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Pearl Physically Cannot Talk About the Diamond’s: Theory Masterpost

Now at first glance, I figured that Pearl was just having a hard time with the issue at hand, but then realized. When if she means that she literally cannot physically tell Steven? As in she means it when she says she wants to but it’s impossible. She literally isn’t physically capable because something is stopping her from doing so.

Now even though this only lasted for a moment, and then we went on to Steven telling Pearl the truth about what he was upset about, there is a lot to analyze in those few seconds. Now the biggest thing to me that stuck out was that Pearl looks like she was trying to pry one hand away from her mouth so that she could continue speaking.


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Ooh... what kind of headcanons did it confirm? Please tell me more and go on a long tangent~



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So I’ve seen some people complaining about the fact that, while Trini is LGBTQ+, it’s barely mentioned and isn’t explicitly said out loud. And I get it. As a bisexual, I get it. But what’s also important to remember is they’re building a series, it’s definitely going to be addressed more as time goes on, and Trini didn’t say it out loud because she doesn’t know? Or at least doesn’t think she’s completely gay.

Also, they took a massive risk with the fact that this is a beloved franchise and they’ve made one of the leading characters LGBTQ+, so I’m not sure we can really scream that it’s not enough. She’s confirmed. It’s canon. And we’re going to be getting more from her as time goes on. So please don’t rain on people’s parades and take what little superhero representation this community has.

Dippers name

Ok, so in Gravity falls we don’t know Dippers real first name.

What we do know is that a couple of generations above them were another set of pines twin’s names Stanley and Stanford.  At least someone in the pines family gets a kick out of twins with ridiculously similar names. My girlfriend pointed out that possibly Dipper was the same, and maybe the reason they gave only one twin a nickname is because the names were similar, causing confusion. Picking a word out she thought of “Gable” After confirming that Gabel was in fact a real name, we looked up the meaning and…


Just a thought.

You know what? I’m sick of it!

Everywere on tumblr, whatever tag I’m roaming, there is hate on Sarah how she did things.

Now the “hate” on how she does things, I can somehow live with that (I’ll come back to it later) but the hate on her, as a person!? Who the fuck do you think you are?? Hating on her based on assumptions!?


First of al: it’s HER story, NOT yours! She can do watever the she wants to do with it!

Second of all, and this is gonna give me a lot of hate later on: most of the hate she gets is for not being representative enough for minorities in general, and when they do appear, they die to further the white person’s story (which they don’t, but that’s another discussion). You see this in her books and you give HER hate for it, because she is a racist, and a homophobe, and who knows what else.

I hate to remind you of it, but there are several studies that state that only 5% of the population is queer. 5%. Now, let’s assume these tests weren’t completely thorough enough, let’s take 10%. Now you tell me that per 10 people whose sexuality has been confirmed in one of sjm’s series, there isn’t at least 1 queer person. Try and count, I dare you. Because you won’t find it.

Now let me tell you something different. We all know Harry Potter. We all know JK Rowling. Now tell me, how many minorities do you encounter in the Harry Potter books? I bet you it’s a lot less than in sjm’s books. A LOT. LESS. Yet, are you shitting on her? No! And you know why? Let me tell you. When we look at jkr in real life, she is a HUGE supporter of the LGTBQ+ community. A HUGE ONE. Yet in her books, her representation is lacking, more so than in any of Sarah’s books.

So why are you shitting on Sarah? Calling her a racist and a homophobe WHILE SHE ISN’T. If that is you interpretation of the books, fine. So be it. I wont be able to change your mind. But if you really wanna shit on her, shit on her writing style, not HER as a person! And of you’re a DECENT HUMAN BEING you wont even do that. You’ll bring it uo for discussion, yes - love it. BUT DON’T SHIT ON IT.


~ rant over ~

So is anyone concerned that Adena may have just cheated on Coco? Like I know she was a plot device to further the Kadena slowburn but the *Queer girl cheats on her s/o* is one of my least favorite queer character tropes. Like I hate that trope. So I hope we get confirmation on whether or not Adena broke up with Coco and hopefully she had already broken up with her before she kissed Kat.

Collision Course - Epilogue

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven,
Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten

Here’s the final official piece of Collision Course. I’m leaving it open ended enough that I can come back to it again at some point in the future. Till then, thanks for reading. –– Mod Lenny

Claire lay satiated and warm under the blankets with Jamie. His fingers were tracing the line of her spine and out along her ribs while she had her palm pressed to his chest and could feel the steady beat of his heart still matching her own.

“And ye’re sure there’s naught we can do to stop it coming?” Jamie asked quietly.

“Not the way that Frank talked about it,” Claire explained. “I mean… we could try… but there’s just too much we have no control over. We would probably have to get to Charles Stuart himself to stop it and even then… If the seeds of this Rising were sown back in the ‘15, it’s just not possible.”

“I’d have thought someone who had travelled through time would show a bit more skepticism about what’s possible and what’s not,” Jamie teased lightly but Claire remained serious.

“You’re already an outlaw,” she reminded him. “Do you want to wind up being charged as a traitor? Or worse, lying dead on a battlefield?”

Jamie’s eyes narrowed and his hand stilled on her back.

“Aye, I am an outlaw… and what if this is the only chance I have to get that lifted? If instead of losing, we can help the Stuarts to succeed––”

“You’re willing to take that risk? To risk all of Lallybroch, to risk your life, to risk… to risk this––us––our future?” Claire interrupted. She raised herself up on one arm to look him in the eye.

After a moment Jamie’s expression softened and his hand came up to brush the hair back over her shoulder so he could trace the line of her collarbone.

“No… I already came as close to losing ye as I ever want to,” he murmured. “But if we’re no to stop it or change it… We still canna stay here… We’ll need a safe place to go, another plan to see about clearing my name.”

“And a way to prepare Lallybroch for what’s coming––while away from it, apparently,” Claire added, lowering herself back down to rest her cheek against Jamie’s chest. His hand moved to play with her hair. “It’ll be safest for us on the continent somewhere… or in the colonies.”

Jamie’s hand hesitated and she felt him tense nervously beneath her.

“The crossing to France I can manage,” Jamie said with evident embarrassment, “but to be aboard ship as long as it takes to reach the colonies… That I canna do, I’m afraid.”

“It is a bit far for communication with your sister and her husband to be effective,” Claire agreed.

“Aye but that’s not… Ah, ye’ll find out soon enough I suppose. I canna be on a ship for long––canna so much as set foot on one––without gettin’… terrible seasick.”

“Oh,” Claire said in a voice high with surprise. “That’s… useful to know… I guess that means we’ll be going to France.”

“We could go further if ye like once we reach land again. But I do have kin in France that might be willing to host us till we settle. And it’s closer should I be able to clear my name.”

“Where in France?”

“I’ve an uncle at an abbey but it’s my father’s cousin––Jared––in Paris I think might put us up. I stayed wi’ him while studying at université. He’s a wine business I can help him with, if he’ll have me,” Jamie told her, his hand beginning to stroke her bare back again.

“Paris,” Claire murmured quietly. “I was stationed in France during the war. Spent some time in Paris as well. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s changed from then to now.”

“Hmm… Jared has important customers… Perhaps I’ll be able to make an acquaintance or two who can help wi’ securing a pardon…” Jamie speculated.

“Would Colum or Dougal know anyone who could help?”

Jamie sighed. “Maybe… Colum kens the Duke of Sandringham… He seemed… fond of me when he visited Leoch while I was there at sixteen… Dinna ken that he’d remember me, though, nor that he’d agree to anything wi’out Colum asking first… and Colum’s no likely to help now I’ll no be comin’ back.”

“And since we directly disobeyed Dougal’s instructions about returning to Leoch,” Claire added.

“Ach. We’ll find our way once we get to France. And we can start wi’ telling Jenny and Ian of the changes ye think ought to be made ‘round Lallybroch to prepare for what ye say is comin’,” Jamie told Claire, his hand drifting further down from her back to linger over the curves of her hip and then her buttocks. “We’ll find a way to safeguard Lallybroch so it’ll be ready for us when we come back. But until then, we’ll make a place for ourselves in France… a place where we can build a future… build a family.”

He said the last in a quieter, more questioning tone.

Claire had last had her courses just before she and Jamie wed about a month before. Though they hadn’t arrived yet, Claire suspected they would come any day; she had already felt the slight twinges that warned her they were imminent and given everything that had happened in the last few weeks, she would have been surprised if she had fallen pregnant. She hadn’t told him much about her failed attempts to conceive with Frank… not yet. One part of her scolded the other for keeping quiet while that part argued that she couldn’t be sure why she and Frank had failed in their efforts. Perhaps it hadn’t happened because it wasn’t meant to happen; not with Frank. Perhaps with Jamie it would be different. She found herself looking forward with more hope than she’d felt in a while. The world was full of possibility.

She smiled at Jamie and took his free hand in hers. “A family,” she agreed quietly, twining her fingers with his as he grinned back at her, drew her closer for a kiss.

But he pulled away at the last moment, his attention drawn to their joined hands. He turned them to try and examine them in the dim light cast by the dying fire. When that wasn’t enough, he let his grip slacken so he could take hold of her fingers more formally, his fingers checking the knuckles of hers until he located her ring finger and confirmed his suspicions.

“Yer ring… the gold one––it’s gone.”

“Mmmhmm.” Claire felt a brief stab of guilt. “I’m not sure where I lost it. I didn’t notice until we were halfway here. The last I know I had it was at Craigh na Dun.”

“I’m sorry ye lost it. I’m sorry ye’ve nothing to remember him by,” Jamie said raising the bare hand to his lips.

“It’s all right,” she assured him. “I won’t forget him…And now he can move on rather than wonder what’s happened to me…” At least, she hoped Frank was all right; wished that someday he would be able to understand why she’d made the decision she had and would find it in him to forgive her. “But you’re my husband now. My only husband.” 

As Jamie cupped her arse and pulled her flush against him, Claire knew she had no regrets. Pushing Jamie over onto his back again, she threw off the blankets so that they were both exposed to the cooler air of their bedroom. She kissed him, drawing him up so that she sat straddling his lap, his thighs straining hers wider as he found his way to the center of her. Rubbing her nose along the line of his, she rode him towards the future they were beginning to build together.

He held it so tight, the edges were biting into his palm when he floated back to consciousness.

Frank rolled his head around on the ground, straining to see where Claire had ended up.

I’m sorry.

He pushed himself up onto his forearms, gritting his teeth and groaning against the pain.

She wasn’t there.

He opened his hand and saw it––her ring, the one he had given her. From F. to C. with love, he’d had inscribed inside the simple band. Always.

I’m sorry.

He could go back again, he could reach out to those stones––she would still be there, she wouldn’t have gotten far…

I’m sorry.

Tears stung his eyes but he wouldn’t let them fall; instead he screamed. Screamed at the stones that had taken her from him in the first place; screamed at the man she had chosen instead of him; screamed at the fact that he didn’t know what he should do about any of it.

When his throat was hoarse, he stopped screaming and got to his feet.

What would have happened in the two weeks he’d been gone? Would his car still be waiting with his things packed for his trip to Oxford? Or would someone have spotted it? He hoped it was still there; it would be easier to pretend this ordeal had never happened, to change his clothes and continue to Oxford. He raised his hand to look at the circle of gold sitting in the center of his palm. The bandages along his wrists were dirty and needed to be changed. Claire had said he needed antibiotics as soon as he could get them.

He let his hand fall to his side, the gold wedding ring slipping to the ground where he stepped around it and began to move outside the stone circle.

From F. to C. with love. Always.

I’m sorry.

HEART LIKE YOURS (Bellamy Blake x Reader)


Song: Heart Like Yours - Williamette Stone

A/N: hey everyone, i decided to make a short little 3 part story because i really like this song & story 


The realisation that people were being held captive in Mount Weather shook you down to your core. You could feel your chest ache for Jasper, Monty, for all of them. Who knows what could be going on in there? Bellamy notices your expression full of worry so he steps closer to you, placing his hand on your waist. 

Looking up at him, he gives you a small smile. It isn’t happy, but it makes you feel like there’s hope - even if it’s just a little bit of it. “What are we going to do?” Bellamy wonders out loud, prepared to figure this out right now. He’s willing to do anything for the 100. 

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Do you know if Ebro is going to be in ep 9 or 10? I'm afraid she don't be (not listed on IMBD), BUT WE NEED TO SEE THE FINAL HAPPILY EVER AFTER, RIGHT???? Even if she's not very involved in the final takedown of PT and Helena rescue she has to show up near the end of the finale? Or else everyone is going to wonder where the fuck she is!

There’s at least one more confirmed Delphine appearance.  With Delphine fully part of the family now, I would expect a few scenes with her helping Cosima. The finale looks pretty good:

College Visit [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by Anon: “Can you do a Jason x reader where Jason meets the reader’s college friends for the first time and he’s really nervous they’re going to hate him”

A/N: Honestly when I first saw this request, I got super excited. I love this idea! So thank you and I hope you like it my lovely anon!! <3

Warning: Pretty fluffy, sweaing


College college college. The stress, the parties, the classes… all very overwhelming. If it weren’t for Jason’s daily calls you wouldn’t make it.

You hated being so far from him, but a scholarship to Coast City University wasn’t something you could pass up. When you first told Jason you were moving across the country, he wasn’t thrilled.

Though he got over it and supports your studies. Most of the time he’s on missions with Roy and Kori anyways. But he still called you every night, and tonight was no different.

“I hate school” you groaned into the phone while spinning in your desk chair.

“You say that every time we talk” he chuckled on the other end.

“I know, but it’s just so true. I’m here on a Friday night finishing an essay while Alex and everyone are out at a frat party.” Your roommate Alex was your childhood friend who ended up moving to Coast City your sophomore year. So when she heard of your scholarship she insisted you room together.

Out of all your college friends she’s the only one who knows about Jason, though she’s never met him. And only seen pictures.

“Hey I don’t want you at any frat parties. I don’t trust those college guys” being protective as usual. You rolled your eyes laughing. “Did you just roll your eyes? I know you just rolled your eyes.”

“Damn, how do you always do that?” You stood up from the chair and walked to look out the window.

“I’m a hero babe, it’s what I do” you could hear his smirk over the phone. “Sorry sweetie, I think you mean outlaw.” Correcting his statement.

He chuckled, “And that’s why you’re the one who went to college”

“Where are you at tonight?” you questioned, while still watching out the window.

“Home, no missions as of late. City’s been quiet though, no patrols either. It’s fucking boring here” you could tell he slung his head back by the way his voice faltered. Being over dramatic as usual.

“Why don’t you come visit me? You can meet my friends and I’m sure Bruce will let you use the jet” you proposed.

“I’d love to see you but your friends I don’t think I’m ready” his voice lowered and turned to a mumble on the last few words.

“Are you the great Red Hood afraid of a few college girls?” you teased an amused smile blooming on your face.

“What?! NO! I-I’m just…… Fine I’m afraid they may not like me. They’re your friends what if –?” he started but you cut him off.

“What if I stop loving you because my friends disapprove” you finished his sentence, “Jason that’s preposterous. You know I love you more than anything, no matter what anyone thinks. So come visit.. Please.. For me?”

“But [F/n]” he was unsure of what to do with himself. “Please… I’m pouting by the way so you have to succumb” Making sure your voice sounded as if you were pouting.

“Fine fine, okay. I’ll be there Sunday, but I have to go my brothers just walked into the manor. I love you, see you soon” Hearing the smile in his voice made a beaming grin grow on your lips.

“Bye Jay love you too. Tell everyone I say hi” you finished before hanging up.

You couldn’t help but feel giddy that he was coming to visit you, it’s been so long since you’ve seen him. Sighing happily you fell on your bed.

Though your relaxing was short lived as the door flew open. “[F/n] [F/n] [F/n]! Guess who got three numbers tonight” one of your friends cheered happily as she came in before Alex and your other friend. “That’s great Cara” you chuckled.

“Sam got one too!” she cheered, obviously a little tipsy. You stared at your friend Sam a shocked expression on your face. She was usually shy, this was surprising.

“A bunch of people were asking where you were! I wish you didn’t have to study” she frowned as your other two friends laughed.

“Alright Cara, I think you should sit down.” Alex pushed her desk chair to her. “So, did Jason call tonight?” Alex questioned, drawing the attention of your two other friends.

“Who’s Jason?” Sam asked smirking at you.

“O-Oh, uh. Its my boyfriend” Nervously scratching the back of your neck.

“BOYFRIEND!” Cara yelled. “Shh, do you want to wake up the entire building?” you scolded glaring at her.

“Since when?” she questioned quieter. “Three years” you answered shrugging.

“Why have we never heard of this Jason?” Sam eyed you. “You never asked” meeting her gaze, hoping the excuse would work.

“Anyway he’s coming to visit me Sunday so you guys get to meet him. And you two should head to your dorms, RA will be around soon.” You mentioned, the two immediately hopped up wishing you goodnight.

When they were out of the room Alex turned to you, “Excited?”

“Understatement” you laughed as your beaming smile returned to your face.

“I’m excited to meet this guy, the way you talk about him make me curious” she said before walking to the closet to grab some pajamas.

“You’ll love him, he’s just perfect” Falling back on your pillow. The way you talked, anyone could tell you loved that boy.

“Alright little miss heart eyes, get some sleep. Tomorrow we have to figure out what to do Sunday.” She ordered, of which you happily complied. But you couldn’t sleep at all that night because you were so excited. Who would be able to sleep?

Saturday went by like lighting. You decided that just meeting in the courtyard/park on campus would be the best option.

You were sitting on a blanket laughing with your friends. Jason was texting you he was on his way.

‘On campus be there in 3 minutes’

Smiling down at your phone, friends catching on immediately. “Is he here?” Alex asked.

“Yeah he said he’s 3 minutes away.” Constantly you kept scanning the area, trying to spot the familiar face. But your eyes immediately caught his blue eyes and white streak.

Immediately upon seeing him you jumped to your feet and ran over to him. “Jaybird!” you yelled before jumping on him. Catching you, he wrapped his arms around you and spun you around.

Pulling away you from the embrace you slipped your hands behind his neck and pulled him down. Eagerly you met his lips with yours. Both smiling into the kiss.

He pulled away looking into your eyes, “Fuck, I missed you.” Completely used to his cursing you didn’t even flinch at the profanity.

“I missed you too. I’m so happy you’re here!” You beamed up at him. He couldn’t help but smile at the grin and sparkle in your [e/c] hues. “Come on, they’re dying to meet you” you took his hand and pulled him toward your friends.

Upon walking up you could feel how stiff he was. “Guys this is Jason. Jay this is Alex, Cara, and Sam” you said pointing to each of your friends.

“Hi it’s nice to meet you” Jason said wrapping an arm around your waist. “It’s great to meet you to Jason. Please sit” Alex spoke up first, the both of you sat next to each other.

Jason’s arm never leaving your side. “You okay?” you whispered upon sitting. “Yeah fine” he answered nodding.

Your friends immediately bombarded the both of you with questions. When exactly did this happen? How did we meet? What does Jason do for a living?

Trying to answer each question as honestly as possible without giving wind of his nightly activities. Your friends seemed to like him. And they expressed it when he had to take a call.

“Oh I got to take this it’s Roy” he said before standing up. “Hey man” you heard him say over the phone while walking away.

“So.. You guys like him?” You smiled at your group of friends

“Consider me jealous” Sam said first while smiling at you.

“Yeah he seems really nice and in tune with you” Alex smiled at you.

“Don’t forget hot” Cara, the ever outspoken one, piped up. Each of you immediately looked at her, shocked at the outburst. Though unsure why exactly you were shocked. Deep down you knew that was coming. “Come on he is! You can tell how ripped he is through his shirt!”

“Oh god” you pinched the bridge of your nose, chuckling.

“You’ve seen him shirtless, exactly how ripped is he?” she questioned as you felt a burning on your cheeks. Your other friends were amused off to the side.

“I-I don’t know” you stammered waving your hands in front of you.

“How can you not know? You’ve done it haven’t you?” she really has no shame. You turned bright red, about the same as Jason’s helmet. “I-I mean yeah but I’m not going to tell you about it” you looked over your shoulder, sighing in relief to see him walking back.

“So ladies what’d I miss?” he dropped next to you. Looking at his face you saw a deviousness in his eyes. Shit, he so heard all of that. Your suspicions were confirmed by the way he pulled you onto his lap. A smirk growing on his face.

Cara shared the same expression. “You know, we have some studying to do in Sam and Cara’s dorm so how about we head out and give you guys some one on one time” Alex said before Cara could tease you. You gave her a thankful look. She nodded before leaving with the other girls.

“You heard it all didn’t you?” not even turning to look at him.

“Oh yeah every word” he confirmed while chuckling.

“At least you know they like you.” Shifting so your head was on his lap and you could look up at him.

“That I do” he traced your features gently. “You’re so beautiful”

“Why thank you, you’re not so bad yourself” you countered, a laugh playing into your voice.

He leaned down and connected his lips with yours softly. Pulling away he began to run his fingers through your hair. You missed this so much, and him being here made all of the stress from school melt away. Sighing you relaxed into him more. Glad to have your Jaybird back.

Yellow Diamond’s Motives

Many people have wondered why exactly Yellow Diamond would want the Cluster. The theories I’ve heard so far are:

1: Homeworld may be fighting a war with another alien race

2: They might be in the middle of another rebellion

3: She wants it out of revenge/spite for Rose and the Rebellion (and Earth)

4: She wants to destroy everything related to Pink Diamond so she can forget and move on

5: She wants to overthrow White Diamond and install herself as the sole leader (with Blue Diamond being manipulated to be on her side)

The first and second theories don’t really make sense to me, because then it’d be awfully convenient that NOBODY, not even the Diamonds, mentioned it on screen. It may be because I’m so used to “As you know”-esque exposition, but it’d be odd that at no point Yellow Diamond says something like “Blue, the [alien species] can’t be defeated without a leader!” or Peridot say “The Cluster was designed in the face of the New Rebellion” (because if you need an uber-large planet-destroying behemoth to take care of your threat, it likely isn’t a secret, unless you’re going for overkill)

Also, from a logistical standpoint, we’re far too late in the game to adequately develop ANOTHER alien species when we’ve just barely scratched the surface of our current one. I don’t think it’s even been hinted at that there’s any other species out there besides Gems. For all we know, Earth was the first planet Gems ever came across to have organic life.

3 and 4 have mostly been confirmed, or at least heavily implied.

“I will take immense satisfaction erasing that hideous rock off of our star-maps!” - Message Received

“Wouldn’t you rather forget her? Won’t it be grand to get rid of it all?” - That Will Be All

Let’s not forget that she wants to shatter all the Rose Quartzes (“She was shattered by a Rose Quartz! The rest of them deserve the same fate!”) but that seems to be more out of your standard Homeworld bigotry rather than genuine emotional motives, unless you interpret it as Yellow D trying to rationalize her coping.

So that leaves us with the fifth one. Here we’re left with the same dilemma as 1-2, the fact that literally no one has mentioned White Diamond at all, but then again, nobody mentioned Blue Diamond until The Answer, and that was in flashback as told by Garnet. Peridot may have mentioned her if Steven had jumped in front of her mural in It Could’ve Been Great instead of BD’s, but she got distracted by the mural of her own Diamond so it was natural. Peridot only tends to assume everyone else knows what she knows when its things that aren’t currently relevant (Like Jasper being from Beta; She only brought it up because she found out what Amethyst was going through at the time).

Going by theory 4, most of Homeworld’s modern day interest in the Earth at least stems from Pink Diamond (Peridot says that the Cluster was made after Earth was “no longer a viable colony” in When It Rains), so it can be theorized also that White Diamond has no major beef with the Earth and has since moved on, which is why she isn’t involved in the events of the show yet. Going by the theory that she’s in charge of Homeworld (since she has that sphere at her chest in the mural while her other planets are off to the side), Earth is likely none of her concern at the moment.

Which brings us to what the ultimate purpose of the Cluster was supposed to be: To overthrow White Diamond.

Now, why would Yellow D want this? It could be out of the sheer want of more power, but let’s remember the one other place we may have seen a portrayal of White Diamond: The mural in the Pyramid Temple. We aren’t sure yet who exactly is the one confronting Rose, or what she’s holding (might be remains of Pink Diamond, might be the Shooting Star), but the Gem certainly has the hair for it and WD is the only lead we have (the triangle on her chest is the only evidence against it, and that doesn’t necessarily have to be her gem).

So, if this is true, White Diamond may have led the final major confrontation against Rose, but failed and the Diamonds had to resort to corruption and the Cluster instead.

That would give Yellow D (and possibly BD) quite the sore spot with WD, and an apt motive for wanting her out. Of course, YD has control over Homeworld’s army, as Peridot said in Hit the Diamond, but I think she’s smart enough to think that an army going up against their own people aren’t the most reliable, given how the Rebellion was made up of former Homeworld soldiers, and the solid, undefeatable threat of the Cluster would be a way for her to get rid of WD without having to resort to a society-destroying war.

In fact, “What’s the Use of Feeling, Blue?” and Yellow D implying to catching more humans may be a ploy to get Blue Diamond on her side before she puts her plans in action (though not ENTIRELY insincere; I do think she legitimately loved PD and is still grieving in her own way)

Let me know what you think!

Curiosity Door

Teen Wolf x Stranger Things Crossover
Because I just finished my re-watch of Stranger Things Season 1, and Teen Wolf just finished forever, and I have no self control.

Set between 6a and 6b for Teen Wolf and an undetermined time after Season 1 for Stranger Things.

Stiles is the first to notice the lights flickering. He’s the first because he’s the only one awake, his insomnia striking hard after the Ghost Riders. At first he thinks maybe it’s just the power being shitty again, but then the lights go out entirely. And then he thinks maybe someone’s come around the corner too fast and taken out a power pole, and he should probably be getting to bed anyway, it’s like three in the morning, maybe this is a sign from the universe that he just needs to go to sleep -

But then the lights flicker back on, and off, and on again, in a weird pattern that moves around his room, and Stiles realises that nothing in this town could ever have natural, normal causes.

Carefully, quietly, he gets up from his desk chair and walks across his room. He’s stealthy, he’s like a ninja, he’s an unstoppable force in the night - until he trips over a bag on the floor and crumples, swearing the entire way down.


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I’m honestly salty at NPC Kiyohime in the new Grand Order chapter because??? Kiyohime and her design have been around since CCC (seriously, she was confirmed to have been in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War and that’s where she first became friends with Tamamo and her official illustrator posted her design on Twitter shortly after CCC’s release), and yet GO royally messed up her design in this chapter and we still don’t have a canon within GO as to what happened after she killed Anchin.

I mean, I’m glad we know at the very least that she fell in love with Anchin at first sight and they only met that one day (because there are many versions of her legend), but we don’t know what she did afterwards! I’ve ended up sticking to the most popular version of the tale, which is that she drowned herself in the river they swam across after killing him, but I wish I had something definitive.

Even with that, I cannot believe that they screwed her up so badly when she’s a minor NPC and still alive in this chapter? I mean, don’t get me wrong, she’s still cute as fuck and HER KIMONO IS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY:

But…she has the white hair and black horns, which are supposed to be her features when she becomes more dragon like? But her eyes are still yellow, even though her they are supposed to be orange? And she has horns?! EVEN THOUGH SHE CANONICALLY DIDN’T GET HER HORNS OR HAVE HER PHYSICAL APPEARANCE CHANGE UNTIL SHE TURNED INTO A DRAGON?!


I mean, just…what the hell. What the fucking hell. I love Kiyohime so much and she looks adorable without her horns and while I love these extra icons, I’m honestly probably going to ignore this chapter because I am SO SALTY about the design they gave her because it STRAIGHT UP DISREGARDS CANON.


Least Wanted - a Tina-centric/Newtina fic

So I decided to split the fic up into multiple parts because it’s so long. The next part will pick up to the events just after the film and onwards :)

With that in mind, I hope you all enjoy the first part of this fic – it’s been many months in the making, and I’m very hyped (and nervous) to share it with you all!

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haelth01  asked:

I'm not sure if someone ask you this, but want do want to happen in RWBY volume 5?

A lost of things, honestly, and I’m sure they overlap with pretty much everyone else’s (Team RWBY meeting each other again, Neo returns, etc). But there are a couple of things I want not so much out of excitement of seeing them happen, but frustration.

So, yeah, incoming rwde.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Orihime is a mary sue?

Ooh, this question is always fun to answer— I had a really good reply to this on my last blog, but I didn’t save it before I remade so I’ll try to duplicate it here to the best of my abilities!

I’m going to do a point-for-point comparison between Orihime and the TVtropes definition of a Mary Sue, since I feel their definition is the most detailed and unbiased (despite the fact that I do not like the TVtropes page in general, but I digress).

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anyway i just want petra to be confirmed bi. like adam is cute and all and bi representation that i’ve been waiting for forever on this show is good and appreciated, but at the same time he won’t be around long based on jennie urman’s interviews and it’s just… why can’t we just use all (or at least some) of that screentime to develop petra’s character instead :| if you take a moment to stop and think about it, she’s probably the one we know least about out of all the mains (and xiomara who just feels like a supporting chara for ro or tbh a background chara at this point but that’s an entirely different thing that i also want to complain about). literally 90% of petra’s screentime has consisted of:

1. pining after rafael
2. getting screwed over in some way
3. more rafael
4. getting screwed over some more

and if none of these are happening, she’s basically just there in the background, or jennie urman throws us a bit of jetra to get us all excited (which, honestly ngl is starting to feel a little bit like queerbaiting, but idk i’m giving you a chance jennie, please don’t disappoint again thanks) like, literally all petra’s been doing the last 5 episodes is trying to get shares for raf back and it’s tiring and just when will she get an sl that’s not raf centered please and thank