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Malec wasn't rushed...

To people saying that Malec/Alec’s storyline in the show has been rushed in comparison to the books, just hear me out. I get what you’re saying but you’re treating alec as if he didn’t know he was gay until he met magnus. Like, he clearly had been dealing with this part of himself for YEARS I understand that it goes off from the books but if I do recall, wasn’t Alec like 18 when he came out in the books? Whereas in the show he’s in his 20’s. So imo it wasn’t rushed by any means, he nearly married a woman to hide it for god sake. Plus, Magnus never forced him to come out. He said before, “you’re part of a don’t ask don’t tell culture, and I’m fine with it.” And even at the wedding he said “this is between me and your son. I’ll leave if he asks me to” Magnus and Alec’s relationship was handled very carefully and respectfully in my own opinion and I understand that others see that differently so I’m not trying to start an argument. This isn’t me trying to invalidate anyone’s opinion, just trying to shed some light on the subject.


Medusa doesn’t wanna be a mom.


This is Solitaire, and he does his best to prove his mom’s that they are wrong. He’s a gentleman and a dreamboat guy, ladies and gents you better line up if you wanna get a shot at him. He also wears super fancy clothes and dresses good cuz Medusa might not be a good mom but she aint about to let her offspring walk around like a fashion disaster.

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Oooh I’ve seen this around a bit. I’ve actually read a few fics and seen pics where it’s not tagged and so I think it’s more popular than people know. If I’m not mistaken it originated in the Kpop boy band fandoms … which is a little odd but considering the one direction fandom gave us the flower crown what can you do. The disease is caused by unrequited love and the flowers the person cough up are often related to the object of their affections. In some versions the ‘disease’ can be cured

It may be more common on Tumblr Kpop fandoms vs AO3? I mean on AO3, there’s literally only 500 fic results if you search ‘Hanahaki’ across all fandoms, which is a drop in the fanfiction ocean theme wise (and overwhelmingly anime and/or Kpop centric -> I’m not active in any anime fandom/s except YOI and Kuroshitsuji -> and I don’t read fanfiction for YOI). It may be more popular on Tumblr, or one of those things that’s growing quickly in popularity on Tumblr, while AO3 doesn’t reflect that accurately yet (sort of like red string of fate - v. popular on Tumblr, really not reflected re: content on AO3). Google wasn’t very helpful at all, maybe I should’ve just Tumblr searched it, lol. Even flower crowns and their origin are on Fan Lore; Hanahaki isn’t.

I think it’s one of those things that feels way more common/prevalent than it is depending on the fandoms you’re in and the saturation you see in your circles as a result. I mean to me, Thorki (Thor/Loki) feels like a massive pairing that everyone knows about (it has 27,000 fanfiction results on AO3 alone, after all), but even that’s a less common pairing in the Marvel fandom and many people have been active in MCU all their lives and never even read a Thorki fic, let alone know the common tropes in those 27,000 fics. And within those 27,000 fics, there’d probably be a lot of themes that are found in 500-1000 fics and feel really popular as a result, but…well, you end up in echo chambers in fandom where something is reflected to you over and over and over again because of your circles, but rarely reflects what is trending in ‘big fandom.’ (Not that RotG is big fandom either, but anyway).

From your second comment though - that it’s connected to soulmate trope/s, it doesn’t really seem like a trope I’d like in general. I’m not a huge fan of soulmate storylines or themes.

Chipmunk- Jakob Chychrun

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Ok so I got this anon request for a Chych one and I LOVED IT! Ok so this kid has NO right to be 18. Like… damn man you’re killing me! Ok so enough of Chych loving (jk) but on to the story! Hope you like it anon! Let me know what you guys thing!

Warning: Cussing (light)

Anon request:  hey love! your writing is amazing and i was wondering if you could do a jakob chychrun imagine about him taking care of his gf when she gets her wisdom teeth out? thanks!!


              “I love you,” he stated, grinning widely. You glared at him.

              “Go to hell,” you told him, although with all the packing in your mouth it came out garbled. His smile widened though, understanding you.

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namimiss ko tuloy mga luma kong url (pati mga dati kong nakakausap pero hindi lahat kasi tangina ng iba) like may iba talaga akong kausap dati na na-eenjoy kong kausap ganon kahit minsan gusto ko na lang silang sakalin jk hahahaha pero napipikon ako tuwing kuya vince tawag nila sa akin dati like pakyu 17-18 lang ako nun ngayon niyo ko tawaging kuya mga paker.

[5:17:42 PM] draken: ok but
[5:17:49 PM] draken: now that I really think about it
[5:17:58 PM] draken: if luna is an adult yonah
[5:18:10 PM] draken: then ra.vus would be perfect for an older brother nier
[5:18:45 PM] draken: like
[5:18:52 PM] draken: mid-twenties, early thirties
[5:18:57 PM] draken: starting to look more like papa nier
[5:19:16 PM] juli: omg

[5:27:40 PM] draken: lol holy fuck
[5:27:52 PM] draken: IM CR Y IGN
[5:28:20 PM] juli: og my god
[5:28:22 PM] juli: IM SO FUCKING
[5:28:23 PM] juli: OVER

tldr; ra.vus is a perfect fc for younger papa nier / older brother nier and you can’t tell me otherwise

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You got married at like 18 are you actually surprised that it didn't work out? So fucking stupid.

I wasn’t 18 but that’s beside the point.

I’d rather be divorced than an asshole.

chapter 18

*Jieun, tied up, bound, and chained, is watching Sangwoo hand Yoon Bum a knife*

Jieun: “You crazy bastard! Where are you preaching?! You perverted psycho bastard!!! You think you can get away with doing this to me?! I’m going to kill you!! I’m going to throw you in jail, or have you executed, or kill you!!”


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KS Fandom:

bitch you thought

my aesthetic was how aggressively loud the entire crowd would scream in adoration when any larry moment happened on stage.

Here’s a hard truth: getting back into shape isn’t easy, or glamorous, or fun, or sexy. It isn’t quick, it isn’t painless, and it isn’t pretty.

This is what it is: it’s staying in on a Saturday night so you can hydrate and get enough sleep before a long run that is exactly a quarter of the distance you used to run on long run days. It’s convincing yourself that that run even matters, short as it is. It’s convincing yourself to take that run seriously, short as it is.

It’s wearing compression socks under your jeans to work, hoping your over-worked legs will miraculously feel better by the time your run rolls around. It’s using every mental trick you know - just get to that lamppost, just get to that fire hydrant, just get to your street - to keep yourself running when they don’t.

It’s rolling out a mat and doing core work at the foot of your bed after you run, even though you’d rather be in that bed, preferably watching Netflix with a glass of wine. It’s doing yoga videos alone in your basement. It’s bringing your foam roller with you wherever you go, and trying to laugh it off when your friends make fun of you, again, for taking it so seriously. 

It’s schlepping it to the gas station during a snowstorm so you can buy two bags of ice. It’s shivering while you carry them inside your house. It’s shivering even harder when you lower yourself into a homemade ice bath and force yourself to sit there for 20 minutes. It’s hoping that it works.

It’s two plates at dinner, trying to make sure you’re eating enough. It’s forcing yourself to drive to the store on a weeknight when you run out of frozen vegetables. It’s praying that that thing you heard about bananas speeding up recovery is true because everything hurts and you have a run on the schedule and you can’t skip a day because you’ll lose momentum.

It’s learning that momentum is a precious thing - the most precious thing. It’s realizing that it doesn’t matter how bright the fire burns, as long as it’s still alive. It’s dedicating your entire existence to stoking it, in the big ways and the small ways, doing whatever you can to make sure that when you wake up in the morning, you’ve still got a spark to work with.

It’s not easy. It’s not glamorous. It’s not fun, or sexy, or quick, or painless. It really, truly is not pretty. 

But I have to believe it will be worth it.