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Let's Go Home...
  • Every other character in every other anime and/or manga: Let's go home...
  • Hide: No, stop! That is my line! Only I am aloud to make fangirls cry over it! It's mine I say! MINE!
  • Kaneki: You can't clam it, it's a pretty generic line. Other shows are still gonna use it. At least you're the only one in this fandom who-
  • Ayato: *to Hinami* Let's go home.
  • Hide: God dammit!
Everyday Drabble - September 10th, 2016 - 6:47pm
  • Judy: *walking out of the grocery store with a cart full of bags* Thanks for coming grocery shopping with me, Nick.
  • Nick: *shrugs* You're welcome, Carrots. Figured it was the least I could do since I eat up most of your food anyway... But your place is closer to ZPD HQ anyway.
  • Judy: *laughs* True. By the way, did you check into that new apartment opening up for rent in my building? If you lived there, you wouldn't have to eat up all my food.
  • Nick: Yeah, your landlord was a little hesitant about letting me have it. Probably because I'm a predator... But once I showed her your recommendation and my badge, she was all "Oooomg anything for you!"
  • Judy: Yeah sorry... It's still pretty new that preds and prey can be near each other after the whole Nighthowler case.
  • Nick: I understand. Everybody was pretty freaked.
  • Judy: *smiles and elbows him* But WE solved the case.
  • Nick: *smirks* Yes WE did.
  • Judy: *putting the groceries in the squad car* So, what movie are we watching tonight?
  • Nick: *puts the cart away and comes back* I was thinking either "Night of the Living Sofa" or "The Wererabbit."
  • Judy: *gets in the car*What is it with you and poorly made horror movies?
  • Nick: *slides in the passenger seat, smirks* I like to laugh at the bad graphics.
  • Judy: *rolls her eyes playfully* Of course you do.