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1028 // Manila Staycation Day 18

Last night was soo lit that we only took a couple of photos when we were almost done. Meeting up with these two bat-shit crazy millennials was fun enough to spice up my Thursday night indeed.

From the dinner and craaaazy (yas, i mean rated SPG crazy) conversation i had with my baby girl @chescarriffic to random stories and silly rants of the tumblr hot papi @sikolohistang-baliw, i think they made my Manila staycation quite bearable. Hahaha. I’m so bummed that we only had quite a few hours to bond (aheem at Chesca hahaha—insertparentingissueshere lol) considering that Rigo travelled from Cubao to BGC (thanks paps, you’re the best) i would have liked it if we were able to stretched the night more so we can explore more spots and eat (always) lots of unhealthy food and drink (well only as for you two) lots of ice cold beers. Nevertheless, looking forward for more long trips with these two soon. I’m sad at aalis na ako tomorrow so our time to bond is quite constrained and the three of us have schedules to follow—like, ang hirap maging adults ano? Hahaha.

But you guys are so great and thank you for being real—and kinky, and crazy, and adorable and hella amazing. Looking forward for more nights like this, i hope the next time will be as walwal as how millennials (kunyare ako din) do it. And wala ng curfew, puhwleasse! Hahaha.

And for anyone wondering how they are in person, it’s way to early to say but how they are in their respective blogs is as quite as real as how they are when you talk to them in person of course less the other too personal dramas, samin na lang ‘yon. Walang arte. They say it as it is (and that’s what i really like), saka they know how to adjust ha considering i was their Ate, andon 'yong respect pero the boundaries of fun—the age didn’t get in the waaay, i’m glad. Lol. Buuut yes, still bummed of ending the fun way too early but hopeful for another set or a series of laughter and chikka and whatnot the next time i fly back to Manila. Let’s crossed our fingers for May and July.

Love you guiseee. Stay balbal but progressive.