at least within the next month

My next costume project will be Twilight Princess Zelda! I did quite a bit of planning and pattern-making over the past month while hiding from the internet.

Zelda is, by far, the most requested cosplay suggestion I’ve received since I started making costumes. I’ve wanted to do this costume for several years, and now I finally feel up to the challenge.

I have at least 3 groups of friends who either cosplayed from Twilight Princess recently or are planning to do so within the next year. My goal is to finish this for Katsucon and wear it with whoever else is ready to join me!
Steve Bannon: 'We're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt'
Only months ago Donald Trump’s chief strategist predicted military involvement in east Asia and the Middle East in Breitbart radio shows
By Benjamin Haas

“ … The United States and China will fight a war within the next 10 years over islands in the South China Sea, and “there’s no doubt about that”. At the same time, the US will be in another “major” war in the Middle East. … Those are the views – nine months ago at least – of one of the most powerful men in Donald Trump’s administration, Steve Bannon, the former head of far-right news website Breitbart who is now chief strategist at the White House. … ”

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This is why Bannon must be Taken Out, Immediately!


HEEEYYYYY! I didn’t expect to make another one of these within about 2 of the last one. I honestly can’t believe I just hit 1000 followers (currently at 1004)! Thanks to all of you for making this a great 5 months and thanks once again for following my shitty ass blog.

These are all the people I follow and my mutuals! I’m pretty sure I’ve most likely forgotten someone, but I’ll remember next time.



Ps. I promise I won’t do this again at least for a while.

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unrequited sex || ashton irwin

requested: yes

word count: 2.2k+

synopsis: bartender!ashton supporting you through a lovelife struggle through the only way he knows how; helping you drink whilst throwing in some concern and flirting

warning: there is mentions and suggestion of smut/sex. there is also drinking involved.

a/n: i feel like i ended this horribly, but whatevers. it’s suppose to be light, funny with a touch of sex. credit to the rightful owner of the gif.

masterlist // writing prompt numbers

The liquor burned the back of my throat as I immediately chugged down at least 6 Jägerbombs within a 15 second time frame. Letting out a breath of relief and a tiny burp after hitting my 6th shot glass on the bar countertop, he raised his eyebrow at me, grabbing all of the shot glasses to clean up.

“You know, the Jägerbomb challenge doesn’t really start until next month, love.” he joked. I looked at him and I laughed dryly at his attempt to cheer me up or at least start a conversation with me.

“Can I have like 5 shots of tequila please?”

“Can I ask what is the occasion for you drinking so much?”

I rolled my eyes and threw him a 50 dollar bill.

“Just get me my drinks, Ashton.”

He took my bill and shoved it into his back pocket before walking a short distance to grab the best tequila the bar had to offer.

“You should really tell your manager to lower down the price range for your drinks. $10 a shot is a tad expensive don’t you think?”

He chuckled as he poured my drinks into their respected shot glasses. His curly hair was in that weird phase where it was too short for him to tie up but too long where he needed a hair cut. His eyes were brighter than any star and held so much confidence. His lips were shaped perfectly and looked like they held so much sex appeal. His black shirt was hugging all the right parts of his chest with the sleeves squeezing his biceps deliciously. His black apron covered how his jeans perfectly accentuated his large thighs and giving a little tease at his natural bludge. Ashton Irwin was the hottest bartender around. He was also the sweetest and the wittiest, hence the mix of smart remarks and questions that oozed with concern and worry for one of his favourite customers, and friend.

“I don’t make the rules, love.” He replied with a charming smile, pushing putting the shot glasses onto the countertop for me to devour. Licking his lips, he leaned forward from his station, placing his elbow up and resting his chin on the palm of his hand.

“But seriously, what’s wrong? I know you are a heavy drinker and all, but you have been sitting here for around 2-3 hours drinking your heart out.”

“Well this is a bar, isn’t it Ashton? I’m just using the bar’s clearly intended purposes.”

“No you’re abusing the fuck out of its intended purposes, which means you are hurt, angry or you are an addicted alcoholic but I know number 3 is definitely not the case.”

The fire in my eyes slowly flickered away as I swallowed down the growing lump in my throat. I stared down at the shot glasses in front of me before quickly grabbing one and drinking it down as if it was water.

I hated telling my feelings and my thoughts. I hated revealing my vulnerability and having weak moments. Why? Because it’s those small but powerful moments where people can take advantage of you or use that information against you. And I have been hurt way too many times to be an expert on that situation.

Throwing back my 3rd tequila shot, I put the shot glass down and reached over to the 4th before Ashton quickly grabbed my wrist to stop me from drinking.

“Y/N.” he said with a stern voice.

I looked up at him and he could see from my eyes that my strong persona was slowly withering away. He was getting to me. We could both feel it.

“Y/N…” he repeated, but this time in a more softer and worried tone. “What’s going on? What aren’t you telling me?” he asked.

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I weighed in. I measured myself.  I took pictures.  

Starting Weight Month 1 264.9lbs

End of Month 1 247.9

Total of weightloss for the Month of January…. 17lbs  WOW.  I am thrilled

I then took pictures.  I literally could not see any difference whatsoever.  Every thing looked exactly the same. So I got down a little bit but then I measured myself and lost 18 inches over all.  How in the hell do you lose 18 inches but can’t see it in pictures?  Bummed at the pictures but maybe next month I will be able to tell.  

I feel fully confident that if at this point going back to work, that I could stay on track.  I am ready to start my new job ASAP.  I hope my offer letter comes in today!  

Month 2 goals.  

weight loss - 8lbs

exercise - walk at least 7500 steps per day

food - stay below 20g of carbs per day and stay within my calorie range

anonymous asked:

Heyy. I love your headcanons so I was wondering if you can do a poli relationship btw a female and soukoku. I'm weak for this. You rock.

I live for this, dear 

  • Even though Dazai and Chuuya both are in a relationship with you, there’s still some kind of competition between them. Throughout the day, they argue about who pleasures the best, loves you more, how much they’d do for you, etc.
    These arguements (and the basic ones, too) are more likely to pop up when you’re not around, but sometimes they argue in front of you, too

  • there’s a certain, unspoken rule within the relationship. 
    One week, Dazai gets to spend time with you while Chuuya prepares e.g. dinner and the next week, it’s Dazai’s turn to cook while Chuuya showers you with affection

  • One alone-date per month. 
    Dazai doesn’t like you being alone with Chuuya and Chuuya doesn’t like you being alone with Dazai. 
    But since both want at least some alone-time with you, they agreed on taking you out on a date once a month

  • They always leave a personal item when they leave for a mission/case. 
    Chuuya gives you his precious fancy hat and Dazai either gives you bandages or one of his neckwear

  • Once they come home from a longer mission/case, you’d better be prepared for some passionate but very caring sex. 
    Dazai and Chuuya have a few ways to express how much they missed you

  • If you think that you can shower with only one of them, you’re dead wrong. 
    One of those dorks simply bursts into the bathroom and destroys the sensual moment (much to your liking, much to either Dazai’s or Chuuya’s dismay)

  • no one dares to fuck around with you ever since you’re with Dazai who used to be the mafia’s prodigy and the youngest executive and Chuuya who’d literally corrupt their ass and also carries the title of one of the 5 gruesome mafia executives

  • when you’re outside with them, One arm is wrapped around your waist while one hand rests on your ass. 
    Whose arm/hand it is depends on how they’re feeling or what they’re going through

  • believe it or not, but they won’t argue around you if you feel bad or simply had a rough day. 
    Chuuya and Dazai both want to cheer you up and arguing would only lead to more stress for you, so they give it up for your sake and simply spend the entire evening/night with you to cheer you up
A quick update

Hi there! 

I just wanted to share a quick note. First and foremost, A Twist in Time readers, thank you so, so much for your patience with me over the last couple of months.They have been rough for me for a number of reasons. I haven’t been myself and I feel so horrible for failing to stay on top of my writing schedule. :( I feel like I’ve let you (and myself) down. 

To answer the three most common questions I’ve received: 1) no, I am not dead (at least, not physically.. xD), 2) no, I am not giving up on TIT. I kid you not, I think about it every day before I fall asleep and feel pangs of anguish over not having the time or capacity to work on it lately, and 3) Chapter 36 will be out within the next month. I am halfway done it now but it will take time for me to get my head back in the game. 

Also, I am reading all of your messages, reviews and tags, and can’t express how much I appreciate them ( and sorry if I haven’t been very responsive)!

Thanks for your continued support and understanding, my friends. See you soon.

Thanks for the input, everyone! The Morri patch has been ordered, so I should have some to show within a month. Yay!

(Not that there’s really any hurry, since the next convention I’ll be at will probably be Tracon in September, but eh. At least I can spread out the costs of ordering merchandise so I could also afford eating on the side too. I’m planning on possibly making sticker sheets this year. Actual REAL sticker sheets, not just “I printed some stuff on a scavenged sheet of sticker paper at school”.)

To the Prinxiety fandom:


So I gots a couple of fanfic ideas, but I’m not sure how to write them out so I’m hoping I’ll have them out as soon as I can write them. Also, I’m expecting to get a decent amount written within the next couple of months bc I’ll have a lot more time and hopefully inspiration to get over this writing block I’ve had almost non-stop for the past 6 months. Be sure to be on the lookout for new fics from me soon hopefully? At the very least, I’m going to try to put one out tonight. As always, prompts are very much so welcome, and I will try my best to get any sent to me done :D

ALSO I gotta say I’m so fucking proud of this thing I’m writing I’ve been writing it all afternoon in between scrolling on tumblr and doing other shit and I’m actually really proud of it so it should be hopefully going up before midnight if I can manage it (I’m doing all of my writing on mobile and I’m hoping it’ll all turn out okay and I wanna also hopefully put it on A03 and link it to the tumblr post but I have no clue how to do that lmao)

The problem: quickly advancing popeye
The cause: bacterial infection
The likely culprit: high levels of dissolved organic compounds and poor water circulation

Treatment: Kanaplex and Triple Sulfa, Aquarium salt. Frequent water changes, vacuumed mulm from gravel, squeezed accumulated debris from filter. Will get pure epsom salt within the next day for medicated salt baths to reduce swelling.

Future prevention: rinse filter media more frequently, keep gravel vacuumed.

My tank is heavily planted and I read that you shouldn’t vacuum the gravel if you have plants. I will no longer be taking that advice. Please rinse your filter sponges at least once a month in the tank water removed from a water change.

I will keep you updated on Drake’s condition.

A point in chronic illness.

There’s a point you reach when living with a chronic illness. And you don’t only reach it once. If not multiple times over and over. Because the waves of pain come and go within different time periods. For a couple months/days you can be perfectly fine, and then boom you are definitely not fine for the next couple of months/days. You get time periods of clarity is what I’m getting at. Bad days and good days. Both by definition different for each person. These waves of pain will drive you straight into a haze. Yet those moments of clarity will make up for it. At least that’s what you tell yourself when you reach the point of no return on those bad days. The point in which you simply cannot do a single thing, the point in which you feel completely defenseless yet so aggravated, frustrated, and stressed. To the point in which you are in tears because you are defenseless, aggravated, frustrated, and stressed. The anxiousness you feel of being trapped with your pain in the same place for lengthy periods of time. Everyone with a chronic illness knows that point. You think so hard on how to fix yourself, how can I fix myself! My pain is eating me alive and I just want to fix myself, I want this pain gone and far far away from me. But chronic illness is a wave, and as soon as it is gone it will be back. And all you can do is brace yourself for impact. Reach that point, have small moments of clarity, and repeat.

(Long post)

I’ve watched a lot of series through my life… 

…like, seriously, a ton of series, from beginning to end, some of them.
I think the first series I followed, like, actually waiting for the next episode, were anime series.

Then, I watched House MD  and at the same time, Torchwood. The time between a season and the next one, were 6 months approx. for both of them. So I watched series like Law and Order,  CSI (all of them) which you can watch and stop watching because most of the time the episodes’ stories start and end within the episode. The background story is only interesting for some, but it is not the centre of the series (at least, first seasons)

House was like this and at the same time I couldn’t just focus on the case on the episode, I loved the background story. The same with Torchwood (although the effects turn me off sometimes). I watch other series in between seasons, I read fanfiction, I wrote some, and changed ships in House when the character development and chemistry between characters changed. First seasons I was a Houseron/Hameron shipper because the vibes where suggested by characters’ interactions, plotlines and chemistry between the actors/characters. Then, I started shipping Huddy, because the  characters’ interactions, plotlines and chemistry between the actors/characters guided me to think in that direction. Finally, I was a Huddy/Wilse shipper because even though one of the characters have left the series (Cuddy), I felt in House interactions with other characters that he was suppose to keep feeling attached to her. And Wilse, because  the characters’ interactions, plotlines and chemistry between the actors/characters subtext and text implied the possibility. Even though through the whole series they were mostly shown as heterosexual men, behaviour and evolution of their relationship, together with dependency in a very “special” and toxic friendship (but that’s topic for another post) allowed the ambiguity. AND THEN THAT FINAL EPISODE. Maybe it was friendship, maybe it was more of a romantic/sexual relationship, maybe it was not. But the series allowed the ambiguity with the plot.

Torchwood has a very special place in my heart. There was this gay actor (John Barrowman), playing an omnisexual character (as a pansexual who only recently-ish discovered the term, he was  the first character that show me it was not bad to love everybody/every body). There were aliens, kick ass women who had personalities, that loved and were loved back, that show me unrequited love was not that bad (Toshiko loving Owen was not the centre of Toshiko’s character also) and you could live with it. A woman being the one that cheated on her boyfriend with co-workers (not that is good, but it is normalized for guys), a male receptionist/coffee boy (Ianto was so much more, just, normally, there are women on those jobs)… I shipped every ship on these series, because the  characters’ interactions, characters’ personalities, plotlines and chemistry between the actors/characters showed that everybody could end having a relationship with anybody. My favorite ship, and the one I read and wrote/write about is Janto, because it was sexy (which was/is not common for gay couples in no gay centred series (Queer as Folk was gay centred and sexy at the time, for example)), it change the interactions between characters accordingly, but not all the show. A character who had a gf then had a male lover/partner (they weren’t boyfriends, they said they were together very weirdly) explained that HIS FEELINGS (not just physical attraction or sex) were confusing but that he knew he felt something for this man. HE SPOKE OPENLY about it. Shy-like, but openly. Then when (SPOILER ALERT) Ianto was killed (among other characters) and everything changed I couldn’t keep watching the series much longer because it hurt too much. Because they were going somewhere with it before. But I was not angry against the writers, because it was foreseen, it was not just a killing for the drama, it was what happen to characters on the series (because at the end of the day, they had a dangerous job).

Why, you may think, am I writing about this.

I write about this, because I want to explain something about Sherlock.
I ship pairings on those series because I thought canonically on the series they would make sense. I wanted them to become canon because the chemistry between them was suggested by the writers/actors actions. I had ships like Foreman/Chase on my writings because they help me get other ships on my stories, but I never thought they would become canon, because in the show THEY ALMOST HATED EACH OTHER. I shipped Jack and Ianto before they were a thing because they spend a lot of time together and had conversations other characters on Torchwood didn’t have (also, we didn’t know about the gf for a while). I thought they might end together, but if they didn’t (before they started developing their feelings) I understood it was because there was also chemistry between Jack and Gwen, for example. 

Now, Sherlock.
I watched the first season in 2011, so I had a year or so to get into the fandom, analyse the series, propose ideas as to how they escaped from the swimming pool before we got series 2. At the very beginning, I got into more than just the cases. I very much liked/like the background story. It was never about the cases really. 

I didn’t ship Johnlock immediately thinking about it becoming canon. I shipped it because I thought it was nice that Sherlock/Ben C face glowed when instead of being called a freak for his deductions, he was “amazing, brilliant”. Because they went to live together and they were asked if they will need two bedrooms as something casual, not a decisive point of them renting the place. Because the brother of the main character suggested it (at the moment I thought that confirmed Sherlock liked men). Because there is a scene where both the main characters said that loving people of the same gender is fine, one saying GFs are not his area (which made me think it was implicitly acknowledging he did not liked women).

But I didn’t thought at that point it will be Canon. I thought, they are playing with the gay innuendos. I thought, John Watson is straight as fuck, look, he has date after date. He want to date every frigging women on the show but Molly.

I liked Molly a lot too, so I thought maybe they will pair her with Sherlock because she is obviously interested. Maybe they will pair them with John, as a Mary Morstan adaptation. I thought Molly and John could work when she said “Sorry, I don’t know your name”, because I thought “yeah, they may start seeing each other more now and it will be a good meeting by chance, through a friend”.  

However, season 2 happened and season 3… Irene Adler, John GFs and Sherlock death happened and …  the characters’ interactions, plotlines and chemistry between the actors/characters made me BELIEVE it was definitely going to be canon Johnlock. The writers cannot lead in any other direction, I mean, you mourn over a friend, but you keep going. You don’t ask a friend for a miracle of them not being dead, you are not angry with a friend because they weren’t dead and didn’t tell you, you are relieved. You on the other hand, can be angry with someone that is more than a friend, because they owed you more. They should have trusted you. 

I stop shipping Molly with John when she was obviously still thinking about Sherlock (Christmas party) and began shipping her with Greg, although because of some fanfiction, I was very much into Mystrade. I never thought Mystrade would be Canon (which kinda subtlety happened-ish, but then in season 4 Lady Smallwood and WTF Mycroft) but I thought maybe Lestrolly/Molstrade (because, again  the characters’ interactions, plotlines and chemistry between the actors/characters suggested it)

Then, Season 4 happened and for 2 episodes I thought it was definitely no queerbaiting when they married John, they will make history.They will make him openly bisexual. There’s no other reason to kill Mary. Without the heartbroken-pushed-to-limits-former-soldier John, he would never open his heart. Nor would Sherlock. 

Then episode 3 happened and 1st, I thought it was a tribute to The Ring (Ringu). I watched it and regretted watching the episode. I thought about Molly being so sad answering the phone, not eager to answer, when in the previous episode she was there because Sherlock asked her to 3 weeks earlier. No suggested communication in between. Maybe  the checking up on the ambulance would made her angry. WHo knows, plotholes, whatever. 

My point  is… Johnlockers don’t ship Johnlock because we are gay fetishists, because we hate Molly (we like Molly as a character for seasons, we hate what they did to her (plot device, cough cough), I’m personally sad that Lou feel attacked because we think the I love you part was awful for the character and misleading as a VERY IMPORTANT part of the series). Johnlockers had explain quite extensively why Johnlock was the only shipping possibility. And the ambiguity of everything is just awful. 

On House MD you could accept the House/Wilson ship not being canon, because it was sensible as a friendship due to very well developed relationships through all the series with other characters.

On Torchwood you could understand the death of a main character because most of the characters died in related-to-job activities, not because killing the gay character was groundbreaking (which is not now, neither was nor will be ever) or a plot twist or the character was used as a plot device. Also, the actors and writers were very sympathetic to the fans who felt this as a devastating moment for the fandom.

On Sherlock you cannot accept the writers’ queerbaiting. There’s this amazing chemistry going, character developing, kick ass women… and you ignore all and make the plot developed in 4 seasons shatter on the floor killing one of the kick ass women for no reason but to strained/get back together other characters as friends, going back to your characters’ personalities from season 1 and addressing some LGBT+ issues within your own series jokingly knowing the fandom is very serious about it.

That’s why I hope there are more episodes to come on Sherlock. More series. Anything. No because I want two men kissing or fucking on my screen, but because I think the characters deserved it. Molly deserves it, because she could have been more than sad Molly. Mycroft deserves a deeper explanation of his character after what we discovered. Sherlock deserves to show how human he can be, that he deserves love, being loved, being in love. That we discover the not-so-perfect John loving, being loved back without lies and actually raising Rosie up.

Bad Moon Rising || Josie & Jordan

This was it. Her least favorite part of the month. As if the blacking out wasn’t bad enough, there was also the burning and chafing of the silver chains at her wrists and ankles and then there was the fact the basement contained seven naked wolves. Josie always took a blanket with her, the biggest, thickest duvet she could find. It often ended up ripped to shreds, but it was a small price to pay for her modesty.

They were all getting ready to go down into the basement within the next hour or so when the sun would start to set and the moon would come up. Josie never took her clothes off until the last possible moment, instead favoring a baggy hoodie and some sweatpants she could throw off when the time came. The was sitting on the window seat, watching the day begin to fade when she felt someone behind her shoulder. Scent told her it was Jordan. “Sometimes I think about it, you know. What I did on the full moon before I found you guys. I know there wasn’t many. Maybe one or two, but still…”



So in honor of me coming out as trans, I decided to do a little give away containing some items of a few fandoms I’m in. Thank you to all who have been so supportive. 


~ Must be following me, albinohispanic​. (I will check)

~ Likes will give you one entry and reblogs will give you two

~ No give away blogs

~ I will pick ONE winner at random on May 21st and I will message you in private, if you do not respond within 48 hours, I will pick a new winner

~This must have at least 300 notes by the 21st or I will be extending the date line

What Will You Receive?!:

~ A Small, Brand New With Tags, Fall Out Boy Shirt

~ Teen Titan Rubber Wrist Band

~ Doctor Who 11th Doctor Lego Figurine

~ Green Lantern Button

~ Donnie Hand Made Clay Necklace

~ Pokemon Ranger DS Game (You’ll have to delete the save file)

~ Vampire Knight Necklace

~ Never Worn Dirk/ Dave Strider Wig with wig cap

~ Hetalia Belt

~ Rainbow Dash Sweat Bracelet 

~ Sora Key Cover 

~ Hello Kitty Cute Tin


~ A Best Friends Bracelet To Match One That I Own!!!


Mane6 is hiring! - 2D/3D BG Artist

Mane6 is currently looking for a 2D background artist contractor with 3D experience and excellent digital illustration skills to help make Them’s Fightin’ Herds a reality.

Position Overview

As a contractor for Mane6, you’ll work with a passionate group of artists, designers and developers located around the globe on a 2d fighting game for the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms over the project’s life, with emphasis on the next sixteen months. (Duration might be shortened or lengthened according to project needs).


Responsibilities include partnering with our core development group to assess the creative needs of the game project, as well as to create and implement 2D and 3D background assets for use within the game’s engine, at the highest standard of quality.


Required Skills

  • At least one year work experience in creating background art and design for videogames, or in a related work field.
  • Strong knowledge of Autodesk Maya (Autodesk Maya 2009 preferred).
  • Strong proficiency in digital illustration (Vector and bitmapped) for game assets, including backgrounds, props, characters and decorative UI/UX elements.
  • Ability to work with an established art style.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Self motivated, with a strong work ethic, and self-imposing standards of the highest work quality.
  • Proficient layout design ability.
  • Ability to work well within a cross-discipline team in a dynamic, iterative setting.
  • A passion for creating and playing videogames.

Desirable skills.

  • Strong knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite (with focus on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash).
  • Working knowledge of Zbrush.
  • General knowledge of fighting games.
  • Proficient ability to work with UI/UX a huge plus.
  • Ability to work within hard and short-term deadlines.
  • Ability to take and respond favourably to frequent feedback, including multiple revisions within a short time period.

If you wish to apply for this position, please e-mail us to with a copy of your resume and a link to your online portfolio, and we’ll get in contact with you. Online-based portfolios only! Download-based and physical portfolio submissions won’t be considered.

Voice Garden: April Fool's
Ayase Eli (CV: Nanjou Yoshino) & Toujou Nozomi (CV: Kusuda Aina)
Voice Garden: April Fool's

NozoEli Radio Garden airs on Saturdays/Sundays, first on Bunka Housou station at 24:30 (12:30am), then on Nico Nico Douga at 25:00 (1:00am). Each episode is about 30 minutes. The hosts are Nanjou Yoshino, who voices Eli; and Kusuda Aina, who voices Nozomi.

This post was planned to come at the start of April, but Stuff Happened…well, at least it’s still within the intended month. The next one will hopefully not be delayed so much.

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Is anyone willing to buy the almost entire collection of The Sims 3?

I need money really fast for Steampunk World’s Fair, i need like 200 dollars before next month!! I still have to rent a hotel and get transportation back, not to mention food and a bunch of other stuff… 

So! I’m selling my The Sims 3 Collection, which includes The Sims 3 Deluxe (Base Game and Ambitions), and all of the Expansion Packs minus Generations!

I’m asking here first before I list it on eBay, but I will be listing it on eBay soon! (Let’s say contact me within two weeks, that’s when I’ll list it. Message me before April 25th!)

I’m asking for at very least $60 (The game itself was 60, and every EP was 40, so I’m losing money tbh) Contact me via Tumblr if you’re interested!

Help a gal see her favorite band in concert!

The Assumed Angle

Part 2 of A New Angle

Draco Malfoy was acting very very peculiar. According to Ron, Harry, and Hermione, he hasn’t so much as even spoken to any of them in three weeks

“Is he finally broken?” Ron assumed. “Did his daddy finally tell him to stop being such a-”

Ronald! He’s probably just trying to get us on edge. Letting us make the first move so we’ll be to blame the next time someone catches us,” Hermione hypothesized.

“You think he’d plan so much?” You raise a questioning eyebrow. You remember him not even bothering the first year students, which was very unusual of him to do. He would typically cause at least one hospitalization of a younger student within a month, but there has been..nothing.

“Even his idiotic cronies won’t bother us,” Ron pointed out. All three of you simultaneously turned to look at the Slytherin table across the Great Hall. Draco still…looked pretentious enough, but he was just silent as his friends talked about Quidditch. 

“Whatever it is, he sure looks miserable not being able to taunt anyone,” Ron snickered as he grabbed a serving of food from the table.

“Who?” Harry asked as he slid next to you and began eating. 

“Draco Malfoy, who else?” You laugh and lightly punch his arm, as you tend to do when the boys are being silly. 

What you didn’t know, was that Harry was expecting that. As soon as he walked in, he found Malfoy’s eyes trained on you. Harry in turn, laughed and put his hand on your shoulder. You didn’t think too much of it, but Harry and Draco both knew how much the blond Slytherin’s stomach churned at the notion.

Over the following two days, you and Harry spent a lot of time together, you started to think that the world was ending and the only solution was for Harry to be near you at all times. Either that or…

“Harry?” You call out to him. You two found yourselves in the library once more for Potions tutoring.

“Hmm?” Harry’s head snaps back to focus on you.

“What’s going on with you? We’ve been spending so much time together, Ron and Hermione might as well not be there!” You finally confront him. 

“What makes you say that?” Harry asks with an innocent expression.

“Well first off, our chairs are practically magically stuck together,” You fold your arms.

“You want to know what’s up?” Harry sighs. You nod, giving him a look saying ‘obviously!’. “Would you believe me when I say that Malfoy likes you, and I’m just putting him on edge?” 

“What?” You stifle a laugh, not quite believing him.

“Well, take a look for yourself, Y/N” Harry discreetly motions towards someone behind you two. You turn your head to see Draco staring at you for a single moment before he quickly picked up a book and pretended to read it.

“Oh my goodness, is that why-”

“No one got bullied or hurt by him for almost a month? Yeah. I suggest we try to keep it that way. You’re not actually thinking of giving him a chance, are you?” Harry became more serious.

“I mean, it sure is quite flattering that he’d lay off his favorite pastime to impress me. I’d say it’s at least an effort coming from him,” You try and defend Draco while your thoughts are processing. 

“I don’t think is a good idea, Y/N” Harry admits.

“Like it or not, it’s my time to decide. Come on, we’re going to see if Malfoy is serious business, or if he’s just doing it for games,” You pack your things and leave with Harry, but not before catching Draco’s eye and shooting him a daring wink.

The Slytherin was left mouth agape, wondering what could have possibly happened in the last three weeks, and if his efforts were really in vain or not.

Running II Daryl & Beth

They’d been on the road for 6 months, right from the day it started.

They’d lived next door to each other, both moving into their respective apartments within weeks. Neither of them had lived alone before, so they’d connected on that basis. Helping each other out, keeping each other company…he wouldn’t say they were incredibly close, but at least they were friends.

Which was why he’d sworn to protect her as soon as the outbreak began.

They’d just ran from a group of several walkers and, as soon as they were in a relatively safe place, he grabbed her and started checking her over.

“Are ya bit?” He breathed.

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