pushed him back into the chest.

“Just no Archie. No.” You took off running, tears streaming down your face. Never did you think you’d walk in on your boyfriend…exboyfriend and your best friend…ex best friend. You couldn’t believe Archie and Ronnie could do this to you.

And that was essentially it. You drifted out of the group completely after that. The sight of Ronnie and Archie together burned at the start and fading out of the group was the only way to make it hurt less. Nobody besides the 3 of ye knew why you stopped hanging out with the core group.

As far as they knew you and Archie broke up badly and then he started dating Veronica, not that he started dating Veronica and then ye broke up badly. You were tired of fighting and just let everyone just accepted you gaining distance…well almost everybody.

Jughead Jones, conscientious objector and best friend had stayed by your side almost completely but even that relationship wasn’t the same. His constant berating of your past relationship with Archie was neither pleasant or helpful, and you reminded him of this often.


“Hey loner” Jughead threw himself against the lockers adjacent to yours.

“Oh hey loser” you closed the locker and headed side by side towards the door.

“So can I tempt you into accompanying me to Satan’s disco?”

“Cheryl’s party? Nah I’d rather pull my eyes out”

“Oh that sounds like fun can I come” he grinned.

“You should still go though with the gang”

“It’s not going to be the same”

“It’ll still be fun”

“Why did you and Archie have to break uuuuuppp” he whined “if ye had stayed together then we could have all gone and we could have just stood in the corner and just let Archie work the room like usual” you rolled your eyes.

“Give it a rest Jug”

“But it’s tru…”

“I said give it a rest!” I snapped interrupting him. He raised his hands up in surrender granting another roll of your eyes.

“Are you ever going to tell your BEST and CLOSEST friend what actually happened between you two?”

“Nah Kevin doesn’t need to know” he shoved across the car park, both laughing.

He had a point though. You should have probably told him after it happened and you came running to his trailer, he didn’t ask questions at first, just held you there.

“Have fun tonight” you winked before hoping into your car and driving off.



Sms:YNNxX: What’s happened?! -11.46pm

Sms: TarantinoStan Xx: Archie caught Veronica with Reggie and things have rightly gone to shit, Kevin and I are just eating popcorn, I’m just head home-11.49pm

You reread the message and as if on cue a rapid knocking came to the door. If your parents were home they would have lost their minds to find the redhead on your doorstep.

“Uhhhh" is all you could muster as the rain soaked boy stood in front of you like he had seen a ghost.

He reluctantly let himself in, slipping past you while your eyes were stuck to where he stood.

“Whaaatt are you doing here Archie” you followed him into the kitchen where he was pacing frantically.

“YN! IM REALLY SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED WITH US AND I NOW UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH IVE HURT YOU!” he span around and caught you by your shoulders.

“It’s only now you’re understanding you hurt me?” You couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“Yeah…” Archie kissed you then. He was familiar and for a second you enjoyed it but then that second ended.

“Archie what the hell is wrong with you?!” You pushed him back roughly.

“C'mon ynn I love you!”

“No! No you don’t! You have no idea what that word means!”

“But I do because I realised I love you when I saw Veronica and Reggie!”

“It shouldn’t have taken that! You don’t love me and I don’t love you!” His face twisted with your comment, he wasn’t used to rejection.

“WELL NOBODY ELSE LOVES YOU!” You gasped to this and regret painted Archie’s face for a moment but then it changed again.

“You and Veronica deserve each other” your tone was the coldest it’s ever been, sarcasm dripping from every letter.

“At least I can say I deserve someone” he bit back.

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!” You pushed him back out the door slamming the door in his face. You pressed your back against the door and slid down it to the ground crying.

*Sms:Ynn: so yn do you wanna tell me why Archie came storming home swearing you out of it orrrrr -1:07am

*Sms: TarantinoStan Xx: No I don’t want to talk about it -1.10am

*Sms:Ynn: okay I’m on the way over. 1.11am

*Sms: TarantinoStan Xx: no juggy no.

But you knew there was no point and he was already cycling through the rain to your house. He was always the same.

As predicted 15minutes later he came swinging in your bedroom window.

“Yn what the hell happe…were you crying?” he immediately closed the distance between you two and hugged you tightly as you cried into his already rain soaked hoodie. He rocked you gently from side to side until you stopped crying but still held you close to him.

“Ynn can you just please give me some kind of inclination as to what happened, please” he barely whispered it but it was enough.

You took his hand in yours and sat down together on the bed where you told him everything and by the end there was total silence from both parties.

“Okay so…right okay…mmmm”  Jughead was trying to comprehend the new version he saw of his ginger best friend.

“Okay, I’ll be right back” he stood up and moved for the window but you kept hold of his hand bringing him back to you.

“Where are you going?!”

“I have to kill Archie” you smiled but realised his tone wasn’t that of a joking one.

“Jughead you can’t kill archie” you chuckled, brushing your cheeks with the edge of your sleeve.

“I can and i will, I can’t believe what he did to you…what he said to you….no one is good enough for you, no one deserves you” his sad eyes stayed fixed to the carpet.

“You…you are more than good enough for me” jugheads voice was shaky and his sudden movement caught you off guard as he dropped your hand and caught your face, bringing you into a kiss. You kissed him back smilingly until you broke apart grinning.

“Umm sorry I just..sorry” Jugheads voice was the smallest you had ever heard it.

“Please don’t be sorry” he enclosed his hand around yours again before you met in a kiss again.

“I want to be with you more than anything Juggy, Ive known for so long”

“Thats all i ever wanted to hear”

“Oh god we’re so cheesy” you nudged and he laughed.

“Now if you’ll excuse me” jughead moved from you as fast as possible and ran down the stairs with you close behind him screaming “JUG! STAY AWAY FROM ARCHIE” but he was beyond the point of reason.


Archie idled in the kitchen, making a snack and reevaluating his life choices. His absentminded thoughts were interrupted as Jughead came shooting in the back door, jostling him back against the fridge.

“JESUS CHRIST JUGHEAD WHAT THE HELL?!” Jughead pressed Archie against the fridge with his forearm, the other arm basically at his throat

“Why did you say what you said to my yn”

“I don’t know what youre talking about!” jughead pushed against Archie again and he let out a pained groan.

“Fuck Jughead, have you ever considered Football” he attempted a smile

“I’m not in the fucking mood Archie.”

“Why does it matter to you?” Archie choked out, the pressure being applied on his throat was getting too much.

You came bursting in the door, heaving from the run but still finding the breath to gasp at the sight before you.

“JUGHEAD STOP!” Jugheads eyes flashed to you and he instantly released the pressure on Archies throat, turning his back to him.

“Wait you called her “my ynn”…are you two…are you two a thing or something” archie rubbed his reddened throat while gesturing between the two of you with a finger.

“Why do you care” jughead bit, mimicking Archies earlier question, still not facing him.

“Really jughead? You’re going to date my waste of space ex” you bit your lip and fixed your eyes to the ground, begging yourself not to cry again.

Jughead turned in one swift motion sending his fist to meet the side of of Archie’s jaw with force, sending him to the floor.

“Oh my god jughead…” you blinked hard to try and see what was in front of as jughead stood over archie who was holding his jaw.

“Come on Yn lets go.” Jugheads voice was bitter as he walked away, taking your hand.

The two of you strolled back to your home hand in hand, total silence as if nothing ever happened.


You woke up tangled in Jughead with the Sunday sun warming you both.

“Morning Mike Tyson” you rubbed your fingers over the little marks on jugheads left hand, kissing his cheek.

“Now theres a good way to wake up in the morning” he kissed the top of your head and you both cuddled closer into each other.

“I think we should talk to Archie today…”

“Really ynn?”
“yeah…Jughead I love you and I want to put all this behind us so we can move on”
“You love me?” you blushed not realising you had let slip.

“I love you too…I love you so much and I want to move on too” you kissed again, neither of you making a move.


Much Love

Monthly Reads | July 2017

❤ THANK YOU TO ALL WRITERS FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND FOR SHARING YOUR STORIES! ❤ Top 5 + 9 more amazing stories under the cut:

The wonderlands

by stylinsoncity | 150k

“Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.”
Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

A Love Like War

by sincewewereeighteen | famous/non-famous | internalized homophobia | drug and alcohol abuse | suicide attempt | Coming Out | 173k

“I want your help.” “Are you sure validation isn’t the right word?” Harry frowns. “Because, Louis, my professional opinion won’t change just because you’re being nice.” “I don’t want your professional opinion on my work to change. I wanna do better work, so you and everybody else can have a new opinion”, he states simply.

Or: the one in which Louis Tomlinson is a cliched rock star, he’s got everything except for love. But then he meets Harry Styles; the man that, against all odds, saves him in every way a person can be saved, even when Louis didn’t know he needed saving in the first place.

The Sweetest Incantation

by smittenwithlouis | fantasy | hybrid Louis | love/hate | 40k

Harry has been alive for decades, and yet he’s never been as confused and dumbfounded. He’s a witch, for God’s sake. Can’t get much weirder than all the magical things he’s experienced throughout his lifetime. Never in a million years, however, would he have expected to be mere inches away from a hybrid.

Or: Harry is a witch who’s still working on developing his powers and Louis is a werecat who falls into his life and turns it upside down.

I’m On The Hunt Now (I’m After You)

by AFangirlFantasy | a/b/o | Alpha Harry | Omega Louis | 56k

Omegas haven’t been able to shift into their wolves for two hundred years. That is, until Louis Tomlinson changes everything.

Or…an AU where Alpha Harry and Omega Louis have a lot more than falling in love to deal with after The Mating Ceremony.

That’s How I Know

by Anonymous for HL Summer Exchange 2017| enemies to lovers | hate to love | 17k

Louis Tomlinson has just landed his dream job, coaching soccer at Augustus University. When he moves into a new house near campus, he meets his very fit new neighbor, English professor Harry Styles. Although their first meeting leads to an instant mutual dislike, the more Harry gets to know Louis, the more he likes what he sees.

Or the one where Harry’s African grey parrot spills his dirty secrets to his very hot neighbor.

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anonymous asked:

may i request both of your crush headcanons (ex: how they act/treat their crush, would they pass notes, any specific things they do JUST for their crush, etc etc) for the hosts + haruhi? :oo i'm curious to see what you two think!



  • Tamaki is dense as hell about his crush but you guys already knew that so at first he’s just putting the charms on you because he sees beauty in you just like he does with his clients
  • and he’ll just attempt to spend as much time with you as possible and call you sweet nicknames and his usual princely shit but then he suddenly starts to realise w h o a h i really like doing this kind of stuff around you
  • he ends up trying to rope you into the host cub family and gets you involved with all their shenanigans and you just end up being swept along with the tide like gdi tamaki
  • and then he starts getting JEALOUS whenever anyone else especially tHOSE SHADY TWINS gets a bit too close to be considered friendly and at first he just thinks ‘well they’re a part of our family, im just being protective’ but then Kyoya’s just like ‘nope. not doing this shit again. you like them. in a romantic sense not a family one gdi tamaki you want to be their boyfriend now stfu.
  • que sudden realisation on tamaki’s part
  • and he doesn’t really know how to act around you now so he just decides to up the charm (and gets really flustered at the same time and usually ends up embarrassing himself horribly by staring at you for too long when you’re walking together and careening into a pole or something).
  • put it this way; to him a moment when he doesn’t have your attention is a moment wasted
  • senpai wants to be noticed so badly
  • plz notice him and put him out of his misery


  • dude. its Haruhi. she has no clue that she even likes you.
  • but its pretty clear to everyone else so there’s that
  • she just makes an effort to spend time with you and hang out and she’s just always there being nice and helpful and friendly and w o w be still my beating heart just look at that smile
  • she’s so unbelievably good to you like ‘you’re worried about an upcoming test??? we can study together at my house. i’ll cook dinner!’ 
  • ‘you need notes from that class you missed?? i’ll copy out mine for you.’ 
  • ‘you lost your phone?? i’ve got time lets spend the next three hours traipsing around the building calling it until we hear it.’
  • she pretty much sees you as one of her closest friends who she admires very much because you’re really great and talented and attractive in her eyes and she - wait what attractive??
  • ‘oh.’
  • ding dong you got it Haruhi.
  • and now she’s just a big flustered MESS around you at all possible times and trying her best not to show it because is this okay am i too close or not close enough do oh no have they twigged because im acting weird they can probably tell what if they dont feel the same way somebody please kill me god damn
  • eventually Kyoya figures it out of course and sometimes he makes very sly comments when you’re around, hinting that she likes you and Haruhi just has to kind of discreetly kick him like stfu kyoya u heinous space herpe
  • not to mention the way her head just SNAPS to a conversation whenever you’re mentioned and yeah we all knew it Haruhi you are just too cute for words.


  • yeah at first he’s gonna avoid you like the plague because what is happening to him why the hell is he reacting so strongly wtf all u did was pIC K UP A PenC IL G oD
  • okay so AFTER Haruhi, Kaoru and Honey smack sense into him and he comes to terms with it its great because he’s not competing against his brother or anyone else this time so yeah he just gOES FOR IT
  • Hikaru will legit resort to any means to get your attention/an excuse to hang out
  • any means
  • srsly he’s the kind of guy who’ll throw notes at your head in class just so that you both get detention or nick your wallet or something when youre not looking just so he can ‘find’ it for you later
  • ‘you’re failing that class?? WHAT A COINQUIDINK im failing too we should totes have a study date or something’
  • ‘oh dear i seem to have spilled my coffee all over you whoops SO sorry here take my shirt and lemme walk you to class’
  • he really does take off his shirt. this boy has no shame.
  • and whaaaaaaat??? rumours that you two are dating??? he totally didnt see this coming or hope those would spring up but hey you know thats not such a bad idea >;D
  • prepare for him to be super jealous all the time whenever you talk to other people like ‘whoah hey wtf hikaru i was in the middle of a conversation’ ‘no dont talk to them i swear on my life they were leering at your ass. im just looking out for you here, they’re probably a sexual deviant. bad news stay away.’
  • whatta dweeb


  • he’s so nice what the hell Kaoru this level of selflessness is inhuman i stg
  • he just loves spending time with you and hanging out and doing things together this puppy is pretty much at your beck and call what a sweetie
  • of course that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from the light jokes and teasing that accompanies it
  • he’s basically at your side as much as he’s at his brothers (which means that you now have both of the twin’s attention well done prepare for hell and mischief)
  • but he pretty much makes himself your own personal superman like ‘wHOOPS you nearly tripped lucky i was there to catch you’ and ‘you’re off sick?? ill copy my notes for you. also what kind of soup do you like cause im coming over’
  • Kaoru is fun! He’s the kind of guy who’ll just text you like ‘are you busy?? not anymore there’s a carnival in town so get dressed, im waiting outside!’ and then he just drags you off and its loads of fun and youre just like ????? are u just being a fun friend or do u like me????
  • yeah thats another thing he’s so good of a friend that it becomes really hard for you to tell that if he actually has the dokis for you or if he’s just really friendly because he’s not FLIRTING with you like he does when he’s hosting and its confusing, but really he’s treating you differently and genuinely because he does actually like you and he wants you to stop treating him like just a friend AND ITS ALL VERY CONFUSING and absolutely perfect for a tense confession scene aww yeah aHEM we’ll totally write that if u guys request it
  • also prepare for Hikaru to get tired of waiting for his bro to make a move and attempt to be his wingman and he’s just dropping hints everywhere BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO BE CATCHING ON
  • Hikaru is 4378436% done with both of you. ‘omfg just kiss already you’ll make a lot of people happy’
  • the host club has started a betting pool on which one of you is gonna break and confess first lets just say Haruhi ends up with a LOT of moolah by the end of this charade


  • the denial is strong in Kyoya ohhh boy
  • YOU THINK HIKARU’S BAD YOU CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO FATHOM THE SHEER AMOUNT OF DENIAL THAT IS HAPPENING HERE like he’s used to being charming and suave with his clients but this is different he actually has feelings for you???? huh??????? what is he supposed to do with those????
  • feelings are too much hassle goodbye
  • its likely that Kyoya would try to shove these feelings into a box in the corner of his mind and never ever ever think about you or how you make his heart do weird things or how nice you look when you laugh or how attractive your smile is and god fucking dammit
  • and even though he’s trying to suppress what he deems to just be a ‘distraction’ his soft spot for you still shows in ways he doesn’t realise until after he’s done it
  • ‘oh my god did i just offer them a discount what the hell is WRONG with me’
  • /i wont say im in love plays softly in the distance/
  • once he actually comes to terms with his feelings tho he starts PLANNING
  • if he’s going to do this whole ‘crush’ thing he’s gonna do it RIGHT gosh darn it.
  • he ends up using the host club to his advantage by making sure that they’re always serving your favourite food or doing a theme you like cause hey if it gets you there, he’s happy.
  • expect to run into him everywhere and every time you somehow get roped into getting lunch at really nice and expensive places with him and eventually its like ‘???? are we on a date Kyoya??’
  • ‘Well, duh.’
  • ‘oh. cool.’


  • Honey KNOWS he’s cute and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t use it to his advantage here
  • he is affectionate as hell and he’s always around you or holding your hand or giving you hugs or sometimes when he gets really confident or ahead of himself he’ll plant big kisses on your cheeks and HE GETS AWAY WITH IT because everyones just like ‘awww thats Honey-senpai for ya’
  • tbh about half of your life is spent sitting at his table eating with him because how can you say no to a face like that
  • but here’s the kicker *drumroll*… he saves food for you
  • i know right
  • like if he knows you’re coming today he will find your favourite flavour bring it to his table and protect it with his life if he has to no one is allowed to touch the desserts he saves for you
  • its terrifying tbh
  • Mori totally knows about his big fat crush tho and most of his time is spent hovering over Honey’s shoulder whispering ‘tell them’
  • he’s confident - maybe even overly so - in interacting with you as his crush, and later as your s/o,  but we think he’d actually be pretty nervous about the actual confession part 
  • like he’s super worried that you only see him as this little brother figure and he knows that you smiling at him in that way that makes his stomach flip when he does something cute doesn’t equal attraction and you guys are pretty much surrounded by these other hot people who people are falling all over and bless his soul youre perfect just the way you are Honey don’t ever change you can be cute and a boyfriend at the same time my darling


  • bruh. Mori is so unbelievably chill about this.
  • in fact, he’s SO chill that it presents a problem because it’s almost impossible for anyone but Honey to figure out that he likes you at all.
  • the one big factor? He talks more when you’re around. you bring out his more talkative (and flirty) side because he really just wants to keep your attention.
  • and you’re like ???????????????????????? did big silent Mori just FLIRT with you???
  • hell yes he did and you better respond my friend
  • doki doki
  • while he really wants to hang out with you he’s sometimes not exactly not sure how to ask, and that’s where Honey comes into the picture
  • Honey will often drag you along to spend time with him and Takashi and then have some sort of ‘emergency’ thats causes him to abscond so you’re left with Mori and Mori has no qualms whatsoever about this
  • PS Honey is a matchmaking genius
  • He also likes having study dates with you because you guys get to spend time together without relying on conversation to keep it going (also because he gets to call it a date and it makes him feel all wibbly inside)
  • spoiler alert: Mori is actually adorkable when it comes to romance
  • when he finally does confess its gonna be romantic (and surprising) as hell aww yeah

- Admin Kits and Beckett


// In which Antonio Alejandro Bartholomew IV wants the domestic life to grow //

part 4 of the sugar daddy series (part 1)

*Contains Mature Content*

part 5 is about to be on and poppinnnnn. see ya again soon - drea 🌖

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