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OK ive been staring at this for like 3 hours and i still dont like it SO 


im really getting upset at this fandom only supporting harry and louis and sometimes niall like my whole dash has been all about louis for the past couple of hours which yes what she said was really nasty but i didn’t see anyone this upset when liam or zayn get the same bullshit like not to long ago a so called “fan” said liam was her least favorite basically to his face and where were yall at? that’s right ghost as always ignoring liam as usually it’s just very upsetting that yall don’t defend liam and zayn when they get hate yet when harry or louis or even niall get just a bit of hate its like the world is ending or something like i don’t understand what liam and zayn have to do for yall to pay attention and not hate them like i’m lowkey hoping the 1D reunion doesn’t happening for a long ass time because this fandom has never deserved the love and talent that liam and zayn have and continue to give yall don’t deserve them at all and thae double standards are only getting worse might as well be ziam vs ot3 because that’s literally what’s happening and its sad but not really surprising :/ 

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do you have any particular feelings on reylo that you'd want to share? (multiple verbal outs intentional in the case that you do not, actually, want to share. if u delete this ask i completely understand and i wish you the very best, discourse free life)

dude I was in fandom a long long time, this level of vociferous hatred for a ship is nothing new, particularly a ship that pairs a female hero with a villain; the thing that is new, though, is the embarrassing purity culture that’s sprung up around the whole thing, and how babies on twitter literally harass the director of the movie for even thinking of making said ship canon. 

as for the characters themselves, like, sure, I’d be mildly interested if they kissed, I think they’re pretty solid foils for one another, and good god these movies could use some compelling conflict. kylo ren is marginally better written than the other characters – in that he has an internally consistent motivation and is allowed to make choices without the plot just ferrying him into them one after another (sorry rey) – so I hope that more time spent with him will shade some grey into rey’s character generally, in such a way that her goodness matters.

I guess I’d probably ship this if they were the characters they could potentially be on paper, as opposed to the ones they are. 

Lucien asks Feyre how she broke the King’s spells holding her but never turns that question on himself.

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Lol if they think this is gonna make people think of Crayola Ben as the next Darth Vader then they are mistaken. People already hate him but this is going to completely turn off the general audience. There's being a formidable villain and then there's THAT. I definitely can't see kids lining up for a picture with him at Disneyland now.

TLJ spoilers:

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Thank you all to everyone for all the questions tonight. It’s just… really heartwarming.

I mean, it was entirely unrelated to any gf stuff and yet so many people sent in an ask for it just for… well either because of their own curiosity or the simple act of being nice.

That’s just- gosh. There’s just something so fundamentally human to me about it. Whichever one, that sort of simple connection and care. Ah- okay, okay, I’m cutting that one short. I’m still sappy and I’m getting sleepy - that combination don’t make for good explanations. 

Just… point is - thank you all.