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( I wish you luck in the voice acting!! I can't wait to hear it Cosmic and Sun! )

ALRIGHT!!!! so I did some minor editing to the Audio that I recorded for Bendy while high on sleepiness and talking to Sun!

You can listen to it—>HERE VOLUME WARNING!!

It ended up being like 6 mins!(and that's after I cut out things YIKES)
Again I AM NOT A VOICE ACTOR!! and this is just for MY idea of what he sounds like, which it ain't exact, my accent is horrible! I hope you at least enjoy and get a laugh out of it!I kinda wanna do more though it was a lot of fun!! <:D

This is the first time I’m talking about this in public, but I think this needs to be addressed somehow.
Today I’ve come into contact with a sasaeng that’s living in Korea. She is a japanese girl, but I’m not here to talk shit about her as a person herself or make an shitstorm etc happen; this information is all that you need.
Today she uploaded a video, it’s pitch black and all you can hear is a male screaming. So, my korean is limited, but the voice wasn’t too far away. It was something about, ‘지금은…가/꺄!!“, 'Now…leave!’ (at least to my ears), where leave was literally screamed really, really loudly and throughout pure rage. It was Chanyeol, in her opinion.
At first, I didn’t think so. On some parts, it doesn’t sound like him at all, on other it’s 100% his voice. I’m confident to say that I should distinguish his voice as him being my absolute favourite in korean pop music since 2012.
Nevertheless, I wrote underneath the video, that it doesn’t even sound like him, but a random male yelling and that this account is pure entertainment, last one not meaning that I enjoy what she does (she posts phone number lists from like almost every idol group that is there and passport photos), but that I personally speaking just hope it’s a huge lie and that she actually isn’t terrorizing them with her friends (later on that "friends” part) and is an attention seeker.
Still, I took this whole thing serious, her probably being a sasaeng. She answered me and wrote tons of 'hahahaha’ and 'that’s because you don’t know anything.’ I was like okay gurl chill. I told her, that she should explain this and what had happened. She calmed down and normally replied, 'We had waited 4 hours infront of their dorm to make them finally come out and Chanyeol was the one who got mad at us.’ Noticing how she says 'We had waited…’? I guess she had some sick meet-up with her friends.
The caption of her post is 'omg he got mad’, following in japanese 'this is the first time he got mad at us’, which could indicate that they had done this way more often.
I started talking to another girl in the comment section, who was also strongly against this whole thing.
Now comes the thing. The girl and I said that if it is real, it will hopefully gain enough attention by the public and official people will do something against it. It can only be illegal. Everyone has his/her own privacy and even though I don’t know about the laws of South Korea, here in my country depending on what exactly you did, you can get into jail for this for a few years.
Suddenly, she deleted all her answer to me, but addressed me again, saying “Report me to the police then hahaha If you say one word I’m going to hack your ugly account and spread myself there too, making people think you’re a sasaeng.” I wasn’t impressed and layzily replied, “Okay, whatever you wanna do miss.” Again, she deleted all what she said and I went on with trying to sleep since I am typing this at midnight and I’m super sick and tired.
I couldn’t get sleep and opened my instagram. I couldn’t log in and went into my other account. Now, my caption on my personal account was “hacked” and 1 photo of exo, 1 photo of my 24K bias, 1 photo of Baekhyun and 3 Chanyeol photos have been deleted from my 'history’.
Afterwards I sent an email to myself and changed my password, the account’s back to me.
This was one of the creepiest things ever in my whole life. Don’t mess with sick people.

Someone commented, that Chanyeol yelled “가만히 있어 새끼야!” , which means something like “Stop (or stay still), assholes!” As said once again, by korean is limited, but this is a pretty simple sentence.
In any other situation I’d find him cursing probably hot, but this just makes me worry.

I will send this video to every damn facebook page that posts about K-Pop and is famous that I know. I want it to raise awareness. I want SM to be forced to say or do something, making these crazy bastard so damn scared, that they’ll never do something like that again and other sasaengs of other groups won’t commit it either.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day and that your bias can sleep tight without worrying about sasaengs.

- May

EDIT: She is rumored to be the girl that hacked Sehun a while ago. Also, she had posted a video before and the caption says, that she doesn’t care if we think it is true or not, stating that she had given the numbers to over 15 people now and connected them with Kakao Talk and Facebook, where it proofed to be right.


Hunger Games + Book Moments

“He can wrestle,” I tell Haymitch. “He came in second in our school competition last year, only after his brother.”

“What use is that? How many times have you seen someone wrestle someone to death?” says Peeta in disgust.

“There’s always hand-to-hand combat. All you need is to come up with a knife, and you’ll at least stand  a chance. If I get jumped, I’m dead!” I can hear my voice rising in anger.

“But you won’t! You’ll be living up in some tree eating raw squirrels and picking off people with arrows. You know what my mother said to me when she came to say good-bye, as if to cheer me up, she says maybe District Twelve will finally have a winner. Then I realized, she didn’t mean me, she meant you!” bursts out Peeta.

“Oh, she meant you,” I say with a wave of dismissal.

“She said, ‘She’s a survivor, that one.’ She is,” says Peeta.

That pulls me up short. Did his mother really say that about me? Did she rate me over her son? I see the pain in Peeta’s eyes and know he isn’t lying.

Suddenly I’m behind the bakery and I can feel the chill of the rain running down my back, the hollowness in my belly. I sound eleven years old when I speak. “But only because someone helped me.”

Okay so the rules of the drinking game. I’ve never made a drinking game before so sorry if it’s not very good.

Anytime Tsukiyama says something in a different language.
Anytime someone dies.
Anytime there is a fight scene/blood.
Every time someone is revealed to be a ghoul.
Anytime they drink coffee.
Anytime Hide is adorable.
Anytime Ayato acts like a fuck boy.
Anytime Dorito-Chin appears.
Anytime someone has a tragic backstory. Anytime someone cracks their knuckles.

And some specific to the Root A dubs.

Anytime Kaneki speaks (I just can’t stand his voice)
Anytime Amon speaks (Same deal as Kaneki. All I hear is Jean Havoc.)
Anytime Akira picks a fight/bickers with someone.

For the first two you can literally pick the voices you like the least and replace Amon and Kaneki.

Have fun and be safe. Don’t do anything dumb if you decide to do this, because I’ll feel like shit if something happens to one of you because of this.


How am I supposed to explain to you, how much that last weekend means to me?! HOW?! Well… I’ll try my best. ;)

At the three days of the AnimagiC convention in my home country last weekend I got the chance to see, hear and finally meet my fave mangaka of all time, Nobuhiro Watsuki-sensei, and his lovely wife, Kaworu Kurosaki (author of some of the stories her husband’s drawn), not at least once but for SEVERAL times during the whole event! (You can see him and his wife left on the photo above. She was ALWAYS wearing kimonos! So beautiful! - At the right side you can see Shinichiro Watanabe, director of Cowboy Bebop etc.!!!) We also had the chance to see and hear the german voice actor of Kenshin, René Dawn-Claude. He’s such a handsome fella… And his voice when he’s screaming the attacks in japanese language… Well… *coughs* Let me say I love it… ;)

The first day we had the chance to attend a really well prepared and detailed panel about Watsuki-sensei and how he’s working as a mangaka. We saw photos of his actual working place! I didn’t know, for example, that he’s still working with ink and pencils. He said he dislikes all things digital - and that impressed me massively. Same here, actually ;). He’s still working “analog” and his works are brilliant nonetheless. Watsuki-sensei also is a big nerd like us! He’s got a huge cupboard with tons of figures in it (anime/games)! A usual working day is REALLY hard for him, we learned. He only gets four or five hours of sleep per day! I wouldn’t survive this…

And - of course - he told us EVERYTHING we ever wanted to know about Rurouni Kenshin. The Q&A surprised me again, because there were A LOT of very intelligent, interesting questions asked.

After that panel was the first signing. It was IMPOSSIBLE to see the full panel and to get in the line for an autograph IN TIME. But Watsuki-san was about to give another signing the following day. And so we managed to be there two hours beforehand to make sure, that we could meet him at least once. And OMG… It was so… so…

I don’t think I can really put into words, what it means to me to actual meet my fave japanese artist and to THANK him, for this wonderful and heartbreaking story of Himura Kenshin, to tell him, how much his story inspired me to write and to draw for myself. I was so happy that he decided to visit his fans here in Germany. And I REALLY TOLD HIM THIS! The interpreter translated my words immediately for Watsuki-sensei and his wife. And they were so happy, Watsuki-san bowed nonetheless and was smiling!

There was a little discussion about my request for a signature of him at my own fanart - since I was the only person out of hundreds of fans who had brought one with her exactly for that purpose. And the convention crew wasn’t so sure whether Watsuki-sensei would like to do such a thing or not. But then I asked him right away, when I stood in front of him. I said that it would be a great honour for me, if he would sign my drawing. At least: It was he himself and his Kenshin who inspired me to create it! The interpreter translated my words and OF COURSE and OMG it wasn’t a problem at all! Watsuki bowed (until his head nearly hit the table before him) and his wife was all going: “Omg! It is SO BEAUTIFUL! SO BEAUTIFUL!”  ………………………… I still can’t believe this…

They gave me the autographs and Watsuki-sensei himself verified my drawing and acknowledged it as RUROUNI KENSHIN by writing it - which made me proud beyond any words. (See photo above! :))) ) After this… I was a crying mess. I shed real tears of joy, guys, let me tell you.

I’m so HAPPY that we got the chance to meet him! So happy! I can’t describe it. I simply can’t.

The AnimagiC also gave us the opportunity to watch all three Kenshin-movies with Takeru Sato as Kenshin as a “Triple-Night” - and we really did it. We sat seven hours on the most uncomfortable chairs I’ve ever came across - but it was so worth it. I knew the movies already. But it was a complete different thing to watch them on a huge screen than at my labby. Takeru Sato… Once again he managed to knock me off my feet. He’s such a brilliant actor guys. Switching from the all smiling “Oro?!”-uttering cutie to the frightening, determined Hitokiri Battosai in an instand: Not a problem for Sato-san. It was overwhelming.

That whole weekend was so unique and unforgettable for us! I cannot be thankful enough for it. And now I’m looking forward to draw Kenshin. Again. Finally. I’ve drawn him many, many times in the years between 2003 and 2010. But now, with the face of Takeru Sato, I want to draw him again - i feel the URGE to draw him! At least once! I just have to. ;)

God, what an experience, what a damn good weekend! Thanks again to the everlasting Merlin to my Arthur, merlination, for travelling with me! Without her I wouldn’t have been able to survive all this. THX, bb! :D


Dynasty Warriors 8 - E3 Trailer