at least... i guess it counts as meta

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Since I totally agree with the meta of @monstermonstre about Noora hiding everyone that she dumped William and she is dating (or at least flirting with) someone else at the moment, I wanted to know if you have any idea of who this secret love(r) could be ? In SKAM Universe, it has to be someone we already know, and a huge surprise... For many reasons, my personal guess is MARI. (I wanted to ask this to monstermonstre but they don't receive anon's ask anymore... counting on you to forward them)

yo @monstermonstre any thoughts? my money is on jonas. wishful thinking? absolutely

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Random questions I ask myself. What kind of visa did Viktor get for staying long term? I mean being a top athlete will probably be very helpful but still... and even as a tourist, as a Russian national he needs to apply for a visa. The same with Yurio. As a minor... I don't think he could have gotten a visa without a adult pledging for him. Did these two pay for rent or were they freeloaders? But I guess this is not something the production team though about.

so like. im laughing rly hard bc when i first started watching yuri on ice, i was in the process of getting my own visa together (im studying abroad for the spring semester), and the first thought i had when viktor just hopped on a plane was “bullshit

now this ask sent me on a spiral on japans immigration website, so the conclusion ive reached is that viktor would probably want a work visa, but wouldve needed to come in as a tourist one? bc yuuri hadnt rly hired him yet. that being said, this is viktor, and he mightve declared he was employed before actually seeing yuuri lmfao

between that and the fact that viktor has obviously traveled a lot and is super famous in canon, he could.. probs pull that off? 

as for yurio, he doesnt even apply to japans “get fingerprinted and photographed” rule bc hes under 16. he wasnt in japan as long, tho? plus, he doesnt have “for work” as an excuse, so yurio def came in as a tourist. maybe the real reason the hot springs on ice event happened so fast was that yurios visa was running out lmfao

as for an adult vouching for yurio, maybe grandpa did? he seems to support yurio wholeheartedly, and if yurio said he needed to do this, his gramps mightve gone for it

and fINALLY viktor is fuckin loaded. like, he has designer everything. while his coaching fee was never specified, id imagine he paid for his room at the inn? and if he didnt, then he could easily pass that off as a coaching fee

yurio mightve also paid? he also seems to have designer clothes (i have no idea where the post on that went but someone figured out just how expensive one of his outfits was and it hurt me to even look at), so i guess we can assume he has a decent amount of money? hes also the main provider for his family, so he must be making at least a decent income

that all being said, the katsuki family seems like the sort that wouldnt turn down housing to a 16 year old who impulsively flew to another country in search of a guy who also just showed up out of the blue.