at mann

I’m making gifs from the concert at the Orion after JIB8 and I noticed this at the end. Jensen trying to direct Jared to a mic and Jared being like NOPE:

Then Jensen stops him from almost stepping on a guitar and Jared still seems nervous being on stage:

Jared finally goes up near the mic and Jason and Sasha pull him in to try and make him more comfortable:

And Jensen reaches over behind Jason to reassure Jared:

Here’s another angle of that moment where you can kind of see Jensen’s left arm reaching out to pat Jared when Jason steps forward a little:

Jensen seemed really proud that Jared got up and joined in:

This warms my heart because Jared is clearly still not 100% comfortable with performing music in front of people and everyone (especially Jensen) was so supportive. 


Here are some Black celebrities that have went blonde in the past (some are still blonde now). Yet, only Beyoncé wants to be white?